Sunday, May 09, 2021

One day, it will be summer.

 Goodafternoon everybody!

What a difference already the weather today and yesterday. Yesterday it rained a lot, it was cold, almost looked like it was autumn, but today the temperature is already a lot warmer and even the sun came out. At the moment there is a small thunderstrm and it is raining, but that should stop in a while(hopefully). 

Because of the hopeful sight of the sun and the much warmer temperatures, Jan and i set up our new bistro set, it looks so nice. Last week I also bought two small pillows in bright yellow for the chairs(and that is a much better sit-experience, hahaha), and it looks ever so nice and happy. Although I had to ake them off quickly, when the rain started.

Still I am happy with the little table and chairs, it looks nice and I think we will use them a lot . Also the parasol stands near it, so whenever the sun will shine too strong, we have some shadow. All prepared for better days. 

It was a quiet week, again. We had Liberation Day on the 5th of May, and usually it is a day people go out and visit markets and fairs or go for a picnic or barbecue, or just visit eachother and have a drink, but of course nothing of that could be done this year. You could say we had some luck that the weather wasn;t really good, so it did burt a bit less not being able to do all those nice things. 

I hve a link for you, telling about our Liberation Day, if you are interested in a little bit of history it mightbe interesting.

I am quite busy every day with feeding the birds here, specially the parakeets, they found their way to our garden again, and now at times in the morning and early evening we have seven of them sitting on the rosebow and eating of their bits of apple. They are still a bit shy and fly away when you come too near. Perhaps they will get used to our presence during summer. 

Tomorrow I will try to call again the bulky waiste collection service, to see if they can pick up our stuff we prepared. I called last week, but there were so much waiting to be connected that I gave up. Perhaps I will have more luck next week. 

And also next week Jan and I want to get us a new phone, which will be quite a physical effort for Jan to go to the shop. He will have to pause during the walk once or twice, so I will have to be patient. But I will be happy if he will be able to go there and choose his own phone. It also will be good for him to be out and see some shops again etc.  The guys in the phoneshop are very nice and very helpfull and patient.

So that is about all to tell for now. I hope soon the sun will come out again and w will be able to enjoy some moments on our terrace. It is about time we can spend some time outdoors, our bodies will be happy with it and also our minds. At least next week the temperatures will be aroound normal for the time of year, so perhaps 16-17C, and then hoping real warmer spring weather will arrive finally.

Have all a wonderful week, stay safe, 


Sunday, May 02, 2021

Old fashioned customer service till exists.

 Goodafternoon everybody!

It is still too cold, but we have sunshine and when there is almost no wind it can even be agreable to sit and feel the warmth of the sun. However, later this week we will get some rain(which isn;t too bad, it was very dry) and no view on really warmer temperatures till now. Pity, but we'll have to deal with it.

Last Thursday we had a visit from my friend Heidi, and it was so good to see her again. Now it is up to us when we will visit her in her new house. I think we will wait a bit, till we had our 2nd vaccination too. She and her family didn;t had any vaccination yet.

Yes, last Monday it was the BIG day for us to get our first vaccination. we were much too early on place, but no problem, we could go in almost right away, and both of us at the same time. Wonderful. We got the Pfilzer vaccin. I almost didn;t have any problem with it, only  at night it was a bit painful to lay on the side I got the injection. And next day I had a little bit of muscle strain in the upper arm. Day after it was gone, so all went well.

Life is opening up here a bit, like shops(with restrictions too number of people at the same time in), terraces, high schools one day a week having "life"education. Let's hope all will go well and that hospitals can cope and that there will not be an outbreak of infections again Vaccination program seems to go much better now. So hope is there, but some carefulness is needed too(wearing masks in shops etc., trying to keep distance etc.).

Oh it was ever so nice to be able to go into a shop again! And I must say, I couldnt help to do so, hahaha. No I didn;t go to town centre, fearing it would be too crowded, but in our shopping street near us, it already was nice. We were looking for a long time already for a little table on the terrace(the one we had till now was really done, too low and falling almost apart). There was needed only a small one, mostly for Jan, to do his puzzle and having something to put your tea-of coffemug on. And last Friday I saw a little set in a shop not far away from us.  I went in to ask if it was on stock and if I could have it delivered. All was yes and even didn;t took any deivery costs(and the price of the set was really low, just about  € 50,00, and that is not much. it was a little table and two small chairs.

Then next morning I saw the mail from the shop saying they couldn;t deliver, because it wasn;t in stock anymore and I could get my money back if I would send them my bankaccount number. I knew that would be okay, because it was the right mailaddress of the company, but still I rather had it back in cash, as I payed in advance cash in the shop. So I called customer service to ask if that would be possible. In this case it should be no problem(it was ordered on line by the shop, the girl helped me with it and payed cask there). Okay, I was a bit disappointed because I finally found something right, but I went to the shop to get my money. Then there was a real nice lady, who said, she still had one set in stock in the shop!Wow, that would be great, onlt it wasnt possible to get it delivered, I should take it myself home. Gosh, problem, it was a too big package and also too heavy. The lady came with a solution. If I was able to carry the table home myself(and it wasn't the heaviest of ht eset) she would bring the two chairs herself by foot, because she lived in the neighbourhood, always walked to and from the work and it should be no problem at all. Wasn;t that every so nice? And the more because she came after work and it also was Satuday! Well, I was soooo happy with it, I bought her a little box of chocolota for her kidness and wonderful, old-fashioned service! and yes, at 6.45 p.m. she was there with the chairs and with a smile too.

A little while after I came home in the early afternoon with the table I went out again too buy a few happy plants for the garden, yes, Jan has to stay busy LOL! Our tulips were almost at the end and had to be cut(just the blooms, the leaves should stay on and the leaves must die to give the bulbs new energy), so Jan did that, took them out of the containers and I put them somewhere back in the garden. Somewhere in august or so I probably can take them out, let them dry and plant them again in Novemebr or so. And then hoping they bloom again so beautiful as they did this year. 

Okay, this was more or less our week, and now it is time to look after the stew that should almost be ready and turn the gas off. I will make mashed potatoes with lamb's lettuce through it to go with the lamb's stew. And we will have some strawberries as dessert. 

Wishing you all a safe and wonderful week.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Are happy days here again?

Goodafternoon everybody!

Weather here is still too cold for the time of year. Although we do have dry weather and some days full of sunshine, there still is blowing a wind from the North or North East which makes it colder than it should be. This week it will be mre or less the same, may be towards end of the week there could be some rain, but for now it is dry, and we might even have to water the garden. For sure the pots and containers.

Sometimes, in our garden, when the sun is shiny full, it is rather nice to have a short seat, specially when there is just a soft blowing wind. But you really have to stay in the sun, otherwise it is too frisk to sit. It is okay when you move around and do some work, but still I like it also somewhat warmer when working in the garden, hahaha.

I was walking around in the nieghbourhood quite a lot this week, just for some grocerie shopping actually, to find all I needed in different supermarkets etc. There suddenly seems to be a small stagnation in deliveries of some goods there. Well, I don't mind too much, it is good to be out and have some exersice for the legs. Perhaps from middle of this week to come there might be some relaxations in the the lockdown we have for now. For one, they might open the terraces of cafe and restaurants, for several hours a day, shops can open up under restrictions of not letting in too many customers at a time, things like that. Although the figures still are not that good of infections and admissions to hospital and also the IC, government thinks it can be possible. Well, let's see and hope. Vaccination is going slowly better here and now I can tell you the BIG news(for Jan and me it is): Last week we received a letter from Health Depatment that we are on the list for vaccination and we could make an appointment. I right away did(by phone, it went really smoothly and quick) and so I even could choose the location. We have two vaccination location in The Hague(which is rather a a little for our city I find), one is really far away all on the edge and takes a long travel by tram and bus, and one is not really too far away and easy to reach for us by just one tram and takes about 15 minutes. So tomorrow, yes on Monday we can go there, together and have both our first vaccination(it will be with Pfizer), we have to be there at 9.30 a.m.

