Thursday, July 31, 2008

Alphabet Fun part 4

Goodmorning everybody!

They announced today a very warm day, even here at the coast it might come up to 27° C. I am full of expectation. And then temperature will drop down the week-end and next week to about 21°C. It's always a bit funny here with the weather. You never get enough time to adjust to the changed circumstances.

Yesterday I was hopping over the internet, always looking for things I could use in a new kit. And you should be amazed by the stuff that is offered in the public domain. All kind of things are there to be found, lots of beautiful old pictures in those old books, and yes, I did find another thing. In a way it will be easy, because I just have to change the dimensions of the pictures and make them into a mask. On the other hand I gave myself some task! It will not be one of the smallest kits, I can promise you that. But if you will like the kit and you download everything of it you could end up with a real nice thing. That is all I am going to tell you for the moment. Must keep the tension in a bit!!!

Probably as of tomorrow I will have another travel journal for you. It will be one of a short trip that I made not too long ago. I just have to check if I still have all the pages, but as I looked into it, I think I have. It will be about a short trip to the town of York, in England.

It will be again something different for you to read than only" the daily not much happening things."

Now here is part 4 of the Alphabet Fun kit. This time you will receive the tags. I think they look nice, and it will be nice to see them "hanging"at a picture or so, and easy to put a text on it.

Enjoy this part and have a nice day.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Alphabet Fun part 3

Goodmorning everybody!

I thought starting this day with a joke, like this picture I found:

Uhhh, what do you think? It's nice one, but I also have the idea there is hanging an odd smell around here!!! (that's a saying we use here, when you boast about yourself, get the idea???)hahahaha.

I took an easy day yesterday, spent a lot of time at the computer and have a nice kit(I think) in my "designing-oven". Talking about cooking, I also had it easy for dinner, because I still had a lot left from the day before. I made something my mother called always Boeuf Parmentier. That is a layer of mashed potatoes, a layer of minced beef, quickly fried in a pan a bit, with all kind of seasoning in it, also hacked onions, and than again a layer of mashed potatoes. Then I cover it with a thin layer of grated cheese and then cover it with a bit of bread-crums, some little lumps of butter and then I put it in the oven for about half an hour on 200 ° C. You can give all kinds of vegetables with it, yesterday it was a salad of tomatoes. And it is always tasting better the next day, you know!

But today I have to do some things around here. That's is a never ending story, as you all know!

So let's give you part three of the Alphabet Fun, the last of the papers, from S to Z. The preview I am showing here is not included, it is just for having one on the blog. You already have the previews of the papers. Now have a funny day, not too warm, not too cold, just a nice temperature and enjoy yourself!


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Alphabet Fun part 2

Goodmorning everybody!

The last day of the babysitting has gone well too. We had a lot of fun, Séverine had a good lunch, again. I gave her half a sandwich with filet americain and half a sandwich with chocolate paste and then she ate a big bowl with strawberries. Yes, she was a bit spoiled. And later, when we played a game I took out the olives. She almost always follows me into the kitchen, and as soon as she saw the olives she said: "Oh, I just adore olives". And she swallowed a lot of them! This week-end her daddy will bring the animals and yesterday she said seriously to me: "You have to take good care of Snuffie(the rabbit), you must let him out sometimes and I will give also a brush for him. You must brush him, otherwise his hair will stick together and that is no good". She is quit a character!

It's funny weather over here. It's warm, sun shines now and then but also a few rainshowers have fallen. Well, I suppose it is a good thing for the garden.. But in other parts of The Netherlands, and also in parts of Germany, and even other parts of Europe, they have also nice temperatures, but also heavy rain even showers of hail! Quit a lot of people were disturbed by it, they have cellars full of water etc. Very funny.

Glad that till now we have had only a bit of rain.

Today you will have the second part of Alphabet Fun. It will be again papers, nr 9 to 18 so letter I to R. You still have a lot of collecting to do this week.! This long download-session gives me a little break now. It gives me time to make some new kits (already made one yesterday, hahaha). But I am glad the first reactions on this big kit are enthusiastic ones.

So I will leave you now showing the second preview of the papers(which is showing again more than you get) and the second download.

Have all a fine day and keep collecting.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Start of a LONG download

Goodmorning everybody!

I hope you all had a nice weekend, and now a new week lays ahead of us. We will have our last babysitting day today. But it was nice to do so! Next week my girlfriend and family is going on holiday, and then again we will be babysitting! But this time it will be the rabbit and the bird. They bring them over here, much easier. And then 2 times a week or so we will go over to their house to collect the mail and check, if all is okay.

Now today I have a big kit for you. In fact it is so big, that I will cut it in daily downloads. We are going to learn the alphabet. I know, the idea for a kit like this isn't new, but I hope to have cooked it in a different way. On the net I stumbled upon beautiful pictures out of an old book, all public domain, and seeing them I got the idea. So if you can count well, you will get 26 alphabet letter papers, but also matching backgrounds. And then elements, also each 26 pieces in the matching colours. So at the end of the download session you will have a set for each letter. Nice hey?? You can use the papers just like they are, but e.g. you just can cut out the sketch with the letter and use that for a picture of somebody with their name starting with that particular letter. Or you can even print out the letter papers in black and white and give them to the children to colour them. And even use them for little home schooling projects, because each letter paper also has a kind of quiz in it. I even haven't finished the kit completely but hope to do so today, or at last tomorrow. Now every day I will give you a preview(so you will get the idea what I did) and a link of course for the zip file. Well, I just hope you will like this kit. It took (and still is) quit some time to figure it all out. In total you will get 52 papers, 26 bows, 26 buttons with letters on it, 26 frames, 26 ribbons, 26 clips and a few elements. I think I covered it all. So if you like the kit, you will have to come back for the next few days to get it all complete.

The files of the papers are the "heaviest"ones, therefore I have 3 downloads for them the coming days.

