Saturday, October 31, 2009


Surprise, I am posting in the weekend. Well, I just wanted to wish you all a happy, yet tiny bit spooky Halloween. Have lots of fun!

Tomorrow is starting the new daily download on the forum, so I thought I might be doing some good to put up the slideshow for it on top of the blog. It;s another fantastic kit, and oh, you just have to take a look at the addon for it that's availible in the shop for a tiny price! Look at it weel and don;t you feel it tickling inside and don;t you hear a little voice whispering to you: "Please, take me for that small price, there are such great things in the add on"??

I am making fun, but we would ne greatful to everybody buying it, it helps keeping up the site.

Here the preview of the add-on

I am off again, enjoy yourselves, be careful and keep your heads a bit low, there might be some flying broom sticks and their "passengers"LOL

Friday, October 30, 2009

New bloglook already!

Goodmorning everybody!

You might have noticed I changed my bloglayout already! A bit early, but it's at least ready for next month. I thought this month I take a more relaxed one, and I wanted something I thought kind of vintage, at the same time chic, not too speaking colours, and after searching around I found this site Oh that's a feast for the eyes!

I was again in the designing mood yesterday, finished a rather different kit, and almost another one. And I did the last letter for the letter challenge. Just in time, wow, I am happy. I can show you the layout, I made the pics myself.

I was out also for a moment and found myself a fleece vst, I love that stuff, so soft and warm too in a nice pink colour for a small price and I bought myself a new pyjama, so I finally cna get rid of one that doesn't has any model anymore, has lost a lot of colour in the laundry over the years, it was about time!

I also had a nice surprise in my shoutbox, a little message from Deltapdawn, she had a blog with freebies for years, but due to circumstances she stopped it at about 9 months ago now. I mailed her at once and found out she is doing much better now, "okay", as she says and I am so happy for her. It's so nice that people don;t forget you and at times give a little sign of life.It might take still some time but chances are that she starts her designing again, it would be great! Sending you again a big hug, sweetie and follow the way to happiness.!

Amazing that we are almost at the end of October already! I am glad I am not the only one who thinks the months are just slipping through our fingers, without almost noticing it and suddenly we find ourselves almost in the mood for Christmas already! Well, there are some holidays still coming, now there is Haloween and then Thanksgiving and then over here beginning of December Sinterklaas, but not much left isn;t it?

To cut the rambling a bit short, LOL, I hop over to your freebie. Nice kit, I believe, namend "Like a Dollhouse". I just started on some papers and suddenly I thought they could also be in a dollhouse and so I went on on that theme. Funny, how sometimes kits get born! To all of you celebrating Halloween I wish you a very happy, a bit frightning and creepy time too! Enjoy it to the full! Have a great weekend and I may be back with a short post on Sunday, just to post the slideshow for the next month daily download.
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Everybody looks to be soooo busy!

Goodmorning everybody!

I suppose a lot of you are preparing for the Halloween? Here in Holland it is celebrated more and more. I have a little video for you of a part of Den haag, Ypenburg where in a street they are going nuts! When you are on the site, CLICK ON THE WORDS NEXT TO THE LITTLE TV SCREEN AT THE BOTTOM OF THE LITTLE ARTICLE SAYING : hALLOWEEN IN YPENBURG.

You will see, us Dutchies have lots of fantasy and imagination. sorry the comment is in Dutch.

Yesterday was a simple day(are there, I sometimes wonder LOL), did a few bits and bobs and suddenly there was speed in a kit I was making, finished and waiting on the shelf for you. NOT showing you yet what it is.! But I can give you a sneak peek of our next daily download in the forum and I even can give you one of the daily download for December! How is that as surprise?? I told you already that Edna is the the one who came up witht the November theme, and for December it is.......LITTLE ME!!!!!!! I think I prepared a real unusual one there, it was a rather challenging one, but oh, the ladies are doing a great job there too!

Here one of November I made

And here one DD you could get in December

Oh, you really should visit the blogs of Edna and Snowy, Edna has a terrific layout of a Halloween Tootsie(her doggie) and Snowy some great layouts of a special Halloween witch! Every time I visit those blogs, the ladies bring a smile on my face, at the least!

So, cat Dikkie Dik found his place again at the window sill, he is big and there is almost no place for him between the plants but he always manages to have enough place! It's nice lying there, cause underneath is the radiotor of the central heating.I'll have a pic for you tomorrow!

And now on to the freebie, a fantasy one again. Smaller kit, but not too bad. I named it "Home of the Fairies". Don;t get too nervous about the Halloween, although it's possible a little witch comes flying over to pick you up for a ride LOL!!!! Have a great day

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Working already for 2010


I think by now you all found the new place for the freebielist! I think it works much better, don't you?
I had a rather nice day yesterday, nothing special done. but I went out for the shopping and it was nice to be outside. I should take my camera out with me, because there are some great pictures to make with all the autumn colours now. Well, next week I will try to make some pictures of the work on the roof, if weather stays at is is for the moment. Oh, what a mess that will make in the garden when all the old roofing will come off!!!! And I hope the guys will not crash too many plants climbing up and coming off their ladders, but I think some plants will have an early death!
I have no idea what we will do today. May be I will get Jan in the mood to look for the carpet, or something else that we need but I have great doubts about that, LOL.
Oh, got my new ID card yesterday! As I was paasing the department for it on my way to shop, Jan had the marvellous idea I should check if it already arrived. ( I totally forgot already about it). And yes, it was there already. So that is done again for the next 5 years.

