Monday, June 29, 2015

Summertime, and the living can be nice

Goodmorning everybody!

I had the intention to post earlier, like on Friday or in the weekend, but somehow  I didn't come to it.
So now I will have to remember what I did all week. Oh, my poor brains cannot cope with that anymore LOL!
Let's see.
Through the week I was rather busy in the house, which is a great thing to write down, because it means I am still feeling better every week. Saturday I put myself on the scales again and I gained weight. Yippee, that's is good. Still missing some kilo's but it is going the right direction.

Thursday afternoon I made a little visit to Heidi, it was about time for that. As usual we had a nice chat in the garden( it also is a good thing I come over once in a while, then she has a moment of rest, because she still is doing way too much sometimes). Of course one of the things we chatted about was our gardens and she said I could take some cuttings and such out of her garden if I wanted.  In my garden all aquilegia's disappeared somehow. I guess part of the blame is to Jan, who sometimes ripped out so fiercely the greenery LOL! But lucky now that Heidi has a lot of them and different ones.
And she has some more plants I like to have. I however didn't take them with me that day, but waited till Saturday.

Before getting to that, have to tell you about Friday. I was at the computer in the morning and at a time I had no internet. No big deal, my wireless connection has the habit of falling away for a moment.
so I tried to reconnect, but no luck. Okay, once again and still no luck. Good,  went to the modem to take out the plug for a moment and put it in again. Still nothing and suddenly I saw none of the lights on it were burning. Ghee, what was the matter. ??? Couldn;t get hoold of the service of the company, so got the wonderful idea, to try the outlet or plug connection. There is a lamp connected in it too, so ......................... not working. Oh my, now I tried sowme switches elsewhere..............nothing.
To be short, there seemed to be a powerloss. as it happenes rarily here, it was a strange sensation.
And then you realize how many things you use( without even thinking) that need electricity!!!!!
I was most worried about my freezer, but after about 1/2 an hour or may be 1 hour all was back and worked well again.

Saturday Jan went for a short visit to the market, but I didn't go with him in the afternoon, because I had to go to Heidi's to give the doggies a walk. As always the little guys were happy I came over and we had a nice, long walk, as it was lovely weather. Adn back home there, they got some dog candy(they know it, I always give them something after a walk). Then I went into her garden and took several cuttings and/or seedlings.
Then returned home, where Jan was back also, with a load of vegetables, so I kept busy with that and planting the seedlings and finally was happy to sit for a moment and have a drink LOL!

The weather is lovely here at the moment and later this week we will have real high temperatures too, at about 30 C or may be even more. Okay, that is a bit too much for me, but I will not complain, because we waited long enough for some real summerweather. It's just a pity our weather behaves often enough like a rollercoaster. But allright, it is lovely to be able to open the gardendoors in the early morning and walk into the garden.
I've made some photos this weekend and you can see that now is the time all is coming to bloom and grows and looks lovelier every week.

That's it for now, I am trying to design, and sometimes I come up with some papers and elements, but it still is going slow. Perhaps the great weather has something to do with it too, a bit a pity to stay at the computer too long. I better try to get outside, or use the boost I get from this sunny weather to do things in the house(like I  did last week, washing sme windows and curtains, it looks so fresh again LOL).

You all stay safe and have a wonderful day and great week, I will not say when I return on my blog, my plans never come to reality, so we'll see, somewhere this week, I guess, will be rather safe to say hahahahaha!

Here some pics from the garden:
 Above you can see some Malva and Nasturtium, out of own seedlings.
 Left my climbing rose, all looking healthy again after Jan gave it a harsh cut back this spring.
 Our little pond, with a lodger in it( below you see a cut out I've made). This morning I saw 4 lodgers sitting quietly and happy there, LOL.

One of the strawberry plants we have, Jan is all happy about them, every once in a while he has a couple of home-grown strawberries, (grin).

Friday, June 19, 2015

Not finished with hospital appointments yet.

Goodmorning everybody!

Nothing to be alarmed with, by reading the post title. All is going rather well,  can say.
Yesterday Jan and I both had an appointment with our doctors in the hospital, for check up and there were no problems.
Now only my lung doctor wanted me to do a pulmonary function test, I am not too keen about it, but okay, I agreed as long as I didn;t have to do a test on bicycle. She said that wasn;t in the test. Pfffff.
Already the pulmonary function test is a bit straining and will take about 45 minutes. I did one years ago, and I don;t think there will be an improvement( that's kind of a joke), let's just hope outcome will be about the same as at that time.
Then I'll have to come back to discuss the result, have another appointment with the pulmonary nurse(had one already, and wonder why I had to come, it added nothing, she only asked me some questions I did answer the last two months over and over again, so i guess, she could read the answers in some of the reports?????).
When that is done I hope hospital appointments with doctors will be over for a loooooong time.
Okay, just the annual check up visits, that's okay, but no more, please!!!!!!!

