Friday, February 05, 2010

A wonderful blog is started!

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh whee, it was an exciting day yesterday! First some "down-to earth"news LOL! I felt really so much better yesterday that some energy was back again. I took advantage of it right away and did all the ironing in one shift. In the mean time I heard some funny noises coming out of the kitchen and the storage"room". So i went looking and saw Jan busy getting all the pans and other kitchen stuff off a rack that was standing there. Then he took it all to the kitchen, but not before he thouroughly cleaned up the corner with the heating kettle. Seeing that I rushed back to the ironing, because it's usually better when we don;t work together , any idea how that is???????And now all the pans are near by at hand in the kitchen, neatly organized by him(probably I will change in due time a bit of it hahahaha), but he did a great job. Now we only have to find a small rack for the storage room and then that will be looking much better too!I don;t know what it is, but Jan is more in a "go on let's do it"mood than I am lately. I even have to slow him down a tiny bit, can you imagine?

After this was all done, I had some time on the computer again and I have exciting news. A few days ago I told you that Minky would start a new blog for her Starchildren Project. Well, it's up and running and she worked like crazy and it looks more than terrific! I am proud to say that I made the background layout for it, and it was such fun to do. Oh everybody should take a look at the blog
because there are soooo much things to download and all soooo beautiful and made with love, it's really a treat for the eyes! And it's all FREE! But...yes, there is the tricky but.......... you know she is raising funds for the project, so if you can, but only if you can it's NO obligation, it would be nice if you could donate a few bucks for this wonderful project. Minky explains it all on the blog and nobody should feel guilty just to download . It's all there for that and to make you feel happy. I really have only one request: if you download something, PLEASE leave a little message on the blog, that isn;t too much to ask, is it?? Minky has uploaded tons of stuff already, I will show you a few pieces of it, so you get an idea:
(click the picture to see it real big!)



And here my contributions for the blog, I made some cards and also a little kit that you can download all there

I hope these previews make you curious to take a trip to the Starchildren blog, link is also in the sidebar! Have lots of fun, and make all the people of Sulina's sanctuary happy with your comments!  If you feel inspired by seeing all this, Minky also would be very happy with an artistic/creative contribution, you could make a mini kit, or a card or whatever comes up in your mind, and that other people could download there. That would also be great! 
Ooooops, I got carried away a bit in promoting this, but I am nominated the Fairy Godmother so I think it is a bit the task of this "title", so fogive me LOL!

Hmmm. now I better give you the reward for your patience, having to read(I hope you did') all this, and I think I have a nice kit for you. It´s another of the Chambers, but this one you can easily use for a lot of different layouts! It´s the `Grey Chamber`. (and I love the element with the guy in the chair!!).
Now you all have a great weekend, I gave you already enough for looking and downloading and there is still the freebielist to come later today. Enjoy!

Download     HERE


Debbi said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 5 post on Feb. 05, 2010. Thanks again.

Ashley said...

Thanks so much for the lovely kit. An award is waiting for you at my blog. Ashley

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the CraftCrave DigiFree search engine today (look for timestamp: [05 Feb 03:37pm GMT]).

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Evening Kyra:)
I am so happy that you are feeling a little better.Colds can really bring you down.:( I just got over a really rough one about a week or so ago. I think all that coughing is what helped to put my back out.
I LOVE your new kits! Thank you so much for sharing them with me. I wish I had time to check out your friends blog..but it is bedtime here and I will have to do it at a later date.:)

Leaving a big hug!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to Lori's freebie list