Thursday, August 25, 2016

Tropical temperatures suddenly!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, in just a couple of days we jumped from around 19-20C to around 28-32C. Now you know I love warm weather, but even this is a bit too much for me It will stay this way more or less till next Monday and then temperature will drop to 21-22C again. That rise and dropp is going too fast and I think that's the reason we feel rather tired.
Our body doesn;t get a chance to get used to slowly rising or dropping temps, no, it rises or drops like mad.

It also is hard to think of something to eat for dinner, you know.
That sudden temperature change also seems to have an effect on the appetite( at least, it is with me), but we have to keep eating, don;t we?
Well, after some deep thinking, I am sure I will come up with something, LOL

Rather quiet week, but finally I got to the hairdresser and it was needed Oh it feels sooooo good to have real short hair again and which is easy modelling! Gosh, I did it just in time for the hot weather came!
And because it was such a nice temperature yesterday at the front of the house( in the mornings there isn't much sunshine on our side of the street) I got adventurous and washed the windows, hahaha.

We have to kind of adjust now again to the tv programs, now that the Olympics have finished, slowly the "winter season"programs are coming back again(some good, lots very annoying LOL).
I am hoping that in a few weeks on several channels new detective-series will arrive, one of our favourite items on tv.

Oh, I've made a few photos of the garden. Perhaps you remember I told you about our "disappeared "clematis and that after months it came to growth again?
Well, look how it is showing off now!

Beautiful, isn;t it? and so loaded with buds!
Then at last some dahlia's are starting to bloom.
And of course I couldn;t help myself making a phot of our Brodski, supervising what i was doing, LOL.

I have to confess that I didn;t do much designing. I managed to get one kit ready, (still have to upload it), and  even am busy with another one. But all isn;t going very quickly.
Nevertheless I have a download for you, arlene's fantastic clusters made with the Dreams of Memories kit
Now you all have a wonderful day and stay safe!
Download    HERE

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Summer weather is back again, hoorray

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, we have some summerweather back again, and I am so happy about it
It feels good to be able to sit again in the garden for a while and have the doors open in the room.
Today is supposed to be one of the best days of the week, so I should try to get out for a moment and enjoy the good weather.

Jan went on a short visit to Danny yesterday, who is back from hospital, but the poor guy hardly can sit in a chair, because of all the stitches he has in his legs and part of the belly Jan saw teh "area"and told me it looked all blue and purple and that Danny really had a lot of stitches.
I hope it will soon go better, perhaps he will feel better after the stitches will be removed, probably next Monday.

Monday I had a rather bad day, perhaps I catched a kind of little cold or so, whatever, but I didn;t feel good. I tried to sleep it off in the afternoon, which I did a bit, forced myself to eat something(no appetite at all), and oh how wonderful, I slept good during the night and yesterday I felt sooooo much better
So I did some work in the house, a laundry washed, changed the bedsheets, gave the room a really quick hoovering and I thought that was enough.
Then after dinner(we take it rather early, around 17.30-17.45) Jan took his little nap and I thought it was a very good idea to do the same LOL.
And oh, I really slept for more than an hour or so, and it did me good.

There isn;t much more to tell, so I better finish now and take a shower and go out for a moment.
I do have a kit for you, Dreams of Memories, I think good for some almost forgotten memories-layouts.
Have a lovely day.
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Friday, August 12, 2016

Central Heating installation is working!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, Tuesday the plumber installed the boiler, and a new thermostat in the room and all seems to work okay! Yes, I am cautious, but we had so much trouble with the old one, that I will not challenge fate, understand???
Tjis boiler is also a lot cmaller than the old one and oh, it feels sooooo good to be able to use warm water without hearing dropping water from the boiler, and to be able to take a loooong shower and not having to check every week on the waterpressure anymore.
(I still do that last thing, has become kind of habit and sort of trauma, I guess LOL). It will be less and less with time.

The husband of my friend Heidi was in hospital for a few days, to have placed a stent in a vein in his leg. He had a lot of troubled lately with walking, couldn;t walk more than 15-30 minutes and had a lot of pain. Today he will be home again has to be careful though for a few more days, and in about 1-1/2 week his stitches will be removed..
t seems they needed quite some stitches, he told me that he had about 20 at each side of his groin! Probably the surgain had to make a detour or so. Well, in a few days he will not feel too much anymore of his wounds and hopefully he will be able to walk again without trouble.

Yesterday we had a really rainy day, a lot of water ame out of the air!
Today it seems to be better already, although it still is cloudy, but then from tomorrow and into the next week there will be lot smore sunshine and temperatures also will go up again to around 22C.

I told you last time, that I didn;t have any clusters at the time from Arlene, hmmm? Well, I was a little dombo, because I had some.
So today I will offer you the clusters she made with the Hello Loveliness kit.
Have a wonderful day and weekend and week.
Download    HERE

Saturday, August 06, 2016

All quiet at the front for now.

Goodmorning everybody!

Our weather is still a bit up and down, you could say. This weekend it still should be rather nice, around temps of 21C, here and there some clouds. But as from Tuesday forecast tells us temperatures will drop to 17-18C! Now that is not my idea of summerweather.
Good that on Tuesday we will have our new central heating kettle, and hoping that it will do its job without any problems.

It was a rather quiet week, and oh, how happy I was with that!
Had a session for my dental, next one will in about two weeks again.

I was fully prepared yesterday night to watch at least a part of the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, but I didn;t hold on for long LOL. Think it started at about 1.00 and I went to bed even before 2.00 am Oh my, how will we do that when actually the competitions will start? ( some already started, even before the official opening, you know).
Hmm, I think we will have to pick out just the most important, see at what time they take place and watch the rest in next day re-run.
we have that time difference to cope with, but live sessions on tv start here at about 2.00 p..m. so we still can watch a lot live.

We still have lots of visits of parakeets, and it is always fun to watch them. There is a "special"on, I think it is still very young, it has almost no feathers around the little neck and all his other feathers aren't making a thick cover yet. In fact, he looks rather miserable, LOL.I call him "Japie" and he is not afraid of me. Yesterday I could approach him at half an arm-length, so that is really near. I hope he will gain some weight and a good feather cover in the next two or three months, because otherwise I fear he will not survive winter. For now, I think he can eat enough, and the parakeets just adore the little pieces of apple I hang out too.

I didn't do any designing last week, I think I have no inspiration, and there are otherr things to think about and to take care of. But for now I still have a new kit for you, named it Calmer Times
Hopefully you can use it for some nice layouts.
Have a wonderful day and week ahead.
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