I did some progress on a new kit I started, in fact it is almost finished, I think. And you know what? In the forum we already have the themes and colourcharts for the first few months of next year appointed to the memebers! YEAH! It may seems very early to you, almost nobody is already thinking about the new year, but we like to work a bit ahead, so we have time enough to come up with some great new daily downloads for you! And I really must say, they look great again, very special and lovely colours! So very slowly in between the others kits I do, I already started the January DD.Oh it is progressing very slowly, but a start has been made.

Oh girls, the october daily download, Halloween Town, almost is coming to an end now and do we have a wonderful new one for you in November!!! Oh my, beuatiful colours, good theme, lots of humour in it too!! It was Edna's job to come up with the November theme and colour and she had a great one! So keep alert, it will start on Sunday, so I guess I will do a quick posting in the weekend too, hey surprise, LOL.

Okay, what is there for you today? I have a colourchallenge kit for you from July, we had to do something with paisley motives and there it was"Dancing Paisleys". If I did my "administration"
well, hahaha, I didn;t offer that to you yet. I am sure, yu can use the kit for many things.
So take a look, and if I am mistaken and did offer it already on the blog, I am sorry in advance. Hey, I am covering myself good, hmmmm, appologizing in advance, grin grin.........
Make the best of today, have some un, at least try to have a laugh during the day, a person always feels better after a bit of laughing. Bye bye!
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Don;t forget I have the freebielist now in the sidebar!!

Have a great day!

Could this be a short post?

Goodmorning everybody!

I hope I didn't confuse you too much yesterday with the new place of the freebielist? Oh, I saw my shoutbox.!!!!! I must have done something completely wrong in making the gadget! SO SORRY. I fixed it now and the list should show up now. It is just between About me en the My freebies together! Can you find it now?

Did I achieve much over here yesterday? Not as much as I wanted, but I did a good seep with the vacuum cleaner all over the house, it's a good way to get it warm!!!! And before that I did a good dusting too. Arranged a few things again and that was it. But on the designing part it didn;t go that smoothly. Don't know why, just could come to something to something productive. Started over a few time with a kit, made a few papers, looked at them and cancelled them again. Hmmmm, may be I was trying too hard. We'll see how it works today.

But, first have to go out for some shopping and so, not too bad, it looks rather nice outside today, so it will be a good thing to get me a fresh nose LOL.

Well, I haven;t anything to show you today, a bit a boring post I suppose, so best will be to go to your freebie today. It's a kind of fall kit, but not completely just about the season in nature but also a little bit about the life cycle. A lot of us, let's be honest, reached more or less the fall of life, being in our 50's and older!! (I just hope this season will last a LOOOOONG time for me, before I get to the winter, ROFL!) So I namend the kit..............yes, you guessed right ......"Fall of Life". Now take a look and I hope you will like it. Have a wonderful day and hopefully I can tell you already tomorrow that the designing part is going more smoothly again.
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Monday, October 26, 2009


Don;t be in shock! I still have the freebielists for the days, but I moved them from the daily posts to the sidebar. You will see a label with DAILY FREEBIELIST????? Click on it and you will se the list there. It will be easier to follow the blog, I think, not interrupted all the time by the lists. Give it a try and let me know if it;s okay with you!
Have a great snooping around in the list, wonderful things to download there!

Special day for a "Magickal"friend!

Goodmorning everybody!

So, the weekend rushed by and I suddenly find myself blogging again, LOL. I think it was a rather productive weekend in different ways.

Hmmmm. Where to start? Yes, of course, the chat on Friday night at the forum. As usual we had a great time, We start normally at 23.00 hours (Holland time that is) in the evening, In America I believe it's then 17.00 o'clock?? I am ALWAYS confused with those times zones, LOL. I kept up till about 00.45, not bad hey? but some of them kept one going till way much later!!!!!!!!!

Snowy cooked up for us a chat challenge, that as usual we don;t make during the chat(I should have at least four hands to keep up with everything) so I started it on Saturday. And this is the result of about 2 1/2 hours work:

Just click it to get a better view, then you can read the text better!

And you'll have to go to Snowy's blog to see her contribution and to Edna's to see her terrific one. Oh my God, the ladies have a great sense of humour!

Then I id a bit of designing on kits, Saturday wasan "easy"day, LOL, didn;t do much at the house, thought it couldn't do harm to take a day "off". But yesterday I did a bit on the back room, and it's going to look better an better every time I was busy there. Did ironing on a pile of laundry, with in the mean time another machine turning with a new load! I cleared out a tiny bit of my clothes closet whoopee, now still to do a lot more on that. But, step by step I will succeed, HA!

Oh Saturday I also was busy on a special kit for one of our "magickal"friends, Suruha. She is having a special day today. by dong a Crone ritual. You can read a bit about it on her blog, where she is announcing it, and if you want to know more what it is all about take this link Dor this occasion Snowy came up with the idea that we make all a mini-kit for her and this is mine

So Snowy made her one too and I believe some of the other die-hards of the forum will make her one too. So this is for you Suruha, have a blessed day!

