Friday, August 29, 2014

Enervating week and today even more.

Goodmorning everyboday!

Gosh, it was a rather busy and for all enervating week with all those interviews and health checks and so on for Jan.
Yesterday he got a phonecall from his doctor in hospital that he has to go toan appointment today to another surgeon. It seems they have seen some narrowing vains, I think in his leg(s) and area around. So he will have to undergo a surgery to widen those vaines again, if not done, it could have rather serious consequences in not too long time.
Wow, that wasn;t news we were waiting for. We have the appointment this afternoon at 13.00 a.m. and then we get to hear the how, and when of it all.
Perhaps we shouldn;t be all too nervous about it, but i found it a bit scary and Jan even more, but as usual he tried not to show.
Before making all kind of suggestions and putting ideas in this post, I first wait what the doctor has to tell.
But this all is happening suddenly very fast.
Then he also had this interview with the occupational health lady, for now it looks as if he has a percentage of 32 for disability which isn;t enough for a proper payment, but she told she had a report of the doctor there, in which was taken a review of his health history only of last year. They have permission to ask for it with Jan's hospital doctor. So I think that isn't a good thing. A lot can change in a year's time.
well, we will get lots of paperwork send home and then we can apply for a review or even an interwies with another doctor and such.
First we will have to know now what happens with the surgery, then Jan can call the occupational health lady to tell about it and perhaps that can change a lot.
In between Jan also went for a new identity card to the council, so all week was filled with appointments and not the nicest ones.
You can guess I am not really in the mood for trying out new things on the computer and designing and such, first we will have to know more of the things that are important for the near future and first of all hopefully the surgery won;t be to heavy.

Of course we try to keep calm and forget about it all at moments and have a good laugh during a fun program on tv or so. But on the background in our heads a lot is going on.
Okay, have to get almost ready for the appointment( want to have a sandwich and another cup of coffee first, there is still time for that.
I will let you know how things evolve on Monday again.
Pretty gloomy post I think, sorry for that, but life sometimes plays funny tricks with us.
Still wishing you all a lovely weekend, and thanks for your support.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I´ve uploaded some more on my laptop.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yeah, I´ve managed to upload a few programs on my laptop. and oh, that wasn+t without a little struggling.
Some programs have install cd´s, okay, I know how to use the dvd reader, hahaha, but when I tried to put in one of the cd´s, it didn´t read it. Oh bummers, I was sad and angry at the same time. Well, I went back to the shop on Monday, and then I felt sooooooooooooooooooooooo stupid. The girl there was rather a wizz kid and had no trouble reading whatever cd or dvd. What was the matter= It was me, not placing the cd as it had to. I just had to wriggle a bit with the cd to click it on place. On the other hand, although I felt like a 4 year old, I was glad there wasn+t a failure in my laptop, so home again I treid it again and yeah, all worked.
Pfffffff, what a relief LOL.
I even installed my PSE 8 again and made already two papers. I only have to get used to the smaller screen, working in PSE8, cause the new files aren´t showing up very big. I was used to my big screen with the laptop, you know.
Now I just stumbled over an article, that shows very easy how to connect a bigger screen to your laptop. That would be awesome!! I will try that out on a quiet moment, for sure.

Yesterday Jan went for his scan to hospital, it was quickly done. Monday he was at the Health security office, and had a ohonecall yesterday for an appointment with the `occupational health employe`.
Hmmm, then they will try to figure out, if or for how much Jan will be able to do work)not talking yet about finding it on almost 62 years hahahaha'. But they are not so smart, cause they better had waited a few days, after Jan had his evaluation from his doctor next Monday.
But their conclusion(od the health security) is important, because that will tell us how much money Jan will be payed if he gets any from them.
we´ll see how this will end and what actions we might have to take.

Today looks to be a slightly better weather day, sun is shining, may be we will even reach around a 20C temperature! And we do need some more time with a bit of warmer weather and sunshine)had enough rain the last two weeks, but mostly because we still have tomatoes on our plants that need to color.
Yesterday we had some paprika as vegetable at dinner, and I collected some of the seeds. Will try to plant them next spring and see if they will do anything. I succeeded once with my pear tree, so why not give it a try with paprika?

