Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I am rather done with plumbing and leaking!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, I know, I am a day early for Halloween. But as it is not my posting day tomorrow I decided to put the picture on today.(click it to see it better, )
Hope that who ever is celebrating Halloween will have a fantastic day!

Look, I have changed the bloglayout again! I thought it needed a really autumn look for now, so for November it could stay, but then I should change again, because December is coming close and so is Christmas. I like making bloglayouts at time, obvious, cause I cange it rather often LOL!

I almost cannot listen to the words leak, waterdrops, plumber, etc. anymore! still, some progress has been made, oh wonder! Yesterday the plmber came over, to check for the place of the leak. First he was at the neighbours upstairs, then cam over to us. We have now a not too big hole cut out of the ceiling of our wc-/shower room. He had to make that to see if he could reach the place of the leak possibly from that spot. Good news is, I think, he spotted the place in the waterpipes where the leak occurs. Cannot reach it from our place, so the neighbours are not happy, cause most probably a part of the tiled floor of their wc/shower room has to be removed, perhaps even the shower tray.
Now we have to wait for the plumber to come back for the repair. He seems to have a lot of work, so he has to squeeze this job between the others he is working at. Great!!!
Now I only hope the neighbours did make an appoitment with the plumber, we didn;t hear anything from them after the good guy(read plumber) has left. So I wait for today, but if we still didn;t hear something from the nieghbours in the afternoon, I want Jan to call them, so we know something about the plans.I must say the plumberhe is a nice guy, they even cleaned up the mess they made by sawing out part of the ceiling. Still, we are left with still a leak and as extra a view at some pipes and some floor joists.
As you can tell, we are a happy bunch (forget it!!!)

The weather has calmed down seriously after the weekend which is a good thing, Those storms are not my favourite type of weather.
It looks as if today will be the best day of the week, not much wind, expected to stay dry, some sunshine, so it could be that Jan and I will go for a quick trip to the market.
I almost have no chicken filets anymore in the freezer, and we might buy a chunk of cheese.
And if we see some mussels for a decent price, perhaps we buy some.
I love to eat them in the traditional way, just cooked , but ti saw the other day a nice recipe for mussels in the oven, yum,! I might try that for once.

You must be almost fed up with all my talking about waterpipes, leaks, trouble with new leaks etc LOL! Well, let me assure you one thing: I AM TOO!!!!
So I really reallly hope(crossing my fingers after my typing is done) that soon that all will be over and fixed, so that we can re=paint the parts of the walls and ceiling, damaged by the leaks.
And then finally our work will look as it was supposed to be at a much earlier stage.

Today's kit is "So Romantic", soft in color, with two stacked papers. Made you a preview of the kit and the papers. Arlene has made a fantastic pageborder and two cluster s for you!
Have a great day and wonderful Halloween!!!

Download     HERE

Download    HERE

Monday, October 28, 2013

An amazing talent popped up!

Goodmorning everybody!

Rather quiet weekend, still some errands done, and a lot of tv watching. Some great detectives and of course the last day of the Duucth championship speedskating. Some amazing times already now realized, specially our best skater for long distance, 5 and 10 km, Sven Kramer. Oh, my God, if he can hold on to this kind of skating till the Olympics, we have a fantastic candidate for the gold.
And he might even improve, let's hope so!
But the most amazing thing of the tv evenings was the program of Holland got's Talent!!!
You will not believe it, even when you see it with your own two eyes and hear it with your own two ears! There is a little girl, of 9 years old, that has a voice of a lark and sings opera!
She sings, as she stated, opera songs( yes, she refers to arias as opera songs LOL), because she likes the music and thinks they are beautiful. She listens a lot to those, and then tries to sing it herself, thsi girl must have a perfect musical ear!!A lovely girl, really still a child, intelligent, but not spoiled by the parents and with no diva tendencies.
She also said she would like to be an opera singer, but.if by any chance she wouldn;t succeed, that wouldn't be too bad, because she also would like to be a sporter in athletics and then go to the Olympics.
I have a link to You tube for you where you can watch and hear this little diamant of talent.
I so hope her parents will guide her and protect her well from all the hectic that will arise around her, and that she can still be a child in the years to come, that has a great voice. And that voice should be developed slowly and with care.
Well, anyway, here is the link

It's worth the few minutes of your time, I assure you!

