Sunday, August 31, 2008

Chickens all around!

Goodmorning everybody!

First already thanks to some of you who posted a reaction on Becky Jo's question. I sent them to her, to be sure she got them as quick as possible. It seems she already solved something of it, but keep on posting ideas if you know! You are a great bunch. But I think this is one of the things we bloggers (specially WE scrappers and/or designers) do. We have a kind of community together and even if we live far from eachother we care a bit and try to help or support eachother. I think it is a lovely thing!

Oh, I have to tell you this. Friday evening I watched some terrific things on tv. We have here a musicien, Andre Rieu, who is travelling all over the world with his orchestre with immense succes. He playes most of the time light classical music, brings it in a way a broad audience can learn to appreciate the music. I know he is reviles by many and also adored by many. Anyway, I like watching his big concerts, he has many great guest artists it is a party, really. Anyway, I watched it with pleasure and this time he had, among other guests a famous Dutch choir: De Maastrichter Staer". They also travel around the world giving concerts, now they were here. But they also sung a Russian folk song, The twelve robbers, with a solist, oh boy, what a voice he had. It was very near a Russian bass, beautiful. When they where singing I really had goose skin from it, that means it must be GOOD!!! So that was one thing.

Later on the evening there was a program where they gave awards to disabled people, who overcome there handicap and achieved great things. I didn't watched it all, but one thing made a big impression on me. There was a Chinese ballet dancing couple performing. The man only had one leg, so danced with a crutch and only after a while I noticed the women only had one arm. For both not easy to dance, you should say. But they performed a pas-de deux, soooo beautiful, I watched it in silence with big eyes and completely focused. I never did see it before, but I was completely swept off my feet. It was a beautiful and elegant dance, unbelievable. What extremely hard training must have been done to get it at this perfection. And they danced it with their whole heart. I think we sometimes have to see those kind of things and admire them and we come back to our own feet more steady.

You see, I am still taken by it, so I had to share it with you.

But my Friday evening couldn't have been better with such beautiful things I saw.

And now.......the kit for today! I thought a bit funny one couldn't hurt. I suddenly got a flash in my brain and had the idea of making a chicken kit. Hahahaha. And here it is. I even went as far as making a recipe card in it with an easy recipe for a chicken dish on it. Am I a nice girl or not??

Not sure for what kind of pics you can use this it, perhaps for a family gathering with barbecue, or making recipe cards with it, something like that perhaps. Up to you to do something with it. Enjoy this kit, named "Tok, Tok, Tok........ Another Egg". And have a nice Sunday!

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Perhaps somebody can help?

Goodmorning everybody!

I start with a question to all you readers. I had this from a visitor of my blog but I cannot answer it. Would you please be so kind to read it and if you know something put it in the comment box. It is ment for Becky. Here is the text of the mail she sent me.

Ok, about the png files in your kits. In these programs I have yours is the only ones that don't show up. I can use other png graphics from other digi art kits and they do show up. That's why I couldn't figure out why your graphics won't show up! Puzzles me when I hit a glitch and just worry myself to death til I figure it out. LOL Ok the program I am using when this happens is "Greeting Card Factory Deluxe versions 6.0 and 7.0" (I have them on two different computers) I also have "Scrapbook Factory Deluxe 4.0" (on both computers) and your png graphics don't show in that either and other peoples png graphics do! Both those products are from Nova Development and their web site is in case you or someone else wants to check it out. I also have "Label Factory Deluxe 3.0" and no one's png graphics show up on that! At least it's consistent with none showing up and I get this message "Unexpected File Format". That is understandable - this program does not recogonize the png file format. Ok - that's solved!Now, I just got a new product from Nova Development and it's called "Print Artist Gold version 22" and YES your png graphics show up in there!!!! Yea!!!! I just don't like the way the cards show up in there but I will go thru it and see which one I like best to use when I make cards with your graphics.

I would be so greatful if anyone could help in this! Becky is a very thoughtful person, very nice and she is a card maker. And I gave her the green light to use my kits in her cardmaking. But then she must be able to use them! I know, one of her programs is working with it, but her favorite doesn't . So it would be wonderful if someone had an solution.

Okay, that is your "task"(LOL) for the week-end.

Already told you Dikkie Dik does his job with the mice. Well, he is performing wonderful . Yesterday he had another one. And may be I was just in time enough to het it out of his mouth to run away. I hope the poor thing wasn't yet damaged too much, I put it in the garden and it still could run a bit. Cross fingers Dikkie didn;t find it again and may be the mouse has survived.

This week-end they announced a real summer with about 25-27C ! But just for 1 1/2 day. Well, better something than nothing. Next week temperature is dropping again to around 20C. With this fine weather here I am thinking about the people in America in Texas and Louisiana. They are awaiting the hurricane Gustav which could become a force 3!!! I hope for them it will not, otherwise it could cause a lot of problems and more!

Hey, I managed to get all the new LP's in the room close to mine. It was a bit of shifting around but I managed to get them all in the same spot. One day out of curiosity I must count them. Now we'll have to listen to a lot of them, because there are artist in it I never heard of !

Over to the new kit. It's a movie related kit, named "Those Old Movies". I kept it in a bit darker, fading colours, to have the illusion of the "older"movies. Hope you will like it.

So today I'll have to do some minor groceries shopping, not much, and if it will not be too hot in our garden, I could sit there for a while with a book(finally again). I hope you will all have a good and pleasant week-end.

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Could this be a short post?

Goodmorning everybody!

Would I manage to keep this a really short post? Well, it should be, because I have no clou what to tell you! HAHAHAHA. That's not happening very often, isn't it? Perhaps I will have soon a question for you, my friends on distance(sounds nice hmmm?). Somebody has some trouble with my PBG files. But I first have to know her program and perhaps someone can help her then. That's for later.

Yesterday I was strolling around again on my computer, discovering all kind of things. Wow, it seems, I already have a cd/dvd burning program in it, I have Creator9. And I have Windows Movie maker in it, that seems marvellous. I always loved the things I received from friends in my email, those pps things etc. Always wanted to try to make something like it. I think now I can. The only thing is to find the time for all of it. Yesterday I said to Jan that I liked to have days of at least 48 hours to do all the things I can now on my computer and still have some time for "the rest of life". LOL.

I'm afraid that in the coming weeks or even months you will have to bear with me, telling all about my computer. I ask forgiveness in advance, but it is all SOOOOOOOOOO interesting and I was talking about it a long time and finally it happened. I must seem to you like a little girl who received her first "sunday"dress or so. GRIN GRIN.

Is it still a short post?? Hmmm, better finish it now, I know you are all curious what kit I have today. It is a very bright and happy one, named "A Birthday Party". That says it all. There are papers in it for adult birthdays and at least one for kids. Surely there are always pictures of birthdays around so it must be a useful kit.

And now I just wish you all a terrific Friday, hey girls, week-end is near!
Enjoy it!

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Where do I find space??

Goodmorning everybody!

A few weeks ago, you know we lost a friend in a very nasty way. But before he passed away he stored some of his possesions with another friend. And yesterday she came over to bring some of it to us. She thought that it was a good idea to give it to us, because we are music lovers and we still have an old fashioned record player. But oh boy, I never thought it would be tht much! We ourselves have already quit a collection of LP's but now it has doubled!!! So the next few days Jan and I have to look at all of them and decide which ones we will keep. I think it is a very interesting collection, with all kinds of music in it. But I have already one bookcase standing full with our LP collection and there isn't much place in it left. I must think of a place to store all the new ones! So you see, things likes this are the reason a house always got more stuff in it. Sometimes you make a good clean and try to get rid of some things that are just lying around and in fact you never use anymore. And then suddenly you get new stuff again! But I like the idea of having some things of our friend, and I know he cherished his music collection. The only thing is : where to put it??? okay, I am sure I will find a good spot for it. It will just take a few days.

That's about all the news I have to share about yesterday. So we hop to the next thing, the new kit. I t is a sweet one, today. In two colours mainly and the theme is Ladybugs. I named it : "Lady Ladybug". Hope you will enjoy this one.

I don't think I forgot something to share with you today, so I wish you all a very nice day and happy scrapping!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dikkie Dik does his job!!

Goodmorning everybody!