Now I must get some clothes on and wait for Séverine to come. In the mean time I think I just can hoover quickly and clean up a bit the little mess. After a few days, there are always things on the table or couch which in fact do not belong there, you know it?

Have all a very nice day and be patient for the kit. It will take some days, I think almost the whole week.

This preview shows more papers than you will get the first download. In the 1st download will be 8 letter papers and 8 background papers.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

New page element

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes. finally I added a new page element on my blog, a translator. It will easier for some of you to read all the bla-bla I am writing. Only I hope it works. And of course the translations aren't 100% but you can get an idea what the content is about.

Now a new thing happened! I GOT ANOTHER AWARD! Not just a scrappers award, no a really new sort. In short it's for being an inspiration, content that sometimes is nice etc. This is the new award, called the Wylde Women Award:

I received this one from Go to her blog, she has also nice freebies to offer! Yeah, I am really honoured with this one. Now I have to come up with a few blogs I think deserve this one. It could be blogs I Like because they have nice reading posts, or very beautiful freebies, or blogs I already used to visit, before I started designing myself. But then that blogs were my inspiration to start with it. Difficult choice. Let me first give the rules:

It's the Wylde Women Award and the rules are:

1. You can give it to one or one hundred or any number in between - it's up to you. Make sure you link to their site in your post.

2. Link back to this blogsite ( so Tammy can go visit all these wonderful women.and remember the Purpose of the Award: To send love and acknowledgment to women who brighten your day, teach you new things and live their lives fully with generosity and joy.

3. Post these rules on your blog, and let leave the ones you have chosen a message about this award.

So who will be my victims?????

A women who is so kind to me, always ready to help, who has not always an easy life, certainly healthway, always tries to remain positive, can write her posts with humour, I really admire her attitude in life, and who makes BEAUTIFUL freebies, that is Linda from

A women, I admired from the first day I discovered scrapping, who makes really Beautiful work and was one of my inspirations, I saw her quickpages and thought: "something like this I like to do also one day!". That is Valinda from

Then I think I choose Jasia, who has a whole different kind of blog. This one is about genealogy. But she is directing her readers to blogs of scrapdesigners, and urges them to use those kits for their heritage pages. She isnt blogging every day, 'because she has a lot to do, but always has something interesting to tell or to show and I am proud that sometimes she thinks some kits from me are worthwile enough to mention. She even mentioned my travel story to Poland. I am always hoping to start searching a bit in the history of my family, but till now I just don't have the time for it to do it properly. Anyway this is the link to her blog, take a peek, it might interest you!

Wow, I tried to do my best, I could mention a lot more, but I think it is wise to stick to these 3.

Now the kit for today(did you notice that in spite of my saying starting this week, I managed to get a kit up EVERY DAY??) . Wheeeeee, I am happy about it. Well, the new one is again a bit "serious" and a bit funny. It's an animal one, and this time I chose...............TURTLES. I just hope you can do something with it, but you ladies are inventive enough to do so! I gave it the title of "Slow But Sure". I think that is oh so true in the case of turtles, hahahaha.

Have fun with it and have a fun day!


Saturday, July 26, 2008

What to do today?

Goodmorning everybody!

What to do today? I think the best is, not too much! I'll just have to do a little shopping, for "dinner"this evening. It will not be spectacular, mostly on Saturdays we have sandwiches. But I like that too. I have all fresh bread and all kinds of yummie things on it. Yesterday I bought strawberries, and that's nice on a sandwich too, with a lot of sugar!! Jan is always shivering when he sees the loads of sugar I am putting on the strawberries, but that's the way I like it, haha! Tomorrow I am planning to make the big mushrooms again. It was such a succes with Jan, that it will not hurt to eat them again. Oh, and I bought a little box with olives in it. First we like them too, but I will save it till Monday for Séverine. She ADORES them. So when will will play a game I put the olives on the table, so we will have a little snack.

Not much happened yesterday, I did some "ordinary"household stuff, and today I hope to get on with the big kit. It is progressing, but slowly. Now today I have a sweet kit for you, named "Sweet Girl", and I think it will be just right for some pics of the little princesses in your life. I hope you will enjoy it. It also is in girly colours, lilac and pink. The bows with the hearts and the frames I snatched again from! She makes wonderful stuff, I am getting so greedy when I visit her blog!!!

So I wish you all a very happy Saturday, with good weather, and see you again tomorrow.


Friday, July 25, 2008

Now it is REALY summer

Goodmorning everybody.

Finally it is real summer here. And it seems to last for at least a week this way. Around 25 degree C, not too much wind and the wind itself is rather warm also. In the afternoon we cannot sit even in the garden, so warm is it there. Or we have to put down the screen, but still then it is hard to sit there. Well, better so than shivering all the time!

Yesterday we went to the parc with Séverine. It was nice, she could play there a bit and I bought her an icecream. It only was a pity we had to go home earlier than planned, because suddenly I saw Jan getting a bit of strange greyish colour in hisface, and he told me he wasn't feeling too good. I suppose it was the combination of lack of condition, the sun, warm and also not enough eaten. But somehow we managed to get home and soon it was getting better with him. He was so disappointed for Séverine, but nothing to do. And so sweet, this little one. When a while later I walked her home to mama, I told her that Jan found it a pity for her, that we weren;t able to do everything with her we wanted. And you know what she answered: "We can always do it another time, but I felt so sorry for Jan, that he was feeling not good". Is that a good character or not? She is coming Monday for the last time and we promised her to do some games she likes to do. And all is okay.

Today I have another little kit of the "flower-business"(hahaha) for you. Also in one colour scheme, green, and it's called "Lily-of-the-Valley-Innocence". Still, however it is more "regular"kit, I hope you will like it.

I am still busy with my HUGE kit, it will not be ready for a while. I think I will cut that kit in parts, and give you a download for a few days. Otherwise the file will be too big, I suppose. Well, that's for me to worry somewhere next week, I think. Every day I try to make a few things for it, because in between I am still making "daily"kits for you. I know, I am crazy, but it's so nice to do.