Jan is going today to his volunteer work coach and then will pay a visit at the place he had his volunteerjob, to discuss his return there. If all goes well, he will start again there first weekend in July. I think it will do him good, to be busy again every now and then, just hope he will take care of himself, not forcing himself. 
Will be funny, to be alone again in the evenings during weekends for me On the other hand, it isn;t a bad thing. I can do some things during his absence, perhaps some start at scrapkit-designing, or something like it, I am sure I will not be busy only with watching tv.

Weather here is still not very much like summer.; It isn;t really cold weather, but also not really nice, very frustrating in a way.
Perhaps we will have a late summer, starting somewhere in July and ending somewhere November?
I could deal with that! Then a very short winter period, with not too much freezing and snow and an early start of Spring again ?????? Keep on dreaming, Kyra, you'll never know, it might turn into reality. hahaha.

As soon as Jan has left, I will try to get in action too, first of course put on some clothes, then I think I should take something to eat and then perhaps do some food shopping. I also like to do a vacuumcleaning and remove a few dustbunnies, hmmmm, lots of things on my to-do list, we'll just see how much will be really accomplished ??

Found another kit on the shelves for you!
Hope you will like thi "Solveig's Song".
Have a wonderful day and beautiful weekend and till next meeting!!


Sunday, June 14, 2015

At last again some posting LOL!

Goodmorning everybody!

I really tried to post earlier this week, but somehow I didn;t succeed, hahaha.
I think there are several things that might explain it,
1. I am just still lazy.
2. Some days I wake up rather late for my doing and then other things have to be done first.
3. I start up the computer and get sidetracked
4. etc.etc. 

Whatever it is,  really want to post a bit more often again, though I keep trying. May be it also has to do with rather nice to even days of great weather, and then it's a pity to stay inside.
Still, yesterday I did open my PSE graphic program again( after weeks and weeks that it stayed closed!).
And I;ve made some previews of clusters of Arlene and uploaded them. Okay, it didn;t work long in the program yet, but it is a start. I was glad I still knew hw it worked LOL!

Friday I felt quite good so I did some stuff here in the house, like changing bedsheets, vacuum cleaning, ironing laundry and having one done in the wahing machine too. I think I can be proud of myself. It shows I am getting better and better, though condition has to be worked on and weight too, but hey, let's be happy as long as it is going upwards!
Yesterday it was kind of funny weather. Not really cold, but lots of wind, and amost no sunshine, so we skipped our plans of going to the market. No fun with that wind blowing.
Still Jan went for a short visit there later in the afternoon but I stayed home.
When he was back, I had made some soup for dinner, so we took a "break"before dinner and played a little game at the computer. Just started up the doorbell rang, oh no!
It was Jan's brother and his son, for a little visit and catch up talk. Well, the little visit was kind of stretched out, hahaha, good Ihad that soup, we all took a bowl of it, then we had a cup of coffee after it and I think they left around 21.00 o'clock. Pfew, at that time we were happy to be on our own again. May not sound very nice, but Jan's brother, (although I really like him, he is a nice guy) is kind of "busy person". Once he starts talking, his lips never have a quiet moment till he leaves!!GRIN.
But it's okay, of course, and he isn't coming over too often, so nce in a while we just can manage it, hahaa.

Today we will stay rather quiet, I think, next week Jan and I have some appointments, some at the hospital, for check up, and Jan also has an appointment with his volunteer coach.
May be I can find some time to visit Heidi, if she isn't too busy. At the moment her husband Danny has troubles with his health, and I believe he has some hospital appointments for research soon or may be some already done. So I want to know some more about that, and then Heidi and I also will certainly have some "girls"talk too, about all kind of things.

That's about it for now again, but I have some really great clusters from Arlene for you, made with the Food for the Soul kit. Even a great quickpage between them!
Have a wonderful Sunday, thanks for the visit and all your kindness.


Monday, June 08, 2015

Crawling back every day.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yeah I know, I wanted to post much sooner, but just didn;t find the quiet and peace for it I guess, LOL.
Or I just was being a bit lazy, and pushing it forward every dya. Yeah, seems to sound better, hahaha.
But I have some good news. Saturday was the day to control my wieght( must do that every week for now) and I gained a little bit again. Oh my, it's not going quick, no, I cannot tell that my weight is going up by kilo's or pounds, but as long as the scale is showing a bit more, I am happy.
Appetite is coming back too a bit, must be, because I gained some wieght, and that must be caused by eating some more and very important, rather on a regular basis.
Still I am feeling tired rather quickly, I can sleep so much and also feel to it during the day. well I do take a nap once in a while, but on the other hand i don;t want to get used to it too much. Body should hold on for a day without sleeping again LOL.
Last Saturday was niced weather and Jan and I walked to the market(which is still an adventure for me, believe me). Then we spent some time on the market, buying some veggies and such.
Then walked home again and all took about two hours. I can tell you it felt to me as I walked for for 4 hours! Pffffff, I was sooo glad I could take a rest in the garden the rest of the day, gosh, it shows my condition still is very, very poor.
Oh, well, it will come back, but as with all it must have it's time.

