Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another grey day.

Goodmorning everybody!

As it was yesterday also a grey day, I took that opportunity to go through all the house thouroughly with the vacuum cleaner an did some other things. Then I took a little nap in the afternoon, which did me good, and make a start with the preview for a little Easter kit.
Today it is another grey day, they announced a little bit of rain(good thing for the gardens, it was very dry) and I see there is a bit more wind today too. We are spoiled already with those marvellous sunny days, which cannot last for ever, vertainly not in Holland LOL! Not  a bad thing, I can do weekend shopping already today, perhaps something more in the house because on Saturday I I want to have the day "free". Why? Well, it should be the best day of the week, they say it could be around 21 degrees C (that's about 70 F !!!!) . Jan read in a newspaper that there will be a fair in a shopping centre, so it would be a perfect day for it.

I wonder if there are visitors who have difficulties downloading the 1st part of the Fairy Poem Book? I had a message from somebody, that she couldn;t get the download, but when I tried myself, I first got a few times an add to clean your computer and then the 3rd time or so it jumped to the download of the zip file. So if that is so when some of you download, please try several times and it should go well in the end. I noticed, that Mediafire has some of these tricks, putting in an add and no possibility to skip it. But if after a few tries you can download there is no point for me to re- upload the files, is there?

This post is rather boring, LOL. There isn;t much intewresting to tell, so I better van put down the next download link for the Fairy Poem Book, hoping this one will download easier!
I hope to make some nice pictures from my tulips in the weekend, then at least on specie should be opened completely!
Have a fantastic day and see you tomorrow!
Download   PART 2  HERE

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nice visit.

Goodmorning everybody!

It was nice weather yesterday, so I went shopping a bit earlier than normal. It seemed to be a good decision, cause when I arrived home again, Jan told me that Heidi called. And just a few minutes after the message she was standing at the front door already!
It was real nice to have a talk again. We took our cups of coffee with us in the garden after there was the "garden inspection"LOL.
Heidi told me that Séverine was doing already better( the little one wasn't feeling quite well, but Heidi couldn;t pin point to the cause, may be it was a kind of flue she had, not really sick from it, but you better can be real sick of it for two days and recover for a few days, but than you've had it. ) But okay, she is doing lots better now, having more energy and Heidi told me that her girl is now on judo! Doing a sport isn't bad at all, but it made me laugh to hear she is doing a fighting sport. She will have a hard time, but Séverine is quite a fanatic and determend, so I hope she will not give up to easily.
Then Heidi and I talked a lot about plants and gardening, of course, and may be we will go this year to a garden centre again, somewhere in April or May. It should be nice to spend some time in a garden centre again, the last time we did that was about two years ago, I think!

After she had left, I tried my hands on the start of a new kit, but I didn;t succeed very well. I have an idea in my head, how it should be, but the first few papers didn;t meet the expectation, so I deleted them again, LOL.
Then had to make dinner, after dinner I tried again, and no, hadn;t success either, so I shut down the computer and went watching a soccer game of the Dutch team. Was one of the matches of the way to the European championships, they have to play several countries in the same pool and should be nr.1 or2 in that pool. Well, till now they are doing allright, though not showing their very best play. At the same time the Belgians too had a game to play, so we switched a bit between the two channels LOL. Yes, we do support a bit too the Belgians and you know why? As a joke we call them: Spare Dutchmen! That's because centuries ago Holland and Flanders ( the Dutch part of Belgium) were one.
Okay, enough joking around.
Today we start with a little daily download, fantasy related. I;'ve made some bragbook pages with some lovely fairy poems I stumbled upon. Also I've made a front and back cover for it, but that will be shown at the last download( I have 4 daily downloads for you).
Yes I sometimes return with pleasure to the designing of fantasykits or quickpages. Once infected by the "Minky-virus" you cannot get rid of it HAHAHAHAH< I LOVE it,
Seems to be a bit cloudy today, could be a good day to do some work around the house.
Have a gret day and I hope you can use the "Fairy Poem Photo Album".
Download    part 1 HERE

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just some suncatching!

Goodmorning everybody!

It was a beautiful day yesterday. In the shadow still fresh, but when in the sun, wow, it was lovely. So in the afternoon I sat in the garden and even got a bit of sunburn on my face. Not painful, but just enough to turn into a little colour, yeah!
They say it even will be better today and if the forecasts will live up to their promises, at the weekend we could even reach 21 degrees C!
We'll see about that!
May be I will have a picture for you tomorrow from the 1st blooming tulip in the garden! Oh it's funny to see how quick everything grows during the last few days, with that sunshine!
No sign of our toads LOL. Yes I know know they are TOADS, somebody told me, thanks Miriam!

This will be a short post, cause nothing much happened yesterday and I better get moving a bit earlier today(some shopping needed), with such nice weather. Who knows, may be we will take a little tour somewhere in The Hague today.
So here's your freebie for today, a sweet little kit, and it might be I will have a nice fantasy download for you tomorrow.
Have a wonderful day!
Download    HERE

Monday, March 28, 2011

Watched "Sex in the Garden"!!!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes. a goodmorning from again a sunny Holland, for the moment. Some of these sunny days do wonders for the garden, already some of the buttons of my tulips have colour!!
Oh whee, did Friday have been a busy day???? Yes!
Jan took off the curtains which I washed in the washing machine and he was a sweetie, cleaning almost all the windows. To feel not too guilty, I did a few of the windows of the garden doors, LOL! And after that all was back in place, it sure looks much better now!
But before I  was busy with the curtains and such, I first did a quick grocerie shopping and sfter the curtains I did a "normal"laundry too and even did the ironing of the laundry of last time.
So Friday was a fruitful day, you could say!
Late afternoon I was sitting in the garden for a moment and heard a bit of strange noise, but payed no real attention to it. Then Jan called me to another part of the garden and asked me if I didn;t hear some strange squeeking. Well, I did and he showed me what it was. In a corner there were two frogs(or toads, never can say)
busy with.........................having sex! LOL. I suppose they are our visitors of the last two years, returning to their base. It was funny to see.  A bit later I pciked them up very carefully with some tools and put them into the green. When I checked after a while they were still in a strong embrace, but them again somewhat later they were finished and I saw the male crawling away from the back of the female. Well, now I am curious if we will have baby frogs(or taods) again like last year!
I've made pics of the sexy beasts!
Isn't that sweet ???????? Click on the pics to have them bigger, then you can see the "action"better.

