Monday, April 29, 2013

All Holland preparing for tomorrow!

Goodmorning everybody!

In slow moves, with some fall backs, it seems that spring is coming our way. Although the wind is still too fresh and temps are a couple of degrees too low, at least we have sunshine, some rainshopwers in between(but it's good for the garden) and hopefully it will continue to get better and warmer.
It was a quiet weekend, but rather nice one. Friday i did some shoppping, and I cleared away some papers in a map, and one drawer from the little bureau, where I have my computer. In that drawer are all the program cd's, and other computer stuff and manuals for it etc. It piles up in time, and it was necessary to go through it. Oh my, I have gained space in the drawer and can find what I might need.
Jan did some rummaging too, he started with some boxes where we have all the screws and such. He sorted them out a bit, and that was a necessary thing to do! He will have lots more to go through, but you have to start somewhere.

Saturday it looked nice enough to go out and take a look at a fair not too far from our house. Pity the wind was slightly cold, so although su was shining, the wind made it less agreable. But okay, we had a walk, good thing for Jan. I can see he is still not in real good condition, e.g. I see it by the way he walks, and still has trouble with his back( but he doesn;t say anything about it, he is determined to go back to work as soon as possible, I only hope he will be able to do enough hours and that he will have no fall back, so cross fingers please!). It can differ from day to day, at the moment how he feels.

But at the fair we bought us a few plants for the garden, to bring in some color. As Jan cleaned up all the garden, every time he felt in better condition, we had gained a lot of free space( a bit too much to my liking, I am sure I will miss some plants in summer LOL),. I try to be not too grumpy about it, as I see he is enjoying the gardening. I should try now to let him read a bit in the magazines I have collected over the years, to get more familiair with the plants and there growing needs and such. May be that day will come too, grin!

I think today all of Holland will be making the last preparations for the big day tomorrow, the inauguration of our new king and all festivities that will take place.
Yes, tomorrow we will spent a lot of time at the tv, of course and perhaps later on we will see about visiting some fairs that will be held all over our city.

So today I think I will have to do something about the laundry, perhaps some dusting and vacuum cleaning, to be able to take the "day off"tomorrow hahahaha.
As we are going to have a very special day tomorrow, we are going to witness a historical moment, and that should be a happy day I will offer you another Nutshell kit, in bright yellows, named "Allegria"(Joy). And oh my, look at the page border and qickpage Arlene made you with it!
I've made lots more of those Nutshell kits, they are such fun to make. If you collect them all, you will have little kits in all kind of color pallettes, till now, I have made them in just one color scheme, but it may change over time.
Have a wonderful day!

Download    HERE

Download    HERE

Friday, April 26, 2013

We had a bit of real spring weather

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, the last two days it was real nice weather, specially when the sun came out, and it really felt like spring. You can see the result of just two days of the better weather. Suddenly things in the garden are rushing to sprout and grow faster LOL!

Today will probably will be a little fall back in temperature, but then slowly it will go up again in the following days.
The good weather brought some extra energy to us. Jan made already two little tours on his bike, to see how that is going and how his back is holding. He still has to be careful, not to overdo it, but it seems to go rather well.
When he was away for an hour or so, I looked at the windows of the garden doors, specially the outside and decided that they could do desparately with some water. So now that is looking a lot better!
Today it will be shopping day, and Jan wants to go to the agency for a little talk, and may be already to say when he thinks he will be back for his work. Not sure yet when he will start again, I think he better take another 2 weeks to get stronger and work a bit more on his physical condition.
Oh my, government has found another thing to get some extra money.
Yesterday we got a mail from the agency that Jan should bring them a statement of good conduct. That you will have to get from the city council, and the thing will be mandatory beginning next year for agencies like the one Jan is working for.
Okay, perhaps I can understand why they want to have one( and Jan only has to deliver one, the agency can produce a copy for the health institutions he will be working for), but it will cost us again another 30 euro. Think about all the people that work in the health care( and it will be necessary for a lot of other professions as well) and it will be easy earned money!
Nothing to do about it, he will have to fill in a form, then let the agency fill in the rest and then go to the city council and deliver the form.

All the time government says they will make it easier for the people, to have less bureaucracy, but in the end I have the feeling that there are always more forms to fill in, that also have a price to pay.
And a lot of those forms are kind of useless, because all the information you must provide is known e.g. at the city council and surely at the tax office, so why not exchange that between the departments and offices???