Okay, for now I wish you all a fine, marvellous day!


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day with perhaps surprises.

Goodmorning everybody!!

Today we plan to take Séverine out, it is going to be beautiful weather, nice temperature. So perhaps we'll take her to a parc not too far away from us, where she has a playground and there is also a little farm for children. It will be good for her, and also for us, to spend some time in the air! I will try to make a few pictures, that wll be nice to give to her parents.

Yesterday we did relax a bit, and I made even a kit for you which I will be offering to you now. The name is "Pint of Beer". It is a kit with which you certainly could scrap some pictures from the men in your life!!! I think that Edna can scrap some pictures of Mo, isn't it Edna???? You can visit her blog at She makes also very nice freebies and sometimes has beautiful pictures of birds!

So hope you enjoy this kit and I wish you all a very happy day!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No child around today

Goodmorning everybody!

We had again a wonderful day yesterday with Séverine. Time passed so quick, that the little one was really disappointed that her mother came for her. And now she has it done, that tomorrow we will take her out(seems to be good weather) and we will take her home, but a bit later. Clever, isn't she? Well, I am glad she is feeling this way, she likes coming to us and is all happy about it. So today we are without Séverine, because her mother his home all day.

Yesterday I received another Blog Award!

I received it from Lei, from

Isn't that sweet??? I am happy, there are people who think my blog is nice enough to give such an award. But I told Lei that I will not do other nominations now. Perhaps some time later I will start another round for it.

Now the little kit for today! Yes, I did it again, I did put something together for you. It is but a very small kit, also about flowers, don;t know why. But it seems I am in the flower business, hahaha. Just hope you will like this "Romantic Roses"kit.

That's all for today, girls. Jan and I have to think what we shall do tomorrow with Séverine, where we shall go to. We have several options, but it must be a place that we easily can reach with a bus or tram. You'll hear about Friday, I am sure.

Oh, almost forgot to tell, that the frame(without the flowers) and the little ribbons on the tags are from
She makes wonderful stuff for us designers and it is all free! Isn't she a generous lady???

Now you all have a very nice day!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another day for babay sitting

Goodmorning everybody!

What a wonderful day we had yesterday with Séverine. She is really such a lovely little girl, I know, you say it easily about a child. But she has such a fine character, and is a rather easy child to handle. I must give the compliments to her her parents, they do a good job! It seems she was all nervous yesterday morning before going to us, so Heidi told me. Not because she didn't like to come, on the contrary. All morning she asked her father the time, and if it wasn't already time to go! Well, she came and after a quick cup of coffee her father had to go to work. Hmmm, what to do? First we watched a bit tv, there was a childrens program. I already asked her father if she still had to have lunch, and he said, she had her breakfast and perhaps she should. But asking Séverine, she didn't want to. Okay, we'll wait. She was keeping us busy, talking, talking, like almost an old gossip!! After a while I said: so, Séverine, I am going to take a sandwich. Do you want one too? And yes, she did. We wenst to the kitchen and I told her what she could have on her sandwich. She made a choice, of two things. Well, I had the great idea to cut the sandwich in two halfs and on each half a different thing!! Then she asked for another one and.... another one! When I told Heidi, she was looking at me with BIG eyes!

After that Séverine played a little while and then we did all together a little game. And what did she said to me??? "Yeah, is Jan also playing with us? "I answered: "Of course!". Séverine:"whoppee, that is nice. Kyra, I like playing games, and I don't mind to be the looser! That is why they call it a game. And if once you loose, you can always play again and win that time". Isn't that sweet!

Time passed away so quick, before we even knew Heidi was there to pick her up. Also Séverine was a bit disappointed, but today she comes again and we already made a program with her, what we should do today. For the few hours we have a filled program, but we'll manage!

Two days ago I had the Icehockey kit up. And I totally forgot to mention a nice template which should go very well with it. I am not always keeping up very well with all the templates my scrapper friend Deltapdawn is making, I must admit. But she keeps me informed. You really should take a look: I give you the link to that post:

And you know what? After she left, I even made you a little kit for today!! Am I GOOD or not??????????? HAHAHAHA.

It s little one, only 6 papers and some elements, but I LIKE THE COLOURS! So I hope you do too! It's named : "Sunflower Burst", you'll see why! And now I am off, must prepare myself mentally on the second day GRIN GRIN.

Have a swell day.


Monday, July 21, 2008

"Baby sitting"day today!

Goodmorning everybody!

So I MUST make it a bit short, today. The first day has come, we have to take care of Séverine for a couple of hours. This will be a few days this week and also Monday next week. Not that I mind! But the whole day has to be planned in a bit otherwise. It's a pity, today the weather isn't looking good, so we will have to stay inside. Later on this week they say it is going to be really summer. Then it would be nice to take her out for an hour or two, going somewhere to a playground, or perhaps to the sea, or the wood. She can loose her energy there, playing and running around and she takes some air too.

So today I am away a while from the computer, and I have to start a whole new kit or something else for your freebie tomorrow. It may happen that there isn't any. Perhaps you can forgive me, but you know the drill: the will to have some freebie is there, but time is playing the funny game.!! May I better do it otherwise. this week. I will be blogging every day, if nothing strange happens, but perhaps I have to skip a bit on the freebies. But I think I can manage still to offer you a freebielist every day. May be not such a long one, but at least you can get your freebies on another place.

Please check every day if I am there and perhaps there will be a freebie too, but that I cannot promise for sure.

Today I still have a freebie for you. It is a real summer kit, in happy colours. Take a good look at one of the greenish papers. I very much like the one with the ladies sitting on a little wall, in their bading suites, it is more a cartoon like picture. Very funny.!
I am sure you can use this kit lots of possibilities. I named it"Sunshine, Beachtime".

