Friday, April 29, 2011

It was a Royal wedding

Goodafternoon everybody!

Yes, today I am late in posting, but that's because of the Royal Wedding today! I first watched the whole porgramme and it was really nice.
I thought Catherine was a beautiful bride, in a terrific dress, very stylish. Just imagine what a day it must be for the couple! They had to wake up very early, and have still hours and hours to go, so I suppose that when all is over tonight late, they will be exhausted!
 But I am so happy for them that they had fairly good weather, and all went well, and I wish them a very happy life together.

My cold isn;t quit over yet, but already a lot better. I think I will take another napp this afternoon, just to give the body a bit of extra rest.
I don;t have much to ramble about so I think I will post part two of the Book for Children 5 and take my napp, hoping I will feel much better tomorrow, when we have our "Koninginnedag"to celebrate. Will be a;so some tv watching, when they give the broadcast of the visit of the queen and the family to a town in Holland.
And if the weather stays good perhaps we will go out in the afternoon tomorrow, always lots to do on this day in town.
See you again on Monday, I hope everybody will have a wonderful weekend!
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

No good in weather change.

Goodmorning everybody!

There is no good in sudden weather changes! It happens here quite a lot, you know. Real big differences in the weather, rathr big temperature changes and that all in one day. If it's going graduately, you can get used to it, and so is your body, but otherwise it can easily effect you. And so Jan and I experienced, LOL. In just two days time weather changed, temperature dropped several degrees, and wind is blowing stronger and from a colder direction! You can guess it already, we both catched a little cold. So we both are coughin a bit, and I have one eye lid a bit infected, that's very annoying!
Don;t worry, we will survive it, One good thing came out of the weather change, it rained last night a bit. Oh my, all the flowers and shrubs were almost dancing of joy!!! It really was necessary, and I also hope some good rainshowers came down in other parts of the country, cause already there were some fires at the heather fields, and there are still large areas with a warning for it and a prohibition on using open fire, like barbecue or bruning gardenwaste. The most distressing is the fact, that each year there are some people who deliberately start a fire on a heather field, or in a forest.! Just for the fun of it. What is the fun of it? Beautiful nature is destroyed, animal perish in the fire, even people can be hurt, loose their house etc, just because someone likes to see some flames!

O gosh, I got carried away again, LOL. What can I tell you about yesterday? Not all too much, I just did some shopping, came home and was glad to be home again. I did spent some time at the computer, almost finished a new kit, I hope to do that today. And I watched some of  World championship ice skating, that takes places in Moscow. It should have been held a month ago in Japan, but because of the tsunami and the disaster with the nucleair plants the WC has been moved to Moscow.
And as every year there are some real good new talents and some of the "established"competitors are amazing again.

That;s it again for today. I am going to have a nice hot shower, that will make me feel much better, stay warm today, and all will be fine again.
I've decided to post today another part of the Book for Children serie. It will be in two downloads again, so tomorrow there will be part two. And I think there will be coming even some more.
For now, I am off, wishing you a fantastic day!
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Must do something about my pictures

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh yes, I was a busy bee yesterday. I first did a good dusting and some cleaning, then I hoovered along(and oh whee, it really was time for it LOL)m then took a pause for a sandwich and after that did all the ironing. I felt quit happy after I finished all that
That was about all I did yesterday, apart from some small garden-work, and then preparing dinner.
Oh and I even scrapped a couple of photos. I should spend some more time at that, the pictures are only collecting "dust"and there are some nice ones in between, that I should really keep as a memory. But I have to get used to scrapping again, really! For a long time I only designed and did no scrapping at all! Shame on me!

I suppose it will be a very short post, as that is about all there is to tell. Today I have to do some shopping, the fridge is showing too much empty spots, and the same with the shelves in the "stock"room.
It still is nice weather, although temperature dropped a bit, mainly because the wind direction changed a bit. But it may be a good sign, it might happen that tomorrow we will have a little bit of rain and then after that temperature should go up again a few degrees and there will be more sunshine. Would be a good thing, cause Saturday we have our "Koninginnedag"again, and it is always much nicer with good weather. Also much nicer for our queen and her family, who always visit one or two towns somewhere in Holland.
But first we will have to watch the tv on Friday, when the wedding of Prince William and Kate will take place. The complete broadcast of it will take several hours, I don;t think I will watch it all, but of course I want to see the wedding dress! And I also like to see what all the guests are wearing.
Can you imagine, that they have 1900 guest around for their wedding? Our prince Willem-Alexander and his wife princess Maxima will be there to represent our country. I suppose that William and Kate will be exhausted at the end of the day!

