Wednesday, January 30, 2013

BIG NEWS for The Netherlands.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, Monday evening at the news of 19.00 hours, we heard important news. There was a speech of our Queen Beatrix, announcing her abdication of the throne in favour of her son Prince Willen Alexander. I have found a very good article about if wtitten i the Guardian, so I will give you the link, where you can read it in English, and if you want they also have lots of pictures of our queen.
But it was Big News! We somehow counted a bit with it, that perhaps this year she would announce her abdication, but still it was a surprise, the more while it all will take place on the 30th of April this year, just in about 3 months.
So we will have a king again after about a 100 years. His wife, Maxima will be queen then.
Oh, I will be at the television that day, because it will be a special moment and I am sure it will be very impressive. 
Here is the link:

You can imagine that the last couple of days there was much talking about this announcement. In almost every program on tv, something was said about it, some serious reactions, but also a lot of speculations of "experts". That always makes me laugh.

Well, yesterday was Jan's birthday, which we spent in tranquility LOL! But I've made somehting real yummie for dinner. I had big prawns, marinated them in oil, a little bit of soya sauce, some pepper and salt, paprika, parsill and lots of garlic. And I fried them  just a couple of minutes, just enough that they colored a bit pink/ apricot. To that we just had a green salad and french bread with an aoili.  
Best of all is that you can, and should eat the prawns with your hands. Well, you should have seen us yesterday, our hands dripping of the oil, of course, trying to remove the  thin shell of the prawns, which wasn't so difficult. Hmmm, it tasted sooooo good!

I think I said that I would take a few pics, didn;t I? Sorry, I still didn't. I am hopeless I know.
Some day I will do it, better not promise it anymore LOL!
But I had to do also something else. I received an award from my friend Edna, from Miss Edna's place. And it needed some thinking, to answer the questions coming with it.
Here we go:

The rules are pretty easy: 
(1) Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you. 
(2)  Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back to them. 
(3)  Answer the five simple questions. 
(4) Nominate blogs for the award and notify  each of them. 
(5) Display the award on your blog somewhere.

Here are my answers to the questions, and I must say it isn;t easy at all. I could give more answers to the questions, but.... you are only allowed to give one.

1.  If you could change one thing, what would you change?
     There are lots of things, but perhaps make an end to all wars.
     So much pain, destruction, violence, I think it never can justifie
     any cause. Why people still haven't learned that in the end everybody
     is a looser? We have the possibility of speech, so why can;t we try
     to solve it by talking and negociation?

2.  If you could repeat an age, what would it be?
     Every age has specials, so that is hard to answer. But to be 24 again, why not?
     But best would be to repeat that age, with the knowledge I have now.

3.  What is one thing that really scares you?
     Growing disconcern and indiffenrence  for eachother in the whole world.

4.  What is one dream you have not completed, and do you think you'll be able to complete it?
     Had some and completed some, and one should be happy with it. And everybody has one or two almost
     impossible dreams, like being rich, I would like that thought, to have enough to buy us a little
     house, 3 rooms or so, well-built and some spare  money to hire people if anything has to
     be repared. And some money left to make a few people a bit happier.

5.  If you could be someone else for one day, who would it be? 
     Not a specific person, but I think it would be great to be someone very clever,
     Like e.g. Curie, and find the cure for all cancers.

Now the blogs, which isn;t easy either. Edna pinched already one of them, Mat's Memories, so I will have to think of a few others.

Linda of 
Snowy of

Not so much blogs, but I think nice ones.

Well, time to hop to the freebie and then get dressed and do something yes!
Kit is "Tenerezza".We all can do sometimes with a moment of tenderness, isn;t it?
Have a wonderful day!

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Download     HERE

Monday, January 28, 2013

Snow almost disappeared!!

Goodmorning everybody!

