Friday, July 31, 2009

My own bloglayout

Goodmorning everybody!

It's not yet the new month but I changed the look of my blog already. I think it gives a very nice summer feeling. And you know what? I made it myself of one of my own kits. Tadaaaa.
I am late in posting because I was first busy with the layout and such.

Before anything else I show you a layout, made by a forum friend, Suruha a thanks for our get well wishes. I thought this was soo sweet.

Isn't this nicely done?

What else? Oh yes, of course, Jan's appointment at the doctors. He went alone, because it was just a check up and came back all happy. His doctor was satisfied with him. She told him, that in case of something bad, that he should have severe health issues or so, he could apply even for a liver transplantation if that should be necessary. That because he is off the alcohol already for a rather long time. Good to know, hoping of course that this never will occure!

Now his next appointment will be probably somewhere in December, may be even a bit later, due to the pregnancy of his doctor. She is expecting the baby somewhere October I think, and then she will stay home several weeks after it. So all happy news.

Today is the lasdt day on Magickal Scraps for the daily download of July, although the links stay up for a longer time. But I changed already the slide show on top of my blog for the month, the August daily download(as I am not posting the weekend).

Tomorrow will start a new daily download on the Magickal Scraps forum. It;s a great one for scrapping pictures of dads, sons, grandfathers, who like to do things themselves around the house! I think it is a very manly kit, called "Men at work"!!

There is however a little change in the daily downloads. There are still daily's of course, but there is now also a BIG collaboration kit of the Men at Work in the shop, as an add-on. Well, we call it an add-on but it's really a complete kit. So that is for a small price available. So if you really want to have a great kit, you should take the daily downloads, but also the add-on, cause there are a lot of things in it.'The receipts for the add-on is not for our profit or for Snowy's but just to help a little bit in the costs of the site. I think that isn;t unreasonable, do you? So dear visitors, if you already liked the daily downloads till now, come on over as from tomorrow for the new month and if you have a little money to spare........... just $ 1.50 !!! Not much hey?

Here already the preview of the shop add-on. We all did work hard on it, LOL!

And here we arrived at your freebie. It's a bit romantic looking I think, could be used for lots of things. It's named "Dear Memories". I hope you will enjoy this kit and now I wish you an terrific weekend, be creative and check this afternoon the freebielist and don;t forget to go over to Magickal Scraps for the new daily download tomorrow and please be nice to us, if you can, take also the add-on. That would be awesome, because we have some more add-ons coming for the next months! We were VERY BUSY!!! Nice weekend again and till Monday!

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Not too much time to ramble.

Goodmorning everybody!

I just have to be short now, because we have to go to the hspital for Jan. Just to attend his appointment. In about half an hour I surely must wake up Jan, so he has time to really wake up LOL.
No pet talk today, we did leave the abbit in his cage yesterday, I was sorry for him, but I just cleaned and hooeverd the room, so NO WAY. But it was in the garden for a while.
I have a new kit for you in a pastel colour scheme and named it Reflections.
So this is really short posting for me, but better short now, than not at all during the day, right?
Have a fun day!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Late evening surprises!

Goodmorning you all!

Let's go right at it! Yesterday evening, late, wasn't my most relaxed and happy part of the day! No, not telling right. It started when earlier in the evening the rabbit was out on his daily stroll. You k ow the drill by now, after his happy hopping I am kind of hopping around with the sweeper. LOL. But yesterday he thought it wasn;t enough and did a BIG pee, d###$$####d rabbit! So right as it was noticed I came with the cleaning towel, rather soaked with water and a bit of chlorine, to celan it and hopefully the scent of the chlorine will discourage him to do it another time!!. Okay, that was done, even sprayed some airfreshener on the spot, pffff, done. But then real late in the evening almost at the same spot, our eldest cat Micky, sat there, looking real fuzzy, just as if she didn;t know where she was then came to herself again and walked away. Well, this happenes more often now, but not such a "long"period. Then Jan looked again and saw................ A BIG PEE glancing in the lamplight!!!!!!!! So at about 00.30 at night Kyra came out again with the towels, and had to clean up again. So you can see I was really BLESSED yesterday evening. It's nothing for Micky to do so, but I suppose it's her condition that let this happen. May be we really should think of it, that in not a too long time we'll have to say goodbye to her. Not a nice thought, but she is already of a respectable age, the poor thing.

I am really in the pet-stories lately, but there is happening all the time something with them. can;t help that. But for the rabbit I think we cancel the hopping around today, but as it looks to be good weather we'll put him in the garden(under the wire part of his cage) so may be he'll do his pee there. But no stroll today, although I am sorry for him. But my floor needs to be protected a little bit, LOL>!!

I am curious if we get a phonecall one of these days of Heidi and family, that they are back again. In principal they would go on holiday for two weeks, but Danny said to us, it might be even a week longer. So that's still a question mark, we might be "pet sitting"for longere than we hoped for. Well, it's not too bad, but it would be nice again to have my room back in "normal"state. ROFL.

On to the item of the day, your freebie. Today I have just a mini kit for you, and the preview I made a bit different for a change. I have the template for the preview as a freebie from and tried it out. I think it's not bad, specially nice for some smaller freebies. Well, here you have "Rose for the Heart" in a two colour scheme.
Have a terrific day, I hope for a DRY ONE(and I am NOT talking about the weather conditions, LOL).

