Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sometimes a bit like spring, then wintery again.

Goodafternoon everybody!

Yes, I am very late today. First I took a longer sleep in the morning( sometimes I don;t yet sleep too well at night) and then I did a laundry and also helped Jan a little bit in the garden. I cannot do too much yet, because of my knee, although it is going better. But still will need some weeks I guess, to get in the usual shape. It was a bad fall, taking it has been 4 weeks ago now. Oh well, I suppose it also has to do with getting a bit older, healing goes not as fast anymore.

We had some strange kind of weather here this week, it looked quite nice outside but once outside, it didn;t feel so good, mostly because of some nasty, colder wind.
Now the last two days temperatures went up again, and it was not too nad ouside today. There is some sunshine every now and then and less wind.
Jan already has been busy in short "shifts"in the garden to clean it up, arrange some things, cleaning out some of the pots and containers, even planting some bulbs for summer flowering.
He also bought a climbing rose this week at the markent, it is a yellow flowering one, we planted it in a bigger container, so it will not grow too big. I only know it is a climber and with a yellow flower. On the package it didn;t say a name, or what kind of climber it was. So it will be a surprise to discover what it is.

For one reason or another i didn;t get to the computer much this week.
I did make one kit again, have to upload that one still, but okay, there is time for that.
And Arlene pointed out to me that I forgot to post the clusters for the
Delight in Everything kit. And yeah, she was right and I just don;t know how I could forget to post those. Well, I'll make it up to you today. You will have those clusters and also the ones of the Nocturnal Poem kit.

Oh, Jan was at his doctor this week and she was really pleased with his medical condition. He now has his next appointment in two months, which is a lot better. It feels that way, at the least.
Now crossing fingers nothing will happen in the two months to come, and that it all will go steady and well.

Almost time for me now to prepare our dinner, which is easy today. I had some left overs from a stew for Jan and yesterday I made a potato salad and had some fried fish with it. There is some left over from that too, so I will have that. Easy, peasy!!!!! I LOVE that, LOL.

So, that's it, folks. Let us all hope that nasty winter weather will disappear as ever so fast and that we will have some real Spring weather instead(with perhaps tempes around 15C or even some more?????? We always can dream, hahaha).
Have a wonderful week and stay safe and healthy!
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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Recovering, slowly, but steady.

Goodafternoon everybody!

We have a wicked cold weekend here! We suffer from eastern winds and it brings us freezing weather, specially at night. At the coast we are kind of the lucky ones, with about -4C night and around zero day, but with the wind added, it feels much colder.
It seems however that later this week wind will change direction and then you see that the temperatures rise, somewhat, which is a good thing.

Jan has a bit of Spring feeling over him and has started to sow some seeds(indoors). We both are very curious to see if any of them will bring us some plants, LOL.
Jan's health is about steady at the moment, so we are already happy with that. Next week he will have another control and appointment at his doctor, yeah, she is still keeping a close eye on him!

And how am I doing with my knee. Well, it is a slow process. Last Tuesday I went again to my doctor, he took a look at it and prescribed me another batch of the same medicins and I have another appointment with him in two weeks.
It is going better, size almost to normal, still having bit of trouble with the muscles at the side and the knee cap. doctor said that it was heavily bruised. He asked if I had fysiotherapy in my health insurance, and I don;t have any(I just have basic, additional assurance is too expensive at the moment for us). It doesn;t matter too much, I just have to move around regularly and I can do some exercise myself.
I did went shopping last Friday and it was going already better, and I could walk for a bit longer. So I must be patient and give it time and walk slowly and it will be okay in some time.

Today is the closing of the Olympic Paralympics, and it seems that we have won several medals there. But that is about all I know, because it was in the news, and there is very little on tv about it. Late in the evening like half an hour coverage and that's about it. I find it very humiliating and a bad thing. Why don;t they mix it with the "valid"Olympic sporters? I think abled and disabled athletes do as much each for their sport, may be it is even sometimes harder for the disabled and we should be more proud of them.
There was once, I think, a woldchampionship atlethics and there they mixed the races and it was a large succes. People should grow on it, and it is as exciting as "normal" matches and races.
I hope that in nearby future the people of the Olympic comitees come to their senses and do the right thing.