Today we will have real bad weather, according to the weather forecast! It started yesterday already in England, but today part of it will arrive here. We will have sotrmy weather, with real fierce winds, some rain will accompany that storm. Wind to be expected from 80 to 90 miles per hour ( 130-140km), no good time to be outside if you have no real need to!!!

And yeah, I am quick, sometimes!! I did sent my contribution to the World Wide Christmas Scrapbooking blogtrain,( hosted by Antoinette from ArtSparky's ) that will start the 1st of December! And together with Arlene's add-on!
I can give you a tiny little sneak peek, just to tease you LOL!
I am sure, soon more designers will make a contribution to this wonderful Christmas blogtrain, and it will awesome, just as every year!!

Time for me to finish this post, must get a couple of things done, and don;t want to hurry.
Kit of today is "Little Treasures", with is a "flowery"kit, some soft colored papers, with blended flowers , some "solid"papers to make a nice match, and 3 wonderful clusters from Arlene as add-on.
Have a marvellous day!
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Download    HERE

Friday, October 25, 2013

All happy, skating season is starting LOL

Goodmorning everybody!

Still struggling with the leak, yeah, I know, it is unbelievable. But we had phonecalls this week again, yesterday somebody came to see about it again, it's a guy, who seems to know something about plumbing, so may be, it really will be done with?

Temperatures are still very nice here, just a pity the wind is a bit too strong, but it isn;t unpleasant to go outside. Think today we will have some rain, but later today it should be dry again.
So I have possibility to do some shopping somewhat later this morning, in dry circumstances.
I didn't do all the shopping earlier this week, so another crusade is necessary, grin!
But, I managed to do some ironing, pffff, not that it took all too long though. Once you get started, it doesn;t take lots of time.

Jan has a new project in mind! Hmmm, I don;t know if I am completely happy with it, but I do have to admit something has to be about the BIG closet we have in the passage to the extension.
The floor there isn;t all too good together, and when you look along the length of the closet you see it is "hanging over"somewhat. I don;t think the upper part will fall easily LOL, but to avoid  any trouble or accidents, Jan wants to split the closet in two.
Upper part should go to the extension, lower part probably can stay where it is.
Hmm, then we first have to make room in the extension and then see if we can lift the upper part of the closet(after we took out all that is inside of course). If we cannot manage that, we have to ask some help, it may be Jan's brother.
Oh my, I get nervouse already when I think of all the mess that will first emerge, I am NOT looking forward to it. But it is another chance to go through a lot of things and get rid of, hoepfully , a lot!
We tend to hold on to things, even if you don;t look at them for years, or don;t use them for years.

I just hope Jan doesn;t want to start this weekend already with it. No, I have to do some things today and want to be ready with all around 5 o'clock this afternoon, because then I want to sit on the couch and watch the start of the speed skating season, yeah!
Oh, we shoudn't forget, that the clock will be set back an hour tomorrow night, back to winter time, so we will have a bit longer daylight in the evening again. Hey, that means one hour more to sleep, not bad at all ROFL.

With Halloween coming up next week, I can offer you another kit for that event. It's namend "Haunting Hour"!!! A bit dark, a bit scary, but also a bit funny LOL.
And you get a really awesome add-on from Arlene! She made you two magnificent quickpages, I really do like them a lot, and one sweet cluster too.
Have a wonderful weekend, do a control and perhaps maintenance on your broomsticks, so no accidents will happen during THE NIGHT OF NIGHTS!

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Download    HERE

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Discussions even taken to the United Nations!

Goodmorning everybody!

