Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Will be in kitchen today.

Goodmorning everybody!

Surprise, we did make it to the market yesterday. But it was a really quick visit, cause weather wasn't too agreable. It felt rather cold, it was a grey day, lucky there wasn;t too much wind. So we went in the afternoon to the market and I had a shopping car full of stuff at the end. Potatoes, colly flower, butter beans(1 kilo for 1 euro), leek, 1 kilo Brussel sprouts(also 1 euro), mandarines, cooking- or stewing pears(yummie), some apples, and even a new pair of house slippers. Yesterday I already make us some Brussel sprouts for dinner and the rest I just blanched them and after cooling off they went into portions in the freezer. Today I will have to do the rest of the vegetables. It's a little bit of work, but it's so handy to have some in the freezer and it saves a lot of money, believe me.
It was nice to enter the house again after our freezy walk. The garden has a little coat of snow, even here and there on the street it is still a bit white. Next few days they expect it will be even colder, and certainly at night, but towards the weekend till now they say wind will change fron East to South, so hopefully temperature will go up a bit again.

At the moment I am working on the special kit for the little girl I told you about in an earlier post, Mikayla.
And I want to call upon all designers to take part in this collab, the money which will be raised by selling the kits or whatever contribution is done, will go to the good cause. Read all about it on
And this is Mikayla:

Then I must go probably into town centre to look around for just a few more Christmaspresents and have it all ready for posting this week or at the latest begin next week. I don;t think I will go out today, may be if it's not too cold tomorrow. It depends on that and my mood too. Must pick a moment that it will not be too crowded in the centre.
I found you another freebie, I told you the making of them is a bit on low speed, I will try to do my best, but cannot promise anything LOL! As there are popping up on a lot of blogs already Christmas freebies, I can post another one of mine too. It's a small one, but not too bad. Oh and mark the 1st of december on a post-it, cause then I will be posting my freebie for the World Wide Scrapbooking Christmas blogtrain!
And of course we also have a new "collect -a-kit"on our forum that day!
That's it folks for today, I will just spend a little more time on the computer and then will disappear into the kitchen!
Have a fantastic day!
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Monday, November 29, 2010

Sometimes hate computers!

Goodmorning everybody!

Computers are awesome things..............if they just do what you expect them to do LOL! But it seems they have sometimes a will of their own! First have to say that I have another email address(it's in my profile). I did let people know, but I am sure I forgot some, so this is for everybody who has my mail address: Look into my profile and you'll find my new one.!
I always had Incredimail, but with the last update something doesn;t work, cannot receive any mail anymore. They have a kind of solution on their site, but for me it doesn;t help. I was sooo not good of mood(read... pissed off) that I changed.
Then it seems that the newest AVG update has troubles too, as I noticed! Didn't install. although I tried several times. But I could change that back into version 9 and that works for the moment as it should. Perhaps they will fix the problem in some time. And I had more just small, but annoying trouble, although now I think all is well again. I hate those periods ! Only good thing is that I dared to clean up the harddisk from it's temporary files. I know, it's simple to do, but I am a real chicken in doing those kind of things, cause most of the times I hit a wrong button, or forget a step or anything, which results in a crashed computer or at least in things that don;t work anymore, hahahaha. But... brave girl, I did it and it's AMAZING how much space that gives again on your C drive!! You won;t believe me, but it's true, I gained again around 80GB!!!!! What a luxury!
Apart from that the weekend was rather nice, quiet, with some catching up sleep, hoorray!
Was also busy with Minky's blog, I;ve made some new stuff, as well as she did. I think may be she didn't had time to post all of it but I can give you a preview and take a look later on her special blogs.
We both were into puzzle-making LOL. Here some examples(they are rather simple, but meant to be done by little children):