Well, to the freebie then. I think you could make some nice things with it, it's named "Deep in the Forest".
Have a wonderful day!
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back to "usual"again.

Goodmorning everybody!

Hope you all had a lovely Easter-time! We passed our easter weekend( in Holland we have two days for it, Sunday and Monday) quiet but nice. It was such lovely weather, at times even too warm to sit a longer time in the sun!
Saturday afternoon I just went out for a little walk, and bought some seed packages and two little succulent plants. So I have a few pots with seedlings again. I bought seeds of dille, sugar peas, and spring onions. The sugar peas are really in a hurry, LOL, saw yesterday already a few sprouts!
On Sunday we stayed home, went in and out of the garden, it was at times better sitting inside, but it was amazing that we could sit with open garden doors till almost 9.30 in the evening!
Monday it was a wee bit coller, so we went out for a walk, towards town centre, there was a square with some stands with mostly books, some "antiques", and some with clothes, I thought it would be bigger but, it wasn't. No problem, we walked further on where there was situated the annual fair with all those attractions, like the big wheel, and all those things where you go up and down, or round and round in a terrible speed(nothing for me!), but it's always nice to see what they have new and to look at the children who are enjoying themselves.
We even played for a few euro's on a slot machine, and even collected enough points to choose a very small prize, we took home with us two mugs in the shape of a pirate skull, LOL! No problem, they will make a great present some time for somebody!
Then we walked a bit more and finally took the tram home again.

I even have a few pictures for you! Remember that I went on a doggie walk last Thursday? And that I saw the nest of a mother duck with her kids? I've uploaded the picture so I can show you, it's adorable!
Next I have a few pics again from my garden. I try to keep up with the changes in it, every day or two something new is coming to bloom, or is at least popping out of the soil.
Here the fist of the Columbines in bloom:
Here the Azalea, with it's flower buds almost opened
And here are 3 pics I took at the fair of one of the big attractions, kind of big ghost house, where you can take a tour. Isn;t the outside looking great?
I am rather pleased with the last picture, cause the with was turning round and round, so I had to click the camera just at the right moment. Looking at the with I strangely had to think suddenly about Snowy, sorry girl LOL! I suppose people who visit her blog sometimes, understand why.

That was in big steps our weekend, and now we have to go back to "usual" again. So I will not linger too long here, cause I definately need to do some dusting, hoovering, ironing, well, you know, that `funny`stuff, called housework! In the weekend I didn´t spend much time at the computer, only made a new bloglayout and a freebie for Minky´s blog, but with this nice weather, it is a bit pity, to spend too much time at the computer and in the evening I don´t do anything at it. At least not when Jan is home, only sometimes when he pays a visit to the cafe, (or when he takes a little nap after dinner)I do some stuff on it, It´s a kind of unwritten rule, that the evenings are mostly couch time, and I think it´s a good thing.
Okay, I still have some freebies, and today it is a small kit , named `Bernice`.
Time for me to get moving and get some things done!
Have a wonderful day.
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Friday, April 22, 2011

More pictures

Goodmorning everybody!

It was another gorgeous day yesterday.!
After my blogpost I first cleaned the garden set and it looks all shiny again, LOL. Then I first took a sandwich and then walked to Heidi's house to have a walk with the doggie.
The poor soul was happy when he saw me! I took a longer tour with him, it was such nice weather, it was a pleasure to take the time for it. I think I was out for about an hour, walking in a slow pace, taking time to look around me. Along the way I even found some flowering lilley of the valley, I picked a few of them, together with some flowering forget - me -nots, and put them in a small vase at Heidi's coffee table as a little welcome back for her.
I didn;t talk to her yet, but I assume she will phone me today, after she relaxed a bit after her hospital visit. I sure hope all results are positive!

As promised I have some more pictures of our walk at the parc.

Here a view on a little rock garden, with a beautiful flowering tree at the background.

A view on one of the ponds, at the back you can see some big swans, that are boats you can hire, to make a tour on the water.

View on another pond, where we took a little break. I just love the grasses at the front.