For the Dutch and Belgians mainly, soon there will be preparations for the folklore holiday Sinterklaas. Although it has become a bit too commercial over the years, it still is a nice holiday for the children, I think.
But, as almost every year, there are discussions about it, mainly about the assistent of Sinterklaas, Black Peter, that the whole thing should be cancelled or drastically changed, because some people feel discriminated by it.
Sorry folks, I think it is an exaggerated response to the character of Black Peter. People say, it is reminding them to slavery and all that.
For one thing, Sinterklaas history is going back many hundreds of years, starting with the man who became bishop in Myra, in Turkey, around the year 342.
Nobody really knows, how Black Peter came part of it, many explinations have been given over the years, but I don't think Black Peter is considered by Sinterklaas as his slave!
Anyhow, at the moment there even is a commission formed in the United Nations to look into the matter, but already the president of this commision made some statements, almost ordering we should cancel the whole holiday!!
I think, this is going much too far, and well, , may be I I can't imagine or empathize enough with the people who are against this children's holiday, but to be really honest I think they are making a lot more of it than it really is.
Don't you think that surely United Nations has much more "real"things to be concerned of and deal with?
I think everybody should relax real quick, hands off of our beautiful children;s holiday, and don;t associate it with slavery or whatever.!

Gosh, do I sound a bit excited and even somwhat angry and irritated ?????????I think I do LOL! But surely, if you read on internet several interpretations about the Sinterklaas holiday, you always can come up woth some pro's or contra's, it's just the way you read them and more important, the way you WANT to read them!

Okay, steam blown off, no more smoke getting out of my ears ROFL, hwat else is there to tell? Not too much, rather quiet days, with lovely weather yesterday, only  a pity there was a too strong wind, but the temps where amazing!
I think even today is going to be lovely, but with the same kind of wind.
Still, let us be happy, the sun is shining, it looks friendly outside, so I think I will go out today for a bit of shopping, groceries mainly, and if time is left(read: if I might looking forward to it, hahahaha), perhaps a bit of ironing, it should be done, but I can cacel that idea very easy, with the thought "tomorrow is another day for it ".

Oh I finidshed knitting the new "blanket : for the bed, I only have to make a photo of it. It turned out to look really nice, and I am happy with the thing.
Time is rushing, much quicker than I thought, so I better finish this post( with the feeling I forgot something to write down, but then, I always can do that the next post, isn;t it?)
Kit today is perhaps a bit different, but I think you can do some nice things with it. I wonder what you think of the kit "Dickens Time"?
Naturally there are some sweet clusters from Arlene to complete this kit.
Have a wonderful day!
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Download   HERE

Monday, October 21, 2013

Skating season starting

Goodmorning everybody!

I know, it's not the biggest wish of many of us, that winter should arrive suddenly in haste LOL!
But the ice speed skating, as well as figure skating is mostly done now in big stadions with a closed roof over it. I believe next week will be one of the 1st speed skating contests, which will give us a bit of idea on how our skaters are doing. All of the focus is of course on the Olympic wintergames, but a few other contests are important too. Those are needed to gain a place in the Olympic team.
I am looking forward to it.
Yesterday evening we watched a little bit of figure skating, and it was wonderful!

There wasn;t too much activity in the house during the weekend. Oh, some minor errands have been done, I hope soon we can place the flooring in the kitchen now. That will gave a total different look!
I think that Jan just can handle that char with his back, I will need to help of course. I don;t mind that, we only seem to have trouble sometimes in working together on the same job. I admit, we both are at times kind of hardheaded and stubborn characters, and that can clash sometimes. Oh well, we survived many of those clashes already, so this time it will not be otherwise ROFL!

Yesterday I spent some time in the kitchen making a meatloaf, filled with boiled eggs. It turned out very well, and tasted good too. Made some chunks of potatoes also in the oven and as we had some red paprikas left that needed to be used, I cut those in larger pieces, fried them in a bit of oil and voila, we had some veggies too. Add to that as desert some strawberries with whipped cream, we had a tasty meal. And bst is, that we have enough left of the meatloaf for this evening.
So I don;t have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen today, I think I devote some of the daytime to the laundry, washing and ironing. Sigh, that aren't the most enjoyable things a women can do, but they have to be done.LOL!