Since I left the closet door open from my stockroom Dikkie Dik spent there several hours a day. And.... with succes! He DID catch a mouse, and not the smallest. Iknow, because they come to show it to you or at least they come into the room and act very nervous. And yes, I saw a mouse in his mouth. I tried to get it out, but Dikkie was too fast for me, he ran into the garden with his mouse. So I had to congratulate him with his catch and say he was a good boy and so on. Not so nice for the mouse, but I am happy this one is gone. I still leave the closet open for a few days, perhaps the scent of the cat will scare off the mice for a while!

Yesterday I installed Windows Live Messenger again on the computer. I had it on the old, but I don't use it too much. But sometimes with one friend we keep in touch with it. I already had of course an account, but it was hard thinking to remember it and the password! I had it somewhere, but couldn't find it. So I had to try and I managed, finally. Also installed another small program I had on the old and forgot to transfer. And at first it didn'; t do what I was used to. But after some looking around in the options I managed to get it working as I was used to. All that kind of things take time, you know. And I looked around a bit in Creator 9 which was already on the computer. That's a program for making your dvd's and cd's. Oh boy, I surely am going to try it out soon. It's so exciting to discover all the possibilities I have now. Only I am a bit of a pussy in trying out. Always a bit afraid that other things will disappear or so. But I will do it, of course!

What kind of kit I have today? It's a fairy kit. I never get enough of making fantasy kits, specially fairies. I must give credit to Gunhilde from

I used ribbons from her blog, she offers a lot of nice personal and commercial stuff all for free!

Okay, I named this kit: "Fantasy or Fiction", not very creative I know, but at times it is hard to invent the names for a kit.Specially with some older brains like mine. HAHAHAHAHA!

Have some fun with it and have all a wonderful day!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Still rather good weather here

Goodmorning everybody!

It still is rather good weather here. Not that you could say it is high summer, but at least the temperature is still not too bad and they say to the end of the week it may climb up a little bit. But you can notice already that autumn is creeping in, by the flowers that bloom now and that it is less longer light in the evening. I hope we will have a nice "after-summer" that will last at least into October. Soon I must go work again in the garden, to prepare it a bit for the autum, there is always cleaning up to do, some pruning to do( I have an ivy growing at the boarding and it grows so fast, always have to cut a lot of it, perhaps I even have to saw it down a bit.

Yesterday there didn't happen much, it was a normal day, may be even a bit boaring, but let's keep it that way. This week Jan has to give some blood for another test. And in about two weeks he has to undergo another endsocopie and a few days after we have the appointment with the doctor. There is'n't much improvement I think, there are still things I don't like. We will have to talk it over with the doctor and hear what she thinks about it. All by all I think it will be a long process. Let's see if the change of medicine has helpt somehow. But we keep smiling, sometimes we talk to eachother about our worries ( I am glad we still sometimes do!) and then we walk on. I'll tell you something : Jan is worried about me, because he knows I am worried about him and than I am worried again because I know he worries about that. How strange is that?

But finished now with that. It is something that is in the near background of our lives, but on the other hand we do not carry it every minute with us. If we should do that, they easily could reserve us a place in a special home! And we much better like our own home! hahahaha.

Okay, the kit for today! It is one kit with 2 kits in it. ?????????? you could ask me. Well, I made a baby kit, so I made two little ones, one for a boy and one for a girl. And I took, may be, some strange colours for it. I didn't want to make them in the usual blue and pink. So for the boy part I took violet and for the girl part a warm yellow almost turning into light brwonish. It's something different. Certainly somewhere there are new borns, or there are still pictures laying around from earlier new borns. Just look around in the drawers and I am sure you will find some! I just hope you will like this kit, I had fun making this double kit.

And now, after my post, I surely am going to try to find another theme for a next kit. In the afternoon I must go out for the normal shopping but I still have some time left(well, to be honest: I just TAKE the time!!). Have a nice day and it would be nice if you come back tomorrow(grin grin).

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Here I am again!

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, here I am posting from the new computer. Sorry I let you down yesterday, but I just played around on it a bit and was quit "Done" after the Saturday. I took a day extra "vacation" .I don't think it went all so smoothly last Saturday with the uploading of several files and programs, but in the end Rob managed to do it. He isn't giving up easy, you know. It was a bit playing on the nerves to me, because he isn;t the most organized person when he does these things. I like to do it step by step, but he was downloading the stuff on his external HD from the old and at the same time was trying to make another partition on the new. I did find a description of it somewhere on internet, and made a copy of it on the old computer. Oh, if he only could wait to read it again, perhaps it saved a lot of time. But he right started with it on the new one and at first it didn'work as he wanted. For me it was already good enough but no, it had to be done better. We didn't use an external program for it, because it was said it could be done directly in Vista too. That is true, only you are limited somehow in the GB. Than another program didn;t work on Vista as we copied it from the old. Well, all that kind of things happened. Not good for my nerves, and then to keep yourself calm, is very tiring. To keep it short, he came at about 13.00 o'clock in the afternoon and we were finished at 21.30 o'clock in the evening!! With a break at about 18.00 o'clock for eating some sandwiches. PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!But for now I think all is there and hopefully all keeps working as it should.I must say it is wonderful to work on this computer.

How fast it is!!! I already noticed when I start internet. In tenth of seconds the starting page is there. And with my graphics program, Photofiltre it is amazing!!! First when I made a paper with some mask I easily could go to the kitchen and pour myself a coffee come back, take a cigaret and then sometimes still it wasn't there. Yesterday I tried it out, WOW, in a few seconds I have my paper. Is that a gain of time!!!So in general you could say I am VERY happy with it. Now just getting used to all the possibilities of Vista and knowing how and where to find it all. I will get used to it, slowly, in my own tempo!!

And yesterday Jan and I had our first anniversary! So quick the time past. We took a very easy day, first slept a bit longer, because we went late to bed Saturday night. Just after midnight Jan kissed me and congratulated me with our first year. I even didn't think of it at that time. Wasn't that sweet of him??? Then we just sat on the couch, watched a bit the Olympics in also had a long talk about all kind of things. So all by all I think we went to sleep at about 04.00 o'clock at night!!! Therefore we slept longer on the Sunday. In the afternoon we watched the clo sing ceremony of the Olympics. Marvellous! And I made us a small, but yummie dinner for our anniversiary. I made the big mushrooms, with extra ham and mozarella on it and with it a big roasted potatoe, when ready filled it with a lot of sour cream in which I put a lot of hatched chive and dille. Seems not much for a dinner, but it really fills your stomach!! And as dessert I had Tiramisu.

So that was my weekend. Now a new week started . I hope it will be without any computer problems, and with the computer working so fast I will perhaps be able to make some more kits than in the old situation. I'll have to, because with the kit from today leaving the stock, there is only one left there!

Oh, we have a closet where I keep all my stock of food. You know, packages of coffee, tings with soup or so, the pasta etc. Very handy, to have it all together and not all in the kitchen. But Friday afternoon I had to take something from there and suddenly heard a lot of noice. At first I startled, but then listened well and then I saw a littl mouse jumping from a shelf! Wow, I am not afraid of them but I don;t like to have them eating my stock! So now I leave the door open for a few days and already Dikkie Dik is doing his job. He is spending hours laying there, he must have smelled the mouse. I hope he catches it. Already it will help, if the cats are there, the mouse or may be mice, will smell the cats and hopefully will disappear.What kind of kit I have for you today? An American state! I told you already this week that I was busy with it. Here you have now Texas. I hope it will be useful for some of you.Well my friends, I wish you all a very nice day aand I will post the freebielist again today. If all will work well with the computer of course. Bye, bye. Download HERE

Friday, August 22, 2008

Already posting for tomorrow

Good evening everybody!

I just make a quick post, already for tomorrow, because tomorrow morning I probably will not have time enough. It's just a very small kit I am offering today, but I hope you don;t mind. I suppose you can use it for a lot of things.

It's a rose kit and I gave it the name of a chanson by Gilbert Becaud: "L'Important C'est la Rose".

Speak to you hopefully Sunday again and if all is okay, from my new computer. Cross your fingers! Oh, yes, go tomorrow to the Digifree for your freebies. I think I must skip it for a day.

