Friday, October 31, 2008

Snif, snif, atchououououou!!!

Goodmorning everybody!

Strange title perhaps but I'll explain. I almost didn;t get some sleep last night, how wonderful. No, suddenly, yesterday evening my nose was filling itself with ugly, yakkie stuff and then it started to drop out. And it kept coming! I think I almost spent half a roll of kitchenpaper. The little paper hankies aren't enough in such a case! So you could say I catched somewhere, somehow a cold! It's very exhausting when that lasts for at least 1 1/ 2 hour. Well, I gave up and went to bed. But that also was hopeless. Almost no air, mouth hanging open to get some air, of course it dries out because of it, but you cannot keep tanking water or whatever ALL the time, then sitting up again to have some big sneezes, cleaning the nose again in the hope to breath a bit more normal, for a while, etc.etc.etc.etc.

It wasn't a very pleasant night and it's still there, may be tiny little bit better, but if you should see me sitting now at the desk..........

BIG roll of soft and thick toiletpaper on it, a little plastic bag hanging on one of the draws for the dirty sheets, sniffing, and "raining"with little drops from the nose.

Pooh, I surely hope it will become a bit better and dryer during the day. Oh well, I suppose I will have to endure it, for a day or two, and then hopefully can forget all about it.

If that is all I will have this autumn, and winter I should be grateful. I cross my fingers and even my toes that the flue will not catch me this time.!

So Halloween is about over now and in some countries of the world they will be preparing for the next holiday, the Thanksgiving. As I like to be early and in time, I made you a Thanksgiving kit already. It has a very simple name"Thankful". Hopefully you can use it, I think there are some very nice papers in it.

Well, I will finish now, oh this afternoon the speed skating season starts off on tv, as you know, I very much like watching it, so I must arrange my day very well, to have your freebielist, watch the tv, make dinner, snif and sneeze still a bit and hopefuly get started with a new kit.

I hope you all will have a very nice day, relax from the Halloween, prepare yourself for the weekend.

Download HERE

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Time still too quick for me!

Goodmorning everybody!

So I decided yesterday to try some new things(for me) out on the computer. Well, I have been able to upload pictures from my digital camera. No big deal, I know, but it was first time on this computer. So that's one thing Had much more plans, but day was turned over by a phonecall from Heidi, that her father would be over to me, to pick up the old computer. I was glad, because it takes a lot of space in my bedroom, so that's good. But as he came with Danny together, well you know how that is. A cup of coffee, another cup of coffee, Danny getting rid of his worries for Heidi so all by all it took about an hour. My whole "schedule"ripped apart.
Then it almost was time to put together the freebielist, was also busy on another kit, and oh boy, is it driving me crzay, THE CLOCK!!!! I was up early yesterday, so I had the idea I could do a lot(planning to take a day off from all the householding stuff, haha) on the computer. But it just didn;t turn out the way I hoped for.

For the rest it was a real quit day, which I like a lot. Was able to make another layout for a challenge, planning to do yet another, but didn;t turn out as I wanted, so skipped it all and have to try again. We scrappers sometimes have a difficult life, don;t you agree(GRIN< GRIN)????? The kit for today is a very soft coloured one, I like to try to make them once soft and another time bright of colour. May be you can use this for some nice layouts. It's named "On Waves of Love" (because of the papers with a kind of waves on it). The preview isn't doing justice to the papers, I must say.

Spend the day well, for a lot of you Halloween is very near, so I suppose you will have to make still some preparations! For me it will be just a normal day, no Halloween here(although it is celebrated here and there in Holland). Till tomorrow. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Long day with try outs

Goodmorning you all!

Yesterday evening I had a phonecall with Heidi, wanted to know how it was with here. She told me she had a phonecall with the hospital in Amsterdam( where she is under control and they have specialists there for her disease) and in short : she will go for a couple of days in hospital the 10th of November to have some tests and scans done. Her specialist cannot get a grip on her situation and wants to do a good check up. I think it is a good thing. Then in December she will go in for another few days to do a very special scan too. I think one of the results will be that she will get the advice to cut on her working hours. For now she was still working for 14 hours a week, but I already told her that it was too much, together with the normal things she is doing every day. I strongly hope her specialist will tell her that too! Perhaps she will listen too that.

Then I was out for some shopping, had to find some raisor blades for Jan, he has such a hand thing where you can change the blades. I bought that for him years ago. It's a simpel thing but he likes shaving with it. Now guess what? Last week I bought a package blades for him. he wanted to use them, impossible! It was for a "click"system and his raisor thing has little blades which you have to shove in from the side. So yesterday I went back to the shop and they were kind enough to take them back and give me the money back. I then looked around in 3 shops to find the good ones.............NOT TO FIND!!! I gave up looking for it, did my other shopping and quickly went home, because it was kind of nasty weather, raining, a bit of cold wind, YAK. Well, I just have to look in another shop for the blades, but that will be for tomorrow. Today I am staying in!

I finally want to get some pictures uploaded, hope it will go smoothly. If that goes well, I want to try out the scan. And IF times is left, want to try to burn a cd with some of my kits, so that they will not get lost. But you know how it is when I am planning something ahead, GRIN GRIN GRIN!!! But I was up early this morning, so I can spend more time on the computer, yippee!

Let's go to the kit for today. Making it I had a bit my friend Dee in the head, the one with the recipe card making group. Well, perhaps she can use a few of the papers for it. So yes, it's a "cooking"kit, but I kept it rather simple. But I hope you can use it anyhow. Yeah, that's also a thing I once have to do! Organizing my recipes I have assembled over the years(and the ones I still have from my mother). It should be nice to put them on cards, and print them out, or burning them on a cd perhaps.

Oh, Heidi also told me, she started making some Christmas cards( you remember I brought her all my paper scrap accessories?). But also Séverine likes to use them for her own projects, whatever they may be. She several times asked her mother if it would be alright to use all the things, nice hey? Well, I don't mind, I am glad she is busy in a creative way.

Okay, end of rambling and here is the preview and downloadlink.
Have a very nice day, and spend it well!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I think it was good news

Goodmorning everybody!

Quick update about Jan. Yesterday we were in hospital and all some values for a sound body had improved a bit, so all our adjustements do help. She still keeps him(thank God) under control but now he has to come back in gebin of December, so that's a good sign too. Then to the dietist, well as e suspected she told us all we already knew, but it;s a good thing Jan has a kind of push like this, to even do more about everything.
The only thing that has to diminish still is the fluid he holds in his belly, but in comparison wiwith a few weeks ago that was already better. So we just have to go ondoing as we were, even try to cut down a little bit more on the salt for the moment. But all by all it was a rather uplifing visit to the hospital. And Jan is a lucky guy, despite of the trouble he has with the health. He has two very nice looking women looking after for him. The doctor and the diestits! Had to laugh yesterday, you know. During the visit the doctor askes him to lie down for a minute, so that she could check his belly. And she said to him: please lie down and relax! And I with my quick mouth aswered her: Easy said, but how he has to do that, when a nice looking women is touching his body!!! Lucky, the doctor has a good sense of humor.