Saturday I was a brave girl, cause I went to the market. And I started walking when it still was snowing, which wasn't a bad thing. Because of that, the walking was easier, it covered up a bit of the slippery parts. Halfway it stopped snowing and hte temperature wasn't bad at all.
I didn;t buy a lot there, but I had 2 kilo's of mandarines just for 2 euro! Well, try to buy that in a supermarket. No way!
And I bought a piece of our favourite cheese, onl;y to find there.. I didn;t linger long at the market, they said that later in the day it could become very slippery, we could have sleet. Well, that isn;t nice at all, so no lingering.
Still it was nice to have been in the air for a while.
In the evening we watched the World Championship Sprint( speed skating) and it not finished till rather late, so result was that I slept very long on Sunday morning.
Then I went to the omputer, first installed a new chat program( I took the free version of Skype), because windows messenger quits. well, I am proud to say I seemed to have installed it well, because later I had long chat with my friend Snowy, so you can imagine I didn't do much else the rest of the day LOL.
In the evening again the skating, and yeah, the World champion at the men's department is a Dutch guy and we also have the 3rd place there. Wow, it was an exciting event.
Also the ladies had the racing to do, there we weren;t as successful as with the men, I have to congratulate my American visitors there with their World champion speed skating sprint!

After a good night sleep I woke up much earlier than yesteray, and I am glad, now I have more time during the day to do some really necessary things here in the house.!
And I will have to think about some answers to questions that came along with an award I received.
I will do that, but I need a bit of time for it.
As I looked out of the window this morning, a big smile came on my face! Almost all snow has disappeared. Yeah, after the bit of snowfall on saturday, Sunday it started to thaw and this week we will have temperatures around  7 till even 10 C , now THAT is good news!
Hopefully we will not have a "fall-back" later on, at the end of Fevbruary/ start of March. It often happens here that we get another period of cold and freezing!

Tomorrow isa little bit special day, because then my hubby will have his birthday, and yes, he also will have 60 years of age then. My God, where have all the years disappeared to LOL!
Okay we will not have a party, but I will think of something nice for dinner tomorrow.
Thne next week I must think of a little present for Séverine, the daughter of Heidi, who will have her birthday. Ghee, that child will have 11 years already. Becoming quite a little lady now.

Now this girl has to get moving around a bit. I first will have a nice, long shower and then really will do some inspiring things like, washing machine, vacuum cleaning, dusting, and such LOL.
I truly hope that soon we will have a phonecall from Jan;s doctor about his back. That still is not good, and that needs to be handled first. It's taking too long now, he needs to get rid of it, and he will feel much much better, cause the fluid retention stuff is a lot better now and under control you could say.
I feel so sorry for him, I can do nothing to make him feel better and that's frustrating, you know!
Okay, we keep up the spirit and some day it will be gone, I hope so.

To the freebie now. It's "Fresh Beginning", with Arlene's clusters.
Have a great start of the week, see you on Wednesday.
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Download    HERE

Friday, January 25, 2013

Enough of snow and ice, for me!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yeah, I think I have had enough of the snow and ice now. Cold isn;t too bad, I can handle that, but that frozen snow and mess of it, is horrible.
But.....may be next week temperatures will be several degrees above 0, at least at daytime and perhaps even at night, so let's hope it will happen soon, then snow and ice will disappear and we can walk normally again  LOL1

Yesterday Jan went to his specialist for control, and she was rather happy with the result. Blood check and urine check didn;t show anything special, so that's a good thing. I didn't go with him, I asked but he didn;t find it necessary. Okay, no problem. And he did complain about his backtrouble and the doctor immmediately sent him through for a photo of it. Hope to hear outcome of it soon. Hopefully it will show, that may be a nerve got pinched or that he has an inflammation. If it's something like that, they can treat it and in a couple of weeks he could be without any trouble.
It's not hurting all the time, only when making certain movements.
Still very annoying and also tyring, I know all about that.!
Just let us be happy with every improvement there is, the rest will follow, hopefully.

You know I was busy knitting, and I wanted to make another blanket, but during the process I changed my mind( that's very ME ) and starter with a sweater for Jan. I NEVER made one before so it was quite an adventure. I found a patter that was rather easy, with "straight"armholes.
Found also a nice stitch and hopla, I just started Measures found too and I took a sweater of Jan as example. I finished it yesterday. Well, I must admit, it isn;t a "high_couture" but not bad either.
He tried it on yesteday and it fits him good, only next time I have to make the sweater a little bit longer.
Oh whee, I am satisfied with my self ROFL. I promise i will make a picture of it this weekend to show you on Monday.
And then I missed the knitting, having to do nothing while watching tv, so I started another one.

