Friday, February 26, 2010

Rather good news from Heidi

Goodmornng everybody!

Yesterday evening I had a phonecall from Heidi, that she is home again! The specialist examined her and told her that the infection was on the upper skin and not in or around the portocabine that is in her vain in her chest. That's good news. So he didn;t see need to change it and operate her. She has to carry on with her antibiotics treatment, which will be finished on Saturday. For the moment she still has the Flolan, her medicine) via an infuse in another vain, but hoepfully it can be placed back in a few days on its normal place. Her blood tests were good, didn;t show anything, they however took another sample of her blood and also other samples from fluids, to check if they can find perhaps another infection somewhere that causes the trouble. It still will take a bit time for her to get back to her "normal"level and not feeling so dammned tired and having lots of headaches. But still, it sounded rather good. Now let's hope that within a few days she can her infuse placed back into the vain it is supposed to be. But I was happy to hear her voice. I urged her to take it really easy, not to move around too much, take her rest, lots of sleep, and as always she answered she would be allright and would be careful, but I know she is a stuborn lady at times, so I wonder if she will really do that!

The doggie was happy yesterday afternoon when I tok him out for a walk. We made a rather big round, good for me too to be in fresh air for a while, only I was stupid again, I forgot my photocamera and I could have made a few nice pics. Well, that has to wait for another day.
Only a few days left and the Olympics of 2010 Vancouver will be history! Gosh, can you imagine there passed already 3 weeks again? And that soon we already will be in March???
Then a new daily download will be there at the forum, it was Edna's turn to pick the theme and colours and I can show you a little teaser:

Here my part of the shop add-on:

For the freebie we will continue with the Gemstones( still have to do the last letters from the alphabet, LOL), this time F-J. Always nice to have a little preview what will be in this mini kit series so here you go:

It will be time this weekend to pick out a new bloglayout, I think I already decided which one it will be, it's a real nice one, you'll see. Okay, have all a fantastic day and weekend and I'll be back on Monday.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

All in almost order again LOL!

Goodmorning everyone!
Yeah, I have a new vacuum cleaner. How happy a person can be with a household item???? And guess what? The shop where they sell all kind of items for the house was so nice to have an action just made for us LOL, they had a nice vacuum cleaner for half the price! So that was a good deal, and they also had an action for a laundry rack, which I needed too, because the old one was almost from pre-history and really was at the end, so we bought that one too!
Tested out the cleaner, works great, so house is clean again hahahaha!

Other good news, I have done my taxpapers, they are ready to be sent away today! WHOOPEEE! Now we only have to hope we receive a bit of money back from the government, we'll see if they will be so nice.
So it was a fruitful day yesterday. Now today I am a bit anxious, because of Heidi. I just had her one the phone for a moment, she seems to be rather relaxed, now let's hope it all will be settled without too much fussing around with her.!

I told you already several times that the designing is a bit slow these days, so I don;t have a real scrapkit for you today, but perhaps I have a nice change for you. We started a new project last year in the forum, called Gemstones, we had to make something for every letter of the alphabet, concerning a gemstone. Could be akind of journal page, or a quickpage or whatever you could invent for it. I ended up to make a mini-mini-kit for each letter, containing two papers and two or three elements. I will show you a preview of a few so you will know what you get LOL. The download contains 5 letters, so it will be a nice collection when all is done. I'll give you today the letters A-E.
Here are two previews

Today is doggie walking day, so I must get myself ready, because I want to do first a few things here and in the afternoon go to the doggie.
Make the best of today, if you're feeling a bit down , may be you should visit for a moment   or
I always feel better just looking at all the beautiful things Minky makes.
Bye bye

Download Gemstones A-E   HERE

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh my what a trouble!

Good afternoon.
A quick post because some people seem to have trouble with the download for The Blacksmith part one. If you have, please go back to the post and try the added link on 4-shared! I hope the file will open and that you will able to download it,
Sorry for this nasty inconvenience!

It was a terrible sports evening

Goodmorning everybody.

Before telling you a bit more about the title first a message to Linda, about the Tuscany kit,. Linda, could you please send me and email with your email address in it, so that I can contact you? We can work something out for it. Thanks.

Then the disaster from yesterday speed skating on the 10.000 mtrs. Our Sven Kramer was in the last ride and he was doing so well. He was riding on 1st place , as we hoped for. Then something weird happened. Every round the skaters have to change tracks, from inside to outside track and opposit during the whole race. And suddenly Sven hesitated at a changing point, at the last moment took the inner track and.......... it was the wrong one!!!!!!!!!!!! Nobody really understands how that could have happened, if it was his mistake, or perhaps his coach was troubled, or a misunderstanding from a gesture. Whatever it was, it was disastreous, because Sven was disqualified! Oh my, I think all the people who watched the race were in a kind of mourning. Such a shame, it happened on one of Sven's most important races till now, and skating the best time and being disqaulified because of a un-understandable mistake! So no gold medal for us, still a little consolation there was a bronze one.
We better forget that very quick.