We had some time between the two appointments, so I proposed to Jan to have a cup of coffee in hospital. They have a kind of coffeebar there, where you can have also some nice sandwiches and so. Looking at the price list Jan refused to take a coffee, the idiot! I know, it isn;t the cheapest place to have your coffee, but for once we have to wait , what the heck! After some pushing he finally agreed to drink one, pffffffffffff. And I took a very good tasting sandwich. Men are sometimes so incomprehensible!

Well. after coming back home, I first did a tiny little bit of householding and then sat at the computer. I am busy on 3 or even more things, all at the same time. I must stop with that, making myself crazy with it. Anyhow, I had a bit less time. so for today I just have a small download. I made a kind of add-on to yesterday's kit. In this download you will have 1 quickpage and three brag book pages(never did them before). I made the quickpage 1500x1500 pixels and the brag book pages are 6x4 inch. Hope you can use that.

So here's the preview and I wish you all a very nice day. Let me hear what you think about the brag book pages. You can use them on the computer but also can print them out and make a nice card or small gift for somebody, I think.
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Monday, October 27, 2008

This is really quick

Goodmorning everybody.

I am only here to post the new freebie. It's named "Penso a Te"which means in Italian "I think of you".I must hurry up a bit, because we go to the hospital this morning for Jan's check up. It's a bit annoying, because there is about an hour waiting between the first and second appointment. I may be back with a little update this afternoon. If not, you will hear about it tomorrow.

Have a very nice Monday!

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

A change again!

Goodmorning everybody!

As we are far in autumn now, it thought it might be nice to have a bloglayout a bit in fall colors. And because the old header didn't fit in with its colors I had to make a new one. Well, why not? I like to change , only hope you will like this one too a bit. I don't think it will stay all too long on, because we are approching winter time too, nice excuse to change again, LOL and then Christmas,Yohooo!

Anyway, this bloglayout is from

Then I first had to make the preview of Say it with Flowers part 3. First must give credit to for the curled ribbons!
Oh, stupid me, I was sooo busy with all kind of other things yesterday, I completely forgot to make the preview!. And with the bloglayout change and having to make a new header etc. a challenge I am working for, etc. Boy, are we busy lately. I have the feeling I am running after myself in scrapland, LOL!

But the preview is here and as there isn't too much to tell(and I am a bit late also) I will quickly put it up for you with the download link. Must try to have something new by tomorrow. Again today I will be a busy bee


Let's end this post with wishing you all a wonderful and productive (!) Sunday.

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Chicken in a henhouse!

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, I made it to the chat yesterday at Magickal scraps! And how fun it was. Unfortunately there were not too many memebers present, but we had a good time. It really looked sometimes like chickens in a henhouse, onne after another came up with a remark or new subject, it's a nice way to get to know eachother a little bit more.

Then I finally did a layout for my First challenge I am in on that forum, I can show you the result. Must give credit to Linda, of for the papers and elements from her Summer Wedding kit. Only the frame is not.

Text a bit small here perhaps, it says: "A" is for August 2007, the month of our wedding.

At the end, if I can hold on to the challenge, we will have a whole alphabet with all kind of things, important to us in our live. Nice hey?

Today you will have part 2 of Say it with flowers, another paper pack. I have to do a lot the coming time starting already today. I must finish a kit I am busy with. I want to make the letter B challenge, but first have to try to upload some pictures on the computer, then I also want to do a colour challenge, then also have to do some shopping, oh boy, and this evening it is detective time again on tv. Loads to do and I am already late.

Oops, I already posted and realized I just forgot the preview and downloadlink! Dummy! Here it is:

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Download HERE

I just want to wish you a perfect Saturday.

Friday, October 24, 2008

It's a short one,(I think)

Goodmorning everybody!
The posting is a bit later, first did some bloghopping to blogs I follow regularly, was trying out another bloglayout, but at the end it didn't please me, so till now it;s the changed one.
Went for a short while to Heidi yesterday, that stupid girl already is doing too much. Well, she will find out herself what she can or not. Hope not it gives here again a fall-back. But at least the pneumonia seems to run off now, however she has still a could and some coughing.

I have the start of a kit for you today. I am still working on it, so I figured I could offer it in parts, gives me a bit more time. HAHAHA. Also yesterday just run into a paper pattern and tried it out for a paper for a kit. I liked it, so now I am in to that kit too! Oh and I will probably be late at the computer today, because I shall hae my first chat ever on a forum, that is to say, if Jan will have his usual evening out, I can attend to it. If he will be home, it will be a little tricky, because he already thinks I am spending too much time on it. He's right, just sometimes, but it's so nice! But normally he leaves me quit to it, so I must have a bit consideration with him too. So if he stays home, no chat, otherwise I will be on Magickal Scaps, the link is to find in the sidebar. Take a look there, they have very nice challenges and downloads! Just register free and you are in. One of the moderators is Snowy, from Snowraven's Cave, she designs really beautiful things! ( hey,a bit of advertising is allowd).

Okay, we will see how the evening will end. Tell you abbout it tomorrow, if I did attend to it.
Now the kit for today, as I said it is in parts, today you get one half of the papers. Look at them and you'll have to say the are adorable, hmmm????? I named it "Say it with Flowers". Really hope you will like it. Then tomorrow another part of the papers( there are 18 in total) and the next day you will have all the elements.
Oops, I thought this to be a short post, LOL. Always come up with something more than intended.

To all of you now : have a terrific and wonderful day!

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

I am much more releaxed

Goodmorning everybody.

As you could read in my Shoutbox already, glad to announce Heidi is home already. She called me yesterday to tell that. From what she told me they did a thourough check on her but couldn;t find anthing really disturbing. She said the infection from the pneumonia had diminished already( have to take her word for it) and that other values important for her were on a rather normal level. But of course she has to be still very carefull, and I hope she will manage that. I know her, you know! Often too soon she is thinking it will be allright, not wanting to miss anything and 8 times out of 10 she is too soon with that. Well, all by all I am glad, they sent her home and that in the end it wasn't as alarming as it sounded.

Have to thank you for all your sweet messages for her.

I will print them out and show them to her. Already had some last Sunday and gae them to her. She was reading them with BIG eyes, didn;t understand anything about it, but was of course, very touched. She asked me from where these messages came and as I told her it was from America and Australia , so from all over the world she was even more stunned! I can understand that, because she has no clou how we are towards eachother here in the scrapland, and had to laugh when I told her she is known all voer the world.

So today I am going over to her to have a little chat and to see if she is still keeping herself inactive enough!