I did some designing during the weekend, though not as much as normal. I also watched a lot of tv and spent some time in the garden, catching a bit of sun and drooling over pictures in magazines of all kind of beautiful little gardens, hahahahaha.
Oh, Jan also was busy again with plants, his tomatoes! He put the seedlings into bigger pots, cause they were almost growing out of the little greenhouse they were standing in. They grow like mad at the moment! They should do well, cause Jan is pampering them all the time LOL!
Apart from a little kit I've made again a quickpage for Minky's blog. Here is the preview. Hope you can see the pics here, because at Minky's blog the latest pictures suddenly don't show. I have no idea why.
 Today I have a kit for you in one colourscheme, blue! It's named "Blue Moon" and it has actually two moon papers in it. Hope you can use it for womething.
Time to get dressed now and perhaps have a little moment int the sun(while having my second coffee). If the weather stays as it is at the moment, I think Jan's tomatoe plants will have a bit of time in the sun too! It's a good way to let them get used to the outdoors, but in the evening and night they have to come in still(much too cold for them).
Have a wonderful day!
Download    HERE

Friday, March 25, 2011

Change of plan, again!

Goodmorning everybody!

Remember I wanted to do the curtains and windows yesterday? It did;t happen LOL! When I suggested to Jan, he didn;'t want to do it, because it was the best day of the week , spoken of the weather And in a way he was right, so I did some other stuff in the house and then took a bit of time in the garden, some reading and some re-planting. So now today is the window and curtain day. Jan promised to do a lot of the window cleaning, the sweetie. He will be happy that I have to do a few errands at the supermarket, then he has all space to himself.
Well, let's see how far we get today. Once started it is done rather quick, and it's nice it still is not too bad weather, so we can hang the completely socken curtains outside for a moment to drip off a bit and then we'll hang them back when they are still moist. In that way they will have no nasty folds!

When all this will be done it will feel good to sit down this evening and I will watch the X-factor, a program a bit like "Idols". There are really some great talents participating and I have a few favourites and of course I hope they will go on to another round!
That's about it I can tell you and I better get buisy soon, cause the clock won;t stand still LOL!
Today I have the second part of Book of Children nr.3 for you.
Have a lovely weekend you all!
Download  part 3 B HERE

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tomatoes' first outdoor experience.

Goodmorning everybody!
As I had to put some bills to pay at the bank, I thought it was a good reason to enjoy a bit the weather.
So first I walked to the bank and then took a detour home. Oh my, it was even very warm walking in the sunshine, with almost no wind at all! To my bad luck I passed a big flowershop, who always has loads of outdoor plants. Feel it coming????????
Yes, I cam back home with two very small shrubs, small enough for me to carry in the shopping bag, they are from the species Photina, beautiful leaves they do have. Will try to get a nice picture of them. And I saw a delicious pink hydrangea, that is standing now in a big pot at the terras.
When I came home from my tour, Jan and I first took a moment in the garden, as it was lovely in the sun. And the tomatoe plants had their first fresh air experience! We have a real nice sheltered spot at the terras in the sun and I said to Jan, that it might be a good idea, to put the little greenhouse in the sun for a bit of time. After an hour they were back into the room again.
I didn't ask them, but I think they enjoyed the sun on their little leaves and roots. At least they had warm feet during the night LOL!

It may be a good day to give the curtains a washing turn. The only  nasty thing of it is, that you are almost forced to give the windows a good clean too, LOL. May be, just may be, I can persuade Jan to do a part (I hope he does the outdoor part of the windows, cause their you need the big ladder) and I will do the other. Sounds like a good solution, now we'll have to see if it works out, hahahaha.

For today and tomorrow I have another installment of the Book for Children for you. And I have also part 4 waiting for you. I have still more than enough resources to make even more, you'll just have to let me know if you like to have more parts then the four I've made till now.
Time for me to get dressed and get some things done.
Have a marvellous day!
Download  part 1 of book 3     HERE    (included are of course the front and back covers)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My fingers start a bit itching!

Goodmorning everybody!

What a wonderful weather it was yesterday! I really was happy to be out for a while, so I did some grocerie shopping and took a tour along the "shopping"street, just because it was so nice in the sun.
Home again I had little sunbathing, with a sandwich in one hand and a garden magazine on the knees.
And I must admit that my fingers start itching again to do some more in the garden. I thnk it would be nice to make a little stone wall in it, at about 3/4 of the lenght of the garden, not high, just like a raised flowerbed. It would break a bit the lenght of the garden and could be the home of some small plants that like to grow in or on a stony environment,  some succulents may be and perhapssome thym, and there are lots of other plants to choose off. But I do need some tiles and bricks for it. As they are busy re-paving the street around the corner I may could ask the workers if I could take some old tiles that are lying around to be picked up. I already did that a few years ago and it was no problem.
For the little wall I just have to staple the tiles and bricks, with some room in between them for the plants and some soil. When you do it well, you don;t have to use mortar.
It's a neat idea to think about.
I also did a bit of designing, almost finished a serie of bragbookpages, only have to make previews and pack them and upload them. And I even made another quickpage for Minky's blog.
I stumbled upon this poem and thought it was so lovely and just right for Spring time.

I have a small kit for you today, about horses. It has been some time ago I made a horse kit, so may be it is useful for somebody. I named it "My Kingdom for a Horse".
Have a sunny day!
Download    HERE

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Drooling time LOL!

Goodmorning everybody!

I did some cleaning work in the kitchen yesterday. You easily clean the cupboards, or the things that are in hand reach, but there are ALWAYS some shelves higer on the wall, isn't it? And there is ALWAYS the top of the cupboards, only to reach with a ladder.
Well, I cleaned that yesterday. I have two shelves on one side of the kitchen and I attacked them. Specially the highest one, having some pots and bottles on it. Wheeeeeeee, it didn;t look too good! Took all off, the pots(like for onions and garlic0 had a good washing, even the bottles with oil and vinegar, then the shelf itself. Brrrrrrr, you don;t want to know the colour of the water when I had finished LOL. But all is shiny and bright and clean and touchable(LOL) again. second shelf done too, and some other things in the kitchen.