As I stayed in yesterday(I promised myself a day without shopping or whatever, yeah, today I must go out to get a new medication for Jan at the drugstore. And I can get also some bread and I need eggs and some other small things at the same time.
Weather looks to be okay, sun is starting to shine, can;t wait till it shines more and as there is practically no wind, it will be a bit cold, but nice.

By the way, my lasagna tasted really great! It's something I can repeat every now and then.
And as I made it in a large oven dish, we did have enough for two days.
Which is ever so nice, because yesterday I just had to put it back into the oven and had no cooking to do at all.

So that's it, girls and it's time for your freebie.
Today's kit is "Forgotten Memories"in my favourite color purple/lavender with a bit of grey.
Together with 3 lovely clusters from Arlene I am sure a layout will look great.
Have a fantastic weekend!

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Download     HERE

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Winter outside, Spring inside.

Goodmorning everybody!

As almost every morning I first watch the news on tv and read the teletexte pages.
And there are the "funny"pages that I like. This morning there was an item about snow and traffic.
In a town in Holland there is a small street, that apparantly is used often by people to avoid the busy traffic on the main roads. Well, that ofte happens, and we call it "the sneak through routes".
The inhabitants of that street had enough of it, after complaining lots of time at the council about it and that there should be taken measurements against it. No succes.
And now they found a solution: The barricaded the two entrances of the street with large heaps of snow in the shape of whales. That I call creativity!
Now for a few days the kids can play there without danger.
Of course it could be a problem if e.g. an ambulance or fire brigade had to pass the street but the chance that it happens is very small.
It might not be the best solution, but I can imagine the frustration of the inhabitants and then this is a peacefull action , don;t you think?
Good thing or not, I had to giggle about it.

Yesterday I went out and although I hate the mess of the snow and the slippery parts here and there, it was great to be outside, it wasn;t really cold, just fresh and with a little bit of sunshine.
It looks as if today we have some sunshine again, and the more sun the better. The snow can melt and get away, and all transport can work again as usual.

When I was in the supermarket yesterday, I saw they had some sales at the flower department. And I bought three little pots with "Tete-a-tete daffodiles". They are just sprouting, so Jan can put them together in a pot and if they do as well as the hyacinths, we will have some Spring inside our house.

I will be busy in the kitchen for a while this afternoon, cause I want to make lasagna for supper. I will make it with minced meat, fresh spinach leaves, self made bechamel-sauce, some garlic and grated cheese of course and tomatoe sauce too(that one I have ready made in a pot).
If it turns out the way I want, we have a yummie meal this evening.

That's about all for today, nothing more happened which is worthwhile to ramble about LOL.
So on to the freebie, this time "Dark Days of December" with clusters from Arlene.
Hope you can find use for it.
Have a terrific day!
Download    HERE

Download   HERE

Monday, January 21, 2013

I've made a layout, which has been long ago!

Goodmorning everybody!

Still winter over here. Yesterday we even had some more snow, and the winter weather is causing some problems on the roads and also on the railways.
Glad I don't have to use either of them LOL!
And no, today I am not going out.
I did on Saturday for a moment, but I didn;t take my camera with me. So no pictures to show you.
And can you imagine how stupid people can be?
When it's going to freeze there are a lot of people who like skating on the lakes and canals, as we call it "on open water".
But after just a few days of mild freezing the ice isn;t yet safe, not thik enough. And still there are dumbo's who go out there and try it. With result that already a few had to be resuced out of the ice/water becaused it cracked.
Is the winter weather freezing their brains or what???
Everywhere on signs, on tv, in newspapers there are warnings not to yet on the ice and still people do it anyway.

Yesterday evening we watched a sweet film, titled "No Reservations". It had all in it, some sadness, some humour and some romance.
In short it's about a young women who is succesful as a chef cook, but suddenly has to take care of her niece of about 9 years old, because the mother and she were in a traffic accident and the mother died.
Well, Kate has no idea how to handle the situation, but she tries her best. Then in the restaurant where she is chef they hired an extra chef, because Kate was on leave for some days.
You can guess, what happens there. She is pissed off, but the other chef is a nice guy and also a good cook.
End of story is , of course, romantic. They come together, and Zoe, the child, is happy with that and they start their own restaurant. Everybody happy. Love that kind of films.