I took this picture because I loved the tree branches, such a beautiful colour of the leaves.

And here a picture of Jan, offering his lighter to a lady, who had to make fire for her barbecue.
And on the way back home, we walked along a canal with a lot of house-boats and there was one I liked very much, so I made a picture of it. I love the little buddha statues on it!
That were all of the pictures. Who knows what we shall do this Easter- weekend? Weather forecast says we will have still beautiful weather, so perhaps we will go somewhere one of these days, and if so, I'll take my camera with me.
Today I will have to do some shopping, not much, but just a few things, like cat food and probably some more things after I checked the fridge.

As I am not sure that I will post during the weekend, I mainly mean on Monday( we have in Holland two days at Easter, always Sunday and Monday), I will post the two last parts of Shabby Roses together today.
Have a wonderful day!


 Download   part 5   HERE

 Download    part 6 HERE

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lovely afternoon yesterday.

Goodmorning everybody!

In the morning I got a phonecall from Heidi, with the request if I could take the dog out today in the afternoon, because nobody would be home during the day. Heidi had to go to hospital in Amsterdam again yesterday, for some tests again and would only be home today around 6.00 pm. Danny has to work during daytime today, only could walk the dog in the early morning, Well, of course I can go out with the doggie, and with this fantastic weather it's no punishment at all.
And around 1.oo p.m. yesterday we went out for our walk to the parc. It was so nice to be outside and not having to wear any jacket, just a light sweater and even that was a bit too much at times!
I did shoot some pictures and here there are the first ones.
There we lots of flowering trees to admire, and it's just amazing how many colours of green nature can produce!

There are lots of things to visit in that parc. E.g. there is a children's farm place, they have kitchen gardens for schoolkids, a flower garden, a rosarium, a deer parc, a mini train, a midget golf, spots where you can have a barbecue, a herb garden, lots of big ponds, a "wild nature"playing yard for the kids etc.

Aren't those blossoms spectacular? From pink to almost white or slight salmon colour!
Tomorrow I will post a few more, okay?
We spent quite some time there, and were home at about 3.30 p.m. I didn;t do much after our homecoming, LOL. Just posted the freebielist and shut the computer down, we sat a bit in the garden and it was a well spent day.
Now I must put on some clothes, because before I will go to the doggie, I want to clean the garden chairs and table. One chair looks very tatty, because a pigeon though it nice to drop his poop on it, yak!!!
And not just one spot, NO, the whole chair is covered with it.! How wonderful!

Here the 4th part of Shabby Roses for you, till tomorrow, have a wonderful day!
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Must not forget my camera today!

Goodmorning everybody!

Phew, how amazing is the weather at the moment! I had to do some shopping yesterday, an on the way to the supermarket I took of my  jacket, cause it was too warm with it. It felt really like summertime!
Before I left I said to Jan that we could change the bedwash when I was back again, it wouldn;t take much time, but the sweetie said that I could go shopping and in the mean time he would do the bed. The only think I had to do was getting the new duvet covers and undersheet etc. out of the closet, he never can find the right ones LOL! Isn;t that sweet of him? When I came back, he was abou tready, so we could turn the washing machine on.
The rest of the day we just relaxed a bit, it was such nice weather. Jan went out for a little walk and in the mean time I was busy in the garden. Had to split up a few plants and replant them, pulled out some weeds here and there.
Today we have plans to go to a parc nearby, just to be outside for a while. It already should look fine there, with all the fresh green on the trees and there are also some flower gardens, so hopefully I can take some nice pictures there.
We will have to go by foot there(not that it is a very long walk), but today the busses and trams are having a strike between 9.00 till about 15.00 o'clock as a protest to the plans of the council to commercialize the public transport. Most of it is done by one company, and they do a fine job. But the big word used by government and city councils is "to be competitive, which will be better for the public"! So several companies can inscribe and offer there transportation possibilities and price for it. Well, practically nobody is in favour of it. Last week there was a simislar strike in Amsterdam and there will be one also in Rotterdam. Of course at first the only victims of the actions is the citizen, having no transport, but I can understand the reason of the strike very well. Why there always have to be invented changes, when the "old' system works well?
I am not against changes, it's inherent to our time, I know, but not all changes are for the better, believe me!