Then it looked so nice outside that I went for a pause in the garden, it was wonderful in the sun! So I took with me some garden magazines and then it started:   I almost was drooling and drooling of all the great things you see in them. The most beautiful plants, and certainly gardens burn themselves onto your eyes and parts of your brain, ready to give a signal to you when you pass a flower stand or shop and certainly when you are in a garden centre. And the funny things is that that irresistable signal always costs you some money, hahahahahah!
But I always like to peep into these magazines, although you know, you  probably never will be able to realize that delightful little garden you saw in that article, it sure give ideas, inspiration and a kind of new energy. Well, I could have that kind of garden, with all my wishes fulfilled, but then I first have to win the lottery and not just for a couple of thousand euro but much more! Which will not happen, so let´s be happy with the fact I HAVE a little garden and I CAN grow flowers and I am still able to work in the garden.
So today it looks nice again, first some shopping to do, we'll see what else we can do, but as it looks now, I also want to have 15-30 minutes in the sun again(and drool again!)
The kit for today is named "I am Sailing", so you can guess it has something to do with ships!
Have a wonderful day!
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Monday, March 21, 2011

Goodmorning from sunny Holland!

Goodmorning everybody!

It makes such a difference to wake up in the morning and having sunshine! Even if temperature is still not too high, but creeping up slowly a bit, just the look of the sunlight into the room makes you feel much better.
We even could open up the gardendoors during the weekend for a while and belive it or not, I had my first sunbading! I definately need some colour back onto my skin, so Saturday I could sit for a moment in the sun, did that for about 15 minutes and oh my, it did feel good! And also yesterday about 15 minutes, so the start is there. I need hours and hours to bring back a bit of  colour on my face, but this spring sun has to do it.
After the rather busy week I had a real quiet weekend, especially on Saturday, and also that did me some good. I did a bit of designing, even got a bit behind on reading the blogs of my friends, but I did that yesterday again.
Watched a lot of tv, in the evenings there was to see a darts championship, held here in Holland between the best placed darters of the world, among them also Dutchies and we had some real good games.

Oh, Saturday afternoon the door bell rang and there was Jan's brother Rob with his son. So we chatted a bit, and it was nice.Rob had some difficult times during the last years, but he is doing quit allright again, only with his son he always has some problems to solve and I fear he will have to do that for more years to come. The boy almost is 18 now, but seems to get into some trouble every now and then. It often is caused by a kind of lazyness and indiffrence, I think, not really by intention. But it's about time he realizes he has to take some responsibility himself and not leaning back on his father. So Jan and I tried to talk some reason into his head and explained the several possibilities of his actions(or better said: not acting LOL) . I don;t know if he will do anything with it, although he has really some respect for us. Well, let's hope that some of it will do some good.

We did had a real yummie dinner yesterday. It was a kind of very small celebration dinner, because of our 19th anniversairy, so I bought us some big shrimps,  and made a potatoe salad with it. The shrimps I prepared already in the early afternoon, made a marinade of sunplwer oil and olive oil, with some salt ,pepper and paprika and LOTS of garlic and had put it away in the fridge for a couple of hours. Then I only had to stirr fry them for a couple of minutes in a pan and ready! And they tasted real yummie. Good we didn;t had visitors on Sunday evening, because I think we were surrounded by a heavy garlic odeur LOL!
Today will be back to normal, that means, doing some things like " housework", oh joy, that is one of my favourite things to do, grin grin, but I still didn;t see a small, tiny flag in the garden, announcing that the cleaning fairies are around, and I am pretty sure they will not arrive later this year either.
It's more the starting, that is the hardest, once you are busy with something it's okay and when it's finished and all looks shiny again, it gives a good feeling. So I just have to give myself a kick on my bottom and go for it, yeah!
As the last few days were rather sunny and spring looking, I though I might give you a small kit in pastel colours namend "Springy Days". Later this week I will have another installment of the Book for Children for you, if you want to have it.
After posting a quick coffee again, may be half an hour of playing around on the computer and then on to house-business!
Have a great day everybody!
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Friday, March 18, 2011

Busy vegetable day!

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh yes, I was a busy bee yesterday. After posting I quickly had another coffee and then jumped into some clothes and went into the kitchen. First turned on the washing machine again, and then put all the veggies on the counter.
Cleaning and cutting time. Pffffffffff. One after another they had their very short cooking time on the gaz and already that took some time. Then had to drip them off and I put them in plasti boxes too cool down.
Waiting for that I could wash all the pans and stuff I used, put them all in their place again and then went into the backroom to do a bit of ironing. Back to kitchen after a while and the maschine was ready with it's load of laundry. So into a big basket and hanging up time. Then I thought it was a good moment to sit down a few minutes. Went back to kitchen to see if the veggies were cold enough, yes, they were, and I could put them in portions into their plastic bags. Left them open to coll off some more, had a quick sandwich, bacj to kitchen, closed the plastic bags, put stickers on them and finally placed them into the freezer.
And then I really was happy to sit down at the computer, believe me!
 Sometimes upi can feel you aren't in your twenties anymore, but we have to accept that and deal with it LOL.
To remind us of that and more, I will post a few wonderful pics and quotes I receives by mail from Minky! That women also has lots of humour!
I just picked out a few, but received lots more.

They are good, hey???????
Today looks to be a more grey day, but you never know around here, there may be some sunshine later today. No matter how it turns out, I still have to go out for some weekend shopping. Not too much needed, but a good reason to sniff some air. And I think that will be all I do today!

I hope they don't have anything too interesting and well priced at the supermarket flower stand LOL. Although it isn;t yet quite the time to plant spring plants outdoors, it's always sooooo tempting, when you see loads of violets, daffodils, and other stuff crying out to you "Buy me for your garden please"!!!
And wheeeeeeee, Jan's tomatoes show growth EVERY day now! Amazing the speed of it. If it goes on like this I think he will have to split them somewhere next week and give them a bigger pot! It's funny to see, that when he wakes up in the morning he first goes to the kitchen to pour a mug of coffee and entering the living room he first goes to check his tomatoes! He was looking very happy yesterday when he could announce that also the sixth little pot has some growing sprouts in it!
I will keep you posted on it, may be take a picture nextr week again LOL!
Now time for a freebie, I suppose. After all the grungy kits I think you would like to see something different. And I have a very bright kit for you, all with happy colours, named "Cheerful Hawaii".
Hopefully it will make you feel a bit lighter on your feet and gives you a happy feeling.
Have a wonderful weekend and see you on Monday again!
Download      HERE

Thursday, March 17, 2011

How could I forget????

Goodmorning everybody!

