Sunday, June 26, 2022

Tried my hands on backing

 Goodevening everybody!

Yes, it is already evening. I just finished washng up from our dinner and thought now was a good time to do my blogpost.

Weather today was fine, around 20-21C, with some sun. Last two days we had some rain during the night, happy about that. Next week temperatures will rise again till around Wednesday, then later it will drop a few degress. All by all it will be lovely weather.

Today I was, in slow pace, busy with several things, so I found no time to do the post earlier. Yesterday I've made a big pan of tomatoesoup, well filled with lots of vegetables, and tiny tomatoes, and small meatballs, so that was our supper for the weekend.  Then I found out that I still had a roll of ready to use puff pastry. I had it planned for a savoury plate dish, but never came to it, so now it had to be used. Well, I tried my hand on some backing, which I rarely do. I made an apfelstrudel, a bit my way, I suppose and that is now waiting to be served with our evening coffee. I have no idea if it will be any good, but hey what disaster can you produce with ready puff pastry and some apple, raisins, and sugar?

I;ve made a photo of the result, now just hoping it will taste well.

Rest of today I was busy with the laundry and some gardening and i between it all taking it easy and slow, LOL.

It was a rather quiet week, as many of them are, thank God, and still the days go by so fast and looking back I don;t know with what it was filled, but I have the idea I did a lot, only cannot remember it all hahaha.

Had to make a call to the bank to ask something for Jan, had a very nice person on the phone that helped me very well. There is nothing better than a person to person call, so much easier to explain things than on a computer chatprogramm, at least that is my opinion.

Soon we will have wellfilled evenings concerning tv watching, (we always have lots to watch and always are short in time to watch it all)but in about two weeks time there wil start the European Championship Women soccer and you know Jan and I love to watch that. Our tean stands a good chance, but there are a few more very serious candidates for the title. Let's just hope our team performs well and comes into the finals.

Oh, last Thursday afternoon Jan had to undergo an endoscopy, which is nothing bad, but takes time. As Jan gets into panic when they enter his throat he always has a light anesthesia, but then the whole procedure takes a bit longer. So after the endoscopy, which takes not long, he has to get awake again on a ward, and that takes about an hour. They always keep the patients for about an hour in the bed, give them something to drink and perhaps, if they want a little sandwich(e.g. Jan wasnt allowed to eat during the whole day). But then to get him home is still quite a challenge, He still was a bit under the weather, so when we finally ot home, he was glad to lie down on the couch and was asleep within a second and slept almost the whole evening and night, only woke up two times for 10 minutes or so.

I did say to him that I better liked to take a taxi home, but he refused that and wanted to go by tram. And there is no arguing with him about it. So stubborn and hard headed at times, hopeless. We managed to get home, but if there is a next time, I will have to plan it otherwise, because I didn;t feel very happy during our travel. The tram was okay, but we also have to walk aa bit from the station to our home. Pffff, why are man so difficult to handle at times????

But okay, all went well, he had a good sleep, next day he took it easy, and I did also, and on Friday evening we were up to date again. Now just waiting the result of the biopsy they took(they almost do that every time). Every time all was well, it is more of a repeat control every no and then. 

Our garden is a real pleasure now, with all the blooming snd the good weather at the moment. I am now waiting for my tomatoeplants to blossom. we have sown them a bit late and then perhaps moved them outside just a bit too soon. Now they seem to do well, they grow like mad, but still is the question if they will give us some tomatoes. There is still a little bit of time, so we'll just have to wait patiently.

Soon there will be the evening news on tv, so this is a good time to finish the post. I wish you all a splendid week, stay safe and healthy.

Sunday, June 19, 2022

In spending mood this week.

 Goodafternoon everybody.

Today we have a not as good weather as we had last couple of days. We reach about 17C, now some sunshine, but rain is expected also. Last couple of days we had really warm weather of around 28-30C here. Gosh, that was something to get used to again. Okay, that might be somewhat too warm, but next week we will get again nice weather with temps of ca. 23-25C, little wind, not very much rain either.

This week Jan and I were in a spending mood, hahaha. We went together to an electrical shop, where they sell all kind of things, and also raidio;s telephones, all kind of things. It was easy to reach with one tram that stopped almost in front of the shop.Good for Jan of course. Well, anyway we needed a new phone (we still have an ├Âld-fashioned" phone by cable, and that one was at the end of its life. Now we have a new one, with big buttons, the kind of "senior-phone"Wonderful!!!

Then Jan wanted a little radio or perhaps radio-alarm clock next to his side of the bed. He is often awake at night and likes to listen to some radio then. We found a nice little thing, but I must say that it isn;t that easy to handle and preset all  that is needed. I explained the most necessary things to him, but I don;t know if he remembers it all. Perhaps we should have looked a bit more before buying this one. We still can return it, if we want, so I will talk about it with him this week. Then we also bought a new radio, this one has DAB+ on it, and even has a cd player, for me it works okay, and is enough, because we don;t listen all too much to radio. I think in time we will be happy enough with it, And I bought me a printer, finally! I still have to install that, I just hope it will not be to complicated. I know, it shouldn;t be, but when that said, I know I will encounter some problems with it,for sure. But.... one day it will work and will be a good feeling to be able to print some things when necessary, like some bills they only send by email these days etc.

It was some money spent, all together not too expensive, now we just have to familirize ourselves with the new equipment. You know they say that new techmics make it easier for us, but sometimes I am not really convinced by it. Where is that radio/tuner, where you just have to turn a button to get your station? Or the one that had a simple to use preset system, much easier than a lot of them sold now. Or is it just my age that is playing tricks with me???? Perhaps a bit of the two LOL.

