Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Feel, as if I was on the "penalty"bench LOL!

Goodafternoon everybody!

It took long before I could move around a little bit and sit for a longer time, pffff! My back isn't all completely to normal, but I can do things again, just have to be careful with sudden moves.
But as if it wasn;t enough, just as my back got a bit better, last Sundaynight I had bel.y-trouble, you probably know the "fantastic"feeling of cramps? well, it took about all night before all left my body that had to leave it, hahaha.
And then , on top of it all, Monday late-morning, when I got up, I did put the waterkettle on to make a cup of tea, and how it happened I don;t know, but pouring the water in my mug, didn;t quite go as it should. Meaning I got some real hot water over my left hand! OUCH!
Quickly I cooled it with water for several time, but it kept burning, so I tried my luck at my doctor(who is just 2 minutes away from my house), to see if may be he still was there. I was lucky, he still was and did help me with my hand. First cooled it under water again, then he put on some cream and bandage and told me to come back next morning, so today.
After I came back yesterday from the doctor, some spots on my hand still hurt with burning pain, but after about an hour it calmed down and I didn;t have to take a painkiller.
This morning doctor looked and I didn;t have any blisters, hoorray!
Some fingers partly have  bit different color, have to put on some vaseline for a few days, have to be careful with warm water but it is all okay.
what do you think? Enough, is enough, isn;t it!!!!
I truly hope this second part of the year will be a lot better.

Jan was ever so nice during my backtrouble period. He couldn;t do much to make me feel better, but he tried his best in bringing me things to drink, handing me over all things I couldn;t reach, even did some grocerie shopping! Also did a laundry, some ironing, vacuum cleaning, oh my, even hung up food for the parakeets!

At the moment we have in our country the European championchips women soccer and our girls reached next round after 3 matches!
After this evening we know which team they have to play against, it could be Germany or Sweden. Not the easiest teams, but if they keep their head cool they may win next match. We all cross our finger, of course!

Okay, you are a bit up to date again, so I will finish now. It isn;t good yet to stay at the computer too long yet.
I have a little kit for you, I did make it already before the backtrouble.
I owe you still the clusters for the minikit May from Arlene, but i didn;t get to it, of course. So I give you now the minikit June to play with, and hopefully next time I will have made preview and uploaded Arlene's clusters.
It all is a bit chaotic at the mooment, sorry for that, but it will get better again(at least  hope so ROFL).
To all of you a big thank you for all the uplifting comments, you are just wonderful.
To my closest blog-and email friends:  have to read all your blogposts, will try to do so this week bit by bit and get in touch with you as soon as possible.
Please be a little more patient with me and all will come to normal order again.
Have a wonderful week, stay safe and healthy!
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Monday, July 17, 2017

I am still alive

Hello everybody!

just a short notice that from Friday i had serious backtrouble. couldn't almost move up or down or whatever, of course happened Friday afternoon, so couldn;t get to my doctor. I really had quite a lot of pain. Wasn't a happy weekend. Think I have the kind of arthritis or inflammation again. Today went to doctor got pills.
It already is a little bit better today.
so as soon as  can sit normally and for longer time again I will be back.
Don;t worry too much, it just happens every now and then.
Have a wonderful week.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Running behind on blogreading.

Goodmorning everybody!

It is happening every time again. I am so little time at the computer that I read my mail, answer it, perhaps do a few elements on a kit( also nt very often these days) and then go on with other things, as normal housework, spend some time in the garden as soon as it is nice enough weather, do some grocerie shopping, take time to cook dinner, in all taking it rather easy and then blogreading just isn;t done.
Then towards weekend I feel so guilty about it, that i sit down and do the reading to keep up with some of my friends, but it is tough work LOL!
I used to sit for a while at the computer every morning, so  followed the blogs by the day, but now  am spending much less time on the thing, but to be honest, I don;t miss it. Oh, i wouldn;t give it up completely, no way, but less time on it gives me some more time on other things. I even sometimes read again, most of the time when I sit in the garden, it is so quiet and peaceful then, with some singing of birds, sometimes the noise of children voices playing in the garden. It are the neighbours children and you just have to smile when you hear them. They sound so joyful, not crying or shouting out loud, just playing and having fun.