I was able to finish yesterday a nice kit for you, named"Once at Granny's". I think it will be lovely to scrap some pictures from grandparents. I love the doilies in it! I had them from Jeanie from She always has tons of freebies, almost all the time CU freebies. Take a look there, she makes lovely things really!

Now here is the preview, hope you all have a swell day!

Download HERE

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Disturbing news

Goodmorning everybody!

I am a bit itchy and not all comfortable in my skin at the moment. Yesterday, just as I wanted to go to Heidi I got a phonecall for her and she told me they were on the way to the hospital in Amsterdam(specialized in her lung disease). It seemed it was not going all too well with her. Of course I didn't got into a whole conversation with her at that time. She only asked me to have her doggie a walk and to close a shutter at her home. So I did. As I didn't know at what time Danny might be home again, I didn't call him, to give him some rest. This morning I called, but he had the voicemail on, so I am still waiting for some news. May be it is more a precaution of the hospital here to send her through to Amsterdam, but you can figure I am a bit worried.
But now first I want to talk to Danny as soon as possible. Then we will know hopefully more.

Can you imagine it is turning around in my brain the whole time? Well, in the background, but every now and then it pops up. and it makes me feel a bit nervous. And I know Jan is worried too, but he never show such things, and isn;t talking about it. But the first thing he asked me, sweet guy, was how it would go with Séverine, if Heidi has to stay a longer time in hospital. Because this week Danny is free and the little one has a holiday from school but I assume Danny has to go to work again and Séverine to school. As Ii don't know what is happening I couldn't give him an answer. That he already asked this is a sign he worries about our "adoptive daughter".

Well, I keep you posted. I hope I will have a bit better news from her soon.

The rest of the day I was busy with all kinds of things on the computer, mainly on projects(sounds more important than it is), so I just have a tiny, tiny freebie for you today. As we are near to Halloween I made you in a bit of a rush two quickpages for it. Hope you don't mind, but I figure you can always use them at a time.

That's about all the news to tell, more than enough, I think, at least for me.
So have all a nice day, send a little thought "upstairs" into the heaven for my best friend Heidi, I am sure that should help.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The last part of Childhood Play

Goodmorning everybody,

Today is again Heidi visit day, so I am a bit more pressed to hurry up. I am sooo busy on the computer the last two days, lots of work to do, but you have to wait still a bit to get it all revealed. !

So yesterday nothing much happened, although.................I have a little blue spot on my bump! Why? Because I kicked MYSELF, LOL!!! I had to do a a laundry, so as it turned in the machine, I got rid of the stuff that needed to be ironed. Brave girl I am, sometimes. LOL
Then I did bit computer, then had to hang out the wash, again a bit computer for the freebielist, then already dinner time came in site, so into the kitchen. Then bit computer and then dinner. Then computer, and finally installed myself on the couch with Jan, watching tv, during I was crocheting again. You see, how fast time is going when you have things to do? Oh, in between I was doing some MSN and emails. MSN is a very nice thing to have and to do, but before you know, you are rambling along and 20 minutes is nothing!
I did a good job, making more food than for one day, so today I only have to put it in the oven. And normally this tastes even better the second day. Smart, hmmmm..................??

Oh, yesterday evening it was good to see Jan again really laughing to tears! Brodski likes to tease(read: annoy) our Micky sometimes. I don;t know what that is, for days, he will not give her a blink and suddenly he comes into the room, looks around, then take a run and jump to the couch where usually Micky is laying and forces here away. Not nice of him, but cats have their own ways. But yesterday he was creeping towards her and before he had notion, the little one jumped up on him, giving him a loud: shhhhhhhhh and a tap with her paw!! Brodski really was swept off his paws and took the run. At that time Jan started to laugh out loud with tears running off his cheeks! Gasping for breath he said: Wow, this little old maid keeps surprising us in the strangest ways!"
About half an hour later Brodski was lying on his normal place, next to me on the couch, he only HEARD Micky making a little move and...OFF he run the coward!! It was really a funny situation.

Okay, enough of the household talk and cat stuff, you are probably a bit curious of part 4 of Childhood Play. Well, here it is, with the ribbons, tags, frames, journals and some toy elements. I really hope you can have some fun with this kit.
I already started another one, but perhaps I will not be able to finish it already today. Well, we will see, maybe I make something very small for tomorrow's download and then the day after you will have another kit.

Take care of yourself, have an awesome day!

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Monday, October 20, 2008

How about part 3?

Goodmorning everybody!
Yesterday I did all I wanted, how amazing! First, even before blogging, I made the dessert for Heidi, then blog, then a bit playing around, then I went to Heidi. She was home alone, Danny went out for a while the Séverine. So it was just at the right time I was there. I went over with the shopping car and it was like Christmas, reveiling all I was hiding in there! I hope, perhaps next week Heidi will be able to use it already a bit. For now I told her she just can think about it and what she wants to use it all for, but she has to stay very inactive for at least this week. If she will do so..... I am not sure with that stubborn girl!!! I am curious to know if she liked the dessert. She had at least a good laugh when she saw me unpacking my shopping car. Not much change with her yet, still very tired, but I think that will stay for much longer! Hopefully the pneumonia will leave her body soon. I told her I will come again on Tuesday, for the moment I will be on control visits(LOL) every other day!

Oh, soon I will have such nice news to tell you. Hard for me to keep it silent , because I am soooo excited. But it has to wait still. Nice to have something to make you curious, TADAAAAAA!!! LOL!

On to part 3 of Childhood Play. Still another paper pack. If it all goes right, tomorrow there will be the last part with all the elements. Now off to do some serious computer work( must already think about a new kit theme, pooh) so I leave you right here, wishing you a splendid Monday!

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Freebielist 19-10-2008

Busy Sunday

Goodmorning everybody!

I hope the new layout for the blog is better. But now I have another problem! You could call it a luxury problem, hahahaha! I found another site(and I know it is one of many offering free blog layouts) which has sooo much of them and sooooo beautiful ones, that I think I will be chainging a lot more in the coming time. Perhaps it will be a bit disturbing for you, I don't know. But now I can find layouts for every season or holiday which could be nice also. A change of layout depending the season. For the moment I will stick to this one, but prepare yourself for some possible changes. I am not the type who sticks to one bloglayout for her whole life. Terrible, isn't it??? I also changed of shoutboxprovider. Hadn some wierd things with the links. So I will try this one for now. Hope it works okay.