Okay, I don't have any more things to tell, I believe, so time to give you the scrapbook kit! It is a rather "heavy"one, so I splitted it into two downloads. I named it Nocturnal Poem, and it is in one colorscheme, in blue. Next time you will have Arlene's clusters.
Have a awesome week and stay safe and healthy!

Download part 1 HERE
Download part 2 HERE

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Knee is healing but slowly.

Goodafternoon everybody!

a short update for now.
Weather is rather good at the moment, temperatures are around 10-15C at daytime, some rain, some sunshine, well, at least much better then two weeks ago.

The knee is healing. I went to the doctor last Monday, he gave me some anti-inflammatory drugs, and slowly they are working. The knee isn;t as thick anymore as it was, but still has some fluid in it I think.
The inside of my thigh is looking aeweful! it has a dark purple color with some yellow going through it and such.! I have there an immense effusion of blood! It will go away some day, LOL.
I tried to do some shopping on Friday, had to walk very, very slowly, and oh my God, I was so happy when I came home again. Guess it was a bit too far. But I have to stay moving around, otherwise the muscles will get so stiff, and some movement is good.
On Tuesday I will see the doctor again, we'll see what he says about it.
I just think it will need it's time and I was lucky that nothing was broken.

Jan is doing okay, also going slowly but as long as he doesn;t get another infection or so, well, then we should already be happy the way it goes now.

Sorry I haven;t a kit for you today. I will try to do some designing this week, but it was too difficult for me to sit for a longer time at the computer at the moment.

Let's stay optimistic and just let the healing do it's work, slow or not.
One thing is good though. Spring is coming nearer and nearer. I am looking forward to it.
Till next time, thank you for all your support and lovely words!
You are awesome people.

have a wonderful week and stay safe!

Sunday, March 04, 2018

Does Murphy's law exist in triple????

Goodafternoon everybody!

A quick post, because i cannot sit too long at the computer.
Well, last Tuesday I went out to do some shopping at the nearby supermarket. Almost ready, had to take just one more thing, and returning to my shopping cart somebody took a step backwards as I passed and .... wham....... there I was lying on the floor!
I took a bad fall, most of it on my right knee, it did really hurt.
But okay, took a little pause and then stumbled back home. Glad I still could walk.
As soon as I was home I cooled the knee and put on a bandage.
Of course just this week my doctor was on holiday!
Never mind, I could wait for a while and see how it went with the healing.
I think I got possibly some strapped knee straps and some muscles took a good stretch. I can walk, but must be very careful, because at times my knee doesn+t completely cooperate.
Anyway, it is something I could do without!!!!
It is getting better slowly, but I will try to get an appointment at my doctor tomorrow and let him check, and see what he says. It will be very busy there  I think, also because of the long lasting flu!
It will probably be something that will take time to recover, damn!!
Lucky i just did some shopping. So we could live on for some days, LOL.
Still later on we needed some milk, bread and some other things.
So Jan went out for it. It was a hard journey for him, walking to the supermarket, look around for the things I wrote down and come back again. He was totally exhausted by it.( I was afraid for it in advance, that it would be a bit too much for him and said, that I also could ask Heidi to bring us some stuff, but he didn;t want that. Oh, stubborn men!!!!!)

Well, let's hope that my knee soon will be good enough to walk some distance with it.
One good thing is that the weather slowly is getting somewhat better.
At least the hard frost is almost gone, temperatures will be around zero at night and at daytime we might reach 6-8C. Best will be that the winddirection changes to south, or south east.

 So, that is the news of last week. Will there come finaly a period of total boredom and quietness, so that we first can sort out all the small or bigger problems and then enjoy some time without any startling events? I surely hope so, because this all is getting very depressing.
Hard sometimes to keep some optimism, but we must!
So to end this aweful post with some cheer, here is a new kit for you and then I must sit down on the couch and give the knee some rest.
Have a great week!
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