Goodnight all, have sweet dreams!

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Okidoki with the council

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, I think I passed the exam from the council. He just was here for a few minutes, was satisfied with what he saw, so I don't think we will hear more about it. Pfff, that is a relief. He made some pics, from appartements from some neighbours, which really don't look good at all. So I am afraid they will get such a nice letter. I must say it was a nice man, but as he was leaving of course he said "goodbye"and I am sometimes such a blabber I immediately answered"I rather don't say goodbye, if you don't mind! Better I see you NOT returning for a loooong time!" (I said it with a little smile). But I don;t think he was offended, he understood how I ment it.

It was a exciting day at the Olympics yesterday. My dear American friends, I have bad news for you.! I have to announce the following result of the waterpolo final for women: The Netherlands against the USA 9-8! We won the golden medal!!! It is a first in the Dutch waterpolo history. It is really unbelievable! I must say the girls gave it all! So I am sorry for you, but sometimes we Dutchies can surprise the world!!!! GRIN....GRIN....GRIN.

Today I should take a bit time to look through my old computer(on which I am still working till now) what I really want to take to the new one. Tomorrow Rob will come to help, and I hope all will be done without too many problems. You'll never quit know with him! I think Jan will try to disappear during the day, when we are busy with it. This kind of thing is working a bit on his nerves, hahahaha. Rob is not the most relaxed person you could have in your house to visit, I always have to slow him down a bit, he sometimes is over-enthousiastic and too quick in pushing the mouse button. I rather do it on an easy pace, and like to have time to read the menu's which appear in doing the different things. But I hope we get all the necessary done tomorrow and then I will have to get used using all the possibilities. So there is an upcoming learning process waiting for me the next months!

What about a new kit? Do you perhaps remember some old children songs, or nursery rhymes? I have a kit about it, with some old songs. I still have a few left, so perhaps in some time I will make another one with different songs in it. I took these because I liked the look of the pictures, the song pages are illustrated by Walter Crane. Yes again, I think I have a kind of crush on him, hahahha. Anyway, I hope you like the set up for this kit and the colours I chose. And if you play any music instrument or have somebody around who does, you could even print some out and try to sing the little songs with the grandchildren. I made two quickpages in the kit also and use one of the embellishments(again from Delicious Scraps) as picture frame in it, to give an example how you could use these embellishments also in a different way. I named the kit: "Sing Along".

Have fun with it, I hope.

Oh, one of these days I will have (at last!!!) another US state kit for you. May be in a year or two I will have done them all, HAHAHA, regarding the tempo in which I am making them. I have also laying in the back of my mind the idea for another serie of perhaps one big kit, which will have as subject the world. Very illuminating, isn't it? "The world" can mean soooo much, you can do it in sooo many different ways, that's why I am still thinking it over. But who knows, some day I will have it done???

Okay, all said again, (always ending up with more rambling than I planned to) I wish you all a fine Friday, be happy, the week-end is almost starting!

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

I can hate sometimes town councils.

Goodmorning everybody.

Yesterday I received a little card from the town council or a related "service"of it, to call them for an appointment. It was from the departement of town development. They keep an eye on the maintenance of the houses in town. And if they think it is necessary they can oblige you to take care of it as house owner. A few years ago they also had suddenly an "uprise"of it and our house + the two appartements above us were not in an all too good state of painting. But they force you to do something about it, if you have the money for it or not. And if you don't do it they send workmen to do it and you receive the bill for it, which is usually not a very low one! So unforseen we had to spend a rather big sum of money at that time and I was not happy with it!Of course it is a good cause that they look to it and warn you if some things on the outside of the house could become dangerous or so. But I also think they mingle in too much.Luckely we just had all done from the painting and I just had the new part of the doors, remember? Well, better get rid of them as soon as possible I called and the man is coming over this afternoon. I asked him for what he was coming and he had (till now) nospecial remarks. Just wanted to have a quick look, also at the back of the house, but he had seen already the work we had done and it looked okay. What a relief. Not jumping yet too high of joy, you'll never know what he might think to find!! But I think(hope) all will be well enough. On the phone he said he had still a file that he wanted to complete and that he wanted to take some pictures from the house outside how it looks now. We'll see.

But those things always make me a bit nervous, you know. Things from government and town councils etc. usually cost you money. But wheeeeee, if once you want something from them!!! That's quit a different story!!!!!

Enough of the lamenting from me. What is there in stock for you today? Hey, something with animals again. Things time mostly very small ones, the bugs. Now I am not a very big bugs lover at all, I don;t like very much those animals, although they are very useful and necessary in nature, I know. Specially the creeping things like worms, or sow-bugs or ear wigs etc. I don't like. But the cartoons and cliparts of them are often very nice and funny. I found some and made papers with them. I hope you will like them too. The kit is namend "Fun with Bugs". Enjoy playing with it.

So it's time to take my second cup of coffee and then slowly I must get moving, to get some things done. Have no clou yet what to make for dinner today, but don't worry, I will think of something. Must think of something nice for Sunday, perhaps I already have an idea. When I figured it all out I will let you know.

Everybody, enjoy the day, take care.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How time really flies.

Goodmorning everybody!

Again another day is waiting. As every day I watched a lot of the Olympics and I keep admiring all the sporters. What I also like to see is horse riding, the dressage. And it may be boaring that I mention it every time when we got a medal, but yesterday was a very beautiful one of Ankie van Grunsven on Salinero. Oh boy, was that an elegant and really super performance. She and her horse Salinero did win the gold medal, but they were really honestly the best of all. All the movements were so perfectly matched to the music, it all fitted together, unbelievable.

Yesterday I had a yummie dinner. In fact very simple. I made a potoatoe salad. For the dressing I had some olive oil, a bit of basilicum vinagar, some mustard and mayonaise and pepper and salt. In the sald I had(how funny) potatoes, spring onions, little block of cucumber and two almost hard boiled eggs. And I bought an already grilled chicken, which I only had to warm up in the oven. As almost always I made too much so today I can enjoy it once again. It is sometimes hard to invent something different to eat. But it often happens, that I see some cooking program on tv and see a recipee tthey make and Then I make my own variation of it. And there are always lots of books I have or there is the the internet with soooooo much recipees. But I am happy I don't have to brake my brains today for the dinner.

And how time really flies. I just discovered that coming Sunday will be the 24th of August. And then I will be married already ONE YEAR! Can you imagine??? No big partie or anything, just nice together at home, but I must try to make something a bit extra for dinner, perhaps. But it is unbelievable all passes by so quick. I stll remember well all the excitement of preparation and me, boaring you to death with all the bla-bla of it. LOL!

Today I have a rather neutral kit, it suits a lot of different kind of pictures. I named it "Cherished Memories". I am sure it will be useful sometime. The wooden frames are from Anna of and the ribbon frame is from Sylvaine from Wonderful ladies, who make it easier for us, sometimes, lazy "designers".!!

I did get a question yesterday if I would write perhaps some tutorial on how I am composing and inventing my kits etc. But I am not doing that. Sure I am flattered that people think I could do it. I think I am still in the learning process myself and I don;t feel up to it. So I have to say sorry, but no thanks. And it would also take too much time and I already am so often short of time to do all I want to or HAVE to. !!!

Well, here is the preview and I hope you will enjoy the kit. Nice day to you all. Oh, I must say this before I finish. Go over to the blog of Linda of She just returned from the wedding of her daughter and she has already some pictures of her married daughter. Just look and you will have to admit it is a beauty of a bride!!!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How quiet in the house!

Goodmorning everybody!

Thanks for the comments on the partition problem. I think I found a good site with an explanation of it. As I read it(but have to do such things several times) it seems it is possible in the Vista to do so, without having a special program. If that is so, it shouldn't be too hard to do. Well, I have almost the whole week to study that.

Oh girls, how quiet it is now in the house. Heidi came yesterday to pick up the animals and as we sat on the couch yesterday with Jan, I asked him: "Do you hear anything?". Jan: "No, not that Ido. What is there to hear?". "Nothing", I said. "No chirping of a bird, no rings from a bell in a ball from a rabbit, nothing!". And you know who is the most pleased with it? Our cat Brodski!!!! Oh boy, how happy he was to be able to enter the room without jumping up because the rabbit was making noise, or the bird. He had his home back!!!! And so funny, the little one, Mickey, was a bit confused, suddenly she didn't see her "love"(the birdie) anymore. Really, a few times she stopped at the little table where the cage had been placed and looked up, and saw nothing. She didn't understand it. But all 3 of them are quit happy all is back to "normal"again.

