Sunday, November 30, 2008

Just one more day!

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh boy, is it going to be BIG, the new kit! I am a bit falling in love with it, poooohhh! But I may like it now that it is progressing, it is up to you, LATER, to decide and give me your opinion. I have done the papers now and the ribbons and tags and some elements, but now I will have to do the "extra's", like some more embellishments, probably some frames and some more things. It isn;t going to be ready yet. I hope I am making you a little, tiny bit curious? I must hold myself back not showing you something of it, or the colorscheme, but no, I will wait.

Hahahaha, a bit of teasing is allowed, hmmmmm?

Now I have to show you this:

Yes, I recieved another award! This is from Joni,
and you should go to her blog because she makes terribly nice things and gives them as freebies!
I am happy with it and also I am happy that the rules are very simple, just pass it on to 5 others who didn't receive it yet. So there we go:


Do you know that it's only a day waiting till you can go to the blog of the Worldwide Christmas Scrapbook freebies? The first of December they are supposed to publish the whole list of blogs where you can collect Christmas freebies! Oh boy, I am too curious how it will be. You probably will need some free time, and something to drink on the side and then go over the list and be sure you have enough space on your discs! I think it must be huge, that list!

What is there today for you in store? I made a kit in a graduating color scheme, going from a green to a lilac, and suddenly this name came up : "Sugar Sweet". Don't know why, probably something to do with the color. Hope you will enjoy it and I think tomorrow I will have a kit for you that will be in two downloads again. Suddenly I am in some bigger or "heavier"kits, strange.

So today I will continue on the new kit( with some moments off, because some laundry is waiting to be ironed, yakkie!), and while busy on that I will have to think of the subject of a new kit already. If there are suggestions, put them in the shoutbox, or comment section. You never know it may work, hahaha, and it's a good thing for me too, to have "refreshed"ideas.

Okay, I wish you all a fine and quiet and happy Sunday!

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Freebielist 29-11-2008

I want to go on with my kit!!!

Goodmorning everybody!

Are you feeling back to normal after ALL the turkey eating? LOL.
As we don't celebrate it here, the Thanksgiving, it were just normal days for us. But yesterday I had a little visit from Heidi. I must say she is looking better, sounding better, so it is slowly going better. But still she must take good care of herself and not overdo things! It was good to see her again!.

Jan did get a bit more in the digital modem things, so every day it will be a "learning"process, how to handle the remote control with all the ins and outs on it(when I look at the book there are a LOT!!!). I love to see the proud look on his face when he let's me see a "new"discovery he made and than explains it to me with an air of: oh, it was an easy thing, no problem! Hahahahaha!

Thursday, while I was shopping I sneeky bought a few things for Christmas! I can NOT resist that when I see it in the shop! Just a few mini balls and chains, because we have a tiny mini tree also and I wanted to have something fitting for it. Now I have, tadaaaaaa!

And that's all folks! Very dull and short, but I will end with a nice kit(well, in my opinion, LOL), called"Memories with a Smile" in very warm colors. Hope you like this one as much as I do.
And now I want to go on with a new kit I started yesterday, the first papers are done and if the kit turns out the way these first papers are looking, it should be a rather gorgeous kit in perhaps a bit strange colors for the theme(NOT YET SAYING WHAT IT IS) but also it could just be perfect. I hope I can do a lot of work on the kit today.

So all have a beautiful day, and take care!

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Freebielist 28-11-2008

A Cute Blogtrain. Some are in different time zones, so check well!

Almost December, already!

Goodmorning everybody!

Do you realize that in a few days it's already December?? Where did the year go?? I must be getting old, because each year it seems, the year passes faster and faster and I have the feeling I have no grip on it LOL!

I was very unproductive, yesterday! As I said I did go out to do the shopping, but I did it quick!
Then Jan got himself in the moods to install the digital tv receiver. I tried not to involve myself in it, is better for the peace in the house LOL. And everybody said it is done in a few minutes and SOOOOOO easy. In fact it is, only those damned instruction books! They enclosed some reading and installing and handling information at the size of half a Harry Potter book.! I hate those things! Well, it's done, now we have to do the "fine tuning", some day.