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I try a quick post.

Goodmorning everybody!

All well here, nothing too tell from our house for the moment. That sounds a bit boaring, isn't it? But I have some good news to share. Tootsie, Edna's little dog, is under chemo reatment already for years but had just the good news that the treatments will have to be done only every 7 weeks. Hoorray, good for Miss Tootsie. You can read it all on Edna's blog.
And if you want to have a good laugh, go over to Snowy's blog, because there you can see some ADORABLE pictures of her son, going to and being on a dressup birthday party.
So when I started at the computer this morning, I mostly go first to some blogs and they already made my day and left me with a smile. It's a good feeling, thanks girls!

Oh, I tried my "luck"yesterday on designing a blog layout for myself. I took some kits of my own and I will try the a layout on my blog next month. It's fun to make it, you know. Now it will be a bit hard to choose between them(I made 3 and headers too!). So you see, I;m busy all the time and like to try something new sometimes. It's a good thing to make by times a "sidestep"it makes your brain work a bit different and it clears it up, LOL!!

Today I have an all different kit for you, it's a funny kit and I made them with faces I found on She has a lot of overlays and kits to offer, most of them CU, and has a great imagination. I recommand you to take a look!

Name of the kit is just"Funny Faces"and I hope you can scrap some great pictures with it. Now today is the "big"shopping day again, so I'll try to start a bit earlier today. Well, I am off wishing you a great day with a smile!
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Monday, July 27, 2009

A "fruitful"weekend

Goodmorning everybody!

Yeah, it was a good filled weekend. I did a lot of things. Nothing real spectacular but I am happy about it. First I managed to get a few kits done, yes, you read it well, A FEW!!! Then Saturday the household spirit came over me! Wow, I did wash the curtains at the back , they are long ones, you know and when they were soaking I did the windows and garden doors. Whoopee, I felt soooo proud of myself. Even did a bit grocerie-shopping too and in between some designing and also chatting on msn. Yesterday I did it a bit more relaxed, but still got some things done on the computer and in between prepared in advance the dinner and gave Jan a haircut.

Oh, we had a maugh again with the rabbit! I think it was already Friday night, when we released the rabbit for his evening stroll in the room. He normally starts running up and down the room a few times, but this time he made such funny turns and movements(when in full speed and he wants to take the turn it's a bit difficult for him to hold grip on the wooden floor, LOL) that we went to check why he came back in such a terrible hurry from the back of the room. What was the case??? We didn;t notice that the oldest, Micky, still was there! Oops, that could have caused some trouble! But as she isn't completely herself anymore, she just was sitting there as a dozy dumbo and the rabbit, curious as they are, went snuffing on her. Luckely Micky just lifted her paw a bit but didn't hit the rabbit. But for security we picked the cat up and got her out of the room. Pffffff, that could have ended all different!!!!!!!
And yesterday we found another way to please the rabbit a bit. We lifted the upper part of the cage and put that in the garden, bit in the shade an rabbit into it. In that way he still has some fresh air, but cannot escape to other gardens. We had an all happy rabbit yesterday!

I must upload a few pictures from my camera and then I can show you also THE BRAVE MR.BRODSKI, hahaha, lying in a short distance of the rabbit cage. As long as the rabbit doesn;t make too funny moves, he stays there, otherwise he's gone like a lightflash!

Today is another short hospital day for Jan, giving some blood for new testing and then on Thursday back again for the appointment with his doctor. I think, all will be in rather good condition, so hopefully the next appointment will be in some months. Well, his doctor is also expecting a baby, I think it must be born around october, so she will take a short leave.

That was a bit the weekend and so it's time to show you your freebie. It's a kit that you could use for some family pictures, old or new, but also for other subjects I suppose. I called it "Family Memoires". Okay, I'll see if today I can cook some more in the deign kitchen, that always goes on and on, LOL. Have a great day and be happy.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Too much rain for now

Goodmorning everybody!
As I am sitting here at the computer I hear the rain pouring down! Not just a few drops, oh no! Curtains of rain, rather short, but if you are walking in it you are soaked! Hmmm and I have to go out later. Well, perhaps it will settle itself a bit later today, meaning a bit less rain and a bit more sun. As it is said: Hope keeps you alive! LOL.
Yesterday morning I was all prepared to do the blog,and some bloghopping and then some serious designing but I still don;t learn, I must not make too many plans! As I sat down I saw my msn flashing up and it was Snowy. We were worried a bit about our friend Edna, because we didn;t hear from her for a longer time(well, a day missing her is for us a longer time). So she asked if I heard anything, I didn;t yet and so we we sent her again an email and then had to wait. That done we stayed on talking and talking and talking and suddenly I think more than 1 1/2 hour just flashed by. Aweful when we really start talking we stay there too long but it's fun. And not only joking around, but also serious conversation!
Finally at the end of the day I got a message from Edna, and I was happy to hear nothing was wrong there, she only suffers from a kind of little depression and didn;t go on the computer for a little while. Well, I know that feeling, I think we all have times like that. May be if you are a visitor of her blog, leave her a little uplifting message, it will surely make her feel better.
It would be nice of you, here the link to make it easier

There is a little progress to announce in the rabbit-cat relationship! ROFL! Brodski sometimes dares to come in now and even jumps on the couch and then lies down for a while. And so sweet, yesterday I was sitting in front of the rabbit cage and Dikkie Dik came along and you know what? Dikkie and the rabbit even touched noses!! Then Dikkie turned around an walked away, not too interested, but it's something! So I think by the time the rabbit and bird will return to their home, all pets will be used to eachother. And next time we'll have to start over again LOL

To keep you busy in the weekend I have a nice kit for you, called it "Celestial Nights". Found some great brushes and it ended up in this kit. I hope you will all have a great weekend and we'll meet again on monday, all refreshed and in a good spirit, LOL!