But..... I will not continue to be moaning, LOL. Weekend is starting this evening, and then next week already we will have the installation of our new king. It is funny you know, in a way it isa far away thing, on the other hand it feels somehow close to the heart. It's an event that will bring a lot of people together, and most of them are just intending to have a great and festive day, and so it should be. It's a national event that belongs to our country.

On to the kit now. It's a lovely kit, I think, named Melancholy Serenade and take a look at the beautiful pageborder Arlene made you! Hope you will make some lovely layouts with the kit and clusters. I hope you will not have trouble downloading, it's on 4-shared)
Hmmmm, I think I still have about another half hour or so, before I will have to get busy around here.
Just the time for another coffee and perhaps making a start for a new kit design.
Have a fabulous weekend, till Monday!

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Download    HERE

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It should be a real nice day!

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh my, I was awake so early this morning, around 6 oçlock. I thought a bit about what to do(that is hard when you are just awake LOL). Decided to take a cup of coffee and watch the news on tv.
Then I noticed that after a while, my eyelids fell down, grin. So I thought it might be best to grab another 2 hours or so of sleep. Did that on the couch and woke up around 9.00 oçlock. Wonderful!
Looked outside and it is all bright and nice there with sunshine. Temperatures should go up to about 64 F and tomorrow they expecti it to go up even a bit more! Whoopee, that is nice. Only I looked at the forcast for the rest of the week and they wrote that temperature on Friday could go down by about 8 to 10 degrees. It is unbelievable! No wonder people are confused, but nature too a bit. Well, we will try to enjoy today's and tomorrow's nice weather, and we will see what comes after.

Told you about my epilepsie specialist, that it was sooo difficult to get an appointmet, just for yearly control, but that she should phone me, on Monday. First it was said it would be between 11.00 and 12.00 oçlock. As I didn;t heard anything yet around 1.00 o'clock afternoon I phoned the hospital appointment desk. Hmmmm, there they said that the doctor would call me probably after 16.30 o'clock. Okay, so I had time to go out for some shopping,just a few things, and when I came back. Jan told me, the doctor called. Ghee, what a nice planning. Now she said to Jan she will phone on Wednesday, so today. But I have no clou at what time. This is sooooo frustrating! I hope she doesn;t expect that I stay home all day near the telephone. Hmmmm, if I should be out when she calls, I better make another appointment, even if it is somewhere in June, and have face to face contact.
I can understand the doctors have a lot to do, but it shouldn;t be tooo hard to take an hour or perhaps two a day for their phonecalls, so that people can take it into account, and won;t have to be around the telephone all day.

Gosh, Jan worked well in the garden, we will have to put another load of garbage sacs outside this evening. I think there are 5 more with garden stuff and just one with the house-garbage LOL!
But when that is gone from the garden, whee, we will have a lot of space and actually start planting some stuff, like some of the seedlings and perhaps I will be able to afford a few euro's for some blooming plants, we'll see. Yes, finance is still a bit tight, but with some magic and creativity we will survive this period and will it come all to more normal level.

Oh it looks really good outside, I should get dressed and take a look into the garden and perhaps even drink a cup of coffee in the sun. Seems to be a good plan to me!

Did you know that next week we will experience a little part of history( for people our age this is the second time)? Then our queen will abduct in favour of her son Willem-Alexander. After more than a 100 years we will have a king again!
It will be broadcasted all over the world I am sure. Well, the 30th of april we will sit in front of the television from early morning already. And although our queen and now our king have no real political power, they our an important factor in the feeling of togetherness and they are still important for contact between countries, promotion of our country specially for the business etc.
The monarchie is one of the l;ast constant factors in our society and I hope it will stay so for a looong time!

Today there will be another Nutshell kit! It's all in a teal color palette, and named "Sogno"(meaning Dream). Hope you will like it, together with Arlene's clusters( one clusters and one beautiful page border!).
Have a wonderful day!

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Download    HERE

Monday, April 22, 2013

All over the world, it's a mess!

Goodmorning everybody!

I just took a look at the news and isn;t the world a mess? all over the world there are nature/ weather disasters, on a lot of places people are having wars, killing goes on, and also lots of people who just want to have a bit of normal life, are involved and become victim.
Individually we cannot do a thing about it, but even in large numbers ti doesn;t seem to matter what people want.
It makes you feel sad and a bit desperate at times, and I wonder: will it ever be better in future? I really have no idea.

