Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas feeling is creeping in!

Goodmorning everybody!

So how was your weekend? Here it was nice and quiet, most of the time it was not so bright outside, lots of rain, so it was good to stay in. Oh my, Dikkie Dik, the fattest of the two brother cats, did it again! Friday Jan said I had to look at him, cause he thought something wasn;t okay with Dikkie. So I went to take a look and yes, one of his eyes was almost closed, that because of a rather big wound just above his eye! And it was rather thick, so I pushed a bit and wheeeee, a LOT of dirty stuff came out! So I tried to get most out of it and cleaned it up with lots of alcohol, and then actually saw he had three spots close together that were wounded. So he had a fight again for sure. I probably cleaned it very well, because on Saturday there was just a tiny bit more left and it seems to healing well again. But he has a whole bold spot just between his eye and ear on his head again!!! I told him, he doesn;t look as Mr. Handsome anymore, but that this was his own fault. And as I idn't have a little hairpierce for him to put on his bold spot, he had to walk with that for the time being!

It's aweful with him, he keeps doing it! He is such a sweet cat, but outside he seems to be the macho of the neighbourhood!

You noticed of course I already dressed my blog in Christmas outfit. I made the layout of one of my own kits and I think I like it. Now tomorrow the real Christmas spirit will take over, because then the Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking Freebie round will start! I will offer you my first of many more Christmaskits and you can collect then a lot more if you click the link on the right going to the blog of the WWCSF (blinkie in green).

And you may have noticed too, that I already put up the slideshow for the December Daily Download of the Magickal Scraps forum. Oh, I am proud to say I was the inventor of the theme and colourscheme and title: "Tales of the Raven".

And Oh boy, what a TERRIFIC job the team did! It is a real special Christmas related kit, so if you want to make some very different and special layouts I think you should take a look at the forum, starting tomorrow, and download the DD!!! And on top of all that we also have an add-on to it in the shop, a BIG one, believe me, for the tiny little price of $ 1,50!!! I'll give you the preview of it:

Click it to have a better view, but it was almost impossible for Snowy to get all the stuff into the preview, such a lot of it in it, so if you want to give yourself a nice Christmaspresent I think you should considere this add-on, LOL

Soon I will have to assemble my Christmas decorations again, I still will wait about this week, and I will start after the 5th of December, when we had the Sinterklaas here. So if I am right, Sunday would be the day. Oh boy, that will be hard work again, but also nice work! I'll keep you posted of course! If you want to have already a bit of the Christmas feeling you should go to Snowy's blog, she already started decorating at home!

Enough rambling I think, it;s time for your freebie. It's not a too big kit, but I will give you the winter feeling, a real December kit, named it "Snowy Days". Have fun, don;t forget to come back tomorrow for the 1st. Christmaskit I will offer this year and have a great day!

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Friday, November 27, 2009

How many Christmaskits do you need?

Goodmorning everybody!

Perhaps a strange question as blogpost title, but I will explain. I seem to have a slight "block"conserning the designing, although... not completely. Everytime I started a kit, somehow it still ended up to look like a Christmaskit. LOL. So I wondered how namy Christmaskits one could need. Well, I suppose it's nice to have a bit of choice for your layouts, in different styles and so. But don't you think I am overdoing it with 8 Christmaskits I have so far????? I suppose so, but can;t help myself. I just like making them. Therefore I also joined the Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking Freebie train! I felt proud that they asked me to join in again. Already you noticed the link in the sidebar I think. This is every time a great event, with a bunch of designers joining in, all offering a Christmas freebie. It will take off on the 1st of December, so keep that date in mind, I am sure you will not regret it.

I hope everybody who celebrated Thanksgiving had a wonderful day, a day to look back to in good memorie! For us here it was just a average day in the year, because we don;t have this holiday. That's the interesting of knowing people all over the world, you get to know their customes, the holidays that atre important to them, but always a few are common ones, may be celebrated in a bit different way, or even on another date, but in the base still the same.

Yesterday I suddenly lost for a while internet connection and even telephone connection. That wasn;t so funny, but I was glad it didn't last for too long. As my telephone is going also on my modem, it's not nice when it's dead! I suppose they want to press you to take also a mobile phone. Hmmmm, perhaps to be safe, I should by me one very simple one, perhaps a prepaid, just to have possibility to do something when the "normal"phone won;t work. Something to think about LOL.

Well, not much more to tell, so I'll give you your freebie. I think it's a nice one to use for some special Christmas layouts, or New Years layouts it's just in two colours, red and black, with some gold and silver, so I named it "Red and Black Chic". Curious to know your reaction on this one. Have a lovely day, and a great weekend !

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

A baby is born!!

Goodmorning everybody!

Golly gosh, I have plenty to show you, now it's up to me to make a not too chaotic blogpost LOL. I think best is to start with the most happy news!

Maitri, a member of the team in the forum was expecting a baby, and it's there already!! I received the news from Snowy yesterday! Isn;t that lovely news? She has a Thanksgiving baby!
Look at her and her son, Duncan Robert and you'll have to admit he's looking so sweet.
Perhaps you could leave her a little message on her blog

I right away made a card for her and posted that on the forum(not that she will be there for the time being LOL) and I;ll post it here too, with my congratulations from the heart for the parents, of course.

