Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Will we get an "Indian Summer"???

Goodmorning everybody!

The last couple of days the weather is slightly changing, to the good side I think. Although there is a difference between our part of the country and the East part of it(and imagine that from the coast to the border with Germany there are only about 200 kms!!). Yesterday Jan even sat for a little while in the garden, sun was shining! But towards the weekend they say we will have warmth again, about 24 degrees C ( think in Fahrenheit that is around 75F). Now THAT is waht I call a nice temperature LOL!

Monday was my laundry day, oh boy I was good again, did iron all that was dry, and that always feels good to see it all gone into the closet. Today will be hoovering and dusting day, and I must go out to get a few of my mecicins. I still have a bit, but I like to get them in time, it happens that they don;t have it all in stock and then it could be tricky if you wait till you have taken the last pill or puff.
There isn;t too much to tell, it were just quiet days. I did finish another kit and even started on a new one, it's a kind of present I give myself, do some designing AFTER  I finished some work in the house, you know, the more bouring stuff LOL!

We still are having from time to time a dinner with a salad of tomatoes, yes, Jan's tomatoes! They really taste good. And the harvest isn;t over yet, but the ones one the plants do need a bit of sunshine to get all red. So Jan is having great fun of his tomatoe plants and is determined to grow them again next year!

I had some sweet peas growing, they flourished weel and yesterday I could already collect the first seeds from them. Have to have a few more to be ensured that some plants will do well, but it's such fun to grow some plants from your own seeds.

Today I have the 1st part of a kit for you, Friday will be the 2nd part of it. It was just a bit too "heavy"for one download. It's named "Passage to India". Hope you can use it.
Now you all have a wonderful day!
Download   Passage to India part 1   HERE

Monday, August 29, 2011

Visit to the market

Goodmorning everybody!

I did put all my courage into my shopping car and went to the market on Friday. The weather was looking  a bit tricky, but then I thought: "All that could happen to me is having a rainshower on my head, and we can survive that "LOL! But I was lucky, although sometimes the sky got dark at moments, I kept it all dry. And it was really warm outside, not all together  the bst weather, it was very moisty just like a hige thick blanket. So I did my things quickly at the market, got me some things that I wanted, skipped the French Fries and went home again.
But in the evening and night we had some tunder storms, lots of pictures were taken from us by the weather devils ROFL! and even the cats, who like to be outside, came for a little shelter inside.
Saturday it kept raining on and off, but I found a moment between rainshowers to do a quick visit at the supermarket, well, catched a few raindrops, but nothing serious, and you know girls, it was sooooo lovely outside in the air!! The air was really fresh and crisp, a real relief after the Friday!

I was soooo in the good mood, that I also changed the bedsheets and gave a really thourough sweep with the vacuum cleaner in the bedroom, and a quicker one in the hallway and kitchen. Jan did the living room for me( in the time I was out to the supermarket), I also prepared a bit of the vegetables from the market for the freezer. That was done rather quickly, because I didn;t buy too much of it this time.
And during the weekend, after all the work done, hahahaha, it was good to do some designing. I almost finished a new kit, but also made something again for Minky's blog. As I just visited her blog, I saw she already posted the preview, but she will give you the link for the download later, on the special blog. Well, if you would like to download, keep an eye on her blog.
But.........I can tease you and show you the preview! It are 3 cards, you can print out, fold them and send them to somebody. You know, email is very handy and quick, but it just isn't the same as receiving and envelope in your mailbox, opening it and holding a card or letter in your hands to read!

Can you imagine that August is almost done with already! Mark my words, sooner than you think your thoughts will be filled with Christmastime and all the preparations for it.! And as much as I like Christmastime, it can wait for me a bit. I rather like to havea nice after summertime in the next month with also some nice days at the end of September, because then we'll have to get the garden prepared for the winter time.
Hmmmmm, time slips through my hands today, I better finish my post now, then I might be able to finish the preview for my just finished kit and then the laundry is waiting for me, one in the machine and the dry one to be ironed and put away in the closet and I have to prepare some meat for our dinner, that has to be on the stove for several hours to get tender.
I have another multi purpose kit for you, also in a bit darker colour scheme, named "Dolce Ricordo". Hope anybody can make use of it!
Have a wonderful Monday!
Download     HERE

Friday, August 26, 2011

No market, no French Fries LOL!