It is like receiving a birthday present almost! Okay, we will need another vaccination, we have the date already in June) and we till have to be careful, because still a lot of people aren;t yet vaccinated. But....... it is seeing light at the end of the tunnel. It is just a pity that  lot of people are kind of scared now to have a vaccination, because of the talks about several brands that might have some really un pleasant side effects. But I think that getting Covid and the seriousness of it, is much more dangerous and much more likely. So I think people should think good about it and read the right explinations and figures about the vaccinations and talk to their doctor if they aren;t sure, because only with vaccination of as much poeple as possible we can ban out one day the Covid, or at least make it much less drastic and dangerous. Perhaps we will need it every year, like we have the flue vaccination. 

I just hope Jan and I will not have too much trouble with the smaller side effects, like sour arm, or not feeling 100% for a day or two or something like that. But we both are happy we suddenly can be vaccinated and it gives some peace of mind too.

For instance, next week my friend Heidi will come for a visit to us(she has to be in the neighbourhood) and I will be so happy to see her again. She can tell us all about her moving to the new house and perhaps we even can make an appointment to visit her and the family in their new house, because we are curious to see it.  As she still isnt vaccinated(although you can count her to the risky group with her disease on her lungs), we have the vaccin, so it will work both ways a bit. We will take care, of course and keep a bit distance and so, but at least we can meet.

For some photos you still have to wait a bit longer, I didn;t take time to try to connect my camera to the laptop(it should be easy enough with the cable I have for it, must just hope the laptop can recognize the camera without problems. 

On tv we always have a certain program around 5.oo p.m. which is always nice to watch, kind of talkshow, and this last week(as it had a few warmer days) they had it from The keukenhof, where in Spring the tulips have their feast. But with Covid they couldn;t open the gardens(may be they did for just a very small amount of people) but like last year they made video's and you can see them all , there are about 4 or 5 made this year, and I will give you the link, because it is really beautiful to see. They plant about 7 million bulbs(all by hand) every year and take them out too and every year they make a new plan for the display, so every time it is somewhat different, isn;t it amazing?????)

Welcome to Keukenhof

(seeing it in browser Edge will give you sound, I am not sure in Firefox, because Firefox sometimes plays tricks with me and suddenly gives no sound and I have no idea how to fix it)

 I hope it will bring you some joy, like flowers and all nature always do.


Have a wonderful week, and .......... stay safe!

Sunday, April 18, 2021

More or less a gardening week

 Goodafternoon everybody!

We have not too bad weather, meaning we have sunshine, most part f the day, not too much wind, only it is annoying that the wind still comes from the North, or North East, which makes it still cooler. However, we reached now around 10-12C, could go up for a few days to 15C. And if you can sit out of the wind in the sun, it already is really nice. It could be we will have a few rainshowers later this week, but if they don't last too long, it is good for all that grows.

Did i tell you about the knd of mess with Jan;s medicins and prescriptions? Yes, i think I did. Well, I called with the assistent of his doctor in hospital, expained, and asked to send to the pharmacie the still needed prescriptions of 3 medicins. I waited a few days and went to the pharmacy and hoorray, they received them and all is well now. I am glad it is solved and done with. 

I had two days of real spirit (and some energy LOL) for a bit of cleaning jobs, amd I am happy they are done. Don;t get me wrong, I didn't do a whole Spring cleaning cycle, oh gosh no, but .... okay, some things are done. And sas it is already such frinedly weather(although a bit frisk for the time of year) I couldn;t resist buying some spring plants to brighten up the garden(and it keeps Jan busy too, which is a good thing for him).

I bought some violets, petunia's, lavender, the "stoechas variety"

8717263080145.jpgAlso a few verbena(the annual one), two geraniums, and begonia. Seems a lot but when you have to fill some long containers and larger containers it isn't really a lot). I;ve made some photo's but I will have to practice with my camera and my new laptop to put the phtos on the laptop. I hope windows 10 will recognize my camera, but i think it shouldn;t be a problem. So give me some time to figure it out.

Or tulips are in full bloom now and really brighten up our terrace in their containers. Next year Jan wants to put them all as a mix match. Hopefully we will be able to keep the bulbs in good order to plant them again this fall.

It feels really good to be able to work a bit in the garden*and even sit for a while in the sun!!!) in fairly agreable temperatures. It makes you long for warmer times and also better ones concerning the Covid. Our country is really slow in vaccinating, and it is a shame. We should be able to do a lot better. Jan and I still don;t know when we are in line for vaccinating and almost all is still in lockdown. It will be very difficult to hold through after already such a long period of lockdowns, specially for a lot of enterprises, like in the horeca etc. 

It is said that the infections are still too numerous, but that would be a lot less if vaccination would be done properly and a lot faster! Everybody is getting slowly a bit impatient and with better weather coming up it will be hard to keep people inside.We are fortunated to have our garden as a kind of escape to be outside, but lots of people don;t have that possibility. But now.finished with my complaining.

Did you see yesterday anything from the funeral of Prince Philip of Great Britain? I saw a summery of it but found it still impressive, although it was a very limited one because of Covid. I felt so sorry for the Queen, specially seeing her sitting so alone in the chruchbench. Although she might have seen it coming I am sure her heart aches. Imagine they were married for 73 years! It will be hard for Queen Elizabeth to continue her reign without her husband on her side. May he rest in peace and may God give the Queen a lot of strength.

It is time for me to pop into the kitchen and see if my lamb stew is already tender enough. With some boiled potatoes and may be a salad we will have our dinner. I think that, if the sun still will shine, a bit later I will sit a moment in the sun, it is good to do so and catch some free vitamines and also start to have some color on the face again. 

I wish you all a wonderful week, and stay safe.


Sunday, April 11, 2021

A week with a bit of everything.

 Goodafternoon everybody.

Weather here is looking friendly but temperature isn;t too great. Sun is shining mostly, but when I step outside in the garden it is feeling as you should imagine with the sun. It will be a whee bit better during the week, day temperatures will be around 8-10C but in the evening and night it will drop almost to zero. It could creep up by the end of the week to may be 12-13 at daytime. I could do with something like 16-17C with sunshine, but for now too much wished for.

Title of the post might sound a bit mysterious, but it isnlt really. There were up and down days, more caused by Jan who had some trouble again starting last sundayevening. It wasnt as bad as the week before and kind of different, but for him it was of course not a great thing and for me bit of stressing. It wasn;t enough to call for the doctor(according to Jan) and as he had an appointment with his internist last Thursday, it was a good opportunity to talk about it. He did so and his doctor is a little bit puzzled by it, cannot pinpoint exactly what is causing these kind of cramps. She wants him to have another CT scan next week and will study it and then the week after we will have a phonecall with may be some answers to it.

Then there was some trouble with the pharmacy. His internist did send by fax prescription for Jan's medicins and as they were delivered I checked of course and missed 3 things. So I called the pharmacy askeing why that was the case. Seems(but I am noot really sure) that they didnt receive prescriptions for the missing things. It is not a big problem, they will give them anyway, because Jan uses them already for a long time, but now I will have to call with the internist assistant tomorrow to ask what happened. It makes it all more complicated than it should have. Normally all works well with our pharmacy, and they are really friendly and helpful. So for me it is a little mysterie and hopefully solved y a phonecall. I hate it when things cannot just go smoothly and without fits and starts.

But rest of the week Jan felt already much better, now only next thing will be to let him sleep better. It would be nice if he could sleep at night, if only for 5 hours at a row, you know. And he doesn't want to take a medication for it. I can understand, he already has a batch to take and a lot of sleep medicins can work a bit addictive when you take them for a too long time.  

In between all this he did occupy himself with the seedlings, they grow rather well, and love to feel the sun on their little heads, only we have to take them inside during the night. It is just a bit too cold for them(and they are only small, poor little things). 

We even did have a visit this week(it is difficult you know, with the lockdown), from Jan's brother Rob. As we have some space, it was not difficult to keep distance a bit and it was nice to see and talk to him.

