Monday, August 31, 2015

What's wrong with people nowadays?

Goodmorning everybody!

In a way it is a good morning, because it is another day, we are still alive, it still is summer, and such. The way it isn;t such a good morning is that the guy from upstairs, didn;t show up. He would have been here to paint last week Thursday, then came to say he couln't come but wuld come Thursday.
Then on Thursday morning he dropped a note in our mailbox, saying he couldn;t come but would come at around 6 evening. And surprise? Nobody came and no message or phonecall or whatever either.
I have his phonenumber, but Jan refuses to call him, saying: "I refuse calling him, because it then looks as if we are begging". I can understand him in a way, but don;t agree completely either.
So now Jan will start painting himself today( I wouldn;t have him do it during the weekend, because he had his volunteer work to do).
Glad at least we have a bucket with paint, brough by this guy earlier. It is something.
But I feel rather pissed off, and I think I am allowed too.
I don;t know why it seems to be so hard to keep a promise? Or why make a promise if you are sure you will not keep it??

Well, we keep this in the back of our head and next time something will happen we will act differently.

we have a bit of strange weather at the moment. Temperatures are around 25 C, as it was yesterday too, but in the evening there was some lightning and thunder, not too much, also rained some, saw on the news that in other parts of the country they had real trouble because of the rain.
Now during the day it should be quiet but towards the evening they expect new rains and thunder and lightning. We'll see, if we will be lucky again.
If it will stay dry most of the day, I might make a trip to the market, have to drop a bill at the bank too, and it is on the way to the market.
I am not sure yet, but perhaps is will be best to do, leaving Jan to his painting, in peace and quiet.
(I know how I am. All the time checking if he is okay, not suffering too much from his back and so, and it is better for his and my mood that I go away for a while LOL).

I've managed to make a little kit for you, named it Seaside Sunset.
Hopefully you can do something with it.
Sorry it is kind of short post, but at the moment I cannot think of anything more that would be nice to read for you. Oh yeah, one thing we Dutchies are very proud of!
We have the world champion 200 mtrs. sprint. called Dafne Schippers. A lovely young women of 23 years old, who also took the silver medal on the 100 mtrs. sprint at the World Championship Athletics in Beijing!
And here is the kit
Download   HERE

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Freebies of June-July-Aug.2015

Download Food for the Soul
 Download Arlene Food for the Soul clusters
 Download  Solveig's song
 Download  Arlene Solveig's song clusters
 Download   Galina
Download Arlene    Galina clusters
 Download   Summer Light
 Download   Arlene Summer Light clusters
 Download   Nostalgia of Summer
 Download   Arlene Nostalgia of Summer clusters
 Download   Seaside Sunset
Download    Arlene Seaside Sunset clusters

May be a promise will be kept!

Goodmorning everybody!

The good news is that about all has dried well after our big leak, and yesterdaymorning the guy did turn up at our door with a bucket of paint and such. So at least we have that, but he had no time yesterday, he promised us to come tomorrow and do his painting. Okay, let's hope and see.

With all that going on last week I forgot to tell ayou another strange thing that happened.
Somewhere last week Jan was in the extension to look for a tool or so and he called me to cme and help him because there was a ................pigeon there.
During the warm days and also because the room had to dry, weleft open the window and the door to the garden. I suppose the pigeon came in through the door.
It was not easy to grab him but finally Jan managed to get him out. Okay, that can happen.
But two days later I heard a strange noise coming out to me, first thought it were just two pigeons fighting a bit, but then went looking and again a pigeon had entered the extension room.
After a while I managed to get a towel over him and grab him and released him in the garden.
I must say, those two birds didn;t leave a too big mess, amazing.
So now we put in the door again the door with fly-screen, to prevent the birds to come in LOL.

Oh my, August is almost over with, and next week I will have to visit my volunteer coach again.
Then I am sure we will come to an agreement again for doing some volunteer work. To start again will not be easy again( as I am used to free time all the time, hahaha), but it will be a good thing.
The last time I saw hime he suggested I will do the same as before, helping out in classes with language lessons for not natives and I think I still like to do that.

First thing now is the painting, hopefully it will be done this week. Then we  can put back all we moved for now to give the guy some room to work.
And then really hoping we will not have any leak anymore, not this year, not next year .!!
I am completely DONE with that!

Okay, today should be a rather good day, speaking of the weather. Last couple of days we had quite some rain, although temperatures still were not bad at all. We only have a bit too much wind to my liking and there is a chance to some rainshowers. Then all should turn into some more "quiet"weather, but that always can change from day to day at the moment.

Sorry I don't have a freebie for you now, still in very low gear concerning the designing. I did start another kit, but it will take me some time to finish. I am not spending as much time at the computer as before, probably that will come back too later when the weather is getting colder and it will be dark sooner.
For nw I just like it that we don't have to turn on the lights on at 5 in the afternoon already!
And when we wake up, it is light and often the sun is shining and that feels sooooooooooooooo good.

