Sunday, October 23, 2022

LEaks re gone and hopefully for a long time!

 Goodevening everybody!

Ourweather is still mostly very mild, we have temperatures between 16 and 18C(next week might come to 19 or 20C), here and there a little bit of rain, so se cannot complain, specially with the high energy prizes at the moment, we don;t need to have put on the CV very often and that saves a lot of gas and so a lot of money, but we don;t know what the winter will bring us.

Last week Monday our plumber came to repair the leak and he fixed the leak with a new kind of pipe(a flexible one) and removed all lead pipes that still were under the floors, and replaced them for new ones, and then wentthat under our bedroom, the sand there  still was so very wet and not good smelling either and he discovered that there was a part of an old sewer pipe, going to the street that was broken! So you might be able to imagine what mess there was, yak. So he came next day to replce that part with new pvc ewer pipe, had to break open a part of the street to be able to attach the pvc pipe on the outer sewer pipe. Then he advised us to put some floor isolation under the floor of the bedroom, first it is good against cold, of course but also holds down the all the moist that was there and the smell too. And it would help to dry in time. So this also wasn;t and expected post, but now we have aout 50 cm. thick isolation material, it looks like small potatoe chips but then from styrofoam.Well, all together it was a big job but now we shouldn;t have any old waterpipes anymore and we should be safe for several years at the least. Pfffff, it did cost us quite some money, but I was glad he didn;t have to break open our shower room to be able to place the new pipes. Perhaps we will let him replace the shower room/toilet next year. It is all already rather old and could have a refreshing look. However, that will cost really quite some money, so we let that be for the moment, And ou plumber also didn;t had any time anymore this year for such a big job. After he was gone, we started to clean the house, specially at the places where the floor has been open for a part. Gosh, all around there was very fine dust or perhaps sand, it took us two days of hard labour to get it done , or at the least the most urgent of it.

Better not to think too much about the spent money, but is also is a good feeling that normally we will not have water trouble in the near future.

We did have our two vaccinations from our doctor, the one for flu and the one for pneumococci. Glad I didn;t have much trouble of them, just about one day that both arms had a bit of sensitive spot, that's all. Next thing will be to take the new covid vaccination for this winter, I guess. But I will wait a few weeks, I think.

That's about all folks! I hope you all had a fine week and I wish you a wonderful week to come, stay safe please!

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Disaster struck again, yeah.

 Goodevening everybody.

Weather report: we've had a few days with rain, but today it was sunny again and next days it will be mostly dry too and still nice temperature, around 15-18C.

What happened? Well, I wanted to buy some stamps on line, so treid to do that (I did before and all worked well), but this time I got stuck in my bankaccount. Couldn;t advance in it, so I tried the app on my phone. There it said my card was out of date! Hmmmmmmm????? Normally the bank sends a new one well before the expiration date. I checked on my card and it said it was okay till octobre 2022. Oops, that was close.So just by mere coincidence I found out I had quickly get a new one. Phoned the bank, was helped really good and they would send me a new one, but in the mean time I coudn't use the old one anymore. Lucky Jan has his card and I had some cash money around. But it is very akward. Yesterday I got the new one in the post and it also works. 

Next think is we have another leak. Remeber I told you about the one several weeks ago? Well, the fixed it, but they said also it was for sure temporary, because the whole pipe was at the end and porous(that part is still a lead one). I noticed it Thursday, so shut the watermeter and called my plumber(in the evening, I normally don;t do that if possible). well, he knew about the pipe(this was the father, the sons came the other day to fix the 1st leak)He couldn;t come next day, so now Ihe will call me Monday morning to se when he can come over and has time to fix it. It will probably be quite some work and very good possible they have to break via the showerroom.If so, we might let him redo all the showerroom, so that will look fresh and sparky again and with good pipesetc. Will not be very cheap but better do it properly now and have no more trouble(we hope). So now we tap once ot twice a day quickly some water in buckets, but I will be happy when that will be over. It is sooo annoying not being abe to tap water as ou normally do. And you cannot do a lot of things. We have to shut down the watermeter, because there will leak soooo much water that we would have to pay again a large sum of money at the anual statement of the watercompany. Good, let's hope my plumber has time next week to do the job, and that the costs of all will not be enormous!