Take a good rest Maitri and enjoy your little boy to the full!

Then yesterday received a sweet mail from a visitor, Judy, who asked me awhile ago if she could use some of the Russian kits I made last year. It was for something kind of special, she makes Russian Christmascards for a friend and of course I did say yes. I only asked her to send me an example of a card she made and so she did. Perhaps the pictures aren;t a 100 % but still you get a good idea of them. She did a lovely job with them.

It's so nice to see sometimes what people make of the things I made, and what a variety there is among them. It shows what you can do with a bit of creativity and fantasy!

And I received another card from my fairy friend Minky! It's a card she made for the teenage visitors of the Sanctuary.

Great card again Minky!

Apart from all this what else to tell you? Not too much anymore, only that I did some jobs around the house, yeah, good girl and that I really didn;t go out. I did manage to finish the kit I was working on and even am half way on a new one! Oh boy, I watched again my favourite serie yesterday evening, The Eagle, and it was kind of one. One of the members of the team died, snof snif! Jan and I weren;t happy with it. You know what he said to me??? "I don;t like this at all. It was such a good team member and you don;t want the good ones to die, no, only the bad guys!" I completely agreed with him LOL. But it was another thrilling episode, and even so my eyes were protesting a bit to be kept open, I managed it to the end( they broadcast it rather late in the evening) and then right away jumped into my bed and I slept all night till almost 090.00 o'clock this morning.
I today I have for you my contribution to the October colour challenge, it had all to do with recycling and being aware of the environment and this was the result: "Care for your Earth".
And now I take my second coffee and will first do a bit of bloghopping and forum visiting, before continuing on the kit I was working on. Now you all have a splendid day!
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm staying in the house!

Goodmorning everybody!

Did I make a dumb mistake yesterday when I told you about Darwin's book! My finger lingered too long on the "0", so I gave you the indicated price of 700.00(euro), but that had to be 70.000. Just a minor difference, LOL. Well, today I read the final selling price at the auction: 140.00 euro! Still not bad, I think!

I went out yesterday, I had too, but got lucky, it stayed dry all the time. I made it a quick trip and when I returned home, Jan wanted to go out to see if we could find a new video recorder. Yes, the old one has finally died! We still have the dvd, so no real harm done, but to have a video is still nice too. For one: you can register more at the same time and for two: you can watch the old videĆ³'s we still have. LOL.

Well, we didn;t find one yet, but I think we will have to go to the center of town, to find one. We just need a plain one, and prefarably a very simple one. And they don;t cost a lot of money anymore.

But today I like to stay home, it's blowing outside and some more rain is expected, so I better stay puy, if possible! Gives me occasion to do something in the house and perhaps it can be a productive day in designing. Oh, every day there is something done, but for the moment it is a little bit on slow speed. Although I finally finished a kit yesterday and even did one challenge for the forum. I am catching up a bit on that, but I have to check again to see what I still didn't do! However I can show you the layout I did for a new monthly challenge that started, called "My favourite things". This month we had to make the layout about our favourite tv series, or program, which was hard to do, cause I have so many series and programs I like.! But I made the choice, and this is definately for the moment my favourite serie:

Just click the picture to have a better look.

What's next? I definately have to start this week with writing the Christmaspost. I want to send them a bit early, cause some of the addresses will need a bit of time to be delivered. And it's better to have them on the way before the big amount of Christmaspost is starting it's travel! Funny to think already about Christmas, while here we still have our Sinterklaas feest to celebrate. It will be on Saturday, next week. Jan and I don;t do anything about it, although I will have certainly some sweets on the table. There are some traditional things for that special evening, like chocolate letters, fondant(yummie), almond pastry, nutmegs(plain or covered with chocolate), things like that.

The fondant

The almond pastry

The nutmegs

Looks yummie, doesn't it?

On to your freebie, a kit in one colour scheme named "On Lilac Dream Clouds". And then all to do is to wish you a terrific day

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I feel myself like me again

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh boy, did I sleep well this night! And I am feeling myself again as it should be. Still was taking it a bit easy yesterday(although I did some housework yeah!), took a nap in the afternoon and then had a great tv evening. After that I slept without waking up till this morning. Great!

Oh, yesterday my contractor came by to finish off the job, so we are free again! That's a great feeling too, you know.!

I did a bit of work on a new kit, not too much, and also made on Sunday and yesterday some quickpages. It was because of Nana, she wanted us to make a qp with nutcrackers on it. As usual, once started, I made in total 4 of them. Let me show you 2 of them:


I just loved the nutcracker with the witch! It's such a funny one!

Let me know if there are any nutcracker collectors among you, I may even offer these and two more qp's as a freebie.

The weather is still looking grey and rather wet, although when I went out for a moment yesterday I was lucky. Just a few drops fell down. But there is more rain to come and to the end of the week it seems that temperature will go down too a bit.

Do you perhaps have any books in your WC? If so, better take a good look at them! I read, that somewhere somebody found a first print of Darwin's book "The Origin of Species"( only 1250 books were printed in that first edition!) and it will be offered on an auction with Christy's, I believe. They expect it will go for about 700.000 (don;t know anymore if that is in pounds or euro's). Not a bad find! I wish I found a book like that in my collection, LOL.

