Monday, February 27, 2023

Took a long time before I could tell

 Goodafternoon everybody!

Here is all going quite well. I keep busy, I go out walking auite a lot(and sometimes also buy myself something nice like something of clothes or tasty things for dinner or chocolate too LOL). And once or twice a week I have  "working days". That means cleaning up something, like last week part of the kitchen and the kitchen windows, or clearing out some stuff,like I got rid of a lot of films on dvd or cd's I don;t listen to and already a few books.

Yesterday I had the courage to do a little work in the garden, like pruning the hortensia's, clearing out a bit the borders from plants that had to go(they won;t flower anymore so better take them away). And it felt quite good to have done that. Pity the weather wan't that nice, it was rather cold so I didn;t stay all too long in the garden. 

Now I have to and finally CAN tell you the very sad news that Edna has passed away. It happened already on the 2nd of February. But the family asked me to wait a bit with telling because they had to inform all family and had to do a lot and of course I promised them. Now I had permission to inform all of you and so I do now. Our beloved Edna isn;t there anymore and I will miss her terribly. Although we never did meet in person, we had a special bond and already for quite some time. She was a long distance friend, with a great heart and lots of humor. I hope she is in a good place where she will have peace and meet her husband and brother again and of course her doggies, she loved so much. 

Rest in peace, dear Edna, and you will always stay in my heart.

I will finish now, I think you understand. Wishing you all a lovely week.

Sunday, February 19, 2023


 Goodafternoon everybody!

It's a bit of a dull day today, it is cloudy, not really cold, around 9C, but no nice weather. It will stay this way about the whole week, here and there some rain.

I think I am doing okay, although in a way it still sinlt real all waht happened. Still this week there was a rather important day, last Monday. That day my friend Heidi and me went to the crematorium to receive Jan's ashes. As you know I want him to give his last restplace somewhere in a beautiful spot in nature, which we will do later this year when good weather is there. But for now, we brought him home and it is a good feeling somehow.Every day I light a little candle near his foto and more or less the whole time I am speaking to him about things I do or watch at tv. It feels good to do so and most of the time I don;t feel very sad, you know. I think it is just my way to cope with the situation and why not?

I try to get out of the house almost every day, may it for short or longer time, because it feels good to sniff some fresh air and do some walking. Every now and then I find a nice buy(mosty lately cuddly and warm fleece like sweaters, I can wear in the evening. I found a couple that are really comfortable and also warm to wear.

Also did again a little bit of clearing out again, it wil take me still a long time to do all I want, but it keeps me busy. May be next week I will take courage in my two hands and start with painting the larger part of the hallway . Not promising anything, but it should be a good thing to do. I also am not all the time alone, because I still got a visit every day from Muppet, the "lease-cat"as I call her. This morning she was there too and has just left again, after having something to eat and drink of course.

This evening I will have for dinner, some roasted potatoes, and  I willl try my hand on some fennel from the oven, think it will taste well, and as meat I will have some tenderloin, which will be enough for tomorrow too. I do have a cooked meal every day, except for sometimes on Friday or Saturday, but that's okay. 

Good, slowly it is getting time to have something to drink, I am not sure yet, if I will have tea or a cup of chocolate or perhaps another coffee. Oh, those decision one sometimes has to make LOL!

Wishing you all a wonderful week, stay safe and healthy.

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Not to worry, all is well

 Goodafternoon everybody!

Don't worry if I stay away from the blog a bit longer, I am not in the real mood for writing, but wanted you to know I am doing really fine. 

I might do a real post this weekend, I hope.

Greetings to everyone and have a wonderful week.

Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Tackeled a little job this week.

 Goodmorning everybody!

I was drinking my morning coffee and then realized I didn;t post yesterday, although I planned too. So better do it now, before another day passes.

Weather looks quite good, at the moment the sun is shining, temps however are not too hig, around 3C, and a little frost during the niht. But later this week it will go up again to around 7 or 8C and no frost during the night. So it's not bad weather and for the moment is is dry too.

Last week was a day with some activity and also a few days with not too much hahaha. But..... I told you I wanted to start painting some walls here, and first I checked the old paint we still had left. Well, that looked very odd, so I decided there had to come some new wallpaint. First I looked around on internet where perhaps there was a nice offer and I found it. Not all too far away there is a DIY shop where they had a good offer from 10ltr. buckets with paint in white with RAL 9010(that is white but not shouting white). I went there with my shopping car hoping a bucket could fit. Good, you can guess, the bucket was too big, but the guy in the shop offered to bring it along after his working hours. So I ordered right away two buckets of it, to have enough for the time being. And so nice of the fellow it was good service.

So next day I started with the small hallway, and it looks a lot better now. Of course there is a lot more to do but I am happy Iat least made a start with it. I dont know if this week I will tackle another part, depends on how I feel and what else there is to do.

On internet I found a nice little printable, that I have now in a frame hanging in the new painted hallway. I plan to have a few more frames with nice quotes but I go slowly. The one I found is this one and it was so cute:

Remember I cleared out the cupboard and already put out on the street a big shopper with glasses? Well, I still had more so packed that in another big shopper, also with a note that it was free to take and that also was taken in a moment of time. Hopefully somebody will be happy wth the glasses and some cups and saucers and little teaspoons.

This morning I phoned with the crematorium to make an appointment for picking up Jan's ashes and my friend  Heidi and I will do so on Monday the 13th. So finally I can bring him home, give him a place for the time being and then think of a nice place where we can leave his ashes to rest. It will be in nature and as I said, on a beautiful sunny day, hopefully.

Tomorrow I will go to Séverine, because it is her birthday and it is a bit of specail one, because she will have her 21th! Quite an age already, and I cannot belive it all went so quick, I still see her as little girl, carrying our rings on our wedding, this year 16 years ago. Yes, at that time she only was 5 years old. And now she is studying speech therapy. She is doing well, and she loves it. It is only hard to find every time an internship, which she needs for her study. I am glad for her that this year she found one and I think she starts next week. It also isn't too far away travelling, so let's hope all will go well. 

Good, that's it for now, I have to go out to do a bit of grocerie shopping, specially for my friend Heidi, who asked me to buy her some chicken breast, that is for a really good price offer near my. I will go and buy that and can take it with me tomorrow. I don;t think I will need much for myself to buy, this evening I will have some tagliatelle with tomatoe sauce, some grated parmezan cheese and perhaps I will add also some capers, perhaps some olives or anything. It will be good enough for dinner, and I eat an orange as desert, which is good for the vitamines. 

Wishing you all a wonderful week, stay safe and healthy and thanks for visiting me!