Oh, I want to warn you for our cats! They are such good protectors of their home LOL! Yesterday early evening Jan heard a strange kind of meowing and some noise in the kitchen. He went looking and saw a big black cat eating the food of our cats in the kitchen.! When Jan arrived there the black cat run out of the cats "door" in the kitchen door to the garden. What a cheeky fellow he was! But the most amazing was, that Brodski was sitting on the terrace,(under the garden table!) watching it all with  great interest, but doing NOTHING!. So I went into the garden and chased the cat away who was suddenly trapped between two scary things: Me and Dikkie Dik who came inspecting what happened! The black cat could jump over the fence to the neighbour's garden but Dikkie went after him! I don't know if he catched him, but at least Dikkie is protecting his area. He is the fighter of the two.
I hope we scared the black one(he was HUGE) enough, so he will not come back in the kitchen again.! It wasn;t a stray cat, cause he has a collar and such and looked very well fed, sure, with his nerve he probably has more "restaurants" where he gets extra meals LOL!
 I don;t mind if other cats come into our garden, but they have to keep out of my house!

It's about time to open the garden doors, it's looking gorgeous outside, so I think I will have my second coffee there, it's still so quiet there, and with the sun just peeping in on the right spot it should be a little treat for me, looking at my garden, with some birds chirping in the trees around, the best music you can have on a sunny morning.!
Have a marvellous day!
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I just want to plant MORE!

Goodmorning everybody!

Gosh, it's almost going to be summer this week if we can believe the weather forecast! I am not complaining, I just hope the weather gods will not spoil us too much in spring time and then forget to give us real summer weather in summertime LOL! But let us grab what we can, enjoy as much this nice weather as possible, and just be happy with it.
I did a bit of the house work yesterday, yeah, now today some more to do, change the bedwash and wash it right away, Jan was so nice to promise to help with it. Yes, sometimes he really is a nice guy, grin grin.

After house work was done, we spent a bit in the garden, and I was looking thhrough some magazines, what else! Oh, it's so nice, but I always get lots of ideas, some of them not really possible, but other things could be done and my hands are itching again! I am thinking of making some big pots with some veggies. There are lots of things you can grow easily yourself, and you don;t need dozens of plants to have some fresh veggies during summer. May be I will look for some seeds or may be even small plants of salad, perhaps beans, small onions, things like that. It could be fun, if I will succeed.
I will give it some serious thinking, must do that quick, cause for a lot of things this is just the right month for it.

Oh, today is a much shorter post, LOL. Not really much to tell, it can't be a party every day, hey?
So I will post the second part of Shabby Roses for you and then take a look in the garden, to see how temperature is at the moment and then get some things done again. I am not spending that much time at the computer lately, so designing is a bit low, but it;s such a pity to stay inside when finally we got nice weather, isn;t it? And in the evenings I mostly have an hour after dinner before I go watching some tv. There is most of the times something of interest to find, I just want to do too much in too little of time, sigh!
Okay, I am off, wishing you a fantastic day!

Download     part 2 HERE

Monday, April 18, 2011

Pictures from the garden.

Goodmorning everybody!

Goodmorning to you after a sunny weekend! And today the sun is visiting us again!
Where to start to tell about the weekend? Not that we did a lot, LOL, but for starters I have some pictures for you.Finally. The first one is taken a few days ago, showing Jan's seedlings, still rather small but growing and enjoying some time in the sun!
Ont the table at the right you an see the tomatoe plants and the sunflowers. That was around Wednesday. The sunflowers grew enormously and Jan planted them this weekend already in his little part of the garden! These will not grow too tall, about 50 cms, but he also has potted now the giant sunflowers in pots and if they do well, thay can grow to 2 mtrs, or even much more if they are happy!!!! I'll keep you posted of the progress, LOL.
 Then I made a picture of another part of the terrace, that day, you see a lovely hydrangea I bought and at the back also an azalea. Then an overview of the garden with not all tulips blooming yet. You can see the daffodils, at the end of their blooming, so I pinched out the flowerheads this weekend, to let the bulbs get some energy again, and hopefully they will bloom again next year.
Next pic you can see some Impatiens (Busy Lizzy) I bought for Jan's garden part. There will be needed a few more, but it's already looking nicer with those few planted, and now they can spread their wings!
Then some shots of the different coloured tulips. First I only had the orange/red ones and the salmon coloured, now also yellow and purple!