I was already busy searching for a new blog background, yeah! You know I love to change it every month, yes, I am a bit chaotic and like variety in some things, and I think I found a beautiful one! I think I will change it next weekend.

Oh yes, Friday afternoon Heidi came over with Séverine to look at the new durniture and all the changes and we had a nice chat again. We don;t see eachother too much lately, seems we are too busy with all kind of things. Heidi quit working because of her health condition, and now she is home all week, although she does two days a week volontary work at the school of Séverine. But this is much more relaxed for her and no stress and she can do things at her own speed etc. And she loves doing that. She always has to be careful with her health, and spread wel her activities, but she is looking a lot better now.

If the weather allows it, next week Monday, the constructor will start on the roof of the backroom !!!! So everybody cross your fingers by that time that it will be at least dry and not too much wind! It would be ever so nice that it would be ready and done with before real winter comes over. It surely will make a difference in the heating expenses.

Yes. one more thing. I think I will move the "freebielist" I make almost every day to the side bar, where I have the links to all my freebies. It will make the blog easier to read and if you want to go through the freebies you just click that link. I must figure it out still, but it will change may be even today. And I can clean it up every now and then. And yes, I also will remove some of the links to My freebies to keep the list in a reasonable length.

Okay, I think I rambled enough on a Monday morning and will give you your freebie. It's a sweet looking kit, all in light colours, some papers made with lovely roses brushes and I named it "Roses for the Loved Ones. Enjoy it. And have a great day all of you
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Friday, October 23, 2009

Washing day today!

Goodmorning everybody!
Well, I did do some more on the house yesterday. It definately is looking already much better. Not completely done, but on the good way! Today should be a washing day! I must do the "normal" laudry today, so that I have place for some big stuff.! By the clearing out I did put aside two blankets, other stuff that definately needs to see water and soap but all together it will take a few loads into the machine. Bhoooooo, poor me, but it has to be done! I have some pictures for you, yes, So let's start with that, don;t be scared too much!!!!!!!!

The front bedroom, with the "new"bed in it and still a lot of mess to clear! Doesn't look,much but behind the closets a lot was standing also! And just before I took the picture, the whole bed was filled too!

Front bedroom much better already.

Back bedroom with now the sleeping couch(you can make it into a bed) and all filled with everything. You even see the book case of Jan, still in pieces!

Same room, but already looking better, still have to do things there, but you can move around now!

The , by now, famous book-case!

Me, the evening before yesterday, relaxing, watching tv, with Dikkie Dik on my knees and on the
left is Brodski, but you cannot see that.

Well, you get an idea of the work we had( remember, we switched the beds too!)

But slowly it all is going to look allright and for sure a lot better. Now today I think I only do the laundry, at least for a part. This afternoon Heidi is coming over to have a look at alll the new stuff. She will be suprised, I guess.

Whee, tonight we have the monthly chat at the forum, oh boy, that will be fun again. And in the weekend I will have to do the chat challenge, a kind of comic strip! Yeah, Snowy always comes up with something special, she has a twisted mind sometimes, LOL.

The kit for today is a nice one, at least I am happy with it. It has some lovely papers in it, you can use it for a lot of things, I named it "Recollection". So I wish you all a very nice weekend, I have enough to do to pass the time, not only on the computer! I hope to be able to say on Monday, that we have lots of plastic garbage bags standing outside, with lots of stuff I finally was strong enough for to throw it away! Hahahaha, that's not always easy, to part from things! But I will kick my bumps sometimes to be strong!
Thanks for visiting and till next week again!

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Slowly going through the mess.

Goodmorning everybody!

Tadaaaaa! That's a trumpet playing, LOL. Jan;s bookcase is put together again! Yeah, some extra nails did wonders. It's standing on it's place and filled almost completely with the books.
Applaus for Jan for his determination!

I went yesterday to apply for the new ID card and that was done quickly! I was prepared to wait for some time for my turn, but just two minutes and I was on! Next week it will be ready. And now you cannot do anything out of law anymore: we had to give fingerprints, two of the left hand and two of the right hand! Nuts.

Then I did my business at the post office and was home sooner than I thought. After a little pause I attacked one of the bedrooms and also helped Jan with the bookcase. So now the room where we put in the proper bed is done for 80% I think. Still there is to do the other room , oh whee!!! But........... also did some clearing up in a big closet,where we have all kind of things. Cooking books, garden books, photo's, all kind of important papers, but was a mess. I didn;t do all of the departments of it(it;s a real BIG closet) but already did a part. Filled 3 plastic garbage bags with all kind of things that could go!! Whoopee, I'm a bit proud of myself. LOL

So today another rummaging day is waiting, but it isn;t so bad, if you see it has some nice result. I also had a much better sleep this night, so let's use that energy!

Even managed to make two more challenges for our Letter challenge. Wow, I am finally getting to the end of it. Just the letter Z as to be done. Here are the V and X:


Soon the daily download will be done with for October(and don;t miss the shop addon for a very small fee, there are even greater things in it, really!) and we already prepared the one for November. This time it was Edna, who had to come up with a theme and it turned out lovely! So clear up your harddrive, November's daily download on the forum is going to fill it!