Also made a create a card and quickpages, showing you some of it.
There's more and I even have to upload and sent her the last bits I've made yesterday. Yeah, we just keep rolling on!
May be, just MAY be, I can get Jan into the mood to go with me to the market( I know, I planned that last week already, but you know the way it goes....). I really need to have some vegetables and can take with me also a big bag of potatoes and such things. We'll see.
Oh, Friday I finally phoned my friend Heidi and went over to have a good chat!! We rwally needed it, it was so long ago we actually did that! So we are a bit updated now of eachothers lives again. Her little girl(well, she's 8 years already) had an important day on Saturday. Then she would be "sworn in" as a "kabouter"(could that be a brownie???) at the girl scouts! Yeah, little kids grow fast!
When I left again Friday from Heidi's we agreed that we didn;t cover yet all the talking, so that we should try to meet again soon to have some more chatting. Already was a good thing, she was home alone on Friday, much more relaxed. When Séverine is around that isn't too bad, but when Danny, husband is home too, we never seem to be able to talk in quiet and peace LOL! No, for girl friends it is best to be alone, then you can talk about everything and in the way you want to, yeah!!!!!
 It's nice to have the hubbies around, buT NOT ALL THE TIME!!!

Okay, time to get to the freebie I suppose. I have one kit on the shelf left, so I can give that to you. But then I really should try to make new things. Hmmmm, perhaps a little pause in that could be a wise thing, but don;t know if I can. We'll just have to see how this week goes by.
Have a wonderful Monday!
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Friday, November 26, 2010

All kind of news from good to bad

Goodmorning everybody!

Let us start with some good news. Just came from Snowy's blog and Erik is awake!!!!!! The drain is out, he reacts to the things people tell him, although it's is still hard for him to speak. He even can swallow himself again.
Now that is news we were all waiting for. There is still a LONG way to go, but this gives at least more hope!
Snowy received this news yesterday, just on Thanksgiving day, and how wonderful is that?
Erik still needs a lot of payers and healing thoughts, but this news is already something to be grateful for!
All details you can read on Snowy's blogpost!
Next news is really a sad one. It concers a little girl of 7 years old in Australia, she's called Mikayla. This brave girl will probably not live till Christmas, suffering from a very aggressive cancer, but it's amazing to read how she copes with this.
All details you can read at http://aussiescraps.blogspot.com/.
Please take the effort to go to that blog, perhaps all designers can really join together to achieve a fantastic goal!


After these things all other news seems of little importance, really. Well, I went to hospital yesterday, all went rather quick, I told the nurse about my sleeping problems, caused by the coughing, and I was advised to take another puff from the medicine just before going to sleep. It might help. (I am only taking a puff 3 times a day at the moment). So I did yesterday when I went to bed and I must say, the time I slept through wasn't still great, but already longer than in the past few weeks. Went t bed around 1.30 night and slept till 7.00 in the morning. Only then awake because I had to couch a lot, although it was easier and over with sooner than in the past weeks. Hoorray for that, we'll keep trying this and may be my body can get used again to be asleep for a longer period, would be great!

I finally did some wrapping up some Christmas presents that should be posted soon, yeah! I'll have to search still a few more, but it's is almost done. You cannot imagine what fun it is, to look around for some little presents and then wrapping them up and putting them into a small box. I just hope I made good choices for the presents LOL.

As you noticed I already changed my bloglayout again, in a real Christmas theme! It is still November, I know, but not for very long anymore, so I thought I could do this now. It brings us more into the Christmas feeling! Even managed to make a few things for Minky's again, but as I don;t know if she will have time to post them for this weekend, I'll wait a bit with showing you the previews. Minky is real busy now in her fairy garden, to make a Christmas corner!
Didn't get to the housework yesterday, when I got back from hospital. First I took a sandwich and then I took a little nap and after that I made my soup. I have a large pan ready, so for this evening we'll have an easy dinner, we'll have.......................................soup! It's a good filled one, so it should be enough. Always can take a slice of bread with it, and if still a bit hungry I have still a part of a bone ham we had yesterday.