Almost every day you see something new arriving in the garden! At the back of the last picture you can see a Bleeding Heart appearing, with it's fresh green leaves and I even saw some flower buds!
And in the back of the garden I also have an azalea and trhe flower buds are colouring and within perhaps a few days they should open. And I noticed that some of my Columbies start showing their flower buds! I just love Columbines. You should always have some in a garden, I would have for sure some more, there are so many varieties in it, amazing!
While we were at times busy with the plants, Brodski just enjoyed the warmth of the sunshine, and only moved when one of us passed him very closely, then he started to roll over the ground and almost screaming, yeah, to get our attention LOL!

Saturday we did make a little walk, just to the market, I didn;t take my shopping car with me, we just wanted to have a look around, and emjoy the sunshine. I must say, it was at times suffering for me, cause they had some stands with lots of garden flowers and seeds and my hands itched to take some of it home, but I was strong! I better wait just a few weeks and may be Heidi and I will go to the garden centre and there I can find much more different plants. I still like to have a few species, would be nice to have some taller growing ones, to get some more diversity.
While walking to the market we passeda "childrens farm"as we call it. There they keep some sheep, cows, rabbits, pigs etc. that children can visit and even touch. And I made a portrait of a real Ducth cow for you, grin!

Well, that are the pictures for now.
I do have to make a bit of promotion for Minky again. She renewed one of her blogs, specially started to help raise some funds for the Starchildren project. And oh whee, what a marvellous job she did on it. You really should take a look there and she has made several pages, so click all of them to see all the beautiful things she is offering. At the moment she also has some special offerings, so certainly worth the visit ! And there are also some freebies to snatch! I'll give you the link and if you visit leave her a little message, she deserves it, cause she worked very hard to get it ready and it is soooo beautiful!

Yesterday we just enjoyed our garden, sat outside a bit, reading and Jan making some crosswords, really it was a lazy Sunday. Oh, something weird also happened yesterday. I was busy in the kitchen when Jan called me, to take a look at something. He told me, that he was hearing a strange sound all the time, not paying attention to it first, but then was puzzled by it. So he went on a search and finally found it! He showed me the big watering-can we have in the garden and told me to take a look inside. And what did I see?????
There was a little toad sitting in it, making that wierd squeeking noise, he couldn;t get out of it! I wonder how he got inside at the first place! So Jan held the watering can upside down, shook it a bit and there he fell out, our toad! Now is jumping free and happy around in the garden again.!

So today definately I have to do some work around here, my washing machine is filled, and the good thing is that I can dry the laundry outside now, so it will take in some of the smell of the spring air, wonderful!
And there are more of the usual tasks waiting to be done, but I don;t mind it so much, as long as the sun is shining and the temperatures are still going up, I am much more in the mood to do those things.

We start today with a daily download again, at the end of the 6 downloads I think you will have collected a nice kit! It's named : "Shabby Roses".
Time for me to take a walk in the garden  and then get busy.
Have a lovely day and try to be happy, just small things already can make you feel happy at times!

Download    part1 HERE

Friday, April 15, 2011

As promised, posting a bit later.

Goodafternoon everybody!

It's just after 14.00 o'c;lock here and we're back from the hospital. Nothing special to report about the visit there, so all is still as good as it can be, counting the small disfunctions I have. So next appointment is for next year, if all stays the way it is. All went quite smoothly, I must say, didn;t have to wait too long, so when ready, Jan and I walked back home, weather was so nice, pity to take the tram.
On the way home we passed a store where people bring there second hand stuff, which has to be still in a rather good state and sometimes you can find real bargains there. We went in and came out with another cd storage LOL! It looks a lot like this one:
 We have now two of them, one for cd's and one for mainly dvd's. And we bought it for only € 7,00! Now isn;t that a good buy??
Home Jan immediately put it on it's place and started to put the dvd's in it. In the mean time I went out for a real quick visit to the supermarket for the last things I needed , also had to buy stuff for the cats, to protect them for flees. it is the season they might try an invasion, LOL. So we have to tackle the cats this weekend !
Then I made a lot of little meat balls for the soup I started to make. That is ready now too, will be tasteful and easy for this evening.!
And here I am posting again, just quickly, cause i really like to take a nap. Jan already is in dreamland on one of the couches, well, we didn;t get too much sleep last night.
I will make the freebielist later today, first here is the second part of "Aunties memory Box"for you.
And off I go, to catch a bit of sleep. Have a real nice day and wonderful weekend.
Download   part 2 HERE