Then I made a wonderful dinner. a hotpot from beef, put on the gaz for 3 hours with onions and mushrooms in it, and some red wine. Than made mashed potatoes. The meat in a ovendish, on te top the mashed potatoes and on top of taht some thin slices of an apple. That for about 15 minutes in the oven and served it with red cabbage. Yammie. I found this recepee in a magazine that is offered free each month in the supermarket. So you can gueas what's up for dinner this evening?? Yeap, I made enough for two days. So I have it easy today.

On the computer I was looking for some new stuff for a new kit, just hopping around visited a lot of websites of all kinds, and just made it to have a start with a kit. But it didn't go as smoothly as I wanted.

Well, today is another day and may be I will get "the spirit"!

Oh boy, Jan is awake already, there goes my "complete quiet and peace" I am enjoying in the morning! Doesn't sound so nice hmmmmmmmm??? But ten he starts mumbling and giving remarks on the news on tv, but just not loud enough I can hear it completely but he expects me giving an answer to that. Do you know that???? And in the mean time I am concentrating on the posting and so. Whooopeeee, I love my husband, but sometimes..................................LOL.

Anyway, here is the second part of "Let's Go Country" for you. Take care of yourself, have fun, ( and having fun can be in the smallest things) and enjoy the day.

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Download Let's Go Country PART 2

Thursday, November 27, 2008

You are a great bunch!

Goodmorning everybody!

Wow, are you great people! I saw some of your messages on Deltapdawn's blog, and I love you for it! Isn'tt it a GOOD thing she threw her misery out on the blog. I think it is a good first step to come out of it. Thank you so much for supporting her. But keep checking on her from time to time, okay?

And what a change to my blog! Yeah, I am a bit early but just couldn;t wait to get a bit the Christmas feeling. So yesterday evening I went forth and back and made the change.
I am slowly getting a bit the itching of Christmas feeling over me. But the decoration still have to wait a bit. We only put them up after our Sinterklaas, which is on the 5th of December. Then Jan has to climb up the ladder to get all the boxes from the closets and the big mess will start. I am always exhausted after a day of putting up the tree and manger and all the other things. Most of the times I don't manage to get it all done in one day but that doesn't matter.

It was rather a dull day yesterday, I stayed in, had a lot of email to do and so, but it looked so grey outside, that I had no courage to go out. But today I will have to. There has to be a refilling the fridge and the storage cupboard, but if I am a bit lucky, it should be the best day of the week today to go out they said on the weather forecast. But, we ALL know how WRONG they sometimes are. So it will just be layering myself in a bit, thick jacket, warm trousers, and warm cap on (don't want to catch another cold, hihihihihi). Jan always says to me when I am in that kind of outfit, that he always wonders that I come back home again. It's a miracle you are not arrested, he always giggles! Nice husband do I have, is it???

So now today's kit. It's a two part one. In both parts you get some papers and some elements so to get it complete I am afraid you will have to download both parts, LOL. Title: "Let's Go Country". Hope you will like it and will have something to scrap with.
To all that celebrate it: a happy Thanksgiving and to all of you I wish a very nice and uplifting day, with a lot of smiling and joy!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Freebielist 26-11-2008

May be a little help for a friend?

Goodmorning everybody!

First of all I want to ask you something. Go to the blog of and give her in some way some encouragement to keep on going with the blog and her designing. She is in a bad period of her life for the moment, I am not giving details, that is up to her, but she certainly can use some uplifting talk!!! And she must know that in scrapland we are there for eachother, even if it is on a distance, but that we care a bit about eachother!! She is giving me far too much credit, the sweet thing, I am all glowing from embarrasment almost. Well, anyway, go to her blog and let her know she is by times in your thoughts. That should help her already to feel better. She is feeling very lonely at the moment. Come on girls, I know you are nice people.!

Yeah, I just had to do this, and well, let's hope it will help a tiny bit.

Yesterday not much happened around here. I did just some boaring things, a bit of cleaning and so and the puter of course! And had a very nice dinner, I must say. I made some chickenbreast filet filled with a slice of ham and salami and some chesse, made the potatoes in the oven and to that a tomatoe salad, and we even had a little dessert too.! Boy, it tasted so good, I really had anoverfull stomach after dinner. Even didn't took a cookie during the evening!!!

What kit I have for you today? Again a bit vintage looking one, I am afraid. How about the colors? Don;t they remind of you of the sugar candy on a stick, you can get on a fair e.g.? I liked that candy as a kid, mostly they were of pink color, and it was a treat when my parents bought me one. And afterwards my whole face was sticky from the candy!!