Was I a little dombo yesterday! Just after posting I took a look at the calendar, no special reason and saw it was the 16th of  March,. Wow, I thought, time is going by fast again. And suddenly I realized, that it was a bit of special day. Why?? Yesterday it was the day that Jan and I became a couple, and that was 19 YEARS AGO!
It's amazing that it's already such a long time ago. For me it seems it was just a few years ago, say about 10.
And of course we've had our "off-days", and moments we had some words, but I can say most of the time was a good time and we still like eachother LOL!
So next year I must be prepared better, cause then we should celebrate our 20th anniversary!
Well, I congratulated Jan, of course and as usual he doesn;t know what to say, so he grins a bit and says something like: "it's amazing, how stupid I was that day, I must have had a complete blackout going "steady"with you and more amazing is that I still hold on!" With another grin on his face. As long as he says things like that, I know he still is happy with it. hahahahaha.

Okay, I have some work to do today, must be in the kitchen for a while. After posting and coffee yesterday, I first took out the vacuum cleaner and gave the house a sweep with it. Then we took a quick sandwich and went to the market. There was a bit of sunshine, and although there was blowing a colder wind,  it wasn't too bad.
We bought our vegetables, and some fruit and took a bit time to look around at the market. And walked back home again. I put all the stuff into the fridge and just had time to make the freebielist before making dinner.
And today will be "preparing-day for the freezer" for me. I have collieflower, carrots, leak, French beans. so we have again some vegetables for the next weeks again. Walking at the market, we also saw, of course, tomatoes,and Jan said, that soon we would have our own tomatoes to eat! LOL. That will take a while yet, before his tiny little sprouts become into real fruit-bearing tomatoe plants. IF they ever will produce tomatoes, grin grin.!

Time for the second part of Book for Children nr.2 then. Tomorrow I will another kit for you, to make a change. But somewhere next week I will have more parts from the Book of Children, if you like to have them!

Have a marvellous day and also Happy St.Patrick's day to the ones celebrating it!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

World is going mad

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, I suppose everybody has seen the news and it is very depressing! Still the disaster in Japan, followed by the disasters of the nucleair power plants, which still is very scary. The fights in Libia, demonstrations in Bahrein, the huge amount of people trying to get away from Libia and heading all for Italy, and much more things that are happening they even don;t talk about in the moment. It looks as if there is a virus loose on the world and turning all into madness.

How lucky we are in our parts of the world, where we live still in relative peace and good circumstances.Let's be grateful for that.
Oh, no real news about our dvd recorder, seems Jan got some things back as it should be, but I don+t know yet if the Guide+ system is working already. I didn´t dare to ask him and didn+t look for myself either LOL. May be today we will know if it loads it´s tv programs overview again. 
To uplift you a bit I have a few pictures to show you.
Here a few days ago our Dikkie Dik, having a swell time on the couch
Then a picture of Jan in the kitchen, preparing his little pots for the tomatoe seeds. As he doesn´t like it too much to be photographed,  I always have to do it sneeky and quickly,so quality isn´t too well, but it´s funny to see!
And here the whole tomatoe greenery, took this yesterday and see, there are already some sprouts coming up. And I looked again today and they are growing and coming up like mad!
And here a few pics from the garden. with the crocus, first daffodils and even some violets) they were from last year, but decided to bloom again , isn´t that nice?
If you look well, you even see already some of the leaves of tulips peeping up! And the piece of cardboard you see in the back, there I planted some of the dahlia bulbs, and I always try to put the carton of the package, to know where they are LOL.
I kept a bit a low profile yesterday, which means I didn+t too much around the house, but I went out for a moment, to get the left over from my medicins(they didn´t have it all when I first went there) and bought some sunflower oil and a salad and returned home. I have made for dinner some chicken drumsticks in the oven, and also made french fries myself( they taste much better than the ones you buy frozen in the supermarket) and a simple green salad with it. Tasted real good.
If the weather still stays a bit nice, I hope for a bit of sunshine later at day, we might go to the market, I am out of fresh vegetables that I put into the freezer, so good excuse to sniff some air.

I just read Minky´s blog, where she has posted my quickpages and also some real nice gifts she made, and it is funny to read that up north we are all desparately waiting for springtime, as at the same time she is heading for autumn time! Both seasons are wonderful, but for the moment I prefer having springtime, so: come on sunshine and warmth, we welcome you with open arms LOL!
Today I continue with the Book for Children,this is part 1 of book number 2, tomorrow part 2 of it.
Enjoy your day, give us a smile for a smile is like a little  ray of sunshine!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Garden time

Goodmorning everybody!

It was really delightful weather yesterday! It even was so nice, that I opened the garden door, and could leave it open for several hours! Sun was shining, oh my, that gave me new energy!
So I first put in a load into the washing machine, then changed the bed wash and also other duvets, cause we still had the "winter one", but it was becoming a bit too warm!! So that done and washing machine turning, I took a look into the garden and started with some serious pruning!
The climbing rose is in a much nicer shape now, all cleaned up and with much less branches for the moment. Ready to perform it's miracles a bit later in the season(I hope). Also pruned away already some of the ivy on the walls(it grows vigorously) and even cleaned up my big hortensia, all the dried blossoms are gone now, and the fresh leaves have the space now to grow.
Yeah, I was real busy there, but it was so nice to be able to be outside there and just with a warm sweater!
I think I was outside for about 1 1/2 hour. Gosh! Then back to the washing machine, that was ready by then and hang out the laundry. Then I decided that I did more than enough for one day and also temperature dropped a bit, so I closed the garden doors. Did a bit of designing on the computer, and it was already dinner time.
What a nice day!
Till later in the evening LOL!
We have a hard disk dvd recorder, a Philips one, and on it there is also a Guide+ system, that makes the recording easy, as long as there is a guide+! It disappeared and Jan was busy to install it back again, but it still doesn;t want to load anymore! I think he did all the things necessary, but till now no succes! If there is anybody who knows how to handle it, please HELP! I am referring now to my Dutch visitors, because it seems to be different in each country. Of course Jan is getting nuts about it, but me too, cause I am not so good in these things, and it isn;t easy to watch tv with the hubby next to you, each time again trying to get the guide+ system loaded and working again. You get the picture??? It's isn't helping to hold on to a nice mood, if you know what I mean!

I probably can live without it, though it makes it more difficult to record things on the dvd(if it's still possible anyway?), but it is a bit Jan's baby, so he is getting kind of depressed by it, and that is a nice way to say it, I better can say he is real pissed off!! LOL.

