Sunday, October 31, 2021

Somehow time got away with me today

 Goodafternoon everybody!

Just a short notice, that I will post tomorrow, because time flew away today and I want to do my post not in a hurry, it is never good.

So don;t you worry, all is okay here, it's just a day with slow start and then busy with all and nothing LOL!

Till tomorrow, at some time

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Stormy weather, not good for going out.

 Goodafternoon everybody!

Today it is nice weather, we have sunshine and temperature around 13-14C.Quite different from last week's weather. We had several days with very strong winds, even storm along the coast, rainshowers and most funy thing the temperatures weren;t so bad, something of 17 C.

But that very strong wind(6-7 Beaufort) isnlt something I like and no good for going out if you don;t really have to. So I spent a few days inside, which wasn't too bad, because I have a muscle in the right backside of my back that is acting up. It will be better again, I have it just every now and then, and it is annoying.

I did had an idea of going to my friend Heidi this week, but with this real bad weather, I didn;t go, it will have to be for another day.

All together it was a rather quiet week, and Jan had to go to hospital for and ultrasound scan and blood drawn as a half year check. He will be called by his doctor next week to hear if all is still well. Next time he will ask again for a personal visit to his specialist in hospital, He feels better with it, he doesn't like telephone calls as consultation, he says it is different and he always forgets some things to ask, even when he makes notes for it. I can understand him in this, but this time we were too late to change the phonecall into visit, it was far too busy. It was for him like an expedition, hahaha. He didn't go out for quite some time, but all in all it did go well he said, he could walk all the way from tramstation to hospital without taking a break, I was happy for him. Of course he had to walk slowly, but he managed. Naturally when he was back home, he was a bit exhausted from it, so later on he took a long nap.

Oh, some nice news. Muppet, the visiting cat is back again in town. After about a week of silence she suddenly stood in front of the kitchen door again and now she visits us again regularly and also spends some time inside (mostly all mornings, but every now and then also a few hours at night). She will never be all the time with us, but I like to take a bit care of her and it seems she feels safe with us. Jan says he thinks she has may be a love affair with a neighbour cat. Of course it sould be, I just hope the cat is treated so Muppet will not suddenly be pregnant. If so, I just hope she will give birth to her little ones at her regular home, I am not really keen on suddenly having a basket full of kittens who don;t really are for me to nurse, understand? But let's see first if Jan is right, LOL.

I just came from the kitchen where I prepaired our dinner. I had some ready made goulash from the supermarket, but I made some fresh paprika (fried) to it, with some spring onions and some mushrooms and made some rice. I will fry the rice a bit and then we have the extra filled goulash with it. I think it will taste really good.

Next week will be kind of a learning week for me concerning my mobile, some apps I need to use and the internet banking. I think I will go to the shop where I had my phone, they are very helpful and may be they can help me with those things, installing it and making accounts for it etc. It isn;t very difficult but I encounter problems with it, so I must be doing something wrong. Good, I hope by end next week I will be up to date and able to use all.

As Jan almost doesn;t go out I need to figure out things he can do. So at the moment I bought him 3 or 4 new houseplants, he likes to take care of the houseplants.(I am not so good at it, I am more for the garden plants, hahaha), now I only will have to buy some bigger decorative pots for them. I find those things quite expensive, you know! But I am sure I can find some for a not too big price, it just takes a bit of time. May be I can find some online(I can py now by internet, hey!). Of course it isn;t a day filling task, taking care of the plants, but it is something he has to think of and slowly he gets quite a collection, some just green ones and some also blooming ones. He also makes swedish crossword puzzles, the hardest ones there are (with 4-5 star). Sometimes he gives the house a vacuum cleaning (but he has to do that in parts, because of his breathing, you know).And thank God there is tv, without it he would be a bit lost, I think(but aren;t we all???????. We are sooo used to that thing, hard to remember a time we didn't have one yet).

Good, that's about all I can think of to tell. Best I wish you all a wonderful week, and keep safe!

Sunday, October 17, 2021

I am almost into the 21th century hahahahaha

 Goodafternoon everybody!

It is a bit gray today, but dry, later this week we will have a day or two with temperatures that may reach 18C, unbelievable. But it still is rather quiet autumn weather most of the time.

Last week I first had to make a call to my insurance company to ask if they might have forgotten to send me a bill? I receive one every 3 months, it is easier to pay in parts during the year. They had sent me one, but I didn;t receive it, neither the new policy. Perhaps the post didn't deliver or the postman put it into some elses mailbox. Anyway, they sent me again, so I could pay and wouldn;t have trouble later on.

Then Wednesday I went to the bank to have some instructions on how to do internet banking. Seems all pretty forward, so next week I think I will try it out. I had a very nice and patient lady there, and she also put the app on my phone. Wow, now I am bound to use that phone a bit more, because I also have put the QR corona check code on it, Yeah, you see, suddenly in big steps I moved into a new area of computing and such, LOL!

Now I will try to get a small package send by first filling in the form on internet, probably paying by internet banking and finally being able to send it away to the USA. I hope all will go smoothly. It is always a bit scary to try out new things, don;t you think?

Sad news to tell too. We don;t see our lease cat Muppet anymore. I have no idea if she is still around or not, but it is a bit strange she suddenly disappeared. Let's hope all is well with her.

Oh, last week Jan and I received a letter from our doctor to get our flu vaccination. Somewhere the 17th of November it will be. Of course we will go there, as we do every year. And I hope a lot of people will have this c=vaccination, as well still a lot of people should get the covid vaccin. Everybody might think it is almost done with, but be careful, the covid is still around and we will notice it this winter, I am sure.