Okay, here to your freebie. I am sure some of you will be happy to see that finally I madeagain an oriental kit. I named it "Asian Dreams", cause it is a mix of Chinese and Japanese style. I think the colours turned out very well. Have some fun with it and have a great day you all!

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Not really my weekend

Goodmorning everybody!

I surely hope your weekend was a bit better then mine. Already on the Friday a bad headache started and stayed and I wasn;t feeling too well on Saturday either. Had a bit of trouble with my epilepsie, that's probably why I started with that headache. Oh well, I am used to that, but it isn;t nice. So I kept a bit "low profile" and took my rest, which is the best thing to do. I think, it;s gone now again, already yesterday I was free again from those nasty absences, so don;t worry. I think it happened because the last weeks we were pretty busy here, with all the moving around in the house and then on top the contractors and such.
Friday evening my contractor came over as we agreed, I told him what his boss told us and he was okay with it. So he promised me to come today to finish the things, but I wonder if he can do much, cause there is a lot of wind and rain.
Saturday the neighbours contractor came and did their job. Glad that all is almost over now.

So in fact there isn't much to tell about my weekend. I did some things on the computer, but took also enough breaks and slept a bit more, so it was a quiet an even a bit dull weekend. Sometimes that seems to be needed LOL.

The last few days more and more rain is falling down, accompanied by a bit of strong wind, I think we received it from England, where in parts it is terrible weather for the moment. In the north part(Cumbria I believe) and also in Wales they have masses of water and lots of rivers are flooding and people are not happy with this, it's ruining their houses and all. In Cumbria they have to controll around 1800 bridges, cause a lot of them are suffering from the water and some already collapsed! Although the temperature here is still higher than normally, it is really autumn like weather now. Grey, wet, wind, too dark, not my kind of weather at all!

Today I have a bit smaller kit for you, with not too much elements, but some nice papers in it. I named it "Tender Moments". I hope, you still can use some of it. Now I will take first another coffee and play around a bit on the computer and after that I slowly get myself ready to go out(brrrrr), I have to do a little shopping. I think that is all I will do today, then just take a easy and stay a bit at the computer and tomorrow all should be completely okay again.
Have a nice day and be creative!

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Good work done yesterday!

Goodmorning everybody!

I slept rather late this morning, so I guess I just needed it after yesterday's work! Yes, I did the backroom and it's looking much better now! It was a bit of hard work, but I am happy that i did it. Now I have room enough for the ironing board and me swinging around on the music which I listen to doing this boaring work! LOL.

Then yesterday afternoon, when I was in full speed, the doorbell rang and there was standing the head contractor to see how the work was done by his man. I let Jan take care of that, and after asking Jan if the boss was pleased with it, he said that he thought it was okay, but that he wanted the guy to come back again and finish it off completely! Oh boy, still not quite done with it?? Hmmm, we told him that we were rater satisfied with the work, but not with the way of making the appointments, that were in fact no appointments and he agreed. I told him, that this wasn't a good advertising for this guy and I am sure the boss will have a good talk with him. I am curious if he comes this evening to collect his money! I agreed with the boss, that if he does, I will give him a part and the rest will be given to him after he finished everything. So we will see when that happens!

I told you that Edna's brother had to have surgery on his nose. That's done with now and Edna has some great shots of Moo and his new nose on her blog! It really looks terrific! Congratulation Moo, you are even looking more handsome than before, LOL!

This morning I received another card from my fairie friend Minky and I will show it to you, because this is a really beautiful one! Just click on it to see it full size.

And now the kit for today. It's in bright colours, dealing with some funny animals. I named it "happy Animals" . Could be good for kid's pictures or some layouts for you pet, I think. As I am somewhat late today I have to speed up a bit to do the things I have in mind for today. Not too much, but I want to have it ready before the weekend starts. Then I'll have time enough tomorrow and Sunday to play on the computer.Lots to do on that! You'll have a marvellous weekend and see you again on Monday!

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today must be a productive one

Goodmorning everybody!

I am a little aahamed to say, that yesterday nothing was done here in the house! It was a grey day, and Jan and I both were feeling without real energy to clear out the backroom. So nothing much happened overhere! Not a very productive day, at least, not as I planned, but still got things done on the computer. I worked on a kit I started already and it's progressing nicely. And I did a lot on the daily downloads for the forum already. I will give you a little teaser for it:

Here one of the days for January

And here already one for February

And I saw already some contributions of the other memebers of the team and I can assure you these kits are going to be marvellous!

Okay, today some work has to be done and I really am planning to do so! That measn not too long rambling now, getting a bit more awake LOL and then hoppa, doind the things that have to be done now.

I have a real nice kit for you today, I made it bearing in mind the holiday season is approaching and you could need a bit of a chic kit. So I made "Festive Black and Gold"for you. I really hope, you can use it for some stunning layouts! Now you all have a nice day, and hopefully I can report tomorrow that the backroom is looking fine again! LOL.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Yeah, it is finished!!!!!

Goodmorning everybody!