Now as freebie for today there is the 1st Christmaskit, yeah! I have several made, and I hope they are varied enough to suite everybody's taste LOL. This one is named:  "Past Time Christmas".  A rather big dowload, containing 12 papers and a total of 23 elements, think the file is about 80 MB)
Have a wonderful, bright weekend!
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Just q real quick post

Goodmorning everybody

Just a quick post, I have still a little bit of time till I have to leave to the appointment in hospital.
 Already yesterday I did all the shopping needed for the weekend, so if I might have forgotten something, it will need a quick visit to the superkarmet on Saturday. I was in another supermarket yesterday and there is almost always standing a lady selling a little newspaper. I asked her to keep an eye at my shopping car! LOL.
Came home, put on the washing machine and while it was turning, I did the bit of ironing.
This afternoon, when I am back from hospital, I think i will grab the vacuum cleaner and do some dusting and then want to make a soup. Then it will be all ready for tomorrow evening. Yippee.
Also did a few little things for Minky's, made a few gift tags for Christmas and a "create a card"mini kit. That's about all that came out of my hands.

And here a lovely treat from Minky, you'll find it on the special blog on the Kids page!
So that's it, think there's more than enough to find on that blog to play with!

Now I have to get moving, getting my things together, perhaps have another coffe to really wake up LOL. May be if I find time for it(you ALWAYS can if you really WANT to, but often I think it is such pity of the lost time) I will take a little afternoon nap. Sleeping time is still a bit messy.
Have a fantastic day, happy Thanksgiving to all!
And yes, there still was left a freebie for you, "Shade of Summer in Winter"
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Are people completely insane?????

Goodmorning everybody!

You wouldn't believe what happened to me yesterday!!!!

Early afternoon I went for some grocerie shopping in the supermarket and as always I have my shopping car with me. So much easier than having to carry on or two heavy bags, you know.
Arriving at the supermarket I place the car always at the same spot, and it's a normal thing, lots of people do that. So did some shopping, it wasn;t too much so I was finished quite soon.
 Payed the stuff and drove the cart to the place I had "parked"my shopping car. Hey, I don;t see it! Okay, sometimes somebody places it on a different spot, no problem, so I looked around. And looked again and again.........no blue shopping car of mine to spot! It's unbelievable, but it seemed somebody has stolen my shopping car!!!!!! One good thing about it was that it was still completely empty. I really searched well, asked at the counter if somebody did see anything, no, they didn;t, so I had to get me a plastic bag to put the stuff in and I was happy I didn;t have really much! Can you imagine I really was PISSED OFF???????
This I cannot understand. I am lucky, that I can carry a bag, but often it's an older person who has such a little shopping car, which is a great help for them. Imagine it did belong to somebody of say 80 years old, still able to walk and do their shopping, but needing really the help of such a shopping car to get their stuff home!!! I really think stealing such a thing in a supermarket is a very LOW thing to do!!!!
I think I am still rather angry about this !! I am lucky I have another one at home, so not necessary immediately to buy a new one.
Next time I go shopping I have to think of a little lock for it, or if possible, hang it on the car from the supermarket, so I have my shopping car with me, but it's very sad you have to think at those things!!!!

Better forget it happened, and hoping this will be the only time !

Just read the blog of Snowy, who is home again, after a rather exhausting journey home and her homecoming was a little shock too LOL! Although her son tried to do his best at housekeeping, I think he still has to learn a lot about it. So Snowy had to get busy at the house right away, poor thing! She will have not much time to re-settle again, 'this afternoon she has to start work again. It will not be easy, cause her mind will be occupied by Erik, which is completely understandable. I just hope she soon will have a bit of good news about him.

Then I finished the project for Minky's I told you about yesterday. I am very happy how it turned out. I've made a children's game, called "Happy Families". You'll have to do the trick(mailing to Minky you know?) to get to the downloadlink for it. I think it should be fun to play with your children or grandchildren. Here's the preview of it(there are 8 "families"of 4 cards each in it, even a backcover for the cards and the simple rules are added too).
You'll find it on the special blog on the Kids games page.