Today I have a kit a bit in autumn colours, but also can make you think of a warm sunset, so I made the"Sunset in Fairyland"kit for you. Have a great day all, I will probably have some pictures for you tomorrow, I hope, of the changes in the house.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Hello, a quick post I just had to do. Do you rememeber some of the fairie cards of Miny, I posted. They are beautiful, isn;t that true? Now I found a videao about their fairy sanctuary! Just take a look, hope you can have it ful screen. Amazing!

She is so sweet to me, sending me previews of her work and such, and I just love fairies!

Still messing around

Goodmorning everybody!

I did my shopping yesterday, after having a nice real warm shower! And my body almost was giggling from pleasure, certainly some muscles in it! It does real good for those, !!!
It was rather nice weather, not bad beaing outside. And I was away from Jan trying to put together his closet! LOL. It isn;t yet ready, poor soul. I think he will try it with some other material today, hope that will succeed because I like to get on with clearing all the mess still lying around in the two rooms! But I need that bookcase to be ready first, and Jan out of the way of one of the rooms. Hmmmm, we'll see ow that will end up today. But I have other things to attend to. I must go to the city council for my ID card. Then I must bring a parcel to the post office, then some usual stuff is also waiting to be done.
Didn;t sleep too well last night. I don;t know why. Perhaps because I am too busy around here and that still goes round in my mind all the time. Possible explanation. Doesn't matter. If my eyes try to strike during the day, I might take a little nap, and if I hold on, I think tonight will be okay.

I already warned you about those pirate sites and just was on Zaza's blog and she found even more. It's really not a nice thing and I can understand she is thinking hard to quit the whole designing, at least for all free. You can read here thoughts yourself on her blog. I will give you again the sites involved in this and the hosts they use for it.

I think the hosts are not to blame, everybody can upload there something if you want. But the pirates often use these. Why cannot do these pirates it a bit different? Show the work of the designers. nothing wrong with that, but give a link to their blogs, so that people can download from there! This way of offering other people work is bad for the freebie business. And the designers are so nice to spend lots of time in making great things and then offer that for free, so that everybody can enjoy the scrapping!

But I am glad that there are still many. many nice people, who just enjoy what is offered and obey the Tou's of the designers and for those we all put our work on for free or for just a very small fee.

Better I now put on the freebie for today, I also will try to do something about a few challenges that are still waiting for me to be done. Must take care of that now, the month is passing quickly!
I have a country themed one for you now, named "Country Life Joy". You all have a nice day and enjoy the scrapping!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I have more muscles than I thought!!!

Goodmorning everybody!

Gish, we did work hard yesterday! And how we struggled with the sleeping couch in on of the rooms! That thing is so heavy and unpractical to carry or move, because you cannot get a good grip on it. But...........we finally managed. I am glad I have a husband who is much stronger than he may look! First cleaned up the spot, oops, was necessary, and than put the the other bed in. In parts, God bless, but then the struggle to get it together again. Hahahahaha, but.........done!
Then there still was a smaller closet to move to the other room. So first all he books out of it, on the bed and lucky for us it was in two parts too. It wasa closet Jan had already before he met me, imagine! Okay, not too much trouble to carry it but now the bad thing happened. Just at the end, crack.........................closet fell apart ROFL ROFL. By looking at the construction, I thought it was a miracle it stood still so long at it's place! Imagine what then. Kind of sentimental in this Jan wanted to put it together again. Okay, we tried, but I didn't see much in it to be honest! Till at this moment it still lies in pieces. He will try to make it today, I will try not to be around at that point!!! I think I will clear out the other bedroom first, so that at least one room is as much ready as it can get for the moment! Then also some shopping has to be done.
But, we had a good sleep in the bed! Jan is still sleeping as a baby, I will let him for a while, he worked hard the last couple of days! Oh my, you had to see me sit up in the bed this morning, still rather quick and smoothly, but with somefunny expressions on my face, I suppose! I forgot, that I had so many muscles in my body!!! LOL. Nobody wants to admit it, but you really notice sometimes, that you aren;t in you 30's again, it's true! I even was so pooped out, I didn't cook any dinner, but got some of the snackbar, very unhealthy perhaps but also yummie at times!

Also yesterday we got the offer for the roof-repair and such. Hmmmm, lot of money, but it has to be done. Jan and I will talk it through this week and probably will let the contructor kno by the end of the week. May be they even will do it before winter comes in.
Holy, goodness, it may be so, that by Christmas we are living in an almost new looking house, well for parts of it at least! And then I hope that next year will be not such an expensive year again! On the other hand some of the things we didn't pay much for, and it has a great effect on the comfort of living, so it is worth it. I suppose we will have to look for another closet, where we can put our books in( replacement of the old one) but that shouldn;t take too much money, for sure if we can find it in that special store. Then I think we need a new carpet just in front of the couches, and that would be almost it, I suppose.

So today will be another busy day, and the rest of the week too, a bit to finish all, must go too for the new identity card, to have it in time, a few other things I must really do this week, so I cannot complain that nothing is happening and that I have no changes, etc. LOL
I have a smaller kit for you, in one colour scheme, I named it "Summers Ending", as a kind of goodbye to summer, hahaha. Hope you can do some nice things with it. Now send out a bit of extra energy this way, I could do with some, for sure!

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Going to use all muscles today!