Last week I have made a layout, and I cannot rememeber when I've made the last one LOL!
Perhaps some of you have seen it already on Miss Edna's blog(link in sidebar), but I will show it anyway. I made it. because I finished a kit and wanted to see, how a layout would look and I am rather happy with it, although the papers are dark in general.
I will post the kit later, have to make still a preview of the clusters Arlene made for htis one.
The word art I used is from Random thoughts at Linda's Place.
Oh. by the way, you could take a look there, because she has made a couple of lovely quickpages with some of my kits.

Here's the layout, with Mr. Pogo as the star LOL!
This week Jan has to go to his specialist in the hospital for another appointment and check up. I am thinking of going with him(he doesn;t know that yet LOL). He still has trouble with his back, and it doesn;t help to get fit again. So if possible I want to speak with his doctor about that and may be (although she is a liver and such specilist) she can send him to a fysio in the hospital? It might be an option, don;t you think? Who knows, it might help, perhaps he just needs a couple of seesions and he will feel a lot better. Otherwise I know, he will not go to his regular doctor for it, he still thinks it will go away by itself. Oh, sometimes men are soooooooooooo difficult to handle LOL!

Well, we'll see if my little plan works out.

Okay, time to finish this post and it might be a good day to do some ironing. Not sure about it yet, but I know it has to be done, grin!
Today I have the kit "Where Paths Meet"for you, with arlene's clusters of course. Warm colours of the papers will make surely a little treasure of a layout.
Have a splendid day!
Download     HERE

Download    HERE

Friday, January 18, 2013

Brrrr, still snow around

Goodmorning everybody!

The last couple of days I was a real "house mouse" LOL! After my expedition in the snow, I thought I was better off in the house. We still have snow lying around, it's still freezing, so it will be slippery out one the street here and there.
But.........we have to take the challenge today, and get out. Only one thing is for sure; I won;t take my shopping car with me. No real need for it either, just have to get a few small things.
As I like to make you curious(yes, 60 years old, but still a naughty girl), I can tell you that perhaps some changes are coming up. Of what kind?? Ha, that I cannot say.
Only that it will not happen over the night.

Gosh, may it be that Jan is starting to feel a tiny little bit better?? I don;t know, and I don;t ask him too often( he gets crappy when I do), but in the last couple of days he started to do some things in the house, sweet guy!
He's busy in the kitchen, giving it a good clean, part by part. Yesterday he did the fridge.
Now isn;t that nice? And when he gets busy, I leave him alone, that's working best for both of us ROFL.
Only thing is, that I cannot find back some things, hahaha. He replaces them, and normally I can find my stuff I need for the cooking or whatever almost blindfolded, now I have to look around where it is now. Well, most things are in its place, but some aren;t anymore. And sometimes he found a better place, so I leave it there, but it happens also, that after a short while, I replace things back into their old place( for me so much handyer to grab).

I did have an email from Arlene, she is trying to pick up her regular life again and I must post a part of her message here for Linda who sent a very beautiful poem:

Oh my goodness Kyra this is just so beautiful! The first thing I did today was open this email & it touched my soul! Please say thank-you to this thoughtful lady Linda. Not only is it something I can relate to right now but I am also a lover of poetry. I have many collections & have even written some myself. This one will be framed & on my wall & I will pass it on to her sons who I know will also love it. Hugs to Linda & you my friend.

It's good to know that by a little kind gesture, someone else can feel encouraged.

Some designing came out of my hands too. I am trying to enlarge the "stash"I have , I was running a bit short. But it's going allright with that and perhaps this weekend I can finish another one and who knows, start another too. Also have to make some previews of new clusters Arlene sent me from recent made kits, so we are getting on track again.