Goodmorning everybody!

The blogpost title says it all! We didn't go to the market on Wednesday! It was a bit due to the weather, It kept on raining and looking grey, and only rather late in the afternoon the rain stopped and here and there a little ray of sunshine came through. By then it was too late to take the trip. So that has to wait for another day. I thought today could be the day, but after hearing the weather forecast, I don;t think it will be today either. It seems today could be the worst day of the week, rain storms could be passing over Holland, with sometimes hard wind, and looking outside now, I see we already have the first of rain. Weather at the moment is going like a rollercoaster, one day great weather, warm etc, the other day, raining, lots of degrees lower temperature, next ay a bit of mixture of both, I really hope that will pass by quickly. Very difficult to make plans this way LOL!
But it gives some time for little jobs in the house and also some extra playing time at the computer.
I was pleasantly surprised to find a message in my mail from Maureen, who made a layout with my "All the love in the world"kit. Do pay a visit to her blog, you will see some great layouts she made and leave a little word if you visited. Here the layout:
Then I tried my hand on something else. I;ve made some "affirmation cards"for Minky's. It's great fun to make them. Here a preview of them, you can get them at Minky's blog. And it's worth the visit, because there are also some other treats for you there.
Time for me to get dressed finally and do something around here. May be, just MAY be, later on today the weather will change a bit, and who knows, it might be just good enough to make that quick trip to the market. If only the wind will lay down a bit more, that would be great already, not too confident though that it will happen soon ROFL!.
Today I have a kit you can use for several projects, I think. Hope you like it, it's named; "Collect Memories".
What would our life look like if we hadn't our memories? They may be a mix of good and bad ones, but they all were learning cases, tought us valuable things, and for sure, thinking of the good ones give us some good moments. And because we are just human, we also are bound to forget things, and therefore scrapping pictures of all kind of moments in our lives is such a wonderful thing.!
Have a gorgeous weekend!
Download    HERE

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's a special day.

Goodmorning everybody!

It still is early morning, and it is raining at the moment. I hope it will stop later today and if possible a bit of sunshine will come too, because we want to go to the market, for some veggie and fruit shopping. Jan was there a few days ago and told me, the prices are quite low at the moment. So a good time to buy and make some stock in the freezer.

Today is a bit special day, this 24th of August! This same day, but 4 years ago, we got married! Gosh, already 4 years passed by, in a rather quick way! Thinking back of it, I remember I told you of all that happened towards that day, and on the day itself it was beautiful weather. We were very lucky with that, and had a wonderful day.
And I almost cannot imagine that next year March Jan and I are already together for 20 years!
Oh LOL, yesterday evening Jan said he knows today is our wedding day but we will not do anything special, but if I behaved well, he might buy me some French Fries at the market, hahahaaha!He's such a sweet guy at times!
But I think I will ty to make something nice for dinner, may be at the market I can find an avocado and fill that with Dutch cooked and smoked prawns(these prawns are small and very tasty! yummie) together with some mayonnaise, bit of pepper and some drops of lemon juice. If the avocado's are of a nice size, it even could be enough for dinner, when I have some strawberries with cream, or a nice melon for dessert. Hmmmm, not a bad idea!

I like to show you a preview of some quickpages I've made for Minky, from the kit of the Pink challenge(well, the one you receive, when you enter a layout with the challenge kit). If you like to have them, just go to her blog and read how to get those quickpages. May be she didn;t had time yet to post them on the special blog, well, be patient, they will be there, you'll only may have to return a bit later. Anyway, here already the preview(a collage preview Minky made)
As freebie for today I have a vintage kit, in light colours for you, named "Past Time Childhood".
Now I just enjoy the quiet and peace at the moment and play a bit in PSE8, then hopefully the rain will stop and we can prepare ourselves for the market visit.
Have a wonderful day!
Download    HERE

Monday, August 22, 2011

New things to share

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, we had a nice weekend, although the weather didn;t bring us what they promised! So we didn;t go to the beach, or the blackberries, I hope somewhere this week we will make that walk.