Well, we'll see how we handle that again, may be a little miracle takes place and it comes all back as it was( I soooo hope, but it isn;t realistic, I think)

Okay,today should be also a rather warm day, sun is showing, so nice weather, I should enjoy it a bit. May be I will go out for a while, or I could do some more in the garden, I don;t know yet.
Yes, almost forgot! I made two quickpages for Minky's blog again.Made it from my kit Spring Fever, that was posted a few days ago on her blog! I am sure she will post it as soon as she can, but I can show you the previews, hey?

One thing is for sure, I have the second part of the Book for Children nr.1 for you. And after posting the preview and link I think I will have quickly another coffee and then get busy again.
Have a fantastic day!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Do we really are getting some spring??

Goodmorning everybody!

My God, did we had a "sporting weekend"! So much sports we watched on tv, of course mainly the speedskating, with real good results for the Dutchies! Yeah for them!!
Of course all was a bit covered with sadness, because of the terrible disaster in Japan and still not ending! If it wasn;t enough to deal with the big earthquake and tsunami, and during the weekend about 150 after shocks, some of them also around 6,2 !, now they have to deal with the big trouble at the nucleair plants, and that is real scary!!! I pray they can keep it under control and that not will happen what everybody is afraid of!

So you can imagine, I didn;t spent too much time at the computer, but still I managed to get some new things done. You can see I changed the bloglayout again. That's a nice thing to do when you are for a moment out of inspiration for a new kit, it's real playing time designing a new layout LOL!
But.... I also made a new gift for Minky's special blog and she posted it on Saturday, I believe. So you'll have to scroll a bit back on the blog to find it.

Friday I went for a real quick shopping tour to the supermarket, just needed a few things, and at the exit of the supermarket they have a counter for cigarettes, news papers and also flowers and plants. And there I saw the sweetest little pots with a little kalanchoe in it, That aren;t my favourite chamber plants, but they looked so sweet, really mini ones and they were prized down too, two little pots for 2 euro! Couldn;t resist and bught them for Jan's "collection". And I got a nice surprice at the counter, the lady there gave me a little bouquet of daffodils for free! Well, they were already blooming for a couple of days, so I knew they weren;t the most fresh ones, but I still was happy with them, and they decorated the room the whole weekend and it felt really like bringing spring into your house. And when I looked into the garden this morning I saw the first daffodils blooming there too!
Oh boy, do we really head for some serious springtime now?? It surely looks that way!

And we go to the freebie for today and the next couple of days! I sometimes look at the Gutenberg site, because they have lots of books on line and many of them have no serious copyright anymore, and you can find the most enchanting pictures there in the illustrations. And I stubled upon a book for children, with all little poems for children and each poem is accompanied by an illustration in black and white. It's a HUGE book, I think there are about 200 poems an illustrations in it!!!! I made some copies of the first ones and incorporated them in a kit. I've made till now 3 kits with them, each containing 7 papers with poems and illustrations and 7 background papers, some elements and frames and also made a front and back cover for it, so if you want to print them out, you really can turn them into little scrapbooks. Made one front cover with title and one with and empty space, so you can put in your own title for the scrapbook. Each kit became a bit heavy just for one up and download, so I splitted them up in two downloads for each kit. I amvery curious to know, what you think of this project! I loved making them, so if you like them, I can make some more LOL!
I named the kits "Book for Children" .
Okay, today time for some serious house work again after the weekend of "chilling"!
Here youhave the 1st part of Book for Children nr. 1, tomorrow part 2 of Book 1 will be there.
Have a wonderful day!

Download   PART 1 OF BOOK 1 HERE

Friday, March 11, 2011

A real disaster took place again.

Goodmorning everybody!
I got a real shock this morning when I woke up and turned on the tv. Striking news bulletins there!
Just a few hours ago a big earthquake took place at sea, just about 130 kms. from the coast of Japan, magnitude around 8,9! And not long ater that a BIG tsunami hit the coast at the north east of Japan, there is said a wall of about 10 mtrd. high of water hit the land and what I saw on tv, the water is still flooding over the land, and they expect there will follow more tsunamis. There aren;t yet too many films of course of this disaster, but seeing the ones that are shown, it's again unbelievable what a force water has!
And there was given out a warning for tsunamis for the whole area there, so for Hawai, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, countries in South America etc.
I expect there will be lots of death to count, but at the moment it's impossible to estimate the casualties.
What to do for us more then send up a little prayer for all those people that will suffer from this natures disaster, will loose family, homes, everything.

Then there still is going on the freedom fight in Libia, which is becoming more severe and bloody each day. And I understand that the countries of the United Nations will not be involved in that battle, but I neither cannot understand their rather weak-need policy in this. The people that are fighting there for a change of life, for more democracy and more, could do with a bit more of political help from the UN, e.g. by installing a no fly zone there, but it seems that is too difficult to decide. I know, there are political issues there, and economical too, but sometimes I wished politicians could look beyond that and just do a right thing, just looking at the human side. Perhaps you are of the opinion I am sometimes talking too much about politics, and it may be so and it also may be that a lot of you don;t agree at all with me, but that's okay. Therefore we are living in a rather democratic kind of world. But I can get sooo angry at times about the behaviour of the IMPORTANT people of the world!!!! Probably I just look at it in a much too simple way, but don;t you agree with me, that sometimes the simple way could be a better one?

Everything I write after this, will seem of no importance, and it isn't, of course. But that is the strange thing about life, at one side of the earth a disater is taking place, and on the other side life just goes on as it was the day before. Somehow my mind can't capture it, it's weird!!!

As grey the weather was yesterday, as sunny it looks again today. Which is a good thing, cause I do have to go out for a little shopping, getting me some things I didn't find the other day, Also the wind has calmed down a lot, and I like that. But I have to be rather early today, doing the shopping, cause already early in the afternoon the next day of speed skating is on tv and you know we are kind of hooked to it. Yesterday was a rather good day for us Dutchies, we have a World Champion at the 3000mtr. for women, Irene Wüst! That is our first golden medal. A pity we didn;t do that well at the 1500 mtr. for men, the best place for a Dutchman was the 4 th I believe. Have to congratulate the Canadeans with their World Champion Makowski!
But today new distances and new chances for everybody!
So I will end posting now, and get dressed and then fly back and forth to the shop. LOL.
Oh, I didn;t get up a freebielist yesterday, sorry, I did make one but just before I could save it, my computer froze and I lost the list. And then I just let it be, having not too much time for it anymore. I will try to get one up today, although it may be a bit later than usual.