Then another "sad"thing happened LOL! Yesterday Jan wanted to sweep the vacuum cleaner through the house and that was a nice thing. But when he switched it on, it made a VERY weird noise, produced a strange smell, so he switched it off and brought me the message that our vacuum cleaner died. Oh whee, again something we didn;t expect to happen yet. Well, now we will have to buy another one today, or tomorrow, because to be without one, isn;t an option of course.

May be Jan will go by himself to buy one, so that I can stay home(gives me time to finish up the tax papers for the accountant, now that I have received all necessary papers, yeah) and tomorrow I have to go to Heidi's home to give the doggie a walk. Why? Not because of a nice occasion. Heidi has an infuse tube in her chest for her medication which is Flolan, for her longs. But it seems that the vane is infected and it was impossible to put the usual new tube in it. So now she has her medication via her vain in the arm, but it is no good, it could hurt the vains too much with very bad results! So tomorrow she has to go to the special hospital in Amsterdam, where they will look if they can insert a new tube by operation in the saim place in the chest. If the vain is too much infected, they have to place a new tube in a vain at the opposite side of the chest, so that the infected one can heal. That together with a antiobiotic cure. Not such great news. If they can replace a new tube at the same place, she could be home again the same day or may be the day after. But if she has to undergo the real operation on the other side of her chest, she has to stay several days. Well, she has to be at the hospital tomorrow at about 12.30 afternoon, obviously Danny will be with her and not knowing how things will be, she asked me if I could take care of the dog. You can understand it is a bit of stressy situation now. Cross your fingers please or send a little word to the big Chief, that it will not be the worst scenario for her!

You could say that the last two days were rather eventful in very different ways! I am not against events, but I am really waiting for some truly NICE ones, and they seem to be quit rare at the moment!
But we must not let it get us down too much, because that is of no help at all.

On to the order of the day, the freebiekit. It's a real Spring kit and I have to thank Sylvaine from for resources I used in this kit!
I called the kit "Sweetest Scent", because it is all about a flower, Lily of the Valley.
Let's see if today can stay a day of more easy-peasy, LOL.
You all have a great day!

Download HERE

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blacksmith part 2

Goodmorning everybody!
Oh, I watched beautiful ice dancing this morning when I woke up! And I really must congratulate Canada with its GOLDEN Medal, which is completely deserved. It was the best performance, so fluently skated and a wonderful choreography.  It was a feast fot the eyes!
This evening has to be a big one for the Dutchies, LOL! Speedskating 10.000 mtrs. for men, with our very strong Sven Kramer and we have another one Bob de Jong, from whom we expect also very much. We'll see where it ends, but you know where I am this evening!

The I have to show you an award I received from Minky
Thanks Minky, it's a beautiful one! 
I suppose I will have to pass it through to a few blogs, well, I know the first one, may be not the real intention for an award, but I think it's deserved, I know i give it to myself too because I am a little part of it, but I forget that LOL)
I give it to our forum, because of the daily downloads, I think the ladies in the team do an excellent job, so there you go:
 I will leave it to these blogs, although I could make a large list, but my time is also running out a bit.
I'll have to do some shopping, and I must take my time for it, not running too hard, just easy pace, cause I am not yet 100%. Don;t know what it is, it;s not lack of sleep, I had enough the last couple of days. Must be the time of year, just between winter and spring, I always seem to have problems somehow a bit. Well, let's not worry about it, I will survive, I just want to and so it will be LOL!
So I will take a bit more time for the shopping and then tomorrow just some little housework and I even don;t think about the day after that. I will tell tomorrow.
So it's time to give you the second part of the Blacksmith. Hope the link will work right away, if not, you give me a message and I will post it again.
Have a lovely day.
Download    HERE part 2

Monday, February 22, 2010

A "golden"week-end

Goodmorning everybody!

I did have some nice visits from Mr Sandman and it was really necessary! So you can imagine we didn;t do a lot during the weekend LOL! But we watched, of course the Olympics and it was a great weekend for us Dutchies! We have won two golden medals, yeah. One on the 1500 mtr speedskating for men and on on the 1500 mtr for women! We were a bit hoping for a medal, but never could have predicted that it would be twice a golden one! Oh it was exciting and being in suspense till the last minute!
I even did a bit of designing in between the sleeping sessions and olympics LOL. I am rather busy with the DD for the forum, working a few months ahead, which is great. It gives you a bit more time to make them, and we can go on till the month of October. Yeah, we DO some work there, and the kits are all soooo different, really exciting to see with what themes everybody comes up and colourschemes and then also to see how they are interpreted by everyone. I can already promise you there will some great stuff to collect!