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gave myself a little present, lol!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yesterday I went shopping in Loosduinen, where Jan and I go sometimes with the tram to another supermarket, and where every Wednesday they have a little market and I buy most of my cheese when we need it.
Jan stayed home, so I took my time a bit there. Dropped some bills at the bank there, and took a stroll over the market. Although a bit cold, because of the wind, it was nice weather, with lots of sunshine.
I did some grocerie shopping at the supermarket, couldn't take as much with me as I might have done with Jan at my side. In my own I cannot lift the shopping ar into the tram when it is too heavy. But I did get two chunks of cheese again, so we have enough again for some time.
Then I passed there also a tabacco shop, bought some shag for Jan and gave myself a little present! I always look into the magazines in those shops, always gardening magazines.! And in this one they also had some British magazines, and I saw "Gardeners World". Now I normally don't buy them. cause they are quite expensive, but this time I couldn't resist. And in it they even had some seeds of Giant Sunflowers and also Sweet Peas.
So when I came home I gave them to Jan, and now he has to take care of two kinds of sunflowers, tomatoe plants and sweet peas, hahahahaha! He's almost like a mother chicken looking after her little ones!
During my absence Jan kept himself busy by binding together a lot of pruned stuff and also putting into big plastic sacs the weeds and other garden rubbish we've collected the last few weeks. It was a serious hepa of garden desposal, suddenly I have much more room in that corner of my garden, grin!

Today I will have to take care of the rest of the grocerie shopping, want to have it done before the weekend. And tomorrow I will have less time, cause int he morning I will have to go for a little test and also check up appointment to the hospital. This one is at the lung-specialist. And in a few weeks have to go again but then the yearly appointment for my epilipsy. It is a good thing you are under a kind of control, but I don't have to like it. It takes a lot of your time, going to hospital, waiting time( they almost never seem to be able to hold on to their time schedule) and going home again. All for about a 5 or 10 minutes at the doctor's.
This implies I will be posting tomorrow much later, so don;t worry if at the usual time you might visit, there isn;t a new post yet.

I really hope that tomorrow or at the weekend I will be able to make a few pics again of the new tulips in my garden. They aren't at full bloom yet, it takes a bit longer than I expected, but that might be due of the lower temperature the last couple of days. Good news is that the next few days temps might creep up again, yippee!
Today I have the 1st download of a kit, had to split it up, to keep the download reasonnable, so tomorrow there will be the 2nd. It's a nice kit, you can use very well for some heritage scrapping, I think.
I named it: "Auntie's Memory Box".
Now I will have to get busy(but first a coffee !) , see you some time tomorrow!
Have a lovely day.
Download       PART 1  HERE

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Productive designing day!

Goodmorning everybody!

We still had a lovely day yesterday, although it was seriously colder as the day before. However, we couldn't complain, lots of sunshine, here and there some clouds, I even believe we had some raindrops.
It's looking nice today again, a bit less wind, always a good sign. So today will be time for some groceries shopping again, and may be even drop some bills waiting to be payed, at the bank.
But yesterday Jan and I took a "quiet"day LOL. Jan finally could finish a rather thick cross word puzzle book and started even in a new one, with more difficult ones. Which I noticed, cause he asked me sseveral times for a solution. Okay, I found a few, but also used internet, LOL! Sometimes you just cannot figure out what word they ask and then you have the wonderful website for searching "synonimes".
WHile Jan was puzzling I had a ball at the computer, made ALL the pages for the project I am working on(HUGE!!!!!) and even started on some elements.
So it was a very productive day, yeah!

I just visited Minky's blog, and I urge you to take a look there! She has posted several previews of small children books she wrote and illustrated herself, and oh my, these are just WONDERFUL! She made them to support the Sanctuary project, and sells them for just the ridiculous low price of USD 2,00!!! This lady is sooooo talented and has such a miraculous imagination and inspiration, and all that combined with a pure good heart, she is a very special person! Please pay a visit to her, look at her wonderful work(she also has lots of free gifts for you, as you should know by now) and if you want to have a special present for your child or grandchild, you should consider one of her lovely little books!

What about that as a promoting speech,LOL!!!!