Oh yes, you will be smiling, but Jan and I still have very old mobile phones(as we hardly use them) but we will have to change them, because they aren't suited for 3/4/5G and the 2G is disappearing in a couple of months. So soon I will have to get me another phone(I want a smartphone, but not a really expensive one and I want one of my own and only have a subscription with the phone company for the calling and texting in it with a SIM card as I have now to. As we talked about it with Jan's brother he said he had an older smartphone, but still working okay for Jan with the charger too and we could have that from him. Isn;t that nice? Jan almost doesn;t uses his phone, so I think this one will be anough for him and so now only I will have to find me a nice phone. We really don;t use them a lot, so there is no cause to buy a really expensive one or take a subscription with phone in it. This could be my project for next week or the week after. 

This weekend was the house move of my friend Heidi. I will leave them in peace for the next few days, they will have enough to do, so I did send them a little card to wish them luck in their new house. 

Oh, I saw something astonishing on tv and it brough a big smile to my face too. It was a little video/newsitem about a man and his caring for birds.Perhaps you already saw it, but it still stays unbelievable and fantastic.

And with this happy video I will finish my post today, wishing you all a wonderful week and remember: stay safe!


Sunday, April 04, 2021

A haircut........ what a blessing hahaha.

 Goodafternoon everybody!

Let me start this post with wishing you all a Happy and Blessed Easter. I can remember Easter time when I was young and my parents were around. Easter was a special holiday for my Mom nd she was busy with it already for days, even weeks. It took time to make the special Russian Easter dish Pascha( made of cottage cheese with lots of sugar, extra cream, boiled egg yellows,raisins, real butter, confit fruit, and a bit of rum) which was all made by hand and through a pass through sieve or is it stirring sieve?), and Koelitch(something like a bread, but with confit fruit, raisins, you could say it is a cake like bread). Pascha took a whole day to make and it is hard work, and then it has to stay in forms for about a week to let go out all the water that still is in the cottage cheese). Koelitsch, well, also a long dayto make and bake. It were busy times in our home and know I always helped my mother with making it. Then in between she was busy painting Easter eggs (with icons on it, really beautiful) that were given to friends on Easter, together with a portion of Pasch and Koelitsch. Every year on the Saturday before Easter Sunday, my father, mother and I took a trip in the car to visit all friends and bring them the Easter gift. It took several hours(here and there we took a cup of tea or coffee, you know) and I always came back home with lots and lots of chocolate eggs, or another little present, specially when I was still very young. 

At that time we also went to the midnight mass in the Russian church and it always gave you a specail feeling. After the mass we first had something to drink there and then coming home we had an early Easter breakfast with all the goodies Mama had made. Oh gosh, memories .... memories, they always stay in your heart.

What about our weather? Well, this week we had almost two opposites. Two, even three days this week we had summertime. There were tmperatures of around 17-22 C, so we could open our gardendoors to let in some sunwarmed air, and it was so nice. Suddenly our tulips rushed to grow and even open up a bit. 

But then aropund Thursday temperatures dropped, wind turned and it was a lot less agreable to be outside. Today we have cloudy weather and temperatures of may be just 10C and later this week we might have some days with even less, kind of 6C and possibility of some wet-snow or may be hail, and with that I am not happy at all. Jan took some of the seedlings inside, because they might not survive the coming nights. I just hope it will be just a short period of cold and that then slowly all will warm up towards Springlike temperatures(or even a bit more, if I am concerned).

It was a quiet week, in which I did some grocerie shopping for this Easter weekend, spread it a bit over several days, and then........................I kind of rewarded myself with a visit to the hairdresser on Friday. Wow, I had so enough of my grown hair, with no model in it at all, all due to lockdown, of course. My hairdresser opend up already I think two weeks ago, but I just waited a bit, to let pass the big storm of appointments, but now I have again short hair easy to handle, and you cannot imagine how happy I am.

As it is Easter, I though I might make us a nice dinner for this evening, and gave it a good though during the week and I came up with this:

We will have fried prawns, they are in the fridge now in a simple marinade of a bit of sunflower oil, salt, pepper, paprikapowder and crushed garlic. It will take just a few minutes to fry them. And I prepared a ovendish with gratin potatoes (the gratin with cream and cheese). I think we will enjoy this evening's dinner. I made a bit lager dish of the potatoes, so we will have enough for tomorrow evening too. I probably will make them a stew with lambmeat. Simple, but tasty.

There are of course lots of days I make less fuss abot dinner, then I just make something that is quick, but still tasty and nourishing, and not every day the same, if possible. (although it is real tempting to make every now and then something that will last for two days, hahaha, and I do so too, don;t get me wrong).

Next week my friend Heidi will move to her new house, and I am not really looking forward to that. I was so used to have her real near, her first house was just at ten minutes walk, the second a bit further away, but with the tram and a short walk also just about 15 minutes away. But this time it will take much longer travel time to visit her, so no more quick passing by to see if she's home, this time we will have to make "appointments". I will get used to it, but somehow it will be slightly different. With the lockdown still going on Jan and will not be able to visit them soon(we are only allowed to one visitor a day, hopeless), but may be next month some relaxation of measures will take place and we will be able to see her new house. Of course I am curious about it.

Next week Jan will have an appointment at his internist, the check-up appointment he has twice a year.  This week he had a bloodtest for it, so I hope all is in good order.

Now this is all I can ramble about, so I better finish this post wishing you all a wonderful Easter day and a good week in safety.


Sunday, March 28, 2021

How a bit of kindness is returned.

 Goodafternoon everybody!

Our weather isn;t bad, and isn't good, some days we had a bit of sunshine, also cloudy periods, temperature not too bad, but with a wind turning like mad all the time, every day can be different. But....... it seems next week we will have at least 3 days with really high temperatures for this time of year, it could rise to 17 and even 20C! It will last not really long, because end of the week the wind seems to turn again and will come from the Northm which always brings lower temperatures. Never mind, let's already enjoy those few days of real Spring time and be happy with it.

Again we had a rather quiet week, it all will stay still quiet with the lockdown. Although you now can call shops and book 10minutes or 20 minutes of shopping tim, or you can call for a certain item and pick that up at a certain time.. In that way the shops will not be crowded etc. Nice idea, perhaps but for me and for a lot of people it doesn;t work. It all depends on getting the vaccination on real speed, that's the best way to be able to open up slowly and return to more normal life.

This week at our neighbours there was some work done on the front of the house, and as I was curious(yeah, something was happening.....!) I asked the worker( he was a one - man company) what exactly he would be busy with. Seems that some of the brickwork needed to be repaired etc. Well, that was interesting to know, becaue at the side of our building/appartements there is a small crack too that one day needs to be repaired and so I asked the man if he had perhaps a little business card so I could contact him perhaps later this year. he had one, I got it, and during the week when I saw him we greeted eachother etc. One day he ringed at the door and asked for a bit of water. You should think that one of the owners of the appartments was home to give him opportunity for some current for his tools and give him some water for making some cement etc. He did ring there but was told he came too early and should come back an hour later. Well, sorry, I find it very unpolite, the more as it was known surely he came for the work, Good, he could tap a bucket water in our kitchen, he was happy to be able to continue the job. Day after I went out to do some grocerie shopping and saw in his van several sacs with fine sand. I wanted already for longer time some sand for mixing with soil(specially for sowing) and we have a few tiles on the terrace that need some lifting. But at the moment I cannot go to a DIY market, as they are closed, so I took my chance and asked the worker if I could have a small sac with some sand and said that of course I would pay him for it. No problem he said and no need to pay him for it. He was happy with me aloowing him to tap the water, and so on. When he finished the day's work he rang at the door with quite a big sac of sand. I was really happy with it(Jan already used some of it for sowing). So this long story telling only says, that with a bit of kindness always pays back and it doesnlt cost anything to greet someone, help someone out with a simpe thing or offer him a cup of coffee.

Some of the seeds Jan sow about 14 days ago are growing like mad already. I think they need repotting next week, which will be a good time with the warm days in it.