Now I will finish this post, must get ready to challenge the snow, some warm clothes will help, some good boots too, and as there is almost no wind I think it might even be wonderful to be outside for a moment. I should take my camera with me, perhaps I can shoot some nice pictures.
What do you think? Are you ready for another winter kit? It might be, so I am offering you Winter Dream World (it's the one I used for my bloglayout).
Together with some sweet clusters from Arlene I think, you could make some lovely pages.
Have a wonderful weekend and see you again on Monday.
Download    HERE

Download     HERE

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Snow, snow, and more snow.

Goodmorning everybody!

Got an email from Arlene, of course she has still a difficult time after her sister's passing away, but now only time can ease the pain. She is still struggling with her flu, it hasn;t gone yet, she still has almost no voice she writes. I wrote her that only a lot of rest and peace of mind could help to recover of that.
Hre a few lines out of her mail:

Sorry it's been so long. There has been so much going on. Lots of family here from out of town . We are all just picking up the pieces & trying to move on. It is still so hard to believe my big sis is gone. Thank-you for all your kind words & thoughts & also thank your blog readers who took the time to express their condolences. It means alot.
She started with making some clusters though, and they are beautiful as always. Perhaps the designing will help to distract her a bit.

And now it is really winter time here. It started to snow, and not just a few flakes, but a thick cover.
Of course it's beautiful, in forest, in the country side, in parcs, but oh, if it only could snow there and not on the roads and in the city LOL!
I did go out yesterday, had to, because we were running out of cat food, bread and a few other things.
And I thought, well, even if it's hard to walk, specially with my shopping car, it will be a good thing to do it this day and not the next, cause then partly the snow will be melted during day time and freeze again during the noght. And then it will be more difficult and dangerous to walk on it.
But ghee, it wan;t easy. I am lucky that the supermarket isn;t too far away, but it seemed at least twice so long walking back with the full shopping car LOL!
I really was glad I got home, and had to sit down for a moment, I was a bit pooped out.

But it was great outside, not feeling cold at all, there was practically no wind and even a bit of sunshine. Lovely weather. Today the sun is shining again, I hope it will be strong enough to get rid of most of the snow, because forcast is telling us that at nights it will still freeze. 
Okay, we will have to deal with it, it's part of the winter season, isnt it?

I should have taken some pictures, but I was too lazy. But may be today or even tomorrow there will be a chance to take some. don;t count too much on it, but I will try!

Hmmm, probably today is a good day to do the laundry and may be even some ironing(but that's no promise LOL). Also want to make my "boeuf Parmentier"today for dinner( minced meat, well seasoned, in between two covers of mashed potatoe). And that's always nice to have, cause I make a larger protion, so we will have enough for two days. And the second day it will taste even better. Yeah, I think it's good idea. 
Well, then there might be some time left to do some more designing, must not forget this afternoon to watch my new serie on tv, a British one, about a lawyer in the countryside, who has taken over the practice of his father and encounters all kind of problems from his clients and also has to do some research on a mysterious death of his brother(who now seems to be alive still, but under another name, because apparantly the guy is in troubly with a criminal organisation). That's a bit short for the content, but you might get an idea. And it's humorous too. It's named "Kingdom".
It's making a nice break in the afternoon, together with a cup of tea.

And now the freebie. It's named "While You Were Gone", in nice warm colors, and Arlene's clusters.
Have a wonderful day, stay away if possible from colds and flu.!

Download    HERE

Download    HERE

Monday, January 14, 2013

We have champions in Holland!

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh my, it was a weekend of tv watching. You know I was watching the speedskating and I love to say that it was a great succes for us Dutchies. With the men we had the world champion and also the runner up place and with the women it is even better: we fill the whole stage: nrs. 1, 2 and 3 and even another one on the 5th place. It was amazing!
Now on to the World champioship next month, which will be in Hamar in Norway.

The weather here still is not bad, yes, it's colder, but till now it stayed dry. But that might change a bit today they even say we might have a bit of snow. Yak, I don;t like that, but perhaps that will be only in other parts of Hollnad, here you never know.

I just came from the blog of my friend Snowy( find the bloglink in my sidebar) and she has big plans for this year and next. Oops, if all wil come true, they will change her life completely!Curious? Well, you will have to go to her blog to read more, and if you are there, you can pick up some freebies too, just scroll a bit on the blog.