I gave it the name of "Charming", I think that is rather fitting. Well, do something nice with it and have a splendid day!

Download HERE

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Just a week away for getting lots of Christmasfreebies

Goodmorning everybody!

I think this will be a post with links and reminders and not too much other news.

Next Monday, the 1st of december all the Christmaslinks will be up on the Worldwide

Christmas Scrapbooking Freebies blog!! So be prepared to have some place on your harddisc.

To designers I say this: You still have time to submit your links to the blog, this whole week! So if you want to have some more traffic, take the time to give your link!

And there is an anniversairy to celebrate. Scrappin Till Dawn has her one year blog existance to celebrate. Go over there and congratulate her with it and at the same time you can pick up a very nice template!

So far for the announcements, I think.

Yesterday I did what I had to do, my shopping adventure was a very quick one. First I thought the temperature wasn't so bad, but then I turned the corner and got a full blow of the wind,. And that was COLD! So I can't say it was a very agreable walk all together. But it seems during the week the temperature will go up a bit, even at night. At least here on the coast.

And something amazing happened last evening. I was sitting on the couch surrounded by all my 3 cats! Normally they don;t like to be too close together, but this time it was Dikkie Dik sitting on the elbow rest, then it was me, then the girl, Micky and at about 20 cms. of her Brodski. I think it must be the Christmas spirit that came over them, LOL!!

And talking about Christmas, hey, I have another Christmaskit for you. In this one you have a few papers with some vintage looking pics, so you could call it a bit of old fashioned kit. As Christmastime is supposed to be a happy time I named it: Christmastime, Happy Time".

So that's about all for today. Hope you all have a fine day and for some of you: be nice to the turkey this week, LOL.

Download HERE

Monday, November 24, 2008

Some layouts also

Goodmorning everybody!

We actually had snowfall yesterday! It didn't stay long on the ground, but for a moment it looked nice. But I am also happy it is gone today!

Had a chat yesterday with Heidi, she's doing rather fine, but I don;t think all is back to normal yet! However she never tells the whole truth, when you ask, all is always well, hahaha.

I think this Christmas Jan and I will be just the two of us, Heidi told me she already had some invitations which she will follow up. Oh well, I don;t mind, really. I will think of something nice for dinner and thn we will curl up on the couch and zipp along all the channels for all the Christmas programs. We did that once already and had a great time, with lots of nice music and other stuff, I am looking forward to it.

Today I will share with you a two page layout we had to make as a challenge on the chat. Well, I did them the day after, we were offered two sketches and the rest was up to us, although it had the subject: our childhood. So here they are:

Page 1

and PAGE 2

What do you think about them? Isn't it sweet, me in the tutu???? LOL.

And I even have a little kit for you, I made again a ballet one and thought it would be nice to offer it today, in combination with the layout. On one of the pages in the kit, there is incorporated a photograph of Anna Pavlova. Hope you have some use for it, I like the colours of it.

Now as the weather seems a bit better, however still rather cold, I will hurry to do a bit of shopping, not for too long, but sometimes, suddenly the fridge looks so empty and you are missing things. So I will make a quick hop to the supermarket and then back again, Then I think I must let the washingmachine do it's job and probably a tiny bit of house cleaning. The jobs, that are ALWAYS returning!!!!!!

And then I think it will be time to do the freebielist and if I am lucky, I can do also something on the designing, no idea yet what I will make this time. Something will come up, I hope.

So for now, I wish you a nice day, take care!

Download HERE

Sunday, November 23, 2008

BRRRRRR COLD outside!!

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, I went out yesterday, made it quick and I must say it didn't feel very nice. It was rather cold. And yesterday evening suddenly we had a hail storm( glad it didn;t last very long) and they expect some more snow today. However I hope it will not fall here on the coast. Normally thry have more trouble with it in the country.

The most annoying thing about the weather here is that temperature can change so suddenly and fast. It's not gliding smoothly from autumn to winter, NO, from one night to another it's suddenly 8 or 10 degrees Celsius less. Not something for me.

So the rest of the day I stayed in, with nice warm clothes on ( not the most elegant, but oh so comfy!!!). And was on the computer. Finished another kit which will be on the blog next week, and I will post it in 2 downloads, yeah!!!