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Didn't get back yesterday evening

Goodmorning everybody!

I am so sorry I left you without a freebielist yesterday. But as you know in the afternoon we went to the birthday of Denise. I think she was happy with her presents, and we stayed rather longer than we thought so by the time we came home I didn't turn the computer on anymore.
First Jan and I weren;t very hungry as we came home, cause we had all kind of snacks so we took some things later on, no proper meal anyway.
Oh, it doesn;t hurt to do so from time to time, this evening we will have "normal"dinner.

The peotry lovers among you should take a look at the blog of Snowy, She met someone on Facebook who writes poems and he gave her permisson to publish one on her blog. To it she made a lovely LO. But you should read it, it's such a lovely and romatic poem, but not like the average ones. It's really worth to take a few minutes to read it and he would be happy if you gave him feedback on it.

I am not sure how the weather will be today. Temperature is stil not bad but it looks a bit rainy again. Well, let's say it's good for nature a bit of water, and it seems from the weekend on it is progressing again to better and also warmer weather. So if that happens, we should take advantage of it and go outside, because before we know we are stuck into the house again with autumn and winter temperatures!
Today you get the second part of the China kit.
Have a nice day!
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Like walking? Try this!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yesterday was the start of a yearly event in The netherlands, I think it;s known world-wide. It's called "De vierdaagse van Nijmegen" (sort of The 4 days of Nijmegen). It's an event for the real lovers of a severe walk! It's 4 days of walking and you can pick out your distance. You can do 30, 40 or 50 km. a day! This year again almost 41.000 people are taking part of it, not all will finish it, but still a lot will and receive a little medal. I read that the oldest participant is 92 years old!!!

From all over the world participants are coming to Nijmegen to walk the 4 days in a row. And at the end there will be a big party for all. Every on tv there is an item about it and I admire all the people that take part and it looks (and is, as you hear all the comments) just a big event of comradship and understanding and support among all.

I wish them all good luck!

So this afternoon it's a birthday visit for us. We have it easy because we'll have only to cross the road and walk a few meters. I am very cuirous to see what she will think of the little bag of presents.

So it may happn that I will be a bit later with the freebielist.

As every evening it was rabbit hopping again yesterday, and oh, how happy the little creature is during is "walk-out". It is to notice too buy the amount of little "pearls"he is leaving behind! Hahaha, fortunately they are hard, so easy to shuffle up. Jan took advantage of the moment and cleaned and refreshed the cage . Only that is a tricky thing to do, as he walks around a bit and so, he always has to keep his eye on the ground around his feet, trying not to step on the rabbit! It's a strange thing, but as soon as one of us is walking around he is following you all the way.

Oh, we got a phonecall from Heidi yesterday from France. Apparantly it's not all bright and joyful, because the evening before she had to go to hospital there, seeming she had aking of overpressure. They changed the needle from the box she is carrying around all the time with her medicin, and all came to normal again. But she was very tiered of it and had to rest almost all day. Let's hope she'll recover soon and that they still can have a nice holiday.

That's about all today to tell you. Today we start with a kit I split up in two parts. It's named "Silk Trail of China". I will give ou the preview of the whole kit, so you can see what you get LOL.Have a great day and off I am!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It was a good day, yesterday.

Goodmorning everybody!

You cannot believe what good it is doing to me when Jan is out of the house for a bit! Perhaps that's not sounding very sweet of me, but it is a true thing. As he was away for the hospital and afterwards he was going to check on Heidi's house and the mail there, I talked to myself and made me do the cleaning of the front windows, which was a really necessary thing! I was sooo happy I finally did that, it doesn't sound much, but I have to get out the big ladder to reach the top of the window, so it;s a lot of carrying around up and down going of the ladder, not a real quick job. But tadaaaa, I did it. Then did clean out the fridge, tadaaaaa, some other small things and felt all happy about myself. By the time Jan was back, I was ready, then did some comutering and also wrapped all the presents for Denise, standing all ready for tomorrow afternoon.
So I could say it was a fruitful day, LOL.

I also received a message via Snowy, that our friend at the forum, Suruha, was soon to be home again from the hospital, She had to go there a few days ago, because she suffered of terrible pains of her back. We got a message from her daughter that it might be better with her and I was very happy to here that. We made her some LO for a get well wish and posted that in the forum. This was mine
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Really hope for you Su, that you are going to feel better and that you soon will be back on the forum!

