Thursday, May 26, 2016

Heading to a warmer weekend.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, the last couple of days it wasn+t really the very best of weather conditions. One day it was raining on and off, temperature not really splendid( something around 15or 16 C), yesteraday it was somewhat better, but from today on we should improve and have several day with temperatures around 20-22C and sunshine and very little wind.
There is a possibility in the weekend of some thunderstorms, but okay, we will see if we notice a lot of them

I have a kind of free day, that's to say I did almost all the grocerie shopping and found some time to sweep around with the vacuum cleaner LOL. Of couse there are some other things that I can do in the house and that will be done but may be today I will just get us a big bag of gardensoil. I can put one in my little shopping cart, so that is handy. We are out of soil and soom some pots need to be redone.
And today looks to be a good day to do some little jobs in the garden. It is looking quite sunnny and in an hour or two I think it will be really pleasant outside.
The arrival of better weather just comes at a good time, because this weekend there are fairs in two different streets, I think I will visit at least one of them. I don't think Jan will join me, because he has to go to his volunteerjobin the afternoon.
Pity, but better for him to stay quiet at home till it is time for him to go.

That's about all  can tell you about the last few days, I know, not very interesting, but oh , sometimes it just feels good to be able to say it ROFL.
Well, I have some clusters for you from Arlene, one frame clusters and 2 wonderful quickpages! made with the Lovely Past kit.
Have a great day and wonderful weekend.
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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Today I'll make some doggies happy!

Goodmorning everybody!

The new windowsill is in it's place. Yeah, miracle, but it happened LOL. it took some time, but Jan managed to make it look okay. Somewhere next week he will just have to paint the window(which was necessary anyhow) and all will look fine again.

I was rather busy yesterday, which isn't a bad thing. I first read some blogs and such at the computer, then had a little thing to eat and then went to the market. Had to put a bill at the bank along the way anyway, and we needed a bit of veggies.
Also bought us some mandarines and strawberries! Yes, it is time for them again and I cannot say I am unhappy with it, LOL.
I "did"the market in a slow pace, took my time to look around, kept although strong at the flower and plant stand and didn;t buy a plant or whatever for the garden.
Oh, also bought a smoked mackerel, I cleaned that up when I came home, so I had it all ready for eating. I love that on a sandwich or little fresh bun with just a tiny sprinkle of salt and pepper on it.
And it is a fat fish, which is good for your health too.
Prepared also some meat for Jan( made a marinade for it), so he could lay it on the small grill when he came home from his job.
Then changed the sheets and duvet covers on the bed and then I though it was enough for the day.

Today i will have to go to heidi's house this afternoon to take the doggies out. She phoned me this week to ask me for it. well, I had no special plans for today so of course I will do it. she also asked me if I had a certain plant in my garden, because she has lost that species. I can make her happy, I had a few. The one I will bring her isn;t a real big one, but once settled down that will come in time.
She also said I could take a look in her garden, to see if she had anything i wanted. For once thing, I know she has a lot of columbines and I lost about all of them(happened when jan suddenly becamse a gardener LOL).And today should be the best day of the week, temperature-wise spoken, so good for the doggies and good for me.

That will be probably all I will do today, only will make us a little pan of soup for this evening, as a quick and easy meal for a Saturday evening LOL. And it has been some time since I've made it.

I have a new kit for you, named Lovely Past, a great kit I think for some cherished old photos.
Have a wonderful day and weekend.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

We were busy yesterday.

Goodmorning everybody!

Over the weekend not too much happened, Jan went to his volunteerjob, I stayed most of the time in, but managed to do a few necessary things, like laundry, ironing, vacuum cleaning, you know, the mostly borings things.
But yesterday Jan got a DIY virus, oh boy. No, without joking, there is a window sill in the bedroom, at the inside, that wasnt looking good anymore. In short, he managed to get that out, rescrewd some of the woodpanels that were behind the radiator of the cv.
I always get a bit itchy when he starts a project like that, he isnt the most gifted DIY guy, you know.
So I helped him with the window sill getting out of place(it was a wooden one, but of bad quality) so it took us some time to get it out. I am also a bit concerned about Jan's back, that he doesn't strain it too much, because he will feel it for days!
Now he has to make another one and fill up the gapes and such. It will take some work still, but  think it will be looking pretty good when finished.
It took about 3/4 of the afternoon, then we were a bit pooped out, still had to make some dinner and then I really was glad to be able to sit down. It sounds an easy, straight forward job, but it isn;t.