Now today I have a kit that I splitted in two parts. I started with some papers with a metal texture, just to see how it looked like, not bad, I thought and suddenly the theme came into my head and so it's named "The Blacksmith". Hope you can make something with this kit, it surely was great fun to make it.
Now let's see if I can do today a bit of stuff in the house, and also do some more designing. For dinner I don;t have to do much, yesterday I made a big portion of macaroni with cheese and ham, so I only have to put it in the oven. Easy-peasy and even tastes good!
You all have a lovely day!

Download   HERE part 1   mediafire or you can download on 4-shared  HERE

Friday, February 19, 2010

Send Mr. Sandman in !

Goodmorning everybody!

What is it with us folks that when we want to we cannot get the sleep we need and otherwise too! If I look at my cats they don;t seem to suffer much of this problem!
I did go at a rather normal time for me to bed yesterday, but woke up, having the feeling I slept already a few hours, but looking at the clock only had about 1 1/2  hour. I know myself, so I better stand up then and take something to drink and sit around for a while, as I did. Finally after some time I got a bit sleepy again, hoorray, back to bed, woke up this morning and saw I woke up far before the alarm should go off. But then better I stand up, and take it as it is, otherwise I would end up with a headache.
Definately not the night I had in mind! Don;t feel too sorry for me, I just had to get it out of my system, LOL!
We hope for a better night today.
On the designing part not going all too much better. I did some work on a daily download but that was all. But who knows, may be that will go better in the weekend.
It isn;t that bad if you cannot sleep as you want , but after some time you are feeling a bit quaky, that's all.
Reading over this post, I realize it isn't a very uplifting one for my readers. Okay, I will try to have a better post after the weekend.
I still have a small kit for you, may be that will give you a better feeling, it's named "Fairies Holiday Spot". Have some fun with it, enjoy your weekend, and send Mr. Sandman my way today and the next few days too please!

Download    HERE

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A bit slow in designing

Goodmorning everybody!

It seems to be a returning event every 3 months or so, that at a certain point, designing goes a bit slow. I start full of enthousiasme with a project and after some papers or objects the flow suddenly seems to stop. Then everything I make I look at it again and in 90% of the times I just remove it. Hmmmm, am I being too critical on myself or are sometimes the ideas not so good? Or t must be that the ideas are there but the execution of it doesn;t apply to my wishes. LOL. I think I better accept it than desparately keep trying and loosing time with things that will turn out okay at a later point.
Sometimes life is playing jokes with you, and this is one of them. But I better stick to the things that still go right, and just advance in a slower pace.
I told you months ago that I was busy crocheting a bed -spread. It is on the bed already for a few weeks! Yes, I actually finished it. It hasn;t become a real masterpiece, but I am yet happy I finished it and it looks quite bright on the bed. I even made a picture of it:
One of my cats, Brodski, seems to like it, because he spends a lot of time sleeping on it, LOL!
Okay, here your freebie. It's a kit that reminds you a bit of the coming spring, named "Ladybug's Holiday".
Have fun with it and have a lovely day!

Download   HERE

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I have to apologize!

Goodmorning everybody!

Here sits a almost reborn person at the computer LOL! Yesterday afternoon Jan and I both took a good nap, and oh how I needed that! But the result was, that I didn;t post a freebielist. So sorry, but I will try to put a little one up this morning and then the regular again this afternoon. Am I forgiven???
Then yesterday I went to bed a lot earlier than the days before, I think it was about 01.00 o'clock and I slept all night through, so I am feeling okay again.
It's still winter here, most of all in the eastern part of the country, but they expect that temperature will go up a little bit the next few days and I almost cannot wait! Not that it will be spring temperature, but at least you get probably the idea spring is somewhere waiting for you.

When I was in town last week I bought a terrific book and already started to read in it. It's called "The Big Enceclopedia of the Little People"wirtten by Pierre Dubois. And it's written with so much homour and about each clan or sort of goblin or gnome or elf there is also a description of their appearance, their way of clothing, their habits etc. This is the book:
And I made two shots for you from the inside so you get an idea of the marvellous illustrations in it:



I am having a great time reading it. I am trying to read each day a chapter or two. Yeah, I saw it standing in the bookshop and crying out to me: Buy me, I am wonderful!!" LOL. But it;s worth every penny of it.
Oh there is news to tell of the forum! We have a new designer for the daily downloads!! It's Su from Yeah, the girls finally talked her in to it LOL! She will be doing the theme and colourscheme for May daily download, so you will have to wait still a little bit. I am sure she will do fine and it is an enrichment for the team! Welcome Su!

Now it;s about time to give you your freebie, so I will have a bit time left to post the freebielist of this morning.
As in March there is St.Patrick's day, I made you a little kit with this theme, named it "Good Luck".
Have a fun day.
Download    HERE

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I think we are nuts!

