Monday, April 22, 2013

All over the world, it's a mess!

Goodmorning everybody!

I just took a look at the news and isn;t the world a mess? all over the world there are nature/ weather disasters, on a lot of places people are having wars, killing goes on, and also lots of people who just want to have a bit of normal life, are involved and become victim.
Individually we cannot do a thing about it, but even in large numbers ti doesn;t seem to matter what people want.
It makes you feel sad and a bit desperate at times, and I wonder: will it ever be better in future? I really have no idea.

Okay, i got that off my chest, on to the daily life LOL.
Not too much to tell about our weekend, in fact. Friday I did a bit of housework, hey, I got rid of the pile of laundry that had to be ironed! Saturday weather was nice enough to take a quick visit at the market. I didn;t need much, but it was fun to look at a lot of the stands again. I came home with some vegetables, a bit of fruit and a big fish.
Remember I told you Jan bought me a cooking book? I made a recipee from it for our Sunday dinner, with the fish. I didn;t have all the ingredients that were in the recipee, but I don't think it matter too much.
I gave it a bit of my own switch, and it worked out very well! So yesterday evening we had fish with some noodles. Yummie.

That was about all I did yesterday, the cooking, oh and the washing machine was loaded, so I turned that on, stuff is hanging to dry . We just took a day off, almost.
Jan could sit in the garden for some time, to read his newspaper, it was still a bit fresh, but in the sun, and not much wind, warm sweater, it wasn;t bad at all.
I took a moment in the garden too, but later I did some designing in PSE, and finished a nice kit.

Yesterday evening we watched tv, of course, and we saw a wonderful part of a serie about the Great Barriere Reef.. It stays an amazing part of the world. It's just very disturbing to hear(and we know it already for a longer time) that this part of the earth is endangered. And we people from all over the world are too blame most for it. It's such a delicate eco system, that the global warming up of the sea by 1 or 2 degrees has great effects on it, and that together with the pollution of the air, it has large effect on the building of the corals, for one.
Climat changing causes more tornados, in the area, and more often they occur and that has a big impact too. I twould be a shame if this wonderful creation of nature would disappear, and that will effect all of the animal world and at the end it will effect us too.
Scaring if you think about it for a moment. Such beauty should never get lost.

I will have to wait for a call from my specialist for my epilepsie, the annual control that is, nothing disturbing. But I wanted to make the annual appointment, as I called the hospital on Friday. And they could give me one untill the 3rd of June!!! I just need 5 mnutes and that's all, but even that was impossible, unbelievable. I only need to see her, so that she can write my prescriptions for my medication for the year. Best the hospital could do was giving me a telephone-appointment, for today.
Oh well, it that is enough, I don;t mind, it saves me a trip to hospital. I just hope the doctor will still write the prescriptions for me, if sshe does, they will be send to the drugstore I always go to.
My God, next year I will have to call in much earlier in the year, that's for sure.

It's about time for another cup of coffee and some more blogreading and if the weather stays as nice at it looks now, I might take a quick walk, and perhaps do some garden stuff later. There is still a lot of garden garvage, that needs to be put in sacs. Then just hope Jan didn;t took out too much plants LOL and we will have to wait for some weeks more till it all really starts to grow and hopefully bloom too.
That's all folks, and now the kit for today. It's named "Exploration", and it turned out to be a little bit steam punkish LOL. Not too much, but is has the touch I believe.
I hope you will be able to use this kit, I have two downloads for you, easier to download, otherwise it would be a rather "heavy one". Arlene made a couple of clusters for it. So you will have enough material to stay busy for some time, grin.
Have a wonderful day!
Download     PART 1 HEREDownload    PART 2  HERE

Download      HERE


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this beautiful kit for free

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Morning! I just finished my blog and I think we both are in the same mood! LOL!
Thanks so much for the lovely kit, looks very interesting! I am in the process of an ABC book for Jayson. (I did one for the 3 great nieces before he was born). I have to get his finished as there are 2 more on the way! I will never run out of photos to scrap will I? LOL! Love it!
Thanks to Arlene too for her gifts I so enjoy them!
Don't over work in the garden, take some time to enjoy it. I am loving looking at my flowers this year! Having more fun watching the new kitties grow...LOL! Life does seem to go on~
Have a beautiful week ahead, chat again on Wednesday! Big hugs for both of you! Luv, Mat

Edna B said...

What an interesting looking kit. I like the color scheme. I have to agree with you about the awful changes that have come with global warming. They just seem to be getting worse. Let's hope it slows down some. It's nice to hear that you are able to sit out in your garden. Pretty soon we will be able to sit out too. Now I'm off to play with my little guy. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads.
I agree, there have certainly been a lot of sad and bad things happening in the world lately. I try to be optimistic though...

Unknown said...

Thank you very much, perfect elements to add for a family history/old photo project.

Unknown said...

Thank you very much, perfect elements to use in a family history/old photo project

Bonnie Carter - The Maltese Scrapper said...

Thank YOU for your work. I'm always excited to download one of your zip files. I've been a fan for a long time.

chick1852 said...

Thanks so much. Love the kit.