Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Unhappy news.

Goodmorning all!

Very unhappy news to tell in this short post. Want here on Sunday, when I usually update my blog, because Jan got ill. Already on some days earlier I noticed a change in him, as in not being too concentrated and sleeping very very much. But, okay, it can happen.
But Friday evening already he started to be less interested in tv, wanted only to lie down, slept lots, and the days after it went to worse. Concentration gone, coordination too, I had trouble to get through to him. I toook temperature and he had a bit high, so I though at first he may be caught a cold or so.
Sunday it was worse so I called the doctor in and he came at about lunchtime. Quick check and he called for an ambulance.
After a few hours in fist aid departement of the hospital a doctor told me he most probably had an urinanary infection. So they would keep him for some days and he gets antibiotics and now hoping that will cure the thing.
How he got the infection? No idea.
Well, now you know what I am doing these days.
I was completely done yesterday evening. Didn't had much sleep Saturday and Sunday night, (say, practically not) because I had to keep an eye on Jan. If he stood up I had to be there, otherwise he could have fallen, or have done some strange things.
So Last night I did sleep deep and feel a bit better now already, but still need some proper rest.
On top of all last week also my oven died, which is very akward. I used to do a lot of recipees in the oven. But as my finance isn;t the brightest at the moment(there are some bills to pay from health security and more), bying another oven  probably has to wait for a while.
No, this year certainly didn;t start all too well for us, let us hope we got it all in one package and that the rest of the year will be easier!
At least you know what is going on, I will keep in touch, and you will have a kit or so next time I will post okay?
Keep safe and healthy, till next time.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Winter Olympics started.

Goodmorning everybody!

Weather report LOL! We had some rather cold days, but now temperature is going up a tiny bit. Still possible to have some frost during the night( in our part it will be just 0 or-1C) and at daytime around 5-7C. Not too bad, and it is good to have some sunshine every now and then, evenif it is cold outside.

We had a rather good week, tried to keep it boring and I managed to accomplish that more or less, ROFL.
Jan was at his doctor's and she still seemed to be moderately pleased. He had a little augmentation of the fluid regulation tablets, she wanted to see how that worked on him. He cannot take however too much, because that works a bit on his concentration and such. So it is a delicate balance to find. Still in general it is going not bad, just will need it's time. Pity he had a kind of off-day on Friday, probavly caught a little cold or so, he slept a lot that day and next day already felt a lot better. On top of that we had a telephonecall on Friday from his younger brother that another brother passed away. He was ill already for a long time so probably for him a good thing he passed away.
Jan didn;t had contact with that brother for a long time, too much seemed to have happened in the past. Still it isn;t a nice message to receive.
It makes you realize again, that life plays it's tricks and also that we are getting older. Oh well, we cannot change that, just have to deal with it.

yesterday I went to Heidi for a quick birthday visit. Her daughter SĂ©verine reached the sweet 16 age! Gosh, how fast time goes. I still see her as little girl, you know!

And this week the Winter Olympics started. I watched the opening and I must say it was fantastic!
and wow, the Games started well for us, we have gold, silver and bronze on speedskating for women on the 3000 mtrs, we have silver in shorttrack 1500 mtr. for men and gold on speedskating 5000 mtr for men! Not bad for a little country. Also great to see our king present at those events, he is a huge fan of speedskating and he was just sitting in between the public and cheering and jumping as everybody else.

So now I think I will finish this post, I'd like to sit down on the couch for a while, have a sandwich and a coffee and watch some more Olympics, I think. Later today I will spend a bit of time in the kitchen, preparing our dinner. I think I will make some leek in the oven, I will make a bechamel sauce, with some cheese and ham, put it over the cooked leeks and put it in the oven later, to let the cheese melt. Yummie. A piece of chicken filet and may be some potato croquettes.

I have a kit for you, named Vraiment Chic, and I think you could use it also for some Valentine layouts. I feel generous today(hahaha) and will give you the clusters from Arlene as well.
Have a good day and week ahead, stay safe and healthy!

Download    HERE

Download    HERE

Sunday, February 04, 2018

A little bit of winter

Goodafternoon everybody!

I am somewhat later today, just because I want to take it real easy today,LOL.
After that hectic period last year, which is putting it's mark until now, I really like to at least have one day where I don;t  HAVE to do anything, you know what I mean? Just let the day flow a bit, not rushing into anything, hoping it will be a quiet day, without anything that interrupts with it, hahaha.