Well, it is about time I make some fresh coffee and then wake up Jan) I wanted him to have a long sleep today, after his visits to hospital and Health security office.
If he feels okay, may be a visit to the market could be nice.
So girls, I hope to start soon posting some freebies again, but may be it will take another week, or may be even two before there will be something ready. Also depending on life gives us time and on how soon I will have back some stash for designing.
It takes some time to search around the net to find nice brushes, or styles and such. I know some places where I can find them for free, but I want to be picky about them, to not have loads on the computer that finally I will not use.
And I want to have an external harddisk first too)for as less money as possible of course LOL), so that i can put all the scrapbook stuff there.
Next couple of weeks will be kind of exciting( or oerhaps a bit stressing), due to the allowance Jan might get or not.
we´ll see how all will progress, and we´ll cross our fingers very hard.
For now I say bye bye, till the next post.
Have a fantastic day.

Monday, August 25, 2014

I do a lot of reading about windows 8

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, I am a bit learning my own windows 7 too, but it is not so hard. On the other hand the windows 8 jan has, is a lot different, and so I do a lot of reading on line about it, to find out how to use it. Then I should explain that to Jan, which isn;t an easy task. I hope one of these days Heidi will have some time to come over and show us a bit about it, may be she is more patient than me LOL!
We had a quiet weekend, and our anniversairy yesterday was just like any other Sunday, but I made a nice dinner and we had some belgian bonbons with our coffee yummie.
Now i soon will have to wake Jan, so he has his time to shower and have something to drink and eat, before going to his interview with the Health Security about his future. I do so hope he will get a decent disablity payment, but you never know with those guys!

Then tomorrow he has to go to hospital again for another test, a scan again, his doctor wants to have that done for extra information. well, Jan surely has enough to tell about his health problems when he has that health security interview!!
He isn;t the complaining type at all(sometimes I would like he talked a bit more about it), but I can see he has pain moments during the day, from both his back(something that will stay I guess) but also his belly bothers him at times. He can take the painkillers, of course, but he wants to use them as little as possible.
If he takes too many it feels like he walkinn on misty clouds. So they help, but aren;t the best things to have in your body.
getting older sure sometimes can play tricks with your health.

With all those new thinggs on the market, like the computers, mp3 players, phones tablets etc. it isn;t easy to cope with all that, LOL! Now yesterday i saw something funny on tv. Do you remember the fantastic walkman we used to have? A tv crew gave some "old-fashioned"walkman's to some kids with the task to get them working. Oh my, they didn;t had a clou! Just one or two managed to really get it playing! How quick all things change nowadays.

On that note I will end my post now, and i rwally need to get some things done today. We've been lazy the last two days, but the house wants attention, hahahaha.
may be it will stay dry more or less, we had some thunder and lightning again in the weekend and some rain, I think we had enough rain for now, but still some more is expected. Brighter news is that the temperatures might rise with a degree or two, ccannot wait till thaat happens! I am not done yet with summer.
Have a lovely day,

Friday, August 22, 2014

Progress is going slow.

Goodmorning everybody!

It's already good to be able to read my mail and do some blogreading and then write a short post here.
But I am just progressing very slowly at the computer, have still to install some programs and such, and have to learn how windows 7 is working, although it's not so much different from the vista.
But Jan has windows 8 on his laptop and that is completely different. It all comes down to practice and such, but at the moment I cannot say that I like the way of working with it.
But as I said, it needs a bit of time and when knowing how to get around in windows 8 probably after some weeks or so you ask yourself: "why did I had trouble getting around in it?"LOL
Now the only thing I want to buy is an external harddisk, so that I can do backups and also have more room for scrapbook stash and things I want to keep. I just have to discipline myself in making every now and then a bbackup, if only from files that change a lot.

Not spending as much time at the computer as usual, there is time to do some other stuff, of course and so I do. Most of the time I am working on a kintting project, cannot be too specific about it in case Heidi will take a look at my blog. But when it is ready I will make aphoto.

Yesterday I went to heidi's home to take out the doggies(she phoned me the day before to ask if I had time).
As Séverine still has school holiday, they go out on some daytrips but cannot always take the dogs with them.
Oh my, they were so happy to see me and they really needed their walk to do some urgent business!
Sunday will be a little bit of special day, cause then we will be married for 7 years already!
I think I will cook us a tasty meal to kind of celebrate it. How quick time passes, it looks to me if we had our wedding day about 3 or 4 years ago.