It took a bit of time yesterday, before my contractor came over, but finally he did! And he finished his work! WHOOPEEEEEE!!!! Now we have to paint some of the woodwork ourselves, but that isn;t really a lot of work. But oh boy, are we happy it is done now! Only the contractor didn;t make good advertisement for himself. The work he did is good, and looks nice, but the way of handling appointments(or not actually) could change. Well, next time we need somebody to do some work(hopefully we don;t nedd it for a looong time) we surely don;t want to deal with him. I was so pissed off at the end, that yesterday when he was finished he of course wanted the rest of the money. I agreed to pay it cash, that's no problem, but I told him to come back on Friday, if he could and then pick it up, because I didn;t have a chanve to get it from the bank(hahaha, I had it already). But I thought, if he can let us wait unnessacary, so can I too! Ohit's not nice from me, and I usually don;t act like that but with all the trouble we had, well, he can wait for a few days. He didn;t like it and was doing all he could to change it but I stood firm! If he sticks to the appointment he will be back on Friday evening, around 20.00 o'clock. We;ll see if that happens.

Now today I think Jan and I will be in the backroom to clean up all the mess that is there. We had to moce a closet from there because the contractor had to fix bit a crack in the wall, where the wind could play thourgh too much, LOL. Well, all the stuff is lying around now in that room and we have to put the (not too big) closet in another part of the room and put all the things back into it. Oh, the room will look much better after that will be done. Now we still have to bear for one day another contractor who will put the windows up from our upper neighbours, that will be done on Saturday. And then I've had it for a while with contracting business.
And oh what a blessing for you, no more rambling from me about contractors and such! May be just one more time, when I will have some pics of the finished thing, bu today weather isn;t looking nice at all, so perhaps I will wait a day.

You should go again to Edna's blog, to look at another layout she did with a kit I made for her birthdaypresent. She is also offerig the QP as a freebie, so hurry up, it;s a lovely QP!
And my other scrapbooking friend Snowy, had some sad news from her home country Germany, that the cat she left behind when she moved over to the UK, had died at the age of 16. I know it is always sad to loose a pet. Consolation is though her Timmie had a good life at her parents.

Okay, I can tell you I did work on the new DD we are already preparing for next year. But Snowy is a bit ahead of me! LOL, sometimes it's looking almost like a bet who is coming up first with some work for it. Snowy, you did beat me, just a bit till now but I am coming near, I am catching up, be prepared ROFL!!
If you want to know what is coming up, you should take a look at her blog.

I have another nice kit for you with some interesting papers(I think) and named it "Tell the Story". Well, with layouts we make we do tell a bit of a story, isn't it? Hopefully the cleaning mess will go quickly so that I can do some more on the DD and the other kits I already started. Have a fine day you all!

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My glassless door looks fine again!

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, there is again a window in the slammed door! He actually came yesterday to fix at least that! And it looks good. There was a window in it with textured glass and he put back another one that looks almost the same. Great!

Let's see if he shows up today !

Last week I downloaded some music and burned it to a cd. And yesterday I was a good girl, because I did the ironing again and in the mean time I had that cd playing, rather with a big volume and you would have laughed, seeing me at the ironing board, swinging along and singing out of full chest with some of the songs. I had a GREAT time! It were some oldies like Believe from Cher, Xanadu from Olivia Newton John, Tornero from Santa California(a lovely sentimental italin son) Soley, Soley from Middle of the Road(Oh I have sweet memories at that song!!) and more of such songs.

At the moment we are watching a crime serie called "The Eagle". It;s a Danish serie I believe, but I liked the title song. And now I have it too, it's called "Forgiven" sung by Misen Groth. So I am all happy.

You should take a look at Edna's blog to see the layout and QP for you she has made with one of the kits I sent her for her birthday. No, I am not giving that kit to you, it is Edna's kit! But I was so proud to see she used it and in a lovely way!

I am also busy on two kits actually, and one of them is quit a bit funny. Not giving away yet a clue. You'll just have to be patient for a few days! I even tried to make a new bloglayout for the month of December and I think I made a rather nice one. It can still change, but for the moment I think it isn;t too bad. If this thought remains, you will see it in a few weeks.
I also made a layout for the quote challenge on the forum, this one

I am almost dying for another cup of coffee, so I shall post the preview for your freebie of today, called "Valerie". Then I'll take my coffee and take advantage of the fact it still is quiet in the house and do some designing. Hope you will have a great day!
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Monday, November 16, 2009

Some events took place.