Oh, yesterday we had something delicious for dinner. Usually I don't cook on Saturdays, or only something real quick and easy(whoch can be at times some junkfood, hahaha)but I saw on tv a cooking program with a recipe that seemd rather easy to make. It was a deepfilled homety pie, with potatoe, onion, spinach and clotted cream. For some extra I added diced slices of bacon, but without it tastes delicious too, and of course you can make diffenrent variations. I'll give you the link to the recipe with the potatoe and spinach variant, I just reduced for us the quantities to make smaller pie. It really is rather easy and quickly made and it tasted yummie, and certainly will be made more often. Oh, if you cannot get clotted cream you can also take 2/3 of whipping cream and 1/3 of marscapone(that's what I used and works fine)

 I am curious if someone will try the recipe!

Yes, one thing of good news that came into our mailbox. I received tha papers of my accountant for the tax return, that he send to the tax office and gosh, it seems that we even might recive a little bit of money back. I never counted with that , I even had the idea I might have to pay extra, so this was really nice news. It aren't thousands of euros, but with that money we can buy our new curtains and who knows, may be something else we do need to replace.  

Good, this is about all, I wish you all a really wonderful week, and remember: still stay safe, not enough people are yet vaccinated! Thanks for the visit and till next week.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

A week in which almst nothing happened LOL.

 Goodmorning everybody!

Weather isn't great at the moment, rather coldish, but it is dry and sometimes there is some sunshine(I fear only today it will be cloudy). But.... there is some hope this coming week, temperatures should rise again to around 12-13C. Wow, that's already something.

We have about 3 or 4 smallers containers in the gatden in which we planted tulips and they somehow seem to feel okay in this weather, they grow like mad at the moment. May be in a week or two some of them could flower ? Would be nice to have some color on the patio. It was however not really nice to do something in the garden, just a bit to cold at moments, but perhaps next week we can do some more cleaning. In the meantime Jan tackled some seedpackets and now we have 3 small containers in the room, hoping some of the seeds will grow into Lupines, Cosmea and some sunflowers. We still have some more seedpackets(from seeds I took of our flowers last autumn), so Jan still has to do some work. I better like to saw the seeds first into little pots, let them grow and put them outside in something like May(some may be already somewhere inApril). 

This week I even found some energy from somewhere and did some smaller cleaning jobs etc. Okay, it wasn't too much, but better some than nothing, isn't it. hahaha>

Oh yes, Wednesday we went voting for the parliament. The voting place wasn;t too far, but for Jan it already was quite an effort, but he managed to walk to it and back home too, with some waiting in a cue additional. Now you can see he has no condition of what so ever, he really has to go out for short walks very soon to build up some condition again. I am not completely happy with the outcome of the voting, but it could have been worse. Now it is waiting for the cabinet/government to be formed. It will take a bit of time and lots of talking between several parties. I hope they will not take months for it, we have a crisis to deal with and after it a recovery of economy etc. 

We still have quite a severe lockdown and I fear it will stay at least till the end of the month. Shops can open on special way. You will have an appointment and then you can or pick up your stuff or go into the shop for about 15 minutes, something like that. I think this isn;t working at all, but we'll see how this devellopes. You cannot shut down shops much longer, it will be a disaster for a lot of them to survive any longer, even with the financial support of the government(although a lot of money has to be paid out from the relief funds). And you cannot go on with that relief funds for ever neither, in the end in some time it comes on all our heads somehow.

It is kind of sad, but I don;t have much more news to tell you, I am already glad, that at the moment our health is okay(specially Jan, that's always the more or less unstable factor you could say). let's just say, so far, so good and hope for a long period without trouble. 

Oh yes, on a brighter note this week Jan and I had our "memorial"day, no, nothing really special but 29 years ago we came together, so netx year, if all goes well, we could have a 30 year "celebration". Married we will only be for 14 years, that's in August. But can you imagine we already are together for that long????? It went by as if it is only about 10 or at the most 15 years. A lot of things happened in those years, a lot of good, some sad or stressing, but we survived. And that's quite an accomplishment, I dare to say.  Hopefully we will add quite some more years to it.

It's about time to make some coffe and then perhaps wake up Jan and have us a cup of coffe, may be watching the first new episode of this year of Gardener's World. It's always nice to watch it and it also gives you ideas for the garden to try out.So I wish you all a very nice week, stay safe and till next Sunday!

Sunday, March 14, 2021

All is well till now.

 Goodafternoon everybody!

Our weather is a bit of a rollercoaster, last two days we had very stormy weather, with periods of hevay rain, in between the sun came out for a bit, but it wasn't the best weather I could wish for. In comparisoan with a week or two before there is a big difference. Seens that later this week the wind will turn to the North, meaning it will get somewhat colder again, but with less wind. May be after this period the weather will get better again, with nicer temperatures.

I am so glad Jan is home again. The first days in hospital I had no idea how things would go, but suddenly Sunday he could go home again and of course I was very on top of it, that all did work well(Jan sometimes becomes crayzy of me, because I ask lots of times how it goes, how he feels, etc. but I am concerned, and he isnlt the greatest of talkers, you know). He also had an additional medicin (he already takes lactulose)to help with the working of hte intestins etc That did it's job, but it wasn;t quite clear how long he had to take it. It surely helped, but after a day or two Jan didn;t feel quite well, so Thursday I called with the nurse of his internist specialist to ask some questions, and she said that if he didn't =feel weel with it, he better shouldn't take it anymore, but keep on top of the number of stools. If that went well, at least twice a day in his case, it was good. And after he stopped with that medicin he felt lots better. Now all hoping and crossing fingers it will go weel for a very long time.

The week he was in hospital I of course tried to sleep well, but I wasn't succesfull every day with it, one day okay, another day just a few hours etc. So it isn't strange that this week my energy was on a very low lever, hahaha. Slowly it is coming back again, it helps I in general sleep again better. Gosh, I hate myself for not being as active as I should and want, but okay, it is what it is. 

It "helped"a bit that we had two days or really bad weather, so that wasn;t very inviting to go out, but still, I could have done some more in the house, but nope..... I started with some housekeeping and such around Friday again, pffffff. The other days okay, I cooked, did some really small jobs, but nothing much. I was happy that I managed to do something on Friday, had some plans for Saturday, but then I didnlt sleep well that noght, because my stomach made some trouble. Not really surprising after the events, but I could do without it. So yesterday wasn;t a very active day, although i did something, and today I think it all is quiet again on the inner front, LOL, so I really hope to get in usual rythm and business tomorrow again.

It all shows how important a certain level of health can be for everything you do. 

In between all those things, life just goes on, although we are still in severe lockdown and I wonder if it isn;t a bit too much and for too long. People get tired of it, they still understand a lot of measures but not all anymore and it is very hard the most for the small enterprises, that still cannot open, and for all sort of artists that have almost no way of performing etc. And I wonder if this very severe lockdown couldn;t be eased up some more, for example when it is nice enough weather, that at least terraces could be open, and people could take a cup of coffee with someone, lots of shopes could open under certain restrictions, but life should get back to somewhat more normal standard. A lot depends on quick vaccinating and that isn;t yet on a very good speed. So after a year of Covid(and it still is all around us and in some countries it is asking very much lives every day) not so much has changed yet. Some things around production and v=certainly delivery of several vaccines is not very clear and also incomprehensable. For instance, we have developed a vaccine that works well, but it has to be put in the little bottles way over in America, and then transported back to us or over the world, while we have places and capacibilty here in our coutry to fill those bottles and deliver it quick to doctors and vaccination places etc. Yes, they say, we have certain contracts that we have to follow, but in the case of this epidemic we should forget about that kind of contracts and do as much production of vaccines at the shortest production line, it saves time, and the delivery to all countries could be quicker too. Forget for once about money and work together in this all over the world as they started to do in develloping a vaccine. Most important thing is to have one or more safe vaccines in large quantities spread over the world as quick as possible, vaccinate everybody and get rid of this Covid that keeps the world hostage!

But I think I am just thinking too idealistic, sometimes governments over the world do work together a it, but big money seems always win the battle and it shouldn't. Oh well, I fear it will never really change, or perhaps this will take still hundreds of years, hopeing mankind will still be on this earth in some kind of balance with nature.

