Friday, January 29, 2010

It's a birthday, yeah!

Goodmorning everybody!

And it finally happened!!! Today my hubby has his birthday, reaching the same age as I have, and no longer is living together with an "older" wife LOL!!!!
I used a paper and a frame from my "Party with the Faries"kit, doesn't it looks nice?
Well, I did all I planned for yesterday, whoopeee! So I also found a little something for Jan. As I am always eager to give a present, I don;t have often the patience to wait, I waited till midnight yesterday and then it was officially the 29th, so Jan's birthday and I gave him the present. As I predicted, he first said he wasn't happy with it because we shouldn;t give eachother anymore presents, but I saw on his face he was happy with it. He is a funny character, you know!!! I bought him a little bottle with a liqueur (he isn;t supposed to drink any alcohol, but he has permission from his doctor just once in a while to have a little glass, so once or twice a year, why not? He can keep it down to just one in the evening and spreads it out over several days, oh what a change is that) and a nice warm fleece vest. So I hugged him hard and he looked very disappointed to me, saying"Oh boy, now I cannot say anymore "old women"to you, and I will have to wait a whole year for it again"(but also with a big smile) LOL!

All the kitchen stuff is back in the cupboard(which is standing on another place in the house, much more practical, really!) I got rid of a few old pans and had the room for the new set and even the grill. Amazing!
I gave the room a dusting, and a sweep with the swiffer for the wooden floor. Hoorray for me! And of couse I did the shopping, and eve rather early in the morning. Ha, that could mean today I take a it "off", and could have more playing time on te computer. Oh, sometimes life looks great! LOL

The last kit of this week is a kit I made for a challenge on the forum, I combined in fact two challenges in it, the brush and the colour challenge. As so often, I justed wanted to make a little contribution, but....I got carried away again and it resulted into this kit. Well, it;s about time to offer this kind of kit, speaking of Valentine. And here you have " Valentine, Be Mine". Make some lovely romantic layouts with it, okay?
I am off now, loging for my second cup of coffee and then I can play around on the computer for a while, yippeee! Have a fabulous weekend and we meet again on Monday, or perhaps on rainbows during the weekend as my friend Minky would say!!

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh my, we were sooo lazy yesterday!

Goodmorning everybody!

I told you we perhaps would go looking for a rack or something for the kitchen. To be short about it: we didn;t! Weather looked so dark and unpleasant, that Jan and I just looked at eachother and knew it had to be for the next day! So the stuff tht disappeared out of the kitchen still is dwelling on it's temporary place LOL! But today I should range that again, I hate to see it standing all around every time I have to go at the storage room. If we manage to go out I am supposed to have a rather busy day. because I also have to do a little bit of shopping and have to find also a little present for Jan. Gosh, give me today a day of 36 hours, that should be better!!!
Did I tell you that last Monday evening there was the lottery again at the cafe? Jan manage to come home with two prizes! One was a set of 4 pans for te cooking(they look not bad at all, and I could do with a few new, so good deal) and the second was a nice gourmet grill for 8 persons complete with the little pans and wooden spoons. I don;t mind Jan is coming home almost every time with something, but for months, or even years, we try to get rid of stuff(we humans do have a lot of stuff!!!) and  he is filling up the few empty places we sometimes have at last. Hmmmmmmmmm, it is a never ending story I believe ROFL!!!
But as long he comes home with stuff we really use now and then, it isn;t yet too bad.

Are you all getting a bit in the mood for the Olympics in Vancouver? It's is slowly going to itch with me. It's a bit difficult with the time difference we have (9 hours) , some of the events take place in the middle of the night here! But most of the speed skating is at a rather good time for us, nice in the evening, so that we can follow without problems. And of course we Dutchies have high expectations of our team!!! But other events, like ice dancing, which I love to see, is really in the middle of the night! So I will probably not follow it all in the live shows, although some of it I will. Then we just have to take a nap in the afternoon or early evening to hold it through an still be able to live through the next day without too many problems! Do you know we even have a men's and a women team in the bob??? Yeah, unbelievable, isn;t it! And they are even considered to be an outsider with possibilities! About two more weeks and that madness is starting. I truly hope it will be a great event, without nasty surprises of any kind and certainly without any injuries for the competitors.

Okay, on to the kit for today. It's the second one of the serie I am making, just imagine yourself a BIG house, with many rooms and you can guess what I am up to. This time I present to you the "Brown Chamber". Hope it's is something you can use.  Have a great day, I hope I can do all that I have in mind!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Are we done with repairs now?

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, the plumber did come and made my wallet a lot lighter in weight and much less filled!!! It appeared to be a much longer job than thought off, but hey, they done the job, and hopefully the trouble is over now! I've had it with repairs and all those things for a loooong time ahead, can you believe that??