Although I spent a lot of time in front of the tv, I also had some time to make some new kits! A bit of inspiration came back and then suddenly all flows and comes together and it's a great feeling LOL.
Didn;t here yet from Arlene, which I can fully understand, she is going through a difficult and also busy time. I passed on your sweet thoughts for her and I am they will help somewhat to ease the pain of the loss of her sister.Thank you so much.

This week we sometimes couldn;t find Brodski, although we were almost certain he was in the house. Well, we found his new "shelter". We have the garbage bin in the kitchen and behind it there is some space, just in a corner. And there he is now. Always a surprise where the cats find a new sleeping place, it changes every now and then LOL!

I think today will need some action from me, grin. Certainly necessary to do some vacuum cleaning and dusting, the least!
No need for me to go out today, so after I did some "work"I might find some time left to do some designing again. I can do with some more "stock" now again.
That's about all for today, I certainly forgot things I wanted to write about, but no rush, it will come back to mind and there is always a next post, hahaha.

The kit today is named "A Single Step", and with Arlene's clusters.
Have a great day!

Download    HERE

Download    HERE

Friday, January 11, 2013

It's winter, so there is skating.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, it's getting colder here, but for the momonet we also have sunshine with it, no wett stuff.
And then it's not too bad, the colder weather. Is better for nature too, because I think nature is a bit confused of the much too warm month of December.
Still some roses blooming in the garden and our "house"| frog still hides under a stone, and Jan says he has grown and is becoming more and more beautiful.
Speaking of blooming, we also have some blooming in the living room. About two weeks ago I bought 6 hyacinth bulbs()they were in a sale, yeah( and Jan potted them.
And now the first two are showing already some colour. The pink ones. Amazing how quick that happens. But it's nice to have some blooming plants in the house.
If I don;t forget I will take a picture of them when they are in full glory.

Jan and I will be much in front of the tv this weekend, starting already today. There is the European Championship of allround speedskating and you all know we love to watch that. And we have good hopes for some medals for the Dutchies. so there will not be left much time for the computer I guess.
But I am busy ontwo kits and they are almost done with. Just a few elements to add and then I can make the previews and upload them.
I made a little bit of space on my harddisk. I burned a dvd with some months of scrapkits of last year, have to do another one for sure, but when I have burned all, I think I have gained about 10 GB of free space again. And I should go through some files, I am certain I can delete some stuff that isn;t necessary to keep. Always a miracle how quick you download things and then don;t use it actually.

I had a nice phone chat yesterday evening with a friend, she appologized for being late with the birthday wishes, but was coping with a bad jaw inflammation, it did hurt terribly, she went to the dentist, he did some poking and such, and she has to take antibiotics and heavy painkillers.
I feel very sorry for her, cause tooth ache and such are not nice things at all, I know !
But yesterday it was already a lot better, certainly the pain was less and so she phoned me. I laughed and told her that almost every year she was one or two days late and that I didn;t mind. The most important things is that she thought about it, isn;t it? Today is HER birthday, so I already wished her a happy birthday in advance, and now we agreed to do this every year. We will phone eachother for our birthdays, just in the days between mine and hers. Hey, it's a good deal LOL!

May be I will do a quick visit to the market today, now we still have good weather. We could do with some chesse(they have not too expensive there and very good tasting, specially we love the old cheese, yummie) and if the price is right some veggies too. And on the way to the market I can drop off another bill to pay at the bank. Yes, I think I will do that and I can be home in time for the skating.

So on to the freebie, and I think you could do with a light colored kit again, and so it will be.LOL.
Here is "Winter Bride", of course good to use for a winter wedding but also for some real winter pciture scrapping. And with a lot of clusters from Arlene.
Make something nice of your weekend to come, have fun, some laughs and some chilling too!
Download    HERE

Download all clusters HERE

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

So we go on , a year older LOL!

Goodmorning everybody!!

First, thanks to all that have send me ecards, or emails with such lovely birthday wishes, or in the comment box.
It made my day so sunny and it felt really good in my heart.
Your are wonderful.!!

