Thursday, October 27, 2016

Getting more and more into designing again

Goodmorning everybody!

We still have rather nice weather here. Temperatures around 12 C to even some days 14-15, not much wind, little rain, periods with sunshine.
Next week a bit the same although temperatures will drop a bit to 12 C again.
It's been rather quiet here too, which is wonderful, only, if it is quiet, there isn't much to tell either LOL.
I've been spending some time at the computer again, I seem to have some inspiration back, so I take advantage of it.
You know how I am when i kind of "plan" things ahead??????????
Well, last weekend I got the idea of making an apple pie I had still some apples left, and although i love making and eating apple compot, it sometimes can be too much, hahaha. But....somehow I didn;t come to it. Now I will try to make it this weekend, so cross your fingers.

Friday Jan has a little diner from the institution he works as volunteer. I believe a floor manager is leaving and the dinner party is payed by a family, who's mother or father  stayed for a few months there and now passed away. Just as a kind of thank you for all the people who took care of the parent. And the staff said that Jan didn;t have to come to work on Friday from 16.00 to 19.00, they have taken care of it . Nice isn't it?
So tomorrow I just have to make something for dinner for myself. And I think I already knoow what i will take. Pizza.! Easy and tasteful.
Usually I put some extra mozarella on it, gives it a little extra.

So Monday there is Halloween already! I suppose a lot of you are already preparing their house and costumes for it? Sometimes we see in programs overhere some shots of decorated houses over in America and I have to say there are some really funny and great ones.
I hope it will be a clear evening and night, so that my friend Edna will have no trouble finding my house and give us a wave when whe flies over it on her broom with Pogo LOL.
You can be sure Jan and I will keep an eye on the sky on Halloween!
And as some of you certainly will make lots of photos, you will need something to make a catching layout
Well, I've made you a Halloween kit, and Arlene made you some clusters. (Arlene has also some great Halloween papers on her website, as well as some beautiful fall papers and clusters and lots more.
Take a look
Have a great weekend and lots of fun.!

 Download    HERE
 Download    HERE

Friday, October 21, 2016

More and more parakeets visit the garden again.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, the parakeets are definately returning. They are there in the morning and in the late afternoon they are back again.  counted at most 6 for now.
Did I tell you about "Japie"the one that looks so miserable(almost no feathers he had on his head and chest)? Well, he is back too and still is looking rather miserable but a bit better. I wonder if he will hold through when it will really will be cold.
But it is fun to have those parakeets back again.

We had a bit of on and off weather actually. All together if I look back on the week, it wasn;t that bad at all One day it really rained a lot, and there was a fierce wind, but that day in other parts of the country is was pretty bad. so we are doing quite good at the coast at the moment.
Periods with sun, sometimes a bit cloudy, here and there a rainshower, and temperatures around 12 C, I'll settle for it for a whole lot longer!

There was one day temps even were around 17-18 and that was a good day to do something in the garden. So I took out the ladder and pruned a whole bunch of ivy and also lots of branches of the blueberrie that comes from the neighbour. I didn;t had the courage anymore to tie it together anymore, so Jan did that the other day. Oh boy, I really did a lot, we had 4 bundles and also 3 sacks. So I called to the council to ask it they could fetch it and they shoud come today. Yesterday evening Jan and I took all the stuff outside .

Duri g the week I did of course some usual stuff in the house, every day something and also did about all the grocerie shopping and still had some time to sit at the computer to design a bit. And in the evenings thee are lots of things to see at tv, some more interesting than others, but while we also take things on tape and dvd, there always is something to watch. We are now following season 2 of a serie called Madame Secretary. My readers living in the Us probably know it and perhaps even already have season 3, but  must say we like it a lot.
It is a good mix of fiction and facts and also not forgets showing a bit of private life. We usually tape about one week and then on days there isnt too much to watch we see 4 episodes in 2 days LOL.
And there is also some sports to see, like soccer and soon also there will be some speedskating again  guess. And if that is not enough there are here and there also some nice detectives to watch, so we have quite a busy time in the evenings , hahahaha

Well, about time for me to finish this post, must think of something to make as dinner for Jan(best something I can make in advance), because today he goes again to his volunteerjob.(he calls it his "hobby")
and if I am feeling okay tomorrow(why shouldn't I?) perhaps I will try to make an applepie.
I'll give you today a kit, named Manuela, together with the clusters of Arlene. Because I don't want you to wait too long for the clusters of a kit. And why that? Because next week  will have a Halloween kit for you.
Have a fantastic weekend and take care!

Download   HERE
Download   HERE

Friday, October 14, 2016

Some lovely autumn days

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, we still cannot complain totally about the weather. Although it is a bit low in temperature, we still have a lot of sunshine and almost no rain and not too much wind. So in all it looks friendly.
It already makes such a difference when you wake up, open your curtains and the sun is shining, even when you know the temperature is just around 11-12 C.

I had kind of a bad day yesterday, suddenly my stomach was playing games with me and at times it hurt badly Then it settled down again and then made war again, not funny at all. But I had a good night sleep last night and I hope all has settled down again and that the tablets will do their work well and smoothly again.

Oh, I was so pleased when I looked out the window into the garden yesterday morning! I saw two parakeets sitting on one of the rosebows. Hoorray, may be it is a sign they will come back more frequent now.

Brodski is spending more and more time inside now. Of course he takes at times a little stroll into the garden and if there is enough sun, he finds a place to warm himself up for a while But in the evenings and nights you can find him often in the living room now! Smart guy, of course. There it is warm and sometimes he even gets a little something he likes very much, like some small bits of cheese e.g.

Time to move for me now, I slept rather late this morning so time is disappearing quickly.
I have today some clusters by Arlene for you, made with the Autumn Symphony kit.
Have a wonderful dya and week ahead.
Download   HERE

Friday, October 07, 2016

Echo of struma was okay

Goodmorning everybody

Tuesday I went to hospital for an echo of my struma, and yesterday I was with my doctor for the result. Nothing disturbing found, it seems that I have one bigger cyste on the thyroid or nearby, that is filled with some fluid, therefore I have already for years a swelling in my throat. The advise is to visit and internist just to talk it through and perhaps they advise to remove the fluid, I don;t know
But for now I can sleep without worries, okay
I am just so fed up with visiting doctors and hospital and having tests, I think I just had enough of it for this year.

After I came back from the doctor, Jan and I first had a cup of coffee and then I decided Jan could really do with a haircut(I was telling him that already for about 2 weeks LOL). And so it happened. I am not a hairdresser, but I think it is looking not too bad.

Now today I also have to call the dental guy again, to have an appointment for some smaller adjustments and when those are done I think all will settle slowly and I will even get used to it in time LOL. Then I will have to do some grocerie shopping and later in the afternoon Jan will have to go to his volunteer work again.

The weather is still not really bad, although temperatures are getting more crisp. At daytime we have now about 14-15 C, but no rain(or very very little) and not too much wind, even periods with sunshine.
But I know it is getting colder outside, because our Brodski is spending more time inside the house now. Right now he is sleeping on the floor next to me.

I am designing again a bit more, I even started yesterday on a halloween kit( I am somewhat late, but it will be ready in time), and I even have some papers ready for a new Christmaskit
Time for me to make that phonecall to the dental guy and then get dressed and get busy
Wishing you all a wonderful day and weekend and that all may be safe who will have to deal with hurricane Matthew.

P.S.  I notcied that i didn't put a title on the preview. This is the Autumn Symphony kit.

Download    HERE