Now next week we will have elections for a new government, and I have in fact no idea which party I will vote for, it is difficult, as it always is, but this time it is even harder, because we have so much parties that compete in this election. It is okay, to have several different parties, but I believe we have 37 listed on the election form. It is far too much in my believe. There are several ones that probably will not have enough votes to come into the parliament, still we already have 13 parties in our house of Parliament. Some big, some with one or two chairs. But with 37 parties listed on the voting form, it will be hard to choose. It isn;t said that all those parties will have enough votes to have a seat in our parliament, but somehow there should be a limit to it, don;t you think so? Well, I still have a few days to think about my vote, and we will see. But..... I DO go tovote, because it is a precious right, and perhaps lots of people don;t realise how precious it is, that we live in a country where we can go out to vote for a parliament, and at the end will form a government. That most of the times will be a coalition, so not always completely your choice, but that is more or less how our democracy works. And when there is a strong opposition in our parliament, sometimes it can make a difference on how things are done. Politics is a difficult thing to understand and to grasp, but I am still glad I live in a country where democracy rules( although you sometimes wonder whether it all is done so democratically, hahaha).

Good, enough rambling about everything and nothing, time to have a sandwich or so I think, later have a look at the feeders for the birds, our parakeets like to have parts of apple, and sometimes I hang out some peanuts too, which is also appreciated by the tits that come along. And of course there is some birdseed hanging and I also put some of it on the ground. Yeah, you have birds that feed themselves high and you have groundfeeders, that much i learned thourghout the years.

Before finishing i put on a link to a very short, but very comical videao about the landing of an albatros. I hope the site can be seen by all of you. It just takes a few seconds, but gives you a good laugh!

Wishing you all a wonderful week, again in safety, and thanks for your prayers and thoughs for Jan, they did help, I am sure of it!

Sunday, March 07, 2021

He's home again



Just about when i finished the post today and did some preparations for my dinner, I got the call from Jan, that I could come to take him home. It always takes some time to have the papers and so on, but he's happy to be home again. All seems to be working as it should again, now hoping it will stay that way.

He's taking a nap now, I will see what to give him for supper, will be something light i guess.

Have a lovely day everubody!

Not the best week

 Goodmorning everybody!

Weather is no really nice, we have moments with a bit sunshine, but most times it is cloudy, with cold wind, so we stick around 5-6C and at night at the moment there is some light frost. It could be next week we will have some rain, but also one or two days with stormy weather, and then it should calm down again. We'll see what comes.

Last week wasnlt the week I could wish for, because almost all week now Jan is in hospital. Monday morning I heard him make some funny noise, asked him what was the matter(he was still in bed), and he told me he had belly pains almost all night, already started the day before. I asked him if I should call the doctor, that was affirmative so I did. Doctor came around 12.30, checked and called for ambulance, he didn't want to take any risk( our doctor calls Jan a "fragile patient").

Jan was checked, all went rather quick and they said he should stay. He already didn't have some bowel movements which is no good sign for him at all. Somewhere it was blocked(although with the medicin he has that should work fine). Fortunately it wasn;t yet a colic, but action was needed of course. They placed a probe through his nose(poor Jan, that isn't a nice thing to experience), He got some medicine and also several clyster(or is it enema?), and they didn;t gave him any food, he only could drink a little bit. That for two days then they tried something with fluid food, like a little bit of soup, he could have some tea, that was all. The rest came in by After about two days he felt already much better, although at times he still had this pain inside, and nothing came out the ""natural way"yet. A bit difficult too, because he didnlt had almost any food.

Last Thursday during the day, the probe was removed, and that made already a big difference for him, concerning eating, which went down much easier of course. So in the evening they gave him a small protion of ground food, that went well, he did not get nauseous, already something to be happy with, yesterday morning a bit of prrodge, I think later even a sandwich, that all went well, only till yesterday at visit hour(once a day, at 3.30 p.m., all because of Covid)he didn't had any stools of any kind natural way. That of course isn't how it should go, so I hope that perhaps today something happened. If not they may be have to take another echo or CT scan or whatever to see what really is blocking it. He is all in all feeling quite okay, has no fever and such, walks himself to the toilet(the other thing is going well, without problems). Yes, it is problematic for now, not yet really disturbing, but not good either. I just have to see this afternoon how things are developping.

As you may be can imagine, nothing much came out of my hands this week. I did some small jobs, mostly figured out what to eat as easy and quick as possible(don't worry, I take care of myself, I do eat in the orning and evening, etc. ). I am a bit of upset and somehow restless, and I must say it is too quiet around here at the moment. We may sometimes wish for a bit of quiet and peace, but this is too long. I do hope it will not be necessary for Jan to stay much longer in hospital, but for now I just don't know. If I have some news, may be today or tomorrow, I will try to make a short post to update, okay?

Now it is about time for a cup of coffe and then I will prepare my dinner, and after that it will be almost time to visit Jan.

Wishing you all  quiet and wonderful week, and stay safe, take care even if you are vaccinated!

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Several things settled, a few more to do.

 Goodafternoon everybody!

Although is was quite frisk yesterday, you could say it was nice weather, because it was dry, we had sunshine and it felt like Spring is around the corner. I think today we have temperature of about 10C, which is quite good for the time of year.

Last Monday I right away called the watercompany to settle for the bill I have to pay because of the leak. It was a tiny little bit less than I though, so that was more or less good, they already adjusted the 3-monthly amount to pay to the amount I usually pay. Now only the bill has to be payed.Good that's almost done with.

Tehn the day after I took all necessary papers and let them copied in a shop and I could sent them away to the accountant for the tax stuff, also a task of this week done and dealt with. Gosh I feel almost proud of mself LOL.

Rest of the week we did more or less the usual stuff, although Jan went to hospital for an ultraspund abdomen(as he has twice a year) and give some blood for normal test, in about a week he has his appointment with his doctor for the liver and stomach etc.  

Oh, Friday I went to the optician for my new glass, and yes, it is all much better. I just think they didn;t do the eyetest as it should have been. I still have to get used a little bit to the pair of glasses, but I think it will be okay. 

Then I have heard a bit of distressing news of my friend Heidi. Well, more or less distressing for me, because she and the family will move to another house. And that one is , much further away from our house then the actual one. She said I can come there rather easy with the tramway, but it will take probably 0 minutes more or less to go there. Not too bad, but it isnlt the same as when she was living near to us. Then I could walk to her when I wanted, or take the tram but arrived there within nort more than 15 minutes. It will be a little bit different, and more difficult to see eachother often. I don't have a driver license(can't have it because of my epilesy), so that makes it not easier. Well, we will figure out a way to meet somehow every now and then and there is the phone, of course(although it isnlt the same as chatting face to face).

I know heidi wasn;t completely happy about the house she is living in now, and I really hope this one will be more to their liking and that they will feel really "at home"there. Somewhere next week I will go to her to help a bit with the parcelling up her stuff, At least we can make a start and then see how it goes. She will be moving quite soon as i understood, somewhere beginning or half of April, so there is some work to be done to be able to get everything over to the new house(they will have help from her husband's brothers and perhaps a friend or two).

Yesterday I was doing a small grocerie shopping(I bought us a ready fried chicken for Saturday's supper) and going home again I bought some mini-violets and 3 forget-me- nots, to fill one or two planters on the terrace. I didn;t do that, I did let Jan do it, to keep him busy for a little while in the fresh air(smart hey?). Perhaps it is still a bit too early in the season, but it felt so good and it looks nice when we look through the window. It feels more like Spring this way.

Good, now it is time for me to go into the kitchen to look into my stew that is simmering, probably will need some more time to get it tender, but it needs checking every now and then.

Wishing you all a wonderful week, in safety, and hoping vaccination programs will go faster!

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Spring is in the air.

 Goodafternoon everybody!

Oh yes, we definately are going to have a lovely week with the weather. Temperatures will rise and already today it is about 14-15C but it could get higher during the week. Wind will go down too, more sunshine, almost dry, how wonderful this is??? And then knowing I have to feel sorry for a lot of people who have trouble with cold, ice, snow , powerloss because of that etc. I do feel sorry for them, but can you blaim me for feeling happy with our weather at the moment? You can never know how long that will last at this time of the year.