That Saturday there also was the start of the Worldchampionhip Soccer for women teams and our team(competing for the 1st time there, yeah!), won their first match. Just with 1-0, but it still is a good start.
I am curious how far they will get, I surely hope they will at least get through the first round!

Wow, I just looked on my calendar and for now, all days of the week are still BLANK!
well, that is a first in a very long time. There are always things you have to do, but there are, till now,
no appointments, and that is such a great feeling.
I went to my volunteerwork-coach last week, who is a really great guy, and he knew already about my pneumonia and all, and he gave me for now 3 months of "rest", to recover really well and then in September we will have another appointment and see howit goes and if  am okay, I can start again with the language interim and courses.  So for the moment I will not have to worry about that, nor abut social security office( my coach sends them briefings about our meetings and situation).
If all goes well with Jan as it seems to go till now(because I am never 100% with him, as he is such an open an talkative person.............which he isn;t LOL), he might be able to take up his volunteer work beginning next month. The first few times I am sure he will be pooped out when he comes home, but it wlaso will be good for him to get out and do something useful and to his liking.

So this month we will try to enjoy as much as possible our garden, and as long as we have the weather we have at the moment, with temps going up and down as a yoyo at times, temperatures between 17 till 26 C, so not very steady, but nice and lots of sunshine between some cloudy moments and not much rain either.

I have a kind of surprise for you. as I was scrolling though my files, I saw I still had some kits waiting to be posted! I only will have to make previews and uploads of Arlene's clusters for them. So please be patient for those, I really will try to do that this week, and may be I will try my hands on a new kit, although that will not progress all too quickly, but I should start again some day! I just HAVE to!
Here is the kit, named Food for the Soul, hope you like it and that you can use it for a nice layout.
Dear ladies, till next time, I am not promising on which day I will post again, but I will be back again, of course!
Again thank you all for being so loyal and kind to me, you deserve a big hug all.

Download      HERE

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

My Freebies of March-April 2015

 Download Fading Hours
                   Fading Hours part 2
 Download Arlene Fading Hours
 Download Where is Spring Hiding
 Download Arlene Where is spring Hiding
 Download From the Sewing Room 1
                  From the Sewing Room 2
Download   Friends in Secret
 Download   Arlene From the Sewing Room
 Download   Arlene Friends in Secret
 Download    Solange
 Download    Arlene Solange
 Download    Mother Goose 1
                     Mother Goose 2
Download   Arlene Mother Goose

 Download   Fréderique
 Download    Arlene   Fréderique
Download   Marguerite
 Download    Arlene   Marguerite
Download   Florence various clusters 6
Download   Florence various clusters 7
 Download   Florence various clusters 8
 Download   Graceful as a Swan
 Download   Arlene Graceful as a Swan
Download    Mandy

Monday, June 01, 2015

Some real summerweather coming up.

Godmorning everybody!

Thought it was about time to give you a sign of life again. I am getting better, slowly, every few days, but need a few months to really get some weight again and force. Oh well, slowly does it well, as long as it goes foreward every week!
In the weekend we suddenly had for a night a friend, who needed a place to stay, I will not discuss the reason, that is rather private, but all seems to go well again , friend home again and for now okay.
But that surely changed our Friday evening, LOL. Never mind, as long as we could help and it did, we cannot complain.
But we had to prepare the spare bed, which is a sleeping couch, but we had to move it a bit to be able to open it. That thing is really of a heavy weight, but now I notice how little strength I have left. AWEFUL. One way or the other Jan managed to do it( I wasn't happy about that, with his back and his just healing wound!!).

Weather here is a bit on and off, you could say. Not too cold but also nt really nice and warm. But this week that should change, they are expecting temps around 25-28 C at Thursday, then a bit lower towards weekend. But if we could stay at about 22-25 C fr the net few weeks I would be very happy.
Garden is growing well, slowly more flowers are budding, will still take a week or may be two two have some roses and clematis flowering.

I still have a bit of a cold, not that it bothers me too much, I don't cough, nose isn't dripping, only thing is my left ear is "closed", very annoying. I believe it is a little better, I've had some nose spray from my docter, cannot take them longer than a week, but will have another steam bath this evening, and it should "pop"open some day again. The cold is almost chronical, always have a bit of "nose cold", so I am used to it, hahahaha.
If that is all, you will not hear me complain a lot. Eating is slowly going better, I even have some appetite now, and sometimes I take an extra sandwich in the evening, because I really feel to it. May be that is a good sign, hoorray.

Not much more happening at the moment, Jan and I are still kind of "busy" to recover, which sounds rather selfish, but we try not to be that(well, not too much).
Think today I will go out for a few groceries and the walk will do me good too, must practise as much as possible.

Hopefully I will do another post this week, I should get back to a rythm in that too.
I just saw on my task bar, that I could upgrade to Windows 10? Is that all for free? I cannot believe it! I am always suspicious about "free". Is there anybody who knows more about it, or already upgraded, without any costs? And if so, how is the experience of Windows 10???
At the last moment a lot of questions for you LOL! Hope to hear something about it.

You all have a fantastic week, lots of greetings!