Goodmorning everybody!
It was an eventful weekend in a way! I must start with something I even didn't tell you yet!Last Thirsday afternoon, Jan said he went for a quick visit to the cafe and as usual he takes his keys, his wallet and he looks in it to see if he has money in it and suddenly I saw him searching all over the room. So I asked wat was the matter and he told me, he missed his new ID card in his wallet!!! Oh no, not that on top of all! So we first looked around but didn't find it. Jan thought he might have lost it the day before when he went out to buy a little thing and went back with the tram. He needed his little card for the tram and was hustling to get it out of his wallet. So he thought it might be at te tram station, perhaps. We first called the store he went to, but nothing found. So I let him call at once the police and he had to go there at once to register it. But if you loose your ID (even when it is stolen) you'll have to pay again for the ID plus an fine of about 50 euro! Gosh, we really needed that. But okay, he went to the police station and after a while he came back, all happy smiling! What happened? The police on another station had received the ID card! Somebody found it and actually brought it to the police. I cannot bless this anonymous soul enough! Well, Jan wnet to the other station and had his card back! I still cannot believe the luck he had!
Then the contractor. He told me he probably came on Friday, if not he would let me know too! Do you guess??? Nobody on Friday and no phonecall. Understatement to say I wasn't happy! And oh wonder, mircales still happen, on Saturdaymorning 09.00 o'clock he was at the door! They did finish some stuff, cleared almost the whole garden of the mess and he promised to be back on Monday to finish all the rest. I suppose he got it through his brain, that I wasn;t happy at all with him( I didn;t receive him very nicely on Saturday morning!!!). Let's hope so at least! As they were walking on and forth on Saturday from garden door to front door,clearing the mess, doors stood pen, of course. Normally not a problem, but Saturday there was quite a lot of wind and because of the draft, a door slammed. see situation as this:kitchendoor to garden>>>>> hallway>>>>>door>>>>>little hall>>> front door.The door to the front door slammes and I heard a strange noise! Yes, it is for part a glass door and no more glass in it! Well, we could have that on top of it all, @@@@@@@$$$$$$$####### (better not translated LOL). So the contractor has to put a new window in the door, pity for him, but nothing to do about it. He wasn;t pleased with it either, so I suppose his helper has heard some unpleasant words from him!!!
Okay, Sunday I left everything as it was, slept a bit later and took it real easy! I how happy a person can be when nothing happens on a day? I was very happy LOL!.

This morning I took again a quick look into the garden, I hadnt the courage yet to go out into it to have a look. So the "control"I left to Jan for the moment(hahaha) but what I saw from the window I didn;t like too much. A part of the border isn;t looking very much like a border anymore after the treatment with heay footsteps and such from the contractors. Just lucky, that it happened in this time of the the year and not in the spring when all has to come up fresh and nice again! But I think there has to be done some work there, oh,poor me! May be nature will be strong enough to restore a part by itself( sometimes amazing what plants can endure and still keep coming back bright and beautiful) and on the other hand it also gives me opportunity to change it a little bit. I am not too grumpy about it. All will be fine again after a little work on it( I have good hopes anyway LOL).

It seems in good old England there was some really bad weather going on! Heavy winds, real strong ones which caused with the rain some flooding and chimneys and walls tumbling down and more of such unwanted surprises. I hope these winds will not reach our coast, although the next few days were predicted to be very unsettled, with sometimes rain, sometimes a bit of sunshine, sometimes some stronger wind, very unpredictable. Although temperature is still rather good giving the time of year. We'll see what it will be, we cannot do anything about it. But perhaps it will be time to get a few bricks ready to put in my pockets when I go out, to prevent me from flying suddenly LOL.

Today I have a kit I made for the September colour challenge in the forum. It had great autumn colours in it and the theme was also to make something for that saeson. So here you have my "Heading for Autumn kit". Have a lovely day, hopefully with not too bad weather!
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Friday, November 13, 2009

I am getting stressed LOL

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, I was rather pissed off yesterday! No workers appeared! Tried to contact him, and no luck. Then I called the "big"boss and explained the situation to him. Well, that didn;t help too much. Then in the evening we got a call from the other contractor who has to place the windows for our upstairs neighbour. If he could come Saturday etc. and that is was going to be tricky with the council and so on. He got again a phonecall from our neighbour, after I had contact with her explaining I couldn;t make an appointment yet. Obviously she didn't understand it all(she is not Dutch and speaks reasonable understandable English, but still it is difficult) so she gave my number to her contractor. To keep it short, we made an appointment with the window-contractor for next Saturday and oh my, miracle, this morning my contractor phoned me. With big excuses for not letting me know anything yesterday etc.etc. Well, I told him, still a bit in a nice way, but not too much (LOL) how I felt about it. If weather gets a bit better today(it;s raining) he hopes to come this afternoon to do the solding(can;t do that with rain) and clear up the mess still laying around in the garden and finish the thing may be tomorrow. Fold your hands and pray, that it will be happening!!!!

Oh boy, will I be glad when this is over, can you imagine??? Well, than we still have to deal with the other contractor next week, but that should only be for one day.
You must be tired of me rambling all the time about the roof thing, but I had to get off some steam today!

Okay on to some nicer things. I did finish another Christmaskit yesterday and also did some work again on the January daily download for the forum. These things take more time , you know, because I want to make it look better than a few months ago and I am trying out new things etc. But I think the January daily download will be a lovely and rather special one again. The team is terrific!

Also got another fairy card in the email from my friend Miny again. I just have to show you!

Just click it to have a BIG view, it;s worth it!

So today I have the 3rd part of the Family Photo Album for you. I hope you enjoyed this kit. Time for me to try to get some new stuff in the storage this weekend, oh my! I am done rambling for today, thanks for all the nice reactions during the past time, I really appreciate them and I really read all of them! I hope your weekend will be a fabulous one and as Minky from Sulina Fairy Sanctuary would say it: Blessings for a magical weekend ahead, keep on shining and have some fun!