I think Jan will get a few things of the DIY store today, probably I will try to do some shopping of needed grocerie things.
Depending on what Jan will do this afternoon with the windowsill(I rather see that he takes this afternoon a bit of rest and starts again tomorrow,l but hey, stubborn husbands...................) I might take it easy too, but not sure it will happen.

Weather seems to slowly restore itself to better times, temperatures still aren't the highest, around 13-14C, but later this week they will rise to about 18 or 20C (is said on tv at the weatherforcast).
let's hope this will happen!

I have some clusters for you from Arlene, made with the Catch a Memory kit.
Have a wonderful day.
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Friday, May 13, 2016

Seems this weekend our great weather is done with!

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh, we had such nice weather this week. It really makes a difference in how you feel.
And you actually can see things grow in the garden.
But this weekend suddenly the weather will change and temperatures will drop from around 23C to somewhere 13C, which is a big difference. All to blame to change of winddirection.
But we have to be brave and hold on g=for a few days and if all goes well, by the end of next week it should go up again.
I've made a few photos in the garden. First is of my rose New Dawn, which is growing and blooming fantastic.
Second of my little pond with a couple of froggies probably watching their little ones.

And 3rd photo is of a little plant I have as kind of groundcover, and I love it to bits. Love the foliage and the fresh color of it and it even blooms with ots of tiny little flowers. It is beautiful as groundcover between plants, I really want to have more of it. It is easy to keep under control too.
It's named Galium Odoratum or Sweet Woodruff. It grows in shade and sun, perfect!
I have a link for you if you want to know a bit more about this lovely little plant.

I did a lot of little chores this week, nothing really spectacular, but needed. Like some laundry and washing some curtains( in this weather they can dry outside and it is done quickly), went to the drugstore to get a lot of medicins for Jan and me, of which we were running out.
Only thing not nice about it is that soon I will reacieve a rather large bill of the health insurance to pay partly for the( everyone has an "own risk" of € 385,00 that has to be consumed first before health insurance pays all. Most of it goes to medicins, of which we have to pay a percentage till reaching the amount. So for two you will have to have a lot of stuff till you reach that amount, but it is a lot of money to pay). It is part of the system they started a few years ago, and I am not saying that the old insurance system was all good, but this new one, a lot based on competition and making profit isn't the whole answer either.
But..................I refuse to go complaining on such a beautiful day LOL!
Also did all the shopping needed already, so today I can stay in, if  want. May be I will do so, I think the room and rest of the house could do with a vacuum cleaning, and then in the afternoon I will prepare a simple, but nutricious meal for Jan, that will be easy to warm up when he comes back from his volunteerwork. No idea what i will have as dinner today, but I will come up with something.

And  should enjoy too a bit of the weather today, cause tomorrow it could be changed completely!

This week also were the semi finals of the Eurovision songcontest. And behold, song of The Netherlands made it to the final, which will be this Saturday. I am not sure if it will be the winning song. I also very much liked Russia and Poland, I think it were good songs.
Well, we will see on Saturday. The contest is in Sweden and I was very much impreseed by the dancing act they had in between.
Here are the links if you want to watch.

I like the first the best, I was really touched and watched the whole performance very intensely and it even was kind of emotional. Top-acts, really!

Okay, I think you have enough of me, rambling about all kind of things, LOL and I gave you something to watch. Now I even have a kit for you, named Catch a Memory. 

Have a lovely weekend.

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Monday, May 09, 2016

Summertime is here!