And today there is another Christmaskit. Why not, the season is there and you must realize that it's only about 4 weeks away! Hey, in about 2 weeks already I will have to put up the tree and all things Christmas. I hear it from everybody......... where has time gone????

So today we will be nice and warm at home with some tv and some computering and I will have a quick dinner, I make two big filled paprikas with minced meat, in the oven, some potatoes to it, ready!Tastes good with a little of effort!

Here is the preview of "Christmas Russian Style". Yeah, every time I try to make also a bit of Russian kit, hope you like this one. Have a nice day, for the ones in colder weather..... put on your fleece things, it's soooo soft and warm, whoopee!

Download HERE

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'll have to work hard

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, I have my eyes bearley open, and already at the computer! Must be a crazy twist in my brain!!!LOL.

Yesterday we had the chat at Magickal Scrap and it was fun again. We did get a sketch to make a layout. Will be some puzzling for me, to use that, for all because I have no layers in my program. But I will and shall find a way to do it! We are supposed to make a 2 page layout about our childhood, with it a bit about the area where we grew up. It should be fun. I didn't completely decided which pictures I shall use for it. But it will all come together once I started.

Yesterday was a real tumultuous day viewing the weather, already told you so. I was glad I didn;t have to go out, only once someone was at the door and I went to look, of course. WOW, I was almost blown back into the little hall I have. A cold and fierce wind was blowing! Brrrrrr, it looks as if winter is apporaching suddenly with BIG steps! I am NOT PLEASED at all!!!

But as we cannot change it, we will have to bear it and poor me, today, I must go out for some shopping. Not too much, but I will be outside for a while. Must pack myself nice and warm. I do not mind so much the cold, but I HATE strong wind!

Better I quit this complaining and move on to the freebie for today! I have not a Christmaskit but one for the handyman and women of you. It's been a looooong time since I made something like this. So hopefully you will have still somewhere a few pics of somebody trying to get something fixed!!

Before I leave I must point you out to a mini-blogtrain started today on If you go over there you can read all the details. It's worthwile to take a look, they made a great job of their Christmaskits, and rather unusual which makes it more interesting. I will also give you the links on my freebielist! And the train will choo-choo on for the coming 4 weeks! Every week there will be a part. So keep an eye on it!!

Now here is the kit for you. Hope you will enjoy it and surely hope you will have a splendid week-end!!

Download HERE

Friday, November 21, 2008

It's blowing outside!

Goodmorning everybody!

I best stay in the house today. The wind is blowing terribly, not very nice weather. Yesterday it was soooo grwy and dark, that I had to put some lights on already in early afternoon. I don't like that at all! No, apart from Christmastime I am definately a summer person!

I didn;t do much yesterday, just went out for a bit shopping for dinner groceries, that's all. Then at home again I made my own pasta sauce from fresh tomatoes, garlic, onion and basil and then adjusted minced meat to it. So you can guess what we had for dinner: yes, simple macaroni, but it tasted good.

And I spent nice time on my computer, I also made the first scan of my life. Not a big deal, I know but it was an exciting event for me. Soon I will be able to show you some pics of my parents and grandparents and frm my childhood. You will be laughing when you will see some of my childhood pics!

Tonight there is another chat on Magickal Scraps, I think I already mentioned that. It should be fun, the more because we have to do a task during it also!

So I must be fully prepared with scanned pictures, some coffee and a cigaret from time to time. Yeah I know, bad for the health, but we all have to have at least ONE bad habbit!LOL!!

Okay, over to the kit for today. Again a Christmas kit. You will have more of them the coming weeks! To start with one was a bit funny, because I wasn't in the mood yet. Still looks far away, Christmas, but in scraptime I am good ahead, having them already now, isn;t so stressy, hahaha.

This one is about the Christmas angels, the "Messengers of Joy" , how I named the kit. Hope you will like this one, I loved making it.

Just leaves me with wishing you a great start of the week-end, enjoy it to the full !

Download HERE

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Till now all is well!

Goodmorning everybody!

Was I lucky yesterday! The serviceman came very early in the afternoon and fixed the new modem for internet and telephone. It was done very quick. And till now it works okay! Now I will have to wait a couple of days for the telephone and so I am curious if that will go as they said. They arrange the cancelling of my old telephonecompany and then it is only a little plug in for me to do. Then also in the afternoon we received the modem for receiving digital television. It seems to be very easy to install, there is an instruction booklet with it, so soon we will have more canals and better and sharper screen. But you know how suspicious I am with the booklets, where it is all sooo easy explained, LOL! I think it will be the task of Jan, although I am afraid I will be dragged into it also! I hope that also goes as smoothly as yesterday.