Oh, my, I had some great news in the mail today from Magickal Scraps friend Nana  . She had a lot of health trouble in the past time and was undergoing all kind of tests. The most stressing thing of it all was, that there was a suspicion she had a really nasty disease, cancer was the first option. But......... finally after waiting a long time, she had the good news... NO cancer, NO Lupus,. so that was a big relief of course. I am so happy for her, she had some terrible months to live through and her life wasn;t going so smoothly either. Now she has a much brighter view on the future!

Then my friend Minky surprised me with another awesome gift. Look at this certificate:

Click it to see it in full size. Isn;t this a lovely certificate to receive? It's an awesome lady I got this from, a very special person and you should go to her blog to read all about the news plans she is having for the Starchildren.

To stay a bit in Minky's "world" I have a lovely kit for you today, at least, I think it's a lovely one LOL, and about what else it could be than about Fairies???? So here you have a "Party with the Faries". You enjoy the kit and make some awesome layouts with it, okay?
Today Jan and I will have to shuffle all the stuff back into the kitchen, but it may be we first have to go out to look for a rack or so to place in the kitchen to have a bit more storage room there. We'll see if we can find something.
I better try to get some clothes on soon, so that we can go out, LOL!
Have a beautiful day!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It could be a messy day!

Goodmorning everybody!

We are now waiting for the plumver to arrive, so I have a little moment. I think I will leave the house as soon as he gets busy, it will be better for me. And no need to be at three when he does his job. Jan will watch it, that's enough.
I have something else I want your attention for! You know Minky, by now. They have a marveloous project they want to start and it will be realized quicker if a lot of people could be nice to them and do a little donation, just only when you have some nickles to spare! She started to make a little kit)which is lovely' and you can download it for free on her blog. But if you have the means, she also has a donation button, and believe me, every little amount helps! This is the mini kit of Minky

Click the picture and you see  it huge! If you want to know more about the Starchildren School Project just hop over to her blog and read all about it. I think it´s a marvellous idea to give children an education in love and peace, with compassion to others, and still standing with both feet in real life!

Aha, I hear the door bell, well, Jan is taking charge, let him do so, I am happy with it. I better try to finish the post now and then go to do the shopping, I just hope the guy will not be busy for a too long time.
Oops, it´s not the boss himself, but two men! Well, let´s see how they will do the trick. Cross your fingers!
I am ofering you today a kit which is the start of a serie, suddenly got the inspiration again and I just hope you like it. We start today with `Blue Chamber`. Have fun and a lovely day .

Download   HERE

Monday, January 25, 2010

We must get busy!

Goodmorning everybody!

I will try to keep it a bit short today, because there has to be done a bit of work. As tomorrow we get the plumber , we have to clear out the corner of the kitchen today. Jan already wanted to do that yesterday, but I managed to keep that off LOL! Well, I didn;t want to be two whole days with a partly empty kitchen and the stuff of it wandering about somewhere in the house! Can you imagine? So a bit later in the morning I will wake Jan and we will have to do the trick.
Apart from that little problem yesterday I can say I had a great weekend, nothing happened but I was productive in the designing, whoooooo! Suddenly I had a great idea and now I am making kits with that idea. Not telling you yet, what I am cooking up, but I think you may like it. If not so, pity, I am still happy about it LOL!
Some day this week, before Friday, I should take a little trip to the town's centre and look around if a nice thing catches my eye for Jan's birthday. I know, we officially don;t give eachother a present, but most of the times I cannot resist buying a small thing. And I know he will be a bit cross at me when he receives it(but I know inside he's happy with it), oh that's okay, I am used to that reaction LOL.

For now I just want to finish a preview of the latest kit I have completed and then I think it will be around the time to get moving around a bit. Oh even yesterday I was a nice girl, did a laundry and also did the ironing of a nice pile of laundry waiting for me. Good hey?
Gosh, just this week to go and January is already done with! Then I will have to think about a next birthday, the one of Séverine in February. I should call Heidi one of these days to inform what kind of thing I could buy as a present. I really have noidea at all. But kids these days already have so much stuff, that's it isn;t easy to find something a bit different. The last few mnths we Heidi and I don;t see much of eachother, somehow we don;t find(or make) the time for it. That should change again a bit, but she is so busy, that I don;t want to bother her too much at the times she can take it a bit easy and although it may not look like it, my days are filled too and it's also the weather that is playing a part in it. When it's nice and sunny and a rather warm temperature you are quicker in leaving the house for a short walk than in this winter time. And may be I am just being a bit lazy. Anyway, I must at least call her again, although we know about eachother that as long we don;t hear too much from eachother all is going rather well, good to know too.

Okay, now the kit for today. May be good for some kids pictures, because it's a pirate kid, named "Pirate's Landing"/ Long time ago I made such kind of kit. Have fun with it and have a great day!