Oh, yesterday evening my cat Brodski made me laugh! You know he has trouble because of the rabbit. Well, finally he came in yesterday evening into the room, however entered with a BIG turn away from the rabbit cage and jumped on the couch. Pooh, pooh, that already was something. Then suddenly he jumped on the armrest of the couch, very near to the cage looking dow a bit interested but also with a bit of fear still. Then suddenly he began to put his paw into the cage..... rabbit all happy, thinking he had another freind, but after a couple of moves of Brodski I had to give him a slap, because I didn;t trust it too much. But gosh, he finally got together a bit of courage! Hahahahaha, I am curious to see if he does the same this evening!

Well, you know a bit the drill by now. it's Tuesday and normally I will have to do some shopping again for the week. So today, so I must not linger too long this morning. Let us see what I brewed for you today. It;s a French orientated kit, named Oh, Moulin Rouge! I think it says it all. I'll will do my little "round"on the blogs and the forum and then I must be off. Everybody, just enjoy the day and till tomorrow again.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

My poor cats

Goodmorning all!

Here we are again after a lovely weekend of sleeping, tv watching, computering(yeah, managed to get some things done) even some housework and such.

Oh my, oh my, cats stay very strange animals! The two brothers aren't very keen on the rabbit and bird, especially Brodski isn't happy at all! With the cage standing rather close to the door of the room, he is very doward entering the room. Dikkie Dik did overcome a bit his greatest fear, just because he wants to hang on my lap in the evening. The most shy of all, Mickey is the bravest of them all and comes in as nothing too special is there. But Brodski, oh my, that's a real pussy! So an and I rebuild a little bit the room and replaced the bird and rabbit. Now the rabbit is moved a bit away from the door and bird opposite of it. But that doesn;t seem to help to get Brodski into the room. Only with a lot of patience of me I sometimes can get him entering reluctantly into the room, staying close to me, and when we're lucky he takes a real sprint with a BIG bow around the rabbit to the couch, jumps on the headpiece and is looking around with BIG eyes, ready to flee any moment. May be he let himself caress a bit by me for a moment, but keeps the eye on the cage of the rabbit( close to the couch). But only after a few minutes he takes a jump and run again and is gone. Oh boy, he mus t feel very unhappy for the moment. Well, he'll has to deal with it for about 14 days and even perhaps 3 weeks.

I must keep an eye on the clock because Jan has to get up by 9.00 o'clock. He has an appointment this morning at the hospital for an examination again, kind of check up. I suppose the outcome will be allright, all is going rather well for the moment. Then he'll has his doctor's appointment again at the 30 of July, to hear the results. I am glad she is checking up on him regularly and is planning to stay doing it for much longer. I am just curious to know how his values kept up. Already I am glad the eating is going well again, he gained again a lot of weight the last months and is looking rather well. He even has to be careful not gaining too much( if he does it mostly will be fluid that he holds in because of too much salt). I try to keep that in hand but sometimes it's a bit difficult to keep track of it, with everything you eat. But for now he stays around the same weight so I think that is okay.

I want to draw your attention to a terrific kit, my friend Edna of made and offers as freebie, I believe on Friday last week. It's called, Goodbye my Friend and is made especially for scrapping pictures of your late pets. When you have pets, you know we all have to experience once or more often the fact that we have to say goodbye to them. And this is a beautiful kit to preserve their memories. Just take a look, you will agree with me when you see the previews:

I have a new kit for you of which I like very much the colours. I called it "Trinity" because I used 3 colours in it. Simple and obvious, but nice name, I believe. It's suitable for a lot of things, so I hope you;ll some fun scrapping with it.

On today to some housework, also like to try wrapping up the presents for Denise, the girl having her birthday this week, and of course some desining, hey what do you think!

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Shopping was successfull

Goodmorning everybody!

Remember that I planned to go for birthday presents shopping yesterday? Well, I did went to town and it went well. I knew of a shop where they do sell all kind of things, from kitchen stuff to car stuff, to pet supplies and so on. And all for mostly a nice price. So i wnet there and found a lot of nice things for Denise, the girl going to have her birthday. She's becoming 19 years(do I still rememebr how it was to be 19 ?????? LOL) and is thinking it over to go living by herself, not right away, but it has to come to that. I was told, she is already collecting slowly things for that, also saving up some money, and I thought I might buy her some little things for that. I found some kitchen stuff, also a nice clock, a shoe organizer( girls her age do have lots of shoes!) well, all together 2 plastic bags full of things, just for about 20 euro. I am going to wrap it all in different packages, and then hope she will like some of the things.
After i found this, I walked a bit around but decided to go home rather early again but with a good feeling. I love it when plans work out well!!

In the evening I let out the rabbig again, but put him back after a few minutes. I don;t mind him loosing some of the little "pearls", they are easy to collect, but I like it less when he is peeing and then also tearing out tv guides and other paper stuff which is parked under our little table in front of the couch! So I was sorry for him, but we'll try again this evening!

The freebie for today is a vintage looking one. I named it "Waiting for my Love" and as some lovely ladies on the papers. As weekend is appoaching again I am taking the usual break and I surely hope your weekend will be a lovely one. Have a geat time, and don;t forget to check back for the freebielist.
Till Monday.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

I did the "need to do"things

Goodmorning everybody!