I must say again I do like all your comments. I really wish I had more time, to sometimes answer you personally on a message you put up. But keep in mind I read everyone of them and I am enjoying them greatly!! So keep them coming! You are just great and sweet too!

Enjoy your day.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nice evening out yesterday.

Goodmorning everybody!

As I told you, we had that birthday to go to. Wow, 18 years, what an age! She organized it with her mother in the "old"cafe, for a part. So in the afternoon I quickly went out to see if I could find a nice present for the girl. And I did so. It was a lovely purse, piky, with little flowers on i, a nice size for going to town, or take it to the beach (she is going on a little holliday next week). Inside I put a bottle of nice shwer gel, and a glowy body lotion and a spunge(also pink). I wrapped it in a nice paper , put a card on it and inside the card we also put a little money for her to add to her holiday savings.

We arrived at the cafe at about 17.00 o'clock and she was already all nervous. Hoping everybody should come who she invited. We were the first! And was she happy with that purse. Unbelievable. Jan first thought it wasn't a good idea of me, he said: why a purse? she problably has already 50 purses! But what do men know about girls of 18????? You are right, they DON't understand them. HAHAHAHA.

It seems the purse was of a style, which is very trendy for the girls at the moment! I didn't know, just liked it, but made a good shot with it. Then slowly the guest came in, so she was all happy. Her mother was there to, of course, and she made some little snacks for the guests, she did very well, all very tasty. It was a very nice evening, I think the girl, Denise, has some nice friends of her age. But to everybody she was pointing out who was who of the "oldies", and showed her presents to everybody. So mission succeeded. And at about 22.00 o'clock she left with her friends to go to a place really for the younger ones to have a dance etc. I think she will be sleeping very long today!!!!!

But it is nice to see, that a young girl like her is still happy with little things and appreciates the thought behind it.

And today I have a kit for sport lovers. More specific the ice-hockey fans. It is all in one colour scheme, nice blue tones. Surely there are some fans of that sport. I sometimes watch some games too, I remember still the days when the Russian and specially the Czech teams were very good. If I am right, there was a very known player called Tretjak. In his time, he was like Superman. Anyhow, here is the kit: Power on Ice and I hope you will like it.

I wish you all a relaxing Sunday.


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Quite busy, today.

Goodmorning all of you!!

I will be quite busy today, is must say. irst the blogging thing, of course. Then posting the freebie on different forums, okay, that is the dialy routine. But then I have to go out, to find a little present for the daughter of a friend. The daughter is turning 18 years. Important age!! I have already something in mind, so it should not take too long. Then there are ALWAYS things to do in the house. I want to take a looong shower today, to poodle myself a bit. We'll have to have something a bit substantial before we go and already at about 15.30 o'clock we must leave here to go to the party. So the dya to do things, is shortened a bit. It may even be so, that I shall not have a large freebielist, I think time is to short, but I can already find some and put them on the blog.

Today I have an Orieantal looking kit for you. Not too big, but I think I like the colours. I made some bows in it, but they are a little bit special. If you look well, it aren't "just" bows, they are made like an "obi". That is the name of the belt that e.g. geishas wear on their kimono.

The title is simple but nice: "Oriental Trip". Gave it that name, because it is a bit a mixture of Chinese and Japanese papers and content.

Hope that you will enjoy it.

Make it a nice day, this Saturday and till tomorrow!


Friday, July 18, 2008

BIG, in brown, black, grey, white

Goodmorning eveyrbody!

How are you today? Planning to do some nice things? I better not plan to much, with me it always turns out to go different. But I hope to get on with a new, HUGE kit, every day I try to make something for it. Still a long way to go.

Today I have a bear kit for you. Not a TEDDY bear but REAL bears. I am a bit in awe for those animals. You have to admire them for their size and force and how they manage to walk around and take care of their living. Not that I am eager to encounter one in a close range! Bears always remain very unpredictable animals. But you also must admire them and fear at the same time. So I made a kit with some bear papers, not used all the species of bears, e.g. I didn't make a paper with a polar bear. But you have brwon, black and a grizzly in it. (and yes, you have to cute bear clipart in it)I think you can use this kit in different ways, perhaps for hunting pics, or camping or even a visit to the zoo. I hope you will like it. I kept it in brown colours, somehow it felt good for this subject. I named it: "To Admire and Fear"

Nothing left to be said (short post hey?) I wish you a good and happy Friday.Take care!


Thursday, July 17, 2008

A little fight, I WON!!!!

Goodmorning everybody!

It was a little fight yesterday for the drops for the cats! Specially with Micky, the smallest one! I took her on my knees, slowly grabbed her tight and Jan tried to give the drops. NO WAY! I think they smell it, or so, but she began to wriggle and snarl at me and cried her heart out and then it is impossible to hold her. So we let her go, without drops. Because one of the tiny tubes was open, I looked around for another cat. Found one, Dikkie Dik. With him, the very friendly and bit dombo cat, no problem. But still two to go. Some time later all three fine in the garden in a bit of sunshine. The little one one a chair, so I went over to her, hiding one hand(!), and first cuddled her a bit. And suddenly let the drops fall into her neck and moved very quick away. She already started again, but I DID WIN! HAHAHAHAHA. Now only Brodski to do. A little bit of trouble with him, you cannot hold him, he doesn't like that, but cuddled a bit and in two sessions I gave him the drops. It is almost a military operation, with attack plans and all! Now let's hope the drops will do their work. Perhaps after a few days I can try to use the flee comb again. The little one has too many littls scratches and wonds on her skin to use it. I can imagine it hurts combing her.

Then I also went out for a little shopping. It was nice weather for it. And I passed the famous cheap shop for clothes!! You can already guess what I did??????????? Yes, I did! They had sale and had a discount of 60% to a lot of clothes. I came home with two shirts for Jan, one with long and one with short sleeves. Long sleevs only 3,25 euro and short sleeves..... 1,75 euro. Do you believe that? If only he wears them for one season it is allright. And I bought a few things for Séverine, 2 t-shirts and one vest, I think together voor about 5 euro. And I bought a t-shirt with lond sleevs for myself, with a cute print of cats on it and the words: I love cute cats. So I came home all happy.