The next few days could be real nice, when looking at the forcast of the weather. It seems that tomorrow could be a gorgeaous day, with temps around 68F, which is extraordinary for this time of year. Oh, for me it can go on like this for a long long time, but i fear it will only be for one or two days. But they said all week temps would be rather high, later around 62F-64F, which is still nice.
Not too much rain either, yes, we still can live with that.

Ladies, it's time to finish this post, and I have a nice kit for you, named "Almost Easy". Amond the other elements I have made you 2 pageborders, and together with Arlene's contribution of 3 clusters I have good hopes you can make some wonderful layouts with it.
Here a preview of the kit, of course, but also of one of the pageborders.
Have a fantastic day!

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Download    HERE

Friday, October 18, 2013

Jan had his phonecall, LOL!

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, the health sickness office did phone on time this morning. This time it was the re-integration employee who wante an up-date on Jan's condition.
Of course you can do that a bit by phone, but as Jan is having his problem for almost a year now, I should think, an appointment at the office would be better. Still, Jan told him about the little progress, which is not much, and that he still has to take rather heavy painkillers, plus that he is still under control with his internist at the hospital, and has an apointment ther next month.
I think Jan had a nice conversation with the re-integration employee, with result of zero ROFL.
Th guy advised him to work on his condition as much as possible and that Jan will hear from them in due course.
Okay, that is done with again for the moment.

I did went to the market on Wednesday, Jan stayed home this time. I had great plans of buying fruit for consumption and for jam making, but didn;t come home with any ! Jan asked me to look for some mandarines, and there are plenty at the market now, but none of them tasted really good yet. I like them to be really sweet, and they weren;t/ Perhaps we should wiat another week or two for them.
Some of the fruit I had in mind for some jam, didn;t look good at all so I skipped that to.
I came home with a bag of Brussel sprouts, and a little chicken.
That cjicken I made in the oven yesterday, filled with chopped onions and lots of garlic, seasoned it well, and later I added there big chunks of potatoe and they were ready at the same time, oh wonder!
But I must say this chicken tasted real good, stilll was juicy and all. We still have about half of it left, so that wil be good for this evening. We can eat it warm, or I cut little pieces of the meat and we can have that on sandwiches, or I even can make a salad with it.

Yesterday was more a day of little errands done and I have no idea what today will bring.
There is always to find something to do.

I think I better post the freebie now, and this time it's an autumnal kit.
Named "Thanking Autumn", and Arlene has made sweet clusters to it.
Wishing you all a great weekend, take care and stay safe!
Download    HERE

Download   HERE

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

May be some progress in the leak LOL!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, we kept a little "journal"the last couple of days of the leak, when it was there and when it wasn;t.
It surely helped, because when Jan went upstairs on Monday afternoon, the guy there got the times of the leaking and could pinpoint it on the shower used. So now he knew what causes the trouble, and he promised to call for a plumber, I hope this week.
Cross fingers, and let us hope that by the end of the week we are "leakless".

I did excecute some of my plans on Monday, yeah! And yesterday I did already a part of the usual shopping, I had to cope with a bit of rain, but it couldn;t be compared to the showers we had on Sunday!!
Yesterday afternoon I already prepared dinner for that evening, I made macaroni and cheese, added lots of chopped onions, some mushrooms and little dices of ham. To that I made a filled chichenbreast, so we had a tasty dinner.
But I was so enthousiastic in making the macaroni, I have made way too much LOL.
So we can have it for this evening too and I boxed the rest and put it in the freezer. Handy for a day, when I don;t want to cook.

May be today we will have enough less rain, for the moment it looks that way, so perhaps Jan and I will go for a quick market visit. We don;t need too much, but some fresh fruit would be nice.
And I ,ay buy some extra, like prunes, and I can make some jam from it. I loved making it last year, and as we didn;t make it to the raspberries or blackberries this year, I can buy now some cheap fruit for about  € 1,00 a kilo, and have fresh made jam.

I have today two quickpages to show, made by Edna and Linda with some kits of mine.
You will have to go to Edna's blog and Linda's blog for download, and please, if you take them, leave a little thanks in the comment box!