Good afternoon everybody!

Today I slept rather long and then first did the shopping, oh wow, how good of me! It had its reason. Yesterday late evening or already it was night was speed skating again, the sprint 500 mtrs for men. Well, we didn't expect to have somebody on the highest level but still wanted to see how our sprinters did it. Oh my, normally it wouldn;t have take so long but there were great problems in the Richmond oval, the stade were it took place. The Zambonies gave up(the machines that sweep the ice) and all by all, it took ages before the two sessions were done. You know the rule: when something is starting to go wrong then everything goes wrong!
So it was a much longer seat at the tv than we expected. I said to Jan that we were completely nuts to stay up and not going to sleep, as there is always the possibilitie to view it the next day. But.... it's not the same, it's not live! Can you imagine how I am sitting now at my computer???????? LOL! Eyelids are starting to be a bit heavy, so probably I will try to take a nap later in the afternoon. I am glad that this evening the speed skating for women(also 500 mtrs.) is starting earlier in the evening. Hopefully all the technical problems are solved today and I might end up at a more normal time in bed.
Oh boy, the Olympics are wonderful, but it surely is an attack on your normal day rythm, because of the time difference.

I hope to receive this week the last necessary papers from the bank, so that I can send all the stuff to the accountant for the taxes. I really will be gald if that will be done. It's hanging above my head like a big dark cloud filled with rain!LOL. Ha, out of the corner of my eye I see Jan stretching himself out on the couch, so I suppose withing a minute or five he will be sleeping. Yeah, we aren't the youngest anymore, where has the time gone that you easily could survive a night up ??????????
Okay, I have a little freebie for you, it;s the last of the Chamber serie, this time the "Apricot-Orange Chamber".
I;ll see if I can stay awake long enough to do a bit of designing, or may be some challenge. I'll tell you tomorrow if I succeeded.
Now you all have a lovely day.
Download    HERE

Monday, February 15, 2010

Bit of strange weekend

Goodmorning everybody!

As planned I watched the opening of the Olympics, and I found it very impressive and very beautifully done! But it had it's disadvantages too for me. As I wanted to try to catch some sleep before on Friday I tried already in the afternoon which was nosuccess. Just couldn't sleep. So in the evening I tried again, and it worked better, even too good, because I missed the chat on the forum! They should have wondered why I wasn't there, so later on Saturday I quickly sent an email to explain.
So Jan and I were rather sharp at the time the opening was taking place and after it we hopped into bed to have a few more hours of sleep.
Well, Saturday we took it easy on ourselves, I just did a few little jobs around the house and in the evening we were glewed to the tv screen again, to watch the speed skating for men, 5000 mtrs. AND WE HAVE THE GOLDEN MEDALL!!!! Yeah for Sven Kramer!!!
Then Sunday we had to go to the birthday party of Séverine in the afternoon. That was nice as always, and gave us the chance to catch a bit of fresh air too. And in the ecening there was another speed skating event, 3000 mtrs. for women. Our hopes weren't that high on this one and we were right. As expected it was won by the Czech girl Sablikova and she deserved it! Also want to congratulate my Canadian readers with the bronze medall of Christina Groves! Very well done!!!
I didn;t spent much time at the computer during the weekend, so I have to catch up a bit during the week LOL.

As I was blog hopping first before posting, I had a bad surprise at Edna's blog. The poor thing has broken her foot! I am glad it is "just"her foot, although it's not a nice thing either. And that happened just short before she will go on a holiday trip! Hopefully it will be healed enough, so that she still can go on that holiday, because she really needs that.
This kind of surprises we can without, don;t you think so?
I also think we have had enough winter now and that the snow should disappear and temperature will go up a bit more! So to encourage that I have a little kit for you in really Spring colours, so that at least we can have the feeling that the weather will change soon. I named it"Leave Winter Behind", it's nothing special, but has some nice papers in it.
Time to do a little bit of designing again and then do some work around here. Have a great day, be careful in the winter weather and see you around!
Download    HERE

Friday, February 12, 2010

I will be a looooong day!

Goodmorning everybody!

