Friday, August 30, 2013

Unpleasant moment, again.

Goodmorning everybody!

You all know about the leak, We were glad it stopped, of course, we only had to wait now till it dried well enough to paint over. So Wednesday and Thursday there wasn;t much action here, we took a bit of quiet time, well, we didn;t do much painting, but I did do some housework, which was needed too.
Changed the bedsheets, did another laundry, ironed the already dry one, some vacuum cleaning, that sort of thing.
Wednesday evening I wnet checking on the oven, where I had some potatoes backing for our dinner and I suddenly heard a strange ticking. Can you guess?????????
I looked up and yeah, there was it leaking, again. Good you cannot hear the words I said at that moment!
Jan went upstairs to the neighbour at once(glad they were still working there)and told them what was wrong. I went there a bit later too, cause I discovered another part where it was starting to leak too!
First they claimed it was almost impossible, because they had checked all pipes and such, but we were sure there was still something not good there, Well, some talking back and forth, they came down to see, went up, closed the water for the moment, and that stopped the leaking. And they promised to go over all the pipes and the new joints, And till now it isn;t leaking anymore, so despite their first allegation, I suppose they found something! But I will not get over=enthousiastic, we will see for another day or two if it stays this way.

With that event left aside, we had some nice days LOL. Weather is wonderful, may be this weekend it will be a bit less, some drgrees lower temperature, may be even a bit of rain but by start of Next week all will go up again.
So yesterday I started to do some painting again. Yeah, I attacked the wall in the vestibule, that is done now, in a nice very soft yellow color. And I want to do the hallway today, Hopefully I can finish that in one day.
And then we can take a day off again tomorrow. There will be an ending of summer fair in a shopping street not far away, and that will be a nice way to spend a part of tomorrow.

Ha, this evening there is the start of a program on tv again, that we like to see, it's The Voice of Holland. I think this is one of the best talent-hunting shows. Always nice to hear some real talented people, and also great to sit in front of the screen, ventilating our own opinion about the candidates" performances (grin grin.).

Well, that is about all I have to tell, I better give you your freebie now, then I will have still a bit of time to work on a kit, or may be I will just make the previews of new quickpages and clusters I just recieved in the mail from Arlene.You are in for some great treats again, I can assure you.
Freebie today is "Perfect Illusion", I love the color pallet of this one. And you have a beautiful quickpage together with two clusters from Arlene!
Wish you a wonderful weekend (hopefully we will have one too, at the least a dry one indoors ROFL).
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Download    HERE

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We took a few days doing not much!

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, the wall in the kitchen is starting to dry, although it will take some more time to be completely dry and good enough to paint over.
Monday Jan and I heard some movement at the 1st floor nieghbours, so he went up to check. Found two guys working there. One of them was the new owner or at the least "manager"(LOL), and he went to the police to get the keys from the lock. Jan explained the whole situation to him and he understood why we acted the way we did, We have a phonenumber now if we need to contact, and Kan made an agreement with him. So we are happy again and cross our fingers that we are done with leaks and such now, grin.

The the rest of the day and yesterday too, we didn;t do much work, just a few little things, like Jan painting some little spots again to make all look really good, I did some shoppping and a laundry and yesterday we went to the DIY supermarket to get us some more wallpaint for the rest of the house.
Also took some paint color tubes to make us the color we want.
Oh we had a good laugh at the DIY!
There was an action just for the wallpaint we needed, a big discount. Great!
But arriving at the cask desk the discount only was for people who had a special customer card. We didn;t(cause we normally don;t come often enough there), and that was a disappointment. Jan almost wanted to put the paint back as there was a young man waiting for his turn, who offered us to use his customercard! Now that was such a nice gesture that I said to him: "oh, you are so nice, I could kiss you for it"! Checkout  girl said, with a laugh :"now that's something I would love to see".
Don;t say anything like that to me, so I almost jumped at the guy's neck(he was a lot taller than me) and gave him a kiss on the cheek LOL! Chekcout girl had a big smile on her face and the guy had really a blush on his face, I think he was a bit shy and of course never expected that I take the challenge of the checkout girl!
But he deserved it, his card gave us a discount of € 14,00!!
Yes, there are still friendly people on the world.!