This one is Edna's:
And here is Linda's
Time to close this post, and see what mischief I can get in today ROFL.
But first the freebie. What about another Halloween kit?
This one a far more scary than the Freaky Vintage kit, believe me!!!
Name of the kit.............BEWARE! IT' IS SPOOKY!
And I really, really love the add on from Arlene. Just look at the quickpage she has made! Isn;t it a great one? Well, I hope you can do something with this kit ( and there is still another halloween kit for you "in store!!!")
Have a wonderful day and take care!

Download    HERE

Download    HERE

Monday, October 14, 2013

Too much rain!

Goodmorning everybody!

It started already on Friday. Drops and drops and drops of rain. Jan and I went to see a coup[le of recycling shops, just a bit for fun, you never know what you find there. We didn;t came hopme with a lot, Jan only bought a little box with about 200 screws, but I think for 25% of the price you pay in the DIY market. During our walk it started, again, to rain and didn;t stop so we came home all wet and a bit chilled, I must say. Okay, after a little while we were dry again and warmed up. But then in the evening the rain became a real curtain, together with rather fierce winds, and it styad that way all day yesterday. SO not a kind of weather to go outside and we didn;t/
We both were rather lazy, I only changed the bedsheets and then took some time at the computer.

That rain, by the way, already caused some trouble in the whole country, a lot of people were flooded a bit, but it was worst in our area, where they had to install big machines that could pump the water away, yet it rained so hard, that it will take at the least today too to get the water at its ormal level.
On the weather channel they said we had so much rain in about two days as normally we have in the whole month of October.

We still will have more rain today, but at the moment it is dry, and during the week it will become a bit better slowly.

Oh, I have a quiestion for you all, in the hope, may be someone has a solution?
The last week I suddenly have trouble in my Photoshop Elements 8 with my mouse.
It works fine, only not the right click. If I use it, PSE freezes and I have to shut it down.I havea wired Logitech mouse, M-BZ98C and it works fine in all other programs in Windows Vista Home Premium, 32 bits . It just has suddenly this problem in PSE. If anybody knows what to do, please send me an email.
I can work without the right click(till now) in PSE of course, but it is a bit annoying.
Very much appreciated if anybody could help me out. Perhaps you yourself don;t know but may be you know somebody who does?

I think I need to do a bit of housework today, yak! Don't worry, I will not reach the point of getting stresed, I am sure. Still a bit of vacuumcleaning, luandry and such need to be done.
After i did that, I may be have some time left to do some designing in PSE. Today I already received the mail from Dutch Sparky to join again  the World Wide Christmas Scrapbooking train, and yes, it is a bit early, but time flies as we all know. And I may not strt right away on a Christmaskit, but I can think about it.

Freebie time it is now! It's the kit Step back in Time, with lovely clusters from Arlene.
Have all a wonderful day!
Download    HERE

Download    HERE

Friday, October 11, 2013

Still no results of parliament and cabinet

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh yeah, the cabinet and opposition are still talking and negociating, one of the parties left already, they didn;t see any progress in it. It is taking a loooong time and at the end I think there will be some agreement in this play of offer and counteroffer, I fear the parties left will comply, after cabinet gives in to some demands. But who knows ? May be it will end different. All the same it is no good thing for the country, that needs leadership and management specially in the crisis that's still there.
These "negocaitions"are needed, because the cabinet needs majority in the Senate, which they don;t have at the moment. So whatever changes they propose in laws and such, can be rejected by the Senate. For now there is no majority for them in the Senate for their most important bidget plans.
If there is anybody interested in knowing more about the hows our government "works"I think I have a rather good link for you, where also is explained about the"negociations"taking place already for days!

Our weather has changed, with lots more rain in it LOL. But yesterday early afternoon it wasn;t too bad looking, so I decided to take a trip to town centre. I was clever enough to take an umbrella with me! I just wanted to look around a bit, perhaps find a couple of things I had in mind.
Well, I found a little mirror for the hallway, finally LOL. You can say finding a little mirror couldn;t be a hard task, but that's not true! Here and there you can find some, but problem is they aren;t all to my liking, or if they are, the price isn;t to my liking ROFL.
Also bought 3 little packs of instant bami-soup, Jan likes to eat sometimes very late evening.