Goodmorning everybody!
Hope you had a nice weekend! Weather here is a bit unsteady, temperature is still not too bad, but days with wind, rainshowers from time to time, not really my ind of weather.
Yesterday I had to go to my friend Heidi to let their doggie out. She was going away for the day with Séverine and couldn;t take the dog with her. So in the early afternoon I went over there. When I came home, I found Jan in the larger bedroom, all was messed up there(more than usual LOL) and busy to unmantle the bed. WHOOOOO! Some of the screws were so hard to get loose, but we managed. Then I thought it was too late to to do the removal of the other bed and switch them over both, etc. so that has to be done today! It will not be easy. Lucky there is a door in the backroom to the garden, so we can do the moval via the garden and then straight into the kitchen to the other room. Will be tricky still to make the turn into the room, but I think we will manage that. The bed in parts will not be the heaviest job. That is the sleeping couch in the other room. You cannot take that apart and it is HEAVY! We have a little car(you know four wheels with a kind of shelf on it, so I think we will try to get it on that and that would make it lots easier. Hmmmmm, we'll see how far we can het with it. IF that will go a bit smoothly, I think we also will move a closet to the backroom. So you see, not much time for computer playing today, I am afraid.
Better I put on your freebie for today. It's a mini Halloween kit, with some humour in it, not a really scary one. It's named "Swinging Halloween". Now cross your fingers for me, that we will manage to do all we have in mind today, send extra power vibes over here!!!! Have a great day!

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Extra post, because this isn;t nice!

Hello everybody,

I read this post on the blog of Zaza, is about piracy, which is a bad things Read it and pass it on!

"Here's an interesting site (Grafmania ) if you want to see your creations !You can translate the site by using Google translator for a better understanding.
Another site that does not hesitate to steal our creations, they put their logo on all our previewsand offers many download links from their servers.
And here is the kind of response you receive when you send a message for asking to remove your stuff:

Your works is freeAny people can download your worksI do not download and not publish your works, Some people from internet
take your work and add it to my and other sitesI can add link to your site for your works on my site, you should give me links
on your works but another people will steal your jobs ...Maybe you should made download for payment or other variants
You have best site for SCRAP AND TUBES
We can exchange of links
I can add your website to my friends
You add my site :)

And here's another site found by Marie from Snappy Scrappy who also steal:

It's just disgusting... "

If you want to see if any of your work is placed on that side look under
Left side bar under Photoshop 3rd link is for scrapkits.

Early Friday start

Goodmorning everyone!

I was up not too early but still earlier than average. That was a good thing, because I just finished my coffee and the doorbell rang already! It was the guy, who is doing a little painting work on the outside, the part where the stairs are to go to the other appartments.
He had to fetch his ladder, that he parked in our garden. It;s the guy who did our garden doors and we need him now to make an offer to repair a part of the house that was built extra by the former owners. The roof of it is decaying and needs to be fixed again. I am afraid a whole new roof must be put on and some other woodwork needs repairs too. Oh my, I am much afraid it will not take just a few 100 euro's but substantially more! He will come back later today with another guy, to take a good look and then he will make us an offer. I am not at all happy with it, suddenly we have to spent money on house repair like it is nothing! Hmmmmm, the repairs I spoke about have to be done, otherwise, next year, that extra room will be rather wet, if you know what I mean! We'll just wait and see how we can arrage a still acceptable price! And this was discussed already real early this morning, just after my first coffee! I must say I am not at my best at that time!!!

I think most of today I will be at the coputer although in between I want to do some housework, but that will be done with rather quickly. I didn;t hear Jan speaking yet about starting on the change of bedrooms and such. but I think we better try to start that soon.

Yesterday I didn't do as much on the designing as I wanted, part as I lacked a bit of inspiration, part as I took a bit of time to get a few groceries and prepared dinner in advance, part of it cause I chatted with Snowy( and that's nice, don;t misunderstand me, but we NEVER seem to be able to have a short msn, say 5 or 10 minutes, it easily takes half an hour or even an hour!!!!). Oh well, you must keep in touch with one another, LOL.

I have the feeling I am forgetting something to tell, but okay, if it comes back into my memory I can tell you on Monday. Let's see what kit I have for you today. It's a rather versatile kit, I think, but a bit intended for scrapping pictures of say, grandfathers and grandmothers, a bit of former times. So I named it "Proud of Your Ancestry". May be it will be useful to you. The important thing is to have fun scrapping all you can and let your imagination flow! Now have all a very fantastic weekend, and see you again on Monday!
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oh oh, again stuff disappeared.

Goodmorning everybody!

Although it was a rather quiet day yesterday, still something was done here. Suddenly in the afternoon Jan disappeared "out of "sight", LOL. So I went looking and saw him busy in the stock-room, you know where Dikkie Dik had his marvellous catch! Among other things we have there standing a little drawer chest, with some kitchen stuff and such in it. I already wanted it to go for a long time, but it never came to it hahahaha. And now Jan pulled up his sleevs and started looking what was inside. I thought it better to stay, he might throw away some things I wanted to stay, you know that? Well, we sorted it out, with great result. A lot of stuff went into garbage sacs and so did the chest. It was not in too good condition anymore, so GONE! Whoopee.I had somwhere else still a little table standing for nothing, we placed it there and it's much better organized now.! Ha, we cleared another part of the house. Small part, but still! And now Jan has big plans for our two bedrooms. Chaning the beds from one to the other, removing a closet from one to the other, in short, a big move around! We measured up the biggest bed and it seems it will fit also in the other room. Hey, should be great! I will keep you posted of the progress, if there will be any LOL. But I should like it to happen.