Hey, just was on television the waterpolo for women. That isn't one of my favourite sports, but we had a Dutch team playing against Hungary for a place in the finals. And it's a first, WE ARE IN THE FINALS!! Never we ended so high. Isn't that wonderful for those girls???

And we won a gold medal yesterday too. In the point race bike on track. The girl, Marianne Vos, was super! And we even had a silver medal in sailing. Don;t ask me in what catagory exactly, but is was the sailing with 3 women on board. So it was a good day for us, Dutchies. And in the field hockey we still are in the race, both women and men. But even I think every sporter must be proud of him or herself, if you already reach a final. It means you are withing the 8 or say 10 best of the world. That is already a big achievement.

Over to the kit. It should be a funny one for my Australian friends, because it is about a naughty koalaboy! It are some pictures about the adventures he has in his life. No idea for what you can use it, but perhaps when you read some of the small text on the papers, it has one in it, you might use for a pic of a child, just doing that, or something like it. It was really fun to make and I hope you like it too.

Now have all a splendid day, and don't be too naughty(LOL)!

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Our last "animal-sitting"day!

Goodmorning everybody!

If all is happening today as it should, we shall say goodbye to our "guest"pets. I had a phonecall from Heidi this week-end and she said she will come to pick them up this afternoon. Yesterday I went over to her house to collect the post and I put some things in her fridge. So she has now some fresh bread, some bacon, ham, cheese, a little salad for the bread, eggs, tomatoes. If she doesn't want to cook this evening or go out for dinner they have still something to eat and for breakfast tomorrow too.

I planned to go on with the kit I started, but I had a little head ache, so I left it as it was and closed the computer. After dinner I took an aspirine and it helped well. And I did go to bed not too late and had a good nights sleep. So all well today. Have to move on now with some new stuff.

I have a question for you. Perhaps somebody knows an answer to it and has a simple tutorial for it for me, dummie as I am. As I saw on the new computer all the diskspace is only on the C disk. But I like to have a D and perhaps even an E. I like to divide the 360 GB in some parts. But I have no clue how to do that. Anybody out there who has done this???? It should be great if you could help me in this. Saw on internet several items on it, but I do not understand it very much.

If you know and can help me, you leave me a message in the shoutbox or email me. Okay?

Kit for today is a bit science related. As inventions take place all the time, I thought it might be a nice idea to make a kit with it. I had to choose only a few, otherwise it would be too big. So I choose mostly some really important (as I thought) inventions of the 19th and 20th century. Perhaps you can use this kit for something, I hope. It was nice to make it, something quit different. I hope you can have fun with it.

I think that during the day I have to run the washing machine(again, pfffffff) and have to get rid of some stuff in the basket, waiting to be ironed, yak, yak, yak!! It's one of the EVER returning things I do not like specifically! But it will put my shoulders under it and when I go for it, in half an hour you can do a lot of ironing! And then the most boaring, getting it all in the closets on its place. So I am really suffering today, (wheep, wheep). LOL !!!!!!!!

Okay, here is the kit, and also thanks for all your enthousiastic reactions on the news of my computer. You all are very sweet!

Download HERE

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I am almost dancing around from joy!

Goodmorning everybody!

May be some of you already saw the message from me in the shoutbox. Yes, I couldn't wait till now. Okay, I have my computer finally, after talking months about it. Rob and his son Dominique of 15, came and we went to the store(with a little luggage carrier with us, you know, such a small thing you can fold out on two wheels). I just looked to a few options that Rob already pointed out to me and I kicked myself under my bumb and took not the cheapest one. But neighter it wasn't a very expensive one. I wrote all the specifics now down on a piece of paper, because I never can remember all the mumbo-jambo. Here it comes:

It's a Packard Bell containing:

AMD 64x2 4400+ processor
360 GB (!!) 7200 rpm Sata harddisk
nVidia Ge Force 8400 GS up to 1535 mb
DVDRW Dual + R9
8 in 1 memory card reader
LCD monitor 22 inch
and Vista Premium

For you who understand a bit more about this technical stuff, you can see I have a fast working computer with a lot of disk space. It should be working much faster on the graphic programs.
And I also bought a new printer with copier and scanner. WOW!!!

I wanted just to get this thing and store it for a few days and then Rob could come again to help me with placing all the things from my old one to the new one etc. But he already wanted to connect it so that at least I already could use internet on it and get used to the new thing. So therefore there was no freebielist yesterday. I was totally done when he left at 19.00 o'clock!!

But.... it's working and oh boy, did I notice already the difference. Wonderful. So if you could see me sitting at the little desk now you should laugh! There are standing now TWO computer screens and keyboards on it. I just have to switch now the internet cable to the one I want to use. It's only for this week, next Saturday we will install(hopefully) all on the newand then I really can try it out. It will take a while before I get the grip on the Vista and all around it, so if sometimes things aren't going as they should, it is the getting used to it process that is playing me tricks, perhaps.

You really cannot know how happy I am, because this is also the first one I bought myself> The other two were given to me by Rob, who had the spare and the other by Heidi, who also bought a new one some time ago. And I always remain very greatful to them, because it opened a whole world for me and resulted in this blog!!

Okay, enough computer stuff for now. I don;t want to boar you with it. Let us see what I have for you today. Hey, it is a Araban styled kit, with some papers with a drawing out of the 1001 nights story and some which are not completely, but still Arabian. The backing papers are made out of arabian patterns. Well, I just hope you will like the kit and can use it a bit.

I wish you all a very nice Sunday, I am packed with things to do, as making a start with a new kit, going over to Heidi's house for a last check-up(she's coming home tomorrow), have a nice dinner in mind, and must do the freebielist and then I don't think I will play on the new computer anymore. Perhaps I can do a bit of reading in the instruction books I got to familiarize myself a bit with all.

Download HERE

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Will it happen today, finally??

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh boy, this will be an exciting day! This afternoon Rob, my brother in law will come and then he and I will go to look at some computers. He already went out for a little "preview" yesterday and then phoned me he had seen some very nice ones, for not too much money. So, probably this afternoon I will have a new computer. Then only it will have to be installed and filled with the things I want to take with me from the present computer. Isn't that swell???? I am all nervous almost about it, because I know I talked about it for several months but finally it will happen. Of course I will inform you what I bought if I find something today.

If there will be a new one theere only will follow at least one nerv-wrecking day when Rob will come and help me with all the connections and the installments. He is such a sweetheart and he knows a lot more about it then I do. Only he is a kind of nervous person and it sometimes takes a bit more time than probably necessary, but in the end he succeeds, so I will have to keep quiet an undergo that day. LOL!!!

So it is possible in the very near future I will not be able to post for a day or maybe a bit more but I will let you know in time, so that you will not be worried if I am disappeared for a short period of time(I hope).

Well, let's see what I have for you today. I must hurry up a little bit, because I must get dressed and then do a bit of grocery shopping and be back in time for Rob. It is an Asian kit today, more specific a Japanese one. I am still somehow fascinated by making oriental kits from time to time and don't ask me why. I will not be able to explain. Funny hey?

The kit is called "Traditional Japan", because I found some old Japanese drawings that I used in this kit.

Have a nice Saturday, I think I will have one too!WHOOPEEEEEE!

Download HERE

Friday, August 15, 2008

A day for car lovers

Good AFTERNOON everybody!

Today I am really late with my posting! It should be possible once in a while.

Yesterday the service in the aula of the crematorium was, I think, very peaceful. At first I didn't plan to say anything, but then, I thought it would be a good thing to say some words on behalf of the visitors of the cafe that Paul owned. So I did. I hadn't prepared anything on writing, but on the other hand, what better can you do than speak out of your heart? I think I did well, and it felt good to me to have done so.

It still remained a bit of a weird day, but I just hope that Paul has found his peace now.

