Sunday, March 26, 2023

Diving into the Zentangle.

oodafternoon everybody!

Oh wow, I took  longer break from the blog then intended, but here I am again. For now we have again more or less nice weather,  temepratures are up and down, but at times it is nice, around 12 or13C. Only thing is there is quite some wind and that makes a difference. 

At days when it is okay utside, I go out, I want to keep the body in as much shape as possible, LOL. No, it is just that it makes me feel good to spent a bit time outside and with the better weather hopefully coming soon, it will be even better to go out.

Past time I've been busy with sorting out a little more of the bookshelves, there is already more place there, which is great. I keep busy with all kind of things, not so much the household(I never was very good at that I must confess), but okay, one or two times a week I make a household job and for now it is good enough. 

I also took courage into my two hands last week and when it was good weather to be outside, I demounted the cupboard, Jan removed from the living room. So you can figure out how long it stood in the garden!! But that also had a good thing about it, the weather already worked a bit for me, it wasn't that hard to take it to pieces like this

So soon I will call for the bulky waste collection to let them pick it up. Will have to bring it on the sidewalk, but my friend will come to help me. I will try also to have one or two cardboard boxes filled with stuff I don;t want to have around anymore. So the call will probably be in a week or so.

And I spend time to Zentangle. I first looked around on internet and found a lot of nice patters I liked and found a lot of step outs for them. I printed a few(but it takes a lot of ink), so now I also try to copy them by hand. Then mostly in the evening I take a notebook, I use only for trying out and excercise and when I know more or less how a patterns works I try it on a Zentangle. I have a few photo's of tmem.

These are about the first two I've made.

Then I already tried my hand on a bigger work.


This one is from a week ago

This one I've made today.

Oh they are farm from good, but I like to make them and by doing it a lot I hope to get better and better in it. It is really relaxing to do, you know. I often take me some time later in the afternoon, I put on some really quiet music(I have some New Age cd's, is very appropriate I find) and try out patterns or even make a Zentangle. 

That's it for now, thanks for stopping by, take care of yourselves and stay safe and healthy.

Saturday, March 11, 2023

H0pefully winter will be over for now

 Goodafternoon everybody!

Yes I know, I skipped a week but as there isn;t all too much that happens, why talking about nothing at all hey?

Our weather has been a bit cold, at least the last week, but there is again hope, temperatures will go up again and also during the night. So in a day or may be two no more frost at night is nice already. Today the sun is shining as yesterday it was amost raining all day and even wet snow. 

I am still busy clearing out and that will go on for much longer too, but it is nice, you know. I am for all busy with all the books we have and that are so many! And I know lots of them I will no re-read again so better get rid of them. As now-a-days you almost get no money for them I have found another way. Every few days or so I fill a big plastic shopping bag(as you have in the supermarket e.g.) with books of all kind a real mix from art books to detectives novels etc. I put a little label on them reading: Free to take. Books of all kind. And there seem to be people who really like those bags, because almost every time they are gone within a few hours time! Somebody else happy and I am happy. There are still loads of books I want to get rid of but..... some shelves are a lot emptier now, yippee!

This week I also sent the paperwork to my accountant for the taxes of every year and I also had a letter from the taxoffice to send data for inheritance tax. You always have to do that, but I don;t think I will have to pay anything. Glad my accountant is working on that too. I am no good in taxstuff.

Then it might be I will spend some time at Heidi's house, helping her to pack things, because it might be she will go to another appartment, one that will be more to her and her husbands liking and also much nearer to my house and easier to get to with just one tram. Oh, I hope they will be granted to hire the place and so exciting times are near for her.

It would be fantastic if she would move to that new appartment and she will be nearer to me. Then it will be easier to sometimes hopp in to have a cup of coffee or so, which now is quite difficult. To go to her the whole trip takes at least 45 minutes so just a bit too long you know. Might be that the move will happen in about a month or so if all comes together. We'll see!

What else I am spending time to or with? Well, almost every day I have the visit of Muppet the cat. In the evenings I watch a lot of tv while I am knitting with yarn I have still so many of. I am jut making larger squares in several patterns, and as I dont know what to do with them I think I will fill a big bag with them and put them on the sidewalk also, with a little paper on it saying: for the creative mind, take it for free. I am sure someone can do something nice with it.

And as the weather might get a bit better I first should demolish a cabinet that still is standing in the garden. I might ask for a bit of help with that, and then I can call the bulky waste collection service to pick it up, together with a few boxes with stuff I dont want anymore. So you see, I stay busy.

And I just started to try my hand on Zentangle. Do you kow that? It looks nice and you can make some beautiful art with it. I am just starting so now it all looks till not as easy as they do appear, but I want to give it a good try.

Here are a few examples(there are so many to see on the web, for all on Pinterest)

I am curious if I ever will be able to make something liike this, but...... practise makes perfect they say LOL.

Okay, I think I will make myself a cup of tea or may be chocolate now and later perhaps do a bit of practising the zentangle.

Wishing you all a wonderful week, till next time!