But the temperature was just god enough to spend a bit of time im the garden, Jan making his crosswords and me reading in my new book. I used to be able to read for hours, really, but not anymore! After some time I get very sleepy, ROFL! So Saturday I took a little nap in the afternoon, was just awakening a bit when Jan came to me to wake me up, because we had a visit from Rob, his brother. Rob and his son Dominique, were on a walk to Scheveningen, the beach, to watch later in the evening the fireworks competition. We have that each year, and a lot of countries compete and during a week or so, every evening two countries show their fireworks.
We had a nice chat with them,in the garden.

Sunday should have been more sunny, but it wasn;t really, so we stayed home. I didn;t spend too much time at the computer, but have some things to show. I've made a little kit for Minky's blog(when you visit, scroll down a bit to find the link for it), here's the preview:
And when you are at her blog, you can download a little challenge kit again, entries of your creations please before the 17th of September, so you will have enough time for it and if you send in a creation you will receive a lovely kit! Here the preview of the challenge kit:
I also managed to finish another kit and for another just have to make the preview and upload it. Yes, I am glad the inspiration-flow is working nicely, hahahaha.
But.... a new week started today, so there also must be done some "serious"work(that's always the not really nice work, ironing, hoovering, etc. etc.). But if I try to keep up with the intention, to do every day something, then it is;t too bad.
Okay, I will end this post now, not before I will post the preview of your freebie, then I might have a bit time left, so I can play with Minky's challenge and then on to the serious stuff LOL!
The kit today is all about Love, named it "All the Love in the World", a real romantic kit. I also added two "stacked"papers in it, here is a preview of one of them and then the preview of the kit.
Have a wonderful day and stay creative!
Preview of stacked paper.

Download     HERE

Friday, August 19, 2011

All to normal here again!

Goodmorning everybody!

Wel, it seems that Jan is free from his cold on the stomach, glad that is over. I am too back to normal, so all is well around here. Now I really hope we will be free of any bugs or whatever for the coming time!
Yesterday there was again real bad news on tv, about a musicfestival in Belgium. It's a rather big festival every year, and well visited. But yesterday bad weather caused a terrible accident on the place, a tent broke down, caused by sudden hard winds, together with curtains of rain and hail and till now 5 people died because of it and there are also several wounded, some of them real bad.
What had to be a gathering of around 60.00 people, enjoying music, ended up in panic and as worst a few deaths. We saw some of it on tv and it really looked terrible. All muddy, broken tents, trees that were fallen down, a real mess. The festival was planned to take place till saturday, but they have cancelled it now.
So you see your life can change in a matter of seconds!

Wednesday afternoon I had a real quick visit from Heidi, who was a bit exhausted. Reason was, that her dad was in hospital already for several days and she has been busy with some friends in her father's house, (he lives alone)cleaning up the whole place. Her father suffered from a sudden temperature raise, real high and that's no good, specially because he also has some heart trouble now and then. They still don;t know what was the cause of it, but he has been given antibiotics for several days and temperature seems to be normal again. Probably he will be home this weekend again, if all stays normal. So my poor friend came back from holiday, and just a few days after this happened. I'll phone her today, to hear how things are by now.

I don't have the most uplifting blogpost today, is it? Well, there are always things happening in the big world and also in our near surroundings, and we don;t have influence on it. They just happen and we have to deal with it.
Weather forcast seems to be good for this weekend, with quite high temperatures and lots of sun, so we better take advantage of that when we still can. You never know here in Holland how long that will last!
But first I will have to do some shopping today and may be tomorrow we can make a nice walk. Perhaps we can go to the seaside, or perhaps to a small wood I know, where there might be blackberries to find. It's about the time they are at their best.
Better I don;t make too many plans, most of the time they aren;t realized and we end up doing something different ROFL!

Now here's the second part of "Timeless Memories", have a great day and wonderful weekend.
Download     part 2   HERE

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Things are improving here

Goodmorning everybody!