This week started another serie on our crime-net. It's anohter French serie, and very up to date, looking at all the disasters taking place around the world, this one concernes a serious accident at a chemical plant. I found the description of it in Dutch and blessed are the translation sites, LOL! You have sometimes change it a bit, but it's become a rather comprehensible texte, hahaha.

Shock Waves
Description of Series Shock Waves

Just when a school class is visiting an industrial chemical complex in a small regional town in France a large explosion destroys an adjacent shed. The intervention of a courageous young woman and the quick arrival of firefighters at the site enables them to save the lives of many of the children and to get the blaze under control. Despite this, some of the children - only 10 years old - and an employee perish and two others seriously injured. The material damage is enormous, both for the plant and the surrounding buildings. From that day there is a before and after the accident for every inhabitant of the city. The local police immediately launched an investigation into the cause of the accident. Meanwhile, local journalists are beginning to theorize about possible causes. Inside and outside the factory, they are hunting for someone or something to blame. Each episode of this series focuses on one of the people involved in this terrible disaster. Through the eyes of the five suspects and the detective in charge of the investigation, the pieces of the puzzle fall into place slowly the truth finally bring to light.

So it's quite a catching serie, and it makes you think again about all the dangers there are of those kind of fabrics, and often built too close to towns. And that, whenever BIG money is involved, precautions and safety rules are forgotten, or not at the first place of the list. Very frightning.

Well, really time now to get something done here, I will post a freebie now. It's another try on the Steampunk thing, I named it "Change of Time".
You have all a fantastic day!
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No pictures yet,

Goodmorning everybody!

It was an average Monday, nothing special. But I did get some things done around here, even had a short walk outside, that only because I needed a few things for dinner, but it was nice weather so why not?
I did take a look in the garden, having a break of 10 minutes there to eat my sandwich, and I know I promised a few pictures of new tulips, but...........they weren;t a full bloom yet. So they need perhaps 2 or 3 days more and then will be fine for a nice picture.

During the weekend I stumbled upon something nice, of which I am making a kit now. It's a very big project, I think I am almost halfway now. No, I am not telling you yet what it is about, it might even be something, nobody can use LOL, but I thought it is adorable. Did I make you curious now?????? GOOD!!!!
As usual I work on 2 or 3 things at the same time, it's probably the chaotic part of my character, and there is so much more to do. I have still loads of pictures of our little walks of last year waiting to be scrapped, I really should spend some time on that too.I hope we will make some nice walks ad/or trips this year too, and there will be pictures of it of course. You never know what you will discover this time.

Not much more to tell I hop over to your freebie. Today I have a pack of 10 fairy backgrounds for you. I am sure you can make some lovely layouts with them, perhaps add a few elements you have in stock on your harddrive and just let your imagination take over!
Have a lovely day!
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Drama happened over the weekend!

Goodmorning everybody!
To start cheerful this monday post I can report that we had great weather over the weekend and we enjoyed it in the garden. Jan and I did a bit of gardening, I had some serious sunbading, wonderful and today also will be a fantastic day, so I have to do some things in the house and want to enjoy a bit the sun too!

But on Saturday all the country had a shock, because in the early afternoon there was a breaking news edition on tv. In Alphen aan de Rijn(town not too far away from The Hague) a guy entered a shopping centre and started suddenly to fire a machine gun at the people with result that their are 7 people killed (,among them the guy of 25 years old, who took his own life), 11 wounded, some of them still critical!
Till now they don't know anything about the motive of the young man, only thing they now, he was kind of depressive, he seemed to have left a goodbye letter, but also in that letter no motive could be distilled.(This according to the latest news bits)
It's a horrible thing to hear at the news, and the worst is that the reason behind it isn;t clear. Our thoughts go of course to the victims, wounded and their families and to all the people that witnessed the action.!

You can imagine that all the weekend all broadcasting at tv was kind of effected by this event, whenever there was a bit of news, a special news edition came along. I really believe sometimes, the world is turning into a mad world . I found you an article on internet from the BBC, so if you want to know a bit detailed about this shooting incident go here

Tomorrow I think I will have a few pics from the garden again, some other tulips are about to bloom, and also Jan's seedlings of sunflowers are racing out of their pots! LOL.
For now I will finish the post, I am already kind of late today, and their are things to be done!
I have a little kit for you, "Angelic", hope you can use it for something.
Have a wonderful day.