More news to tell you I haven't! Apart from the serviceman busisness it was a quiet day. So let's go to the kit for today. I think you could place it under Christmaskits, viewing the subject. It's a kind of vintage snowmankit. Somebody asked me for it and first I didn't know what to do with it. But you know me!!! I jumped into it and this isthe result. It's just a small kit, but still hope you will like this one. Could be nice for some pictures in the snow. I called it"Winterfun".
So this is for Cat: Are you happy now??? Is it a bit like you wanted?? I did my best for you, hahaha!

Oh, most possible I will be late on the computer tomorrow(our time around 23.00 o'clock evening) because there is another chat on Magickal Scrap forum. Snowy is planning some tasks for us to do so it should be great fun.!
So everybody, enjoy your day, just one more day and already a new week-end is arriving!

Download HERE

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This will be the day, I hope

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, this afternoon I am expecting the service man for the internet stuff. So I don;t know how long it will take and when I will be able to go on the net again. But I did give you a warning.

I am happy to tell you the mail is working again properly! Till now. So annoying not to be able to communicate.
And I have to do now some promoting of a wondereful idea.

I have been approached by two wonderful ladies with an awesome idea. Making a blog with just links for all Christmas freebies.!! That sounds great, doens't it??

It's the idea of Antoinette from and Karen from

The blog is named WORLDWIDE CHRISTMAS SCRAPBOOKING FREEBIES and here is the link I have the blinkie in my sidebar too, just by the shoutbox!

And I am stronly asking EVERY DESIGNER to go to the blog and read all about it and then to PARTICIPATE!!! It. s costing you nothing and as Antoinette and Karen say, it is a great way to get known all over the world with you blog.!

If it goes as they planned there will be a list up from the 1st of December and for the whole month! So everybody just has a terrific choice of Christmas freebies to scrap those wonderful days!


Okay, I think I did my share, LOL!!

Now today I have a kind of Fall kit for you. Have to do sometimes still some other kind of kit, not ony Christmas things, isn't it? It'all in warm colors, I think lovely for some beautiful autumn pics you might have around. If not, perhaps a good idea to make some.Hahahaha.

So I am off now, wnat to get a few things done, before I have to shut down the computer. They couldn't give me an exact time for the service man, he will arrive between 12.00 and 18.00 o'clock! I hate that kind of appointments!

Anyway, I hope to meet you again tomorrow. It just might be, there will be no freebielist today. It depends to a lot of things.

Sweeties, have a very nice day, thanks for all your kind words again, you are stunning!

Download HERE

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What a MESS!!!

Goodmorning everybody.

Well, it's for a part goodmorning. I have trouble with my email. Thank God I still can receive them, but sending out, NO WAY! I already was wondering why I didn't get an answer on some emails, but now I understand, It says it is sent, but, it didn;t happen.! So for the ones I send emails to so now and then, if you dont; hear me for a while, it is NOT because I don't want to, but it is impossible! Lucky that some of you have a blog, so I can leave messages there.

I think it is a thing from my provider, I hope that because I changed the thing to have also telephone in the same service and they are still busy with integrating other services in their company, I am not beginning to have the trouble. I HATE THOSE THINGS! And I am not a wizz kid in the programming etc. so I am getting always a bit nervous with these things! Well, let's see if today the new apparel arrives! I think I will be on the phone in the afternoon!! Oh boy, it isn;t a pleasure always, computering!

Well I will post now part 3 of the Christmaskit , try to calm myself down a bit with a coffee and go out first to do some shopping. When I come back it will probably be the anooying thing waiting for me, trying to contact the provider.

I hope your day will be much more pleasant than mine!


Monday, November 17, 2008

Another part of the Christmas kit

Goodmorning everybody,

You are lovely people to cheer me up with your comments on the nasty thing. ! We do best to forget about it and go on with the "normal"life. Not much happened though yesterday. It was a quiet Sunday and I was again rather productive. Wow, suddenly the last few days, I have lots of ideas and they come out about the way I figured them. I am busy now with another Christmaskit, in way different colours and I think it looks real nice! Once in a while, you just have to try to make a Christmas thing not in the traditional colorscheme, although that is hard to do. I LIKE the traditional colours!!!!