Okay, i got that off my chest, on to the daily life LOL.
Not too much to tell about our weekend, in fact. Friday I did a bit of housework, hey, I got rid of the pile of laundry that had to be ironed! Saturday weather was nice enough to take a quick visit at the market. I didn;t need much, but it was fun to look at a lot of the stands again. I came home with some vegetables, a bit of fruit and a big fish.
Remember I told you Jan bought me a cooking book? I made a recipee from it for our Sunday dinner, with the fish. I didn;t have all the ingredients that were in the recipee, but I don't think it matter too much.
I gave it a bit of my own switch, and it worked out very well! So yesterday evening we had fish with some noodles. Yummie.

That was about all I did yesterday, the cooking, oh and the washing machine was loaded, so I turned that on, stuff is hanging to dry . We just took a day off, almost.
Jan could sit in the garden for some time, to read his newspaper, it was still a bit fresh, but in the sun, and not much wind, warm sweater, it wasn;t bad at all.
I took a moment in the garden too, but later I did some designing in PSE, and finished a nice kit.

Yesterday evening we watched tv, of course, and we saw a wonderful part of a serie about the Great Barriere Reef.. It stays an amazing part of the world. It's just very disturbing to hear(and we know it already for a longer time) that this part of the earth is endangered. And we people from all over the world are too blame most for it. It's such a delicate eco system, that the global warming up of the sea by 1 or 2 degrees has great effects on it, and that together with the pollution of the air, it has large effect on the building of the corals, for one.
Climat changing causes more tornados, in the area, and more often they occur and that has a big impact too. I twould be a shame if this wonderful creation of nature would disappear, and that will effect all of the animal world and at the end it will effect us too.
Scaring if you think about it for a moment. Such beauty should never get lost.

I will have to wait for a call from my specialist for my epilepsie, the annual control that is, nothing disturbing. But I wanted to make the annual appointment, as I called the hospital on Friday. And they could give me one untill the 3rd of June!!! I just need 5 mnutes and that's all, but even that was impossible, unbelievable. I only need to see her, so that she can write my prescriptions for my medication for the year. Best the hospital could do was giving me a telephone-appointment, for today.
Oh well, it that is enough, I don;t mind, it saves me a trip to hospital. I just hope the doctor will still write the prescriptions for me, if sshe does, they will be send to the drugstore I always go to.
My God, next year I will have to call in much earlier in the year, that's for sure.

It's about time for another cup of coffee and some more blogreading and if the weather stays as nice at it looks now, I might take a quick walk, and perhaps do some garden stuff later. There is still a lot of garden garvage, that needs to be put in sacs. Then just hope Jan didn;t took out too much plants LOL and we will have to wait for some weeks more till it all really starts to grow and hopefully bloom too.
That's all folks, and now the kit for today. It's named "Exploration", and it turned out to be a little bit steam punkish LOL. Not too much, but is has the touch I believe.
I hope you will be able to use this kit, I have two downloads for you, easier to download, otherwise it would be a rather "heavy one". Arlene made a couple of clusters for it. So you will have enough material to stay busy for some time, grin.
Have a wonderful day!
Download     PART 1 HEREDownload    PART 2  HERE

Download      HERE

Friday, April 19, 2013

Serious garden clean up

Goodmorning everybody!

