Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An "important"birthday!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, today we have a birthday! It's the son of Snowy, Shaun, who reaches the important age of 18 years!!!
I belive he is going into town with his girlfriend and Snowy, to look for a new outfit. Wow, can't wait to see some pics. The 3rd he will have his party! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAUN from this "old"lady in Holland LOL!

Yesterday Jan was busy all day to re-arrange the corner of the hifi, sorting all cd's, tapes(big tapes and cassettes) and stuff like headphones etc. out, ordered it all very nicely, got about working all instllation, wow, he was a real busy bee! I must say I wasn't that busy, I even took a nap in the afternoon, and felt a bit guilty afterwards LOL). But on the other hand I know Jan doesn;t mind it, he likes it better when I am not around when he is doing things. Then he can do it his way, in the order he likes it and suits him best, without me giving "advice"all the time. LOL. Yes, we are a strange couple at times, but we know eachother very well.
I am a bit the same, let me do things on my own(if I really need help I will ask) leave me alone and it will be done. Hahahahaha, grin grin!

Oh whee, we looked at our music collection of lp's cassettes, tapes and cd's and figured out we probably wouldn't live long enough to listen to all of it. And then I mean listen to all numbers on a LP or cd, a big tape has about 3 hours or even more of music. In fact it is terrible, what a person collects during life!
And then I don;t count in yet all the 8mm films, dia's, video's and dvd's!!!!!!And books!!!!! Awesome.

The weather has changed here a bit for worse I must say. I see there is a lot of wind and they are expecting also rain during the day. And that will last for another couple of days, they said. I just hope that on Easter day, on Sunday, it will be a little bit better, at least to a point that it will be rather nice to go out. There is a fair in the town centre that day, and it's always a nice one to visit. I said to Jan it may be dangerous for me to go there. Oh no,  he said, not a problem, if you leave your wallet home together with your credit card, then we can walk around without problems LOL!!! Hmmmm, let;s first see what the weather will be, may be it will pour rain!

Despite of the weather I do have to go out for some shopping, will try to get all what we need for the week and weekend. We still have not such bad weather, compared to Edna's region in America. There they suffer a lot of rain which causes again trouble in cellars and homes. Poor Edna and Moo, they don;t get much rest with that, I just hope for her and all people there the rain will stop soon and that the water in her basemant will not cause any trouble again for the heating!

Okay, on to the freebie. I have a happy one for you, all spring like, namend "I Love Spring". Hope it makes you feel a bit happy.
Have a fantastic day!
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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another sneak peek

Goodmorning everybody!

I took some extra time yesterday to play around on the computer. Today that should be done less LOL! But I progressed on some things, finishes a challenge and started another that still was waiting for me. I have to hurry if I want to have them done this month! And I made also a mini-kit for the Starchildren project blog, I will show you the preview of it. If anybody wants it, you'll have to go to for the download!
I think Minky will post it soon, may be even today, although I know she is very busy at the moment at Sulina's.
It are just 3 papers and some elements. The paper at the bottom of the preview you can use of course for a layout, but you can easily print it out as a nice card for yourself or for somebody as a gift.

Yesterday's news had, again, a terrible report. Did you hear about the attacks on the metro in Moskou? I think there are about 40 dead and a lot injured. It happened at two metro stations. Some terrorist action, and I hate these things! I can understand you have political disagreements that can go very far, but I just cannot understand why you have to attack just ordinairy people like you and me, just going to work or going home, I consider it a cowered way of bringing out your voice. Those acts do happen quit often, you will just have to follow a bit the news and bomb attacks are in Iraq, Pakistan, India, you just name it. I am sorry if I am offending perhaps some people, who have different ideas, but I don;t think this is a good way to make a point. Not picking it on just people who are living a normal life, or at least trying to do that. I don'think these kind of actions will help in any way to improve a situation. Okay, just talking isn;t a great help either sometimes, but there are other ways possible to try to have your voice heard, and bring out your disagreement. I don;t think it helps, that by a bomb attack for example , you get the sympathy from the population. What good does it for the cause you are standing for, to robe a child from its parent or grandparent, or a husband from his wife? You tell me and try to convince me that this will actually help! But I assure you, that there is no good excuse for it.

Sorry for this little outburst, LOL, but sometimes I get so angry about these things! Why does it seems just impossible for people to live their lives in peace? Leave everybody in their value, accept that everybody is a bit different, may have a different way of living life, may have a different religion, etc., but on the bottom line we all want the same thing: have a good life, as much as possible, live a fairly happy life, have somebody to love and somebody who loves you, perhaps raise a family, have a job, a house and some simple elementary things necessary to live that life. I know, I am thinking far too naive, but isn;t this what everybody wants?
I wonder if ever there will be a time here on earth, that there will be no more war, no more struggle, just people living together on a space we just have to share and preserve that environment as much as we can.

Oh my, I wanted it to be just a short post, but I got carried away again! Quick to the freebie then, another part of Victoriana pages, the last one.
Now you all have a lovely day!
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Monday, March 29, 2010

Magickal Scraps shop is hacked!

Goodmorning everybody!

What anews we received from Snowy. Some dumbo, with nothing decent to do has hacked the Magickal Scraps shop! So that is temporarily out of the air! You wonder why hackers love to do what they do! Okay, I can perhaps understand a bit the kick of hacking a site of the CIA or MI6, or tha tax office, but just a simple shop of some nutty ladies, who try to sell a bit of their creations, is a different thing. Poor Snowy, now she has to rebuild it again, and as she has no real knowledge of building a site, she has to go through a quick learning process! As if she has nothing else to do! So please be patient, it will be back, but for the moment only the forum still works. At least the daily downloads are still to download.

Then I will try to do a bit of promotion for the Starchildren project, you never know who might read this post, perhaps a good soul with a bit of left over savings or a little enterprise owner, who want to do something good with the spare money LOL! The Starchildren Project could do with some extra money to realize as soon as possible the project. So hear is the "advertisement"Minky made.
And as I am referred to as the "fairy-Godmother" (I LOVE that title!!!) I must do my best to spread the word, isn;t it?

As you may have noticed I already changed the bloglayout a few days early, but why not? I made this one myself, thought it might be nice to have some fairy stuff again, hahaha!

Then this weekend Jan and I were rather busy i the house. Friday we went out to look if we could find some things, we didn;t find what we were actually looking for but I found some love curtains, ready made for a price of nothing and so we changed almost all curtains in the house. Some of the new are up now, and we changed a few from one room to another, in between Jan was organizing a lot of stuff like accessories for hifi, extra extensions for power points and that kind of stuff, so slowly we are getting back in a "getting things done"mood LOL! 

Soon Aprill we be there, with another fantastic daily download, I can assure you that! I can give you a little sneak peek of one of the days I made for it. Shall I????? Okay, here it is
This is the one I like best of all of my contribution!
You will just have to wait for  a few days more to start collecting this geat kit.
Tjink it is time to share with you the freebie. It's part 2 of Victoriana, tomorrow another one, so if you like them a bit, you will have 6 nice pages at the end. Have a great day!
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