I am fully behind all kind of things. I didn't look back in my blog, but I think I just forget to mention somebody who tagged me a few days ago. So I just mention her now, if I did already, it will not hurt to do again. I did hop over to her blog this morning and saw she has also a freeby today to offer you. So the post in which she is tagging me is on the 11th of august and today you can pick up her freebie. This is the link

Pay her a visit, and of course, if you download the freebie leave her some words!

Today I have a car kit for you. It's a long time ago I did one, so perhaps it is nice to have another one. I know there are some Nascar fans among us and racing fans, so it should be a nice kit to use for many occasions. I gave it the name "Wheels with Power".

I hope you will have an enjoyable day and I surely be earlier tomorrow to post!

Download HERE

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Very quick post, last parts Floral Fantasy

Goodmorning everybody!

Just posting your freebie, you know I am a bit in a hurry this morning. Perhaps this afternoon I will tell you more, otherwise it will be for tomorrow.

Have a nice day.

Download PART 4 HERE

Download PART 7 HERE

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I think a bit sleepy day

Goodmorning everybody!

I am late today! I slept a while longer because I woke up in the middle of the night. Usually I then take a cup of tea and then go back to bed again. But unfortunately the Olympics are there now and the live broadcasting starts here at about 04.00 o; clock at night. So you can imagine what happened. Jan also woke up and then we kept watching till about 6.oo o'clock! Not very sensible but it happened. Therefore I took a bit longer this morning.

Yesterday evening suddenly a friend came by, who lives just across the street. She had in her posession some things from our friend who passed away so sadly. He already gave it to her some time ago, and it was with the purpose that it came into hands he wanted to. Among mostly a lot of books, she found a little book with Russian fairytales and beautiful drawings I once gave to him. And she came over to give it back to me. Isn't that sweet of her? I appreciate this gesture very much. Tomorrow will will go together to the funeral.

I am not going to have a long talk today, so let us go straight to the next parts of the Floral Fantasy. You will have now part 3 of the papers and part 6 with clips and bows.

Perhaps tomorrow I will not have time to blog in the morning, because we have to go to the funeral. It depends on the time I will be up. So may be I will post somewhere in the afternoon. It will be a kind of strange day tomorrow as you can understand.

For now I wish you all a good and nice day!



Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More of Floral Fantasy

Goodmorning all!

Sometimes in one week there happens so much and in another I don;t really know what to tell you. This is one of those days.

You will not believe it but I am tagged again! This time by on her blogpost of the 11th August. Thanks for it "Granny". I wrote her already my thanks and explained that I will mentione her blog, but will not do another tagging, because just a few days ago I did it already!

I suppose it is the season for awards and tags, because you see them everywhere around in scrap blog land!

Yesterday evening Jan and I were watching tv and at the same time we can keep an eye on the cage of Bobbie, the parkeet. Oh boy, is she a busy one. Last week I bought her a little toy extra in the cage and what a golden buy it was! A little ladder for about 2 euro, but it keeps her busy! She is struggling with it and trying to move it around and I must really laugh when I see how she is handling it! And she will not give up untill the thing is down on the bottom of the cage. Well, I put it back on its place and she can start over again. Funny, how animals can react different on the same toy. The rabbit has found a little stuffed bear and is moving it around now. As long as they are busy, it's a good thing.

Today I am feeling very generous to you and giving you 2 parts of the Floral Fantasy. It will be part 2 (another part of the papers) and part 5 ( ribbons, tags and some embellishments).

I think we still have two or 3 days more to go to complete it.

Well, ladies, have a very nice day and enjoy yourself with anything you like(but of course don;t leave the scrapping out of it, hahaha)

Download PART 2 HERE

Download PART 5 HERE

Monday, August 11, 2008

We start a kit in a daily download

Goodmorning everybody.

Hope, you all had a nice weekend. Mine was a very quiet one. Just went over to the house of Heidi, to check if everything was okay and to collect the mail. Next week-end I will do that once again and I will try to put some things in the fridge, so that when they come home next Monday, they will have some breadrolls and some cheese, ham or so on it. Usually it are the breadrolls you have to bake off in your oven. So they are all fresh. It's nice to come home and not having to do at once all kind of grocery shopping, I think.

Today we have the start of a kit that will take a few days. I found a wonderful thing in the public domain. It is a booklet by Walter Crane, who did text and illustrations. When you read the little text on all the papers it is a floral walk through the garden. When you pay attention, you will notice he used all kinds of names of plants and flowers in it and had an immense fantasy in making the drawings to it. I hope the text is still readable, I kept it in the original font and form, because that is a part of the style. It's all done in the Art Nouveau, so I tried to make it also in colours they used in that period. If you read well, you will notice the plant names, as I said. And of some of them I made planters for it with that flower or plant on it and the name. Not of all of them, but you will get 25!

If you like, you could print it all out in colour or BW, say 2 papers on an A4 sheet and make a booklet of it. You could glew only the illustration papers back to back, but an idea might be to have the front with the illustration and the back with the corresponding backing paper. I know, that will take some ink and time, but it could form a nice present for someone, when you add some pics to it. Bind it together with a nice ribbon e.g. and it could look very nice. Well, that is just an idea that came up in my mind.

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy this kit. I hope I do not scare you off when I tell you what you get in this kit: a total of 50 papers, ribbons, some nice elements, clips, bows,tags and 25 planters.

I took a part from the title of the booklet for the name of the kit : "Floral Fantasy".

Here is the first preview of some of the papers with of course the download link.

Have a very nice day!

And thanks for your sympathy for the friend who passed away. You are, as always, such sweethearts!

Download part 1 HERE

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Yeah, we have Olympic medals

Goodmorning everybody!

Yesterday I took it VERY easy on myself.So I did not much at all. Oh, don;t worry, I did continue with kits, but I did nothing much more. I just went out for a moment for some small grovery shopping and I had to find a small glass with candle in it. It's for not a happy occasion. Perhaps you remember I told you about a friend who had some serious trouble of all kind? He was here a few weeks ago. Well, this week we got the news he stept out of life, he was mentally so broken that he saw no other solution. Very very sad, I had hoped we could help him to get over it, but we didn't succeed with some other friends. So the little candle will be for his funeral, which will take place on Thirsday. If possible, I always give the person who passed away a little light, to help them find the good path in that unknown place, somewhere.

That are the hard facts of life sometimes.

Okay, to the Olympics now. We already have some medals! In judo, for wight up to 60 kg. we have a bronze one and for swimming, 4x100 mtr. free-style ladies we are Olympic Champion!!! I am proud of the sporters! And there are still some chances in other sports.

Oh, I won again the Brilliant Blog Award!! I am completely overwhelmed the last week because I received all the awards! Wow, aren't those ladies sweet??? This time I received it from Nore, I hope, Nore, that you understand that I am not making a lot of awards, as the rules ask from me, because I already did that a few time.

But I have some to give it too.

The rules

1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.2. Link the person you received your award from.3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.4. Put links of those blogs on yours.5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you've nominated.

I nominate:

Well. I have done the job!!

Now the kit for today. I have a little music related one. Just hope you will like it. It's named "Everywhere is Music(just listen) ".Tomorrow I think we will start with a big kit, so that will be in several downloads, it will take a few days!!

And that's it, dear visitors. I wish you all an splendid Sunday!

Download HERE

Saturday, August 09, 2008

All works as it should

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh boy, I am glad all is in good working order again. Rob, my brother in law is such a sweetheart. I just have to call him and he is there. And perhaps he is not the best computer chap, but he gets it done somehow! He will not stop until all is allright. I never know how to thank him for it. So as it was already around dinnertime all was done, I made him something to eat and higged him.

Now first things first. I have a lot to do, because I am behind normal schedule, hahaha.

A few days ago I was tagged by They have a really nice blog, and also make good things. Up to me now to tell some things about me and tag some other persons. I think I am not following the rules exactly, but I did my best.

First the rules:

1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.

2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.

3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.

4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1.I like an organized house, everything on it's place. But somehow it is not always coming to it.

2.I can be patient, but in some things not. I sometimes want to do too many things at the same time!

3.Not very good with pc things, although I am learning every day a bit more. But hardware things I don;t know a thing about it.