I think that today I first will do some ironing and if I am ready with it early enough(meaning that I have to start early too LOL) I can at the least prepare the walls of the hall ( youknow, the woodwork taping to prevent that I paint it). And may be I can prepare the paint too, meaning that I mix the color into the white paint.
If it works well, it should become a nice soft yellow, which will make the hall and also the bedroom very sunny and happy. Perhaps in the bedroom I just will paint two walls in the yellow and the rest in white, depending on how the yellow turns out.

Well, enough said, time for the freebie.
The kit is named "If I were a Countess", with  a couple of "richer"papers in it.
Arlene made with one those a beautiful quickpage for you>
Have some fun using it, perhaps, and also have a marvellous day!

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Download    HERE

Monday, August 26, 2013

Very disturbing weekend!!!

Goodmorning everybody!

First thanks to all for the sweet anniversairy wishes.

Friday we had a really gorgeous day, great temperatures, with not much wind, so Jan went for a bike ride and I decided to take a walk. I thought I might check a bit on the blackberries, so I had some walking to do LOL!. I went to a park, where last year there were quite some blackberry bushes, and they are still there. But I didn't get a lot of them, I think they need still a week or two to be ready for me to pick. Still I had a nice walk, love to walk through the park and a part of town, where it is very quiet and with lots of greenery, . All together a nice time spending, came home after about 2 1/2 hours.

Saturday weather was a bit less good, temperature still nice, but cloudy, so Jan and I thought it a good time to go to the market. We bought some fruit, a little bit of vegetables and yes, I did get my prawns.
Succesful day, and no working in the house, Jan ony took the vacuum cleaner to give the room and hallway a treat LOL. You could say it was the first round of cleaning up after all the painting and such.

I planned to make the prawns that evening, but finally we decided to leave them for Sunday evening, so we just had some sandwiches. Oh well, for one day it's really good and easy.

But now the real story begins! First have to ask you if I ever told you about our neighbours above us, on the 1st floor? They are a bit special, grin!
It is a house where ladies give erotic massages to clients, yeah! But as long as it doesn;t bother us, why should we do difficult about it.
So the appartment isn;t all the time "lived"in, after working hours the ladies leave and come back the next day day again.
Now listen to this! Saturday evening/night, just before I wanted to go to bed, Jan came into the room with the announcement we had a leak in the kitchen!
It wasn;t a big one, so we put some towls on the floor, I went to bed, but Jan almost didn;t sleep at all.
Waking up in the morning we both took a look and it had become a rather serious one!
Well, easiest thing to do was to see if there was anybody "home"at the 1st floor appartment. Jan went to check, but nobody answered the door. I still had a phonenumber from the guy who we thought was owner of the appartment( or he was perhaps the "boss", we had no idea LOL), so early morning I tried to reach him. No luck, mobile phone number was no longer connected it seemed.
Now we had a problem. So after some serious thinking I tried to find a phonenumber from the "business", found it on their website (yes, the even have that!) and tried it. I only got voicemail on the two numbers. Only thing I could do was to leave a message.
But we had a serious leak going on, it was too much to leave it till next day, when perhaps the ladies came to work again. Finally we called the police, explained the situation and within half an hour two policemen where there!
They also tried the phonenumbers, of course they had to check, they also banged on the door, calling out"hello, here is the police"!
No result, of course. after a bit of discussion( they had seen the leak in our kitchen, of course), they called for a locksmith, who came in about 15 minutes. Meanwhile the two policemen waited for him, of course and well, we had a chat with them to pass the time.
Locksmith opened the door by just taking out the lock with a drill, policemen went into the appartment, looked around for the cause of the leak(I am sure they also took advantage to look around in the "club"hahaha) and found it. It appeared that somebody was installing something, for that needed to turn of the water, but didn't close the little hendle completely, and therefore water kept dripping from the opened waterpipe and when it is doing that long enough yeah, it goes to lower areas, which was our kitchen!
Locksmith closed their door again with a big padlock, police left a note saying the keys could be picked up at the policestation.
I am sure the club will recieve a rather big bill for the locksmith to pay, perhaps some more, anyway they will not be happy.
But we were happy, soon the leak stopped dripping and all can start to dry up again.Yet we were rather pissed off, the more because we just finished repainting the kitchen, so now we can start again.
we will see if we can get some compensation for paint and such from the club, if not, we will have to contact our insurance company.
First we shall try to contact a lady upstairs ( if they come to work, we don;t know for sure) and then I want to have phonenumbers from people that we can call in case of calamities!