Think I will do a bit of blogreading and perhaps do a few things on the new kit, then get dressed and eat something, then see what mischieve I can come up with hahaha.
Till next time, I suppose it will be somewhere in the weekend.
Have a lovely day!

Friday, August 21, 2015

2015 is not our most lucky year till now.

Goodmorning everybody!

Heavens, what a week it was, specially the start of it.
Remember I told you about a leak last week? Okay, it first stopped more or less but in the weekend we had some considerable rain and I think it was Saturday evening or Sunday(gosh, cannot even remember it anymore) as I noticed there was again a leak at about the same point. longer as it lasted the more water came done and we had to find all buckets we could and use about all our big towels to keep a kind of dry. At some time it really came in jets of water down.
So Jan went up the ladder again to look at our little roof. We first thought it was the cause of it but after some time Jan came to the conclusion it was due to our neighbours above us.(again).
Okay, things can happen, but nobody was there.(as you may remember I told you it is kind of special house they have). Well, I had a phonenumber from the owner, tried it, no answer. We tried several times, no luck. But in the mean time the water kept coming down, a bit less, but still in a steady and quite quick dripping tempo.
Finally Monday we put a little notepaper in their mailbox and kept our ears open for any sound from above!
You can imagine we didn;t sleep very much at night.
Good, Tuesday morning finally somebody rang at our door. Not the owner, but never mind, he could do something about it. Which he did. He thought it was hthe hot tube they have there, so closed of the water. But later he said it was due to a clogged rain at one of the balcony's. Whatever it was, it stopped leaking after ab out a day. Snd the guy promised us to come by next week to paint the walls and ceiling of the room where the leaking was. You can imagine it all (floor as well as wall and wood ) has to drie first well. Now I just hope this time the promise will be kept.
It is really hopeless that in case of emergency you cannot reach anybody.
Now we can claim it perhaps with our insurance, but that is again such a lot of trouble to go through, and I don;t know if it will bring much. Let's first see if the guy will come for the painting, that already would be wonderful.

So not a good start of the week, hey?
No, really, this year hasn't been all too prosperous for us till now. With the oprations of Jan, my hospital holiday, some other things that didn;t work out the way we hoped for, gosh, really hope the last part of this year will be better for us.
I think it is Murphy's Law we are talking about. Once something is going bad it seems to attrack another thing and so on and so on LOL.

Still there is a bit of good news to tell too. Yesterday I went to the hospital appointment with the lung doctor to hear about the lung function test. Well, as I thought, of course my lungs aren;t in the best condition anymore, but for now I don;t have to come for yearly check-ups with her anymore.
If there is an issue, I can go to my doctor, as for prescriptions and such. She adviced me to keep using the Spiriva inhailer, for more protection and ease in breathing. Well, I am okay with that, Only have to take it once a day, wonderful.

The weather is getting better again. already yesterday it was nice weather, so after my early hospital visit I decided to make a quick visit to town centre. It was aweful quiet there, I did visit a few stores, had a nice time and then was home still rather early. and in the afternoon I did sleep a lot! Yeah, suddenly I felt soooo tired, I just had to lie down for a moment. Well, that moment took longer than I thought, but I think I just needed the rest after all the excitement earlier in the week!
Today is somewhat cloudy at the moment but temperature is okay, think about 22/24 C.
And the next couple of days it will get warmer and sunnier. Good news for the backroom, we can have windows and doors open, so that all can dry as quick as possible there!

We had a try of our tomatoes yesterday, yeah! Two of them were ripe and I just mixed them with a bit of cucumber I had in a salad. Okay, the tomatoes weren't yet very big, but the taste was okay. Now only hope that all the others will ripen too in time. If so, we will have a good little harvest from them.
Fun to have it, only takes such a long time untill you actually can harvest LOL.

That's about it for this week, not leaving without a freebie. I have some lovely clusters and great quickpage for you made by Arlene, with the Nostalgia of Summer kit.
May be you noticed I have changed the bloglayout. Okay, that's one of the few things I did at the computer this week. It will do for now, for autumn I should come up with something new again.
So only have one more thing to do:
Wishing you a fantastic weekend!

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Warm, sticky, storm, rain, everything.

Goodmorning everybody!

At the moment it still is rather nice, speaking of temperature. Yesterday it was kind of sticky weather and in the evening there was thunder and lightning and curtains of rainfall. Which gave us some trouble in the house. Probably because of the wind and the hard rain that was swept over a roof, we had a leak in the passage to the backroom(the extension). Oh my, this was really something we were waiting for, LOL!
Nosw we have to wait till it has dried a bit and outside too for one or two days then Jan probably can fix it. Cross yur fingers it will be an easy repair!

Yesterday afternoon I went for a visit to Heidi, and we talked over her whole holiday and other things that happened during her absence, it was nice and I was glad she was back again. We may not see eachother too often or even not call eachother regularly, but still we know we are THERE if necessary.