Some good news too. Jan went Thursday to the doctor to hear the results of all the scans and she told him they didn;t find anything at all to worry about, so she is a bit puzzled why Jan has from time to time these attacks in his intestines(let's be happy they don;t occur very often), but all looked good enough inside. So that was good news and I noticed Jan was relieved too.

I just have one thing I am worrying about and that is about Miss Edna. She isn;t posting for quite some time now, I did email her but didn;t received an answer(which isn;t like her at all). So I have this request: Anybody who is reading this and also reads Miss Edna's blog perhaps one of you has phone contact with her or knows something more, could ou be so kind to let me know something? You can mail me at the address on this blog(look at the right side). I would be very happy to know something.

And Edna, if you read this, please send me a little message. I do hope everything is okay with you!!!

So now I will end this post, have a quiet evening and on to next week! Wishing you all a wonderful week to come.

Sunday, October 09, 2022

In dancing mood?

 Goodevening everybody!

Our weather is calm, not much rain, today was quite sunny, and temperatures are around 15-16C. And it will next week too, may at the end of the week a little bit more rain.

I am happy that the new season started of Strictly come dancing on the BBC. I record it on Saturday evening and during the week, or like today, on Sunday afternoon I watch the show. There are again some very good pairs, and some of the "stars"show a real improvement. But every time again I am in awe for the decors that are made and the costumes, it all looks so wonderful and it is a real pleasur to watch it.

For the rest of the week it was more or less quiet, did some things I wanted to do, so that's good.

Next week Jan will have his appointment with his doctor in hospital to talk through the Mri, and Ct scan adn hear if anything was found or not. 

Then it lso will be time to call my plumber, to have him clean our central heating kettle, so that during winter it will work without trouble.

At the moment our life is withtout too many waves, and if there are it are just low ones, LOL. 

That's about all I can write now, not much and quit boring too to read, but if there isn;t anything, well it just is as it is.

Wishing you all a wonderful week, stay safe and till next week.

Sunday, October 02, 2022

Week without much.

 Goodevening everybody!

We had a not too bad day, it was dry, sometimes some sunshine, temperature arund 16-17C. Next week it will be even some days better, till perhaps 19=-20C with sunshine, somewhere in the week a little rainshower.

It was a quiet week with not much disturbance. I remember being quite busy wth all kind of things, but cannot really point them out, hahaha. 

I am just making this little post to let you know we are okay here, but there is not much to tell. Next week Jan will have a day with several scans, that will be on Wednesday, so he will be rather tires when he comes home that day. Well, let's wait and see what will come out of it. 

Oh we also had two letters from our family doctor that in two weeks we can have our flue vaccination and also another one pneumococci vaccination. Glad he can do them from the practise nearby, we just have to cross the street. We also had a letter from municipal health service that we can get a new covid vaccination. Now with the two we get from the doctor, I think I will wait a week or two after those, to may be get the covid rehersal vaccination. Otherwise it may be too much in too short time perhaps.

Yes, we might think covid is all over, but it is still around and we shouldn;t be to careless about it. So I think I will have the new vaccination, may be Jan will not go, but that 's his decision. As I am out and about a lot more then Jan, I think it is sensible to get the shot, also to protect him more. Covid will stay longer than we think, may be it will end up to be something like every year's flue, and then we will have vaccinations every year, like the one for flue is common already.

We still are happy with our new furniture, the couches are sitting great, quite a difference to the old one, believe me!

Oh, today I started already wrapping some Christmas presents, so that I will not have to do that at the last moment, just before sending away, and I could check, if I got already all I wanted. Well, I probably will have to look for two or three things more, but I have time for that. Nice to have it about ready so soon, yeah.

Good, that's it for now. wishing you all a wonderful week.