Wednesday supposed to be a bit of household day, but by now you know that if I plan things, they often tune out to doing something else LOL!
So I saw Jan, busy cutting the dried flowerheads of the hydrangea and I started helping him, we both did about half, it's a rather big bush!
We also took out some of the old branches, to give it some air again. Then I started pruning and cutting away a lot of the ivy, that grows like mad. Then Jan took also a part of t, more at the back of the garden, also took out some branches of the larger bushes standing there, some branches of the trees, and all together it gave a lot of space. He also cleaned the soil there, which was covered by fallan leaves, needles of the decars, and such. In the mean time I gathered all the cut branches and such, put them together, so we could bundle them and get rid of them.
Also took out two or three plants, that had grown too big, but not looking good anymore, that too gives suddenly a lot of space. As you can imagine we were busy for a couple of hours( we took some short breakes in between) gathered all the garbage together, put it into big bags, bundled the branches(3 bundles we had to make!), we had 3 BIG plastic bags of garden dirt, plus the usual garbage bags, that were 2. In the evening we got them all on the street for the garbage tricks to pick up next morning. Gosh, it was quite a pile of stuff LOL.
But it was worth the work. Our garden looks nice again, lots of free space(dangerous, cause it screams for blooming plants), still we will have to do some work in it, but yesterday we took a day off. Well, almost a day off, I mopped  the floor in the hall way and the room and it was so strange, after I finished, the water looked quite dark brown LOL> So it really was a necessary action, specially after all the workers this week who brought in sand and stuff.
But  because there was a very fierce wind blowing, really hard, which made it almost impossible to do anything in the garden, we took it rather easy  the rest of the day Today it looks a bit better, although sometimes still blowing with some force. Probably Jan will do some garden work again. He really enjoys it, it seems. Well, it's a good start for him, to build up a some condition and force again, he has less trouble with his back(still he has to be VERY carefull), but it looks to be going the good way. E.g. about two weeks ago he still had to take 4  or 5 painkillers a day, yesterday he just took one, the day before I think 2.
So lets hope he soon can do without them and that his back will be in about "normal"condition. It will always stay a weak spot, I guess, but if he will be able to move around without real pain, and ride his bike again, without having too much trouble, it will be already a great thing.

Yesterday I had to buy us a new tv program guide, and yes, I was tempted by some lovely spring plants in discount LOL. I couldn;t resist, so I bought 2 six packs, one of petunia and one of Busy Lizy.
Jan planted them yesterday on a large free area he created again, they look a bit lonesome, I could have bought more, but it is a start and it brings a bit of color.

 Today I offer you another Nutshell kit, this one named "Farfalle"( Butterflies), I love to give the Nutshell kits Italian names LOL. A lovely cluster and a stacked page  from Arlene and you will be able to do 2 or three layouts this weekend.
Have a wonderful day and equally weekend, take care!

Download   HERE

Download   HERE

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Another shock to the world

Goodmorning everybody!

Can anybody explain to me what is happening to the world??? Now there was a bomb attack in Boston, and lots of people injured, from light to heavy, and 3 deaths already! What is the use of it?
A wonderful event, the marathon took place, lots of people enjoying it, and then this!
All my sympathy goes to people involved in it, and I surely hope the investigators will find the on or ones responsible for it.

What has happened here? Well, Monday the carpenter came early, he made the little hatch in the store room, but he also made one in our living room. It was no problem, once we asked. Oh so wonderful He had all the equipment for it and it was done real quick. It gave us opportunity to take a look under the floor and as far as we could see, there was no leak either of the central heating pipes. So why it lost its water, I don;t know. It looks as if there is something not working well in the kettle itself, you should think.Anyway, for the moment, the water level is still holding, although going down, but very slowly. It's at least an improvement, but of course we will have to call for a specialist to take a look at it. But if it's holding as it is till now, we can wait a little bit, financially it will nice.
We are expexting some money back from the tax office, when it's there, we might be able to call for a specialist.
After the carpenter left, Jan and I started to first clear the room of all the sawing dust. Oh my, it was quite a mess, but the vacuum cleaner did its job. Still this fine dust is tumbling down on the furniture, so today or tomorrow the room needs another serious cleaning.
After that we re-arranged for a great deal the stock room. We had to take out a lot of stuff because the gaspipe workers needed some space to work, but it was a good opportunity to take a good luck at all the stuff we had and throw away some of it. Well, so we did! I think we have now 3 big garbage bags filled.
Now we have a partly new arranged stockroom, oh it looks so nice!

Jan also did again a bit of work in the garden, clearing the borders of unnecessary stuff, like weeds, we even have a couple of spots where we can put in the seedlings or other new plants. He has still other plans of re-arranging a bit the garden, I try not to be too protective and let him do. However warning once in a while to take it a bit easy, because of his back trouble.
And I am sometimes worried he takes out too much green, which are supposed to grow again in summer and becoming a nice plant. LOL!.
Oh my, so funny. Yesterday Jan went out for a little walk(yes yesterday we did nothing iin the house, a recovering day you could say) and came home with a little cook book for me. Not that I don;t have cooking books, but this one is one with some not too difficult recipees of the Indonesian and Chinese kitchen. Nice hey?
And did you know that Jan's first school education was at the bakery school? He was about 16 at the time. He never got working in that profession, but he has the basics and now he said he might try his hands on baking cookies and stuff, just for fun. So he bought a little book for himself too, recipees for 500 sorts of cookies and cakes. Hmmmmm, we'll see if he actually will try his hands on it.