The bought me a little tool to make my own cigarettes. Yes, I know, it's no good to smoke for me, but as I still do, and cigareetes are getting more expensive I can buy packages of tobacco, a box of sleeves for cigarettes with filter and make my own. I can make about two packages of cirattes with one package of tobacco.That's a big saving. Of course I know that giving up smoking is much better, but well, I cannot give up yet. Weak spot of mine, alas!

Found some other small things I cannot talk about yet, has to be a surprise for someone who reads my blog.
It was raiing every now and then, but it was still bearable, I even walked hone from town centre, good for the condition of my legs, hahaha.
Today have to go out for some usual groecerie shopping, must not forget to buy some more protection tape for Jan, that he needs when he continues painting.
I think today Jan will phone again about the leak, that's still there, hopefully that will help, because it is getting a real pain in the ass by now.
Next week Jan will have a call from the guy of the sickness benefit  department, about possible progress in his situation. It will not be the doctor, but the re-integration supervisor that will call. Hmmmm, how can you see how somebody is doing through the phone???? Perhaps I am being to harsh, and Jan will get a conversation with the doctor at the office later, but it'still a bit strange.
Okay, let's wait and see what happens.

Good, that's about all for today. The right time for the freebie, I guess.
Kit is "Moonlight Mist"all in blues, teals and a bit of lilac. And a lovely add- on from Arlene, she made a fabulous quickpage also!
Have a wonderful day and weekend!
Download    HERE

Download    HERE

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Getting into colder temperatures, I fear!

Goodmorning everybody!

We are still not completely out of leaks here! It is getting really annoying now. Still one left, the one in our toilet room. It's not a big one, but it's there, every now and then, whenever the tenants in the above appartment use a little fountain. Okay, we had a little talk with the property owner last week, and had good hopes. But Monday there still wasn;t a change, so Jan said he would phone the guy next day.
And so he did yesterday! And oh my, I almost never heard him talking sooo cross and almost unpleasant to someone LOL! Well, he was right, we are dealing with the issue now already too long and it should be solved. But it made me laugh to hear Jan talking on that telephone like a bull-terrier LOL!
Now let's hope it will be taken care off soon.

Monday I did go to the market as I planned, the weather really was gorgeous so I took my time there and looked around and even found a couple of things. Jan needed a new pair of jogging trousers, oh no, he isn;t doing any jogging, but he likes to wear one in the evening, it's warm and comfy.
But the two he had look a bit strange now, he wore them sometimes when doing some of the painting.
Well, the one I found was for a very cheap price, and good enough for "house-trouser".
I also bought two fresh fried fish fillets, and I gave them a quick backing again in the evening(the crust becomes crispy again too) and it tasted real good at dinner, yummie!
Oh, and I bought a huge red cabbage, that I prepared for the freezer right after I came home again.
I only paid  € 1,00 for it, and I think I made about 9 portion-packages for the freezer!
My photocamera was in my pocket, but it stayed there, I couldn;t find anything really interesting so perhaps another time I will be more lucky with  a couple of shots here or there.

Yesterday was a normal day, so I did some shopping in the supermarket, came home, did a laundry and sat down on the couch for a moment, with the knitting so watch a bit of tv. Later I even had some computer time, made some previews of new clusters I received from Arlene( you are in for a treat again) and even did some work on the new kit.
All together some nice days.

I heard on the weather channel that we are going to have a change, to some colder weather. If I can believe them, we will have a drop of temperature of about 5 or 6 degrees the next days! Hmmmm, a bit too much to my liking, but we'll see how that devellops.

Slowly getting time to get dressed and do some things around here, so why not post the freebie?
I have a Nutshell kit today, with a very long title: Ultimo respiro dell'estate, which means as much as Last breath of summer.
Hope you have some use for it.
Have a wonderful day!

Download    HERE

Download    HERE

Monday, October 07, 2013

An amazing gold medal!