In the title of the post I mentioned a busy Sunday. Well, it will be a bit. This morning, after my coffee, of course, I already was busy in the kitchen, making the apple dessert for Heidi. I promised to hop over today again and that I would bring a surprise dessert. I know, I am nuts with that kind of thing, but it is a simple way of pleasing somebody and I'll know she will be eating something this evening. Devious, hmmmmm???
Then I went through my closets, to find all my paper scrapping stuff I still have. Heidi mentioned she wants to make her own Christmas cards, has already some stuff for it, but as she then went ill, still misses things. So I will bring her my stuff(enough for very much cards!!!) and hopefuly she soon can start making them. And as I am as I am, I went out yesterday and found some little things, specially for Christmascard making and bought that for her.

It will be funny to see me going out for the visit, I am going with my shopping car, because I have so much to take with me, this way it is easy to carry around. And then I still have ( well, not actually HAVE or MUST, but I surely WANT to) to do some computering for the kit I am offering you in parts. Then it surely already will soon be time for dinner, perhaps after it still a bit computer and then some favourite series have to be watched on tv, like Ghost, Moonlight(just new here), Supernatural and Law & Order. So am I right talking about a busy Sunday?????
It's obvious that often a day is not enough to do all you want to.

Okay, now here is part 2 of Childhood Play. It's also a paperpack and there is following another one. Wow, lots of papers, isn;t i? I just hope, you like it a litle bit. I wish you all a terrific Sunday, and take care!

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

I have been busy for you

Goodmorning everybody!

So first the day of yesterday. Boy, did I got some groceries!! As usual I did buy too much. That is to say, all the things neceassary, but it took up so much space in the little shopping car, that I had to take a plastic bag extra to get it all home. And boy, I had all HEAVY stuff in it, and I was soooo glad I finally got home and was able to put my keys in the keyhole. My arms were a bit trembling and I first had to sit donw a bit, to get in normal shape again. Sometimes you just don't notice how much stuff you are dumping in the supermarket wagon, and for sure you always miscalculate the weight!

Then I put all the things away, made packages for the freezer for the meat and bread and took a cup of coffee. Then I was off to Heidi. Good I had taken the keys with me, because Danny was just picking up Séverine from school, and this way Heidi didn't have to go to the door to open it.

I spent there some time, chatting with her. Of course she was pretending it wasn't so bad, buut she always does that. Such a stubborn girl in some ways!. But she looked very tired and I hope she got a bit of a shock now, so that she will take better care of herself (but knowing her, that is just wishing upon a star!!!!). Also had a chat later with Danny, and I saw he was a little bit worried. Not to het sad all the way, but he is looking after her with sharp eyes. Which is only a good thing. But when she is recovered(she thinks it takes about a week or 3 at the most, the stupid girl!) she has really to cut down a bit on her activities. But she has the urge to be with Séverine on all the things she is doing, because she is somehow afraid people could say she is a bad mother, because she doens't attend at all activities(like playing after school, the swimming lesson, going the library etc.). Well, it's one of the things you NEVER could say about Heidi, she is an adorable mother!

Danny also told her already many times, that it is better not to attend to all things, or if she does, just for a shorter time, then to do it all but living shorter. Because with her disease she has a good chance not to grow very old, that's true.

Well, up to me too, to get that into her head on a devious and diplomatic way!

Oh the little one came home yesterday, right to Heidi with the message she had a diploma! It was for reading. All the words she does read well now, were mentioned on it. She was so proud of it and told me also that not all the children had the diploma! Good for her. And it was lovely to see the sparkling and proud eyes of Heidi when she looked at the diploma!

So I was a bit away from home yesterday and was glad I could make the freebielist. Then I had to make dinner and then I had some more time on the computer. But I don't have a full kit for yo today. So I thought it might be an idea to give it to you in a few parts, it gives me a bit time, to finish it nicely. Today you will get a first part of the papers, so you will have already an idea how it will be. It has a vintage feeling over it, but I just love the pics for the papers. I had to give it some name and it is "Childhood Play". A lots of little events in a child's life, specially about the little games we, and certainly our parents, played. Hope you will like it.

Okay, I will upload it now, then must go out for a short time and then I hope to be able to get on with the kit. Have all a very good weekend and happy scrapping!

Download HERE

Friday, October 17, 2008

Had not a good phonecall!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yesterday I got a phonecall from Heidi, which starteled me up. She told me she was home in bed and had a pneumonia! Normally it already isn't a very nice thing to have, but in her case, with her PH it is not good at all! She is already under heavy medication and has to take that at least for a week. Next week she has a control but if it hasn't improved it's possible they take her into hospital. I felt sooo sorry for her, it throws her back in the health curve way back. I immediately asked her if she needed help at home, but fortunately Danny took right away a care leave from his job, so he is home all day. But I want to go over to them today, to take a look. It may be gives Danny a little time to do some things knowing somebody is taking care of his wife. I am really a bit worried, it stays in my mind all the time.

Surely it will take at least several weeks before she will be quit okay again, but who cares? As long as she WILL be okay again.

So that was the shock yesterday.

As you may have noticed I changed the bloglayout again. I did it a bit quick, because of the plans for today, so it may change again? I had several remarks, that people had trouble reading it, so I try another one, also from Aurien, and also changed the font size and colours . I think the size of font makes it already easier to read. But let me know, if it isn't working for you, we happily will change it again. Every day a new blog look, how exciting and disturbing, LOL. But as the blog is first for you, my loyal visitors, I must try to make it easy to read, of course.

Hey, still managed to finish a kit yesterday. I am already warming you, that there might be not a kit tomorrow, viewing the plans I have today. Well, I think you can understand that. But to start the week-end I still have on"named"Take the Past with You". I made it with the intention to have a kind of kit for some heritage like layouts. I hope I succeeded a little bit. I think, old pictures will look fine on some of the papers. And what do you think about the colors?

So I hope you are happy with this one.

Now I quickly must do some things on the puter and then rush off for the grocerie shopping and then off to Heidi. Don;t know when I will be back, so it may be that you will have to wait for th freebielist a little longer. We will see how the day will go.

Take care of yourself, try to have a nice day.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Freebielist 16-10-2008

I finally arrived on the blog

Goodmorning everybody!

Just in time to say morning, I am very late with posting. First Mediafire wasn't in the air, so I figured I could try to change the bloglayout(I tried that several times without succes) But now I DID IT!! Isn't it a beautiful one??? First I must give credit for it to

She also had a tutorial in very simple way(just GOOD for this dummy!!!) how to change that. I am so proud of myself! A link to her blog is also on the sidebar, just in top of it.

I am progressing in time, may it be little step by little step, but never mind.

So now I have just little time to ramble around, not so important, because there isn't very much to tell. However this. I got a phonecall from a friend of mine, Ann (she was witness on my marriage too) and she is also a bit struggling with her health. She must keep indeed very quiet for the next few weeks, because she suddenly had a little hole in one of her lungs. That's not very good. But fortunately it's only a very small one, but still.... I don;t know what it is lately, but all of my friends suffer from something lately and I am not just speaking about a little flue. I must consider mtslef very lucky, that I am still in a rather good condition. Where is the wood to knock on????????????