But today I ordered myself to update my blog a little bit. I really don;t have all too much to tell lately, in a way I am happy about it, It means no shocking things are distrubing our life. But sometimes it would be nice to be able to tell something exciting LOL!
I probably will post a bit irregular on the kits and the clusters. It has to do with me, not spending much time at the computr and Arlene has serious trouble with her computer. She would like to have a new one, but at the moment that is a bit difficult, so let us all cross fingers for her that her computer will hold on for a while longer!

This week we had one evening/night with aweful weather. Thunder and lightning, rain, even hailshowers, and it rained so much that the streets looked like little rivers! And at a moment we had coming water out of a pipe that is running in the kitchen over the floor. I just was in the kitchen for something and heard a strange noise. Went looking for it and saw the water blurbing out of the pipe! Quickly put a bucket under it, called for Jan, Jan could open the pipe and let some extra water out of it. It was a pipe coming from the roof, for the central heating. Sounds complicated, but okay, it went on for a moment(because of the storm that was together with the terrible rain), and then calmed down and after i think 20 minutes or so, it calmed down and was as usual.
Was however a bit scary at the moment.
Then next morning sun was shining again, streets were dry again, even the garden here didn;t suffer much from the rain, wind and hail.
Okay, a bit of rain would have been nice, but this was somewhat overdone, hahaha!
Weather will stay nice for today and tomorrow, then temperatures will drop again to just around 20 C, which is a bit low for now.
Weather still cannot stay really steady, we still have some days of high temperatures, then it drops down drastically again and after some days it goes up again to 28-30C. Strange summer behaviour.

Jan has poured me a cup of coffee now, so I will go and drink it as it still is warm and nice.
Here are the clusters from last week's kit, At Grandfather's house. The clusters for the May kit will follow later.
Have a safe and wonderful week!
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Sunday, July 02, 2017

I have new carpet tiles in my little hall!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Let's talk weather first. I am not all too happy about it. Beginning of the week it was great, but towards weekend temperatures suddenly dropped and we had some cloudy days, till today. We dropped from about 25-28C to just 19C with quite some wind. Only good thing was we had a bit of rain.
But today all looks already a bit brighter. we have still clouds, but also periods with sunshine and temperatures should go up this week to around 23-24C, with less wind and may be a shower of rain here and there.

Yes, Jan has laid some carpet floortiles in our little hall. You know from the ones we had for free. He had to cut some a bit, to make it fit.
The cutting did cause a little bit of problems, because he didn´t have a good knife for it. We had a stanley/knife, but the blade wasn´t sharp enough.Well, somehow he managed to do it anyhow and I am very happy with the new floor now. The carpet we had in it, was really old and used up, this looks fresh and clean again.
One of these days we may be do our little bedroom, and yes, Jan did buy some new blades for the knife, so I hope it will go much better.
Only problem is that we have to take our bed apart, room is too small to shift the bed to another place.
That´s often the trouble when you want to change something, you need to take things apart, or shift it to another place)like closets and so, and those you have to empty, before you can shift them.
It is always the รจxtra work`that makes it take a longer time than you really want. Have to take courage in both hands and hope it will go rather smoothly. LOL.

Oh, I was for annual control at hte neurologist for my epilepsie, and I had a new one. Very nice lady, I must say.
As all is about the same, for long time, I am doing quite okay, she suggested that I stay under control with my doctor and if necessary he could always send me to her again.  was happy about it. It is only taking my time and the neurologist´s time, for just 5 minutes to say I am doing okay. They can use the time better for someone else.

My garden is looking great. I have lots of plants blossoming, so it is a happy place now. Once there came in a hollyhock, took ages to grow but this year  have flowers on it and they are in such a gorgeous color!
It is a deeper pink-red color, more towards bordeaux than the photo is showing.
And I always love my heuchera´s. There are many species from them, and great leaf plants, that as extra also have lovely flowering, very delicate.
This is, I think, the species Heuchera Caramel, but I am not completely sure. If you are interested to have one or more in your garden, just look on Google, lots to find about that plant.
You also have them with dark red and brown leaves, or green with little spots etc. etc.
We have now lots of visits of "our"parakeets, they come in every day, so every day I cut up one or two apples and hang the parts in little nets, and they are very happy with it. And sometimes they also get some seed, of course.

I didn;t do much of designing again this week, but still managed to have a kit ready, named At Grandfather's House.
The clusters you will have next week.

Now time for me to make me a sandwich and sit a bit in the sun now that it is shining!
Have a wonderful day and week, take care of yourselves!
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