So we didn;t had a normal. perhaps even boring Sunday this time. At the same time, with all that going on, the whole day was wrecked, so we didn;t do anything else after the police was gone.
Jan took a long nap, I watched some tv and the only nice thing was our prawn dinner, although even that didn;t taste as well as it should have.

I think you have had enough to read for now, hey?
Today I have a Nutshell kit for you named "Tormero" (I'll return) and two lovely clusters from Arlene.
And let's see what excitement today will bring again LOL!
You have a great day!
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Friday, August 23, 2013

Slowly getting our living room back

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, we do get our living room back a bit. Although I must say Jan did more than I did the last couple of days. I was a bit pooped pout after I finishsed the last wall painting.
But now we just have to put back a few more things on the wall and then the room needs a clean, specially the floor, LOL. But there is progress.

I did get such a nice surprise in my mail, it brought a big smile to my face.
My sweet friend Edna sent me a big envelope, and inside were notecards and envelopes, but the best thing is that she snatched a photo of some houseboats along a canal, that I made in winter and had it printed on the notecard. So now when I have to write a little note to someone I can do that on a very special card. Now isn;t that a really great gift? I feel all proud to have my "own"notecards, and feeling also a bit special, because of the lovely thought of the gift.
I tried to make a suitable photo of a card, so you can get an idea.
And look, she even snatched the signature from ,my blogposts to put it on the photo! How clever is that?

Imagine that tomorrow is our 6th annoversairy of our our marriage!!! Cannot believe that that day is so long ago, not to count the years we are together (21 !  almost a lifetime LOL).
I am sure we will "celebrate"it in silence, just the two of us, on the couche, watching a nice detective on tv, catching our breath a bit from all the work done.
May be, if I have time, I will go to the market and buy us some wonderful shrimps, the bit mdeium size I guess, and prepare them with a marinade of lots of garlic and parsley. Some slices of french bread to it, with some herbbutter on it will do it.  It;s quick and we love to eat them once in a while.
Normally on Fridays and Saturdays I don;t do much cooking, kind of weekend feeling for me, hahaha, but tomorrow is a different day, don;t you think?

Weather here is still really good, nice temperatures, sometimes part of the day a bit cloudy, but we can live with that. They say in the weekend we will have a little "dip"in it, but after that again nice weather. In our part of the country we didn;t have much rain lately, sometimes a bit during the night, but that is all. Perhaps this weekend there could be some, would be good for the gardens, I think.
Today should be the best day of the week, it already looks good, with almost no wind, hmmmm, we could try to enjoy such a day, but we also want to finish the room, I guess. Dilemma, but it will solve itself, I suppose,

Okay, time for your freebie.
With all that nice weather around( some of you however in a different season LOL), you could do perhaps with a beachkit? I've made a kit you could use for some holiday pictures, or your walk along the shore. The kit is in real soft colors, named "Peaceful Beachside". I just love the add-on from Arlene! She has made a beautiful quickpage for you, an equally cluster and wonderful frame-cluster.
Now I will first play a bit on the computer, after that have another coffee and then think about the things I want to do today.
Have a wonderful weekend, thanks for your visits and such nice comments!

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Download    HERE

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A milestone reached

Goodmorning everybody.
It still is rather early, but I don't mind too much. It looks to be a nice day again, and perhaps we will take a little bit of time to sit in the garden.
Yesterday I reached a kind of milestone. Yeah, I fiished the walls in the living room. As we have a room of about 10-11 mtrs long and somthing like 3,80 mts. wide you can imagine the square mtrs of wall that had to be done.
Oh, was I happy when I gave the last painting stroke. In the mean time Jan was really busy too, he took out all our glasses out of the cupboard and washed them.
I think he has done ca. 150 of them!
We had to take the out of the cupboard, as well as the dinner set and some other stuff we have standing in it, only then we could move the cupboard away.
So now we only have to decide where to hang what on the walls, and what we keep or not and such.
After that all will be done only then I can give the wooden floor a good sweep with a mop and then with the vaccum cleaner, no use in doing it when we were still busy.
I will take a few photos when the whole room is done, and will try to find a few ones of the room before all this, then you should see the difference.