Oh, I have to show you a LO I received from Maud, a scrapper enthousiastic from Holland, who uses my Bee Happy kit to make a Thank You card for somebody. I think she did a nice job.

Today I have a small kit for you, it's all about Grandparents. So it will be nice to scrap some pcitures for or with Grandparents, or grandparents with grandchildren etc. I think you can always use that, at least, I hope so.

Now have all a fabulous day!!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Poor kitty

Goodmorning everybody!

Wow, yesterday evening I had fun again. There was another Stark Trek film on tv with captain Pickard! This one was"First contact". How nice to watch a movie, without having to think hard! I think, they have a kind of cycle this month or so, to broadcast one every week. Hope I am am right.

Oh, I have a poor kitty, the smallest one. Poor thing has a collar against the fless, but it seems this one isn't helping very much. She is biting and licking almost all the time and yesterday I checked a bit and she still is bothered by too many flees. So today I must find her special drops for it, which I can aplly on her neck, or find pills or drops, to put in her food. It is with her always a little struggle to apply those drops, she is always very "not-amused"when I do that, and better is to do it together with Jan. One is holding her tight and the other quickly puts the drops on. I don;t hope it will be necessary, to buy a shampoo for her to give her a bath, because that would become a battle-field with her!!! Our beloved "Tiger" that we had for about 16 years,( some years ago he died) was such a droopy and friendly cat. One time we really had a plague of flees, how terrible it was and also the cat was full of them, despite the precautions we took. So he had to go in a little tub and under the shower. He protested, but only with the sound he made. Sooooo pityful, but we could handle him together. But how aweful they look all shampood and then all wet! Suddenly you have a very thin and shivering cat between your hands. I REALLY had pity with him. But most important, the cure helped indeed.

Well, first we will try the special drops for the little one and at the same time, of course, we will give it to the other two too.

You know I have really a bit a hard time keeping up the freebies every day! Perhaps I am forced for a while to cut that back and post one very other day, so one da a post with and one day without freebie. The kits take more and more time of me, because I want to keep them of a nice quality and more and more I am making masks and element templates myself, and that takes a bit more time. I am not saying the change will happen, but I keep the possibility in mind. I hope, that if that happens for a while, you will not mind too much. Be sure, that as long as I can keep this blog going, there will be freebies to snatch!

Now the new kit. This is a fantasy one. I always like the bit "mysterious" ones, you know. Or fairies and dragons and ggnomes, etc. This one I named; "Never limit your Fantasy". And that is so true. You never must give up dreaming and certainly fantasy is something, you must not give up. Like when you read a book e.g. I almost all the time picture it somehow in my mind. I "see" what happens in the story. Anyway, I hope you will like this kit.

Have all another nice day, and keep the fantasy going as much as possible!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Is love in the air?

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, the dvd is installed!! What a trouble! It took already a few days before Jan started with it, but he likes to prepare it in his head first, before starting pulling on all the wires and connections etc. But yesterday it was the day. Connections made, took some time, but okay, finally done. We hopefully on the couch and started it. The first time there has to appear an installation menu on the screen of the tv, just walk it through and all is set. installation menu. Oh boy, we started already. Jan in unbelieve, I took all the books and manuals and started to figure them out. "Are yo sure you did all the connections at the right place, did you do this, or perhaps you could try that? I asked, trying to be patient. Yes, he did all as written, he didn't understand it. Bla bla bla. Try it in a different way, I said. BOOOOOHH. Wrong words. Well, I tried again, he did again, no installation menu. I was pretty sure it had to be in the connection. Perhaps change one or two and it could help. After a long while, Jan sneeky seemed to have done that and in triumph shouted: I have the installation menu!!! (I already crept at the computer, to save a bit peace in the house). So trying to put on a happy face I came to the couch, shouting out words like: Oh how swell, how did you do that? Was it perhaps the connction here or there??????? He answered : "yes, I changed one, but I think it is all in the wrong place, not as they described it in the manual". (hahaha, do you believe that???). But, surprise, the menu for installation was in Italian!!! How odd. I know, you can easily (???????????????????????????????) change the language, but here came the problem. We didn;t manage somehow, to get it in Dutch. Well, to make it a bit short, finally I managed to get it(don;t ask me how) and then it was quickly done.Now we only have to study at it how everything works. Next chapter, that will be also something, it is like having an extra computer almost.

So it was a kind of stressing day, yesterday!!! And in between I even managed to wash the curtains and clean the windows at the front of the house! WOW!

More interesting to you will be the new kit. I think somehow it really is the season with love int the air, because I made another wedding kit! But you can use a lot of it also easily for other projects. I think, I am rather happy with it, I really love the two colour combination. Well, you have papers, elemens and even a quickpage. I used this quickpage for a picture of our wedding to give you an idea how it looks. Here it is:

Here is the kit, I named it :"Love Match". Hope you will enjoy it. And today I MUST finish a kit, otherwise there will be no download tomorrow! Yeah I am already out of stock again. And I have something else in mind too, but I think it will take some time to make it. I probably make some smaller kits and in between I will try to work on the larger one. Poor me, where do I borrow the time?????

Sweeties, I wish you all a very nice day and have fun with no matter what!!


Monday, July 14, 2008

Great dinner yesterday.

Goodmorning everybody!

So the dinner was very tasteful! Especially the mushrooms were a good idea. We liked them very much, so it is repeatable!

Not very much else happened yesterday. It took some time to prepare the food, so I spent quit some time in the kitchen. I think I am not a particular organized cook in my kitchen. I like to use a lot of stuff, and Jan gets crazy, he says, if he should be there with me preparing a dinner. Well, I must say, I rather be on my own. Then I can do all in my own way and speed, may be for somebody else it looks chaotic, but it works well for me, hahahahaha. But what I always try to do, is already washing up some of the used stuff in between the preparing. You always have moments, you'll have to wait a bit before something is ready and that is a good time to clean already some things. Then, when you are all ready preparing, there is not so much mess.