Whooo, I did finally what I wanted too. That's a relief, you know. Specially with that bank account, it's something lingering somewhere in the back of your head, and just doesn;t give you peace of mind. Now that's gone. So may be this afternoon I will go into town, looking for a present for our friend's daughter's birthday. Perhaps you consider me nuts to do that today, if you hear that today will be the most warm day of the week, and then I go into town. But perhaps it will not be too crowded, cause people are away on holiday and the ones staying here go perhaps to the beach. Not a bad thought hey?
It certainly will be a fight with myself walking through a few shops I always visit, always seeing nice things, so hand to the purse and be strong Kyra! LOL

Oh did we had a good laugh yesterday evening. As the cas were still in the garden, I closed all doors to the room and we set free the rabbit for a walk around. The little creature is so happy that it can hop around! He is loosing little brown things, just by enthousiam of being out of the cage!! Well, it's not a too big problem as I have a wooden floor. So imagine yourself the rabbit hopping in the room and me walking behind it(not all the time, but if I see it;s necessary!) with a dustpan and brush collecting the tiny "bullets". After a while he discovered my stuffed animals, specially a little dog. Perhaps he thinks it's a weird kind of rabbit, but he loves it! That doggie has to go into the washingmachine after the rabbit is gone, believe me. And he likes us too! You should think he was glad to be able to run around a lot, but no, he discovered our couch and managed to hop on it(as it is an old one, I don't mind too much) and was a bit around Jan but most of the time hopping on me and snuffing and such. Strange animal.
He also seem to like our feet. Jan was walking n the room and hopla, rabbit following him. I was walking around and hop, rabbit following me.

Well, it's funny, and the poor thing needs to get out his cage, so we will bear with that the coming two weeks or even more.

So that were the events here for the past day. In between all that I even managed to finish up a kit, can you believe that!
Today I have a little kit for you with a summerlook. Happy colours and suitable for all kind of pics. It's named "Summertime".
Now have all a fun day.
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Still need to do things!

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, to say it short: my plans for yesterday were all messed up, a bit by me and a bit by Heidi's visit. LOL. So the things I had to do outdoors have to be done today.
They arrived rather early in the afternoon with their pets and of course stayed a bit to chat and when they were gone, I didn;t have the real spirit anymore to go out.
So we installed the pets in the room, yeah we're quit filled up now with 3 cats and a bird and rabbit. I had to laugh because of the cats, specially the two brothers. They came in after a while and were a bit interested in the bird but not for too long. As soon as they approached the cage too close, the bird just made a bit of sound and they made a jump, with big eyes of unbelieve and off to the garden.Hahahaha. We'll still have to watch t of course, but they seem to find it a bit scary! And the rabbit is all together something weird, especially when it's tossing around his ball with bell in it. They don;t appreciate it.
We also got to see the school report of Séverine, which was very good. She's on to the next year. We also got her school foto, nice one, of her alone, already standing on the mantelpiece in the room! And I snatched two little ones too, so now Jan has one in his purse and I have one too.
For the rest I did a bit of this and that on the computer, jumped from one project to another a bit, not the most productive day.

So I am afraid I just have another small freebie for you, you'll have to bear with me, and hope you still come along to check what I have next for you. I am also prepairing a collaboration for a blogtrain that will be coming in some time. Still some months to go but as times flies better start with it and have time to make it a bit special!
Okay, now I excused myself for the small freebie, I also hope I made you already a bit curious and now it's time for me to take my second coffee and then get moving!!!
Today it's another quickpage, made of the Turtle daily download, and this time made it from the contribution of Edna. I loved the turtles kit, it was a funny one! Well, I hope you''ll have a great day and see and talk to you tomorrow again.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quick post.

Goodmorning everybody!

I'll try to make it shrt, cause I have some things to do. But yesterday I was already proud on myself. Did some serious housework, among other things. Today I do have to go to one bank to setlle a thing, I must do it a bit early because somewhere this afternoon we will have a short visit of Heidi and Danny. They will bring the rabbit and bird over, it will be pet-sitting again for us, cause they are going on holiday!

So count to that some shopping for groceries and if I still have courage some more housework, you can consider it a busy day. And in between I will try to do some designing.
Okay, I will stop now, just will post your freebie for today. It;s a rather simple kit, but may be someone can use it.
Have a fun day!
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Monday, July 13, 2009

A week to do things!

Goodmorning everybody!

How was your weekend? I must say, ours was very quiet and peaceful, I love it! I did work on some things this week-end. Spent a lot of time at the computer, but it was worth it. I did a few challenges, another kit for the blog, the colour challenge kit already for september and I was working also on a very very special kt for a very very special occasion, although that's about all I can tell you now. I only know it certainly will be something FANTASTICAL! Hope I made you curious,, well, it will take still some time before it appears, but keep your eyes open for it.!
Yes, it was a rather productive weekend.

But.... I must restrain myself again a bit, because there are things to be done, must get in touch with banks, to have some accounts finished, not a big deal, I suppose but I just don;t like those business like things. Guess I was in it for too long for work and I wished someone else could take care of it. But come on Kyra. you'll do it this week, it has to be done! Then a more pleasant things is also waiting for me to be done, finding a present for the birthday of a friend's daughter. Then the "normal"house things(which I shmalessly neglected over the weekend) so in fact lots of things really in need of action.