Well, let's hope all will recover fast from all these nasty things, so that may be we can come together with Christmas again. I would love to! Then I can make a nice dinner and have to go out to buy some little, but funny presents again. I really cross my fingers, that this year it will happen again.

Now on to the kit for today. I just made a tiny one for today, because the kit I was busy with still needs a little time. Perhaps tomorrow I can put it up for download.

This one is however a very nice one, at least, I think it is LOL LOL LOL, and in a beautiful colorscheme. seem to like lately only one colourscheme. But I change like the weather sometimes, so it easily can be quit different next week.

I named this one "Impromptu des Roses". Those French titles always sound so ROMANTIC!!!!!!!!!

So try to make somthing nice with it.!

Have all a very nice day, tell me what you think about the bloglayout.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nothing at all!

Goodmorning everybody!

How do you do that, typing a little post on your blog as at the time Jan is talking to me with me giving remarks on a tv program, I am not listening to! Difficult to keep your mind on two things at the same time. So sometimes when he said something I just smile to him, or give something as answer like hmmmmmmm, oh, what did you say, and so. Perhaps not so nice of me, but I am busy now with other things! Well, as there is nothing at all to tell you, again, today, (I am getting boaring the last week or so, I know), I just pop over to the freebie for you. It's is one really for us, girls, and I named it "Women Things". How you should use this kit, I have no clue for the moment, but there must be something to do with it. Anyway it was fun to put it together and I hope so you agree that it's a rather fun kit.

I am also busy already on another one, I don;t know if I will manage to have it ready for tomorrow. I want it to be a bit extensive kit, so we'll see.

That's all for today, weather here has changed a bit already, when I look outside, it is a bit windy and very grey! Not a weather that makes you feel all filled with energy!

I must put on some little programs on the computer and try them out. It always takes so much time with me, new is nice, only to get the hang of it all, that is really WORK!LOL!!!

It will probably result in not having done it all, and I will think, oh well, I can do that another day. You recognize it???

Hope your day will be a nice one. See you around again!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A day as usual

Goodmorning everybody!

I hope you all had a good nights sleep. I can say I had one. Pfffff, I am not used to get up very early in the morning anymore and I had some difficult moments yesterday afternoon ! But I kept strong and din;t go for a little nap, so I slept nice and sound this night. It should be a very normal, uninteresting day today. Always say this with a bit of caution, because you never know what may happen. LOL

The trees are really loosing their leaves quickly now, you can slowly see the end of autumn and then winter will be knocking at our door, brrrrrrrr. It has its nice moments too, but I still remain more a summer person, like it a bit warm, open doors, you can just pop in to some light clothes and go out. In winter it seems always that you need hours to get dressed, with the extra sweater and a legging under the trousers if it's really cold etc. Then to go out, sometimes I turn into a Mars fellow, thick jacket, shawl, bonnet over the ears and forehead, gloves awesome!!!!!

Okay, the kit for today is again a tiny one, but I think it's in a nice colourscheme. Very neutral papers so you can use it for a lot of stuff. It's called "Arietta" ( the small word for Aria, which means "song"of course).

At the moment the neighbour thinks it is necessary to do some serious houserepairing which is his good right, but it's still annoying to hear the hammering all the time. Hope he will finish it soon!

Not much to read for you today, isn't it? Sometimes I am surprised by myself with what I fill every day a post! It seems I can ramble about everything for quit a while! And normally I can be a very quiet person, and keep my mouth shut for hours, but as soon as I fell the typing board under my fingers, somehow a door opens itself and words come tumbling out! Alright, I will stop it now, I have pity on you!

Have a nice day, and keep scrapping!

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Monday, October 13, 2008

We messed up!

Goodmorning everybody!

We got up very early this morning to go to hospital. But then, when we checked to be sure it appeared we mixed up the day for the appointment. Last week I already said Jan we had to go on Thursday, but somehow he had in mind a Monday. Normally I check the papers, but for once I didn't. And we went today and it was wrong! It is not sooo important but it is a little dunb and stupid you could say. Okay, we have another one now and have to wait a bit longer to hear the results of the test. Boy, out of bed so early for nothing! It's not so nice. But okay, we had a laugh and just go on.

Yesterday's dinner however was a big hit! I tell you how I did it. I had porc meat, I cut it in little blocks, then seasoned it with a bit of law salt, pepper, kerrie, paprika and mint, and let it on the low fire for about 1 1/2 hour, added a little water to it and also some coconut milk, together with big parts of onion and hacked garlic(a lot!). In between I cooked the sweet potatoe, also cut in squares. After the meat was tender I met the potatoes in it and let that warm up for about 10 minutes. We had it with a green salad. Yammie!

And I also made a dessert. I had two little apples, took out the middle, than took some yellow raisins, with brwon sugar and vanilla sugar and butter and made a mess of it. Than buttered two little ovenplates and put an apple in each of one a little cinnamon over it with some extra butter. In the oven for about 15 minutes with a aluminium foil on it(so they ddn't burn and dried out) and another 15 minutes without the foil. Took them out, let them cool down a little bit and put whipped cream over it. Oh boy, was that good!! Even Jan ate it all! First his dish (not loaded too much, of course) but also the whole apple with cream. Wow, it's something to make again.

So with a rather easy cooking, you can have a great meal!
And as there was left still some whipped cream, afterwards I took my coffee with it.

It's a good thing I have not to worry about my weight, LOL!!

Now the kit for today. It''s a fairy kit, again. But I like it so much to use fairies, they are so sweet.I named it "Fairy Dust"and I done this one in rather pastel colours. Just hope you will have some fun with it. And after having posted this I must go on with the next kit for tomorrow. Busy life, hahahaha.!

Enjoy your day.
Lots of greetings from a

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Late, but I am here.

Goodmorning everybody!

I was right yesterday, it was marvellous weather. So I did my shopping, in a relaxed way, and came home, and Jan already opened the door to te garden, can you imagine .... in October!..

And I looked a bit around and saw my doors and windows, wow, I got the bucket an water and things and cleaned the windows of it. Looks MUCH better now! Only Jan has to get out the big ladder to get my curtains down, and then at that time I also can do the little windows above the doors. I hadn't the courage to do that also yesterday. Well, when that happens I pick up all the curtains, to have a new fresh look.

Then I played around a bit on the computer had a bite, watched some tv and again some computer and it ended up in a very small kit for you today. I named it "Andante" which in music terms means something like: walking in an easy pace, quit. I like sometimes giving a kit a musical name, because I also like the sound of the Italian language. Perhaps a bit stupid, but hey, I have my particularities!

Did you notice 9of course you did) the change of colour of the blog? While I am still struggling changing the template (I have seen some bloglayouts on other sites, which offer them specially for Blogger), I must be doing something wrong in the html things when I copy and paste, one day I will and I must figure that out, I did this one with templates from Blogger itself.Not much of a change, but I was a bit tired with the pink.