Enough talking done for today. There is some more work wiating for me, like ironing, dusting, perhaps even of some re-arranging a closet or so, if the weather is nice enough I also have to do some pruning in the garden, so enough to keep me busy. I have a fresh looking kit for you today, named Ready for Spring. The download is from 4-shared, sorry for that, but you know why I had to upload there for a couple of days. Hope you have no trouble downloading.
Download    HERE

And arlene has made again 2 lovely clusters and a wonderful quickpage for you!
Have a great day!

Download    HERE

P.S.   I forgot to say that you should take a look at Linda's blog, where she offers a beautiful quickpage she made with the Beyond Time kit.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Do we have secret gnomes in our house???

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, we are up real early again, cause we are waiting for a carpenter to come.
Let's start at the beginning.
Friday we had the guys from the gas company for making the new pipes. They were real nice guys, cannot say anything else. At about 3 30 afternoon they were done.
They had to saw a little bit to make a hatch a bit larger, but the "boss" of the group said they could send a carpenter of the company who would fix it for us. Nice, of course. But we also need in fact a new one in our sitting room(there was one, but when our floor was put on these guys didn;t pay attention and covered it with the parket). As we had to go under the floor to check all the pipes of the central heating system, we asked the guy of the gas company if perhaps the carpenter could make us a little hatch. He said, we could ask that and mention his name, and that it probably won;t be a problem.
So let's hope it will be done.

Now the most amazing thing that happened this weekend. You know we were having trouble with the central heating thing. I had to refill the system about every 4-5 hours, which isn;t normal, of course.
Then Saturday morning I woke up, looked right away at the central heating, and yes I had to refill it. Okay, I did so. The checked after a few hours and ............................................ the pointer was still at the same spot, as it normally had to be. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm??????
Then again I checked after two hours. Nothing changed.
That went on also on Sunday, and even this morning it was still at the same place.
Jan and I don;t understand anything about it. Not that we are complaining, you hear! And we still keep an eye on it for the next few days at the least!!!
So I wonder if there moved in a couple of nice gnomes in our house and they were so sorry for us having this misfortune added to a couple of others and fixed the central heating????????
I really have no idea what happened, but as long as it stays this way, we can wait a bit with calling a specialist to take care of the thing. We still will need to call in one somewhere this year, the kettle needs a regular cleaning and inspection anyway.

Yesterday the weather was nice, although bot as good as predicted, at least not in our area. Still temps were real nice, oh what a difference with two days ago. So Jan did a bit of garden work yesterday, I am laughing (inside) actually about it, to see how he took up the gardening, he is doing much more than me at the time.

I'll have to finish soon this posting, because when the carpenter will be here on time, after his job done, we will have to put back all the stuff in place, that had to be removed for the gas company guys. Well, good opportunity to look at it all and hopefully get rid of some of it. Yes, we people keep too much stuff, and often a lot of it is hardly used. So if you don;t use it at least 4 or 5 times a year, you don;t need it actually. After that is done, the house needs a sweep with some water and then also could do with a vacuum cleaning LOL.

I am having such fun maing those Nutshell kits, you know. Of course it's nice they take a bit less time to make than the bigger kits, but now much, really. But I really love making them. I can tell you I already have made 9!!!
Yet, today I will offer you a "normal"sized kit, all in red, named "Happy Moments". And you will get also 4 clusters from Arlene, made with this kit. She keeps amazing me with her creativity.
Have to leave you know, wishing you a terrific start of the week!

Download    HERE

Download    HERE

Friday, April 12, 2013

A messy day!

Goodmorning everybody!