4. I think that I am a rather optimistic person, and always try to see the bright side. Not always easy, and sometimes it gets a bit to me, well, shedding a few tears can help, and next day you'll have to put your shoulders under it again.

What else I can tell you you don't already know about me? I really don't know, so I leave it to this.
Now I am tagging:

Next thing. I received another AWARD. I even got it from TWO ladies:

Edna and


This is the award:

Isn't that a lovely award? I am proud of it. As I am of every award, to be honest.

The rules of the award are:

1.The winner can put the logo on her blog.

2. Link the person you received your award from.

3.Nominate at least 7 other blogs.

4.Put links of those blogs on yours.

5.Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you’ve nominated...

I received it already from Edna and Anna, so I cannot give it back to them, so had to think of some others. I found them.

Of course first the one of a good friend on the net, Linda

And here some others, I really like, for the work or for the blogging or for both.

Wow, I am really busy the past time with awards and tagging. But is is nice. You really get the feeling you do it for something, that it helps people a tiny bit to distracked and forget for a moment their own life. And that is a good thing, to be able to leave your world behind you for a moment.

Now the Oplympics started. It's a pity we have such a time difference, so a lot of things take place on our time late at night. Well, thank hevane there also are a lot of summeries during the day or evening. I am planning to follow some sports, it's almost impossible to follow everything. And of course I hope there will be a few Dutch sporters who will achieve a medall.

And here finally you have a new kit, after those messy days. HAhaha. It was good, I still good work off line, so I continued the designing. A few days ago the Alphabet Fun kit was finished. And I was thinking: "Why not also make a number kit? We keep it still a bit in the school thing."So I made you one, the papers I make all by myself, having found some nice clipart for it. I hope you can use it, but I think you can use it for birthday pics, schoolpics from the little ones, even anniversaries of some kind. The kit is named: "Count Up to 10". The medallions with the numbers are snatched from the site of Anna, from Delicious Scraps. Thanks Anna, I love them.

Have a lot of fun with it. This afternoon I will have again a freebielist for you!

Download HERE

Friday, August 08, 2008

Just quick

Hello everybody,
You may have missed me the last two days. But I had no internet. Today I called my brother in law, who is rather good in these things, and he came right over. After a lot of research, it was my network card which gave up!!! So we bought another one and Rob installed everything for me. Pffff, that sort of thing is nothing for me.I get all nervous with it. But I am glad, all works again. Sorry you had to miss the freebielists and downloads, but it was out of my hand. Tomorrow I will be back and I'll have again a kit for you. Just now I must get rid of the stress of that d........d computer thing!!!
To all a good evening and hope to see you tomorrow!

Lots of greetings,

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I am tagged and trip York

Goodmorning everybody!

Wow, I am certainly in the picture lately.! Now I am TAGGED again! I already said the tagger(not yet reveiling who it is)) that it may take a few days before I do so myself. I must think first about some things you don't know yet about me. That is a bit hard. But I will continue the "chain".

Yesterday was a quiet day around here. I had to nurse Dikkie Dik again, the wound opened itself again and there was coming out again some dirty stuff. But after taking care of it, first cleaning and then I put some jode (Betadine) on it, today it seems not so thick anymore. May be in just a few days more, it will heal properly. Hope so. Then we have a bit problems with our other cat, Brodski. He is VERY reluctant to come into the room. With much talking I can get him into the kitchen from the garden, but then he stops and reaches out his neck as far as possible to look into the room. I have the idea he is afraid of the rabbit, you know. The COWARD!!!! To our big surprise yesterday evening he had entered the room for say 1 meter. Wow, progress, I thought. ALL WRONG> As soon as the rabbit moved.......................... VROOM................... out Brodski into the garden! I wonder how long that will take before he gets used to the fact there is another, to him, weird animal in the house! The two others don't bother too much. But they are very interested in the bird. The little lady, Micky, sometimes is sitting in front of the cage, looking up completely fixed, almost in LOVE, to the birdie. But till now she didn't do anything. As precaution we move her away from it after a few minutes. Dikkie Dik seemed to have tried to jump at the cage, Jan told me. So we have to watch that carefully. I already told Jan, that if we leave the house together, we HAVE to place the birdie in another room, where the cats cannot come!!!! Just in case.........................

Well, time to go on with the trip to York.
Thursday 8 May 2003.

We also today woke up rather early. Today Josy wanted to do some little shopping in York. First a nice breakfast, although Josy didn't had much. She still was very tired from yesterday. I can imagine it, already at age, a whole day on the move and all the excitement and coping with all the memories and emotions that came up. That's a lot to deal with.
After breakfast we first went back to the room where I packed our suitcases, while Josy could sit quietly in a comfortable chair. I gave them at the reception, because we only had to be at the bus at 15.30 o'clock. Then we went to town. The weather was much less than yesterday, but still good enoough for what we had in mind. We went to the store "Boots"where Josy found all she wanted, then walked through the Shambles to the market place and had a nice cup of coffee. Especially Josy was very glad to be able to sit down again. We took it easy, after a while we ended up in the park and on a bench in the sun we had our sandwiches. I made a round through the park, took some pictures and also walked to "her"house to make another picture to be sure I had a good one. Then it was time to go to the bus, so we took our luggage at the hotel and went to the station. Took another drink and waited. Oh boy, such a day appears to never end, if you have to wait for leaving time! But okay, bus came, we off to Hull. Had plenty of time so we could go on the ship relaxed. This time we had hut numer 10288 on deck 10. Almost the same spot as on the travel to Hull. And laugh about it, I had the same trouble with the bed!!!At about 18.30 o'clock we went to the dining room, because this time we should take the diner. It was very tasty and there was very much, also a self service buffet. We met an awefully nice waiter, who accompanied Josy to the buffet, carried her tray and put all the things she wanted on her plate and walked her to the table. We had a nice chat with the felow, all very cosy. After dinner we took a little stroll to the taxfree shops, because I wanted to take something home for Jan. But I saw Josy was so tired, that I first brought her to our cabin and then went back to the shops. I found a very nice bottle of good portwine for Jan. But I had to wait to take it with me, because she ship hadn't left the harbour yet. Had to do with the taxfree. Very annoying to wait for another hour, that seems very long when you have nothing else to do. And I got sleepy too!! But the hour passed, I quickly got my bottle and jumped into my bed. We slept very well.

Tomorrow I will have the last part of the journal and then I must see if there is still another one for you. It's a pity I didn't make journals of all the trips I made, but a human being can be lazy at times!!!.

Now the kit for today. I think it's a bit funny one, I found some ver nice drawings in the public domain and they gave me the inspiration for this kit. It is ALL about CHEESE. I think you can use it for some cooking pictures, even barbecue or picknick, or you can make recipe cards with it I know there are lots of people who make these cards! Some day I want to try it too. But first this kit"Say Cheese", and I hope you will enjoy it.

Have a nice day all, it seems today here it will be one very warm day, and already tomorrow temperature will fall down again. That's often Holland, very big differences in the weather in very short time.
Bye, bye, till tomorrow!

Download HERE

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

We continue with York

Goodmorning everybody!

Jan went yesterday to the hospital for the echo and in stead of the 10th we already go Thirsday to the specialist for the result. Not still happy how all is going with him, I sincerely hope, she come with some solutions. We wait and see.

There isn't much to report today, actually. Heidi and family went on their holiday yesterday, they didn;t go far, somewhere in Belgium. If they have the weather a bit like here, it isn;t so bad. But on the news heard there were some pretty have rainfalls and some waterfloods in France and also Belgium. Hopefully it is not in the area they visite!!
And let's go on with the York trip.

Wednesday 7 may 2003

This should be THE DAY OF THE DAYS, certainly for Josy. We woke up early and first took breakfast. I had a really good one, had far too much, but I needed the enrgy of it for today. Two things are sure in Yorkshire. You can sleep very well and all the time you are hungry! It must be the air around here.