Glad to say Jan is already feeling much better. His "interior"isn''t yet completely up to date yet, but he's back on the mend.
I was having an off day yesterday too, had some trouble with my epilepsia, like it happens every now and then.
So I went to bed early and had a looong sleep through the night, that's always best to do to get rid of it.
Still feeling a bit wobbly, LOL, but I think later today, I will feel allright again.
We had a nice visit yesterday, completely unexpected, by the daughter of a friend. It's a real nice girl of 21, and she even got us a little present. Two coffee mugs with the picture of a Smurf on it, which she specially picked for us. Through the years she always teased us with the nickname of "smurf-couple"ROFL!
So we had a nice chat with a cup of coffee.

Monday I was a busy bee, washed the curtains from the bedroom, did the window too, dusted it all around, ironed some laundry, while a new load was turning in the washing machine. Hoovered the room and gave a thourough clea to the coffee table in front of the couch. It's having a glass panel on top and that needed a clean on both sides, cause the eveing before I spilled my coffee over it. So at that moment I just cleaned it quickly, but it still was sticky the next day. Now it's all shiny again.
Oh, and I went to the hairdresser yesterday to have a good cut. Now my hair is real short, very easy to handle to get it in shape with a bit of foam or gel. Yeah, I'm happy with it.!

Today I have a first part of a freebit kit, named "Timeless Memories". When busy on it, it grew and grew, so I ended up with a kit of around 100 MB. So I thought it would be better to split it in two parts for quick downloading. Friday will be the next part of it.
Okay, time now for another coffee and I think I will keep quiet today, no house keeping today, only will prepare dinner of course. Hopefully later today the sun will show up again, then I can sit in the garden, under the parasol, with my new book. Good idea!
You take care and have a nice day.

Download     part 1 HERE

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hopefully this week all "bugs"will be gone!!

Goodmorning everybody!

My Jan is still not feeling very well. But it's so hard to know, how he is feeling, or what is really bothering him. He isn;t the most talkative guy when it comes to saying how he feels when he is sick, and I cannot continue asking him the question, cause that gets on his nerves. Sometimes he can be a difficult guy, LOL! But over the weekend he did sleep a lot,  still is having trouble in his belly and is having dhiarrhoea. Doesn't eat too much, which I can understand, although he said yesterday it was a bit less. Nevertheless he is having that already for a few days, and if it is no better when he wakes up today, I hope I can persuade him to call his doctor.
He is the kind of guy, that keeps his health things to himself mostly, cause he knows I worry when he says too much,but when he doesn;t tell me something, I think I worry more and then he worries again because he knows I worry, etc. Does this make any sense? LOL! We are a strange couple at times, at least that must look so to the world.
Well, let's take a a day at the time, and hopefully during this week it will all pass by.
You can understand that I didn;t do too much during the weekend. Normally I would have done a few jobs in the house, but it's no fun to the person who isn;t feeling too well, seeing the other running around a bit, with a vacuum cleaner, and busy cleaning and so on, it gives no rest, you know.
It gave me time to be at the computer a lot and at least that payed off a bit. I have made a whole new kit and I am happy about it.
Saturday I was out for a moment to buy a newspaper and some other little things and also bought me a book of the writer Santa Montefiori, it's a real thick book with two stories in it. No thriller, no detective this time, more a romatic book. I didn;t yet start in it, but perhaps today there will be a moment I can sit a little bit in the sun and then a good book is nice.
Okay, in a little while I will see if Jan is awake and find out how he feels and may be, may be, I can get him to the phone to make that call, without a too big word struggle, ROFL;!
Then I could do some ironing and a quick vacuum cleaning and think about dinner, should be something small and light, at least for my hubby, may be some fish and potatoe mash.
Freebie for today is a sweet little kit, named "Delicious Beach Time
Have a great day!
Download    HERE

Friday, August 12, 2011

My hubbie has a cold, I believe!

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh my poor hubbie! Already yesterday during the day, he didn;t feel so well, couldn;t get warm, had to pay many visits to the toilet, ROFL, so he went to bed real early in the evening. He did catch some sleep but was up and down all night. Now he is on the couch, trying to catch some more sleep, warmly dressed in a thick fleece sweater and a real warm pair of trousers. I think he just catched a cold, he has to empty his nose too a lot of times. Poor thing, you really can feel real uncomfortable when you have a cold. Well, let's hope he will get rid of it very soon again. I'll try to let him swallow some soup, already tried to let him take an asperine or something like that, but he is a stubborn man! Best is to let him rest as much as possible and he will be allright in a few days.