We both were up very early this morning, had to be ready to open the door for some workers that have to replace the old gaspipes (they do that with every house in the street). As we have an old house, the pipes underground never go straight and simple, so the guys are deliberating how to do it the easiest way LOL.
Lucky they can go under the house, well, at least for a part. Oh well, I hope they do the job as quickly as possible.
We had to clear the area where the gasmeter is placed, in another part we had to clear too a bit cause there is a hatch they need to go through.
Oh my, just returned from the door, cause there was a problem with the neighbour on the 2nd floor appartment!! Seems they didn;t see the guy making the appointment for today(I doubt it, but they speak poorly Dutch and not too well English neither). Lucky, that the neighbouw was still at home, but he had to go to his work. After deliberating  he finally called his boss, to ask if he could change his workshift. Well, he could so he stays home today. Pffffffff, I am sooo glad, cause otherwise the whole thing would be blown off for today, the pipes are connected through all 3 appartments and they have to change all 3 of them together.
I wonder why people don;t read the letters well they receive about planned work by the council.
Anyway, all is solved, the work can go on. let's hope it will go smoothly and rather quick.

In one way it is a good thing, because we had to put away a lot of things out of the area from the gasmeter, will be good opportunity, to go through all and probably throw away some stuff and re-arrange the rest. Oh, one of my favourite occupations(NOT) LOL!

Jan is a bit pooped out, cause he already started to clear the working area yesterday, went to look for all possible needed hatches in the floor, etc. He did too much, so no good thing for his back, but you know he is stubborn.I did help, of course, but I was out yesterday to do some shopping and he already had done most of it, when I returned. Then we have also some trouble(all comes at the same time damned) with our central heating system. It is loosing its water, so we have to refill it several times a day. Not a good thing.
Therefore Jan yesterday also went under the floor, to check if there might be a leak in one of the waterpipes of the system. As far as he could see, there isn;t. So it might be in the central heating boiler. I have no idea. We will have to call for a expert to see what is wrong.
But we will have to wait till the gas guys are ready, and I have no idea how long that will take. It may be that we will have to wait to make the call till Monday. Of course there are companies that will come in the weekend too, but they charge often a lot more. Cross your fingers please,that it will be minor problem and that we will not have to replace the boiler,our finance is rather tight at the moment!

Okay, first hthings first, they started with the gas pipes just now, so workers are going in and out the house, LOL.
If that is done, we will deal with the central heating thing.

I think I have a great kit for you today, named "Beyound Time". It could be a very versatile one, and oh whee, you have a such wonderful add-on from arlene, she has made you a fantastic quickpage, a lovely page border and a clusters. I think you are being spoiled, ROFL!
Wishing you a lovely weekend, hopefully I will be able to teel you the gas thing went well and what is happening with the central heating.

Download    HERE

Download    HERE

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What's happening in the world????

Goodmorning everybody!

The last two days were rather quiet, although I got several things done in the house, and I am happy about that.
We got a visit from the gas company, two men came to see our connection to the gas supply, because there will be a chenge to it. All connections seem to be re-newed, so theyhave to see how they can reach the pipes under the floor.
We have possibility of a little hatch to go under the floor, so hopefully it will be enough for them to do their work. First a part of the street will be broken up and Friday they will come to make the new connections.
I am not too happy about it, it always comes with some mess, but hopefully they will be done in a couple hours!! We will have no gas in that time, so that is no heating, warm water etc.

I was really shocked this morning, doing the usual teletext reading while drinking my morning coffee.
Another shooting took place in the US, or even two, one being an accident. A boy took with him a gun he wanted to show to his playmate, it was loaded and it went off. It hit the friend in the head and he died. I think they were still at elementary school. How is it possible that children can get to the gun of their parents????
The other incident was "heavier", several people got wounded by shots, a couple of them are in real danger.
What is happening to this world? Having guns at home for protection, well, I can understand that in some circumstances. But at least make sure you have them at a safe place, that the children cannot reach. And then there are adults of several age, that suddenly take a weapon, go to a school, shopping centre or just a street and blindly start shooting, because they have a difficult time in their life, or they are mad at the government or city council, or have a dispute with a teacher or whatever.
Throw a brick through the window of the city council, or go there and protest, everybody can understand that. But what's the use of blindly shoot children, teachers, people who are trying to make a living?
No, I cannot and never will understand this.

What about a simple thing? LOL. Weather here is slowly chainging. Temperatures are getting into the 50 F at daytime, we have some rain now, but it is getting a little bit better. Let's hope it is the start of a long and nice summer, but there still is  a long way to go.