Today will be really be a looooong day! Our time at 3.00 o'clock night, there will be the opening ceremony of the Olympics.Jan and I love to see it, so what to do to keep awake??? We figured it out LOL. First earlier in the day I must go out to do a bit of shopping. May be Jan will have the spirit to do a tiny task in the house in the meantime, then some other stuff to be done. And then we decided it would be a good idea to have a good nap in the afternoon or very early evening. Then we should be quite fresh again to watch the ceremony. You could ask why we are so nuts to watch that in the middle of the night, there are programs the next day with the highlights, but it is not the same. We are rather sport lovers and if you don;t see the life opening somehow you don;t have the right feeling with all the games, as if it's not the Olympics. Do you know what I mean? So if possible you re-arrange a bit the day and you are fine, hey!!!!!!!!!
I am still struggling with the PSE8 program, not yet spent a lot of time on it, it will come, be sure of that, but I must do it slowly, cause it's a rather extended program with so many possibilities that it isn;t so easy to master it all. As I am kind of chicken too in those kind of things, it must progress in slow pace, LOL.
Then there is the forum chat too this evening to attend! Wow, you see, a rather filled day and in between I even want to do a bit of stuff on the computer. Gosh, I must get moving soon!
So today I have yet another Chamber kit for you, I like this one, because of the colour. It's the Olive Chamber, looks real fresh to me, hope you will like it too.
Now you have a great weekend, for the sport lovers it should be, and as much as I like the all my foreign visitors, I rather hope that tomorrow in the speedskating (it will be the 5000 mtr. for men) we will take some serious medals.!!!!! And Jan just said to me that he has nothing against  Canadians , but that he truly hopes that in the women speed skating the Canadian skaters will leave a few medalls to the Dutchies!!!! YEAH!!!!
Download      HERE

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Strange behaviour of internet.

Goodmorning everybody!

I was early this morning so why not take opportunity and post right away. Well opened my blog, and suddenly internet was gone again! That lasted for about 1 1/2 hours again! When it was just back I searched the providers site to see if any work was planned for my area, but there wasn't. But yesterday , even the day before and now today again they have fun in blocking the connection. Strange people. I hope it's done now again with that. In general I cannot complain about them.
Not so much to report, cause I did it all yesterday afternoon. I haven;t made any real plans for today, so I;ll see what it will bring. Ooops, I have to contact the bank I went to yesterday, this time customer service to get a copy of the year review you always get at the starting of a new year. I need that for my taxes. So I better do that this morning! I did that now, in between posting. Yeah for me. It's settled, I will probably get it next week. Pfff, I have taken a little hurdle again, LOL.

I hope today Mediafire will work again as it should be, yesterday there was a bit of trouble at time. Don;t know why, perhaps there was a bit of maintenance or so.
Let's see what I have for you today. Oh my, a kit with a bit of wisdon LOL!!!!!!!! It's a bird related kit, named "Mysterious Owls"! Hey, isn;t that making you curious. Then quick look at the preview and download it, I think it;s a nice little kit. Have a great day, where there has to be snow I hope you get it and where there is too much I hope it will disappear very soon!
Download     HERE

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Internet problems!

Good afternoon everybody!

Yes, it is latertoday, I couldn't post this morning because I still had no internet connection. It started yesterday early night already! So we had no tv, no phone, no internet, nothing! You are feeling helpless in such situation.
I am glad it is fixed again. Must have been some problem at the provider, or perhaps they were making new connections or whatever.
I am thinking to buy me a very cheap prepaid mobile phone. When something like this happens, at least you can get in touch with the world. I don;t want one with a contract, not worth the effort. But one with a card for say 20 euro, you can do enough phonecalls, if necessary. And for normal use we just use the other phone, via internet connection.
So I could have stayed on the computer this morning designing, but I was a brave girl LOL and closed it down and went into town. I had a little business to do with a bank, which I have done to satisfactory, and I wanted to look if I could find a little present for Séverine, celebrating her birthday for the "growns-ups"at  Sunday.
I found her 3 little books, very easy to read by herself, one of them is more a do-it yourself book. She can paste stickers in it to dress a princess, there are some little games in it, I think it is nice. Jan even thinks the books are a bit too easy for her, but she has become just 8, hard to figure out how good she is in reading.
I don;t see her that often lately, so it's a bit trying the "lucky guess" for me.
And I found a great sweater for Jan in a nice soft yellow colour for only 9 euro in the sale! Whoopee!
I understood some of you had a bit of problem downloading the Magenta Chamber kit? I uploaded it to 4 shared now and changed the link in the post. Hope it will work for you all.
Today another Chamber LOL! We are almost done with them, believe me! And then I have to catch up a bit of lost time today LOL. So enjoy your day.
Download    HERE

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Colder again

Goodmorning everybody!
It's getting colder again here! May be there even will be a little snowing again later this week. Who is waiting for that? Not me! I know in the US they have problems with the snow in a few states, but also here in Europe, for the moment in Rumania and Bulgaria there are loads of snow which causes problems. It seems, winter isn;t over yet!
After the long post of yesterday I think I will keep this one rather short. I must go out today and some other things are waiting to be done too.
Oh my I can sleep these days, terrible! Perhaps it's the kind of weather that does it, but yesterday my eyes kept shutting down already at about 23.30 which is rather early for me. But I went to bed 15 minutes later, it took me just a few minutes to fell asleep and I didn;t woke up till 8.15 this morning! What a blessing! It's a good thing though, because for the coming weeks there will be some "night shifts"to do, because of the Olympics. Yeah, if Dutchies are taking part in an event we are there!
I am just taking mini steps in my new Photoshop Elements 8 program. It will really take time to get along with it. If there is anybody who is using Elements, please tell me, if you don;t mind that I will ask questions. It would be a great help.