Then take also a look on the XMAS books page because Minky made another lovely storybook! Here is the first page of it;
Outside it looks as if it's going to rain, it's a bit grey, may be it even will be a bit of wet snow! I hope not, cause I do want to take a sniff of fresh air, but I better like it if it stays dry!
May be tomorrow I will not have enough time in the mornig to do my posting, I'll have to be in hospital a bit early. So don;t worry, if there's no post at the usual time, I will post, but it could be later at day.
Hmmmm, think all is said, so time for another freebie. Today I will give you the last page of the Vintage serie, not too much, but I am a bit low on designing general kits at the moment, as I told you already. Not to worry too much, something will come up and also soon I will post a first Christmaskit I think. I have made already 5 of them!!! Two are going to be part of blogtrains, one is the World Wide Scrapbooking trains, starting at the 1st of december and the other is Aussies Sleigh Ride train starting at the 8th of December. Mark those dates, there will be LOTS of goodies to collect!!
For now I hope you all have a sparkling day!

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Full of ideas!

Goodmorning everybody!

It was a nice day yesterday, I even did a few things LOL!
I must say I am most of the time busy creating for Minky's place at the moment. Somehow I am lacking a bit of inspiration for general kits, although I've made a few last week or so!
But I have to admit, though I am 57 years old, I LOVE working with fairy stuff! The body may grow older slowly, but the heart and spirit is still in it's youth hahahahaha!
I got such a nice comment on the Christmas Memory game, it made me feel so happy. One of hte members of the special blog could use it for her son, who had a braindamage and it could possibly help him on his training of memory and concentration. Now isn;t that nice to hear, that something I just came up with is actually helping a kid? Reading that I decided to make another memory game, this time a Forest Fantasy memory, and here's the preview:
And then I was thinking: "What could I make more for the real young kids? And I found a template for a puzzle( not really many pieces, just enough for young kids) and made first a card and then put on the layer with the puzzle pices. It's a bit of work for the parent to cut out the pieces, but it could be fun.
This is the puzzle:
These things and much more you can get if you do this:

E-mail Us at
if You wish to join
Our Creative Family
and to receive Our Gifts
I've started another project, but it's only just starting, so I first want to see if I can manage to make it work and if it does, I will show you.
While writing this post I am thinking of Snowy, who is on the plane now, she will arrive home late this afternoon, I think she will be a bit exhausted and she must feel very sad. Let's hope she soon will receive some good news about Erik!
It seems that my friend Heidi has again internet connection, I received yesterday in the mail a new mail address! Now just have to wait when her telephone line will be connected! 
Now somewhere this week I should start with wrapping up a few Christmas presents that have to be send by post! Time is moving on so quick, and I like to have it done and posted on time, better to have it done a bit too early than too late! In about two weeks it should be time already to start with the Christmas decoration of the house! I always like to start just after 5 december, which is the day of Sinterklaas holiday. So you see, always news things announce themselves on the TO DO LIST!
Well, today I should go for some shopping, sad to see the weather has changed a bit. I think it is even raining a bit. Adn although you never can fully trust the weatherman on tv, they said that may be at the end of the week there will be some snowfall and temperature will be only just above the zero point! Brrrrrrr, for me that is much too soon! Fresh snow is lovely to see, but that's all! I am much more a fan of the weather we had in summer, nice warm, sunshine, it makes you feel much better! But I suppose we will survive the winter again(as long as it doesn;t last too long LOL) and we can think again about spring weather.
Till that moment we will have to hold on and make it as cosy as we can in the house I suppose.
Now the freebie for you, which is a little kit, named "Some Time Ago". Hope you will like it. This time I've uploaded it on 4-shared, cause during the weekend there was some trouble with Mediafire! Impossible to upload! But the support team responded rather quick to my cry of help and I don;t know what they did, but it seems to be fixed again. Bless them, I like Mediafire best, cause the download links come quick and don;t have a waiting time like on 4 shared or others!
First I think I need another coffee and then I should get busy!
You all have a magic day!
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Lazy weekend, but full of designing

Goodmorning everybody!