Anyway, may be today I will find the time to pay a visit to Heidi, now that the cold is A LOT better. Not gone yet, but I am in no need anymore for the hanging basket under the nose anymore, LOL.

And then I am anxious to go on with the kit. It's hopeless, if a kit progresses well. Then I have a sort of hurry up feeling in me that wants to continue on it, no matter what time of day it is.But sometimes you will have to stop it, because there are also other things to do.

Well, that's about all, so I will leave you with the same preview, but don'n worry, the download will be a different one, hahahaha!

Have a nice day all, enjoy it.

Download Like a Traditional Christmas PART 2 HERE

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I hope for a quiet Sunday.

Goodmorning eveybody!

Yes, I really hope for a less disturbing day today. Something soooo strange happened yesterday. As usual Jan went to check for the post in the hall and came back with an envelope. Addressed to me in big letters, just the Mrs. and name and that was all. In a bit of funny handwriting I couldn't place. So I opened it, of course and in there was a paper with a rather strange poem in it. But not a nice one. It almost sounded like hell and damnation, in a way accusing me of doing something terribly wrong to people and that at the end God would know. Well, that is a bit threatening isn't it? No name or anything on it, just that. I was sitting on my chair, completely perplexed, not knowing what to think about it. But it felt terribly threatening and uneasy, I can say! I just don't understand it! And I think also it is terribly cowerdless to send someone this kind of thing, and not signing it! It wasn't sent by post, so someone dropped it in the mailbox. And when Jan heard the mailbox he just saw a shadow disappear and he was too late to look better at that person. I am not feeling comfortable at all with this. It brought me really to tears for a moment! Jan advised me to not throw it away, but to keep it and put the date of delivery and time on it. Just in case there would follow more. If so, I have something to show the police or so, may be there are fingerprints on it??? But I don't know what to think about it? Who is behind this? It must be someone who knows me well AND knows where I live. I don't like it at all, but for the moment there isn't much we can do. May be the one sending this even knows I have this blog and is enjoying him/herself reading this, but then let be said, that it upsetts me for a while, but that I can put it also away on a very far place in my mind and forget about it. Just let be said I don't like cowards!! If there is anything to be said come forward and look me in the face!

So, that wasn't a nice start of the day. I kept dwelling in my mind, but I tried to forget it. The rest of the day was nice. We watche Sinterklaas, as always so amusing and nice to see. This year they invented the theme, that the big chair from Sinterklaas was broken and that they had to come up quickly with another one! All kinds of silly things were done by a Black Peter, who tried to find a proper new chair for Sinterklaas. Yeah, it was nice.
Then later there was a worldcup speed skating right here in Holland, in Heerenveen, where we have a splendid indoor track. Wow, we had some great competition there! It was really very exciting to watch.
And the evening was filled with watching all kind of detective series on tv. And in between I even did some shopping and also some things on the computer. So a well filled day all together.

And today we start with another Christmas kit I brewed for you! It will be in 3 downloads, first part papers. second part elements and third part again elements and two quickpages! I hope you will like this one, I am very satisfied with it, it came out rather good, I think. I named it "Like A Traditional Christmas"because it's made in traditional Christmascolors and a bit with old fashioned elements. I will give you the preview of the whole kit, so you can see how it looks all together, okay? Although the preview is not doing justice to it, I think.

All together it has become still a rather long post, but never mind of that!
Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday, with no distressing things, just let it be a normal, but happy day!

Download PART 1 HERE

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sinterklaas is arriving today!

Goodmorning everybody!


Yes. the holiday season for the december month takes off today! For the kids here in Holland and Belgium it is an important day.! Sinterklaas and his Black Peters(Zwarte Pieten) arrive today from Spain! They are surely very nervous this morning but also very happy, because time has come, perhaps Sinterklaas visits them at night and put a little candy or even little present in their shoes. And then the 5th of December is the big evening with ALL the presents. I love to watch a bit the tv, because it's all on tv, the arrival with a big boat and then Sinterklaas takes a tour on his horse, and it's lovely to see the joy and anxiety of all the kiddies.