For the first time in my life I am preparing for dinner some sweet potatoes! It must be very tasteful, so I want to give it a try. I'll have it acoompanied by a stew from porc meat, so the meat will be ver tender( you know, also for Jan easier). I collected a few recipes and will tell you tomorrow if it was a succes, okay?

So now I am off, want to do some stuff for a kit and then have to put the stew on etc. Tonight I must try to hit the bed a bit earlier(early rise tomorrow)!.

Have a very nice Sunday, enjoy the last day of the week-end.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fine weather to go out a bit

Goodmorning everybody.!!!!

How about this to start the morning?? I'm sure you feel happier right away. I promised myself not too sit too long at my computer this morning (who controlls me??????????) because I must do a bit of shopping for the week-end and I hate it to do that late in the afternoon. And on top of it it looks to be a fine day outside, so it would be a pity not to take advantage of that. Who knows how many days like this will come? Soon enough it will be winter with lots of days with nasty weather!

Nothing much again to tell, the last days look a bit boaring, isn't it? And how HAPPY I am with that fact!!!!!!!!! Let it stay a LOOOOOOONG time like that a there will be one more person on this earth who will feel quit satisfied and happy, believe me!

Dear friends, I will leave you already, but not without a freebie. Yes I finished this one yesterday and I tried to make it look a bit like the wallpaper and fabrics used in the castles and royal homes. Hope I succeeded somewhat. Couldn't think of much of a title so it became"Royal Decor"

Only want to wish you a marvellous weekend, also in a happy way, like this:

Just love those big blinkies!

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Takes time to follow blogs!

Goodmorning everybody!

Before posting anything I first took some time to follow some blogs I try to keep up with. There are a few who write a lot( like me, when I start I cannot quit, LOL), but it's soooo nice to read, with a coffee in your hand, peaceful in the morning, all still quiet.

Then I had a buch of mail to read, specially from a blogfriend, who sent me some marvellous things.

Jan yesterday went to the hospital again, to deliver "things"for examination, also had to do a blood test. I hope to have uplifting news Monday morning from the doctor. She was sooo busy, that she squuezed us in her schedule at 08.30 in the morning, because she didn;t want to wait more than 14 days between appointments. Very nice of her.

So Monday we will have to get up very early(not used to it anymore!)

This week-end it's supposed to be nice autumn weather, not too cold(about 18 C) with some sun so I have to think about some serious window cleaning work. Better to do it when your aren't freezing in a very cold wind, what do you think? It is just a plan, so never know if it will be done
or not.

No more news to tell, I think, so it's better to go on to the freebie. I think it's a rather different kit from the last ones, but when I started with it suddenly it came out of nothing. I called it "Lost in the Mist". I am curious how you could use the kit. But certainly some of you are creative enough to find a fine layout for it. Well, anyway I hope you will like it, in these a bit gloomy colours.

Now I wish you all a nice and bright day, keep in mind it's Friday, so week-end is already very near. Could be a happy thought for some of you!

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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Don't upset yourself!

Goodmorning everybody!

Hey, ladies, don't get upset by my remark yesterday, that comments were lacking a bit. I just noticed it, but I understand well, that sometimes just time is lacking, oh yes, do I understand!!

I didn't go to Heidi yesterday, I was just in the middle of a new kit and it progressed so well, that I wanted to finish it. Well, that didn't happen but just a few things have to be done today. Did you perhaps go to Edna's blog today? I am so happy to read that the chemo for Tootsie is spread to every 5 weeks now, the poor thing. All seemed well with controls, so yippee for the little dog! Still a way to go, but it's going allright.

Yesterday evening I had a nice evening, Jan and I watched one of our favourite English detectives, Midsomer murder. Always a lot of "hidden English dry humour"in it.

And meanwhile I was crocheting along! Another good thing about the crochet is, that I smoke much less. I just don't want to lay my work down, to take a time out. It's a very good things for me!

Now here's the kit. It is a sweet one named"Teddybears are SOOO Cute!"Well, I think that is true. Hope you will have fun with it and I'll be finishing the kit for tomorrow and hopefully have and idea for a next one!

Have a very nice day, you all!

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

All works again.

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, the email problem solved itself, hoorray!!! It's very annoying when it doesn't work properly. Only then you realize how much in fact you use the email. !
First I have to show another award I received from Vicky from This lady makes lovely quickpages! It's an award, I received already once, so this time I will not nominate so much blogs as the rules say. The rules are simple

Basically the sentiment behind the original award is that it is an award that not only highlights blogs that are pleasing or special in some way, but the award was also designed to extend the hand of friendship around the world.


Put the blog on your post from which you received it and then nominate 8 other blogs.

Tammy from

Thena from

Becky from

Brandi from

Scrubbie from

Today I have a rather big kit, of around 24MB for you. In my case that's heavy, normally I make them around 10-14 MB. But as I was busy on it, there came this to it and that and before I knew it had that size. Oh I so hope you like this one. I have some great elements in it, that I found on a very nice site of Kim, She offered the "balls"I used as a CU freebie (but has LOTS of other freebies on her blog, take a look) and right away I fell in love with them. As this kit is about "Going to the Ball", but in Victorian time, I right away knew I would use these elements. I think they are ment to be Christmasballs, but as I saw them they reminded me of the little purses in about the same form at that time. So I just added a little ribbon to it and coloured them. I just LOVE them myself, so really hope you do too!

I don;t think today will be a couch day. I asked Jan yesterday if he would go with me, but his reaction wasn't very enthousiastic, to say the least! It will ask some more persuasion from my side to finally go there. But I am a stubborn person, so it will happen, only I don;t know yet when! Best thing is to laugh about it and try again, LOL!! Men really sometimes need a special way of manupilation, isn't that so?????????????

If the weather still stays a bit in the same way as at the moment, rather nice, perhaps in the afternoon I will make a quick hop-over to Heidi, if she has time. I don't plan it, because you know what happens with my plans,(grin-grin).

On the other hand I could use the time, to go on with a new kit I started. Must keep up the work. Well, you will hear it tomorrow.

Don't have much more of interest to tell you so it's better I put on the preview and leave you in peace.

Enjoy your day, and by the way, where is everybody??? Missing a bit your comments, to be honest! Are you leaving the "nest"or are you just on little holiday breaks or so? Don't be shy to sned not only nice messages, if something is bothering yo(everybody has problems now and then) write them down, I DO read them, although I am not promising to have solutions for everybody. But it already sometimes helps to write it down. A lot of you also have my email address, so if you don;t want to be it public, don't hesitate. Well, was that an invitation or not?

And now I really quit rambling, hope you can have fun with this kit!