The weekend was quiet, and I hoped it would be. So okay for that. I had all the shopping done by Friday, so Saturday we could stay in. Still having sleeping problems, but... I am able to take some more sleep a bit later in the morning, like on Sunday. I was up at about 6 o'clock I believe. I made me a coffee, watched a bit television and soon my "shutters"fell down again. So I streched myself out on the couch and slept till 10.45 again! And I felt LOTS better then! I even had the energy to refresh the bed, after that I made super ready, so only had to put it in the oven later. Wow. Then also played a bit on the computer, as I did on Saturday too.
Then in the morning I had a phonecall from Danny, asking me if I could walk the doggie in the afternoon. He received a call from his work to do an extra shift. Of course I said yes, no problem. Normally Heidi should be home but he told me she was in London for a couple of days! I even didn;t know that! But lately we don;t have too much contact, due to their problem with internet and phonecompany. They changed their provider, only something went wrong with it and they are still waiting for connection! If really necessary we can call them mobile, but not using it for normal chit chat.
Now that Heidi has returned home again, I will really try to visit her this week to really catch up a bit!! Our life isn;t so busy and already time moves on so quick, but they really have a busy life, so their isn;t much time left somehow for a catch up LOL!

I finished up this weekend a kit and did a lot of workfor Minky's! Oh, there are some nice things to download on the special blog, let me show you some of it( there is also a special Kids'page on the blog and I made some things with kids in mind). But first I'll show you just one page of a little book Minky made for the children, soooooo lovely, about "Who is Santa Claus?". layouts for the pages are great and she wrote the story so nicely, worth to take a look and perhaps print it for one of your little ones!

Then here some of my stuff:

Isn't that nice to do with your kids or grandchildren?

Also some more quickpages and a little kit
There is more, but just gave you an impression LOL!

Today Snowy is flying back home! She must feel terrible, leaving her love behind especially in this situation!
For the moment there is no news about Erik, we still have to hope and pray for his recovery!

Weather over here isn't too bad at all, I must say. Yes, it's becoming a bit colder, but quit often there is some sunshine, and as long as there isn't much wind,  it is not a real punishment to go outside. I am though afraid it will not last the rest of the month and certainly not in December. But as long as the real cold and freezing and snowing keeps away we shouldn't be complaining!

Well, it looks to be a quiet Monday, which isn't a bad thing, tomorrow certainly there is some grocerie shopping to do and may be, just may be, Jan and I could go to the market on Wednesday, to get us some fresh vegetables that I can put in the freezer( it saves a lot of money and it's easy to have something in store), then Thursday morning I;ll have to go to my hospital appointment, and in between I shall try to pop over to Heidi, to hear about her trip to London. So all together (with some errands to do too in the house) I'll have a well-filled week and of course I hope for inspiration on the designing.

Today I will give you another page  of the Vintage bragbookserie, ( one more to goand we'll see what I come up with tomorrow LOL! Have a lovely day!

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Yesterday was napping day!

Goodmorning everybody!

I was so full of good will yesterday, to do some stuff around the house, but at the end it didn;t work out.
I am still not sleeping too well, so up early and that's not always good for the energy level LOL! So in the early afternoon I just had to take a nap, and oh boy, that did me well. But aas result that I didn't do much else.
It's not such a disaster, I can do a bit today. And have to get me a new guide for the tv programs for the next week, some tins with cat food and also give Jan a haircut.
While I am doing those things I can run the washing machine, so that will be done too.
Then we should get slowly ready for the reception at the cafe, notnecessary to be dressed too fancy, but I want it to look okay, give the hair a bit more model with the hairdryer, you know the stuff.

Minky was cooking up new ideas yesterday already for another collab, she is just rolling on and on and I love that! So that should be a little project for the weekend, but also want to start at least a new kit.
Oh, you should go to the forum, today we have another part of our weekly download, in fact it is one of mine and hopefully next week there will be Snowy's contribution.
No news for the moment about Erik, let's hope no news is good news somehow!

Not too much happening here lately, isn;t it? But around us lots of things are happening, and most of them are not happy things. I truly hope this trend will have a stop very quickly! We've had more than enough bad news, we could do with some happier news and events!