I can show you a LO I did for the "technique"challenge of the forum. It had to do about transparancy and I made this, with a picture I made in my garden. Notice, the leaves shine through a bit and also the butterfly I placed as last over the picture.

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Today I have just a small freebie for you but I think it's a bit funny one. In April we had the daily download at the forum and the theme was Turtles. It was a love contribution kit all together and I made a couple of quickpages from it. This is the first one, made from the constribution of Snowy. I know you'll just love the two turtles, made by Snowy. Now I'll just take another coffee and a bit of time on the computer and then I'll first have to move around. I have to I have to I have to LOL!
Have a nice day. thanks for the visit!

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Friday, July 10, 2009

It looks a bit like autumn

Goodmorning everybody!

It suerely changed quickly the weather overhere! Today isn;t looking good. All grey, lots of clouds with possible rain, and hard wind, brrrr, really a bit like autumn. I hope it will be just for a day, cause I haven't done with summer yet!
Yesterday I tried to accomplish some things, but to say I advanced a lot, no! But... I did manage to do a template challenge. It doesn;t sound to complicated, but this one asked quit some improvisation of me, cause I couldn;t open a few provided templates in my program. Suddenly they didn;t show up! Hmmm, strange. So it took me longer than I thought, but I am quite happy with the result. I just received a lovely picture of Séverine and I used that.
Here is the layout

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She really looks lovely, don't you think so?

I promised you yesterday I have a kit for you. And so it is. I went back in time and chose the period of the Baroque. The name is "Playful Baroque"and I hope you will like it.
Not much to tell today, it was a quiet day yesterday, so I better check my mail now and the forum and then get on with some designing and I truly hope the dip I have a bit (only designing wise, for the rest I am okay, don;t worry LOL) will disappear this weekend, because I cannot use that for sure! May be it is really time to take a longer break, but I always talk about it, and at the end I push it forward and forward and,,, you know? Okidoki, I'll start with my weekend break, that should do some good, perhaps. Hmmmm, reading it over I suppose I sound not to happy, but I am really okay, just a bit p##****d off about myself and the slow advancing at the designing.
Okay, I shouldn't bother you with that too much. I better wish you all a great weekend and hope you will have a lot of fun!

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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Still a busy girl

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, for the moment the visit to the vet isn't an issue anymore. But we still keep our eyes on the cats for any change.
Oh, I was a good girl yesterday! I did almost all the ironing(and it was quit a pile) and then did some sweeping in the garden. Lots of leaves and sand and so on, so that looks also a lot better. Still, I am a bit slow on the designing. Enough ideas for all I have on the list, but it takes long, long long to make a thing. My friend Edna, complained that it took her very long to make just one paper! I know how she feels, I have the same problem. I just want it to be as I have it in mind, but it isn't showing up the way I want. I suppose it's just a short(I hope)period, because I certainly can;t have that for a long time. LOL.

Oh, how stupid, almost forgor to tell you I got another award, from Lynn from

I am not passing it on this time, cause I did so the other time I received it. But still wanted to let you know, cause every time I receive an award I am as happy as a little child, it's nice, people think of you and find your blog and/or work worthy enough to give the award. So thanks again Lynn.

Not all too much to tell today, so let us keep it short. I have a freebie for you, not a big one but I made you another quickpage also from a kit from Edna
She's so kind to me, she gave me permission to use her kits for that kind of thing. It's called "Walk in the Park", just after her kit. Hope you'll enjoy it.
Tomorrow I have prepared a nice kit for you so check that out.
Now I am going to struggle a bit more(LOL) and wish you all a splendid day!
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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I think the cats have "presentiment"

Goodmorning everybody!

We are still struggling with the question to go or not to the vet. It was different if Dikkie or Micky(th e old lay) were hurting, but that's not the matter. And suddenly the "bump"is deminishing on Dikkie all the time. It's as if Dikkie had a hunch there might be happening something to him. We have a "cat transporter"and just to let them get used to it, placed it in the room. And you know what? The 2 brothers gave it a slight look and a bit of sniffing, and that's it, but Mickey made it almost her new appartement! She's not yet entering it complaetely, but is lying on the flap now already 2 days, quit comfortable!(the transporter is from tissue and you can fold it up completely, great thing! ).
Well, we decided to observe the two of them very close for another couple of days and then decide if it will be necessary to go to the vet.
Better to do like this, because to transport them gives them always lots of stress. So if it can be avoided, why not?

Yesterday evening we had s short visit of a daughter of a friend, who gave us an "official"invitation for the celebration of her birthday. The girl will be 19 but we know her already a long, long time. So she splitted up the celebration of her birthday in two parts. An afternoon for the "older"friends"like us, hahahaha and she's going out with her friends of her age later. Yes, we reached that age now, that we are placed in the "quiet"section of birthday celebrations, but to be honest, I don;t mind too much, specially when it comes to the music they generally like(and I don't). Ahhhh, I remeber the time I had that young age and we did almost the same. It's the inevitable vicious cicle of life, LOL. It will be around the 22nd of July. Now up to me to find a present for her. She had no wish list, so I'll have to crack my brains again. Any suggestions for a girl of 19 years old?

