Sunday, June 27, 2021

Nice weather and quiet week.

 Goodafternoon everybody!

it is gorgeous weather today, the app on my laptop says we have about 25C now, and i believe it, feeling the temperature in the garden.  Yesterday we had some light rain, and that was very pleasant for the garden and pots and containers. It was a bit cooler during last week, but now it is great.

It was a very quiet week, with just everyday- things that I did, and I have to admit that the plan of "every day some cleaning or things alike"didn;t happen. No, not completely true. I did some two days in a row and I was already happy with myself, hahaha. And I did go through a part of my wardrobe and it got rid of a lot of things that were old, or not suitable to wear anymore. Specially two baskets with underwear and socks etc. Gosh, they look a lot better now. Also the shelf with my sweaters looks good again. Got rid of some of them, folded the other ones neatly, great. 

One day I went to city town, I wanted to buy us two new pillows for the bed. The ones we used were really no good anymore, and I found two nice ones for not much money and so another thing on my list is gone. I enjoyed shopping again, because in most of the shops we could enter without much restrictions, Ibut inside I still wear a mask and try to have some distance and coming home wash my hands.. Jan and I are vaccinated, okay, but not all people yet, and may be I can take the chance, but I also have to think about Jan. I might be okay, but could catch the virus and give it to him and he is much more vunerable to it. So better take no chance.

Do you believe, I already bought a few little Christmaspresents? Yeah, it is may be early, but best is to buy a thing when you see it. 

Yesterday I had my friend Heidi on the phone and she told me she and her hubby will go on holiday already next week! They will go again to France, to some friends there, but their daughter will stay home. Not a big thing, if you read it, but it is the first time it happens. Séverine is old enough (19 years), but now she has to take care of herself ; so cooking( which sounds easy, but not if you almost never did it, hahahaha), although Heidi bought a lot of grocerie stuff, she might have to do a bit of shopping, probably doing a laundry, taking care that it will not be a too big mess after two weeks, LOL. I think she will be okay, but her father already said that they should phone every day, just to see if all is going well. I promised Heidi, that we also will phone her once or twice. I am curious to know later, how Séverine will manage.

It is just such nice weather at the moment that I should sit a bit outside now, under the umbrella, take a cup of coffee and perhaps a book. I dont have to to do much for dinner, because yesterday I made us a sop and i always make enough for two days. I also made a few small piroshki(kind of little pies) to go with it. enough to have a good meal and perhaps later we could take a little snack, if we feel to it.

Wishing you all a wonderful week, thanks for stopping by. Take care.

Sunday, June 20, 2021

It's funny weather at the moment

 Goodafternoon everybody!

What about the weather? Last week we had some days of extremely hot weather, then some temperature drop and then two days in which at night, there were thunderstorms and very heavy rainshowers. In short time soooo much water from the sky, you cannot believe it.

Now it is rather calm again, but there might be some more this evening. And then suddenly tomorrow temperature will drop to around 15-16C! And coming from around 30C that is some change! All next week it will be under average for this time of year(as they forcast till now), not much more than perhaps 19C, still some sunshine but there is no steadiness in the weather now.

We'll have to take it as it comes. 

It was a quiet week( and surely the hot days I didnt move too much) and I had to compensate a bit the other days. So one day I collected all energy I had and did some proper cleaning in the house etc. Glad I did it, some more tobe done, but okay, if I try to do so every week something, well, not bad, is it then?

Jan went to an appointment with the pulmonologist, in fact a trip for not much, no change for the good or bad, which we expexted. Next year a new check-up. 

We did spent quite some time in front of the tv, because we like, as you know, soccer and there is the European championship going on. Our team did win two of the three starting matches, not bad, of course, but I cannot say they did play fantastic matches. It should be better next round, otherwise they will fail to go any further I fear.

A small nice thing happened today. I needed a fast easy program or kind of app on my computer to just resize my foto's I downloaded from my phone(yes, I did it, hahahaha). In future I will see if there is a nice, free program I can download with some smaller features for enhancing, but for now this one is okay. It is alled Image resizer for Windows 10 and once downloaded and installed you just work from Windows explorer with just a right-click on your mouse and it works fast! I found it, intalled it, opened Windows explorer and....................surprise.........suddenly I had some foto's in the foto file from years ago(some from our cats, some from Jan). I must have perhaps changed their size sometime online and the foto somewhere survived on the web! I am happy with the foto's because I thought I lost them in the almost crash/not working well of my last laptop.

I am no pro at all yet in taking pictures with my phone, should be easy, but for me it is still a very difficult learning process. I will get there, some day, but I am happy i have a few photo's of our garden for you now. Not spectaculair, but okay, again, after long time, here a few foto's.

If you look well, you can see even the new garden set of two small chairs and table and yellow pillows on the seats. They are nice to sit on for a shorter while, or if you lean on the table to do, e.g. a puzzle or so. But if you really want to read a book in quiet and lazyness, well, we still need to put up the "relax"chairs with thick pillows on them. Still I am happy with the bistro-set, because it's not taking a lot of place and is wonderful to sit on in the morning and have a coffee(if the weather is nice enough).

It will be all for today, I hope next week Jan and I can go to a shop for new curtains and / or blinds, it would be nice to have those at last. Wishing you all a wonderful week, with pleasant weather, and remember.... despite of all vaccination, be careful and stay safe.Bye, bye.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

A lot of sport to follow

 Goodmorning everybody!

After 1/12 day of not very great weather(suddenly several degrees lower) it looks as if from today it will go better and better. The sun is shining, little wind, temperature not yet too high, but it will go up during the day and next week it will rise to very warm temperatures of about 25C average. I can digg that for now.