This week, in fact, was a rather quiet week. No doctor's visit, Jan only had to make an echo, we will hear the result next week, when we go to his doctor again.
I filled my time with the usual things, and it is nice to be able to do so again.
This week on the 31th of January, our former queen, now Princess Beatrix, had her 80th birthday! Quite an achievement. She celebrated it the day itself at her home with family and yesterday evening there was a big party for friends and such.

We are heading for a colder week now, here at the coast i think we will have nice with some frost up to perhaps -3C. At daytime we will just be one or two degrees above the zero. Mostly due to anwind coming from the north and north-east. But.... may be end of the week the wind will turn and then temperatures could go up again. I truly hope so!

And then next week is the start of the Winter Olympics in South Korea! we really hope to take away a few medals in the speed ice skating, may be also a couple in the shorttrack. It will be no long sleep for us then during the Olympics! We will have live coverage from 08.00 in the morning, perhaps even earlier. Hmmmm,  that will be hard for me, LOL.
Okay, I will pick out the days that our sporters will performe, and the rest I probably can see in a resume in some sportsprogram during the day or evening.

So there is not too much to ramble about, best I give you the clusters Arlene made with the Looking Forward kit. Next week there will be a new kit for you.
Wishing you a wonderful week and till next time
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Sunday, January 28, 2018

For a moment some better temperatures.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, today there seems to be a "heatwave"coming over LOL. No, don;t get excited, we only have around 9 C but that is feeling warmer than the last couple of days. Even there is a b it of sunshine, that however will disappear soon again and later we will have some rain, again.
And later this week temperatures will drop to "normal" of around 5C.
It is about time temperatures will stay warmer for a longer while and certainly we need some sunshine. It is good for people and certainly good for the soil in our garden, which is soaked!

We had a rather quiet week this time. One visit to the doctor for check up. he doctor is more or less satisfied for now, but still will keep a close eye on Jan for some time.
However she made another appointment in two weeks now, just to see how that will go and then she will have also a better view on how the medicins act. Next week Jan will have to do an echo of the belly, just for control and then the week after he will have to go to the doctor again.

Only thing is that Jan still has now a really good condition yet, although I suspected that to take a much longer time than he thinks for now!
It is only on two check-up visits ago that Jan really realized how bad he was and how tricky his situation has been. At that moment in november it didn't really came through to him.
Never mind that now, I am already happy with the situation as it is now, he is in steady condition, only has to loose a little bit moore fluid still, mostly in the legs. But that will go better and easier when he goes more for walks. A shame that most of the time weather is not great, he really needs spring to arrive soon so that it will be much nicer to go out.

Oh tomorrow Jan will have his birthday and he will have again the same age as me LOL!! Now we will have to hold on till next year May and then we will have our retirement with the pension money from the state and a bit we saved ourselves over the years when working. And then we will be free from the social benefit stuff. How wonderful that should feel!
Strange that in mind we still don;t feel the age we have. Only the body sometimes is protesting when we want to do too much LOL.

And soming to the end of this post I have a kit for you. 
named it Looking forward. Hope you can have some fun with it.
Have a fantastic week!

Download    HERE

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Two rather busy days!

Goodafternoon everybody!

It is already late afternoon and finally  can sit down for a while.

Before I come to the reason of that, fist a bit general update. all still going okay with Jan. Still a bit switching with the medicins, but I think soon there will be a good balance found for him.
Tomorrow another appointment with the specialist in hospital.

Rest of the week I spent wsith doing the usual things like shopping, cleaning a bit, etc. And had to deal with some financial stuff, will be more important next year when we will have finally our pension and pension of the government, but it had to be dealt with. Oh, if only there was a good soul who could take all that stuff out of my hands...............would be sooooo wonderful. But...........some things we have to do ourselves, so okay, it is done with for the moment. Pfew.

Next thing is assembling all papers needed for my accountant for the tax stuff. That isn;t so hard, only needs sometimes somes phonecalls to companies or city council or something to ask for the papers in a bit of quicker pace.

