Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas almost there!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Update on Jan: slowly getting better, although it differs from day to day. But he did went out twice this week already for a little walk and that did go rather well. Okay, he has to walk in very slow pace, but he could walk a longer distance than he thought.
However he still is having the fluid in his underlegs and I am still not happy about it. Well, later this week he will see his doctor in hospital and then we will see what she can say about it.
His weight is still keeping about the same, which is already nice.
All together taken, I think we cannot complain, considering in what state he was just a few weeks ago!

Christmas is almost there and this morning i already prepared a bit for our dinner tomorrow evening. We are having rabbit from the oven. The rabbit joints are in a marinade with some olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, white wine, rosemary sprig and some salt and pepper. will have to stir it several times today and then tomorrow I can prepare it in the oven.
Added to that some roasted potatoes from the oven and some Brussel sprouts and a bit of cranberry sauce, desert some Tiramisu. Well, I think we will have a yummie meal tomorrow.
And it isn;t too much work to make it.
It is however a pity that the post is letting us down. I know, Santa has sent us a box with some presents, but it didn't arrive till now. And I don;t expect, that the post will deliver today. Well, just hoping it will arrive later this week, and you know what? Then we can have an extra Christmas day, which isn;t bad either. Sometimes it is hard to understand how the post works. On time it just takes a few days to deliver something from one end of the world to another, and at time is takes sooooo long! Strange.

Weather here is rather mild, around 8 C, but it is grey and at times a very light drizzle of rain is falling. Not nice weather.
later this week we may have a tiny bit of sunshine, but then also temperature will drop to around 3C and perhaps little frost at night again.
Hmmm, don;t know if I am really happy about that!

Looking forward to this evening's tv. There will be a Christmas program of André Rieu from London and I just love his music and shows! Perhaps you are not familiair with his name, well, just look it up on Google, or perhaps better, on You Tube. If you like classical music but in a more popular way, than you are in for a treat. He also has great musicians and often interesting guest. Just give it a try.

That is it for now again. Only thing to do now is wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and already all the best for the New Year.
Hoping here that next year will be much more quiet(I settle for a bit of boring even LOL) and for all: spent in good health. 

Sunday, December 17, 2017

So far, so good with Jan.

Goodmorning everybody!

The week went rather well, speaking of Jan. He stays at abot the same weight, which is for now a good sign. He eats regularly and not bad , has his protein food too and still staying on about the same weight.
Meaning he looses fluid(which he still is retaining a bit in the belly and most in his legs/feet for now).
But we cannot be ungrateful till now. All the other times he was home again he had two or three good days and then gained quickly weight again, being the fluid in the belly.
For now it seems to go better. Let's hope now that slowly he will loose the fluid in his legs too, then he can start moving around and take little walks etc.
However, slowly healing can be good too at times.

Last weekend on Sunday it started to snow here and it kept on snowing all day and night and next day. Even here at the coast it gave trouble on the roads and the airport and train traffic.
Monday evening I was in the kitchen to wash our dishes from dinner and then heard a strange sound.  First looked around in the kitchen and hallway. Nothing. Then looked outside in the garden.
Ghee!!!!!!!!!! There was lying a BIG branche ( about 3 mtrs. long)in the garden, coming from a hugh tree in the neighbour's garden. It was still hanging a bit on the tree, but just. Probably it was caused by the serious amount of snow in short time.
Oh my, what a mess. Still lucky, that it feel into the garden towards the other fence and not on the extension or little shed.
Also the fence close to that tree wasn;t hit. It was already quite dark so I couldn't see too well. Did inspect the other day and all together it wasn;t great but could have been much worse. I went to that neighbour, he wasn;t home early morning so I left a little note to contact us.
He came later that day and saw what happened. He contacted his insurance and lucky the costs for removing would be payed by the insurance. Neighbour is 71, so couldn;t take care of the removal himswelf. But he was really concerned and helpfull and willing to solve this, and hopefully soon next week the branche will be cut off and removed by a company.
I think we will not have too much damage on the plants. Most annoying thing for now is that we cannot go to our little shed. Road is completely blocked by the treebranche LOL!

So every time when life seems to settle down a bit something else is happening and causing trouble. Well, at least it seems to have happened this year a lot. With little things, but also with serious events.
I think i will be glad when this year will be done with and let's hope the last few weeks of the year can pass quietly and rather happy and without any messing up-event!!

Anyway,  the snow is gone now, it just fell those two days. Then we had some days with around 2-4 C, and today the sun is shining and we even have some blue sky. Temperatures might go up the next days to 6-8C, may be a day even higher. Oh, how wonderful. I wonder if it can stay that way till Spring arrives??? We can always hope, but I think we might have some more winter perhaps in January/February.
Brrr, I don;t like the freezing and cold, I did more when I was really young, but that changed along the way ROFL.

That is the news of this week. I think it is enough, hey?
Now hoping that the branche will be removed soon, so that this problem will be gone.
Wishing you all a wonderful week,all in good Christmas spirit!