Work isn;t done yet, now have to focus on the hallway, but that isn;t that much of work. It's a lot more straight forward, and we don;t have to move away furniture and cupboards, which make a big difference!

Somewhere I must find a day "free"to check out the blackberries LOL. I think they are about good enough to pick. May be Jan can first check it out on a little bike ride.
Would be nice to spend an hour or so outside while we still have this nice weather.

I am really enjoying this peace and quiet in the early morning, rambling a bit on my blog, and when I have finished that I will take another cup of coffe and try to start on a new kit.
Oh, if you are looking for a great quickpage, go to Linda's blog, she made an awesome one with my kit Bridge over Time and don;t forget to leave her a little smile!

Kit for today is named "Tp be Happy" in nice, joyeus colors, and great add-on from Arlene with a page border, cluster and quickpage.
Have a fantastic day!
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Download    HERE

Monday, August 19, 2013

Wish I was some years younger LOL!

Goodmorning everybody!

After a rather lazy weekend, well, we didn;t do any painting, today I will start on the last wall.
Friday I did a real big part, and so happy I did finish that one!
Must say I was a bit pooped out after it, still feeling it in my body LOL!
When I was painting on Friday, Jan took a part of the day off, and went to the market. He found some paint we will need for the little bedroom and the last part of the wood that needs to be done.
Satuday we spent some time on putting back stuff into the cupboards, so now that looks all nice and re-organized.(and clean and aprkling too!)
Yesterday we already cleared one closet where we have all our records standing. Now I easily can move that away from the wall. Jan also hanged some stuff back on the wall, but most of the day we didn;t do a lot.

One cupboard needs to be cleared, it's the hard one LOL, because there we have all our glasses and  crockery in. We cannot move the cupboard away with all that stuff inside.
Probably Jan will take care of that while I am painting the wall.
When that is done, I can attack the last part of the wall, where also I have my little bureau with the computer. Oh my, how happy I will be when all will be done! The last two weeks or so, I often wished I was some substantial years younger, like about 20 or 25 years???????  Then this work should be a lot easier and a lot quicker done.
Still, I am not really complaining, we should be glad we are still able to do it.

Oh my, I see it is raining at the moment, and rather dark, I just hope it will not rain too long and that a bit of sunshine will be on later today. We are not used to really dark weather anymore.

Have to show you a surprise I got in my mail this weekend, made bySimone, a visitor of my blog. She made it with the kit Pure Morning, and it is so nice. She also made a frame with it, and she allowed that you can download it if you want. Now I just hope you cna do that, by clikcing left and then cliking right on your mouse and "save it as....". I have no idea if the PNG format still is working then. Well, I just give it a shot and if you cannot, you let me know.
First gift is an award for my creativity and second one for my generosity,. WOW, I am flattered, and thankfull you think I have that in me.

Saturday I finally had a quick telephonecall with Heidi. She just came back from her holiday and sounded rather tired, so we just talked for a moment and I advised her to take a good nap, and we could talk another time. May be somewhere this week I can find some time to visit her and here all about her holiday and more.

Today I have a Nutshell kit again for you, named Una Volta ( "once"), and Arlene made you a wonderful quickpage and lovely cluster with it.
The wallpainter is greeting you and wishing you a wonderful day.