Today I have another "Nutshell kit" for you. I like making them, and I hope you will enjoy this second one, named "Dolcezza" ( that means "sweetness").
When I have finished this post, I still have a bit of time playing at PSE, then I have to make a couple of copies I received from the tax office(nothing disturbing), but I should send them to the accountant.
No real plans for the rest of the day, oh that's okay. There is always popping up something that needs attention.ROFL.
Okay, you all have a great day, see you again on  Friday!

Download    HERE

Download   HERE

Monday, April 08, 2013

Not really spring here yet

Goodmorning everybody!

Although we could do a couple of things in the garden this weekend, it just wasn't really nice.
The wind is still very cold, but thee might be a little light at the end of the tunnel.
This week temperatures should go up a bit and we probably loose the night frost.
I think it is about time, don;t you?

Jan was busy re-potting some of the seedlings, so I hope they will survive it and grow nice and steady. He can do those things as long as he doesn;t have to bend too much.
Still no real progress of getting in better shape, I think it will need more care than we can afford at the moment. But it will pass, some day, only it takes a loooong time, I fear.
Well, things are as they are, it sometimes happens like that.

Oh, I got a nice surprise, this weekend. I went to mediafire, to look if I had any space left to upload things( remember that last week my space for a free account was cut back from 50GB to 10GB????).
And this weekend I noticed that I was back at the same 50 GB again. I don;t understand a thing about it, but I am not complaining, just crossing fingers, that it will stay like this, it sure will be easier to keep some files a bit longer. o next couple of weeks you might find different download links, at 4 shared(not my favourite) and at Skydrive too. Hope the 4 shared ones will not give you too much trouble.
I had lots to do at the computer this weekend, because Arlene sent me lots of fantastic clusters, pageborders and also quickpages of several kits I made in the last weeks.
Gosh, she says she has a bit lack of inspiration at the moment, feeling rather low, and I am so sorry for her, I try to keep her spirits up a bit by my emails, as I obviously cannot just pop into her house for a visit. But she did make several really lovely things, you will see when I post them.

Today will probably be a bit of housekeeping day again, not too much, but some things just need to be done. Not a big problem, I will just give myself a kick at the bottom and then it will be done quickly LOL!

Kit for today is namend "Past Years". I splitted it up in 2 downloads, for easier handling.
And Arlene has made you such sweet clusters!
Have a wonderful start of the week!
Download    part 1 here
                     part 2 here

Download clusters   HERE

Friday, April 05, 2013

Slowly, slowly, we might get better weather.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, perhaps next week we might have a bit better weather, at least no more frost at night, and temperatures a few degrees more at daytime.
If already the night temperatures would be a bit higher, we may try to get some of the seedlings out of the room into the garden. Oh, the idea only makes me happy LOL!

But that will not be for today, because I must walk to the bank and put there some bills that have to be payed. Okay, Aat the same time I could pop into the supermarket for a couple of things and then I will rush back home, and probably do not much else.
Yesterday we made a few minor changes in our living room, we weren't quite happy with the light in it, so changed on or two lamps, a little table at another spot, and for the moment we have a rather good light distribution again.

Not too much happened the last days, so I think I better finish this post, get dressed and get walking, and do the things that are needed, and then have a nice afternoon with some playing at the computer.
Hopefully I have more to tell and ramble about on Monday again.
I have a rather "heavy"kit for you today, sorry for the folks that might have a bit trouble downloading, but had no time to repack and re upload the kit in parts.
Arlene also did her best with this one, okay, she always does her best, but at times she really gets carried away, grin grin, so I have two previews with clusters for you.
The kit is named" Write your own Story".
You all have a marvellous weekend, we'll meet again on Monday.

Download    HERE

Download    HERE

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

We have sun, but temps are low!

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh whee, I kept my promise to myself to get a bit busy yesterday. among other things, vacuum cleaning, turning the washing machine and did the ironing.
I was a bit inspired by the sunshine we had. But when I stepped outside in the garden, the wind was blowing and that was COLD.
it didn;t stop Jan from re-potting a lot of the seedlings, I only saw later that he had overdone the work outside and that's resulting in a bad feeling back. Well, I can understand he wants to try it out, but I think I stop warning him for this, as he isn;t listening LOL.
Already a lot of the seedlings could do with a big pot, so now we have the big ones standing in the room, awaiting better temperatures so they can stay outside.
This week it will not be, perhaps they can go out during daytime for a few hours, to get used to outside conditions, but towwards the evening they have to come in, cause at night we still have a couple of degrees frost.
But perhaps, perhaps next week it will go better, if the forcasts will be fulfilled LOL.
At least no more frost at night, at daytime a whee bit higher temperature and wind changing to south or south west. That should bring really some spring.!