Last two days Jan and I were busy re-arranging the place where we have our stock for the kitchen and such. You could call it the pantry, I suppose?
and why did we do that? simple, but not all too nice reason. We had..........MICE. Oh yes, they enjoyed some of the stuff we had there, like rice, or macaroni and so on. Well, I like animals, and the little house mice don;t scare me, but they have to keep away from OUR food!! On day I had to get something out of the pantry in the evening and I saw two or three mice sitting on the shelves, looking at me, and for sure enjoying a nice meal. Okay, that was enough!!!! Of course we have an old house, so there is always a chance on it, but there had to be a hole in the floor or so from where they came in. I couldn´t find it so probably it had to be behind a big cupboard(which is an old bookcase we don;t use anymore, and is very handy to put the stock in).
So I told Jan and yesterday we moved the re- used bookcase and  voilĂ . there it was the damned hole! We had some stuff we could put into it and as we were  busy anyway, we tried to close all the gaps we could find!
As we had to remove all the stuff from the pantry, we also put in some new floor covering(there was some really old lino and about time to get changed!). So that was done and it was also a good moment to go through the stuff in the pantry. We cleared away quite some stuff(like old pans I never use anymore, other "handy"things, that only caught dust) so good clearing away too.
Now it all looks bright and well organized again and hopefully it will be mouse-proof LOL.
Normally we would do a job like that perhaps in one day, but not at the moment!(we do feel we get somewhat older ROFL) Never mind, it took a bit longer, still it has been done now. And GLAD to be able to sit down now.

Weather isn't all too good. Last week I think it was Thursday, we had a really severe and dangerous storm, force of the wind at times 10 or 11 beaufort, which is really a fierce storm. There was no train traffic, almost no plain traffic at Schiphol, and there was a warning code red! It was adviced to stay at home if possible. Lots of people had damage of the wind, some really bad, like roofs that blew of their house or big trees that landed on their house or car.
We were lucky, no damage of the storm!
Now weather has clamed down, temperatures around 5C, but later this week we will have two or three days with 10-12C! Wow, that is nice in January. However, let's not cheer too much, it can change again into winterweather with snow and ice(hopefully NOT).

That was more or less the week. Last thing to do is showing you the preview of Arlene's clusters she made with the last kit and give you a download link.
Have a great week, stay safe and healthy!

 Download   HERE

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Short update message


Some people have a bit difficulty in reading my blog, because english isn;t their native language. So I added a Google translate gadget in the sidebar(top of it) and hope it will help people to read and understand my ramblings a bit better.
Google translate isn;t always very good, but it can help for certain.
Bye for now again.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Sorry for being somewhat late.

Goodafternoon everybody!

Oh I was so busy last week Sunday when I posted, because we wanted to get rid of all the Christmas decoration that  forgot to mention that just a few days earlier I finally received the Christmasbox of Edna.
Yeah, it did take a very long time to be delivered. All due to our post office.
But never mind now, Jan and I had a belated extra Christmasday unwrapping all the presents. And we had such fun doing so and Santa has been very nice to use.

Then the Sunday Jan and I got ALL the Christmas decorations away! Yeah, it was a big job, but we managed. And it always is the same.
It is great when the decoarion is there, but it is also nice when it is gone again after about a month or so. Although...... to be honest... I do miss a bit the little warm lights. LOL.
Being late with posting just has to do with me not feeling all 100% yesterday. Nothing to worry about, I think I had a bit of a cold or so, making me feel a bit under the weather. Already okay today again.

Today Jan and I were at another appointment in the hospital, for control. It still is going okay with Jan, but the doctor is still trying to find the best balance in medication and loosing fluid(but this not too quick either).Well, next Monday he will have another appointment to see how the little change he got in milligrams of a medicine is having inlfuence. I think, this will need some more weeks.
But.... he is doing already some more walks, it only would be better if the weather was nicer.
We had a few days of rather nice weather, but now we have rain and wind again and temperatures of only around 5C. And it will stay like this probably all week.

I only did a little bit of designing last week, and I totally forgot to change the header of my blog. I will try to have another one next week.
But..... finally I have a kit for you. It is named A Step Back. Not a really big kit, but okay, I think.
Arlene has made some clusters from the kit, I will try to make a preview and downloadlink for next time I  post.
Now I think i will take a small sandwich and then sit down for a while on the couch, watching something nice on tv. I already prepared the stuff for our dinner, only have to put it in the oven and fry a little bit of chicken filet(in the oven I have chinks of pumpking and onion and parboiled potatoes which will have a nice crust.
Here is the recipe for it(i cut a bit the roasting time by parboiling the potatoes a bit longer)
Try them out, it takes a bit of time, but oh, they are delicious this way!

Have a wonderful week.

Download   HERE