Weather around here changes a lot, not that is really cold. Stll about 20 degrees C, but from time to time suddenly a heavy shower of rain comes out of the clouds, which isn;t bad for nature, but less agreable if you happen to walk in the street(not that it happened to me till now). But they expect that around the end of the week temperature will go up again and so we will hold on to that.

I'll have to do some things in the house again today, you could call it the to-do list(which I generally DON't make), have to keep up with that too.Still not won the lotery with a big price, so still no chance that I can pay for someone who will do all these housekeeping things for me. Nope, no housekeeper for me. Poor girl, ROFL!!

Today I have a kit for you, named "Inseparable" and of course I hope you will like it. I think, it can be used for a lot of different things. I must not forget to show you some things I made for challenges this month, including a colour challengekit. Also did some work on daily download things, so I was still a bit happy with myself, hahaha.
Have a fine day, be creative and till tomorrow!

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

May be to the Vet?

Goodmorning everybody!
Oh gosh, the weather really changed overhere. At the moment it is raining and thundering too! But it's a good thing for the garden. It has been far too dry the last week or so.
Hmmm, struggling with a little problem. One of the cats, Dikkie Dik, is quit a fighter and regularly comes home with a little wound. Till now I could managed to let it heal and keep it clean but suddenly he was developping a little bump near his shoulder and I couldn;t "open"it. So finally Jan and I (well, more ME!) decided to go to the vet. I'll have to make an appointment for that. I checked on him this morning and suddenly it seems a lot smaller. Now I am in trouble. Will it heal by itself or should I still go to the vet? I must say, Dikkie wasn't quit in his usual behaviour the last couple of days. I think I let Jan look at it too and then we decide what to do.

What else was there yesterday? Yes, got my piano tuned again. I even played for a moment, and oh my, I have become really a bit rusty on it! It's time to pick that up again too. Then I continued a bit on a kit I started, not yet finished, it's going real slow for the moment. But I still have a little freebie for you. My friend Edna made a great kit for the June colour challenge, which had to be in a bit whimsical style. And gave me permission to post this quickpage I made of it. Isn't she a nice person?? So I hope you enjoy this quickpage "Whimsey". I am planning to do some more quickpages from her kits and some others too. It seems easy and quick, making a QP but it isn't that obvious always.
Anyway, hope you can use it and I think tomorrow I will have a little kit again.
Have a great day, be happy!
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Monday, July 06, 2009

Weekend was fine, now on to "normal"

Goodmorning everybody!
How was your weekend? Did a lot of you have a great Independence day?
The weekend here was okay, great weather and yesterday a birthday visit to Heidi and Danny. I fact I don;t like those gatheringsvery much, you never get a good chance to talk to the people you are coming for, which is normal. They have to attend to all their guests. But heidi and I at least came to the conlcusion we didn;t change in our looks, so we still recognized eachother, LOL. We didn;t see eachother for more than a month! That's really too long. Well, we agreed to try at least to visit one another in the coming 2 weeks. I don;t know if we'll manage, but at least the intention is there, hahaha. In about two weeks they are going on a holiday, so we will be the keepers of the bird and rabbit again. We are too good hearted about that, but at least I know they are taken good care off, isn;t it?

Danny and Heidi want to buy a new digital camera, so Danny said that Séverine could have the old one. Oh, she is all excited about it. Yesterday she was running around and taking pictures at a row. And I must say, she made some very good ones(and she's only 7). She even made a nice one of Jan and me and I told her I wanted that one and a couple of others. And that she had to ask Heidi to mail me those. Well, she instantly told it to her mother, now I am curious how long it will take before I receive them!

In the weekend I managed to finish some work for the blogfreebies, but on the moment I have a kind of black out for those, it will just not come out of my fingers. I was struggling on one and then decided I better leave it for the moment and I went on finishing some daily downloads, already for October, the halloween kit. Yeah, incredible but true! I also saw some other contributions to it and oh boy, it becomes an awesome daily download! Also did some other challenges, not too much, but still I am advancing.

In the afternoon the piano tumer will finally come for my piano(after I advanced it a couple of times, poor man) and may be it will get me in the mood again to start playing the piano again a bit. It is really a shame I don;t do that anymore, because I was playing it really well. We'll see about that. I suppose the fingers have become a bit rusty but that sould be done with rather quick, if once I start with it again.

Now for today I have a rather small kit, but I think you get an all over sunshine feeling of it. It's named "Feel the Summer" and should make your summer pictures extra bright and sunny.
I think I will have a real long freebielist this afternoon, cause I already checked around in the weekend and then there will be the new freebies from today again too. So stay tuned and prepare yourself for a nice blog-freebie hunt today!
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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Goodmorning everyone!

Just a quick posting to wish all my Amercain visitors a happy

We had a challenge in the forum to make something an LO or so for Independence Day. This is my contribution, to all of you!

I wish you all a very joyful and cracking day!


Friday, July 03, 2009

It's VERY warm here!

Goodmorning you all!