Download   HERE

Friday, January 22, 2010

Just one more week the oldest!

Goodmorning everybody!

Don't you have the feeling too that Christmas was already so long ago? And if you look back it's not even a month ago! Oh my, I think this year will rush by again. We better stick to the day and not look too much forward in time, before you know you have lived already two months without even noticing that time passing! Just one more week to go and I will not be the oldest in mubers of age anymore in the house(I will always be in DAYS but not the NUMBER, ) because next Friday Jan will have his birthday and will reach also the beautiful age (LOL) of 57! Yeah I am living now with a younger man, doesn't that sound awesome???

Yesterday Jan went "underground"in the kitchen, because we are still loosing slowly some water from the central heating system, which means we have to fill that regularly, which isn;t good. There has to be a leak somewhere, but to find that isn;t always that easy. But he thinks he has found it. Now as he is no wizzkid in DIY we called for the guy who repaired our heating and he will be there next Tuesday. Again some expenses we didn;t calculated, but if the problem will be solved then I should feel happy. Let's hope he can fix it rather easily and that it really was the place where the loss of water came from! So Monday we will have to move some stuff out of the kitchen (the closet I just cleaned) because the plumber will have to remove some floorboards to reach the pipe. Hmmmm, hope it will not be too messy and easy to repair again. We are always such lucky persons in these cases, it almost never is simple to put back something or so. Sometimes I think we just attrack that sort of misery, LOL! Oh well it will compensate itself in some way, let's try always to be optimistic!

Oh, if you have a moment go over to Minky's blog
She has made a few lovely layouts, that girl is creatively gifted, I think her hand and mind are sometimes really guided by some artistic fairies! And before you leave, put a little message in her commentbox, she loves to receive them!

Talking about fairies, that's just the kit I am offering today. I made the "Fairy Hiding Place" for you, I think it turned out not bad. I made two papers that you almost could use as pre-made quickpages, I love making sometimes complete scenes. Hope this it will bring a bit of magic to you LOL.
Today I must tackle some rather boaring things, like a bit of shopping and vacuuming and may be even a laundry. It's something that returns all the time, sadly enough.
To give this day a beginning with a smile I found you a fairy poem, just so delightful and very much describing our feeling about the housekeeping LOL!

The fairy at the bottom of my Garden  

    There's a fairy at the bottom of my garden
she flits in and out of my flowers
I can sit on the step here
and watch her
she stays there for hours and hours

Her wings and so golden and flimsy
Her little body a few inches in size
but her heart is her biggest attraction
and that isn't any surprise

For the fairy at the bottom of my garden
spends her day saving the bees
for they keep on taking the pollen
but dropping it each time they sneeze

I bet you didn't know that the buzzers
had allergies from pollen, sad hey?
the sound that you thought was just buzzing
are bee's that are sneezing away

Now this fairy works hard as she
gathers the droplets of sweet
pollen that fall
diving and swooping and gathering up
and rolling it into a ball

She sings an enchanting little melody
that sounds like a gentle wind chime
Oh how I would love to have a fairy
to pick up after me all the time

Janice M Pickett

Isn't that a lovely and sweet poem?
Have all a magical weekend!

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Multiple purpose fleece!

Goodmorning everybody!

The last few days I really have some good nights! I suddenly sleep through till in the morning the alarm clock rings, or even a bit before that. Oh boy, you feel quit different after such a night or one in which you wake up in the middle of it and after an hour or even two go back to bed to catch two or three hours more!
You know about the fleece blanket I received from Edna? Well, I love that thing, and in the mornings, when I just turned on the heating, it's a bit fresh in the house. And then you come out of the warm bed, and put on the morning robe or whatever, but you are not feeling completely cosy. Okay, then I wrap myself in the blanket a bit. Wonderful. But this thing has multiple functions! As soon as i walk around with that thing waving around me, my cat Brodski seems to come alive and starts playing with it. I don;t know what it is, but he just loves it. Must be careful though when I walk around, because sometimes I don;t notice him, when he sneeks up behind me and is holding a part between is paws!.So it is giving my cat some excersie! Best thing is to let him play for a moment, then he gets boared with it and I am "safe"LOL.

Hahaha, I did do a bit of "serious"stuff yesterday. We have a closet in the kitchen, where I have all the "kitchen"things like, laundry powder, cleaning bottles, sponges, stock for the bathroom(no place there to keep it), plastic bags for the dustinbin etc. Well, it needed a good clean up. So I took all out, cleaned the closet and sorted out the baskets with al the stuff. It looks much better now again! As an extra I changed the duvet covers on the bed, LOL. So I felt rather good about myself yesterday, ROFL!
They say, that if you do every day a little part, you get all done, but you know, kicking yourself each day to actually DO something is the worst part of it. Well, if it may not happen every day I make up with it when I really am busy, I sometimes look like a little whirlwind and do more than one thing at a time and then it is done too. (this you can call "cheating yourself",    grin grin!)