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Why always stupid annoyances?

Goodmorning everybody!

Opening my email I didn't had any message and trying to send out one this morning I couldn't. I will have to be patient, because it may just be a temporary thing, (hope so), otherwise I will have to
dive into it and I don;t like that. Hopefully it is nothing and it will solve itself.

I have the program Incredimail and normally it works okay, but sometimes it has to do with the server. I hate it when things like this happen, specially when I am just awake and all set to post on my blog and want to read the mail first. YAK!!!

Yesterday my friend Heidi gave me a call(yes, I wanted to phone her Sunday, but still didn't , shame on me!) because we didn;t speak for some time. Really very much news we didn't have to tell eachother, but still we managed to stay on the phone I think for half an hour!!! Isn't that terrible! It's a good thing it doesn't happens every day!

Oh yes, I also was a brave girl, because I did a lot of ironing yesterday and all is in the closet too. There still is waiting some of the last washing on the drying-frame, but I'll do that somewhere this week, really.
Already glad that te big part of it is done, whooohoooooo!

Now for today's download. I didn't manage to finish the kit I was busy on, but instead I have a little set of 3 quickpages for you. I hope you don't mind too much. I couldn't think of a title for it so just named it "A QP set". Very inventive, hahaha.
Have to go out today for a it of grocerie shopping and certainly must not forget to buy me a new potatoe pealer, not just a knife, but one which peels thinly. My last one broke off last Sunday, wheep, wheep! I don;t like to peel my potatoes with a normal potatoe knife, I cannot peel them thin enough with it. How interesting this must be for you to read, LOL.

Okay, I post the preview now from the QP set and will try again the mailbox. Cross your fingers that it will work properly again!

Have a very nice day.
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Monday, October 06, 2008

New week, new plans

Goodmorning everybody!

So how was your week-end? Hope you had a good time, and charged your batteriies again for this week.

Yesterday evening I did reach the actual width of the blanket I am making. I even made enough squares already to have to rows ready. Jan looked at it with a "hible"smile on his face and remarked that it will take some more time to finish it, hahahaha. How sweet he can be sometimes, LOL!!
But it will be ready sooner as he thinks!

I also tried to prepare him on a job, he doesn;t very much likes doing! I told him, finally we will have to go out an afternoon, THIS WEEK, to look for a new couch. If possible, I want to have it standing in the house before Christmas.! Oh, he looked so very HAPPY, as I told him my idea. He knows I am busy with it already a long time, but some day he has to give in, as he knows very well. He hates going shopping with me, I think almost every guy does so. And I know why! I know myself, yes I do. I have a certain sort of couch in mind and then I want to find that kind of thing, but not at any price, oh no! So it will be necessary to DO several shops and probably as it happens lots of times, I will return to the first one and buy it there. AHA! Therefor Jan hates going out shopping with me. Guys just go for the thing they want, perhaps looking in 2 shops and that's it. But I want to see it ALL before making my choice and often I also see some other interesting things on the way. Do you know that???????????????

Well, hopefully I can tell you somewhere this week that we actually went looking for a couch and perhaps even bought one. But you also know, when I am planning something...................tadaa!

And now here is the new kit for today. It's named: The 4 Basic Elements.
I made a kit about the elements earth, water air and fire. I tried to incorporate matching colours for each element, so I did yellowish/red for the fire element, kind of aqua/turquoise for the water element, browns for the earth and blue for the sky.
I have to give credit to Delicious Scrapsfor the charms and to Gunhilde for the frames. I just adjusted the colours of them to match the papers. It's a wonderful thing to have designers around who make CU freebie and so beautiful! I try not to be too greedy when I visit their blogs, but sometimes it is difficult! So it's only fair to give them credit for the things I use.

I hope, you will like the kit and I started also a new one, hoping to get it ready for tomorrow.
For now I wish you all a beautiful Monday, and take care of yourself.

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Yes, there is a kit today!

Goodmorning you all!

Does it happens to you too when you have a bit ackward time inlife? Very often you come to hear about other people's problems they encounter and then, in a quiet moment it passes again your mind and I start to think: "well, it's not my favourite period in life, and we will have to cope with it, but when I compare it to some other problems I have been told, I am still rather well off!" It just happened I had some mail and a phonecall in the last couple of days with such kind of thing and I still consider us not too much in problem. Of course we still have the health concern about Jan and we have to try to get it better, but for the moment you can oversee it and I am sure there will come an improvement. Sometimes Jan and I smile to eachother when somebody comes to us with their problem, and I say to him, "When do we start a social help center here in the house?" I don;t know why people always tell me but to Jan too so often their worries. Perhaps because we try to listen, and let them speak out and also sometimes try to give an advice or at least an opinion, but never force them up to them. Always is best to try to put yourself in their place, however not always possible, of course. But sometimes we experienced a same kind of thing and if we hopefully learned from it, perhaps our view could help a bit. The most helpful always is that somebody REALLY listens to you, whicj sn;t easy all the time! And of course we cannot have the problems of the whole world on our shoulders, but it's nice to be able to make sometimes a little difference on a small scale,isn't it?

And I am fortunate to have a very good friend in Heidi and then I have all of you, who endure my rambling about everything and nothing! So thank you for bearing with me all that time!LOL

Remember I put up some layouts for recipee cards? It's made by my friend Dee ant this is what she wrote to me:

It did not dawn on me until now that perhaps some of your other fans might
want the address of the recipe group. It is called "Scrappin' Yesterday,
Today and Tomorrow" or SYTNT for short. The URL to get there is:

If any one wants to join, they can use that link. If they mention your blog,
I will see that they get into the group so they can also make recipe cards,
family and heritage pages, and scrap booking crafts. Plus they can attend
the live classes we hold every Monday night. We have also started holding
live card classes every Friday night, and soon we will be teaching lessons
on various scrapbook tools.

She did start this group not all too long ago and may be some of you like to join her. Please do so, I am not yet in it, although she asked me several times. But when I join I have to give it proper time and attention and for the moment I don;t think I can. So I will wait still a bit with it.

The same thing with Edna, who has a new forum too:

You will find all sorts of wonderful kits and other goodies in the Shop. There's something for everyone's taste and style, so come join in the fun.

Do yourself a favour to visit it, I think you will find very special things there!

And now here is the kit I finally finished yesterday. It's just a small one but I like the colour of it. I think you even can use it for some pics of Halloween e.g. I named it "Timeless Dragon". I hope you like it a bit, and can do something with it.

Oh yes, I almost did all I wanted yesterday, only not yet the ironing, I know it is a bit weak of me. But I think it will be done, at least for a part this afternoon. Then I also want to make at least a phonecall to Heidi, hearing if all is okay with her. And I want to finish off another kit I already started yesterday, I is larger in size than today's and at the same time have to invent a theme for a new one. That's an neverending story in my life now, hahahaha!!!!