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Download    HERE

Friday, August 16, 2013

Slowly does the trick too!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yippee, on Wednesday I did the opposite wall of the one I did before. It is going to look better and better!
Yesterday however we took a day off of the painting. First I had to do some food shopping, at that time it was raining a little bit, not enough to get soaked, so that was allright. Temperatures were wonderful, and later the rain stopped, it oly took some time before the sun came through.
Then we spent all afternoon with the cleaning of part of the things we took off the wall, and oh whee, you really get a shock when you hold them in your hand and then give it a thourough cleaning.
In the time I was busy cleaning, Jan took the things that were done and hanged them on the wall again. Here and there we changed the "composition"a bit, and we have back our house (for a part) again, with an impression of having a kind of new home LOL!
Sitting on the couch in the evening, every now and then Jan and I point out a little thing to eachother with a big smile and words like "look, how nice it looks now, all is so bright and shining, looks really great, doesn't it?".
Good thing to take a little break from the big work, but today I will continue with another part of the wall.
But first I will have to take out the books of the bookcase, only then we will be able to push it away a bit.
Oh well, good opportunity to dust the books, perhaps re-arrange them a bit. Hopefully I will get done the whole wall of the back of the room at one side today, would be wonderful.

So no time to linger all too long at the computer.
I received a lot of new clusters from Arlene this week, and oh boy, she has some wonderful treats for you. But first the kit for today, named "Visit to Granny". A nice vintage looking kit, and Arlene made you a wonderful pageborder and two sweet clusters.
Have a fantastic weekend!

Download    HERE
Download    HERE

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sad news about our royal family.

Goodmorning everybody!

Last Monday there was a special news broadcasting on tv, stating that Prince Friso(who had that terrible ski accident about 1 1 /2 year ago) has passed away.
He was laying in a coma all that time, but it seems there were some health issues or complications and he died.
So sad news, he was only 44 years old.
On the other hand, how strange as this may sound too, it is perhaps a good thing. The doctors never really expcted he would awake from his come, and even if he did, they couldn;t say in what state. There was done a serious brain damage because his brain had an oxygen deficiency for quite a long time. 
In a way, the Family already lost their husband/father/son/brother a long time ago, now he is in peace and although all are grieving, of course, their hearts also will be at peace after a while.
All our thoughts and prayers go to the Royal Family in this difficult time.

In the mean time life just continues, strange but true. Oh my, lot of work done yesterday!
The room is looking very messy, cluttered at the moment, specially one part of it where we have put all the things that were hanging or standing a the way of the wall. But I have painte one part of it(about a 5th part of all the square meters to be done LOL), and it is looking great.  
But I was pooped out yesterday evening, gosh, some muscles got an extra excercise, believe me!
Jan helped a lot, we had to put aside some things that were standing in the way, had to take all things down from the wall, and such. 
I will see how much I can get done today, may be I can do the opposite wall today, that would be great. The most tiring things of it all is that climbing up and off the ladder everytime, taking it up and moving it a bit further. It would be a lot more fun if you could be standing just on your feet and the wall was just as high as you (okay a bit more, but then you would only need a little ladder with two steps LOL).
However, now once started, I must continue. Jan has his own painting to do, so at the moment we both are squeaking a bit when moving a limb and or muscle ROFL!

Still lots to do, but in the end all will look wonderful, and yeah, all things get a good clean too, and we even will re-arrange a couple of things, or hang something different on the wall, etc. After all that is done too, we might think we have moved into another house, hahaha.

Okay, no lingering now, to get my body moving again, I think I will need first another coffee, then I will get the paint stuff together again, and do another part. Good thing of it that we still have rather nice weather, although not too high temperatures for this time of year. But good enough to have the doors open a bit, which helps too for the paint to dry a bit quicker.
Kit for today is in soft colors named "Pure Morning", with great clusters and a quickpage from Arlene!

Have a wonderful day!!
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Download     HERE

Monday, August 12, 2013

New paint is waiting to be used.

Goodmorning everybody!

Finally we did go to the DIY, it was on Saturday.
We went to one that is near to our house, we can walk to it. And so we did, and I did take my shopping car with me, in case we did found the wall paint. We needed a BIG can, and  that would be too heavey to carrie.
Sometimes it is fun to look around in a DIY store, and so dangerous too!
I mean, there are always things that look so nice, and you could use and You really have to be strong to just buy the things you came for. Don't know what it is, but I like to look at all the tools they have. There is such a variety and a tool for everything! And I get very greedy, looking at them. Always see a better little saw, or screwdriver, or whatever, that I would love to have(even if we really will not use it, or at the least not much). Perhaps it has to do with the fact, my father had loads of  tools(he used them a lot, he loved to work with them) and then I also worked for many years in the metal branche where we also had a department for DIY.
So we did spent quite some time in the big DIY market,  but in the end we left with just a big bucket of wallpaint, just in white and we bought a  tube with color paint, that we can mix with it to get a nice color. Also another paintroller, and nice thing was, that they just had an action goin on that weekend, where you could print out at home a coupon with 5 euro reduction, if you spent a certain amount of money. Well, we just reached that amount so we could use one coupon.

