Saturday, April 15, 2023

I am still around, LOL

 Goodafternoon everybody!

You must have been thinking something has happened to me, because there was a long silence on my blog. To be honest, I am not in a great "writing"mood, so it may happen ofter, that I keep away from my blog. Still, I don;t want to give it up completely, so when there is something to tell and I feel like writing, I pop up every now and then.

Life has been quiet and also hectic too at the same time. It still is sometimes hard to accept the fact, Jan isn;t there anymore. I keep busy, which is the best thing to do, I still am i the "clearing out drastically mood" every now and then. Lots more I will have to sort out, but slowly does the trick too.

I am really thinking about moving out of this house, it is too big for me alone and in coming years there should be done a lot of maintenance and it will take a lot of money. As my house is free of mortgage I can spend the money for another appartmenet, probally a 2 room one, nice compact. I like to have something with a lift in it, and a small balcony that would be nice. I think it will be better to buy then to rent. Renting prices are really high and go up every year. I can do several years of course with the money I get from my old house, but at a time it will be gone and then? I don;t know how many years I still will be around but you have to think about it. So I am informing myself here and there about the right thing to do and how. It will not be done from today to tomorrow but I would like to be in another appartment somewhere next year(if sooner is possible that's okay too, but I must not rush into it!).

At the moment my friend Heidi has found another appartment much better situated and not too far away anymore from her friends and social things. It means she is not too far away from my home and who knows, I may find a new home even closer to here too. The first appartment she was looking for, wasn't appointed to them, there are a lot of rules for that, hopeless, but may be that one wasn't really "meant"for them. This one is a bit more expensive, but a lot better for the, So I am happy for them and hope they will live long and happy there.

I also am occupied with perhaps selling my grand piano. I contacted this week a company and somebody will come over beginning of May, to take a closer look. I already sent them some foto's and it seems they might be interested. I don't think I will get a very high price for it, but at least I know it will be taken care of and at the end there will be someone playing it with love I hope. I didn;t play already for longer time and if I should move to another appartment it will be almost impossible to take it with me, so selling it is the best.

Now I am more or less in stand by for my friend, in case she needs some extra help for the new house. I I can help with cleaning, or wrapping in things in boxes for the move or whatever. 

I also have an appointment with a notary in May, I want to have a will drawn up. It must be done, I am not the youngest and everybody knows we all can pass away from one day to another. 

So you see, there is a lot going on, and even with important things.

As soon as I have some news again I certainly will let you know.

Thanks to all who are visiting. I wish you a wonderful week to come and do keep safe and healthy!