I have a whole kit for you today, it was long ago I did something on a safari, or jungle theme, so I searched around a bit and found some nice stuff and it ended up in this kit "In the Wild". Now today I would like to continue on a kit I started yesterday, so I first take my tour on some blogs, then the forum and then I hope that the kit will progress a bit smoothly! Have all a fantastic day!

Download    HERE

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I got surprised

Goodmorning everyone!

Yesterday morning I was swept off my feet!!! How?? Well, as I was still at the computer, Jan was up early also. Then after a while he went missing, so to say. First I thought he was just checking on the heating and perhaps taking a shower, but as I went looking he was very busy, cleaning the bathroom!!!! I almost fainted, you know. Oh, at times he does his part, really, but this kind of thing happens just a few times a year, LOL! But when he dedicates himself to something, he is doing a great job!!! The only bad thing about it is that I am going to feel guilty, doing a lot of designing and sometimes not as much in the house as I should. Okay, I gave my hubby a big smile and then hopped into some clothes and did the shopping and coming home I immediately made the dinner already, a hotchpotch with carrot and onions, here called "hutspot". I know he likes it, so in a way I made it up to him ROFL.
So I suppose I will have to undertake some serious stuff today, just must make up mu mind what I will tackle today. There are so many lovely choises, hahahaha, cleaning the kitchen voards, or give the whole house a good dusting and vacuuming, or lots of other things. Am I not blessed to have so many choises???????

We'll see what it will be, oh, also can look for all the papers necessary for the taxes to declare, making copies for the accountant and that's also one of my favourites! LOL.
Okay, as long as I have to make that kind of choices, life doesn;t seem too bad though! Lots of people are in a period of their lives where they have to make serious decisions, or having not a smooth going life, so I am not complaining, believe me!

I wasn't too productive yesterday, looking back at it. I did upload a new kit, made an extra for the daily downloads of February, got on with a new kit and made a little freebie for you. I am sorry to say, it is just a small one, I made you 2 quickpages out of my kits, may be somebody can use them. I think that's about all for today. You all have a marvellous day now!

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Easy day yesterday

Goodmorning everybody!

It was an easy day yesterday, although I still did a bit of work around the house too, whooooo! I even managed to finish up a kit, but still have to upload it. And I started another one, but that will take still some time to be finished. Hmmm, running out a bit of freebies. May be I should make a few mini kits or so, something to think about perhaps.
I just read Edna's blog and finally in the hospital they are more or less convinced that Mr. Howie needs and evaluation for his situation. Oh my Go, they are quick don;t you think so?? LOL! Anyway I am glad something happens, now wait the result and see what they can do. Should be a relief for Edna and Moo if there comes a solution for this, it's a too big pressure on their lives, I think.

Don;t have very much more to tell actually. Weather is looking a bit grey and depressing here at the moment, but as long as it stays dry, I am already a bit happy. I have to go out, so staying dry is already a bonus!
I think that's about all today, not too much hey? Well, there isn;t big news every day and shouldn't in a way we be happy with that? A human being can just handle a certain amount of events and then a bit of peace and quiet and even some boaring days are a blessing LOL!
The kit for today is again a one colour scheme I think it's a very versatile one, has a short name "Truth"(must come up with some name, hahaha) and hope you are happy with this one. Now have a great day!

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Some people are very busy!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, I am almost feeling guilty when I read the other girl's blogs! Oh whee, they are so busy with all kind of things and I was so not busy this weekend! Oh, Friday I still did a bit around the house like some shopping( i needed a new little mirror in the kitchen, broke the other one when I was sweeping the windows), then did a good vacuum cleaning and also did some ironing too. So that was a rather good day. But then Jan and I saw that in the middle of the night there was ice speed skating again, world championships sprint, and you all now how nuts we are about the skating. As it was taken place in Japan, we had a large time difference so all started at 4.00 at night! Hmmm, what to do? We stayed up, stupid ones! We were lucky there still were some nice series to watch on tv before it started, and Jan and I also did chat a rather long time about all kind of things. That was nice too. But I gave up watching at about 6.00 o'clock in the morning and went to bed to still catch a bit of sleep. I slept till about 11.00, not much but okay, however the blow came Saturday evening. We both fell asleep on the couch for a while, LOL! And then that night there was the second day of the championship. Well, I went to bed, decided not to watch. But I just woke up at about 4.00 o'clock. so i made myself something to drink, had a sandwich and watched the sprinters. But only till about 5.40 and I went into bed again! Catched again some sleep and felt already a bit better, LOL. So you can guess there wasn;t much done of other things in the weekend!
Still, we had the chat at the forum again at Friday and Snowy prepared us another challenge. She supplied us with 3 templates of boxes and we had to make something that had to do with "out of the box"/ Hmmm, catching but what to make? And suddenly I got a flash and idea was born and this is the result: a transformation of sex, and coming out of the box. Here it is

Just click for a better view.