Then Mondau Jan has his interview with the Health Security council and hopefully there will be good news, like getting a disability payment, cause at the moment he really isn;t able to do any work. Struggling still(which always will stay) with his back but also with his belly and all that kind of thing, he still is under treatment and adding his health problems to his age, I hope they will be nice to him.

Weather here is still not to really cheer about, temperatures are too low, on and off we have rainshowers and a little bit of sunshine, guess we are paying back the good weather we had in June and July.
But who knows, it could be the sign of real good autumn weather, Have to do some shopping today, but must really choose the moment that it will stay dry for a while.
Although there is happening enough around here, not all is really worthwhile talking about, so I think I will end my post now.
Wishing you all a terrific weekend and thanks for your support comments!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer is gone here for a while

Goodmorning everybody!

The last week we didn't have real nice weather. Lots of rainshowers, sometimes the sky is clearing up though, and we have a bit of sunshine. Nevertheless the temperatures are really too low for this time of the year.
They say that next week it will be somewhat better, temperatures will go up a few degrees, so we keep up hope.
Concerning my laptop, I think it works rather well, but I am very slow with installing software on it, I first want to see how this laptop will hold on, before i get a lot of stuff uploaded again.
Yesterday we went to Heidi and Danny, where Danny showed us their interactive digital tv modem, and it looks ever so nice. We have a modem for digital tv, but not yet possibility of recording or rewatching programs. We still register on and "old"dvd recorder and video, but we only can register channels that are also still on analogue broadcasting. But I think that soon will be over completely, so we will have to change our modem and digital receiver.
Now we have to look into two or three different suppliers for that stuff, to see which one would be bst for us.
Our supplier is okay, but if we want interactive, we will have to buy the receiver and that is a lot of money. If we change of supplier we get all for free. May be next week Heidi will come over and do the negociating for me, it seems she is a crack in that LOL.
If we change supplier it may happen that I am off internet for a short while, I don;t know yet, but it could happen.
and there is also the price to consider, although I think there will not be much difference between them, it's more question of offer of channels and such that may differ a bit.
Oh my, choices to be made, aweful! LOL.
Heidi gave us also a laptop they had kind of spare,(isn;t that sweet of her? we can borrow it for a unlimited time, at the moment they don;t need it, cause they have several ones at home) now Jan also can learn computering, only trouble will be that I will have to explain to him all kind of things and both of us aren;t the most patient, hmmmm, you get the idea????
Ladies, there is no freebie yet for you, and it may take some more time before I get into designng again. I hope you will bare with me.

That's it again for today, I am already glad I can post on my blog again, the rest will come too.
Have a wonderful day.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

I am still alive!

Hello everybody!

I was soooo pissed off this week! just had the new windows installed, all seemed fine and then Tuesdaay it crashed again! No way to get windows started again, so disaster.
Having not much money at the moment a new computer would be no real option.
So we went looking around and yeah, I found a second hand laptop with windows 7, with even more gb on harddisk than i had(this one has 500 GB)and for a price we still could afford.
So yesterday I wanted to try it out, and at least make a little post, internet.
Hmmm, that happens sometimes with the modem for tv, internet and phone we have, but then I noticed I also had no phone.
Went looking at the modem, all lights out. No way to reset, so now that seemed to have died too. Oh another disaster. Phoned the company, and to make it short, the adapter could have died. Friday evening, so hard to have a new one quickly. But had a great option to go to a store here in our town to get me a new one.
So early this morning i went to get it(even have a better one now, with more internet connections and even possibility of wireless, whooo). And yes, all works again.
I am back on the net, only will have to do AGAIN all installing and such, but we will survive that.
Glad at least I could imform you about the situation.
May that i will not post yet Monday, depends a bit on how I make progress.
But soon I will be back in full working order, promised!
Have a great weekend.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Most of weekend we had rain.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yeah, Saturday it still was okay, but yesterday it rained almost all day!
But... we still cannot complain too much, average speaking we have still lovely weather.
Friday I first did a bit of grocerie shopping and then Jan and I decided we better go to the market that afternoon, while the weather was still sunny.
So we did and came back with some stuff, of course. Potatoes, some vegetables, some fruit.
And I couldn;t resist buying a new plant for the garden LOL. Do;t yet have a photo of it, but it will come, I hope.
It is an Echinea, in a gorgeous red/purple color.
Our sunflowers are doing not bad  this year. We have a couple that are about 2 mtr high!
Also have some smaller ones and we already decided that next year we will only have the smaller ones. There still is blooming a lot, I am very happy with a few Dianthus I bought. They are gorgeous and as long as I pick out the dead flowerheads, they keep on giving lots of flowers. I definately will have them again next year(or perhaps they will survice the winter?).
Almost every evening, before going to bed I make a quick tour in the garden with a little flash light and yesterday I really had to be careful where to put my feet, because I spotted 16 froggies hopping and sitting around. And that were only the ones I could see LOL.
Jan already said, with a big smile, that we might need to have a bigger pond next year. We'll see abut that.