P.S Wanted to change bloglayout, didn;t work suddenly wsith HTML.
There is a long discription on how to make it work(has to do with http and https sites???). Anyway, couldn't chenge so just chose a Blogger theme and just changed header. Header has to be another size but that will be for next time.
Perhaps there is anybody who could help me step by step how may be change the bloglayout in HTML? I am a total dummy for that, long ago learned how to do it, swent well, till Blogger decided now to make it different. And I want to do it via Firefox and not another browser.
If I cannot change anymore, well, pity, at least i can change header, till now LOL.
may be some day I will figure it out all by myself, but don;t want to spent a lot of time on it, specially now.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Jan is home again

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, Jan is home again. He came home last Tuesday. They kept him quite long after the operation, to keep a good eye om him. But then decided he was well enough to go home, seems the bypass starts to work. At least his kidneys work good again.
Now we just have to wait and see if he gets rid well enough of the fluid.
let's say I am careful optimistic. Not swaying the flag and shouting hoorray yet. All is still in tricky time I think.
But it is good to have him home.
He still is very tired, his mending will take a longer time than he things!
For now he cannot take a little walk out on the streets, because ihe still is retaining some fluid in his legs and feet. I hope that will disappear quickly.

Just before Jan came home I managed to put up the Christmas tree and also the little Christmasvillage. It looks so cosy now in the room.
When Jan was home on Thurstday he put up his tiny little Christmastree himself. Then he took a rest and later on we put up some smaller decorations and now we are about ready for Christmas.

The weather became more like winter. First only temperature dropped, we even had a bit of frost during the night. Today it started to snow. But it is more wet-snow so it will not stay on for long. May be tomorrow it will be the same kind of weather and then temperature will rise a few degrees again. Snow is so nice and beautiful, but not if you have to go out for shopping and such!
Every day we have the visit of a bunch of parakeets, they keep on coming and I keep on feeding them a bit LOL.

That's about all the news there is at the moment. It is quite good, let's cross fingers that it will stay so and get better. I still do some little prayers every now and then and ask his guardian angel to stay on his shoulder for some longer time!

Well, soon time to make something to eat for Jan and myself( just a little sandwich) then go into the kitchen to prepare a small stew with lamb and vegetables for dinner.
Not leaving before I say "thank you"to all of you for you not ending support. So much appreciated, you just don;t know how much good is does!
Well, till next time, have a wonderful week!

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Some better news

Goodmorning everybody!

We had a few cold days here, with only 2 or 3C daytime, and just around zero here at the coast at night.
But..... today temperatures already will go up again a bit, and during the week they will reach around 7 or 8 Celsius which is not bad for now.
During the two days it was rather cold, I knew I wasn't ready for real winter, but..... you know me, I never really am. LOL.

Last Thursday Jan had his operation. Later in the morning I called to hear how it went and they said it went well and Jan was back on the ward(not on IC). So I felt rather relieved, of course.
On the day I burnt a little candle in front of my icon, thought Jan could have all help possible.
Went to see him in the afternoon, but he still was very tired and sleepy, so I left him sleeping, he obviously needed it.
Oh, they also at the same time drianed some of the fluid of his belly, but this time not so much, only around 5 ltr.
On friday i went to him and he was already much better. we even took a little walk and sat for a while in the little restaurant. That didn;t last very long, he got somewhat tired, so went went back to his room.(yes, wonderful, he has a room all for himself!!)
Then we noticed that the drainage wond was leaking a bit, so a nurse put on a new bandage. But this leaking was mainly some fluid, not full of blood like the last time!
Yesterday when I visited it looked as if the leaking already had stopped. He was feeling also better. It helps a lot that he hasn;t such a big and tensioned belly anymore. Still has to loose some more fluid but that should happen now through the bypass. Via that the fluid should come into the blood and has to leave the body in "natural way".
Till now it seems that the kedneys still do their work, so let's cross fingers this bypass will help in good way.
They still keep him in hospital under control for a few days. He told me that if all goes well, he might be coming home Wednesday.

So suddenly the next few days I will be very busy, I think. Have to clean a bit the house here and there, and if  can find enough energy for it( must dig that out from somewhere, hahaha), I want to try to at least put up the Christmastree and manger before he wil be home.
You would think that I have time enough for that, but my daytime is kind of limited. Nowadays I wake up around 8 p.m., then have to take time to really wake up, have a little breakfast etc. and then there is time for some housework of shopping, In the afternoon I go from home around 2.30 a.m. to the hospital. And I come home around 5.30 a.m.
Then make myself something to eat and then I am happy to sit down.So in the evenings I just do some knitting and watch tv.And in between there are the phonecalls, attending to bills, etc. etc. Time really flies as mad.
Anyhow, I will try to make the sitting room a bit Christmassy. Better to do it now, and not when Jan is home. Because I know what happens then. He wants to do his share, if even for a little bit,  I would be like a motherhen walking after him, afraid he does too much and so on.
Can you imagine it in front of your eyes????
Yeah, wouldn;t be an all too good thing,ROFL!

Good, we;ll see how far I will get.
First and most important thing will be that if Jan comes home it will be because he is on a good mend and that it will stay that way. No more of terrifying hospital visits. Okay, if it is for sharp control, but that's it!
Time to have some breakfast now and then get some work done!
But i am still crossing fingers and sending little prayers that all will go well and stay well. It is all still very fragile I think.

Thank you all for your continuous support and prayers.
Have a lovely day and week to come and stay safe!