Last week I went back to the optician for my pair of glasses. They checked again, had some incomprehensible comment on it, but at the end, they will give me a knew glass with a little bit of different strenght on the right side. Okay, happy with that, I guess, and after that I will have to see if it is really better, because I am not yet totally happy with the new pair of glasses. I knw, it also has to do with the right eye, that has starting cataract, but still I think, you should have a pair of glasses that give you good eyesight. For now I also have a bit difficulty reading on the computer screen, 

If it will not be much better, I perhaps should go to my doctor and then to eye doctor again in hospital. But let's first wait and see what will be with the new glass.

It was all by all a quiet week, again, yes, with this lockdown and the curfew, there isn't very much you can do, only to go out for some grocerie shopping and to some shops that are still allowed to be open. However, when I was in the street of the optician, there also was a shop I have near me too, and it looked as if it was open. It is a kind of all kind shop, with some clothes, some kitchen stuff, some yarn and other hooby stuff, a bit of everything. It was the shop where I got my yarn for the couch cover I am knitting. I was short, but shop closed. Last week i saw that they handled a package point, poeple could call them or mail them and then on day after you could pick up your ordered stuff. I didn;t do that but asked the lady at the door if I could buy some yarn if it was in stock. And she agreed to it. I was lucky to be able to buy at the door the yarn! Now I can go on with the knitting, yippee!

parctically all shops are closed and they try to survive in any way they can and who blaims them? Lots of them get some support from the government, but there are also small ones, or just started ones, that have bearly right on some support. It really is time that the government speeds up the vaccination programme, so that soon, although under certain restriction, shops can open up and partly normal life can start up again. It is taking all far too long now.

Tomorrow I will have to make an not so nice phonecall, it is to the watercompany. I got a mail that it is time to report the waterlevel figures. We have to do that once a year and then they see what will be the next monthly amount you will pay.(if you used more of course you will have to pay the plus-amount).Because we had that terrible leak last year, I will have a very high bill to pay extra. I talked on the phone last year with a lady to explain and she told me to call her back as soon I got the yearly mail, then she could not do anything about the big bill but she could adjust the monthly amount to our usual(which would already be lovely). So tomorrow will be a necessary call, but one that will cost a lot of money! Nothing to do about it, we should have been perhaps more careful, but we had no idea at the time. I will be glad that it will be done and payed and I can forget about it.

In the garden already there are all kind of signs of Spring, as the ulips bulbs already are coming out of the soil,(far too soon, butthey survived the really cold winter week), our daffodils however suffered from the ice and snow, they look not good, but snowdrops make up for it, and with the high temperatures we will have this week I bet everywhere you will see suddenly new life in nature. Just hoping that we will not get a set back in Marchor even April.

For now it is lovely to see some blue sky, with sunshine, feel much nicer temperatures when I step out of the the kitchen, the birds also feel much better and come by more frequent, so in little things life is still good. Now the big things will have to be taken care of! My friend Edna already had her first Covid -19 vaccination, I am so happy for her, because it is more safe for her now. But I have no idea when we will be in the row for it. 

It's all for this week, there aren;t much very exciting things to tell about nowadays.I wish you all a very lovely week and stay safe, keep up the Covid measures, they are still important !

Sunday, February 14, 2021

A late post today.

 Goodevening everybody!

Yes, it is after dinner, so very late for me to post. It was just a lazy day and I woke up a bit later, than took ALL my time to wake up, then had something to eat, after that it was time for speedskating on tv, in between I even showered and prepared a it for dinner. So only now there is quiet time to write a short post.

 Valentine's day is a bit of special day for me. It is the day my mother passes away, now already 29 years ago. Yes long ago, but I always burh a little candle on this day. It always is hurting when a parent passes away, but I think my mother chose a wonderful day to do so, and meet her husband in that mystical place where all is peaceful and happy.

Our weather has been cold this week, although there was a lot of sunshine, but temperatures were not as I like them to be. But there is good news. Next week the wind will turn and temperatures will go up again even to 10C daytime. And no more frost at night. Now only the snow and ice on the sidewalks has to melt down.It is now very slippery and not always very easy to walk on. So I stayed in a lot this week.

I did go out to get my new pair of glasses. But I am not yet completely happy with them. The glass for the left eyeis okay(that's the operated one), but the right one is not as it should be. I cannot see real sharp through it, it distracts me, and it didn;t get much better after a few days. (Normally it takes a day or two to get used to new glasses). They also have to adjust the frame, it hurts behind the ears and a bit on the nose too. So there is work to be done. I will see if tomorrow is a good day to go to the shop. Let's hope that they can fix all and that I can be happy with the new pair of glasses(they are expensive enough, you know)

I will go watch a bit of tv now, and knit some more on a couch cover. 

Have a lovely week and stay safe.

Sunday, February 07, 2021

King Winter finally arrived here.

 Goodafternoon everybody!

Yeah, we have winter here. It started yesterday evening to snow(and it is that very fine snow like caster sugar) and at times real hard wind from the NE, which makes it feel colder . Lots of people seem to be happy with it, and you always have to admit that when the snow is fresh and untouched, it looks beautiful. But that's all because I could do without and without the colder temps that come next week. In our part we will have daytime around -4, at night it could go to -8C and eastern part some degrees worse.

Just one thing will be better next week, it will stop snowing somewhere tomorrow and slowly there will come more sunshine and less wind. So may be I can go out on wednesday and pick up my new pair op glasses. Yes, they called me yesterday afternoon, but I was busy cooking and the weather was getting not nice anymore, so I told them I would try to pick it up somewhere next week. 

Yes, yesterday i made a pan of chicken soup and backed a small pirog(that russian kind of meat pie), it all took a bit of time, but it was good for me to be busy with it and we had it yesterday for dinner, just as we will this evening. It all tasted good.

Last week it was quiet, and so happy with it. I did the usual things, nothing special, but we are happy with the new windows. We really feel the difference in temperature in the sitting room and the little bedroom. Our bedroom always will feel colder, because we have a wall that is an outside one and also under the staircasethat leads to above appartments. But still there is much difference, for all there is  no draft coming from the window part.(with the old windows, single glass and such, it was not nice).

Friday we had a visit from my friend Heidi, which was ever so nice. we didn;t actually see eachother for longer time and I missed that. I think we all miss near contact to our family and friends the most, but we have to hold on with the distancing for a while more to keep ourselves and the others safe. All will go better when everybody will have a vaccination, but that takes still some time.

Tomorrow will be the birthday of Séverine(Heidi's daughter) and she will already have 19 years. Gosh, I still can see her as little girl of 5 years old, who brought us our rings at our wedding, dressed in a beautiful pricess-like dress! And now she is a young lady, studying for speech therapist. It is something that suits her well, I think. She is helpfull, kind, quiet, has patience, all things needed  for such a job.

So, I will check now on my laudry, don;t think it is ready yet. Then also check in the garden, if there isnt too much snow on the outside of the the kitchendoor. I already sweeped away a thick pack of snow twice today. May be not directly necessary, but without a thick snowlayer in front, it will open easier.

Also will check on the birdfood, if there still is enough, the poor creatures will have a rough week, so we should help them a little bit, as well as other animals, specially when there is a lot of snow and frost. 

I wish everybody a wonderful week, please stay safe.

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Jan and I same age again.

 Goodmorning everybody!

Thought I better try to start somewhat earlier today. Did I? Well, for a little bit, it is still morning, and for now the sun is shining. We had a temperature drop and suddenly we have just around 3 or 4 C and that isn;t really much. Of course, it is winter, so it should be colder, but not necessarily for me. It is however dry and for now we have sunshine and even  blue sky. Yesterday there was much more wind from the NE, so that made it feel even volder, but today it looks better, at least less wind. If all goes well, we might get some rise of temperature middle of the week? For me that would be okay.