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Friday, April 08, 2011

Was it a "spring-bug?"

Goodmorning everybody!

Yesterday wasn't my best day of the week. Already when I woke up I didn;t feel as I should. Had a strange feeling in the stomach, as if there was a big rock pushing to come out, LOL. So I had a bit of sunshine in the garden, read a bit, then felt awefully sleepy in the early afternoon, so slept for about 2 hours. After that already felt a bit better, but then discovered I had a bit swollen ey. During the evening however it went better, slowly and today it almost is beack to normal. I suppose there was a little spring bug that had fun playing with me LOL!
Definately the stomach is feeling okay, only the eye is still a bit red, but I can live with that for today.
Oh yes, something nice happened also!
In the post there was a letter from the tax office, oh whee, I don;t like those envelopes! But I had the courage to open it and behold , what a nice message there was. I receive some money back from them! It's sooo nice to GET something from them, instead of PAYING them LOL! Wel, the money sure comes in handy, I can pay some other tax bills from the council etc. with it, like the water and sewerage tax and another one for house owners. Yeah, government, city council and all those institutes sure know how to get their money!

As you can imagine, I didn;t do too much yesterday, kept also a low profile on designing LOL. Oh we watched also some soccer games, but they weren't succesful for the Dutch teams. Very disappointing! But the new part of the detective "Dolmen" was great! Some mysteries are solved now, and the truth is rather shocking. Still we don;t know them all yet, so definately this evening I will watch the next part!!

Today I have a little Easter kit for you. First i didn't want to make one, had no real inspiration for it I suppose, but trying out some things in PSE8 one day, and this kit came from it.
Oh, if you want to download some more nice Easter stuff, go to Minky's special blog, she has a few nice treats for you and also posted the Fairy Bragbook I showed the other day.
Time for me now to make myself a little bit "presentable", LOL, and do some errands.
Have a wonderful weekend!
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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Just a few new plants.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, I did buy me a couple of new plants for the garden. I went looking at the flower shop and they had a nice offer for Azaleas, so I bought 3 of them. They are not very large ones, but it sure brings colour to the terrace. I have one of salmon/pink colour, one white and one deep red. I know, they will not bloom very long, but just in this period they give a boost of colour. Found also three small basins of a silverish colour, just a nice for some smaller container plants, they only were € 1,00 a piece. I used one already for planting and a second one is now a tiny "pond", now just have to buy one or two little waterplants for it, so they can keep the water a bit clear and healthy.
It was lovely weather yesterday afternoon, so I really enjoyed the little walk.
Today looks to be about the same, so in an hour or so, I probably can open the garden door and see what mischief I can think of to do in the garden, LOL.

I noticed also that there were lying around some knots of cat fur at the floor. Well, the cat brothers had a little fight in the morning, how nice! So I took out the vacuum cleaner and gave the room a sweep with it.
Later in the afternoon I finished a kit, that was "hanging"around for several days already and I've even uploaded it. The evening was quiet too, we watched some soccer games, and this evening there is more. And later we also watched another part of a new French detective serie, it's a real catching one!

I found a French summary of the story, so I translated it with Google, not the very best translation, but it gives you an idea of the story.
What happens there on the island of Lands'en in Bretagne, France? Since Mary Kermeur returned to marry her childhood friend, now a famous skipper, strange things happen. A  dead seagull  red stained her bridal veil, her brother is found dead in a creek, and standing stones began to cry tears of blood ... The legend of the Wreckers, who terrified the island two centuries earlier, is that coming back? Mary Kermeur , noticing that her job as a police officer was removed from the irrational world of Celtic beliefs, can not ignore she sees as signs ... Sent on site, the captain Lucas Fersen, a specialist in ritual murders, does not take too seriously these superstitions. And yet ... The young woman is unquestionably the center of mysterious events that decimated her family. As other standing stones are bleeding and other family members will die. But after these events, Mary may finally discover the cause of the terrible nightmares that haunt her nights.

The guy that plays the police captain is also nice to look at LOL!

Just opened the garden door and it is lovely outside, so I will put on quickly some clothes and have another coffee in the morning sun, how about that?
Here is the second part of Book for Children 4, and if you want more of it, I have a part 5 ready too. Is that too much or will I make even more? Material enough for it! Say what you think of it!
Now you all have a splendid day!
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