So have all a nice sunday and "see "you again!

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Saturday, October 04, 2008

So sorry to disappoint you!

Goodmorning everybody!

I was so busy with a lot of mail and also doing all kind of things at home, it all took more of my time than I thought. So I did start on another little kit, but I couldn't finish it yesterday. So theterrible thing has happened: I have NO freebie for you today. It's aweful, I know and I do feel a little bit guilty, but I promise you that tomorrow there will be one up.

I started yesterday making a soup by myself. We both like to eat it from time to time, but for now I cannot use tins with soup, which you just have to warm up, not even the stock in little bottles, because there is too much salt in it. Well, no problem, I do it myself. The stock is ready now, all I'll have to do today, is putting in some vegetables, little meatballs etc. I still used some salt in it, te low-salt one, otherwise there is no taste to it at all. So I am looking forward to have a nice cup of soup this evening! I think I even can put some in the freezer, because I always make too much for one time.

I have still something to show you, it's a layout Edna she made with the Days for the Pets kit. It's with a picture of her sweetheart Tootsie. She is really posing like a STAR!

Is''t she SWEET????

Well, that's about all. I still have to do some things in the house today, like the favourite thing ironing(YAK), and at the same time turn the machine on for another laundry. It is just starting with it, that is always the most difficult. When busy it goes quick, so I must kick myself on my bottom to do so,.HAHAHAHA!

And then I will do the search for the freebies and also finish the kit. And I have already an idea for the next one, so hopefully I can make a start for it too. As you see, I have a full day ahead again.

I hope you still can have a good day, even without the freebie from me(LOL). Try to make it into a nice day, for pet owners, remember today is THEIR DAY, perhaps they are in for a little extra treat. I think my cats will have something real nice for their "dinner", they will not understand why, they will probably just swallow it down. But it feels good to yourself, isn;t it?? Not, that they are not traeted well the rest of the year, oh no. I think you can call them a little spoiled!

But why not, you took a pet because you liked it, they give you their kind of affection, so it's just normal you take good care of them!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Extra post, another award

Hi there,

Just HAVE to make this extra post today, I received another beautiful award! I am in the prizes lately, and still not understanding completely why, but I LOVE IT!!!!YIPPEEEEEEE!

Well, here it is

I recieved it from Thanks a lot girl, for this shining award! Read what she wrote about me:

Kyra of With A Russian/Dutch Heart... Hugs girly thanks for helping me get lots and lots of downloads on my freebie Quick Pages and for posting my Blog Link on your page.... Sending you tons and tons of hugs.....

Here the rules:

If you receive this award, you must pass it on to 3 other blogs.

If you have already received this award, you don't need to pass it on.

You must post on the chosen winners blogs to let them know about the award.

Now here are my 3 choices:

I admire her because she also comes up alomost EVERY day with a freebie, for now she has a whole serie of flowers, sooo beautiful, and she is so inventive in coming up with all kind of themes for her freebies. And by the way, she is a very nice person too!

She is such a very nice lady, I love to read her every day stories and she makes also beautiful freebies for all of us. And I always must smile when she tells about her Tootsie, she is sooo concerned about this little dog and she doesn;t need to have a World pet day, to be nice to pets and other animals. It is just in her heart!

I chose her blog, because I think she designs a bit in a different style, but very beautiful. It worth a little trip, ladies, to meet a very creative designer and also so nice to offer us freebies.

Think about your pets

Goodmorning everybody!

Starting right off with the new kit, I did finished it yesterday. PFFFFWWWWW! It's a real theme one, because of tomorrow, the 4th of October.

Then it's World Animal day, given this date, because of Saint Franciscus of Assisi, who was known to be an animal friend, and they took the day of his death for this special day. You are supposed to think a bit more this day about all animals on earth, and perhaps give your pet a little extra treat. But basic, it is to make people more consious of sometimes the awefull circumstances animals are put in and to try to prevent that. I think, this is a good thing, but it isn't a ONE DAY thing. There are still a lot of animals in need or threatened with extinction( although it is sometimes also a natural process, which cannot be stopped). But when this happens by human behaviour it is a bad thing. So to keep this a bit short, hahaha, I made a kit for this day : "Day for the Pets".

Well, there are a lot different kind of pets, but I chose some of the smaller ones and a bit general ones. I have goldfish, ferrets, mice, rabbits, dogs, cats, guinee pigs and birds.

So I say sorry to the owners of other animals, but it's almost impossible to make a kit with ALL of them(like snake or turtle and so on and so on!).

As I was checking on Linda's blog(bonscrapatit designs) she told about a blog from a....GUY.... YEAH, it is still a rare thing in scrapperland. So I went over to SCRUBBIE and liked it. He tells humorous stories makes very lovely layouts and has a few freebies too. I suggest you take a look there, nice to read life from a man's view sometimes! Do you believe, he has made RECIPE CARDS???? How nice!

Okay, I will put up now the kit, must see, if I can come up tomorrow with a new one. I still think, one of these days I'll have to skip a day or two with the freebies, not the posting and rambling. I know, I ssay this more often, and it almost never happens. Just let's see what time brings to us, tadaaaaaaa!!

For now, that's it, I hope you all have a fantastic day, and don't forget to check the Fall Splendor links, and the other, daily downloads from several blogtrains. I just keep repeating it for you, so you won't forget and it saves me a bit of time in the freebielist, because I will skip those blogs mostly.

Download HERE

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Another award, how cool!

Goodmorning everyone!

Hope, you all spent some time yesterday on the freebielist. At least with going to a few blogs of the Fall Spledour blogparty. But I think, you can take some time for it this week-end too. Because of the enormous offer of downloads.

Guess what? I received another I love your blog award! Isn'that cool?? And I am very honoured that it came from a very nice person, Valinda
Just have to show you the picture of it again!

Here are the rules for the blogs I nominate:

1.The winner can put the logo on her blog.

2. Link the person you received your award from.

3.Nominate at least 7 other blogs.

4.Put links of those blogs on yours.

5.Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you’ve nominated...

Now the blogs:

She is on Blogger since August this year and I like very much her QP's.

Rochelle from

She just started this blog, but I think she makes lovely things.

Mary from

Already long time on my freebielists, but admit, she makes great stuff.

I will leave it to these 3 blogs. I already made a lot of nominations in the past.

Now I want to spend time designing the new kit for tomorrow. I will hope, I get it ready. Still a lot to do. So perhaps tomorrow no freebie, I don't know yet. But at least you know I am working for you!!LOL.

Today I have an Autumn kit for you. I guess I was inspired by the Fall Splendour somehow. It just turned out to be this kit. Hope you still have some place for it after the freebielist of yesterday, hahahaha.

Have all a very nice day and I'll catch up with you tomorrow.

Download HERE