Today I must go for some grocerie shopping, it is kind of funny weather at the moment. It could start raining, but also at times we have full sunshine, so I hope I am lucky when going out, that it will stay dry.

Oh, Wednesday afternoon I went to hospital for a checkup with the lung-nurse, and my wieght has gone up again a bit, so she was happy for me, and as all seems to go well, I don't have to come back to her. Pffff, that's one visit less.
Now next week I'll have the appointment with the doctor, to hear about the lung-function test.
Hope that will not be too bad either, may be I only will have to go to her for a yearly checkup.
Jan went for a checkup to his liver doctor too this week, all in good order. She was a bit concerned that the operation on his umbilical hernia might have caused some trouble to his stomach or liver function, but it didn't. So everybody happy again LOL.

I did finish a new kit for you this week so I will post it now, it is named Nostalgia of Summer.
I also wanted to make a new bloglayout, but didn;t succeed. Although I started with one, halfway I looked at it and I didn't like it so I skipped it, hahaha. Next try might be better.
Okay, time to get busy around here so I wish you all a wonderful and safe weekend and start of the new week.

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Saturday, August 08, 2015

So happy with the weather.

Goodmorning everybody!

The idea was to post yesterday, but I changed plans LOL.
It was such nice weather and I went to the market, not all too late, so that it might be not so crowded yet. And I was right. It was perfect weather for it, with sunshine, nice temperature, bit of wind, just lovely. Just the kind of weather I like.
Needed potatoes and onions and I find the potatoes rather expensive at the moment. Oh well, as long they keep well for a long time and taste good, we can overcome the price. Later in the year I suppose it will drop again.
Also bought paprika's, small fresh gherkins, tomatoes, garlic( the fresh one), tangerines, two melons, and two "börek", that is a turkish food, minced meat rolled in puffed pastry.
They make them so tasty at the market, so once in a while we take two with us home when we are there. They will do nice for "dinner"this evening, it is quick, just have to put them in the oven for about 15 minutes, I like them best a bit heated.
May be I'll make a small salad to acompany, from tomatoes, ghirkins and ice-salad. Hmmm, might be a good idea.

If all is right, Heidi will be back from holiday today. It will be nice to see her somewhere next week again, when she has settled down again and has unpacked the suitcases and such.

Oh, forgot to tell that at the market I just couldn;t resist bying 3 packets with dahlia-bulbs!
It was a good offer in price, and as the dahilia's we have are doing ever so well, I thought it might be great to have some more. All are different species, from 45 cm, to 60 and 70 cms height.
I cannot plant them yet, that will have to wait till next spring.
I'll see if I can find a photo on the net from the new dahlia's Just a moment okay?You can asee the selling price on the packcage, but I got now 3 for € 5.00.

My I caught the last one, sooo cute, and then I had to choose two others( sooo difficult) LOL.
Now let's hope they will do well next year!

Probably I will do very relaxed today, I might just go out for a moment to buy some bread, not really necessary today, we'll have enought till Monday, but it is such nice weather and a little walk is always good. Then perhaps a moment in the garden and some tv or may be computer, although to be honest, it is too good a weather for it to stay inside for a long time.
Better take advantage of the sun and good temperatures now that we can, autumn and winter will be here son enough.
I have a freebie for you, clusters from Arlene from the last kit Summer Light.
It also will be time to change again my bloglayout, I am very sloppy the last couple of months!
We'll see if I can manage to do that in the next week or so.

Thanks for your visit, have a lovely weekend and see you next week!
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Sunday, August 02, 2015

Wearing my new glasses.

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh, I am so happy that I received an email from the optician, that my glasses were ready at Thursday.
So of course i went as soon as possible and now I am ever so happy with them. I still have the old ones, keep them in the drawer in case something happens to this one(but I will not think about it now, let's hope I can years with these again!).

The weather has changed in comparison to last weekend! Now it is nice summer weather again, just with nice temperatures and not much wind, good for our tomatoes, because they need to grow some more and then get some colour!
I think that I will water Heidi's garden today, have to go there for the fish, because all this week no rain is expected.We just will have to  look after the fish this week and if all goes well, they will be home next weekend.

It was a rather relaxed week, still got several jobs done in the house, and today I think I will take a little walk, just because it is nice weather.
And amazing, yesterday I finished a little kit, finally. Still having trouble with inspiration and drive to make them, but I am happy I made this one. And I have another one half-ready, so I am trying to get into gear for it again LOL.

I have just this month to get into real good shape againtalking about gaining some more weight, hopefully), because next month I will have to restart the volunteer work. My coach gave me a real long period for recovery, but it cannot last. Oh, I don;t mind doing again some volunteerwork, keeps you busy and your mind sound, hahaha.

Well, I have to take a sandwich and then go to Heidi's house for the fish and the garden.
So I will finish this pst, with the little kit as freebie, named Summer Light.
It's not the very best of kits, but  like the happy colors.
Have a wonderful Sunday and keep safe!
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