I just read Snowy's blog and oh whee, she is busy that girl, she suddenly got the spirit and started decorating again her appartment! She's good at that! You take a look and youll see what I mean. It even starts giving me a little bit of an itching to at least think about some serious painting. But there's still a long way between thinking about it and actually starting with it ROFL!! But who knows, may be one day suddenly I will  start too. Not promising anything!
Edna was busy over the weekend too, not with such a pleasant jog though. Howie, one of her dwarfs, is suffering from Alzheimer, which is getting worse and he sometimes does the strangest things. So all the crew has to take care of him and keep an eye on him, but it isn't easy. I wonder how long they will manage to do so, but the procedure to get him in a home is very time consuming! Still it will be necessary one day. It's a sad thing to see someone loosing the grip on life, I understand Edna, but one day it will also too much for her to take care off. She also isn't the very youngest around there!
I really hope there will a coming a solution for this quickly, it will be in the best interest for all of them I think.

The kit designing isn;t progressing at a very high speed at the moment, although I am busy on them almost every day! For the moment I find it a difficult thing to do, to be sure to have a new kit every day! I think it's to blame the fact I am getting a bit fussier every time about it. Well, I think better a bit less but good than throwig a kit together so to say and not being really happy about it. We'll see how it will be progressing. Still today I have a little kit for you, may be a bit strange one, not a very usual one at the least. I came across a colour scheme and some nice brushes and suddenly got the idea of making this kit. At first glance you could even say it could be a Halloween kit, but it isn't really meant as one. It's a bit about ghosts lingering on and therefore I named it "Trapped Between Two Worlds". Okay, may be somebody can find some use for it.
Well, slowly I will have to get busy around here, so I wish you all a fantastic day and see you around again!

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Friday, January 15, 2010

My courageous friend Edna!

Goodmorning everybody!

Just came from Edna's blog and oh my, she has a way with words that always leaves a smile on my face. She decided that she needed to loose some weight, so dragged herself to a gym! Yes, she went there actually! She hopes to burn some calories with the excercises she is doing! Poor thing, it didn;t start off too well, she was starting determined but instead of a 15 minute work-out on the bike, she did it for about 7 minutes and wasn't all to happy about the amount of calories she burned with it. I told in her shoutbox, that she was a brave girl, but probably doing a good vacuuming in the house e.g. would burn more calories than the bike excersise, LOL!!! I know, I am wicked from time to time!! But... keep the spirit high Edna, in a few weeks you should do the 15 minutes!!

Well, I lost some energy too yesterday. I washed the curtains from the front window( strange colour the water had after it ROFL) and also cleaned the windows and also did the small curtains I have in the kitchen and cleaned the windows there. Then I did a good vacuuming and felt rather happy with myself after this. I was looking at this ork already for a few days and finally did it and the look at the window is much nicer now! Still have to do the outside of the window but I am honest to you: I think it is still a bit too cold for that. Yeah I know, I am a sissy!
In the mission of cleaning I also broke the little mirror we have in the kitchen! So I will have to go out today to find another one, because it's so handy to have a little mirror there! For some of us of Magickal Scraps the year seems to start with problems, we with the heating installation, now Snowy's water kettle gave up and just after she returned after some shopping. Hmmm, may be we will all have to deal with such stuff this month and may be the rest of the year we will be free of misery( keep on dreaming LOL).

Well, time for the freebie, named "Loving Memories". Have a great day and happy weekend!

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Counting off the days to Spring!

Goodmorning everybody!

Just came from Edna's blog and as of yesterday there are only 67 days to go to Spring! Sounds still an aweful long time, but in the way time rushes by it should be there sooner than we think! I sure hope so, I think I slowly have enough of winter and am ready for some warmer weather. Notmally I also have more energy  to do things. I was rather late this morning, because we went to bed late at night yesterday, and then I really mean late! But....... there was a governmental crisis going on and the whole thing was broadcasted on tv so we stayed up and watched and listened. I will not discuss the whole thing, but it was a bit tricky for the prime minister and his collaborators(LOL) . And I mean really tricky! Still they are there but it;s not the end of the discussion with the parliament. Normally I am not a person who is really following all the polital stuff very close, but there are times it's really like a thriller and although serious, also amusing.
The poor souls kept debating till about 2.30 at night!

So that was a long evening yesterday, unforseen! And good that I had the alarmclock otherwise I probably was still sleeping!