I had a great day. We both took it very easy, meaning we did only what we liked to do.
So I spent lots of time at the computer, busy with a new kit, it was wonderful.
And that day of rest was good for us too after our very busy one on Monday.
Of course I got a phonecall from Heidi, to wish me happy Birthday. We did chat rather a long time, had fun and I think she will come over for a visit later this week.
So now that this birthday is over we can start a new year, fresh and still young(at heart at least LOL).

It's still not really cold here, although they said at the weather channel that the temperatures might drop a bit later this week an next week. Oh well, I don;t mind that too much, as long as we have no snowfall, or rain, that freezes during the night.

I think I will go out today, well, it's nexessary too, have to get me some groceries. Sometimes things are disappearing so quickly from the fridge, freezer or storage, amazing!

Still wonderinf why I don;t have the Shoutbox back again. I tried to clear the cache and cookies from the browser, but that didn;t help. Went to Shoputbox but cannot log in to check there. If it doesn;t come back, I might have to find another free shoutbox supplier. But then I still have to delete my account at Shoutbox, but if I cannot log in , I cannot delete it. Oh whee, little problems again.
I will give it some days and then we will see what to do.

Grrr, had to sign out for a moment of the blog, cause had a Windows update. I know, I can install that later, but I prefer doing it right away. I was lucky, it didn;t take much time.
Gosh, I don;t have too much time to chat, I was a bit late awake this morning, so there is less time for posting(if I want to do something else too today).

I just saw the news this morning and feel so sorry for the folks in Australia, with their terrible bush fires. Yes, they happen almost every year, but this time it looks if they are even more severe. It must be a very frightning experience and what a shock to loose your house and all to the fire.
I truly hope the winds will settle down there, because that is making it difficult to fight the fires.
Nature just is mighty. At one side of the earth they have enormous bush fires, at the other end the are fighting floods.
It looks as if nature sometimes is fighting against humans, isn;t it? And somehow I can understand that too, because men is destroying a lot of nature!

Before I will ramble along about that, I better finish my post now, with another freebie of course.
A completely different color palette, I think great for some heritage scrapping.
Kit is named "Time Stands still"(as it sometimes does), and some wonderful clusters from Arlene.
Have a wonderful day, thanks again all for making my birthday a happy day and also thank you for your sympathies for Arlene, who is having a rough time now. I will pass them on to her.
Till Friday!
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Download    HERE

Monday, January 07, 2013

We were really busy today!

Goodafternoon everybody!

First a sad thing to tell you:
I got an email from Arlene, telling that her sister had passed away yesterday evening.
Arlene and family will have some difficult time now, but at least her sister isn;t suffering anymore. But it always is heartbreaking to loose a loved one.

The reason I am late in posting today is that Jan and I first got rid of all the Christmas decoration.
It took a few hours, but now we have back our "normal"room again LOL!
All is put back in the boxes, out away on the closet waiting for us till the end of this year.
We also dusted the room and a very necessary sweeping with the vacuum cleaner. Pffffffffffff, glad that is done!

It's however not taking so much time as the decorating. Now we can put our mind to other things.
Now it's time to relax a bit, which I do now, and Jan is taking a nap on the couch.
There are still some things left to do, like washing all the Christmas fleece blankets and some napkins and such, but the big stuff is done!
I noticed my Shoutbox has disappeared again. I tried some things but till now it's not coming back. I think it will at some time, sorry I can;t help it.!

I will not ramble long, I think I will watch a bit tv in a few minutes, there is a nice English detective which I like.
Oh my, I almost forget it myself, tomorrow I will have my birthday and I will be 60! No big party, just remembering it and perhaps make something nice for dinner. That's good enough.I just cannot realize I am having that age. The mind isn;t accepting it, and I amglad about it. Although the body isn;t always cooperating, the mind is still young enough, certainly NOT feeling as a 60-year old. LOL!

So quickly now to the freebie. I promised you a wintery kit and so it will be.
It's named "Wintry Cold". Not the case here at the moment. We still have nice temperatures for the time of year, yippee!
Oh, I've made 2 previews of the clusters from Arlene, she made lots.
Have a great day, probably will chat more on Wednesday.
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Download    HERE