Sunday, December 27, 2020

And suddenly Christmas is over again!

 Goodmorning everybody!

Today we have very fierce wind at times, there is some rain, not really weather to be out, although temperature is still not really bad. Later this week it will drop a few degrees and will not reach more than around 4 C, with hee and there some rain.

Last week was in fact rather quiet, I just had to do some last groecerie shoppings, did that Monday and some on Tuesday and all was ready for Christmas. Gosh that was a good feeling and now we could focus on Christmasday.

But first update on the eye: I think it is getting better and betrer, I just have sometimes a bit trouble to see sharp with my glasses, which is understandable. You know what? When I have to read something( and I have variofocus glasses) I can do that better without the glasses and with the left eye LOL! It will not help for reading a book at the moment, but it shows that till now the operation was okay.

I hope you all still had a wonderful Christmas.We had a lovely Christmasday, we woke up a bit later than usual(some good sleep is wonderful), and during the day I already prepared a bit for our dinner, which was a very old-fashioned but tasty fondue. All kind of meat in small dices, with some sauces, some french bread with garlic butter, something like this:

And as appetizer we had a small prawn coctail, oh so ymmie too and desert a small tiramisu. 

Before dinner however we unwrapped our presents and we had such fun and a big smile on our face, there were all kind of things, from practical to just nice and also funny. I am grateful to Santa Claus, who did a wonderful job to make our day a bit more special! The best part of all the presents was the feeling that somebody did think of us, made effort to find us some lovely presents, it is that friendship that made our hearts feel warm.

Now suddenly Christmas is over and we are heading to the end of the year, which is still a very strange and different year compared to other ones. Let's hope next year will be much happier and much more safe again, although it will take still at least several months in which we have to hold on to safety measures, I am sure of that. But there is hope at the end of the tunnel, and as long as we have that, we human beings can do a lot!

Just a few days more and we will be in the year 2021. I already want to wish you all a wonderful NewYear's Eve and good start of the year 2021, and that we all in due course can be around our loved ones in the way we were used to. Laugh together, hug eachother, go out again to have a drink, etc.etc.etc.

Stay safe, and we will meet here again next year!

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Soon it will be Christmas!

 Goodafternoon everybody!

We have mild weather, here and there a ray of sunshine, temperature around 10C, it will go down a few degrees at the end of the week.

How was the cataract operation? Well, it was not really a big deal, lookking back on it LOL. Of course I was nervous last Friday morning, we were at time at the hospital, and Jan could wait in the hospital for me(normally at the moment with the covid restrictions they do;t allow). And the actual operation took about 15 minutes? I didn;t see a lot, the other eye was covered and the left eye didnt see a lot either, only a very bright light. I didn;t feel much, and we could go home again at around 10 in the morning already. How is the eye now? It is kind of difficult to say, because the left side of my glasses isn;t right for the eye. But I tried some things out and I think it has helped a lot. So we'll see after a few days, and later when I have the control appointment and hopefully then I will be able to get myself a new pair of glasses, yippee. And we'll see after that what to do about the other eye. First things first, now we can look forward to Christmas.

It is just in a few days, not even a week anymore, can you imagine how fast time still goes at some moments? I have done last week already a lot of the grocerie shopping for Christmas, and that was a good idea I believe. Next week there are just a few things to shop for in the supermarket.

I will not make a long post, I notice my eyes get tired when I sit too long at the computer at the moment. That will get better too in a few days, but let's not overdo it now. 

With a picture borrowed from the net I want to wish everybody a Merry Christmas, in safety and good health. It will be a bit different kind of Christmas this year, as we have to be careful and not gather with loved ones and friends, but in spirit and our hearts we can be together. Let's look forward and hope with all our hearts that next year Christmas we can gather and hug and do all as we have done before with Christmas. So once again Merry Christmas to all of you, make the best of it and we'll meet again next Sunday!

P.S. Be kind to all animals, don't forget them either in these harsh times!

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Bit nervous week to look forward too,

 Goodafternoon everybody!

Weather is not all too bad, start of the week was a bit nippy but now we will reach something like 8C daytime, which is quite good for the time of the year. I only could do with a little bit more sunshine during the day. It all is so grey with that cloudy weather. But still we should not complain. Other parts of the world have no good weather at all.

The week started with a bit of surprise. When waking up we put on the thermostat of the central heating on a bit higher temperature. Either Jan or me, just who wakes up first. Now Monday i woke up, and just looked at the temperature indicator and saw the little light on it with a code. Hmmmmmmmm? Something not right. Well, I seem to get nervouse very quickly these days, but I looked it up in the instruction book. Hmmm, didn't make it very much clearer. So I said to Jan, perhaps we should call our plummer, who also installed the kettle of the central heating and gives cleaning service every year. But Jan first looked at the kettle, and pushed the reset buttons, and after a little while all seemed to be in normal function. Nevertheless I wanted to be sure and called the plumber, explained the thing, he said it could have been a little power break, nothing to worry about. Just had to see how it worked and if the code came cback again I should call him right away. Glad to say it wasnlt necessary. So it was probably much ado about nothing LOL!

