Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Little update on me, at last!

Goodafternoon everybody!

I thought it was time to let you knw a bit more after more than a week of silence.
Oh, it isn't yet brilliant, but I think every day or two it is improving by a few percente.
I just finished now the antibiotics, and I am free of the nasty couching, at last! Yippee, that is something to celebrate.
It still is a bit of a struggle to eat. But... I take a sandwich in the morning(which is disappearing rather quickly again in comparison with about two weeks ago LOL), then halfway morning a proteine drink, than for lunch a sandwich, or a little fish or an egg, than later afternoon again a proteine drink, and then dinner, still not enormous protions, but already a bit better and a dessert, and again a cup of coffee in the evening. And even sometimes later in the evening another sandwich. So I am trying my best.
And I try to take a walk every day, yesterday I was a brave girl, I walked to the market(about 20 minutes walk), took my time there and walked back, and then was glad to be home again, hahaha.
But I have to do it, because otherwise the proteine drinks are of no use. They are ment to support the building of muscles again and then you will have to move arund.
I think it really will take time to build up my weight again, if only for about 4 kilo's, but we keep working on it.
The worst thing still is, that I am not feeling really hungry at times I do have to eat, and I still have a strange taste. Perhpas that is to blame a bit to the antibiotics, so finished with that now, I hope taste will get back soon too.

Jan's scar of the operation of his umbilical hernia seems to heal okay, but he will have to be careful still for the next 4 weeks at the least. But I am so glad this operation has been fine and till now without complications or whatever.
So with both of us on a slow way of mending, we still have to be gratefull we are capable of meding!
and it;'s a good thing we are heading to the best season, summer, and sunshine and nice tempratures are things that we need now.

Well,  still will have to do a lot of mailing some day, and read back blogs and I am feeling rather selfish, not doing it right now. But I am feeling still rather tired, although I sleep rather well at night and sometimes take a nap of an hour during the day. Okay, that is about all I can tell you for now.
Thanks soooo much to everyone who left comments and mails and all. I did read all the mails, and you are just wonderful people, sending a hug to you all to thank you for yur support.!
I will make it up to you with some freebies, but please, give me some time. I am not feeling up to designing yet. I am already glad that I cookm dinner again and do some smaller shopping walks and I even did vacuum clean the house a few days ago. So slowly I must pick up normal life and get just simply stronger again. I will get there,  of course, just takes time and as we aren't the super youngest anymore it will be a bit harder, perhaps, but the intention and willpower are there Yippee!
Till next update, dear ladies!

Sunday, May 17, 2015



Will try in real short give an update.
Yesterday I came home from stay in hospital from last Monday evening.
I had a very severe pneumonia. Was acting of course already in the two weeks before, but when called my doctor he was on holiday. So we called last Monday and with a lot of pushing he finally came over in the evening at about 17.30. At 18.15 I was in hospital with ambulance.!
Because i was already feeling so bad the last two weeks I almost didn't eat either, so lost a lot of weight, muscle power and that has to be rebuilt again.( I am not a heavy weight, so 2 or 3 kilo's is a lot)
well, had heavy antibiotics in hospital, already received extra feeding  special kind with lots of proteine and such in it, to give my body a boost and I will have to continue to take those little bottles for the coming time 3 times a day, plus normal food, as much as possible).
I think  took off not one jacket but 3 at the same time, I am worth nothing at all anymore, but condition and strength and such will come back slowly, already glad that today is the last day of antibiotics, and that I am home.
Of course still very tired after every little thing I do, hopeless.

Sorry I couldn't let you know earlier, but I have nobody who knows to handle Blogger, so I just had to wait.

Well, in short you know what is the matter, Idon;t know when I will be posting again, I must take on little tasks every day again, try to take some walks whenever the weather is nice enough( walks from perhaps 10 or 15 minutes at the most, more I cannot handle at the moment).
And I think it will take real time to recover again from it, but we will get there!
I am sure my mailbox is loaded, didn't take a look yet, please be patient, I will digg through it, some day and try to answer.

That's it for now. Must try to eat a sandwich now, that is the hard thing, you know you 'll HAVE to eat,but don;t feel like it, although taste is coming back a bit now. Still is a little fight for me every time I must eat smething, LOL. That will change soon enough too I hope.

Till later all!