Tomorrow we might take a little walk to the shopping street nearby, to see the parade of Saint Nicolas! Yes, it;s time for that too again. In Holland and Belgium mainly it's the holiday for children at the 5th of December, like it's Christmas with Santa in other parts of the world. Kids receive lots of presents then(but also the adults have their part) and in the weeks before that exciting evening, kids can put a shoe in front of the fire place or near the front door and it may happen that Black Peter puts there some candy or a little present! The Black Peters work during the night and most of the time they come through the chimneys to leave the candy in the shoes. And if you are a real good kid, you put a carrot in your shoe for the horse of Sinterklaas!
As a kid I loved that holiday, and it was made extra special by my parents, cause they really played their role very well. They made you just a little bit afraid of Black Peter adn Sinterklaas, so that you should behave well(because Sinterklaas know EVERYTHING and hears EVERYTHING!).And I really believed in those characters, and walking on the street with my mother, she was telling me to look well at the roofs and also at liettle windows, because it might happen I could see a Black Peter hiding! And believe it or not, I REALLY DID SEE THEM!Wonderful! Pity that while getting older you get to know the truth, that all those stories aren't true. It is the most wonderful time in a childhood! That excitementof waking up in the morning and running to your shoe and you see there is something in it! And then the day itself, you have butterflies in your stomach all day and then there is the knocking or ringing on the front door, you go looking(together with a parent, holding your hand!!!!!) and wow.....................a BIG bag or basket is standing their, filled with beautiful wrapped presents! I have fond memories of that holiday!

To stay a bit in that magical world I have a little fairy kit for you today, "Fairies of Love".
Have a wonderful weekend and see you on Moday!
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

I am walking much lighter!

Good morning everybody!

Just first a quick thing about Erik! There might be a sparkle of light in the tunnel. He had surgery, they drained the blood in his brain, bleeding seemed to have stopped. But further situation is still not changing much. Yet we have to hold on to every bit of better news and keep them in our thoughts. You can read more on Snowy's blog.

Did I do yesterday some of the things planned?
Yes, I did! Dusted vividly and also took the vacuum cleaner, I always like to see how much that changes the look of a room. Then I called the hairdresser and he had time for me right away, so I went there and boy, I am much lighter afterwards! It feels good to have had a haircut!
Only thing is that you feel much more the cold weather LOL! No, it's no joke, it;s really true. It was a grey day yesterday, with a much colder wind, so I was telling myself that I was a stupid girl, when I returned from the hairdresser. I should have taken a wintercap with me to put on my head. Brrrrrrrr, it wasn't a nice feeling, this cold wind!.
Today I should be doing a little bit more in the house, not having to go out especially for something. I think I will be a good girl and have some ironing done, for example.

Remember that i told you yesterday that Minky and I were cooking up another surprise for you? Well, it's ready, so I can show you the result of another fantastic collab! It's a Christmas collab in PINK, named:
"Undoncitional Love for Christmas". Here's the preview, and if you like it, you can find it under the Gifts and Kits on the special blog.
Click the picture and you'll see it much bigger!

Also made a few more quickpages for that blog, most of the stuff used in them are from Minky's gifts and treats! I love that lady, she's so full of humour and enthousiasm for everything, has an enormous good heart, and is full of inspiration! So already she came up with another idea for a collab for us! Yeah, she keeps me busy !!!! LOL!

In between all that I also started another kit, Christmas related, but that one still needs work on it.

So we keep busy, and why not, as long as it's fun to do? I only shouldn;t forget to burn some of it on a disc again. It saves space on the harddisk and the creations are safe. Hmmm, may be I'll do that in the weekend.
For now that's all , so I will post your freebie, another bragbook page, hope you still like them a bit. Then I have still a bit of time left to work on the new kit and then I should get busy here again.
Have a fantastic day!

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This should be a "to-do-list"day.

Goodmorning everybody!

I read it o a lot of blog, that people have trouble with time LOL! Sometimes it's almost standing still, but most of the time it's said: it's running at aweful speed! And this is soooo true! As one starts a day, it seems you have lots of time to do things you have to and at the end of the day you wonder why you did so little and whee the hours have gone!
At least I did the shopping yesterday, and had a filled shopping car when I returned. It was rather nice weather, so that was a plus point for yesterday.
Then there was at tv an extra broadcasting of a debat in the House of  Parliament. There was some trouble in one of the parties of the government and questions were asked by the opposition. A member of the PVV got into the news because he had shown lackable behaviour and in the past also, and you cannot have that if you are a member of parliament! I am not getting into all the things, but we watched the debat, which ended not as spectacular as we hoped for. But this party already had some more members that caused a scandal and the most unbelievable thing is that they are still member of parliament! I should say they had to leave, but I understand they didn;t do that, cause then the government would loose it's minor majority! Politics can be disgusting sometimes! Rules and laws doesn;t seem to fit for politiciansm not as they apply "to "just normal, common citizens". Hmmmm, they still have to be careful now, to have no more of this, otherwise I forsee a falling of the government!