Now the freebie for today, another part of the Chamber series, this time the "Magenta Chamber"Nice bright, striking colour you could say LOL. Have fun with it, and have a terrific day!
Download  HERE

Monday, February 08, 2010

It's Happy Birthday Séverine!

Goodmorning everybody!

Today is the birthday of teh daughter of Heidi, if I am still counting right she will have 8 years today! Gosh, where does the time flies? So Happy Birthday to Séverine, I will surely call you today an wish you all the best of life!
We had a bit of busy weekend this time! Satuday Jan suggested we should go out to a DIY market and look if there was a nice rack to find. So we did and yes........... we did find one a took it with us. It's a very simple black steel one but oh so practical. Yesterday Jan pulled up his sleeves and put the thing together, then placed back the other one(which was just a tiny bit too big for the kitchen)back in it;s old place, we organized all the stuff on them and I must say it is very handy! Yeah for Jan again!Gosh, he is active lately, but I don;t mind. After a job done I and Jan too, must always laugh or it;s more a hidden chuckle, because we are such a FUN team in those kind of things LOL. At the start we always have discussions of how to do it or when, and we almost always seem to disagree on the way how to do it. So it often ends in both being a bit irritated, I say: okay, you know it so well, so then you do it, leave me in peace and I will let you in peace. Then I go out, or I sit at the computer, or do something else at another part of the house! What a fun couple we sound, don;t we???? But at the end, when all has to be placed back or something, we do that together, discussing nicely where and how it must be done, and when ready, we both are happy. Gee, we NEVER learn, cause this kind of thing is going on almost all the time we are together already(and this year it will be 18 YEARS, I cannot imagine !). But as long as we can smile after a little while again and have a bit of fun, I suppose it's just the way it has to be.

I have other, great news to tell. Just last Friday I did buy myself Photoshop Elements 8!!! Yeah, after talking a long time about it, I have it installed on the computer. But... don;t expect I will have kits done with it already! Oh my, it;s a complicated program, I need to learn A LOT so for the moment I will stick to the simple program I am using I am afraid. In between all I will try to understand how PSE8 works, but it will take lots of time, lots of practise and I am sure lots of deleteing first, before I will have the grasp of it. I am completely lost there, it's soooooooo different from my other program, that I only will learn in very small steps. But I am happy I finally have it, because I think I can do (after months of trying hahahaha) a lot of beautiful things with it. May be I should have a little book at my side, where I should write down how I do certain things, so if I need to do the same I can look it up, because these old brains will not be able to remember it all in one time!!!
So please, have patience with me and know that I am trying to learn it, but that it will take lots of time!

Oh my what a long post this is. I still have something more. I also received an award, this time from Ashley,
a very nice blog with great stuff , worth to take a look, cause she has a lot of freebies!
This is the award she gave me
I am supposed to give it to some others and here we go:
How could I pass the first one? That really should deserve the name of the award:

I think all of these blogs have something to offer out of the ordinary, it may be the way they write, it may be the work they offer or whatever. If you have a spare moment, take a look at them!

Well, I think it's time for the freebie now. As Mardi Gras will soon be there I made a kit for it and I am not unhappy about it, LOL. I have to say "Thanks"to
for some of the items I used, especially for making the papers!
Now you all have a great day, I must really do some things around here, but I hope I can progress a tiny little bit with my new toy, the PSE8 program!!!
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Friday, February 05, 2010

A wonderful blog is started!

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh whee, it was an exciting day yesterday! First some "down-to earth"news LOL! I felt really so much better yesterday that some energy was back again. I took advantage of it right away and did all the ironing in one shift. In the mean time I heard some funny noises coming out of the kitchen and the storage"room". So i went looking and saw Jan busy getting all the pans and other kitchen stuff off a rack that was standing there. Then he took it all to the kitchen, but not before he thouroughly cleaned up the corner with the heating kettle. Seeing that I rushed back to the ironing, because it's usually better when we don;t work together , any idea how that is???????And now all the pans are near by at hand in the kitchen, neatly organized by him(probably I will change in due time a bit of it hahahaha), but he did a great job. Now we only have to find a small rack for the storage room and then that will be looking much better too!I don;t know what it is, but Jan is more in a "go on let's do it"mood than I am lately. I even have to slow him down a tiny bit, can you imagine?