Jan is getting ready to go to the hospital for an appointment with his doctor, he will get the results of the MRI and the vasculair research he had. I wonder what she will tell him. Then he also can talk about the rather poor "after-care"of the vascular research. Only now, his big bruises are slowly disappearing.
Ha, he just left, so I have peace and quiet for a moment, hahaha.

I finally started with a new kit yesterday, Till now I have only done some papers, but the start is there.

Oh, I wanted to thank all of you who left a comment or an email, concerning my computer crash, and I am very slow in answering the emails at the moment. To whom it may concern: I am NOT forgetting you, I will get back to you, okay?
Today I have Arlene's add-on to the kit Happy Feelings. You will get a quickpage, a page cluster and a frame cluster!
Now I will do some bloghopping and reading, then I can do some more on the new kit and then it will be time to do some things, like going to the drugstore for some medines and also have to check at Heidi's house and feed the fish.
Have a happy Monday!

Download    HERE

Friday, August 08, 2014

Not yet back into designing

Goodmorning everybody!

No, I am not yet back into designing. still a bit searching and trying around the windows 7, and first building up my stash a bit. But I hope to start it this weekend, also, because the weather forecast speaks of rain coming in, and till now they say next week will be a bit "unsteady"weather, some sun, some rain, slightly lower temperatures.
As today should be still rather nice, Jan and I might go for a trip to the market. I am running out of vegetables a bit, could do with a big ack of potatoes, bit of fresh fruit is nice too.

We didn;t do all too much these last couple of days, just the usual housekeeping stuff, not interesting at all LOL.
About every day there is some news about the plain crash in the Ukrain, it is very hard for the search group to work there, with the instable situation there. They stopped the mission there for now, but probably they found all bodies (or parts of them, scattered around) and have been transported to our country to be identified. That still will take a long time.
Also a big load of personal belongings are brought back too.
But it is horrofying to hear the news on tv! One disater is followed up by another. All those wars and battles going on in the Middle East, with the 10.000' s of fugitives, deprived from everything, their homes, their normal life, their family members, their health, they have nothing left.
It is heatbreaking to see, and none of them really wants those wars and battles, They didn;t start them, always just a few power-loving people decide about it, and somehow they get people brainwashed, so that they get followers, but the average men and women living in an area where a war is atred, don;t want this. How can we ever change that?
Then there is another outbreak of ebola in Africa, also worrying, and very scary.
And in between you hear about earthquakes, ines that collaps and all that kind of misery.
No. large parts of the world aren;t a good place to be at the moment.
So we might say we are still belssed to live in a rather stable country, with rather good circumstances, although w have to deal with unemployment, a social security system that is dimishing(and how hard it was to accomplish a good system, and now that we have it, it is being destroyed slowly), to many taxes, etc. Yes, we are still blessed, but I wonder fo how long?

Oh my, I am sounding a bit desparate and gloomy, aren;'t I? Don not worry, I am not depressive, but just sometimes it hits my heart and I have to get it off my chest LOL!
Better we end this post on a happier note, with the second part of "Happy Feelings"
Have a wonderful weekend!

Download    part 2 HERE

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Not yet having my "usual blogging rythm"

Goodmorning everybody!
After not having a computer for about two weeks(which at some times was terrible) it is funny that it is so difficult to get back into the "usual"| rythm of posting, designing and such.
But that will come back soon enough, I think.
Last two days were rather quiet, but I managed to get a few things done, both at the computer and in the house.
Also went to Heidi's home for a little check, all was okay there, fish happy again to have enough food, garden had enough water after my watering and then the rain that fell later.