Now on my left side I see a cat sitting, looking up with his begging eyes, I think he wants a place on my knees, That's Dikkie Dik. I know I shouldn;t give in, but who can resist the look of a pet, who waits so patiently and at the same time stares at you with the question in his eyes: "See me, I am such a good cat, I like to be with you, can I perhaps install mtself on your knees, where it is warm and cosy?" You know the answer, I think: I cannot, LOL!
So now he's there!

Okay, do I have something for you? Yes, I have a kit. I don;t know if you like ballet, but it's a kit with that theme, named "A Dream on Stage". ( Typing is a bit difficult with a cat middling in ROFL). Well, anyway, I wish you all a beautiful day, hope I can stay awake!

Download    HERE

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Warm and comfy again!

Goodmorning everybody!

Looking back at yesterday, I could say it wasn't all that bad. Well, not nice surprise first, but I was so lucky to find a guy who could come for the heating the same day! It was an older guy, and he was quick!!!!! Within a few minutes he found the problem, and put in a replacement for a part of the heater. Then he didn;t rush off right away, no, stayed a bit to look if all was going well and wasn;t quit happy, and at the end he replaced the expansion barrel, because he said the old one was making him itchy and replaced he took a good look at the old one and it was really finished. So good for him, someone who wanted to do a good job and you know what? When he mentioned the fee for it, my eyes opened wide of surprise. Not because it was so high but because it was much less than expected! Of course it had been better if we didn;t have the expense, but it was worth it. Naturally it took a bit of time before all the house was warmed up again, although it was done quicker than we thought. So if all goes well, we shouldn;t have any trouble with the heating anymore.Cross fingers LOL. You could say we were still lucky, just about 3/4 of a day without heating and fixed the same day. It did influence my whole day and nothing was done of the stuff I planned. So that has to be done today. On the other hand I kept busy on the computer, snuggled in into my fleece blanket, and just by keeping busy there I forgot a bit about the cold, although it wasn't even that bad cause the temperature wasn't that low as in the days before. I managed to do a few things, some work done on daily downloads for the forum, finished a kit, made a start for a new one, did some blog hopping and mail and with all that the day went by rather quick.
Glad that this adventure is over!

Did you ever had the nasty problem(LOL) of having too ,uch men running after you????? My friend Snowy has that trouble. She's also  on Facebook and it seems that a lot of guys are interested in her profile oh whee! She just can pick out, isn;t that awesome? Well, she says a lot of them are not interesting for her because those guys are not in for something a bit more serious, she is looking around to meet people with a bit of depth you could say, and she is right! She wonders if she is fussy, but I say NO Snowy, you are right to be sceptical a bit and just picking out people who have a bit of the same interests as you have and who are in for some serious conversation and so. Keep being really fussy and it will be worth it, at the end you might end up with some friends, and who knows what the future has in store extra for you?????

Oh my, hear me, I am really sounding like a kind of mother, am I not??? I suppose I just want my friends to be happy and not having too many bad experiences. You can never rule them out, but you can diminish them a bit by just being a bit fussy I think. Haha, I am sure this will bring a smile on her face.!

Okay, on to the kit for today.Is called "Joy and Passion"and you can use it for a lot of diffenrent layouts I suppose. Now you all have a great day, I will be doing a bit more on the puter and then I have to get moving!

Download    HERE

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No heating!!!

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, in fact it isn;t a good mkorning at all. We suddenly have no heating, the central heating isn't working!! Jan tried a few things this morning, but no success.! So I called our service for the heating but they couldn't come till tomorrow. So I tried another one and he says he will be here around 13.30 afternoon! I HOPE SO! It's getting cold very quickly here, so I am not feeling nice and comfy, very pissed off (sorry for the expression) and very helpless and with a strange feeling that it will cost some money too! I do hope so we don't need to change the heating itself, cause that's a lot of money! First cross fingers and see if the service man really comes on time and that he can do something. Then may be we will be a bit warm in the evening again. Oh boy, the years starts off very good!!! It's the last thing we need now, a new installation for the heating. No thanks! And just in a period it's rather cold outside, but you will always see something like this happenes at a time, you  need some warmth. LOL
So you can imagine my mood isn;t bright and light and happy!

Well, I still do have a kit for you, it's the colour challenge we had for November. We were offered a very bright colourscheme and somehow it did me think of India, the colours of the textiles and so. And there it was, a kit "Along the Ganges". Surely hope you can use it and I am sending little prayers up above, that our heating will work again this afternoon. Cross your fingers please!
Have a great day!

Download    HERE

Monday, January 11, 2010

I love my fleece blanket!

Goodmorning everybody!