Today Jan is going to our doctor to talk to him about his back, he also will need some more painkillers, although he takes them less. Still needs to take them once or twice a day, otherwise it's no fun at all.
We just will have to go through this period, hoping it will go better, but it is a slow process.

I'll have to go out today for some grocerie stuff, will be good to sniff a bit of fresh air, must think of something to eat for this evening, have no idea at the moment but that will pop up in the supermarket, I hope.

Today I will share with you a kind of new sort of kit, that after a long thinking time got the name of "Nutshell-kits"Each little kit will have around 3 papers and about 12-20 elements in it.
I think one can make several layouts with this, but also will be nice for just one you just need to make.
So every now and then you will have a smaller kit, but I hope you don;t mind too much.

Must wake Jan now, so he can take a coffee and a sandwich before going to the doctor.
Wish you all a very nice day, oh, and keep up the little prayers for Mat's sister, Kathy. You can read an update about it on her blog.

Download    HERE

Download    HERE

Monday, April 01, 2013

In need of some help.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, I Need your help,  but not for me but for Mat and her sister. I just got an emial from Mat, that her sister Kathy is taken to hospital  and is in not good condition. She even is taken to IC, so she could do with a prayer to keep her safe and get well again.
You can read a bit more about it on Mat's blog.

That was the most important thing to tell you.

Easter weekend passes smoothly here. In Holland we have TWO days for it, so today is the 2nd Esater day.
But I will start with Friday. Heidi and husband and daughter were here at about 10.30 finally and we went straight away tot the market. I took my shopping car with me, so we didn't need to carry all the little plastic bags. Heidi found all she wanted, and I bought just a few things too.
Then they went home from the market with the tram and I walked back home(that takes about the same amount of time). Weather was cold, but as long as you stayed in the move, it was kind of bearable LOL.

Saturday I just had to go out for the newspaper and could stay in the rest of the day, which I spent with a lot of computer time. I even made a layout for Edna, of course with Pogo, with the kit Some Day. See the result of it on Edna's blog.
Oh, speaking of computer and such, I got a not so nice surprise when I went to Mediafire to upload a kit. Suddenly they changed the free space I had of 50GB to 10 so I had no possibility of uploading, cause I exceeded the limit drasticaly, of course.
As I don;t intend yet to pay for a larger amount of space, I had to think of something. Well, first I deleted a lot of files, with result that I have a lot less kits in the My Freebies together. Sorry for that, but I might have found a solution for the time being. I still had my 4shared account. There I have still space, so I started to upload the newest kit there. I am not a great fan of 4shared in the whole, but at least I can upload and keep the files for a time. And I also will try out Skydrive, where I have a free space of 7 GB. All together, it should be enough for keeping my files downloadable for say 3 or 4 months.
But I don;t like the move of Mediafire, to reduce from one day to another the GB for a free account.!

Okay, enough about that. We will find a way to keep up the freebies list, may be in time I will be able to pay for a larger account.
Then I first have to find out( and you know I am a dummy in new things) how to install/have a Pay pal account. But first of all we will have to survive a couple of months our kind of tight budget LOL.
It will come, we just will have to be a bit patient.

Oh, Jan bought us 3 big sacs of soil on Saturday. He found them for a real low price, went to that shop with my shopping car, hahahaha, and the guy there put the 3 sacs into the car(nice, cause Jan could with his back). As I bought him on Friday 3 more seed packets, he will have to plant them soon. Adn some of the soil we will need for the garden, cause we want to change it a little bit, as soon as the weather will be at a bit higher temperature.

That's about it, we will spend today in rather inactive way, LOL, I think some designing is a good idea, I think Jan will be busy with his seedlings and such. Yes, I will enjoy this rather inactive day, tomorrow will need another attitude. House needs some attention, laundry will be waiting and such.
So on to the kit, then another cup of coffee and the I will get dressed and then I will continue on a new kit, I think.
This kit is full oc color, I think we all can do with some color at the moment so here you have "Be an Artist", with clusters from arlene and also a quickpage she made!
Have a wonderful day, don;t forget a little prayer for Mat's sister Kathy!

Download   HERE

Download    HERE