Goodmorning everybody!

We have another world champion!
This weekend the finals for the world championship 2013 i gymnastics took place,
I really love to watch that sport, as well as for the women as for the men. I have deep admiration for all competitors, it takes such hard work, hours and hours and years of training, determination, motivation, will-power, to reach the top of the world.
And yes, our country had high expectations of our top gymnast, Epke Zonderland.
He already is Dutch, European and Olympic champion on the high bar, but not yet World champion. So he so much wanted to have that title too, and I can imagine that very well.
And this weekend could be his chance.
Oh my God, he did an amazing performance! And became world-champion! I have a link for you to a film, where you can see his performance.
Afterwards he was interviewed, of course, and he was so happy with his title, but also said, the performance was real good, but not yet perfect, so he wants to work on that a bit more!
Take a look yourself here

The time that was left we did spend a bit on smaller jobs. Jan did some painting, oh, and even gave the windows at the front a good clean. So amazing, it seems that we have more light into the room LOL! Well, there was little use in cleaning them earlier, with all the work done on the street, but with that almost finished, yes, windows needed desperate a cleaning.
I did some needed stuff inside, like vacuum cleaning, dusting, laundry, etc.

It looks to be gorgeous weather outside, so I think I will take a walk today to the bank, to deposit a few bills (ouch!!!) at the bank, and may be take a quick walk at the market as it is on the route.
I should take my little camera with me, perhaps I can make a couple of nice photos.

I sometimes get such nice emails of people, who made a lovely layout with one of my kits, but I cannot always send a return mail, because there is no return mail address to find, or otherwise, so I want to thank all in this way for sending me their work! It is appreciated and if possible, I always like to send a thank you back, but sometimes not possible. Don;t want to give you the idea I am not interested or whatever, that isn;t true. I love to see it, it gives an extra boost to me to continue designing.

Well, I am already a little bit late this morning( had a wonderful long sleep, yeah!), so I better put on the freebie for you.
End of this month is Halloween and I made a kit for that(more than one, you will notice later this month, LOL, but this one I made in a bit vintage style.
I named it "Freaky Vintage", and arlene made you 3 such cute clusters to it!
Give you two preview of the kit, one of the whole and one of the papers, so you can see better, what they are looking.
Have a wonderful day!

Download    HERE

Download    HERE

Friday, October 04, 2013

4th of October is pet day!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, it's world animal day today. Lots of people do something extra for their pet or for animals in general, which is a good thing, but to be honest: we should take care of animals all year around.
Still too much horrible things are done to animals, and I always wonder why.
But it's also a day to spoil your pet a bit extra, and now that gives me a problem LOL.
I think I spoil my cat already about all year round, so what to do for him today?
I think it will be an extra cuddle, and may be a little piece of chicken filet.

We have great hopes now, that the last leaks will seriously be taken care off! We had a visit of the owner of the appartment above us (the guys that came before just are the tennants) yesterday afternoon.
He took a good look at the spots and promised to take care of the problem.
Cross your fingers that may be by start of next week, we will not have to look at cielings and walls anymore to see if waterdrops show up!

Wednesday it was lovely weather and so I went for some food shopping.
Came back home and did another laundry, then made dinner in advance and already the day was almost gone.
Yesterday weather was still nice, although we had much more wind, which made it less comfy to be outside.
Still we had sunshine and temperatures still good, so no real complains here!
Then Jan decided he needed another tin of paint, so we went into town centre to the shope he bought the first one, it's a great store with all kind of things for low prices. Okay, quaility isn't always the very best, but if you are starting to live on your own, for ecample, that are the shops you can buy the first things necessary with a low budget.
We found the tin of paint, I bought myself another pair of socks( long ones to the knees) and then we went into a Cheinese food shop. If I need some dried herbs and spices I usually go there, because they have larger packings and it's much cheaper to buy those than the little jars you can buy in the supermarket.
But unfortunately they didn't have the medium sized ones fo the stuff I wanted, so I will have to go back another time. On the other hand we had a fun 15 minutes or so, walking through that store! You cannot believe your eyes if you look at all the stuff they have there. We bought a package of Chinese noodles with a saucepackage, and also about 6 little packages of noodle soups. Jan couldn;t believe all the different sorts they had there. He sometimes likes to have a bite late in the evening and then makes a little cup of a noodle soup. They taste not bad at all ( I think it is better than the Cup-a-Soup), and cost is a peanut! You already can buy a 1 person noodle soup for 30 eurocent!
Anyway, if Jan wants to spend some time in town, he knows now the place to go, because it's a fun shop to visit LOL