Brrrr, it has been rather cold this weekend sppecially the Saturday! And although I cannot say the living room is cold, it always seems to have a moment in daytime when it feels much colder then the rest of the day. Very strange! But no problem, I have my Christmas present of Edna, the fleece blanket and how I love that thing LOL!!! I am wrapped in it now too and I feel nice and comfy, Edna, it was such a good idea from you, thanks!!!
Saturday it started to snow a bit again and also yesterday and in this part of the country we were still lucky, because it wasn't a heavy fall, but other sides of the country had much more trouble! Oh gos, I think it has been enough now, we do remember again what snow and cold is, so let's get now some nicer weather again LOL
The weekend I spent rather a lot of time watching tv, because there were the Worldchampinships Allround speedskating and we Dutchies did it not bad at all. With the man we have Sven Kramer as number 1(for the 4th time in a row!!!) ad with the women we have Ireen Wüst with the silver medall. And the other compatitors of our team did have good rangs too! So my weekend was filled again, and even did a bit of designing, yet not as nuch as I wanted, but somehow it seems that the snow and cold freezes my brain, it's not working smoothly coming up with ideas for kits and challenges. Or is that the extra year of age I received a few days ago???? ROFL
Speaking of the birthday, I have to thank everybody from the heart for their sweet wishes. You are all ttoo good to me, but I love it!!!

Oh yes, Snowy's son Shaun had some bad luck! In England there is a lot of snow too and one day he was out and crossing street and was hit by a car! A car turned around a corner in big speed and couldn't stop in time,, because the road was slippery, and oh my, it could have ended much worse than it finally did! Still he will feel some big bruses and his leg was hurt, but still he must have had his guardian angel on the shoulder! Cannot understand people  who don''t take care with this kind of weather and slow down their speed. And the driver even didn't stop to check if Shaun was allright! That's the limit!

And what do I have for you today? A small kit, also in one colourscheme, named "Life is a Journey". Oh I did upload this one on 4 shared, because Mediafire was doing a bit weird for a while. Hope the link works well. Take care everybody who has to deal with snow and ice, in fact everybody take care, but with the winter circumstances it's even more tricky outside! Have a great day and till tomorrow again!

Download   HERE

Friday, January 08, 2010

It's Happy Birthday!

Goodmorning everybody!
Yeah, it's a little bit special day because it is

Yeah, yeah, I have another to my account, oops 57 today! And yesterday, a bit after midnight I finally could open my birthdaypresent I got from my friend Edna, lying there almost 1 month winking at me!!!!!! And she did send me some lovely things. I don;t have a picture yet but I can tell you I received a box of thesacs, pommgranate taste(sounds yummie) , the things that made Jan and me laugh :  a pair of striped socks, but nice soft and warm ones, (and in the good size, very good of her, because I have very small footsize!!) and the best a beautiful delicate neclace with a pendant of small fresh water pearls and matching earrings, made by herself!!! So lovely!
Also just after midnight I received already a phonecall from a friend, who happens to have his birthday at the same day! He knew I was up yet, so no harm done!
Now Jan is in a good mood for the next 3 weeks, because he can say he is younger than me and can call me "old women"LOL. Well, he can have his fun, I can say now: "You must do this or that, I know it's good for you and why? Because I am older!" ROFL.(we say that already for years to eachother having our birthdays, kind of tradition grin grin)
It's just 3 weeks then he has his birthday, so I will survive this period easily, hahaha!

So yesterday after the visit to the doctor(all is going very well with Jan, she keeps him "under surveillance"next appointment in May) we came home and right away started to take away all Christmas stuff. Oh my, Jan was a good help, really, so because of that it didn;t took that much time, although, before we had our house back again it was about 3 hours later! But then all was in "normal"state again. So empty suddenly, strange view, but nice too again.
Oh I received also a nice award from Minky, I don't know to how many I can pass it on but I will pass it on to a team member of the forum, Nana, from, 
she is having a rather difficult time now and I think she can do with a bit of fairy dust

I think I covered all the things I had in mind so it will be time for your freebie. It's a fantasy one, yeah I like making them, so here is"Sometimes Fairies Show Up".Have a fantastic day and also weekend, I'll be back on Monday!

Download     HERE

Thursday, January 07, 2010

I must be quick today!

Goodmorning everybody!

I just have time for a few words and then I have to get moving already around. We have to go to hospital this morning for Jan's check-up. Looks to be a bit cold outside, so I will put on my warm coat and stuff and it will be good to get a bit of fresh air. And then we have to get rid of the Christmas stuff. So I don't know if I manage today to do the freebielist. or, when I do it will be very late. We'll see how all works out.
Better I quit now and post your freebie, in a one colour scheme again, I wanted it to be a rather cheerful kit, and forget a moment about the winter So here you have "Thinking of Springgreen"Have a great day you all!