What was our week? Filled with some housecleaning work again, small grocerie shoppings, and with some things I don;t even remember anymore.

But of course I remember Jan;s birthday, which was on Friday. As usual I wait the day before till midnight and then I am the first to wish him a happy birthday, hahaha. so also this year. We already dont do much about presents but nevertheless I always try to have some utterly small surprise. This year I foun some old firework sparkles(the one you e.g. give little children at New Year, or use for a cake), we had some tangarines on the fruitbowl, and hopla, I knew what to do. At midnoght i plopped one sparkle into a tangarine, lighted it up in the kitchen and came into the sitting room singing Happy Birthday. The trick worked, Jan had to laugh fullharted about this idea. Then Igave him a big kiss and that was all. It made some kind of impression on hin, because when on the day my friend Heidi called him for a birthdaywish, he told her about the sparkle!

He received several nice cards and even an old friend came by later at day, for about half an hour to wish him happy birthday and to chat a bit. That was a nice break from the lockdown stuff.  We still have severe lockdown till the 8th of February and may be the primary schools will open again the 8th, but it isn't sure yet. 

On his Birthday Jan had a nice meal with some of his favourite things, so despite a minimal brithday celebration, all in all his day was nice. And so it had to be.

Perhaps you remember that on most Saturday's i don;t really cook a meal, but try to have something very easy.  It also is a good day to try out some new recipe, with more or sometimes always less success, LOL. Yesterday I tried my hand on a bread an butterpudding. Must admit it tasted well, Jan liked it too(even took a second portion later in the evening), there however might be still some room for improvement, but in the whole it was nice. There is so much left over(I ALWAYS make far too much for us two) that we will have it today for dinner again. You can reheat it well the day after, so no problem there. It makes it really easy for me today, isn;t it?

I had the recipe from the Hairy Biker's Bakation series on the BBC. This bread and butter pudding is from the Eastern Europe trip, and is from the Czech republic and is called Zemlovka. If you are interested, they have lots and lots of wonderful and tasty recipes. Of course you can find much and much more bread and butterpudding recipes in Google. 

Oh, I also went to an opticion to look for a new pair of glasses. I know it is a rather costly thing(my health insurance doesn;t pay for it, as far as I know now, have to check it again, but think it will be nothing), so I first went to check with several opticians. And there is quite some difference in price. At the end I landed with the same one I have my recent pair of glasses. If all goes right, I will have my new pair in about a wee or 10days. It will be a relief, because I now notice that my recent glasses aren't good anymore. But i had to wait around  weeks from cataract operation before I could go to an optician. All needs time to heal well, but soon I will have good and clear sight again, yeah!

Good, that's it for this week. Wishing you all a lovely week to come and ..... hold on for a while and stay safe, there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Hard to believe it is really winter here.

 Goodafternoon everybod!

It's just after midday, and I thought it was better to do first this post and then carry on. It really is quite hard to believe that is is winter. At the coast here, we usually have milder climate as a bit more into the country, but I can remember real winters, with snow and ice and slippery roads and streets, wearing even snowboots and with some cold temperatures! Till now we've had here some nights here and there with some very light frost, at daytime we can keep it above the zero C. Like today, there is quite some sunshine, not much wind, temperature around 4-5C I think. Still we sould cross fingers that it stays more or less like this, because I also can remember we've had years that we had about the same and suddenly in March and also April we had winter with cold, snow, frost at night and daytime, all those unpleasant things. So we can only hope that will not happen.

We've had a quite productive week I can say. In general said we treid to do some work every other day. So Jan tackled some windows to clean and wash the curtains, also he dusted a part of the sitting room real good and gave the things that stood on the shelves of the cabinets(all with a lot of dust from the new windows placing). I did mopping of the floors, some hoovering, laundry, ironing, grocerie shopping, also some intensive dusting/cleaning here and there. Doing that every other day, leaves you with some recuperation time and works okay LOL.

We did the "work" mostly in early afternoon, and it is sometimes amazing how much you can achieve in two or three hours. Of course in the morning and afternoon we took the time to take a break, drink some coffee or tea, have a bite, etc. Specially Jan has to do that at the moment, because he is quickly out of breath. With his inhalation medicine it is already much better, but he hasn't much of a condition, also due to his fall last year and recuperation of it, then all together it takes some time for him to get better on his feet. Slowly however it is going better. 

In The Netherlands we are still in severe lockdown, meaning almost all shops and restaurants are closed, also all schools, just supermarkets, and other grocery shops are opened, and a few really necessary shops, but that are only a few. Lots of people work from home as much as possible, and now we also have a curfew, from 21.00 evening to 4.30 morning. For us personally that last thing isnlt a real problem, but for others I can understand it is hard. The infection rates are going down, also hospital and IC admissions, but it is going too slowly, they say. I think these measures (some of them at least) make sens, but I would rather see that they would vaccinate at a much higher speed, because I think that is the best to beat the virus and it's spreading. I must admit that I am kind of ashamed that our country is almost at the lowest place on the list of vaccination! We are a rich country with very good health security, most of the time good in planning etc. but here we seem to fail and I have no idea why! Okay, there is somehow a problem with supply of vaccin( it concerns all workl supply), but still it is uncomprehensible why we vaccinate so slowly. Something somewhere is going terribly wrong. Is it just because the vaccine producing comapnies just cannot produce more than they do or is it due to another cause? Whatever the answer is, it should be solved and quickly too. People are getting tired of more than a year with all kid of restrictions, almost no social life, children are getting behind in learning stuff, lots and lots of small and larger companies have trouble surviving, as well as a lot of artists etc.,despite all financial help from the government, well, everybody knows what I mean, don;t you?

Okay, I rambled a bit now, had to get it off my chest, I suppose. It sometimes is getting to me, and I do hope that around may be June or July we will be able to do all that we did before this Covid-19 took over the life and life conditions!

That said, I must think of something to finish this post a little bit more cheerful LOL. Oh yes, Friday, the 29th Jan will have his birthday. Not that we will do a lot about it, but it is another year on the counter, and like me he will have 68 years. Gosh this year we will be together already for 29 years! That's quite a long time, and looking back it seems as if the years rushed by! I'll see what i can come up with to make his day still a little bit special. I always seem to come up with something, even if it is just a small thing, and i have about a whole week to think about it. I should be able to succeed, don;t you think?

I'll let you know next Sunday, and now it is about time to finally get dressed(yes, I am still in my yammies and dressing gown), hmmmm, probably I will find me a comfy fleece pair of trousers and sweater, hahaha. I am wearing those a lot these days, only when I have to go out for some grocerie shopping I dress properly, easy but still a pair of yeans of other pair of trousers, nice sweater etc. But soon after I got home again I change in my home suit, it is easy, comfy and warm, so why not?

Good time to say goodbye, wishing you all a very good week, and stay safe, in at least wearing a mask, stay at distance of 1,5 mtr, wash regularly your hands, and don;t gather in large groups, even if it is hard at times. We should try to hold on for a bit longer and do that together!

Sunday, January 17, 2021

A rather exhausting week.

 Goodmorning everybody!

We had yesterday a little bit of snow, just for a short time and certainly here at the coast has disappeared again and now it looks as id we might have a bit of sunshine and guess what? Temperatures, that were around 1 or 0 C daytime, will go up to may be 7 to even 10C middle of the week!! Can you imagine that in January? Just hope weather will not strike back in March or so with freezing temperatures and all not nice things, haha.

Well, Last Monday they started with placing our new windows. I must say it went rather easy, although the sitting room window gave some trouble in removing it( it was still very old way with iron posts and so) but the guys got it out without much damages and the new one was placed and also the new kitchen door and small window, next day they did the smaller window in the bedroom, and did all finishing details. They were with 4, all from the other side of the country, had to drive about 2 2 1/2 hour to get from and back. Might not seem so long for several of you, but here it is already a long time. 