After breakfast we first when to the bakery to get some sandwiches for the evening. Brought them to our room, took foto camera and osome things and on the way to the station to get the train to Malton, where our taxi should be waiting for us. Arrived in Malton(way to early) we walked a bit through town, took a coffee and tried to find the inn, where Josy once has been with her sister-in- law. It had to be near a church, as Josy said, on a kind of little sqaure. And yes, we saw a churchtower so we went to it. The waether got better with the minute so it was a nice walk. Arrived there we saw a restaurant, but it wasn't the one. Pitty, but we walked around the church and were gifted with an extra-ordinary scebery view! But I would not give up, we had to find the location Josy was talking about. In the churchyard there was somebody busy hanging some birdhouses, so I went to him and asked the gentleman if perhaps he knew Josy was talking about. Then it appeared there was another church, St. Michael's, near the market place. So we hobbled to it and yes, we found the inn. It was the King's Head!

So as it was already lunchtime, we went in to have something to eat. Josy took some fish with new potatoes, and I had the homemade vegatable soup with some bread. I couldn't eat more(due to my breakfast!!). With a little time still left, we sat on a bench in front of the church and then went back to the station. We waited just a little while and then somebody addressed us and it was our taxidriver. His name was Chris, a very nice guy, very big and an enthousiastic talker!. Josy already made a route of the placed and spots she wanted to visit just once more. Chris enjoyed the fact, that she almost knew the way better than he did. And he had been a ranger in that area for a while.! I don;t know all the names anymore of the places we visited, but it was a huge list. During the ride Chris talked about everything, and when only Josy mentioned a spot, hopla, then he almost already was there!! We did a lot more than planned at first, even did a whole piece of the moors, which is an amazing view. It is a rough landscape, at the same time so lovely, it also has something wilde about it. Very impressive. Oh, yes, must tell this. Of course we visited also Helmsley, a little town where Josy spent a lot of holidays with Henk in a cottage nearby. So every day or so they went to town for some shopping or so. Well, we stopped there at the market place and Josy told me of every shop there and around it. First she didn't want to visit anyone, because she was afraid we had not enough time. But I dragged her to the vegetable store and the lady was enjoyed that she saw her old customer again. It was a happy meeting.

The town of Helmsley, nestled in the valley. Isn't it romantic???
Little view on the shops in Helmsley.

Josy didn't want to make the trip too long, so off again. But Chris enjoyed himself so much that he just drove on and on. At a certain point he asked Josy, if she had agreed on a certain price. Yes, she did so. Well, he said, when we reach that sum of money, I just turn of the meter and the rest of the time is just free on my account. Wasn't that awefully nice of him? Perhaps he did so, because I told him this would probably be the last visit of Josy to England, a kind of goodbye tour for her. But I think that also he stopped the meter at any place we stopped for a while. Good fellow he was. This day was a more than beautiful one, everything played along to do so. It was very nice weather, we had a very nice taxi driver, splendid scenery, all was well.And then to see the joy in Josy's eyes, was the best! But finaly we had tot turn back to York. Chris brought us to the staion and it was a long goodbye saying before we enetered the stion!By train back to York and fully satisfied returned to our room. Then Josy was very glad to be able to lie down a bit, because for her certainly it had been a tiring day. So I made something to drink. we had our sandwiches and talked about all that happened that day. I think we will sleep very well and hopefully we will have a nice dream this night about the past day!!

So, almost the trip is over , but still two days to go.

Now I will give you a new kit all in one colourscheme, called "Deep Water". It's a bit about the animals living in deeper water, in the sea. Hope you will like this. One of these days I think I will have another kit, which I will have to cut in pieces for the download. It's a kind of different thing, something I stumbled upon in the public domain. Not yet telling you what it is!!

Have a nice day all, I hope all is well with you!


Monday, August 04, 2008

Alphabet Fun part 8, the last

Goodmorning everybody!

Today the week starts with a hospital visit for Jan. This time they will make an echo. So let's see what is coming out of that. Then next week he must return to the specialist for result. I have somewhere the idea we are not yet ready with it all. No matter, as long as it will have finally a result I do not mind.

Now I have to deal with my award I received from Marie, from

Once again here are the rules:

1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.

2. Link the person you received your award from.

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I think after not doing a nomination a few times, it is time I award some other blogs again. Here they are:

I chose them, because I think they make beautiful things or very special things, so girls, I hope you will have fun with the award!

I have today the last part of the Alphabet Fun for you. Actually it are 2 part, the clips and some elements. Hope you enjoyed it a bit. It WAS a long download! Tomorrow there will a "regular"kit for you, just 1 download.

Now over to York

Tuesday 6 May 2003

We woke up at about 06.30 o'clock. On ease we made something to drink and then got dressed. At 08.00 o'clock we went down for the breakfast. A real English breakfast of course. It was self-service, so I got a bit of everything on my plate, because we had to have a good "layer"for today. Around 08.35 o'clock we went to the staion to take the bus to Bridlington, a town at the seaside. There was living an old friend of Josy, Kathy. We had a real dubble-decker, so of course we took a seat upstairs. We had an excellent view from there. The driver also was very nice. When we got in the bus, he asked Josy, if perhaps she could show him some kind of pass which would show him she was a "senior". She had such a thing and so he gave us a reduction on the busticket and another ticket with which we could take any bus in the district the whole day long. Isn't that sweet??? We went off. Coming closer to Brindlington the weather also started to look much friendlier, till we had full sunshine. The bus was driving the countryroads, so we could see a lot of the scenery, so lovely, not possible to describe. Just outside Bridlington there were working on the road. Had to wait a bit, so we arrived 15 minutes later as planned. Kathy already was waiting for us at the busstaion with a taxi and we went to her home. She was living in an attached "senior"house. Arrived, of course there was a lot of talking to do. It was nice to see the two girlfriends chatting about all kind of things. Kathy also arranged a taxi for us for tomorrow. Then Josy wanted to show me the surrounding area of York, all the places she visited during her holidays with Henk(second husband). By bus it was almost impossible and she wanted to have all freedom, so no matter the costs, that was something she had in mind and it had to happen like that!!! At lunchtime Kathy made us a cold lunch, some sandwiches, salades, etc. We had hoped for a warm lunch, so it would have saved us the time in the evening. But no matter, it still was nice. Later in the afternoon we went back to York with the bus and we arrived home at about 17.0 o'clock. It all together had been a very nice day. We spent a little time in our room and then went on search for a little restaurant. Not too far away we found an italian one. That was a bit more expensive than eating in the pub, but why not. We are having a holiday! Josy took a risotto plate and I a pasta plate, all delicious. Back to the hotel, a bit doing this and that in our room ( a drink, talking about the day, some reading and so on) and off to bed. Josy had to take a good rest for tomorrow, because it's a big program to do! She already was all excited about it and I hope it will turn out as she has in mind. That would be a great pleasure for her.

Okay, I just have time to take my second coffee and post on the forums and then I have to wake up Jan. Then he has time to wake up and have something to drink before going to hospital. If all is going well, the echo will take about half an hour.

Then also today I have to check Dikkie Dik, if it still isn;t healing to well I think we still have to pay a visit to the vet. I hope, it will not be necessary. It's always terrible to tranport cats! Now we are a bit lucky that if would be Dikkie Dik, because the other two make such a noice. We already had that experience. They can miaow in such a pittyful way, terrible!

Oh, yesterday the cats where outside for a while, so we let out Snuffie, the rabbit. The poor thing cannot spend the whole time only in the little cage. And he was sooo happy. I think he was hopping around for an hour or two in the room. I think, he had a great time!!! After a while he was following me around the room. So funny to see!

Okay, folks, that 's it for today. Hope you'll have a nice day.

Download HERE

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Alphabet Fun part 7

Hello and Goodmorning to you all!!

I received another award but I will deal with that tomorrow. But have to say I appreciate it ever so much.

All the little guests arrived yesterday! I had to improvise a bit in my sitting room to give them both a neat place, but I managed. Jan had a splendid idea for Bobby, the bird. He thought placing him on a rather high bookcase we have, where we placed all our old LP's in. Great idea. So was done. Then for the Saturday Jan went out to have a little beer and I was happy, all quit at the computer. Till..... a loud BANG startled me up. What happened? I didn't see, but it could have been one of the cats jumped on the piano and from there tried to reach the bird. I am not sure of it, but it is a possiblity. Anyhow, the poor Bobby fell down with the cage. Just imagine, I hoovered the house that afternoon but now all the stuff of the bottom of the cage(kind of chips of wood!!!) was all over the floor with the food. So I jumped up and straight looked at the parakeet. Cage on it's side and the bird hanging strangely on one claw. Oh boy, I thought, only a few hours he is here and we already have to tell that the parakeet had a hart attack!! I really thought the poor thing must have had such a shock! But then I saw to my relief that he still was moving. So I put the cage together again, with dustpan and brush got all the woodchips, organized it all, talked a bit to the bird who was already chirping again.PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! So then I thought he better had to go on another spot in the room.