So the buy of the new couch brought a lot of new ideas here in the house.

Oh, if you visited Edna's blog, you did saw her "work of art" GRIN GRIN. If not, I will show you here, because she made me laugh so much with it! She made it for the group we every month have the forum chat with. We were given the choice which witch we were. Well, Edna is the one on the right, with the blue patch on her robe, Snowy chose to be the one stirring in the big pot in the middle and me???? I am the little one with the slightly greenish hair, next to the doggie(Edna's dog Tootsie!). I liked the expression on her face, and I am the smallest of the group, so I think it fitted well. Hahahaha.

Now what do you say about this? Isn;t that a wonderful sense of humour? I chose my figure because it looks at the same time cheeky, mischievous and a bit bitchy too! I can be that at times, yeah! And sweet Edna answered this on the forum, sweet as she is:

"She's yours, Kyra. Isn't she just the little sweetie? She tries so hard to look grumpy, but underneath it all, she's just a softee with a big heart. "

Well, a little example of how much fun we do have in the forum!

Oh, just have to show you my contribution of the quote challenge. This time we could pick out our own quote and make a layout where we had to use some different stuff.

And now on to the kit. Ladies, be happy, it's again a .........................Fantasy kit! I told you already that I am into fantasy, fairies, elves and such this month. Although in the same time I am busy with other kits too. This kit is named "In the Magical Forrest". Now you have a splendid day, we'll see what will happen here, grin grin.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A little surprise for you

I was just playing around a bit on the computer, am in the middle of several kits and challenges, and just didn;t know what to do. AWEFUL, isn;t it??? LOL.
So I picked up the In Shining Armour kit and guess what? I made a QP with it. And well, why not, I thought, I could as well put it on the blog. A little extra for you, being so kind to me, giving such sweet comments on all kind of things I am rambling about.
So here you have it, hope you can have some fun with it!
Bye bye

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A big hunter in the house

Goodmorning everybody!

Oops, my back is a little bit overworked I think! Yesterday afternoon it was nice weather so I went into the garden, my garden scissor in hand and gloves.! First i vut down some roses which are growing much too big, and look messy. After cutting them into little pieces, I dug them out! Then I went around the garden with the scissor again and made lots of plants look better. Also made room in the garden. Some plants were taking over too much space, not nice! After some time I had here and there a bit of free space and there I planted the bulbs I bought last week.! Now if they come up as nice as the picture shows on the label, my spring will be very colourfull!
But I noticed I am not as often that busy anymore in the garden, the back is protesting slightly! Oh well, that will pass.

And oh boy, we have a great big red hunter in the house! Eeeeeekh, yesterday I wasn't happy all of a sudden! I know there are from time to time little mice under the floor and sometimes you could see one walking for a moment. But yesterday I went into the part where I have some of the food stock and the vacuum cleaner and the pans for cooking etc. I went for some potatoes but when I switched on the light I saw something running along the wall and into a coner and disappear. It wan;t as small as a house mouse!!!! It could have been a little rat!!! Not surprising, I know there are in the neighbourhood, thats also why every nw and then the street tiles have to be repositioned again and there has to put new sand under them. There are rats and they cause it because they dig the sand away. But I can live with that, if they stay there, I don;t like them to be visitors in my house! As it is an older house, certainly there are spots where they can come through if they like. Oh my, I am not afraid of mice, but the larger family memebers I DO NOT LIKE! And you are startled the most because it;s moving sooo quick! Well, I had a brilliant idea! I left the door a bit open and right away Dikkie Dik went looking! He already was a bit in practise, the last few days both of the cats are keeping an eye on the kitchen floor and sniffing around. Next time I had to be in that area I was smart and took Dikkie with me on my arm( heavy!!) and YES as I switched on the light there it was again a grey thing with long tail!!!!!! At once I put Dikkie on the floor, oh boy! He already had spotted it! And KABAMMM! In spite of his well-fed nature he moved sooooooo quickly and SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK I heard and Dikkie to a run into the garden. I could just see he had something in his mouth! I was so PROUD of him!
It may not be the most friendly solution but it certainly is working very good! So today we will let the door open again and see what happens. And Jan will take a good look to see if there are any holes we can repair!
Jan said, with a big smile to me."Well, at least they earn a bit their food and care back this way".

So far the adventures of yesterday. Enough for one day for me!!

Okidoki, now I have a kit again for you. It's is a bit medieval you could say, because of the papers, gives you the idea you are walking around in a castle, so I named the kit "In Shining Armour". Have fun with it and also have a great day!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I have some pictures

Goodmorning everybody!