Good time to finish this post, and have a look at my beef stew, that I have in the oven(this time). I never made it in the oven before so it is a try-out more or less. And I still have some fresh spinach left from last week, I will fry that with some garlic and onion and make us a few boiled potatoes. The spinach I used for  small lasagna I made earlier this week. And it tasted so well, even Jan did like it more than usual, (he isn;t very much for pasta stuff). I made it with some minced meat, the fried spinach, mushrooms, onion, bit of mozarella, that in two layers in between the lasagna sheets, with some tomatoe sauce in the minced meat and as last some bechamel and grated cheese on it. Yummie, and I will make it again some day.

Wishing you all a wonderful week, stay safe.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Experienced slightly better weeks than this one

 Goodafternoon everybody.

Our weather is getting somewhat colder, although we still have periods with some sunshine. But for now it is around 15C, later this week it might get to only 13C with some rain.

As I expected after the week with Jan being not too well, now it was my turn to have a bad day, or better said night. last Thursday evening already my stomach began to protest and during the night I had a annoying kind of feeling, not really pain, but uncomfoy and then it is best for me to get up and sit on the couch. It helped a bit, but a you can imagine I didnt get much or almost no sleep. And that is a bad thing for me. So Friday I was happy that the nasty stomach feeling slowly went away, but I was completely out of business. I did catch a nap in the afternoon, did me some good, and by yesterday all was almost normal again. 

Just before al this started I ould help Jan a bit with putting all waste outside and it was picked up all on Friday morning. Yes, that was a good thing.

But I had a unpleasant surprise this week when I went to the postoffice to mail a tiny little package to the Usa to my friend Edna and they said to me that they couldn;t accept it there. I first had to announce it online with the post, giving all content etc. Then had to pay online and then print a custom form and bring that with the package to the postoffice. Well, sounds not so difficult only there were a few obstacles:

I have (yes I know I am living in the Ice Age LOL)no internetbanking, so how can I pay for the package? And second I still have no printer(Ialmost have no use for it so I postponed that every time). Well, I was a bit in a bad mood. It isnlt something our post asks, it is ordered by the USA, they want to know all in advance. Before this I could go to the postoffice, fill in a small custom form, pay there and ready. Now I had to contact my bank to settle internet banking possibility, I had on the phone a nice lady that helped me well. Soon I will receive a call from them to make an appointment that they can visit me home and install and or explain all.Then I called the post(gosh to find a telephonenumber to have actually someone on the phone is hard work)and after I got someone I was told that it is possible to let the custom form print at the postoffice where I want to deliver the package. That was some result. But now all depends on the bank how quick they will react and if I will be able to send this package still on time and then there is the Christmas box too.What a mess, caused by customs of the USA. I am not pleased. But dear readers, soon this lady will be all modernised, with internet banking and all, and yes you are allowed to laugh about it.

It was a week of getting things done(planned or not hahahah) and I also called our plumber for an appointment to clean our central heating kettle. Has to be done every year, and gosh, he came several hours later after my call. Good, done also.

Oh, as cherry on the cake of misfortune suddenly we had trouble with our tv, specially when looking back the recorded stuff. Suddenly it seemed the internet connection necessary for it wasn't good enough, so every few minutes the image stood still or we got a kind of error code on the screen. I finally tried to call the customer service of the cable company, (also difficult to get hold of someone in person), and the guy gave a solution that for that moment was good enough. Seems they are uupdating or having maintenace of the modem, all okay by me, but every time they do so, there is something wrong with the connection, or media box or whatever. Very annoying and I don;t unerstand why. And by all, we pay quite some money for the monthly subscription. The most irritating thing is that first thing they always say, that it migh be caused by a bad cable. Well, the cables are fine and all replaced for new ones not too long ago, so that excuse doesn;t work anymore with me.

Well, folks, did I complained enough about all kind of things in this post? LOL. Forgive me, but sometimes there are those kind of days in a week, let's hope all will come in more quiet waters again next week.

Wishing you all a fantastic week, and stay safe.

As you can understand I had no idea of making some photosof things, so that has to wait for a moment. 


Sunday, October 03, 2021

Our stash for waste collection is growing LOL

 Goodafternoon everybody!

The weather here is really Autumn like, we even had one or two nights with heavy rain, the temperatures are low, around 15C, some days even quite some wind, so not my kind of weather.

As the blogpost title says, the stuff we want to get rid of is growing, so I really need to call next week for a pick-up date. I am happy with the little free space it gives in the house, but we still need to get through a lot more. 

So a lot of time was spent with this cleaning out, also had to do some grocerie shopping, do some vacuum cleaning, mopping a floor or two etc. I also made time to go for a quick visit to town centre, where I found two lovely sweaters, fuzzy, warm, just good for this time of year. I didn;t make yet a photo of them, I will try to post it next week.

during that trip I also found a really good pair of slippers for Jan, His old pair where at the end, and this one is really sturdy, and warm, with good footshape. So this was a successful trip. Yesterday I had courage to make a quick trip to the market(had just the good weather, because when coming home it started to rain and hard too!), there were a few small things you almost only can find there, I found it found me a pair of cheap slippers, that will do for a couple of months I think, and had a good look around. Gosh it was nice to be able to walk there and see all the stalls and stands again. For a very long time there was almost nothing there, just vegetable stalls and all things for food. But I may be chicken, but on the market I did wear my mask, there was quite some crowd and for sure there were walking a lot of people that weren;t yet vaccinated for whatever reason. So better take no chances.

We still have a lot of visits of Muppet, the cat, sometimes for hours she will be inside(and I cannot resist letting here in, specially with the very bad weather). May be not the best to do, but softy I am and softy I will stay.

So next week I must do some calls and yes, not forget to take a few photos.

I wish you all a wonderful week, stay safe,