Can't believe it that in the morning at 8.00 I went into the garden and it was already very warm, and then there wasn't even sunshine in it! It's really summer and although it sometimes is perhaps a bit too warm(often it gets a bit dampy warm here) I just love it. To be able to step outside in the garden early in the morning just in your t shirt, seeing the cats lying around already completely in coma, the flowers, still rather silent with only here and there some bird song! That's life!
I am so sorry!!!!!!!!! I don;t know why, but I TOTALLY forgot to put up a freebielist yesterday! I must have been really somewhere else with my thoughts! I promise I will NOT forget it today!! What a DUMB girl is posting here.

I told you we had a very nice chat at the forum, but we missed our Edna, the "mother"of the forum. So how I don;t know but wshe was subject of our conversation and suddenly a picture of a possible layout popped up in my mind. A naughty one. So I made a rough version and showed it to the chatters. Then we discussed the possibilities and the ladies came up with some great suggestions. Yesterday morning I finished it and posted it on the forum, in the team section and notified Edna. Ohboy, she's a good sport, that lady! Go take a look at her blog, she actually posted the layout(the little person at the right is her brother Moo, LOL).

I really tried to finish up on a kit yesterday, but the flow wasn;t there LOL.
It will come back ( let''s hope so, hahaha) but I still have a lovely kit for you, it's great for this time of year, although"a "Stroll on the Beach"can be used for more, I guess. It was the result of the colourchallenge for March at our forum. Snowy always comes up with nice colour palettes and great ideas! She is a girl of character with a great creative mind, and I like her a lot. She's filled with humour, she's honest and sincere, always ready to help if she can, sometimes a bit chaotic(just like me ROFL) sometimes just nuts(also like me ROFL!!) but in all a very adorable and great person. (Don;t blush now. Snowy!!)

So we'll see what today will bring again. I already have a wash turning in the machine and I even did some ironing, eah already at 9.00 o'clock in the morning! So I feel already good about myself, whooooo! Well, I will put up later the freebielist of course and in the weekend we'll have to visit Heidi and Danny, because Danny had his birthday this week and invited some friends and family on Sunday. Time is filling up already, as you see.
Enjoy your weekend, hope it will be a creative one and happy one. See you on Monday!

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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Early rise today!

Goodmorning everybody!

It was an early rise this morning, due to installment of a new watermeter. But.... they came. Good. It took the guy only a few minutes.

Yesterday evening(for me) we had the chat at the forum. As usual we had a good laugh, although we missed some regulars, so to say. Hopefully next time everybody will be able to join again.
I better take advantage of the fact that I was up so early, and try to move earlier than normal, LOL. Well, I have to do some shopping, and as they expect today to be the warmest of the whole week, better do it before noon.

To start with, I was given another award, oh boy!
It was passed to me by Zaza,, a lovely blog with beautiful freebies. It this award

This award is dedicated to a world without borders in the world of Scrap,by people who always give you:

Help, Gratitude, Respect, Solidarity, Affection, Love, Friendship and Imagination

Pass this award to who you know have these qualities.

So therefore, I give this award to the following blogs that have all these qualities and more :

I will try to make a layout or two from the pictures I made during the last walk Jan and I made in the centre of The Hague. But I am a bit in shortage of time, designing wise spoken. I already started a new kit some days ago, but it isn;t advancing very well. I am still busy enough with a lot of things, but somehow I lack a bit of inspiration. Well, that happens from time to time. May be I should consider taking a real break for a week or two, like a holiday, from the blog. Yeah I know, not too nice for my visitors, but I do it almost every year and sometimes it is a good thing to step back for a moment. We'll see about that.

For now you don;t have to worry, because I have another kit for you. It's a rather funny kit, all in very bright colours, perhaps nice for some pictures of the kids.
I named it"Bugs Invasion".
I have to give credit to for some of the lovely templates I used.
Now you all enjoy the day and I hope I will have something for you tomorrow!

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A new daily download

Goodmorning everybody.

Just take a look at the slideshow on top. It's the new daily download for July on the forum of Magickal scraps. Doesn't it look gorgeous??? Such happy colours and lots of fun in it. It's called Crayola Garden and theme and colourpallet were chosen this time by Edna. Check it out and I know you will not be sorry!
I must not forget the chat tonight. Normally we have that on a Friday, but as there is the celebration of the 4th of July too some would not be able to attend, so we moved it to tonight. I am curious how that will be again. Usually a lot of fun, so it's a nice thing to look forward for.

Yesterday was a normal day. I went for the shopping a bit earlier than normal, to avoid the greatest warmth from the day. It was a lovely day again yesterday. For some time it was even too warm in our garden, well certainly in the sun. But I am not complaining, this weather is fine for the old bones, LOL.

I managed yesterday to make one of the last challenges waiting for me at the forum for the month of July. It's part of the letter challenge and it was the "P ". It's about one of really the funniest cats I had, eyes all round and always acting differently from other cats. A very charasterictic attitude of that cat was sitting on it's bump, really!!! Already as kitten this one was different and funny so it received the name of the famous Russian clown Popov. I used my own kit Cat Society for it.

Now I have, I think, a beautiful kit for you, it was made for the February colour challenge of the forum and is named "Renaissance Treasures". I was rather proud of it, so I hope you will like it too.

And if the inspiration will come, I should try to get a new kit together for you. Hmmm, we'll see if that idea will be succesful. Anyway, have a wonderful day and till tomorrow.
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