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download Family Photo Album part 3 HERE

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I seem to be dangerous at night!

Goodmorning everubody!

Yesterday when Jan woke up he gave me a good laugh! After getting his coffee he told me, I surely had a good night sleep. And in fact, I did have one. But next he told me, that he had to protect himself, because I was a bit dangerous. What did I do? It seems I was turning around a bit and then I waved around my arm and hit him in the face! I answeed it couldn;t have been so bad, but he said it did hurt a bit(he said it with a smile, so it shouldn;t have been that painful LOL). And he asked me if I slept well, and I said: yes, I did nd he answered he was a bit surprised because after I found my right position it seems I put my head not ON the pillow but just in between mine and his. Hmmmmmmm, I do strange things at night and completely without knowing. So I hope I was kinder to him this night, don;t know it yet. Hahaha, I wonder what I was perhaps dreaming about when I was mowing around with my arm!!!!

Girls, take today just 10 seconds time to send a good thought to hevane for Edna's brother, who is having a nasty surgery on his nose for his cancer today. And also tomorrow will not be nice for him either. Who knows, it might help a bit, if so many people are sending a same message above! Sending you a big encouragement-hug from Holland, Moo!

I saw an amazing documentary on tv yesterday on the National Geographic channel. It was about the research they do about the deep sea and all the activity that is going on there and the amazing creatures you find on depths of 6 and more kms! It's really fascinating and at the same time shows us how little there is known about that part of our earth! I love that kind of documentaries, although it isn;t something you should watch too often. Not because it isn't beautiful and interesting, but you get so much information, that it takes time to swallow it and understand it by times.

Well, I hope the guys for the roof will be here again today, he said they were coming but we'll see about that, LOL. Still some work to be done there, although the big stuff is done, I think. Next week it will be time for some more pictures, I suppose.

Let's go to the second part of the Family Photo album then. And there is a 3rd part to pick up tomorrow! Have a lovely day, you all!
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tiny bit less mess in the garden.

Goodmorning everybody!

The contractor and his help worked hard yesterday! A lot has been done and even they started to get rid of some of the mess in the garden. The coverage of the roof is almost ready,it seems but now they will have do the "finishing touch", and that will take still a bit of time. But slowly the end is in sight.

I was a bit dis-orientated yesterday afternoon as they were carrying away some of the mess out of the garden to the street into a container. I couldn;t move around in my kitchen with them all the time passing through and also it was cold, cause at both ends the door was opened/ Brrrrr. I left the kitchen and all in the neighbourhood as it was and installed myself in the room with the door closed. At least there it was a comfortable temperature.

I even might be quite happy to go out for the shopping today, leaving it all to Jan. LOL.

I am glad for my friend Edna that at last her new laptop seems to work properly. We even had a short chat yesterday evening, as she was still at her long working shift of 20 hours!

And do you realize that in about 4 weeks it will be time to get the house ready for Christmas? Every time I think of time passing by, I come to the same conclusion: It's really having a speed, it passes terribly fast, slips through your fingers like sand!

Oh yes, I promised you yesterday to show a collage made by my fairy friend Minky. It's really worth clicjing on the picture to have a larger view and look at all the things she has put on it. Amazing!

Today I have an already a winter themed kit for you with an eye wink of humour in it. It's a kit made with some penguin papers. I once did already such a kind of kit, but I just adore penguins to work with. They can be so funny! So here it is, named: "Penguins Like it Cold". Hope you can have lots of fun with it. And then I just have to do a bit of bloghopping to keep up. and may be even have a bit of time to start another kit, or go on with some daily downloads already for the next year. Yes, I made a beginning with two of them, better be ready in time than to hurry at the end, LOL. And after that it;s going to the shops, not too bad to be outside for a while, as long as it stays dry. You all have a terrific day. Bye.

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Monday, November 09, 2009

Fun at the forum!

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, I suppose contractors have their own ways! Friday evening when they left, I asked when they would come again and he said brightly smiling, "oh tomorrow", no matter the weather, there is always work I can do". Wow, on Saturday, not bad! So I was up at time, but waiting and waiting, no contractor. I must admit, it wasn;t nice weather at that time, but at least I expected a phonecall to know, and nobody had to stay home to let him in etc. Nothing. So in the afternoon I tried to call him, but as I thought, nothing. Hmmmm, I don;t like that. So yesterday I phoned again, and yes, he was on the line. I told him I wasn;t so pleased with him, etc. and he just said he didn;t have my phonenumber! Very strange, so I gave it to him to be sure, and he promised me to come today. We'll see, but I think he will be here after my phonecall.Okay, it will all come allright, but I don;t like this way of doing business too much.

But I didn;t let it spoil my weekend, and had some fun hopping over internet, hopping some blogs, designing a bit(although not as much as I thought) and having some fun on the forum. We are a wicked group together, with a great sense of humour. I will tell you something about it. On one subject it started with the following comment:

it should be great if we all could meet eachother at the same time somewhere."" Then followed by Snowy's :" If we all meet up at Edna's place the poor Dwarfs would run a mile ."(some explaining: Edna is having some people living in the house, all men and she calls them : The dwarfs")

This is the following up, first by Suruha:

Su says: Oh, I dunno ! Her name is Snowy..... rofl

I couldn't stay behind , gave a little comment and put together this little"song"

Oh boy, you are BAD GIRL Su! ROFL.