I finished the kit I was working on, I think it will be on the blog tomorrow. But today I have again something for the motor lovers. It is a small kit, but not too bad. Look well at one of the papers, it is rather a funny one!

Girls, that's all for today, not much hey, but it cannot be always a long post.

Hope you will like this little kit, and I wish you a fine start of the week. May it be a happy one!


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cooking Sunday

Goodmorning everybody!!

I am a bit later today on the blog. I took my time and slept a little bit longer. It was necessary, because yesterday we went very late to bed! I think it was almost 02.30 o'clock at night! We started talking about, well, first the things with Jan's health and then there came stories out of the sleeve from former days, things we did etc. and then time passes quick! Those talks always start with": did you know? or did you do that too? or once there was such a funny thing etc.
Not good for my sleeping habit, but nice for the mind and feeling good being together, you know?
Now first I have to thank Efie from

She gave me another award

But I will be forgiven, if I am not making more nominations, I already did in my earlier post. Still it is nice that people like my blog enough to give me such an award. It is good for the soul and very much appreciated.

Today I think I will spend some more time in the kitchen than usual. I have to find now "easy"soft things to eat for Jan and still keep some variation in it. So for today I have two big mushroom, Portobello, that I will will with a mixture of mozarella and ham, cut in very small stripes and that has to go in the oven for a while. That's the starter. Then I will make goluptsi, a Polish and Russian dish. First you have to cook some leaves from a white cabbage, In the mean time you prepare minced beef (or half beef and half porc, which will have a bit lighter structure), then you make little rolls of the minced meat and wrap a cabbageleave around it. The rolls in a dish, pour some tomato juice (not ketchup!) over it, a bit seasoned and put that for a while in the oven to get ready. With that I will make just plain cooked potatoes, but you easily can eat it with rice too. And most of the time it is more economic to make a larger portion of the goluptsi, so I will have enough for tomorrow too. And often it tastes even better the second day. If there still last some rolls, I can put them in the freezer. Or I give some to some friends. So now and then we do that, exchainging food. Nice hmmm?

So I will be busy for a while. In the mean time I hope Jan will connect the new dvd, so that all will be in order.

The kit for today is also animal related, this time the subject is hummingbirds. So lovely, those little birds! Well, enjoy yourself today and also with the kit, I hope. Take your rest a bit, tomorrow a whole new week is waiting for you with all kinds of things necessary to do.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

It's Saturday and I don;t mind!

Goodmorning everybody!

I am hoping for an easy and rather quiet Saturday. Better I don't say "planning", because when I plan something, very often it turns out a lot different. In fact, there is not very much to tell, I guess. Yesterday my shopping car I have, was rather filled and quit havy to pull! Suddenly all kind of things where short in the "storage'room". I like to have things a bit in reserve, I hate it when I need something and it isn't there. Well, yesterday was one of those days to refill it. Still need some little things, so I have to go out again today, hopefully I can run between some rainshowers they are expecting. Then I started a new kit yesterday and I hope to get it finished this week-end. I think it could turn out to a beautiful and romantic kit, only in two colours. Almost white and a very rich, dar red colour. Does it seem attractive to you?

Today I have another sweet kit for you, especially for the dog lovers. There are some soo cute papers in it and ou just HAVE to love one of the elements: a dog bed shaped as a New York cab! Don't you think that is awesome???????

Well, I let you you explore the rest for yourself, hope you'll like it.

So now I finish my coffee and wish you all a swell Saturday. See you!!!


Friday, July 11, 2008

We are much more at ease!!

Goodmorning everybody!!

First the news about Jan. Till now they didn't find any tissue or what else that is bad looking. Pffffff, that was a relief. With the test of his gullet they still found an infection, causing part of the trouble. For now he has to take some pills to bring back the acid of the stomach. That pops up all the time in his gullet ) and irritates and probably caused the infection. With the pills the doctor hopes to get it down. He still has a narrowing in his gullet, also part of the trouble. Well, if the narrowing still stays they will perform a little operation and bring in tubes, in one oparation several width, to stretch it up. If that should not help, they can bring in a kind of tube from gauze, that keeps it stretched. Not pleasant, but if that helps, okay. Nothing to worrie further about the stomach and intestines, nothing found. WHOOPEEE! But the doctor also wants to make an echo of his liver in about 4 weeks. It will not show up very healthy, I am afraid, he likes his beer and that already during his whole life. And there is still the question about his anaemia, the doctor doesn't understands that till now. As fas as tested till now, it has not to do with some internal bleeding or so. They will probably test his blood again. But all by all, I think, Jan is a bit more re-assured now, and so am I. All is not well yet, okay, we know, but they try to find it out and some day there must be an answer and hopefully a solution to all this trouble.

So far, so good. HOORRAAAAYYYY!!!

The we installed the new tv yesterday. Boy, that went quick! We even did it TOGETHER, how about that. It is a wonderful screen to watch, and I am so happy with it. Now today part two has to be done, the dvd! Let's hope that will be as easy as the tv.

Then something all different.
I received TWO awards yesterday. Isn't that sweet and wonderful? This is it:

I received them from

Now it's up to me to nominate some other blogs. I suppose I just have to give 7 new ones and not 14, because I received it double! But I have some more than 7, so sorry!

First here are the rules for the passing on:

1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you've nominated

Now the blogs: Hey girls, this one is for YOU!

The two blogs of Laura

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Blog of Gunhilde

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Blog of Vicky

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So that is done too! And now you are probably curious about the new kit. I believe it is a little bit funny one, but you know, I just like.....................penguins! They are so funny and adorable. Last year I did one kit about penguins, but there is so much to find about them, that a new one could not hurt! I surely hope you will have fun with this one, called : "Waddle, Waddle".