Just was at Snowy's blog and there is no news yet about Erik. She's just waiting and trying to get through time. I surely hope soon there will some news and hopefully it will be some good!

Also did some designing, made a few quickpages for Minky's, this time not Christmas related for a change. Here a couple of them:

And Minky and I are planning another collabe for a second Christmas gift! Not telling you how it will look, it must stay a surprise, LOL!

Today should be a day to do some things on my to-do list. I'll just start with something and see how far I will get, sounds like a good plan to me, hahahaha!
Oh, we shouldn;t forget that Jan has to go to the dental practise, I think he will have to try the model for his new prothesis. Then next week I will have to go to hospital to check up for my COPD, I have a few questions for the doctor, but as I know myself, I will be outside again and then remember some more I wanted to ask. Don;t tell me to put it on a list, so that I won;t forget, that doesn't help. I don;t expect it will bring striking news, hopefully. Then in December Jan has to go to hospital for checkup, and then I hope we will be done with that kind of thing for another 6 months or so.

I think I will do a little bit of designing, while I take my second coffee and then get moving around here. For today I have a kit for you, and let's do some winter thing, this is named: "Taste of Winter".
Have a lovely day!
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hoping and praying

Goodmorning everybody,

You should not be surprised that my mind is very occupied with Snowy and Erik at the moment.
He is having surgery, it takes hours and then still it could take till 10 days till they now how he has come out of it.
All we can do for now is hoping and praying and send out healing thoughts.
 And though it's not much, it's all the support we can give.

How akward it may be, life is still going on and it should be. So yesterday I did a little bit of designing, not much else. But the weekend and yesterday together was a rather fruitfull period, yeah. Made some quickpages and cards for Minky's also a new kit for my own blog, a new bloglayout for December and there is also nice news.
Minky and I have joined for the first time for a collab! Minky made a few gifts and I did a kit, just for Christmas time and ALL in purple! Take a look at this:
It's rather special for Cjhristmastime, don;t you think? You can find these treats on the special blog under the page of Gift bags.

At Minky's special blog there is more news stuff, as well as from her as from me. Here some examples:

For the people who don;t know yet how to get the downloadlinks for these gifts here you go:

E-mail Us at
if You wish to join
Our Creative Family
and to receive Our Gifts

It looks to be a rather nice day outside, so I probably will go out for a little shopping. I hope I can still walk out of my door, cause they are busy at our street, renewing some cables and sewerage! So some big machines are breaking up part of the street, oh joy, we are really looking forward to that LOL!
And now just cross fingers that they will not touch some cables for tv and internet. You never know with these kind of things!
Don;t have much more to tell. I should remember to make an appointment with the hairdresser, to have my hair cut, and it must be done by Friday, cause then we are invited to a party of a couple that celebrates their marriage anniversairy of 40 years! And my hair looks like a mess now and we cannot have that, hey?
Well, let's see what I can do today, besides the little shopping. I think the washing machine is calling out to me too: "I am full, I need to be turned on!!!" So happy with these things, hahaha!
Today I have a little freebie for you, another Vintage bragbookpage. I really hope somebody can do something nice with this serie.
Have a wonderful day and please think for a few moments of Snowy and Erik, thanks!

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Monday, November 15, 2010

I read BAD news!

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, in fact it isn;t such a good morning at all. I just saw a new blogpost from Snowy and I am really a bit in shock with the news I read there. It seems Erik had been attacked when he was at McDonalds and is in hospital now, probably a trauma cause of a bleeding in his brain and he is on a breating machine!
You can read all details on her blog.
She must be in an aweful state at the moment, for all of the insecurity and not knowing what probable damage there might be. Poor thing, she just enjoyed her stay there sooo much and now she has to experience this, due to some idiot who had fun in attacking somebody for I don;t know what!
Please forgive me if I am not rambling along about my weekend and things I designed for now, I am really not in the mood. Not nice towards you,but I hope you understand.
Just wanted to ask you to say a little prayer for Erik, that he will come out of it well!