Hei-ho, hei ho,we dwarfs we only know

we 'll have a time that will be great

although we also might debate

about the fact if the girls are sweet,

or bad witches, sweeping us off our feet.

Hei-ho hei ho

what do we care!

a lot of women around is so rare

we open the door with a smile

and be happy for a while!

-----Edna's answer: Su and Kyra, you are VERY BAD!!!!!! But I LOVE IT!!! Yes, Moo and I live here with 7 dwarfs, and we are sort of one big family as you can see by the corrected picture here.

So you see it's not only serious work we do at the forum, we are also capable of some serious mischief LOL! I love those girls.! And I suppose it's not yet the end to it, because I still expect at least one of the members, the hard-dies, LOL to comment on this. ROFL!!!

Well, on to some more serious business, hahaha! Oh, the doorbell rings, I just go and see........................ and yes the contractor at a very early time, whoopeee! Okay, what do I have for you today? The result of the colourchallenge of August. It had as theme everything to do with travelling, so I named it Travelmania and I hope you an still use it, perhaps for some left over summer holiday pictures? Or may be you are planning a trip very soon(as a part of the world is going towards summer time, LOL)? It was another fun kit t make.

Tomorrow I will show you a picture of another collage my enthousiasic fairy friend Minky made again. Awesome!

Now you all make the best of today, always hard this first day of a new week , hahahaha!

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Friday, November 06, 2009

More work on the roof

Goodmorning everybody!

If all goes right, today there will be worked on the roof again. Yesterday he didn't came by, he said so the day before. There was too much rain to do the things he needed too. So I called him yesterday and asked if he came today. It;s nice to know if somebody has to stay home or not. Well, he assured me that today he would come rather early so I was up (but not yet shining LOL) early and Jan is too, and we are waiting for him now.

Oh, I was again a good girl yesterday and did some necessary things in the house, hoorray! Still some things left to do, but today should be a good day for it. I also finished the kit I was working on and even managed to do another challenge. And I had an idea for another kit, that will be nice to work on in the weekend.

My friend Heidi will have soon too a little mess in her garden. They will re-tile their terras, so first all the old tiles will have to go out, then new sand on it etc.etc. and then a new tiling will be done. It seems that lately, a lot of people is busy with their house or they are having computer problems, hahaha. Is it the time of year that causes that?
Ha, the doorbell rang, so the contractor is here and in time! Well, I better put on some clothes and see what they will do today.
I have a nice freebie for you today, named "Countryhouse of the Marquise".
I wish you all a nice day and an aweful good weekend and see you again on Monday!

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Thursday, November 05, 2009

The darker days are approaching!

Goodmorning everybody!

You really can see that winter time is coming near. When I get up in the morning it is still rather dark, in the evening, especially when it;s a rainy or cloudy day, it is becoming dark rather soon. In a way, I like that time of year with Christmas in view, I like the cosyness of it but on the other hand I like better the bright time of spring and summer. I think I function better at that time of year. Well, not much to do about that, we cannot stop the seasons, can we?

It's was a quiet day yesterday, concerning the roof stuff. Contractor didn;t show up(he already told me the day before that might happen if the weather wasn;t right). So I truly hope later today the rain will go away and he can still do something on the job.

I had great fun yesterday with Edna's birthday! I still have to be careful about the things I do say now, not spoiling still some surprises for her. DIFFICULT. But, I did sent a little package ver to the US and it arrived in time! I was so happy about that and Edna's comment on it brought a big smile on my face. You can read all about it on her blog and see some great pictures! The only one who knew about this and what I sent her was Snowy, my companion in cooking up things, LOL!!! Oh I was glad I could talk to somebody about it, it was hard for me not to give away anything here on the blog about it or in an email to Edna.

I did some of the things I planned doing yesterday, good girl, but today there will be another round, hahaha. Yeah the job is never done. Once you have covered everything you can start right over at the beginning again. It's also about time to make some kits again as freebies, don;t worry, I still have some nice things for you on my "shelf", but we must continue, isn;t it? I started already one yesterday, I think it will be something you could use for some festive occasions, as there will be, with December not too far away anymore. I could give you a little teaser, perhaps? Yes, okay, I will show one paper of it.

Does it make you curious? Great!!! What will this kit be like? I am not going to tell you yet!!

Now for today I have a small freebie for you, it's the result of the template challenge at the forum. This was the given template

and I made you an extra quickpage for the Naughty Wood Elves kit. Tomorrow I will have a beautiful kit again for you. At least, I think it is a nice kit, LOL. For now I am finished with the rambling so better put up the preview and downloadlink for the quickpage.

Have a wonderful day!

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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

There is a birthday in the air!!!!!

Goodmorning everybody!

First of all things I must put up a layout for a birthday wish. Who is having birthday then today??????? It's my lovely, sweet and humourous friend EDNA.! Yeah, she finally reached the years of wisdom, ROFL!!!