I also looked in the DIY if they had perhaps a nice little spot for not too much money(they have enough stuff, but almost all is of a brand and you always pay for that too), saw one or two, but we didn;t buy it. We could do with a new light in the hallway, and in the passage to our expansion room, but Jan wanted to wiat and said we might find one in another shop.
As we walked home, finally, I thught I might check in a kind of dollar shop, nearby.
You cannot be sure if at the moment you want something, they will have it, it is more the kind of store, you just have to pop into, every few weeks, and if you see something you could use or were looking for then have to take it with you.I it is more a second hand store, but with things htat are still looking great, some of it looks almost new).
Well, Jan already walked home and I went into the shop. And wheeee, I was so lucky!
I found two pair of spots, just ones that would do well in the ahall, so I bought them right away( imagine, they just costed € 3,50 each!
Came home with them, and Jan already hang one of them and oh my God, we have a sea of light now in the hallway. I am so happy with it!
I have some photos for you. Wanted to show you the difference a bit of paint can make LOL!
First one is of the woodwork in old color, (which looks much worse, because phot is taken just after the thourough cleaning work) second one  after Jan had painted it. (the hallways is almost done now, lots of doors that we have there).

And here the spots I found.
And one photo of a gorgeous hydrangea, that is growing in a pot, but perhaps next year we will have to put it in the soil.
Second photo is of a poppy we grew out of seed, isn;t it a sweetie?

well, time to slowly get busy around here. Have to prepare some spots in the room and such for painting(taping edges, so that wall paint will not come on the painted doors and such). It is a bit of work, but it pays of in the end.
Then may be tomorrow I will start with painting already part of the wall in the room. Bad things is, that we have to move some furniture away, not so terrible if it would be just the couch, but we also have some big closets. Well, good opportunity to take all things out, look  through them, get rid of some things, clean it etc. Oh my God, we will have an almost new house in a couple of weeks.

So nopw your freebie, it's a soft coloured kit, ( hey Matt, guess you will like some of the papers!!!!). and some lovely clusters from Arlene. It is named"Don;t say a Word".
Have a terrific day!
Download    HERE

Download    HERE

Friday, August 09, 2013

Still having nice weather

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, although temperatures are a lot lower, we still have nice enough weather. Perhaps some 2 degress more would be perfect, but still we shouldn;t complain.
Painting is still on the roll, Jan almost done all the doors and such in the hallway(there are a lot LOL).
Still some to do in the living room, but that should be done quick, once started. Now I really hope to go real soon to the DIY for the wallpaint. Want to start with it as long as we still have the nice weather, I feel much more up to it when the sun is shining a bit.

As we still take some days off from the painting may be next week will be time to find the bushes with bramberries and raspberries, I have no idea if they are already good for picking, but perhaps Jan can take a little trip on his bike first, to see how they are doing.
I really like to go out some day for it, with some plstic boxes in a little bag, and collect a lot of them.
They will taste great as desert, with some yoghurt or quark or vanilla custard, and then want also to make some jam.
One of our neighbours has a prune tree in his garden, and lucky for us some branches are hanging over the fence in our garden, so we are entitled to pick them LOL. Still have to wait for them to be ripe, they are in the shade most of the time so it will take a bit longer.
It will not be a huge harvest, but that doesn;t matter. Taste is good, as we know from other years.

Still quite a mess at our street, the works on it continue, but will last at the least two more months.
Oh well, we can live with it, not really enjoying it, but I think all will look nice when ti is finished, some day!