I had a very good night sleep after a slightly busy day. Yeah, I was a good girl and did a lot of my to-do list! Ha, after posting I did a bit of playing on the computer and then got busy/ First I turned on the washing machine(rather overcrowded this time) and then went for quick shopping. Got all I needed and back home put it all in place and then went for an ironing session. Brrrr. But.. I did it and even put all the stuff on its place in the closets. By that time the machine was ready and I hanged the bloody stuff. Then I had a quick coffee and ciggy and went into the kitchen to prepare for dinner, for two or three days! Well, the meat part anyway. I made meat balls and also had some meat on the stove for kind of stew. Then I finally made a picture of the new table and a pic of a coushin cover I found on the market for the new couch. I have four of them! And.........I have a pic of me, made myself, so it's a terrible pic but at least you will see my new glasses. Funny how I made the pic. I went into the kitchen, in front of a little mirror I have there, stood there with stretched arms and ppointed the camera on me. In the mirror I could see the little screen of the camera to see if I was in focus. Good idea hey? I was so proud of myself to have figured that out! LOL. Well, I didn;t do my hair really and no make up (I don;t use it often, make-up even special one, and my skin don;t seem to agree very well) so I look terrible, but it will have to do. It's a slightly better one than Jan took of me, so..............

Okay here they come:




I think if you click the pictures you get a larger one, I hope.

Then I even did another challenge yesterday after dinner, part of the letter challenge. This is the letter W, (still have waiting the V, X and Z, hardest!!)

So all by all I had a rather productive day, even today the company is busy again with the front of the house, they have to remove some of the cement and stones for a part and clean the iron that is supporting the second floor windows, put back new stones etc. I have to say the guys that are doing it, are not the brightest, still very young, I fear a bit for my windows, cause all the time little pieces of cement are falling down and tick, tick, hit the window. Not happy with that. Normally there is a kind of curtain to protect you from that, but they don;t use it. Hmmmm, cross the fingers that no harm will be done!

Okay, now on to the freebie. I have two more Halloween QP's for you. And tomorrow a real kit again. Can you live with that? I hope so.LOL!

Oh, before I leave you wanted to say to you to take a look at Snowy's blog, she posted a preview of a coming Christmaskit, all with cherubini's! A ever so lovely and beautiful kit!!

Now you all have a very nice day, it looks to be fairly well weather here, for the moment. If it stays until in the afternoon I may take courage to plant the flower bulbs, at least for a part.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

I have almost my house back!

Goodmorning everybody!
My oh my, I have the dinner table. They were supposed to bring it Saturday morning between 10.00 and 13.00 oçlock, but triiiinnnggggg, the doorbell range already at 09.45! So right away Jan put the thing together and oh, it;s a beautiful sight! I cleaned up the room, and I have my room back again. I will try to take a good picture of it today, so I can show you tomorrow, okay?

Yesterday I did plan some things to do, but I got very lazy and took a real relaxing day! So today will be "doing"things day!
As now a company started with the front of our appartment building to repair a bit the wall on the second floor , they of course had to put up a scaffolding to work from on height. But yesterday a nieghbour called on the door and showed us, that this thing moved from its place and was very badly attached to the wall(almost not!) and there was expected a very hard wind yesterday evening, so that didn;t look good at all. Could even be dangerous! So we tried to reach the company(they had a mobile number too) but no luck!! What to do? Jan came with the brilliant idea to call the fire department. Gosh, already were there within 10 minutes! They looked at it and put it back on it's place, secured it so far so good. They wrote down the phone numbers and address of the company, so I am afraid that perhaps they will get a fine to pay. I don;t know, but it's possible. It's their fault, I cannot help it.

I also made another challenge for the forum for the Book of Shadows part. We were supposed to make a layout for the Samhain, and if you want to know more about it, just type in the word in Google and you get lots of information.

But now I still have to do the Letter challenge and that are not the easiest letters to do, still waiting for me V, W,X and Z. Yes, the "Y"I did already.

What else to tell? Oh yes, one of my visitors, a fairy lover, Minky send me some cards she made again. In some of them she uses a bit of my kits too. Beautiful work. Here they are

I think I am in the middle of 3 kits at the moment. When I loose a bit of inspiration for one I hop over to another! A bit chaotic, perhaps, but that's me too! At the end all will come together just fine LOL.
I really must laugh when I read the blogs of Snowy and Edna. It seems we all 3 are a bit into house cleaning up, and surely house decorating! It's funny how that comes all almost at the same time. But it gives also a bit inspiration, and that is never a bad thing!
It seems, the weather will be okay for the next coming days. Not real warm anymore, but rather dry even a bit of sunshine. And I went to the market on Friday yes! Bought two new pillows for the bed and I sleep as a baby again! But it's always dangerous to walk there, cause they have a BIG stand with all kind of garden plants and in the moment flower bulbs of all kind. It's the right time to plant them, to have nice flowers in spring. And there was a nice offer. 3 packages for 5 Euro(most;y there were 10 bulbs in a package) I could help myself, hahahaha and bought 6 packages. Some allium, some tulips and such. And the seller was nice and gave me one package extra for the same price! So you see, there has to be done garden work too!
I think I rambled along more than enough and it's about time to show you your freebie. It's perhaps not a big one but given out of the heart LOL. I will give you 2 Halloween quickpages I made, hope that you can use them. Now you all have a great day, I hope to do all the things I have in mind for today. Cross your fingers ROFL!

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Download Halloween QP2 HERE

Friday, October 09, 2009

We can dance around in the room LOL!

Goodmorning everybody!