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh yes, definately a change of weather condition and a good one!
It started last week already and is still going on. Last Thursday we had national Liberation Day in Holland( celebrating end of WW2) and funny enough there wasn;t all too much to do in our town.
But there was a music fesatival and Jan and I decided to take a look there. If it wasn;t to our liking, no big deal, it was real nice weather and a walk would just be the thing to do.
As we expected, it wasn;t all too great, the festival. Well, it was more for the youth probably till arund 30 years.
It was a real pity there wasn't a fleemarket or two to visit, that would have been fantastic on such a sunny day.
Still we had a nice afternoon, we "treated"ourselves to a bag of French fries and savoured them, sitting in the sun.
The rest of the week was rather quiet again, but it already was fantastic to be able to sit for a while in the graden and to have the garden door open till in the evening.
This weather will last for another day or two and by the end of the week temperature will drop again from 24 C to ca. 18 C and may be later on even a bit lower. Gosh, it seems that we never can hold on to real good weather for a long time. always kind of rollercoasting.

I suppose we should take advantage of the high temperatures for as long as they are here, it's only a ity that today there is blowing a rather hard wind at times, which makes it a little bit less comfortable.
Just saw that the first blooms of my rose New Dawn are there, will try to make a photo of it.

No mt much more to tell, so I will think a bit about what mischive I can get into today, LOL, and then get dressed and start doing something.
I have clusters for you from Arlene, made with the Letters to a Friend kit,
Have a wonderful day.
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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

I was getting "edgy" last week!!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, I wasn't in the best of moods end of last week. Gosh, some people are hard to get through to!
Will try to describe in short. I have an assurance for the house, and stuff inside in case of fire, or misfortune. Years and years at the same company, no problem. I pay the costs every 3 months, all well.
Till starting this year! Normally I get the bill beginning of the trimester. Not in January. Okay, popssible, waited Febryuary. end of the month, nothing. I made a phonecall, explained, and good, the lady understoof, would send me a bill, they had some trouble because of a new computersystem(do you get slowly the message??? ). She saked me if I didn;t want to pay automatically. NO, I don+t want it. Want to have some grip on when I pay. Just wanted a bill every 3 months. Simple. I waited and didn;t receive. Called again.
Hoorray, received a bill and good, I payed. Thought all was well again in insurance land.
Should have received a bill in April for next 3 months. Nothing.
Called, they would send. Suddenly  got a reminder letter. I still had to pay a bill, but that were so kind to write that another one they received payment for. Juicy detail, they talked about a car insurance, LOL!
Called again, trying to stay calm and nice (I rather well succeeded). I was nglad I had another lady at the phone this time. I explained all, seemed that I still hadn;t payed the first 3 months bill. (Never received the one, hahah). So I explained again. chonologically and I think the lady understand at last.
Yeah, I received the bill for the first trimester. Whoopee. I told them, that they had to wait a bit till i could pay it(having payed the other, newer one already). Probably not a too big problem.
Now I am crossing fingers, that I will automatically receive the new bill for 3 months somehwere end June or start July. I am VERY curious.
Those kind of things make me edgy and kind of nervous and is not good for my health. Of course a mistake can happen, but not this often and this long, sorry!

Let's move on to brighter and happier things. We are going to have some lovely weather rest of this week(if all comes true). We already are having nice days, but still the temperature isn;t too high and the wind was still blowing from the North to NE. But.............from already today and then all week we will have winds (not too hard) from the South and SE. Wonderful That means higher temperatures, more sun, oh, I can;t wait to feel temperatures of around 20C and possibly even higher to 22 C!!!!!
Jan took already a bit of advantage of the better weather and painted some parts of the kitchen door and window. The old paint was partly peeled, so he gave it a new undercoat, now has to paint it with
a last coat.

In the mean time I was busy doing some grocerie shopping, getting them from all directions, LOL, and then was busy with all kind of things, but don;t ask me what!
It sometimes happens to me, that I feel I did a lot of stuff, but I cannot remember with what kind of activities the day passed, ROFL!

Tomorrow we have Liberation day(remembrance of the end of WW2 here) and if the weather is really as good as they say, may be Jan and I can take a walk to town centre. There are planned all kind of activities there, mostly music on different stages and free to visit. But perhas there also will be one or two flee markets around. Never mind, it will be good to be out for a while I guess.

Well, I have a kit for you, named Letters to a Friend. And a few more kits are almost ready to be uploaded to Mediafire. Yeah, it is going slowly a bit easier again, the designing
Wishing you all a lovely day and rest of the week and stay safe!

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