So all done, I had to recover a bit from the shock and went to my computer. After a little while Jan came home, and I told him what happened. And what did he do???? He was LAUGHING!

Well, this was the first adventure with our geusts. I hope it stays this way.!

Now I only have to find another toy for the rabbit, Snuffie. He has a ball in his cage of hard plastic with a bell in it. But as he is still very young, he likes to play with it, but it makes a terrble noise! I am getting nuts of it. Anyone an idea?????????????

Till so far the animal stuff.

Now on to another part of the York trip.

Still the 5 of May 2003.

We also went to the walls of York, and I walked them for a part, while Josy waited for me on a bench near the Minster. That was a splendid walk, lots of beautiful views on York, made quit some pics. Hopefully they will be good.

View of the city looking north-east from the city wall, near the railway station. The brown spire in the middle distance is the Catholic church of St. Wilfred, and York Minster is visible behind it.

We also visited the Holy Trinity Church, a very, very old church, where Josy has many many sweet memories!

This second picture is part of the churchyard, and I saw it like this with lots and lots of bluebells in bloom. (the pics aren't mine, I got them from internet)

Unfortunately the church was closed when we arrived. Then we sat down on a bench, nice in the sun in a silence of almost serenity. It was a special experience. After about 15 minutes I saw a man coming, who had some keys in his hand, and yes, it was the verger of this church. So we cold visit the inside, which was lovely. I also wrote something in the guestbook, specially for Josy.

After that we landed in a pub, where we had an excellent meal. For the first time of my life I had a real English pie and it tasted delicious! Then we returned to the hotel to have a little rest and to drink something. In England it is very common you have an electric waterboiler on your room. So in anticipation of that I brought with me teabags, instant coffee, sugar and powder milk(for Josy in the tea). Josy so much enjoyed the fact that I was taking care of her, making the tea, oh, even brought some cookies with me!! After a while Josy had the courage to take another little walk. Through the park and along the river we walked to "her" house. It was really the house where she lived during her time in England. Nice house, with rather big garden. It must have been very special to her to see it again and show it to me. Of course I wanted to take a picture of her in front of the house. Almost ready to take it a lady, passing us, asked, if she should take the picture, so that we both were on it. Awefully nice of her, and so was done. And then back to the hotel again.

Made some tea and coffee, had sandwiches(we bought some during our city walk), undressed and comfortably in our pyjama's stretched out on the bed. Oh no, first I took a LOOOONG HOT BATH! Then did a bit of reading and the journalling. Probably I forgot a lot to mention, but I saw so many things and so much has already happened. Then sleep! I must say I also was pretty much exhausted, so at about 20.30 o'clock we were in dreamland. Josy slept very well, I too, I only woke up at about 23.30 o'clock. Well, made myself a little drink, took a cigaret, little bit of reading and off again, to dreamland.

So my ladies, you have quit a post to struglle through today, isn't it?? Now quickly the part 7 of Alphabet Fun, for which I have to give credit to She is becoming a supplier for my elements, but you have to get greedy when you visit her site. She makes lovely things!

Have a nice day and see you around!

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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Alphabet Fun part 6

Goodmorning everybody!

So today we will receive two hosts to take care of, more specific the bird and rabbit from Séverine! I am very curious to see how our cats will react to that! Most of the times, when you think they will do funny things they just check a bit and then ignore the newcomers! Oh, I was yesterday a bit of a veterenarian, yes, you can believe that. Our Dikkie Dik had probable a little fight some days ago and got a fine scratch on his head. But it was a bit infected and started to take a bit funny size. It happened to him already once, some time ago, but that time we really had to go to the vet. This time it opened itself and you can imagine what filth came out of it. So I cleaned it and kept an eye on it. Yesterday I decided it still wasn't clean enough, so I took a needle, heated it to desinfect it, took cotton and a little bottle of pure alcohol and took Dikkie Dik. So lucky it was him, because he is the easiest to handle. He isn't wriggling too much and let it all happen to him. So I opened the swelling with the needle and started pushing a bit. Wow, there came out some filth again. I kept pushing it out as long as Dikkie let me, which was rather a long time. Then I gave him a good "washing"with the alcohol. As I looked today, it seemed already a lot better, but touching it with a cotton, whoppa, again there came something out. But now at the end also some blood came with it, which is normally a good sign. Again treatement with the alcohol and now I hope it all is okay and it will heal properly. Sometimes you get funny things to do with your animals!!

Okay, day 2 of our York-trip.

Monday 5 May 2003.

As said, we woke up very early and already at about 06.00 o'clock they brought our double tea and coffee! We had some sandwiches (I prepared them the day before, because on this boat you only got something to drink) with it and in no hurry got dresssed. Looking out of the porthole the weather seemed to be not too bad, Josy even saw the sunrise!

At about 07.45 o'clock we disembarked. We had to wait a little while in the big hall for our bus to York. And as it was not so clear to us, where exactly this bus had it's station, Kyra went over to a taxidriver and asked in her best English if he knew it. This kind man at once attacked a busdriver for an answer and we were lucky, the bus should come at the place we were standing. Bus came in time, I thought the driver was a bit nervous, but that was eased after a while. The reason for it was, that he had to pick up some passengers at another terminal too. We got there, some people came in and then they had lost one!!!!!! Oh boy, now we will have to wait a loooong time. we thought. Well, that wasn't the case, the driver waited for 5 minutes and then he had enough of it and started the ride to York.

We followed a nice route, not all the time only the highway, but also some country roads. That was nice, because we passed some pretty villages and saw a lot of the scenery. During our ride Josy was getting more and more nervous, no I should say excited as we came closer "her" York.

And finally we did!!!!!!!!

Quickly out of the bus and at once on search for a taxi(we stopped at the busstaion) to drive us to our hotel. Oh yes, something happened also. The taxi driver asked us if somebody liked to sit in the front seat. Well, of course that was Josy. So caring as I am(grmmmpffff) I immediately opened the door for her but.............................I opened the right doos and as we were in England now, that wasn't the seat for the passenger!!!!So the driver asked with a big smile if perhaps the lady would like to drive?? Fun all over and finally got in the taxi in the right places. And there we arrived at last at about 10.00 o'clock. We checked in at the hotel and it seemed that our room wasn't yet ready till around 13.30 o'clock. A bit of a nuisance but nothing to do. Left our luggage at the reception desk and first took a nice drink. Then we had the feeling our trip REALLY started. It was rather nice weather, quit a lot of sun, only a bit strong wind which felt a bit cold. No matter, we walked. Over the bridge we first went to the Minster. That is the biggest cathedral in Europe north of the Alpes. Well it is a gigantic building, really beautiful as well as the outside as the inside. A lot of big beautiful leaded windows and so much to see inside that you could easily spend a few hours there. Josy knew of course the Minster very well and as she could not walk too long she sat down and I went on a "round of the Minster". Also lighted a little candle there, for the ones passed away over the last years and to ask for protection for the voyage. If possible I always do that when I am in another town and/or country.

During that time Josy had her rest a bit and after I finished my tour of it we did walk a lot more the rest of the day. We went to the real old part of York, the Shambles. I immediately fell in love with it. Lots of little shops of all kinds in lots of little old streets.

So far the first part of day 2. I'll give you the rest of that tomorrow again.

Now on to the download of the Alphabet Fun. Today I have the bows and buttons with letters for you. I hope you are still enjoying this daily download kit.

I leave Jan still a bit sleeping, but somewhat later I must do a bit food shopping and I also want to hoover the house and clean it up a bit. During the week always all kind of things appear and end up mostly on or around the dinner table, amazing what you can find there! So it's time to get it all on the right place again!!!

I wish you a really nice day wit lots of fun and some time to get your rest and relaxing. Till later!!!!