Whoopee all the stuff we wanted to get rid of is standing outside! And with no dining table and it's 6 chairs stndig in the room we have a ballroom now! Never realized how big a room we had LOL! We actually should try it out, putting up a nice record or cd and give it a shot on the dance! Hmmm, may be I will get Jan as wacky as that, I;ll see! It feels good to change a bit after it was there for a loooooong time!
Also we stuffed away some useless things out of the garden(there were still standing some big shelves and such in corner and an old garden table from a set we once had) and that's nice view too. We definately have a bit more space on the terras!
I planned for today a quick visit to the market. Who knows what I will find there for a nice price??? Only that will not be satin sheets, I think! Why I brought up this? Because Snowy has some on her bed now!!! She put up a picture of it on her blog, take a look, it looks awesome! The poor things will not be completely happy for the next 7-10 days! She will be loosing her internet connection for the PC. She's still lucky to have a laptop, so even if that's has sometimes the speed of a turtle(she said it!) she still can be in touch via msn and posting on the blog. I think I would be going nuts, so long without my internet, not having a laptop.

Oh, you also should take a look at Edna's blog. She has a new halloween QP for you! And it's another great one! Skeletons in a romantic dance, hahahahaha!

And today I really have a lovely kit for you, in my humble opinion! It's for the lovers of fantasy and fairies and such! I named it "Bright Fairy world"and has some really shiny papers. Hey Minky, it should be one for you!
Okay, I will get ready in a short while to leave, it's looks to be a rather fine day, quite sunny so good market weather I suppose. Tomorrow it's a bit early rise, cause they bring our table and chairs somewhere in the morning and hopefully all will be looking fine again after weekend.
And you have yourselves a wonderful and fairy like weekend!
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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Received a sweet postcard!

Goodmorning everybody!

Okidoki, yesterday Jan and I rummage up all kind of stuff to get rid of. Also the dinner tabled is gone from the living room, and tonight we can put all the stuff outside! It will be strange to have half a room empty for a while. My cats were used to lie on the couches, specially when I was sitting there, but I want to try to keep the new one a bit clean. So I arranged it for them, oh, my, what we all do for our pets!! On just one seat I placed a piece of cloth and that's the place they will be allowed to be on. They seem to understand a bit, but now holding on to it, LOL!!
You know what? Looking around the sitting room I realized I haven't the spot free anymore for the Christmastree! Gosh, I;ll have to think hard, where I can put that this year! Might seem not such a big problem, but I like having my tree and a bit in sight too. So we will have to be inventive to find a right place again! I'll find it, no question about that! LOL.

Oh, I had such a nice surprise yesterday in the post. Jan brough in an envelope and there was no address or name mentioned on the back, so I was curious. I opened it and found a little card in it and then I read: "We wish you strength to cope with the loss of your beloved cat Micky". And it was from the vet's clinic where we brought our Micky on Friday. Now isn;t that a sweet action of them? I really was touched by it.

Did you see the last Halloween quickpage of Edna? These halloween qp's of her make you really laugh! I think this last one is hilarious too! Mrs. Skeleton sitting on the couch with her kitty, waiting for Mr. Skeleton to come home for dinner, as Edna explained it!!! You really should take a look

Now on to the freebie for today. It's an Autumn kit, in the warm, and also somehow mysterious colours of the Autumn. So it has a simple name"Warm Colours of Fall". I hope you enjoy it. And now I will just try to continue a bit on a new kit and then must go out for a bit of shopping, then in the evening we have to put all the stuff on the street. Enough to do! Have a splendid day!

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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Almost a new room!

Goodmornig everybody!

So we have our new couch now in the room! Oh, it;s wonderful! And I have more news! When they had brought the couch rather early in the afternoon, yippee) I still asked again if the guys would take the old one with them. When I had asked in the shop, they said I had to make another appointment with their organazation for the picking up. Well, no need, we already got rid of the couch! I know, we have the city council service coming y at Friday. but don;t worry, there will be enough! After putting the couch set in it's place Jan and I went to another shop of that organazation, a bigger one to look around for a new dinner table. And oh boy, were we lucky, they had a splendid table standing there with 4 chairs. It just fits in so well with the kind of wood our closets are made of, unbelievable! And it will be delivered on Saturday morning! All of a sudden we have almost a complete new room for not much money! The only thing that we need really to change still is the smaller carpet we have. That we will have to buy new, okay doesn't have to be a very expensive one either. I am happy as a little child, can you imagine?? I made a few pics of the couch and of course I will show it to you. Now I only need a good picture of me still. But okay, the couch first. One is taken still with a bit of daylight, the other at evening time.

Looks rather nice, doesn't it?

So all together we had another busy day yesterday. I think today we will roam the house to see what stuff we can get rid of to place on the street on Friday. Well, of couse our old dining table and chairs, surely the chairs needed to be replaced. But we have some more, good time to clean up, LOL.

I promised you today a new kit and so it will be. It has happy colours and I named it "Do you remember summer". I think it is a versatile kit. And yes, still this week I will put on a fairy related kit too for you! It may be on Friday. Oh before I end this post I surely want to recommand you to take a look at Snowy's blog, she showed her Christmaskits and are they great!!! Really beautiful ones, it will be heavey downloads, but worth it!
Then Edna started to offer Halloween quickpages, and they are so funny! She has a really special and wonderful kind of humour. Also a special lady of the magickal scraps group!
Okay, I will pout on the preview now for the kit, try to do a little bit of designing(I still have the colour challenge kit to finish for the forum) and I think I can show you tomorrow some LO's I made for other challenges. Now you all enjoy your day, see you later!
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