As yesterday ended the downloads for the Shabby French Style kit, there should be something new today, hey? Well, I do have a kit for you and it is my first try at a Steampunk kit! I have NO IDEA if it is coming any near to the steampunk-style, but you'll never know if you don;t try. So tell me what you think about it!!
Anyway, here it is: "First Steampunk".
Have a nice day and great weekend, and think a moment about the people that are in real trouble at the moment in Japan, and other parts of the world, and considere yourself lucky, having a home, some people around you that love you, well, even when your life sucks a bit, you still are far better off than loads of others.
(I know, simple way of thinking, but let's try that for a while, may be it can bring  some good)

Download     HERE

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring is getting a grip on our brains!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yeah, we did go to the supermarket and I got all kind of things I wrote on a little list(sometimes I make a small shoppinglist, yes) but of course we ended up taking with us a few other things too. But it still was within reason.
First hurdle to take in the supermarket was a collection of flower bulbs, to plant in April or even May and that would flower around September, like dahlia's. Oh my, did they had some beautiful big dahlia's and I couldn't resist buying some. If they will grow they can reach about 1 mtr. height and BIG flowerheads. Something like this:
Aren't they beautiful??? And also Jan was caught by an offer they had, he bought a little mini greenhouse with 6 tiny little pots, soil and seeds from small tomatoes to grow yourself! I found a pic of the offer(there where different kind of things to grow, like sunflowers, kitchen herbs etc).
Now how sweet is that? The little greenhouse is standing already filled and well on the window-sill. Now hoping something will come out of it!

Okay, shopping there was done, but still wanted to buy us some cheese at the little market there. And oh boy, I did get carried away a little bit! Bought us some chunks for different Dutch cheese but also a few French cheese, some goat cheese I adore and another one that should "stink"(yummie, that are the best of taste LOL). So we have enough cheese now for some weeks I suppose! All done so we returned home, where I put away all the things and when I I was done Jan took his greenhouse and planted the seeds. LOL.
I even was a braver girl, I remember now. Just before leaving I gave the house a sweep with the vacuum cleaner. You notice it well that there are also two cats around, specially on the wooden floor it shows!
And at the end of our supermarket travel, I just had time to make a freebielist and already dinner time annouced itself.

Now I think I will stay home today, it doesn;t look so nice outside and they predicted some real hard wind, and you know, that is dangerous for me hahahaha! For dinner I have it easy peasy, cause Jan brought home yesterday evening a big box with soup, freshly made by the owner of the cafe! And believe me, it is just as good as a whole dinner! It's brown-beans soup, filled with all kind of vegetables, chunkies of meat, of potatoes, bits of a smoked sausage, he makes it real yummie! May be we take just a buttered sandwich with it and then our stomachs will be well-filled this evening.
That's about it, folks! The last part of the Shabby French kit will be posted and tomorrow I think I will have a complete kit for download, way different from this one!
Have a great day, don't forget a little smile!
Download      PART 6 HERE

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

What a pity, it's grey outside.

Goodmorning everybody!

When I woke up and opened the curtains, it was a disappointment to see, the sky was grey, and still is. Okay, I know, it cannot be Sunday all days as they say here, but still it is a pity. The more as I planned for us to go to the little market at some distance of our house. It seems there is a lot more wid today too, no, not a nice gesture from the weather gods LOL.
I went for a quick shopping tour yesterday, for some things I know they don;t have in the other supermarket, or not as good, and though fresh it was nice to be outside. I am more or less obliged to take a bit different way to the shops, it isn't a real big difference in distance, but they are already for some weeks busy in the street I usually take. It seems they have to put in new pipes and at the same time they put new paving, re -arrange the parking places and there seem to be planted new trees. So you can imagine in what a mess the whole street is at the moment. Well, may be it will be an improvement when it is finished.(it always is a surprise when they start "re- arranging", council always says it's an improvement, but often the citizens think completely different about it!)

In the afternoon I kind of "lost"Jan again. I went looking and he was busy in the kitchen. Suddenly he found that the drawer where I keep the knives and forks for every day use and some other stuff for the kitchen was overloaded, so he sorted that out, just keeping the most necessary and all the other stuff went into a basket and put away for perhaps later use. Also he cleaned it all up, also the stuff  I have near the cooking plate( you know, wooden spoons, kitchen knives, that kind of things) re-arranged that too, washed it all, etc. Oh my, he was really a busy bee! Sometimes he has suddenly that kind of urge, and best it to let him to his thing! Only thing that is a bit tricky, is that I usually cannot find things back LOL! He re-places them, so I already learned to ask him where he has put all kind of things, when he is ready!
Oh yes, I also had a good laugh about something. Jan came into the room with the bottle of washing-up liquid in his hand, and said that I bought the wrong thing. It wasn't washing-up liquid, but liquid handsoap. I explained him that it wasn;t but I couldn't convince him! I can understand a bit his confusion, the liquid is with lemon and aloe vera(soft for the hands) and has a light mint colour. Discussion finally ended with me finding an add for it on internet, where it specifically is said that it is a washing up liquid! LOL. As he is a stubborn man, he likes to have the last word and ended up in saying I probably bought this stuff much to pricy and that it was completely crazy. Good thing is I did buy two !! bottles of it, in a reduction sale and it wan;t pricy at all, the more because it is really good stuff, you do;t need much of it for a washing-up. He grumbled a bit and still was a bit confused about it, I believe hahahahahahaha!

I managed to finish another kit also and in the evening we watched a soccer game, FC Barcelona-Arsenal.
Probably I get some people a bit angry, but I was sorry to see Arsenal lost the game.
Also watched a detective(I love our "detective channel!) and then went to sleep.
Time again to finish this post and get a bit ready for the supermarket adventure.
Here is also part 5 of the Shabby French Style kit, tomorrow will be the last part of it.
Have a great day!
download     PART 5 HERE

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

I can feel happy about small things!

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh, what a blessing when some things aren;t difficult to solve, but then also are done with quickly!Just before the weekend my accountant phoned with a little question about a bankaccount he had no papers from. I was wondered, but I knew I cancelled that account( why bother having lots of different accounts with different banks?, ). So I had to phone him back yesterday, and for once I could find the concerning papers about it right away(I have moments I organize some important papers, and it helps LOL). So I called him back. told him how it was and that's all he had to know. Wheeeee, one thing done and solved right away.
Then on Friday also I got a letter from a fishing club, that I had to pay still the contribution for this year. (Yes, couple of years ago I still did some fishing once in a while and then you need a permit). strange, I cancelled the membership last year already, by phone, and they told me, it would be settled and no need to do it in a letter. Hey, I also had organized the letter for contribution in a way I could find it and on that I wrote the date of the telephone call. So I mailed them this weekend, explaining it all and wheeeeee, this morning I received answer from them, that they had made a mistake and that I shouldn;t have received the letter for contribution. They removed me from the membership list and all was okay.
How nice, sometimes is settled in such an easy and nice way!!!
It may seem not a big deal to you, but I don;t like those kind of things, it takes your time, you'll mostly have to phone again, or write again or even both, all things I can do without LOL.