We have a lot of flowers now in the garden and I made a few photos for you.

Isn;t that a beautiful rose? And there are several more just opening.
These are such happy flowers, and only completely opening when there is enough sunshine.
A container we changed, I bought a Canna and love the plant. Hopefully it will get through winter and bloom even more next year.
And I couldn;t resist buying this dahlia(I bought two of them) Aren;t they of a wonderful yellow color?
And this is a spot in about the middle of the garden, and old little chair, holding a few containers with lovely flowers and a bird bath too.

Oh, I see that Jan is busy reading the manual of the new radio set. Is it just me who things so, or are they writing those manuals often too complicated? I do have at times real trouble to understand them. Only after reading it several times(and of course first making 10 times or more mistakes) I get a grasp of it. I hate installing new equipment and amd really happy when at times somebody else does the trick. 

Good, time to get something to drink now and have a lazy sunday afternoon.

Wishing you all a wonderful week to come.

Monday, June 13, 2022

Unexpected, but nice visit.

 Gooafternoon everybody!

Yes, I am a day late, nothing to worry about, I wasn't really in the mood yesterday, and promised myself to write the post today. we have nice weather, today is a little bit less, but during this week we will reach really summer temperatures, of around 25-30C. All is coming more and more into bloom in our garden, next week I will post a few photos again.

All together it was a nice, but quiet week, although Tuesday there was a surprise. I just came back from some grocerie shopping in another street, further away, and on the way home I met the daughter of acquaintce of earlier days. Remember I met this daughter about a week earlier already? Isn;t that a strange coincidence? Denise had her day off of work and made a stroll with her little son. And doing so she passed our home, made a phonecall, nobody answered so she went back home and there I was! Probably Jan was somewhere in the garden and didn;t hear the phone. To cut it short, I said that if she still had time, she could come in and have a drink. So she did and we had a very nice afternoon talking about all kind of things, having the drink in the garden, it was nice weather. She didn;t go home untill around 5 p.m.! I've made a photo but I still have to ask her if it is okay to post on this blog. We don;t get that many visits so it was really a lovely afternoon.

The rest of the week we did some work in the garden, it is the time to see if there has to be changes made, keep that in mind and do it later in the year.

Oh, I hear the parakeets shouting in the garden, I suppose they like to have some applepieces and some peanuts hang up. It is about time for that, and they don;t like waiting too long, LOL. Also Muppet is on visits every day, during the day she spents a lot of time here, mostly sleeping. Oh, if we only could sleep so weel as cats can, how wonderful that coud be and how much energy we would have every day!

My friend Heidi also called today, she is back from her holiday, she had a nice and quiet time in France. We didn;t talk too long today, I will call her later this week to have a real chat. 

Now it is about time to sit for a little while in the sun, and enjoy the birds and the flowers and the nice weather. And then soon I will have to prepare dinner, well, I have almost all ready, is just a case of warming up in the oven, easy peasy!

Have all a wonderful week, till Sunday!

Sunday, June 05, 2022

A few photos, and quiet week I think

 Goodafternoon everybody!

I gave myself a slow start this morning(hahaha, I almost do that every morning), but really today it also completely felt like it and still I have done some things. First weather report: at the moment it is raining, a nice gently rainshower, loved by the plants in the garden, it was necessary. It isn;t that warm here, For now it is 18C, but as soon as the sun will come out again, it will warm up and we can have 20-21C. This will be I guess for whole next week, although weather reports here change quite quickly lately.

I first watched a detective this morning, having a cup of tea, later on a sandwich, busy with Muppet making a quick visit, then turned on the washing machine and by them it was time to put on the coffee, watch the news. Then I did first the preparation for our dinner, it is an easy meal, but full of goodness, I made a tray for in the oven, filled with some cut vegetables, like paprika, pumpkin, onions, small new potatoes, mushrooms, and small cut chorizo sausage. That all in a light cover of sunflower oil and well seasoned. That will go in the oven for around 20-30 minutes and ready! As dessert  we will have some cottage cheese with fresh cut diced orange. Good enough for a Sunday, don;t you think?

Friday I got a burst of energy and did some good cleaning work, like washing all high windows we have in the hallway and above some doors, It doesn't happen that often because I don;t like too much climbing up stairs, but that day I felt okay doing it, Also gave the kitchen floor a thorough cleaning, as well as the WC room. Also did some hoovering in the sitting room, Jan also did his bit with some dusting there and cleaning a small window we have there that looks into the hallway, and cleaned the Venetian blind we have on that window. 

After all that I said we did earned ourselves some rest and that it was enough for that day. But you see, every now and then such a moment and some work can be done(Pity that those burst don't occur too often with me, LOL). 

I have a few photos for you from the garden, all comes more and more into flowering, so I guess in a few weeks time there will be much more in bloom. It is nice to see it all come into life again. 

Overview from about the patio to the back.
Lilies we once got one or two from my friend Heidi, now we have a whole nuch of them,
Here one of the two mini petuni's we have, they are fantastic.
And here a small species of cleamatis(only grow around two meter high, I grow it in a large container , bought it last year I think, but this year it really starts to flower, in a beautiful color.

And here is Muppet, our visitor. It is hard to get a good photo, but you get the idea.

Tomorrow I must not forget to make a phonecall to Heidi, who is in France on holiday at the moment. It will be her birthday. And it will be nice to hear how they are doing there. I hope she gets a good part of rest and relaxing, which she needs badly.

Okay, this is about it for now, have all a wonderful week and talk to you next week.