Weather is looking a bit funny today. I see more wind then we had lately, it is a bit grey and temps dropped a bit too.
May be we will have some rain today. But it might be a good day to go for some food shopping, so that is one of the things I will have to do today.

The garden still is blooming well, and our tomatoes are a real success! We already had a salad for dinner with them, mixed with some cucumber and green salat. They taste wonderfully good, and we definately have to try them again next year.

Jan didn;t call the hospital yet about his bruises and such, I think he wants to wait till he had a visit with his doctor next Monday. It has no use to push him to call the hospital, he will not do it if he doesn;t feel it is really urgent, and it only will effect his mood. Yes, sometimes I have a difficult husband, pffffff.

I have good news for you, though. Before the crash I made already some new kits. And I had them already uploaded on Mediafire, so I downloaded them, copied the links and I have the start of a new kit for you today. How funny it may seem, the kit is named Happy Feelings.
Well, I am happy, that I have a computer back, that seems to be working till now again. Hope it will have a long second life, because I have the money to buy a new one, but that will cost about € 400- € 500, and I rather have the money on my account for a while, to have some back up.
Okay, that;s it for today, I'll have to upload a few clusters from Arlene on Mediafire and then will start to think about a new kit, may be.
Have a great day!

Download  part 1 HERE

Monday, August 04, 2014

I am back again.

Goodmorning everybody!

Finally I can do a post again on my blog. Gosh, almost two weeks ago I did the last one.
The guys in the shop, where I brought my computer took their time, bu I finally could pick up my computer late Friday afternoon, with Windows 7 installed on it and it looks that it works for now.
Worst thing of all is that I lost a lot of stash for designing, but I am sure i will get my files filled again, it will only take some time.
I don;t know where to start to tell about the last two weeks, perhaps I will not even try LOL.
Just before the crash I told you that two weeks ago Jan had to go to hospital for his vasculair research.
Poor guy is still walking around with big bruises on his upper leg, I think they start now a bit the re-coloring fase, although a part is still looking kind of funny.
He already called the hospital a few days after the research to get some more information, but that was a complete disaster. Normally we have not much to complain about the hospital, but this time it was hopeless.
He had received a little card with the name of a doctor on it(I think the one who performed the "operation"), so we tried to get in contact with him. No way. Then Jan tried to get some more information about the bruises and things from perhaps somebody else. Well, nothing. So far for the "after care", only a little form he received in hospital, but that wasn;t of great help.
I hope he will try again today, there isn;t too much to worry about, I think, but we should feel more comfortable if there was somebody in hospital that could take a look.
Perpaps he could have that done by our house doctor, but pity, he is on holiday and there is no use to go to a replacement doctor.
Okay, we will see what we can do.

Weather here is quite good, we have nice temperatures and lots of sun, with sometimes a rainshower at night.
Last week I already went several times to Heidi's house, just to check and put the post on the table and look after the fish and the garden. Yesterday I gave the garden there a good watering, and yes, as almost always when I water a garden, at night we had a good rainshower LOL. well, I don't have to water Heidi's garden in the next few days. that's for sure.

Last Friday we attended at a funeral, yes, not the nicest thing to do. Remember that Jan went to a cafe across the street? That already was a a couple of years ago. The owner kind of retired(because of illness too) and tried to sell the whole property(cafe + house above it). That wasn;t so easy,specially not with the crisis going on, but Monday a week ago he got a nice offer and the property was almost sold. He and his wife were happy and wanted to go out for a little celebration. Just before leaving he got a heart attack and passed away. How bitter is that????Perhaps he was saved this way for worse things, he suffered of over eight, had diabetes, looking forward to chance of amputation of a leg etc.
But still, it was a sudden death and he only was 65 of age.
Yes, life can play funny tricks with us.

Okay, I have not yet a freebie for you today, have to download some of the newest kits I made myself first( glad they were already uploaded at Mediafire). Then I also have to do a bit of learning of how windows 7 works and such and a lot more downloading designer tools, elements etc.
I will get there but you will have to be a little patient for a bit more time.

Have a wonderful day and stay safe!