Glad we still can watch some great detectives on tv, it really is a wonderful way of relaxing.
Some of them are re-runs, but I don;t mind, I love to see Midsummer Murders, Lewis, Spooks, Le sang de la vigne(a French detective about a wine expert who always encounters a murder when he is on a job), and then the great series of The Killing and Millenium. The last two Jan is taking on the dvd so that he can put all the parts together on a dvd disk.
In between we watch a quiz or two, also some nature documentairies, even sometimes some more serious stuff like a newsprogram, and there is some sports to watch too. Busy evenings hey?
Some of our regular programs are still "on holiday"they will be back by the end of the month.
So it seems there is a lot to see on tv, and there is, sometimes, but there also is a lot of crap on it! We really pick out the things that are a bit worthwhile to watch, it depends a bit on the taste of course.
Some evenings there are so much films and series on, that we have to make a "plan"LOL. Then other evenings it really is bad! But thank goodness there is a dvd and video so we can record some and watch that on evenings there really isn;t much on.

Have a nice kit for you, a bit in darker tones, but I think the combination of the colors works well. It is named"The Sweetest Dark", and has some magical feeling in it. Arlene has done another outstanding job with two clusters and a quickpage for you!
Have a lovely weekend!

Download    HERE part one
                    HERE part two

Download      HERE

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Not ended yet, the working with paint!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, our house will look so nice again when all the painting will be done with, but the end of it isn;t close yet. Jan almost finished now the hallway, but then there are still the walls to be done and then the whole room, pffffff. But we take our time, don't work on it every day, Some rest between those days is a good thing. However, when all done, we will be happy with it.

Weather has cooled down a bit, but I can live with that. Temperatures are still nice enough to open the garden doors and let the air come into the house. Today should be the lesser day of the week, not too much sun to see, oh well, we could do with a little rainshower.

Monday and yesterday too, I did the ironing, all is laying again in the closet, I feel happy about it. The rest of the house work is a bit on "low speed"lol, because it hasn;t too much use yet.
I do some cleaning, Jan starts painting again, and tralala, we can start over again.
So I do the most necessary, and thourough cleaning will have to be done when no more ladders are standing around, no more plastic is on the floor and such!

A good thing about being busy is that we do listen to some more music. When Jan is painting, I do some small things and then spend a bit of time at the computer and I put on some LP's and how nice is that! We could listen for days and even weeks to all the music we have on LP and CD and tape.
Of course we have some favourites, but now I take some LP that we didn;t hear for a long time, and we kind of re-discover some great music.
TV is a great invention and I like watching it, but you don;t  do anything other easily, because of that.
S used to have the tv on at daytime too you know.
But now there is possibility again to hear some more music again, and I love it.

The other day I had a lovley surprise in my mail, it was a quickpage made by Edna with one of my kits(From Heaven, I think it was posted on the 5th of July) and today she is offering it as a freebie on her blog. So go over there and snatch it! And while you are there anyway, read some of her blogposts, that lady has a way of writing that brings a smile to your face. She is funny!
I'll show you the preview of the QP.

Time to finish this post, must do some shopping and perhaps I will get Jan in the mood to go with me to the DIY store for some wall paint. I would like that, because then I soon can start with that, and I like to do it when we still have some nice weather, somehow that helps to be a bit more active(with restriction of the days it is really hot and sticky lol).

Today's lot is "Bridge over Time".It has nice warm colors, it has a bit of an autumn feeling to it.
Arlene made some page clusters andtwo other clusters for you.
Have a wonderful day, take care of yourself.

Download     HERE

Download    HERE

Monday, August 05, 2013

Had a great weeked.

Goodmorning everybody!

Lovely weather overhere. Just good temperatures, nice enough to have the doors open, but not too warm either. Jan says he can live with that kind of weather till next spring LOL!
Friday was really a hot day, so we didn;t move too much around. But as I said, I did the laundry, now it has to be ironed, but I don;t know when I will do that.
Saturday was a break from the painting, and that was a good thing to do.
I bought myself a new floor sweeper, and actually tried it out in the afternoon, when Jan was taking a little walk. Now that floor cleaning was fun to do! And oh boy, how necessary! Better not to tell you what color the water had, after I was done!!!