We received this week a box for Christmas and it was a really quick travel it made. It only took a bit more than a week to arrive! And all the way from the USA. Gosh, my box the other way took about 4 weeks! Can we understand it???? No, but I am happy visa verca they arrived in good shape and now the presents are under our tree, waiting for Christmas day to be opened. It is such a happy sight, every time again as I sit on the couch and look at the tree and all the beautiful wrapped presents. 

Jan had Monday the appointment with the lungdoctor, Seems he has kind of COPD(or probably chronich bronchitis), so she gave hi a prescription for two inhalers, on ethat he has to take once a day, and will work for 24 hours and one that he could use when he still has problems breezing when straining himself. He still has some trouble with the right use of the inhaler, but seems already to work and help him. Tomorrow he will take it with him to the doctor to ask how he should really use the 24-hour inhaler. I think he is doing something wrong with it, we looked it up on internet, but it isn't always working well(or he is doing something wrong). Hmmmm, I tried to be of help, but that didn;t solve the problem. So best is the doctor will show him and then he has to try it out I think for a bit of time, and see if it makes him feel better. Perhaps it works better when a "stranger"shows him , he might be less sutbborn(or can you call it also pigheaded?????).He will get instructions tomorrow and it will go better then.

After the stuff with the heating, we first took a relax moment, had some coffee and then finished the decorating of the room. It is all so nice and I like to see each afternoon and in the evening all the Christmaslights.  I also wrote the Christmascards, so I will bring them to the postoffice tomorrow and with a little luck all will arrive in good time. 

Now Friday will be a bit of a nervous day, because of the cataract stuff. I know I shouldn;t worry too much and i don;t, it it just something you don't experience every day, is it? Worst of it all is that I will have to be at the hospital a bit before 8.00 in the morning! I tried to get a later schedule, but that wasn;t possible, so we will have to get up quite early to be able to have the tram and bus in time. And so early I am not at my best, you know ROFL. But I am sure all will go well and I will have to take eyedrops for 4 weeks after the operation and in January I will have a control appointment(and they also will call me the next day after the operation).

And we also just got an email that the company of the windows will be able to place them on the 11th-12th of January. Gosh, suddenly all is going so fast, and with all the hospital things going on, it almost seems we are very busy with everything. We will be happy if the new windows will be installed, then we should see how we will get new curtains etc. But first let's think about thing that come first and that is the operation, then Christmas and the turn of the year. I will see if I can do already some grocerie shopping earlier, meaning this week Tuesday or Wednesday, because I don;t know how things will be next week. I think I will be able to go out already, but it is more that we might have more severe measures concerning the Covid. And it is also better to do the shopping this week, next week could be much more traffic in the supermarkets, despite Covid measures etc.

So there seems to be done a lot in just a short time. I wish you all a wonderful week to come and try to stay safe!

Sunday, December 06, 2020

Start of Christmas decorating

 Goodafternoon everybody!

Grey weather, just aroud 4 C, tomorrow it wil rain and later it stays dry, and will be quiet weather with all the time temps around those 4-5C.

A quiet week, with Jan's lungtest, which went well and wasn;t too straining. we will hear result tomorrow as we have an appointment with the doctor in hospital in the morning.

Fist I want to thank the people who left me a uplifting and reassuring comment concerning my cataract operation. You are wonderful and it surely helps to feel a bit more confident and relaxed.

This weekend was really an outbreak of energy for me LOL. As we planned to start decorating for Christmas today, I thought it would be a good idea to prepare our dinner yesterday, so I will only have to warm it up in the oven. I did that, also did a bt of grocerie shopping, took out all the boxes with Christmasdecorating stuff(with Jan;s help), also made yesterday a new recipe, named Shatsuka, and I found it not bad at all, I think I will make it every now and then, with some variations.

Then after our dinner I took a shower and then was ahppy to be able to sit down and just watch tv!

And today we did already a large part of the decorating, the tree stands in all it's glory, the nativity scene is done, on the couches I have the Christmas throws, some Christmas lights are already installed, and now....... Jan and i are a bit of pooped out so we stopped and will do the rest tomorrow and may be even the next day. But I think all will be done by Wednesday and we will have a complete Christmas dressed sitting room. Nice, with all the Christmas lights, and the bears with their Christmashats etc.

I will leave you now already, because I do feel a bit tired after all the excersize of today LOL, but I wanted to post something, just to let you know we are still okay.

Wishing you all a fantastic week, hope you will all stay safe and talk to you next Sunday!