After this was all done, I had some time on the computer again and I have exciting news. A few days ago I told you that Minky would start a new blog for her Starchildren Project. Well, it's up and running and she worked like crazy and it looks more than terrific! I am proud to say that I made the background layout for it, and it was such fun to do. Oh everybody should take a look at the blog
because there are soooo much things to download and all soooo beautiful and made with love, it's really a treat for the eyes! And it's all FREE! But...yes, there is the tricky but.......... you know she is raising funds for the project, so if you can, but only if you can it's NO obligation, it would be nice if you could donate a few bucks for this wonderful project. Minky explains it all on the blog and nobody should feel guilty just to download . It's all there for that and to make you feel happy. I really have only one request: if you download something, PLEASE leave a little message on the blog, that isn;t too much to ask, is it?? Minky has uploaded tons of stuff already, I will show you a few pieces of it, so you get an idea:
(click the picture to see it real big!)



And here my contributions for the blog, I made some cards and also a little kit that you can download all there

I hope these previews make you curious to take a trip to the Starchildren blog, link is also in the sidebar! Have lots of fun, and make all the people of Sulina's sanctuary happy with your comments!  If you feel inspired by seeing all this, Minky also would be very happy with an artistic/creative contribution, you could make a mini kit, or a card or whatever comes up in your mind, and that other people could download there. That would also be great! 
Ooooops, I got carried away a bit in promoting this, but I am nominated the Fairy Godmother so I think it is a bit the task of this "title", so fogive me LOL!

Hmmm. now I better give you the reward for your patience, having to read(I hope you did') all this, and I think I have a nice kit for you. It´s another of the Chambers, but this one you can easily use for a lot of different layouts! It´s the `Grey Chamber`. (and I love the element with the guy in the chair!!).
Now you all have a great weekend, I gave you already enough for looking and downloading and there is still the freebielist to come later today. Enjoy!

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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Yeah for yesterday.

Goodmorning everybody!
The longer sleep yesterday and staying in the house did a lot of good. Feeling much, much better today, although the sniffing isn;t gone yet and that will stay for some more time, I am afraid. But..... let's not complain. Yesterday I started with a teasing headache, I took an asperine and it helped marvelous to get rid of it. Looking around in the room I decided I had to hoover it badly, but before I could get to the vacuum cleaner Jan already took it out and did the job. Sweet hey? So I did the right guess it right.........nothing else!!! LOL I watched a bit tv and played on the computer and I didn;t feel bad about it.
I was able to do 2 challenges, in fact 3 of them, because in the colour challenge I combined it with the brush challenge. We had this colour pallet to work with
and no theme, that was up to us. Then also Snowy gave us a link dor some lovely brushes from deviant art,
and from both I made this little kit
One of these days or weeks I will offer it as a freebie, okay?
Then I did the template too, this was the template to work with

and I made this layout, with a picture I made somewhere in december, when we had a big snowfall

So I was rather happy about myself. LOL
I even started with a kit for Mardi Gras, that's the 16th of February if I am right, so I will have to hurry up with that!
This morning I received two emails from Minky, with a picture for her starchildren project and also an award. Isn;t she sweet? I am happy as a child with all the awards, even if I may receive some for a second or 3rd time, it still is a token of appreciation for the work and that's always nice.
This was the award

 Oh, I should say to you to visit this blog 
It's a nice lady, who makes some lovely things and some of it you can also snatch away, like some backgrounds or quickpages. If you visit and take something of her, leave a little comment. 

Now are you slowly getting the Olympic fever????  It starts a bit overhere, but you know what's funny? Normally in Canada there's no problem with snow, but exactly now, when they need it most, they seem to have a bit of a shortage, LOL! They are flying in snow from other parts of the country to Vancouver! And then to know, that in parts of Europe we have lots and lots of snow, far too much in some countries!
Usually it should be the other way round.

Okay, enough rambling, time for a freebie. We make a sidestep today of the Chamber serie and I am offering you a cowmoy/western realted kit, simple title "Howdy". Hope you will like it. I should take my cup of coffee now(the 2nd) and also some paper handkerchiefs, to get rid of the "sniffing"stuff. Oh, not to worry, I am used to that, and some day it will pass away suddenly. Hopefully I will advance a bit on the Mardi Gras kit and may be even do a challenge or two. And even some ironing( there's always HOPE grin..... grin....)
Have a splendid day!

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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

How nice, the sun is shining!

Goodmorning everybody!