They planned two days on our address and next two days at our nieghbor's. But they changed the plan a little bit and also came finishing with kit etc. on Thursday and Friday. It all looks soooo nice now! And it is a pleasure to open the curtains in the morning and to be able to look through the glass, not having a lot of ondense water on it! We sure did have to suffer a few days(specially the 1st) from the cold, oh my, that was not the best part of it. It already was better when the new windows were in, but still it was very cold inside, the guys had all doors open there was draught and so on, not much to do about that. Then we couldn;t warm it up too much for about two days, had to do with the kit that shouldn;t dry too quickly, with possible reaction it ccould split here and there. But.... already from yesterday on we could make it much more agreable in temperature and we really needed that.

Of course we have still things to do, it will take some days more, we already cleaned away a lot of the dust that you could see everywhere and on everything! Pfew, that really is hopeless. Most of it gone, still have to mop the room, but that's for tomorrow or the days after. We cannot to too much on one day, just to exhausting. Never mind, every day something and it will be done too, just in slower pace. Most annoying is now that we cannot go our to order new window covering, we have a complate lockdown, for sure till end of the month and may be even a bit longer. So we managed to have our old net curtains on the windows. We don;t want to drill yet holes in the plastic frames, so found an other way for now. We first we would like expert advice for possibilities of window covering and types in curtain fastening. 

Gosh we are still feeling rather exhausted from this last week. You don't do too much, but have to wake up at harsh early times(we aren;t used to that anymore LOL), then most of the day you sit a bit, walk a bit around, make some coffee for the working lot, and not enjoying the temperature and after it already the start of a cleaning around. All your normal day rythm is gone, and you have lot of things lying around on not normal place, all that. Next week we will work hard to get all in more or less order again.

That's about all of the content of our week. Looks not really much, but I am glad that is over with and we can go on in more normal rythm again yeah!!!!!

I think I will finish this post now, and take it real easy for the rest of the day. Hopefully have a nice night sleep and have some energy loaded for tomorrow and the next days for some hoovering, mopping, dusting, oh yes, ironing some laudry, etc.etc. etc.

Wishing you all a wonderful week, please stay all safe.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Busy weekend and start of the week

 Goodafternoon everybody!

Our weather isn;t bad till now, it also depends on which side of the country you live. It is about 2-4C now, sometimes some sunshine, sometimes cloudy, a short rainshower, that's it. Here on the coast we might have a tiny bit of nightfrost, just -1C, but next week it will be gone too.

In fact it is not too bad weather news for us, because tomorrow there will be start with placing the new window. So part of the day we will have to cope with cold temperature, not the pleasant time of the week, but hopefully all will go without difficulty and it will be over Tuesday afternoon.

Our week was quiet again, although..... we got rid of our Christmas decorations(we did it in two or three days time, and that went well) and suddenly we had a rather empty sitting room again. It always takes a day or two to get used to it, I always miss the Christmas lights, you know.

Then there was also some good news. The daughter of my friend Heidi had to undergo a cardiac catharesation to see if see was suffering at the moment from pulmonaria hypertension(the disease Heidi has) or not. No, she isnlt, so some of the troubles Séverine is experiencing have another cause. Now she will have at some time a test to see if she still might be carier of the disease, which is also important to know. But that's another step. For now, the family was relieved by the good news.

Then Friday I had my Birthday. Not really important, it is only when you are young till a certain age and then you just remember the day and that's all hahaha. Hmmm, Jan will live with an older women for 3 weeks now, (I am 68 already, pfffff) till he has his birthday on the 29th of January and will have also 68. Yes we are from the same construction year!! I did have several phonecalls from friends, and that's always nice and a lovely present from my "long-distance"friend Enda. It is a top that I will certainly wear during Spring/summer time of a wonderful soft tissue and beautiful colours. And I treated myself that evening with a simple dinner: chicory with ham and cheese out of the oven and some oven baked potatoe. Yummie, that tasted real good. Why? Because Jan doesn;t like chicory I usually don;t cook it(because then I have to make the chicory for myself, for Jan some other vegetable, all too complicated LOL). So once or twicce a year I take the "trouble". And Friday usually is the day in the week Jan is "self-supporting"for his dinner. Great idea! On that day I mostly take something that Jan doesn;t like too much(like pizza, pasta) and he can take something I don;t like too much. It works very well, hahah.

Because we have to remove a bit of furniture out of the way, and clear the window sills and such, I thought I might make some dinner in advance for tomorrow and even the day after. I prepared yesterday the meat balls, chicken pieces, veggies for a well filled soup. Today I will make the broth and put all things in it, then it can be placed later on in the fridge for tomorrow. With all the mess and work going on I bet I will be happy to just have to warm up some soup for us!

And as I was busy in the kitchen I also prepared about all for today's dinner, which will be my twist on a kedgeree. I cooked the rice, I have a steamed mackerel, of which I removed hopefully all bones, cooked two eggs, and today I only will have warm up the rice in a stirring pan with some herbs, salt, pepper, I will also will put in some dices of dairy butter, at the last moment the mackerel and the eggs.

So that was my week, now time to get dressed and already move some stuff to another part of the room or house, put down plastic on part of the floor, cover perhaps some things with plastic too. Things that we cannot move ourselves and must be out of the way, I am sure the guys tomorrow can give a hand. Oh, I am so curious to see how all will go tomorrow and how it will look. It certainly will make a difference in temperature and also noise reduction and we will not have no more condensation on the windows(which is so annoying).

Wishing you all a very good week to come and please stay safe!

Sunday, January 03, 2021

So a New Year has started again!

 Goodafternoon everybody!

I borrowed this from the net, but I thought we could do with a happy picture to wish you all  happy New Year and wishing you all a year with for all health, much love and laughter, and more or less returning to the life we knew, with metting with eachother at no distance, being able to hug now and then, and still caring about and looking after eachother. Seems a bit "heavy"but i mean it all from the bottom of my heart, that all of it will be able around half of this new year.

Jan and I had a quiet New Years Eve, nice and cosy, I even bought us a little bottle of sparkling :"wine"(no alcohol in it) to do a toast at midnight. It was something with raspberry taste, not really bad even. Oh well, it was just the idea. It wasn;t allowed to lighten fireworks at the streets, so it was real quiet at midnight. Of course there were a few people who did it anyway, but just a little bit.  There was a lightshow in Amsterdam, we only watched it for a few minutes, seems there was a drone show in Rotterdam, things like that to replace the fireworks. Nice, but it is not the same.

It was a quiet week, you know, I just went out once or twice, just to get us a few necessary groceries and for New Years Eve I made us puff pastry(already ready made) with Dutch shrimp ragout. The ragout I made myself, it is so much better than from a tin. And it is quickly made. It looked something like this

I had a just a bit of salad with it and it tasted real good. Later on in the evening we had of course the traditional oliebollen en appelflappen(apple turnovers). Those i didn;t make myself, I just bought a few and they tasted not too bad, I must say. 

This weekend we took it still easy, we tried to catch some sleep, specially Jan has trouble with sleeping at the moment, so not much to tell. Next week we will already start taking off some of the Christmas decorations, normally we do all after the 6th of January(holiday of the 3 Kings), but we better start already a bit earlier, to be ready this week with that. Next week already(if it all is still as agreed) we will have the new windows. But with the new lockdown going on, you never know. I couldn;t call the company, because they have a holiday till today, so we'll wait if we hear something of them tomorrow.

So this is it for now, we'll have to get into daily rythm again from tomorrow(LOL), and hopefully it will be a nice week, with no suprises(I am done for a while with surprises, mostly because the "surprises" aren;t often of the nice sort, hahaha).

We have some colder weather now, just about 2-4C at daytime, in the night around zero or with a tiny bit of frost may be, but it is dry and even some blue sky and sunshine. I was out yesterday for a moment and it wasn't too bad at all. And it was nice to catch some fresh air. I hope it will stay this kind of weather, at least I am not keen on snowfall, specially not now, with the placing of the windows next week. So let's cross fingers the temperature will even rise and it will not be raining(or even worse perhaps, snowing). Gosh, I used to love a bit of winter weather when I was much younger, although........ only when the snow had just fallen and all was still fairylike white. But we are allowed to change our minds during out life aren;t we ROLF.

Have a very lovely new week, and please stay safe!