Nothing more to be said, I can wish you a fantastic, wonderful, enjoyable and happy Friday.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Modern Times arrive!

Good morning everybody!

We did go out yesterday afternoon and the result.... we bought a new tv AND a DVD player/recorder. Yippeeeeeeee!. If all goes well they will bring them this afternoon. You go all nuts when you enter a shop with tv etc. So many to choose of. But we bought nice LCD tv with a screen somewaht bigger than our old tv. We don;t need a very big one, first, we cannot place it and second, the distance between us and the tv isn;t that big. Wow, it looked wonderful, and I even got it in a sale and with an extra discount on top of it, because it was the last in the shop. I did that well. And because our video also show off a bit strange behaviour, we bought a DVD with recorder and with a harddisk in it of 160GB. We do have a dvd, but thats only a player. So we are all up to date again with "modern" apparatus, wow, wow! So now comes the tricky part, today or tomorrow: installing it all. To find all the prgram settings again, organize them as it is handy for you, connect the one to the other etc. Not my piece of cake, to be honest. Best will be if I am not around and let Jan sort it out, on his own! Because if I am arround, I know I will interrupte, and I will get impatient and the trouble starts! Let him do the job, and if he cannot manage some things, then I will take a look at it or read the instructons myself. Normally we end up understanding it and we can laugh afterwards, because we were such nerds! It's ALWAYS the trouble with the instructions you get, they say it is simple and easy to understand, but always something is missing, or not clear for simple minds like me!

But we will wait and see. Hopefully we will watching tv at our new screen in the week-end for sure. What a relief that will be.

May be, but I don't count on it) we will be even happier after tonight. We have a big lotery here(one of the many) with a draw tonight. But this time they have a gigantic big price of 25.000.000 euro(yes, you read it well!) in it. And it has to be given away this time. So they will keep on making draws till it falls on a number. So for once I bought myself some tickets, not whole ones but 1/5 tickets and several, you never know. I don't count on it, because we are never the lucky ones with loteries, but if you don;t try ones in a while, you always end up with nothing. Suppose we are the lucky ones and they draw aone of our numbers, I hget 1/5 of this big price. Not bad, hmmmm? Or perhaps a part of another price, there are several. So, if by any chance, suddenly you don;t hear from me a while, I will be off with Jan on a holiday or so. LOL!

Okay, I must get on a bit now. Get Jan out of bed, so he can prepare himself quietly for the consultation in the hospital. I am also nervous, you know. But let's keep thinking positive, better for the mind and body.

Today I have a little wedding kit for you, although you can use most of the papers easily for other pictures. I made it with the upcoming marriage of Linda's daughter (BonScrapatitdesign) in mind a bit, and it is a bit again the season for marriages, isn't it? I kept it in soft colours and hope you will like this one. Have fun with it.

I called it: "Vow of Love". Romantic, hey??

Have a nice day and till soon again.


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Great fun yesterday evening

Goodmorning everybody!

Yeah, yesterday evening I had great fun. A bit later in the evening I installed myself properly on the couch, with a cup of coffee, some chips and two cats close to me and watched the movie: Startrek, generations". I really love those films from Startrek. It may seem weird to you, but I like the fantasy in it, with always the thought in the back of your head, that MAY BE in far future all this could be possible. And it is never too violent. Okay, they shoot a few starships in million pieces, but that's all. I always amuse myself very well watching those films. So I had a nice evening.

Also finished the kit I was working on, it will be posted one of these days. Hopefully I will get Jan on his feet and moving today, to find another tv. I am all fed up now with all the apparel that is only working half or even not at all anymore. And when it's enough with me, it really is. Then there has to come something new and right on!

I know Jan is again a bit stressed up, because tomorrow we go for the results of the test. I try not to be. It comes, just as it has to come. Nothing can be changed on that. But all this sometimes gets a bit to me, and just a few days ago I had an eruption like a little vulcano! So I first threw out all that was bothering me in very short time, then I shed a few tears(some because I cannot change the situation for him and some because suddenly I felt myself soooo much to pity).
You didn't know that part of my character yet, hmmmmm??. Well, I am NOT always that kind and charming as you might think.
Now on to the kit. I am a bit in the animal atmosphere I think, first the bees and now I have butterflies for you. And later this week more animal things will come. But now butterflies. Always nice to make something with it. Name of the kit: "Butterfly Splendour". I think this isn't chosen wrong, because there are so many sorts of butterflies in all kind of colours. The kit is in a 3 colour scheme, but I put in also some butterflies of different colours, to make more various.

Hope you like it and make good use of it.
Have a beautiful day, all of you!


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Very depressing weather

Goodmorning everyone!

So glad to hear I am not the only one suffering from the quitting electronic apparel! Now we can use eachothers shoulders to let out some tears from the stress and then move on! LOL.

Not so much to share with you today. All by all yesterday was a very quiet day, I did some necessary things and am halfway a new kit. Only the weather is kind of depressing. There ae moments, it looks almost like october when you take a look out of the window. Rather a lot of rain is falling down, with a a lot of wind. Only a few moments a day suddenly the sun peeps out. Well, we have to live with that, that's how the weather can be around here. A few days wonderful and then back to rain, lower temperature etc. and then it changes again.

Therefor I picked out a joyful kit for you today. Still the circus has some magic in it, don' t you think? Especially for the kids. And I hope it stays that way. So here it is "Enchantment of Circus". I hope you will like it and that you can use it, of course.

Have a nice day, try to enjoy it and don;t have too much stress! It doesn't do good things with you, believe me, I know all about it! Not to worry about all too much, it will pass, but in some know. !


Monday, July 07, 2008

Is it coffee time already?

Goodmorning everybody?

This morning I read a funny things on tv text. I will share it with you.