I do have a freebie for you, it's the result of the brish challenge at the forum and I made a little kit from it. Hope you enjoy it.
Have a nice day!
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Real bad Autumn weather!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yesterday it was indeed a bad Autumn weather. Hard wind, grey sky, raining, just very gloomy weather, a good day to stay inside if possible! Well, we were able to stay inside, had nowhere to go, so we even had a little nap in the afternoon LOL! In fact it looked the kind of weather that once you had a glimps of it you only would like to stay in bed. Okay, we didn;t do that. It was just a good day to do a little in the house and trying to uplift the spirit with a little playing on the computer.
I will show you a few things, made for Minky's blog. Some nice Christmas greeting cards, for you to download and possibly print to send one or two to someone perhaps. Also made a tender Christmaskit for Minky's blog and even finished a little Christmaskit for my own blog. That will have to wait still for a few weeks, I think it's a bit too early to post it already. Here the Christmaskit at Minky's:

And some of the cards:

I hope that Nana will not forget to post her part of the weekly download at the forum LOL! Yes, it's Friday again, so time to collect another part.
Then I really should try to make one or two challenges, but I am lacking inspiration for it at the moment. It's funny, how you can lack inspiration for one thing and having sooo much for another thing at the same time!
As it looks a tiny little bit better outside, I will try to pop out for a moment, a bit of fresh air will do me good! I don;t need to do shopping, only may be some dry food for the cats but I will take the stroll to look around at the shopping street near by, just to have the muscles get working a bit. Still quite some wind outside, but it will not be necessary to carry the bricks in my coat, I can stay on the ground by myself hahahaha!
Okay, time to finish up this post, I have another bragbook page for you, next week I will have a little kit again.
Have a real nice weekend and see you on Monday again!
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Really getting into Christmas already!

Goodmorning everybody!

yes, I did some shopping yesterday, and even weather wasn;t too bad, although later in the afternoon there was a bit of rain, . For today I think we spend it inside, more wind is coming our way and they expect it to turn into a storm towards evening!!
So probably by tomorrow most of the autumn leaves will be blown off the trees, which is a pity, I didn;t get a chanve to go somewhere to take a few pics from beautiful autumn colours. Well, I think it will have to wait for next year, but who knows what winter may bring? Perhaps we will even get some snow, though  I am not really looking forward to it. Oh, it's beautiful when it just has fallen, but very soon in the city it just becomes a muddy experience!
I am getting really into Christmas spirit already, you know. It's mostly to blame on Minky LOL! She started a special Christmasblog where there are already to find some lovely creations and also a real good explanation of what Christmas really should be! If you like to visit that blog, just go to Minky's Things blog and leave your mailaddress and she will guide you to it!
Here to show you a few things I made again for that blog,there are quickpages, cards to print and more.

And Minky herself made some awesome cards to print, so it's wortwhile to take a trip there.

I just read a short post on Snowy's blog! Yeah, she found a possibility to leave some words and it seems she is having an awesome time in the States. At the moment she is "nursing"Erik, who had his surgery. I hope he will have a speedy recovery. But I am happy I know she is allright. Can't wait for her to be back and hear ALL about it LOL!

Oh yes, Jan went to the cafe, just for an hour or so yesterday evening and came back with a big portion of brown bean soup, made by Peter, the owner of the cafe! His soups are really delicious, and so we have an easy but substantial dinner today. We'll take a bowl of soup and then I have a oven plate of mashed potatoe with sauerkraut (left over from yesterday evening). Second day it always tastes even better and I will fry it in a pan and put it on a sandwich, yummie! As dessert I have some chocolate mousse, and all together I think our stomach will be filled more than enough!

Freebie for today is a smaller one, again a page of Let's go Vintage, yes, there are some more to come, hope you don;t mind!
Okidoki, you all have a fabulous day!
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