It was a quiet week, looking back. Last weekend Jan didnt feel very good but on Monday he was already a lot better and I was happy no doctor had to be visited. On Thursday he had an appointment in hopsital to have a ECG, it was done quickly and on Friday he had a telephone from the cardiologist that all seemed to be okay and working well. So that was good news.

Now he has another appointment next week with the pulmonologist. It is more a check over appointment I think We'll see.

I did manage however to buy me a new pair of sunglasses. seems nothing special about it, but after the cataract operation I notice I have a bit more trouble in bright sunlight. I didn;t want to have prescription sunglasses , very unhandy to put on your "normal"pair of glasses on and off etc. So I wanted to find a clip on pair. I had one long ago and they were very handy and also didn;t damage the glass. Not evident to find( if you don;t buy online) but I have a pair of real Polaroid flip up sunglasses. The one I had was more or like plastic and this one is protecting to 85%. Looks a bit like this (only I have brown color)

I am happy with them.

This weekend started the European Soccer Championship, and as you know, Jan and I like a lot to watch soccer(and lots of other sport too). However there was a terrible incident yesterday evening during a match I am sure it went all over the world on the news, bt here is a link if you want to know more.

Everybody's thoughts were and are with Eriksen and his family and his team. Good news is that he is alive and stable but it was a real shock to witness.

Nevertheless life continues, how mad it may sound and the championship continues too. I don;t know what to expect of our Dutch team, we have hopes, but we'll see how they will do.

We have also a hockey championship(european) and there our Dutch men;s tema won the gold medal. Todau the women's team will play the final against the German team. Of course we hope that our team will be the winner.

And in a month time there will be the Olympics to watch. It will still be a bit strange, because there will not be a lot of public in Japan, all to do with the Covid, but it is the greatest sport event of all. 

So this summer we are kind of packed full with a lot of sport, not mentioning the cyclist Tour de France and the Vuelta, oh and there also is on a Volleybal league etc. You cannot follo all, that is far too much, so we pick our moments and matches but still it is a loaded program this summer.

In between all that there is "normal"life continuing, with society and business opening more and more now, because more and more people have one or even already two vaccin shots, but still we aren;t done with it yet, certainly not if you look around on the world. so I will stay a bit cautious, better too much than regretting it afterwards.

Good, this is about all and I think it is time for a morning coffee. Wishing you all a wonderful week.

Sunday, June 06, 2021

Why is it so hard to know the date and time????

Goodafternoon everybody!

We had marvellous weather almost all last week, only yesterday it was somewhat less, it was cloudy, much colder wind, not nice. But today it looks again much better, sun is shining and temperatures are heading to 20-21C and later this week it might even be better because of changing wind direction. So in all we cannot complain Only it also is dry(in our aerea), so I had to water the garden and did it yesterday . In another part of our country they had lots and lots of rain in short time, and had trouble beacuse of it.

Yes, last week we had our second vaccination shot, I told you already last Sunday it was happening. But......... I totally missed the day LOL! I said to you we were going on Monday afternoon, however, I had a kind of guardian angel whispering to me to check my mail, to see if there was a change in appointment. There wasn't but I did check the mail of comfirmation we had the appointment on the 2nd of June(that I knew!) but it was Wednesday. And somehow I missed a few days or so but I was fully convinced the 2nd of June was the monday, hahahahahaha. All Sunday and Monday morning I had this idea, and I just had to turn the page on the calendar near my computer to see when we had to go. Okay, you already guessed by now, I didn;t turn the page and almost we made a journey to the vaccination location for nothing. Pfffffff. Finally we went on Wednesday, all went were smoothly and we are fully vaccinated. Still taking some precautions, of course, but it feels more secure.

Well, I have the date on my computer and even phone, but before we had an upgrade of our cable tv distributor, on the electronic tv guide there was in an upper corner the day -date-time, which was very handy I thought. With the upgrade that disappeared and only the time is left. I hate it.

I try to learn a little bit every day to use my phone and all the possibilities on it, but it's hard work. I can find a lot on the web, but thing don;t look always exactly the same as on my phone, know what I mean????? So it will be a really long learning process. I am trying out now a little bit the camera on it, already there are so many options, I think I must write them down and then try out.

Good news of course is, that my friend Edna is back on the web, with a new laptop. I am so glad to read again her posts, and wish her good luck with the new laptop. 

Oh, last week I found a new rose arch, it is the same we had, a very simple and cheap one, but it will do at least for this year. And it was just in time too. As Jan and I removed the old one it was kind of "crumbling"apart in our hands. Some parts I just could break of, it was completely rusted through. Our garden is looking greener and greener now and things are blooming, we have a yellow rose that has the first blooms, next will be the rose on the arch. I had there also two clematis, but I cannot see any life there. Perhaps they didn;t survice the sudden cold we had for a short time. Hmmmm, I just love clematis, so I am looking around to find some new ones. Yes, there are enough in the garden centres, but they are rather far away and difficult to reach without a car. I think I should go to the market next week and see if i can find some there. There is always a very good stall from a nursery in the area and they always have more special things. If the weather stays nice, it might be a good idea, I can always take a tram to the market and perhaps walk back. Nice to take some fresh veggies and so from there too. Gosh, I didn;t go to the market for a very long time, first there was lockdown, then it was partially opened but much too cold and bad weather and now all is open and back in business so perhaps time to go.

Good, time to enjoy a bt the weather, then make a potatoe salad for this evening's dinner, and we will have a grilled chicken with it(I bought that chicken already grilled, so only have to warm it up in the oven.). Easy living today, hahaha.

Have a wonderful day and week, wishing you all stay safe healthway and weather way, till next week.