It happened in Italy. There a happy occasion was taking place. A wedding. Should be on of the best days in your life. Well, this bride also thought so. All was fine arranged and everything was okay, till she was in church. During the service suddenly she was standing almost naked in front of the priest and all the guests!!! What happened? The seams of her wedding dress gave up and gave up holding the fabric together and the dress fell of her body! I can understand she got a shock and felt terribly embarressed. Imagine this should happen to you!! Now she is making a claim to the store where she bought the dress of 23.000 euro ( I think this is very reasonable) because of emotional damage and a bit more. For example, she has not a picture series of her happiest day, as you normally have. I can imagine that, you do not let people take your happy pictures, standing there in your underwear only!

Next month a daughter of Linda, from Bon Scrapatit Designs is going to be married. I hope they all check double on the dress!!!!

I hope to get Jan a bit more active this week. I want to buy a new tv and video recorder. The old ones are showing signs of falling apart lately. Well, they are not of the youngest dat anymore(just like us, LOL) but do yo also have that strange things, that when an item is breaking down, giving up, suddenly more are giving up at the same time. It almost seems that machines can communicate in some way with eachother and agree about the time of letting you down.!

TV is still working, only at timesl there is an awful cracking in the sound, then you touch some wires, or shuffle a bit the tv and it is gone for a while. Very irritating. And the videao suddenly works half on the remote control. It is time they are having their retiring.

And now the kit for today. As you know I LOVE coffee so why not another kit about that subject? Here it is, my "Coffee Break". Hope you will enjoy it.

Oh, just an annoucement: Soon I will remove all the pages with the freebies on my wordpress blog, so if you want still some, get them quick. I will not upload all of them to this blog, because new ones are added all the time. But perhaps I will upload a few of the old ones, don't know yet.

Well, all said for today I like to wish you a good start of the week, have a nice day!


Sunday, July 06, 2008

A visit from a stranger

Goodmorning everybody!!

You already know we had some visits from a strange cat to our house. I believe it is over now, since we have the new hatch. Be grateful for that. But earlier this week we had a real strange visit.

One morning I was at the computer (where else???) and wanted a cup of coffee. So I stood up, walked almost through the door and somehow my eye catched something "strange" on the floor. Something a bit yellow/brownish, and I thought may be one of the cats vomitted a little bit. It happens, now and then. Nothing too bad, take it up with a kitchen paper, clean it up (we have a wooden floor) and it's okay. But then I looked again an what did I see??????? A little frog(or perhaps a young toad) was sitting there. We have some of them in the garden, I don't know where they are coming from, we have no pond in the garden and as far as I know the gardens around us aot either. But they are there. I don't mind, they don't bother you. Sometimes the cats are very interested when they see one hopping around in the plants. But to have one in th house is a bit too much. In the evening the doors to the graden were closed, and through the hatch is impossible. So I think, one of the cats caught one and brought it in the house as a ind of "present". All by all it is a funny sight, having a frog in the house! Well, I took a wet cloth and picked it up ( it sat still all the time, I think the poor thing was in a shock) and put it back in the garden.

This week I also hurt my left foot rather badly. Wanted to put a wooden block on it's place, but ended up to touch it on the corner just above the edge of my shoe. Whooooo, that really hirt. Okay, it can happen, I thought I would have a nice blue spot on the foot, that will pass. But in the evening I even could not put my foot on the ground, so much it hurt!!!! What to do?? Try out the old recepy from my mother: take a piece of wet cloth, put on that a lot of vinager, lay it on the bruised spot, than take a piece of plastic, put it on that and then cover it all with a bandage. And in this case put even a sock on. Leave it there for a couple of hours, refresh it once or twice and you will see that the next day you will not have a big swelling. It even doesn't hurt so much anymore. So I did and the next day I almost could walk normal again.

Those little accidents happen to me all the time.

Okay, on to the freebie. This one is again in fresh and sweet colours, grasping back to our childhood when we listened to little nursery rhymes, from which we almost don;t know the words anymore. But they come back if you have your grandchildren around or children from your friends. I think, you can find a lot of pictures to go with this kit. Title is simple: "Back to our Childhood" (how do I invent all those titles, good hmmmm ???? LOL)

Have a lot of fun with it and may I wish you a splendid Sunday?


Friday, July 04, 2008


Hello and goodmorning everybody!

I finally made it! Here is the place where we will meet again, I hope. I still had no answer from wordpress, and anyway, if I use IE^(which I am doing now also) I all the time get a message, that I am directed there via a not protected site, or something like it. Well, I don't like it, so here we are, at Blogger.

I still have to do a lot about the blog, it isn;t finished yet completely, must find out how to get all my freebies together in a nice way. But I think I know how to do it. I must try it out. But at least I can post again and put a kit on the net. Whoopeeee!

My poor hubby is at the hospital now, and now I am waiting for him to call me, so that I can fetch him. I hope it will not be too annoying for him, the whole process. Then the waiting starts again, for the result. For that he has an appointment on the 10th of July.

What about me the last few days? Well, I was surfing as an idiot on the internet, to get all kinds of information about the blogging on Blogger. To start the blog is no problem, but to get it all in nice place as you want it and some extras I hope to make, that is another question. I am not a wizard at all when it comes to programming with html etc., in fact, I don;t understand a bit about it. And I am always a bit afraid to make radical changes. I am always the lucky one where those things end in a mess!!

This is the first try, hope it works well.

What do you think about the header of the blog? I made it all myself, must say I am a bit proud about it. But if you know me, you can expect, that in future it will change again. HAHAHA.!

I don't know if I will get already a freebielist up for you today, as I am still busy with forming the blog etc. But I have a freebie again for you, with a very nice title, which suites today and the start of this new blog. I called it: BEE HAPPY.
Hope you will like it and I hope that soon you all are gathering here again and that we can have some fun times again.!

In case I will not be posting in the week-end(but I don;t know yet if I will or not, depends of some things) I wish you all a very nice week-end and also