I did some of the bits and bobs yesterday, as planned(how miraculous) and didn;t do much of designing either. Not, because I had no time, but not too much inspiration and I rather watched a bit of tv, even listened to some music, prepared a bit for dinner, etc. Well, why not ?
Today looks to be sunny again, still not really all to warm, just around 44 F midday, but very slowly temperature is creeping up a bit. It's a bit shopping day today, I don;t mind, will be a good thing to have some fresh air.
Tomorrow I want to go with Jan to another supermarket, a bit further away, so we will have to take the tram for that. They have some real good things overthere and for a very nice price too! But I merely go there tomorrow, cause there also is a little market and there is a stand with delicious cheese, for also rather low price. And we are running out of cheese, so I can do good business there. We always like to eat cheese on a sandwich and also Jan likes to have some small chunks in the evening, although we also have moments in this. So strange, suddenly there is some time, we just eat some cheese now and then and suddenly we are completely nuts again with it and eat it all the time. Humans have some strange habits, I must say.

So, I have things to do today, time for just another coffee and then get busy.
And here you have part 4 of the Shabby French Style. "See" you tomorrow, have a wonderful day!
Download     PART 4  HERE

Monday, March 07, 2011

It's fun to try a different style.

Goodmorning everybody!

Did you all had a good weekend? I can say I had one, very relaxed, with also watching some tv, following the final of the World Cup speedskating sprint and with a winner at the 1000 mtr. sprint, Stefan Groothuis! Wow, he was really of a different category, you could say. So applaus for the Dutchies. We did rather well there, men and women,  and now coming weekend there still are big events taking place in that sport, the World Championchips different distances. So there will be a World Champion for sprint( 500 and 1000 mtrs), one for the 1500 mtrs. one for 3000 mts (women only this one) for 5000 mtrs(men and women) and even 10.000 mtrs(men only).
So you can guess what we will be doing this weekend!

I had a mail from a friend who has changed house, he is now in a flat, where there is some service around for elderly, if they want it. But they live completely on theirselves in their appartement. It seemes he has a real nice appartment, and still is busy a bit, clearing out all the boxes and settling down. He made me laugh with a remark: It's nice around here, but far more dangerous then in the old neighbourhood, when you get on the street. You really must have eyes everywhere, because you can be run down easily bu a rollator or scootmobiel! (He isn;t living far away from an elderly home also). But I am glad he moved away from his former appartment, which wasn;t all to great. So soon I think we will pay him a visit and have a look around.

The last couple of days I tried my hands on a different style for the designing, and it's great fun, although also not as easy as you might think. It is Steampunk! Seems it is getting more and more fans lately, but I have to say, it is a fun style! You can combine different styles together a bit and it has a lot of possibilities. If you aren;t familiair with it yet, just take a look around on Google, just type in "steampunk"( take it at "images") or steampunk scrap kits and you will be amazed to see what people design in this style and some great layouts too!

Oh, if you have a moment to spare, go to Minky's blog for a quick "congratulation". Right today she is celebrating a 20th anniversairy of her change in her life. She had the courage, 20 years ago, to do the thing she really wanted and felt was good for her, in spite of lots of negative advice from people all around her. And look what it brought her now. She is feeling much happier and in balance, doing a thing she believes in, I think it is worth a congratulation!

Okay, after a relaxed weekend today will be a more "normal"day, that means there is stuff to do, like washing, ironing and some other bits and bobs, but I don;t mind so much. I am happy to see the sun is shining bright, and though you cannot say honestly that it is feeling warm outside, it surely already looks that way. And every day with sunshine we should cherish around here!
I have part 3 of Shabby French style for you( and there will follow 3 more to complete the kit) and after this post I quickly will take another coffee and then get busy.
Have a wonderful day!
Download    PART 3 HERE

Friday, March 04, 2011

I am much lighter in weight, I think

Goodmorning everybody!

I truly hope I am NOT much lighter in weight LOL, but it surely feels that way, after my visit to the hairdresser yesterday afternoon!!!
Oh, what a blessing that can be, just a quick visit there of about 20 minutes and suddenly you have a much different look. IT'S SHORT AGAIN, WHOOPEE!

I must say it's about all I've done yesterday, and I also was glad to be home quick after my haircut because the weather is still rather cold, in spite of the sunshine! So when I came home, Jan was taking his little walk, and how wonderful quiet it was! I did some computering, mostly searching for new stuff for a new kit, and then Jan already came home again, because of the cold outside.
In the evening he went for a little visit to the cafe and I wanted to finish something at the computer and what a lovely surprise I got there! Suddenly my printer didn;t work anymore! Oh whee, what now? I am not the brightest kid in the classroom when it comes to solve such things, as you may well know, but after a while it seems I got it all working again. That after removing a part of the program and re-installing with the cd rom again, but girls, this isn;t my thing at all!

I just came from the blog of Edna, who has her Florida holiday at the moment and oh, I am a bit jealous, I admit. Why? Take a look at the pictures and you'll see that she has gorgeous weather! Well, I  am happy for her that she is having a good time over there, of course. I just asked her to send over a bit of warm winds over here, so that we might have a bit higher temperatures too LOL.

Anything more to tell? Yes, of course, I almost forgot! I sent Minky a new quickpage I've made of one of her latest gifts and she said she would post it tofay. I can show you the preview and by now I suppose you know the drill how to get the download? For any newbie, go to her blog and you will read how.
This is the QP Woodland Spring:

It's really nice to be in fairyland from time to time, with designing I mean LOL. In my garden I will not see them at the moment, if they are wise(and most of the times they are) they stay in their hidden secret houses, till there are more flowers blooming and they don't have to wear thick coats anymore. But........who knows, if I take a good look around I might spot some brave ones, peeping out of some fresh leaves, LOL!
Time for me now to leave you, with the second part of Shabby French Style!
You have a great day and wonderful weekend!
Download      PART 2 HERE

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Sun is there, but still cold!