Download   HERE

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Staying cold here

Goodmorning everybody!

Not such good weather forecast for the next few days. Although here in The hague there isn't much snow to see anymore, in other parts of Holland there still is. And because temperature is dropping at night below 0 and sometimes during daytime just one or two degrees above, it is a bit melting bur freezing up again at night. And that causes in some parts of the country very slippery roads. Especially the little roads and streets! And guess what? Several towns are getting short of salt for the roads! Oh what joy! And now the forecast tells us it is getting colder, nights between -3 C(coast) and -6/7C (inside country) and during daytime it stays a bit below 0 and the wind is turning to N/O. Brrrrrrrrr. And may be we will even get some snow again here. Well, I know, in comparison to other parts of the world, it's nothing but hey, I had a bit enough of winter time now. I am already looking forward to some warmer weather and spring time. But I suppose it will take still some time before it reaches that stage.

Oh Edna, you should know that your fleece blankets are used! Not that it is cold in the house, but in the morning I wrap myself in it and feeling quite comfortable sitting at the computer. What a great gift that was!!!
Jan sometimes takes his when he gets a little nap in the afternoon on the couch.

Well, today is the last day to enjoy the decorations and especially all the lights from Christmas. I posed the three kings into te stable, the poor guys looked exhausted after their long tavel LOL! Then tomorrow it will be a busy day. Clearing it all up and in between we have to go to the hospital, to see Jan's doctor for a check up. I hope we will get it all done tomorrow! Jan says it is always easier to take all the stuff off than to hang it up, but I am a bit strong headed in that. I know it doesn;t take quite so much time, but still it's work and I want to put all the things a bit orderly in the boxes, it saves so much time next Christmas. Hmmmm, we'll see if on Friday we will have an "empty"living room again LOL.

Today I even have a freebie for you! I know I wrote that perhaps I will not have one every day, but as long as I manage to make something new in time there will be one. I am so used to this "routine" ROFL! But I must warn you that I am a bit slower in maing them, and that's not only due to the computer crash. Perhaps it's just me, I am getting more picky, and I want to have them at the same standard and even every time a little bit better. I am getting back already a lot of resources, and that's a nice thing. But only when you loose those files you realize how much stuff in fact you gather on that computer! And I just will have to save more of it on discs, now only to do it hahahaha. 
The kit of today is in one colour scheme, I seem to like that in the moment, but you know me, it can easily change LOL. It's named "Roses are not always Red". Have fun with it, hope you can make some beautiful layouts with it. Now you have a fantastic day!

Download   HERE

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I have a special award!!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yippee, I was a rather good girl yesterday I did some of the things to do list!! I did shopping, came home and turned on the washing machine, unpacked the shopping car, went to do some ironing, then prepared dinner, we had it simple but it takes more time to make it taste good than you should think. I made macoroni with ham and cheese and some chopped onions in it and to it drumsticks, and I was clever LOL. I made enough macaroni to have for today too, Tadaaa, Then I did a few other small things and only then I turned on the computer again.
I started a new kit to be a freebie and a kit for the forum, part of the brush challenge. I got carried away by that challenge again, seems to become a rather large kit.

This morning I had a very special surprise in my mailbox! I got an award from Minky, from! But it isn;t just a blog award, wheeeeeeeeeeee I am now a BLOG FAERIE GODMOTHER! Can you imagine????????? I don;t know how I earned that lovely title, but I am surely proud of it. Look here:

And Minky gave me also a link to a wonderful site a pure heaven of beautiful things to download, go and have a look there and you know, when you take something, leave a message for the designer! The blog is

I also heard from Snowy that a little package I sent her for her birthday arrived, oh I am so glad. She only has to pick it up from the postoffice, so I must wait another day probably for her reaction, cause she has to be off of work to have time to pick it up. But I am already really glad to know that it arrived. I did send it in time, but you never know with the holidays and a parcel always can get lost.

Now your freebie for today, it's a bit in a kind of Victorian style, couldn;t come up with a name for it and finally just named it "Old Fashioned". Do you know how hard it is sometimes to find a good name for a kit? I seem to be in a stage, that  I have trouble with it. Hmmm, we will survive that too, LOL ! Now it's really time for my 2nd coffee and a bit of designing and than go out again for some shopping again(but just a few things) and may be I will be a good girl again today ROFL!!! Have a splendid day everybody!

Download   HERE

Friday, January 01, 2010



Just popping in to wish you all


I hope your year will be good one, as it will always be a mix of good and not so good moments, let there be lots more of good moments!

I have just one thing to show you, it;s the new daily download from the forum. You can see the slideshow on top of the blog and here is  the preview of the store part, only for $ 1.50!! It's a really beautiful  kit, I must say!

Now you all enjoy your first day in this new year, and let's steam up into a beautiful year!