When I was a kid, I truly believed all the stories about Sinterklaas and his helpers and it was such a great time! My mother had a wonderful fantasy and could let you believe almost anything! I still remember walking on the street with her and she was pointing out some small window in a house or a chimney and whispered to me: "Psssst, Kyra, look there, look well, you can see a Trappedoelie (that was her name for little Black Peters!) behind the window", or ""look, a Trappedolie is just hiding behind that chimney on that roof" and I ACTUALLY SAW THEM! And I was such a ferm believer that even when I was about 9 years I still didn't believe the other kids telling me it all was just a fantasy! No, I thought they just were stupid and they would know when the day of the presents was there: I would receive a lot and they probably nothing. How wonderful that time was, and how sad that you will have to loose it.

On the big evening it also never was obvious to me that when there was banging and ringing on the door, just on that time my father wasn't in the room. I only was very nervous and called for him, that he missed it and that he had to go with me to check the door and he came running out of e.g. the kitchen, all surprised and we went to the door. And there it was: a BIG HUGE basket or sack filled with all kinds of packages! I really cherish those memories, because they are so precious.

Yesterday evening I watched the Domino day( must say the camera work wasn't so good this year, very restless, and hopping around, and lots of commercials in between, very annoying) but the work done there was marvellous again. And... they have the world record back again! Over 4,3 MILLION stones fell in an awesome spectacle. Amazing job.

And the kit for today. It's is a very light nd cheerful looking one in these dark days at almost the end of the year! I named it "Blossoms in Winter". Hope you can make some nice layouts with it.

So have a nice day, be cuatious of what you do, because you NEVER know if a Black Peter or Trappedoelie is around and he will tell all to Sinterklaas, who will write everything down in his BIG BOOK!! Be nice!LOL !!!!!!!!!!!

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Freebielist 14-11-2008

Collaboration from Scrap and Cop's

A little "cheer-up"

Goodmorning everybody!

I start with the cheer-up item! I am sure a lot of you know Edna, from Then of course you know her little dog Tootsie. Tootsie wasn't doing so well lately, and still there is hanging the possibility of a surgery above her little head. She has a nasty lump, so far no cancer in it, but if the lump will not be smaller on Monday, they want to remove it with a surgery. Poor thing, she has to go through a rather bad period, and so is Edna! Let;s all cross fingers that the lump will shrink by itself. It breaks your heart to see your pets suffer and you cannot do a lot to help them. So pay a little visit to Edna's blog and give her and Tootsie a bit of your support. They can use it.
I made this quick page to try to cheer them up a bit.

What else to tell? Not very much I am afraid. Oh yes, a bit of funny thing. Yesterday evening I was on the computer(chatting with Edna actually) and Jan suddenly decided he wanted to change the cover for the duvet! Wow. Of course he couldn;t find the right one, so I took one. But then the action!! I knew it would be a struggle and yes, I WAS RIGHT!! The first corner went in well but then the rest of it! HAHAHA. It was a VERY amusing thing to watch!!! I really was laughing to tears, not nice perhaps, but so much fun!! And bad girl as I am sometimes, I first let him struggle with it for a bit, but then I couldn't watch it anymore and finally I did the trick! He meant so well, but the action wasn't exactly how he thought it would be.

So I had the laughing therapy yesterday, it does well to a human being, you know!!

Then all day I stayed home, and wow, was I productive. That is to say, on the computer! I made a whole new Christmas kit, and I am very happy with it. I will post it soon, and it will be in 3 parts. Yes, for my ding I made a rather big one in MB, so to keep the downloads quick and easy I split it up. And I even started with a new kit too. So I was happy with myself yesterday.

Now today I have finally the kit I was struggling with this week, and I surely hope you will like it. It's all about past time fashion, but the evening dress part. Well, you will see for yourself. Simple title: Fashion From a Past Time.

And today I must get out to do some shopping, then there is some speed skating on tv, in the evening there is DOMINO Day( do you see it too out there???). Each year here in Holland they built a huge space full with domino stones, each year another theme is used and each year they try to break the record the last one. It is amazing to see how it is done. They are busy building it for months with A LOT of volunteers, really an outstanding job and marvellous to see, when the stones get falling. If you ever get the chance to see something of it, watch it, you will be astonished!

So you see I have quit some things to do, and also not included was the ironing and some computer, well, we'll see what will be actually done!

Don't forget to give the cheer-up to Edna and Tootsie, it would be great!

Now have all a fantastic day, get on with the scrapping and till next time!

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Freebielist 13-11-2008