No idea yet with waht activity I will fill my day today, but I am sure something will show up and then suddenly the day will be over before you know!
Let's first put on your freebie, I think it is a good start of the day.
I have a Fall kit for you, in those warm autumn colors, I named it September Morning.
Arlene made you two sweet clusters and a beautiful quickpage!
Next week I think I will start posting some Halloween stuff, I should, because I think I have already 3 different kits for that holiday ROFL!
Have a nice weekend, if you have still some lovely autumn weather you should take advantage of it, because before you know we will be in much colder times!
Take care.

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Download    HERE

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Hopefully soon no more waterdrops!

Goodmorning everybody!

did I tell you we had some ore leaking> It might be unbelievable, but it's true!
One very small one, that occurs only once in a while, and unday evening Jan discovered one in the passage to the extension, where we had one before!
So next day he called the guy who rents the appartment, told him what happened, then yesterday morning I called him again, to speed up things a bit. He came early afternoon, took a look, wasn't happy about it and decided that perhaps it was a good thing to call the property owner.
He promised to do so and come back with the him today. Well, we'll see if that happens.
We told him that there should come a solution for it, because we were getting a bit cranky about it( we did put it in mild words LOL).
And that may be it needed a proper plmber to take care of it.
Yesterday we had no more water, because the business upstairs had a day off, so no water was used and so the leaking stopped. It has to be, as we think, a misconnection in one of the wterpipes, but it's to them to find it and repair it!
Let's see if they come today and what they will do about it. We already warned them that we liked to solve the isue in a nice way, but if it woudn;t be solved now, we might have to take other steps and they might get an official claim for the damage and such.
We better like to solve the question in mutual understanding, of course, but slowly it becomes really annoying, at the least.

Okay, it's a matter that, hopefully will be taken care off, and then we can go on with the last bits of re-decorating and so.

Monday early afternoon I finally had a visit to Heidi again, after many weeks.
Okay, we were busy, I knew she was busy, so time passes quickly and suddenly you realize how long ago our last meeting had been!
It was nice weather so we could sit in her garden and oh boy, we had lots to talk about LOL!
We updated a bit on our lives, had a chance to get some things opf our chest, hahahah, and suddenly it was time for her to pick up Séverine from school already.
As usual we promised eachother that the next visit would be sooner, or at the least we would have a phonecall. Hmmmm, perhaps we will manage to do it.
But...that's the great thing between us, we never have or make problems if contact takes a bit more time.
It's okay, and when we meet we feel good, have a throurough talk and some wonderful laughs, and so it has to be between good friends.
Oh, I wore a sweater I kntted myself, but I didn;t tell her that yet, and already she said to me she liked it! I told her I made it myself and that I am not all too good in it, but it keeps me busy in the evenings. So perhaps I have another "project"to look forward too, knitting a sweater for her. It will take a little bit more time than I needed for mind, just because her size needs to be larger LOL!

I think today I have to do a bit of grocerie shopping, weather looks nice enough, just a pity there is a bit too much wind to my liking.Oh well, I am already happy the sun is shining and it is dry and even the temperature is not too bad. So time is there to say goodbye again with the freebie for today, No. first I will give you the link to Linda's blog again, because she has a beautiful quickpage for you, made with my kit Reflections. Leave her a little smile if you download! And a link to Snowy;s blog, yes, the girl is a bit back in blogging land, LOL, and has some great freebies for you!
Today's kit is named "Distant Memory", with a lovely add-on from Arlene.
Have a beautiful day!

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Download    HERE