It's 11.15 in the morning here and that is late for me to be at the computer. But today I did have a looong sleep, it was Jan who waked me up at about 10.15, because he knows I hate it to wake up much later. If I do so, I somehow loose my whole day, very funny! But I suppose it was needed and I must say I am feeling much better today. Still the head is a bit "heavy", but I think it's the cold that is still sticking there, already for weeks. Well, I am used to that, especially in winter time, so nothing to worry about, it's just a bit uncomfortable. All it really needs is a warm temperature and lots of sun. Not yet the time of year for it. Although, this morning the sun is shining bright, even the sky is blue! I wonder how long that will last.
I already started yesterday a bit on the challenges for this month, but it's only a start! Lots more to do. I am in a kind of fairy mood the past days, trying to make some nice things for Minky's new blog that will be there soon, concerning the school project. I just hope people will like it that much that they will give a little donation for this wonderful project.
I better be a bit quick with this post because I have some projects I want to do today. It sure does help that the sun is shining, you already feel much more energetic and puts you in a nice mood.
Today another part of the Chamber serie, yes still some more to go! Because today is such a bright looking day(till now) and may be in some other parts of the world you could use a bit of brightness I give you the "Yellow Chamber". You should feel already a bit happy, by looking at the preview LOL.
Now have a great day and hopefully tomorrow I will be there at the "normal"time.
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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

New challenges up and more work

Goodmorning everybody!

This has to be a bit of a short post, if I want to do the things I have in mind today! As you know I often have a "starting"problem LOL!
First to do is do some shopping, and I really chose the right day for it, they are expecting some rain showers today, or may some wet snow. Brrrrr, not the best conditions to do some shopping. Well, may be I get lucky and an do it between some showers, who knows(with my luck?????).
As the new month started, we have new challenges again on the forum, yesterday I picked up two and I will have to see today what Snowy added to them! So work to be done again and in between I am still making freebie kits and also busy for a "donation"to Minky's new blog for the school projext. So you cannot say I am not busy. In between that there are some duller things to do too, like the household, preparing the papers for the taxes, that kind of wonderful stuff! LOL
Yesterday I felt really lazy, but I wasn;t feeling all 100%, nothing extreem or nasty, but just not completely well into the skin. That can happen sometimes, without any reason or warning, oh gosh, that will disappear in the same way too. Just feeling very tired too, so I took a nap in the afternoon and I had a great night of sleep, that helps!! I think it has more to do with the time of year, still wintery, me longing for some better weather with sun and warmth, nothing to do about it so we'll just have to walk on and it will pass as silently as it came( always trying to stay optimistic and positiv, hey??)
Good, that said we hop to the freebie, another part of the serie, yes, I have a few more! Today it's the Teal Chamber.
You all have a great day!
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Monday, February 01, 2010

Winter will not go away!

Goodmorning everybody!

First of all I must thank all of you who left a birthday wish for Jan. He was sooooo surprised, that he received a lot of messages from all over the world, he didn;t understand it but it made him happy! So thanks from me and also thanks from him! You are wonderful people!
We passed his birthday in a quiet mood, but it was nice.

Saturday we even went out for a moment to look for a rack, but we didn;t found it yet. That's not a problem, we go to look for it another time in another place and one day suddenly our eye will fall on justthe right one.
The rest of the weekend we stayed nice indoors, because winter isn;t over yet. From time to time snow is coming down, not in large quantities(at least not here on the coast) but that's the most dangerous of all. During day time it melts away but the underfround still is cold so the roads become slippery, but you almost cannot see it. Although some snow is nice in winter time I think I saw enough of it now, but.... they still expect a bit more from time to time.

As you can see I have another bloglayout again. I thought it was time for a soft coloured one again and isn;t it a beautiful one? You should take a look at the link I posted at the side bar, this lady makes real beutiful bloglayouts!
And as a new month started there also is a new daily download at the forum, you can see the slide show on top of the blog. Inventor of the colourscheme and theme was .......... me! And I must say our team did a beautiful job with it.There also is, as usual, an add-on kit in the shop that can become yours for only $ 1.50! And believe me, it is worth the price. So take a look and may be there are some nickels left and you can make this add-on yours. It would help a bit to pay for the costs of the site. Thanks in advance! I can show you the preview of that kit:
Looks nice, doesn't it???
Friday evening Heidi called for Jan's birthday and we had a little update with eachother. Last week the little one, Séverine, was home, she caught some nasty virus and wasn;'t feeling all to well. But it was going better already, so Heidi thought she could go back to school again today. Soon Séverine will have her birthday too, it will be the 8th of February, but they decided to celibrate it with family and friends a week later. Her father has to work on different shifts and he cannot take a day off at the moment. In a way it is also nice for her, now she has a birthday twice!! 

Till now, our heating is holding itself as it should, so I have a little hope, that the problems have passed(but cautious as I am in those things, I am not saying this too loud, don;t want to attrack evil forces, LOL).

Okay, I think I covered all the things worth to tell so let's go to the freebie. It will be the next one of the "Chamber"serie. this time we pass some time in the.........."Red Chamber". I think you can also use it for some Valentine layouts! Anyway, you have fun with it and have all a wonderful day!

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