Goodmorning everybody!

I was happy yesterday that we could go to the voting in what looked nice weather. Sun shining, dry, hey, that makes one feeling better. But once outside it wasn't as nice as I thought. As long as you could walk in the sun and out of the wind, it was bearable, but if you catched some wind, brrrrrrrrr, it felt very cold! We definately need a chage of wind direction, it might happen in the next few days. Let's hope so!
Before we left I had time to prepare the meat for dinner and put it on low fire for a while. Once we got back I quickly put it on fire again and after about an hour it was ready. I stirred the cheese sauce in it and at dinner time I just cooked the macaroni. And you know what??? It was a wonderful combination!
I also did a quick sweep with the vacuum cleaner and changeda bit the place where our cats have their bowls for their foor. They seem to have trouble to eat properly, when they have eaten a bit of their can food, you can find about 20% of it lying around the bowl. Should it be time to teach  them how to eat with knife and fork? LOL.
Well I removed all of it, cleaned it up and found a little serving tray of plastic, where I put the bowls on.
I checked this morning and it definately is helping a bit. Still you can find some food around the bowl, but at least it stays on the tray now. Unbelievable what a mess those two can make sometimes!

I said yesterday we would start another "daily download"today. So it will be. It's nice, kind of vintage, shabby looking kit, and there will be 6 downloads all together, each with two papers and some elements. When you've collected it all, I think you will have something nice. The kit is named  "Shabby French Style".
It's time for another coffee, and then we will see what to do today.
Have a fabulous day!
Download   PART 1 HERE

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

I don't believe it, we've sunshine!

Goodmorning everybody!

As planned I did my shopping tour, that was okay, only it was really unpleasant outside, because of a very cold wind! Then it stayed grey all day, so not much to be enthousiastic about.
But when I opened the curtains this morning, I couldn;t believe my eyes! There is sunshine and even blue sky! Probably temperature still isn;t at my liking, but it is a start! Oh, the world looks completely different with a bit of sunshine!
I watched an amazing program at tv this night(yes, I woke up during the night, and best for me to do is get out of bed and have something warm to drink and after an hour or so, I can go to sleep again). It was a program on one of the National Geographic channels( or was it Discovery, ooooops, don;t know anymore) about the search of scientists for the very first start of life on earth. They think for now, the first ingredients arrived by a comet, billions of years ago. It was really fascinating to watch it and how they slowly discover every time a bit more. I like to see such kind of programs, where they show and explain rather complicated subjects in still a bit understandable way.

Now today is voting day. I am glad the weather is much more friendlier, it makes it easier to go for it LOL.
I am very curious about the outcome, which we only will know late this evening I think.
 But before we go there, I want to make a part of dinner already, I want to make some pork meat, that needs a long cooking time(on low fire). First I cut the meat in smaller pieces, then just put some salt and pepper and give it a quick stir on high fire, then cover it up with water, till all is covered and put it on real low fire. It needs about 3 hours at least, to become really tender. I finish it off with half of the juice left, with a package of "ready cheese sauce", and it tastes real yummie. I decided I will make some macaroni to go with it, and I have still half a cucumber left(from the potatoe salad I made) so I will cut the cucumber in very thing slices and make a vinaigrette with it, it tastes good, gives a fresh touch and is even healthy LOL.

Sometimes it really isn't easy to come up with something for dinner, at least when you don;t want to have the whole week almost the same thing. I like to have some variation in it. No, the life of a "house-wife" isn;t that easy all the time, hahahaha.
Oh, I bought yesterday also some chicken drumsticks, I think I will make a few one of these days, in the oven, with LOTS of garlic and some special chicken spices. Should taste real good, only have to be sure, we don;t have to go out after having that dinner, and that we don;t have visitors! Surely we will spread some funny odeur, LOL. But I really like garlic, so what the heck!

Today I have another full kit for you, it will bring you certainly some Spring feeling, I've made some of the papers with pictures of the flowers in my garden, pics I took last year. I've added some elements and who knows, perhaps somebody can use this for some nice layouts. I think we will start tomorrow with another daily download serie, we'll see about that. Well, here is "My Garden Flowers" for you.
Have a fantastic day!
Download    HERE

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

It's grey again.

Goodmorning everybody!

Wow, yesterday was a quiet day, though I did get some work done too! After the posting we first watched our daily little quiz on tv and then I took my wonderful shower. It must have done a bit of magic on me, I suppose, cause all clean and freshly dressed, I took a look into the fridge and decided it needed a clean up.
So all the stuff out, and I could clean the glass shelces and inside of the fridge.
While putting all the things back again I took a good look at it and threw a few things away, there are always some little pots, or other things, that stay there far too long, amazing. So now it looks all fresh and re-organized a bit, and I felt happy about it.

Weather is still very grey here, although it looks slightly better today, at least, it still is grey but not raining at the moment. That's a good thing, because I have to do some shopping, we are in need for some bread and cat food and a few other things again. And I must not forget to take the envelope with me for the accountant to post it!
Tomorrow we will have to vote again, for the members of the province(or counties, you could say), but it is an important vote, cause the members of the Provincial States choose the members for the First Chamber(like a bit the House of Lords in England, or the Senat in America I suppose). And they are important because they look upon each new law that is offered to them by the government, and if the parties of the government coalition don;t have a majorrity there, it could become very difficult for them. Well, in a nutshell this is what the elections are about, I am very curious about the percentage of people that will go to vote and what the result will be.
So in a way it is very important and could influence the future course of our country.

After my cleaning job yesterday, I did work a bit on the new kits of the "project" and I advance slowly but steady LOL. Perhaps I should start today on another kit and leave this project on the side for a few days, we will see about that later today.
That's about it I can tell you, not too much happened, not that I mind that too much, I rather like my life to go on like a brooklet instead of a wild river, hahahahaha. May seem a bit dull but at a certain age you like things to happen, of course, but they should be nice things and other wise you can do very easily without any "shocking"events. Still you never know what life has still in store for you, and I think that isn;t such a bad thing. Suppose we were able to really look into the future and know what is going to happen to you? Well, may be sometimes it could be a good thing, so you can prepare at things, but there always will be happening things you cannot do anything about it, and then already knowing in advance they will take place???????? I don;t think it would be such a good thing.
Okay, time for me to slowly get ready to do my shopping, not before I had another coffee though! I have another full kit for you today in one of my facourite colours, named: "Delicious Plums"
Have a great day!
Download     HERE