Yesterday I really had a day off! Jan was all in the good mood to do another part of the painting, I felt a bit guilty, but he said: "You let me do it, leave me alone, and you go and have some time at your computer". Nice hey? So I put on a cd, left the door of the room to the hallway a bit open. so Jan could hear the music to and I installed myself at the computer. And I had a great time.
I finished a kit and even made a new Nutshell kit, and even started on a kit too. So I have done a lot, and enjoyed myself greatly!

Now today they said temperature will rise again for several degrees, I already have my doors open to the garden, still is a bit fresh, but oh so nice, and I see there isn;t much wind either.
So it might be a good day to take a trip to the market, as Jan suggested. Vegetables are plenty to find now, and for a good price, and we could do with some fresh stock in the freezer.

Oh, yesterday evening, when it was getting a bit dark, Jan called me out into the garden, he had seen some little bats flying around! And he was right about that. Now that isn't something we see often, It should have been great to take a picture of it, but I just forgot, and anyway, my camera hasn't a good enough zoom on it, to take a really great picture. And it is also very hard to get a good shot, they fly in such speed, awesome!

Time to put on the coffee, then wake Jan a bit later and off to the market, before it gets may be too warm. This warmth will last only for one day, the rest of the week temperatures will go down to more normal values again. May be we even will get a day with some rain on Wednesday. I think the gardens will be very happy with it. I don;t mind, as long as it will be for one day and next days the sun will come back.
Got a nice kit for you, named "Simply Irresistable". I just look at Arlene's add-on!
You get two lovely quickpages and a great frame cluster.
Have a magical day!
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Download    HERE

Friday, August 02, 2013

Today will be one of the hottest days!

Goodmorning everybody!

Wednesday was another busy day, cleaning, painting, cleaning again, oh my, lots have been done.
Then yesterday we took it for granted LOL!
It was also very warm, so not a good time to be very busy.
I just went shopping to the "cheaper"supermarket, got me several things I needed, so I was happy.
I didn;t stay all too lng there, took the tram home again, and then didn;t do anything special anymore.
I made us a "light"dinner, and later in the evening we had a bowl of icecream, Pistache-flavour! Yummie.

I got a very nice surprise in my mail yesterday, from Florence. she stated"Kyra gives so much and receives not too much, so it is time to make her something nice"Isn;t that a sweet thought??
I don;t agree with her, I like what I do and I am happy with the sweet comments and mails I receive, knowing that also people who cannot afford to buy kits, will have a possibility to make their memories.
Here the little card I received(the flower she used in it is one of her garden)

Today we will not move all too much, because it will be hotter than yesterday, probably the hottest day till now, they expect temperature of ca. 90 F here at the coast(which almost never happens) to 96F in other parts of the country!
Tomorrow temperatures will drop again but will stay around 75 F, which is good for me!

Do you want to have a recipee, which is quick, good for a saturday evening or so?
I will make it tomorrow and it looks great and am sure it will taste great too!

ingredients (for 4 persons)

     Sauerkraut 200 gram
     2 tsp caraway seeds
     1 can of hot dogs (8 pieces)
     8 slices bacon
     2 tbsp oil
     4 white rolls
     2 tbsp mustard


     1. Place the sauerkraut in a pan with 100ml water and caraway seeds and bring to a boil. Let cook over low heat 10 min. Drain in a colander.
    2. Meanwhile wrap the sausages with the bacon. Heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the sausages until golden brown in 4 min. Turn regularly.
    3. Cut the rolls in half lengthwise and spread the bottom halves with mustard. Divide the sauerkraut on top. Lay on this two sausages.
         Place the tops of the buns and serve it.

So what I will do today??? Probably stay inside a lot, where it is a bit cooler than in the garden LOL.
But I may take a bit of sun too, good for the vitamines. And we still have our bi parasol, so we will be allright. Big motto today "DON ' T MOVE TOO MUCH IF NOT ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY".
May be I just can manage to get a load of laundry done, it doesn;t take a lot of energy, just have to hang it out to dry, oh well, I think I can manage that, just!!!

I hope you will like the kit of today. It is named 'Birdie Sweet", It gives a bit of summer feeling, isn;t it? And there are some marvellous clusters from Arlene to it too!
Have a magnificent weekend with lots of relax time and great fun!
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Download   HERE