Tuesday, October 24, 2017

I am getting a little bit desparate.

Goodmorning everybody.

First to all of you a big thank you for your comments and prayers and good wishes. And taking your time to read my very depressing posts.
You are marvellous people.

I will try to do it kind of shorthand because I don't have too much time to linger at the computer.
Last Monday Jan came home of hospital. His trouble with retaining fluid in the belly might be a kind of tromoses somewhere in or just in the entrance or exit of his liver. That helds back the filtering of a certain substance and than the whole internal "household"gets upset. Seems to sit on a tricky spot to operate, is probably not an option. That's probably why they gave him another bloodthinner medication.
Last time he was there they drained him, it was about 14 ltrs!!!
First few days he was home he was doing rather well.
But starting around Friday already he got worse again, his weight gained and not because he ate so much. His belly became bigger again and he started to have somewhat the same issues as last time. Bad coordination, concentration, in short all misarable.
He should go to his specialist this week Thursday, but I decided it was no good and in fact real bad to wait till then. Couldn;t even think of how to get there.
so last Sunday night both of us where almost up and around all night, Jan having trouble with kind of vomitting, only clear slime, buit it exhausated him terribly. It already started one or two days ago, but the Sunday night it was the worst. Then in the morning Jan himself asked me to phone the hospital.
I first tried to get to the assisted gastrointestinal liver doctor(Jan had permission to do so in case things went bad), but wasn;t yet reachable. So  called 112 for an ambulance and they came quick and we went to hospital. After a few hours of research at Emergency( you know blood test, lung photo, urine test, question to answer, everything all over again, just like two weeks ago) and he was at the ward. I went home and tried to get some rest, Must say I did get some decent sleep, which was needed.
Now today I will hear what they will do, I guess there will be an echo and perhaps already another drainage. And then I hope they will not release him too soon, because he is exhausted and needs extra feeding for one and then I hope the doctors will come with a solution for the problem. Impossible for both of us to carry on this way, of course.
I wished I had happier news to tell, but at the moment it isn't there.

Now I will end this post, have to get dressed, eat something, then have to do some shopping, and perhaps if there is time left do something in the house or already prepare my dinner. Then to Jan, visiting hours are from 15.30 till 19.30, like to go early, and return home when there is still a bit of daylight.
Till next time.
Take care and stay healthy!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Hectic days around here

Goodafternoon everybody!

last week Jan was hospitalized as I still wrote and had a drain in his belly on Thursday and there came out around 14 litrs of ugly fluid.
They removed the drain Friday morning and they sent him home in the afternoon.
I wasn;t happy about that, thinking it was too soon.
But okay, he didn;t had this strain on his belly anymore which already was wonderful.
The hospital chainged a bit of his meddicins, also he had to beunder control of the thrombosis service. During the weekend I already noticed Jan wasn;t feeling all too good, he also started to have some coordination trouble, was wobbly on his feet, really distracted, talked not so good anymore. So I started to worry again(and I knew he was too).
But Monday came the thrombosis service and give him the scheme for the next few days.
But that Monday things got slowly worse and I already wanted to call for the doctor. He didn;t yet, so we struggled through the Monday and Monday night(I almost didn;t get any sleep, logical).
Then Tuesday morning Jan was up early and me too and I asked him what to do now.
He asked me to call our housedoctor, hoorray.
As he is just a few steps away from our house, I quickly got dressed and walked to the office. Explained to the assistant and she said the doctor would come over during lunchtime.
So he did and he decided Jan had to go to hospital again. As Jazn was in no condition to go by taxi or tram, doctor ordered ambulance.
It took hours again till Jan was actually in a room again, during the researches at ER  walked to the department of his specialist, explaining what was goping on and that Jan couldn;t come to the appointment on Thursday. and I urged the assistants there to inform his specialist and that we wanted to talk to her .
Well, she came yesterday to Jan in hospital and had a long talk with him. During her visit to him I came to visit too and was sooooo happy to see her sitting on Jan's bed there!
seems there were made some mistakes with his medication, also some miscommunication with us, so she wanted Jan to stay for a bit longer time in hospital to get everything back on track and do some good research and have a good control on him. Oh, I was so happy to hear that.
Normally it could have been he was sent home again on Friday, but now at least his is staying during all weekend. may be on Monday he can go home, but if you ask me, I rather would see him in hospital even a few days longer.
But Jan is getting better already. Okay, his condition is really zero, after a little walk he is exhausted, but the coordination is almost back again, speech is back again, his eyes look "good"again, so that already is a profit. Seems he had too much urine tablets, so he got dehydrated.
And he had too much bloodthinner meds too, so he is on a rather new schedule of meds and mg. of that.
All by all again a stressing period.
I really hope this time when he comes home again, all will slowly get better again and will "settle"itself again.
Now I really have to hurry a bit, to get ready for visit to hospital soon.
So till next time, and hoping it will be better news.

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Not yet happy news to tell

Goodmorning everybody!

I wished I had some good news to tell about Jan but there isn´t.
Last week it didn´t improve with Jan´s belly, so last Friday he went to hospital for bloodcheck.
Monday his doctor called on him to ask how he was doing. Well, he said it wasn´t good. He explained hopw all went, that he didn´t loose enough fluid, the belly was still the same size, he almost didn+t eat)he really lost fat, or muscle on all parts of his body except the belly, specially his face.)
So his doctor said to him that she would try to get him hospitalized as soon as possible, but that unfortunately she wouldn;t see him this week, because she had to go to another congres.
Jan said that she sounded not as nice as always, but that it had to do with the acting of the replacing doctor, well, so it felt to him.
We got a phonecall Tuesday morning that he should come in the afternoon to hospital. so that was quick.
I went to him yesterday and he already had a lot of tests done and it seems his doctor left behind a whole protocol of the things the doctors had to do for research and such LOL!
After all the tests they will see what could be best to do.
Perhaps another raise of the urine pills for a while, or may be something else and if nothing helps they might be doing a drain. But they don;t like doing it, it can be complicated sometimes.
But if it is necessary, well, let them do it. Jan has to get rid of that fluid in his belly, which is giving a lot of tension to the belly.
Not great that he is in hospital again, but on the other hand i am happy, because they do all kind of research now and that is already something. I think, they also will keep him longer hospitalized this time. Let them, as long as it has a good result!
So in short that is the situation for now.

You understand that nothing great is coming out of my hands at the moment. Of course I do the necessary things, but also that(the ordinary housework) is left alone a bit. I will pick it up again in a day or two, of course.
Weather isn't great at the moment Today we have stormy weather, with sometimes some rain. They say the storm will lie down towards end of afternoon. Hope so.
Temperatures are around 15-16C, not fantastic either. But the birds don;t mind. I hang up some food for them every day and yesterday when I was home from hospital visit again there were about 13 or 14 parakeets!!!! And then some tits and others too. Very busy LOL.
In the two weeks Jan was home again I even managed to finish a kit I was wroking on for already so long.
So  have it ready for you.! Name is "The Young Ones"and is kind of Victorian style.
Have fun with it.
As soon as there is news to tell you will find me back here.
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