I was a bit inspired for this card by the lovely cards I receive from time to time from my visitor Minky! Also have to give credit to and for the items I used in this layout.
Now it would be nice if a lot of people hopped over to her blog to wish her Happy Birthday too! I know she would love that!

Yesterday the contractor worked really hard! part of the roofing is already up and also they were busy on the back of the room. Still a mess in the garden, but I don;t mind too much. That will come okay after all is done. Weather forecast is not too good, there should be a little sun, but also rainshowers, I hope dear God has a few seconds to tink of me too, and that he will let the rain pass, at least most of it. Then the contractor could do a lot more again. I have some pictures but I will post them may be tomorrow or so, then perhaps I will have a bit the progress in line.

I also finished the kit for the colour challenge, and even made the template challenge. Also started already with the brush challenge but still there is a lot more to do. Ha, you can understand I didn;t do much else then. So today there is no shopping to do, I did that yesterday, and I can be productive in the house LOL. I will do that, honest!

As it is a little bit of a special day today, because of Edna's birthday today, and her being a member of the magickal team on our forum, I have, I think, a very nice kit for you today. Of course it has to be a fantasy kit, what else? And while making it, I got a bit carried away, because it has become a rather "heavy one" about 54 MB. I used in it some wonderful stuff from Helga, generously offered on her blog The name of the kit is: "Naughty Wood Elves". I hope you ca have a lot of fun with it.

Now I must put this on, then get me another coffee, then go on the forum, to place also a birthday wish for Edna, of course, then I may have a bit time left to play around on the computer and then I must let my hands do some serious stuff, as the ironing, dusting, hoovering etc. Brrrrrr. But...once started it will not be so bad and take not too much time. Plans enough, now to make them come to reality, LOL!

Have a very nice day, don;t forget to go to Edna's blog for a quick birthday wish, and see you again tomorrow.

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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Wow, the mess has started!

Goodmorning everybody!

I was up yesterdaymorning eraly, for nothing(as I geared a bit LOL). Contractor cam some time later, much later! But... once there they started vigorously with the demolishing! Haaa, you wouldn;t believe the mess that came off! So I took a few pics, to convince you!

I didn;t climb up the ladder to take a real good shot of the roof, but you will get the idea and then the mess that came off and the third pic is from the backside of the room, where it alwo needed badly some repair. The bck was covered up with wood plated, but no good anymore!

Take a look.

Doesn't it look wonderful, grin grin?????

Well, today he would come earlier, he said, let's wait and see! As long as the job will be done, I will be happy. I can leave Jan hoe for some time today, I have to do the shopping again. Weather, by the way, was a bit nice to use yesterday, it looks not too bad this morning either. May be, may be, the weather Gods will have a bit pity on us!

Then yesterday afternoon I had a less good moment on the computer, ended up in a bit not too nice words to it(I did it hush hush inside, nobody heard!) All of a sudden my virus stuff of AVG came with an alert that I wasn;t protected for a part. I looked and there seemed to be some damage in the file or so. Oh, I hate those kind of things. I cannot stay cool with that! After some trying left and right I decided to un-instll it and re-install it again. And oh miracle and wonder all together, it seems to work again. Phooooooooo, wheeeeeeeee, joy and relief!

With all the going on around here, I didn;t accomplish too much on the computer, although I finished a smaller kit. Hmmm, okay, it;s something! Oh, yeah and I went on with the colour challenge of the forum, and I got carried away. It looks to become a lot bigger kit than I planned.Here is the colour scheme, lots of possibilities.

I'll give you a teaser , yeah, of two papers, can you guess what kind of kit it will become???

Gosh, lots of pictures and such today. I will talk no more, but give you the freebie. As it is the month of Thanksgiving, there has to be a little kit for it. Here it is. Simply named "Thankful", hope you like it. Hopefully tomorrow a bit more about the roof stuff, now first I take a cup of coffee and may be I can work a little bit on some kit or challenges and then I must go out first. Have a smooth going and fine day!

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Monday, November 02, 2009

All safe after Halloween weekend?

Goodmorning everybody!

I hope everybody is safe again after this Halloween weekend and that all the ghosts and spooky creatures have disappeared again for a year!!

I am waiting now for the contractor to appear, hoping they can start right away today with the roof. The weather isn;t too much cooperating, they expect rain and some nasty wind.! Cross your fingers that this part of the country could be spared a bit for that weather, so that there will not be too much delay for the roof changing.

I remind you of the new daily download in the forum, the "Ham is good for you"kit, which is a great one, again, with lots of humour in it too.
We were given the new challenges for this month again, Snowy always comes up with such interesting things and also sooo much, her brain must work by times in overtime LOL! So there will be lots to do and to think about.

In the weekend I received again some work from Minky, and I just have to show you, I am in awe each time, when I see her cards.!

Just click to have a good view.

Well, I better hop right over to the freebie for today, and finish the blog post when it's still quiet around here, perhaps just time to get my 2nd coffee. Really hope the contractor comes in time, he is an really nice person, but sometimes has a bit trouble with clock watching LOL.
Today's freebie is in one colourscheme, named "Lady in Purple". Have fun with it!
Hope to have more news on the roof tomorrow, maybe I can take some pics, we'll see.
Have a wonderful start of the week!

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