I am glad to say, that my back trouble is over more or less! Still being a bit careful with sudden moves, hey, I don;t want to have that again! But I could do some more work around the house, wednesday I did the bed, and a quick hoovering. And went out for some shopping. Yesterday I stayed in, the weather wasn;t too good either, so I did some more ironing, washed the bedsheets, and gave a serious cleaning to the toilet/shower. I took little breaks in between, we don;t want to overdo it, do we?

I received such a nice mail today, from Nanette from Scrap-4Kids, giving me a link to a blogpost of her, with a sooo sweet layout of her new born son Okke, made with a paper of my Splash at the Pond kit. Here is the link to it, and when you pop in give her a little word in the comment box, to congratulate her with her son! She has a real nice blog where she also offers some cute freebies!

Then I can show you the previews of two paper kits I've mae for Minky's 2nd blog anniversairy. And when you are there you will see that this lady cannot be stopped, LOL! She has been busy with another "special place", you will certainly hear more about it from her.
And then I think I must finish up this blogpost slowly, it looks as if the weather is slightly better than yesterday, at least it seems to stay more or less dry and even some sunbeams try to come through. So a good time to do some shopping, to be all settled for the weekend. And I will probably take the rest of the day "free", I would like to finish a started kit and do some more designing during the weekend.
I have a nice kit for you today, in fact I believe I gave you a sneak peek from it. It's named "From Granny's Lace Box". Have fun with it.
And now to you all: have a fantastic weekend!
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We'll HAVE to make that visit!

Goodmorning everybody!

The last two days past by well. I did some house work, whoopee, a bit of designing too, all seems to be almost at normal point LOL! One of the things I did, was defreezing a little freezer we have as an extra. Oh boy, that was really necessary, you don;t want to know how thick the payer of ice was inside. Good news is,that I seem to have a lot more space in it, funny hey??? ROFL!

Already a few months (!) ago one of our friends moved into a new appartement, it's in a building where he can have some help if he get's ill, but where he is free to do whatever pleases him. It's just better for him, kind of reassurance, you know. He took his time to move and install himself, but now it's REALLY time for us to pay him a visit. Somehow all the time there seem to come some things in between, and when not, days go by sooo quickly, it's almost hopeless. LOL! To be very honest, it might also be a bit of lazyness of us, true.
But I've decided that we should pick up the phone this week and make an appointment. Now we'll see if that really happens!

You know what I am happy about? That soon the "holiday season"on tv will be over again and that some new programs will be shown, as well as some of my favourite shows etc. Oh, there still is enough to see, but slowly I get a bit tired about all the re-runs they give. I think by the end of the month or starting somewhere in September, we will see what there will be on during the autumn and winter time.
At the moment I am a kind of "fan" of a program early in the evening. Every time again I watch it, with unbelieve in my eyes, that this really exists! Do you know this program "How Clean Is Your House?" I know it's in England on, or it was, at least, because we see most of the time the English version.  In short it's about two women(with a crew of professional cleaners), who visit a family, or a single living person, who asked for help to clean up their house, which is in a state of total disaster, a REAL mess, and dirty too, almost not possible to live in anymore. There are all kind of reasons why they ended up like this, but you cannot believe your eyes, I garantee you that!Watching this program has good sides too: 1. They give some good and simple tips for cleaning all kind of things, and 2. It gives you a good boost to finally do that little job in the house you always forget or postponed for some reason!ROFL!

All right,  time for me to get busy but first of course a freebie. A little kit in one colourscheme, named "Purple Haze". I think you can use it for various layouts, how nice, isn;t it? Hahahahaha.

Now I am really off, just another cup of cofee and Kyra will be all set to face the day!
Enjoy your day!
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Monday, August 08, 2011

House is a bit empty.

Goodmorning everybody!

Quick update on my back: it is going better every dya again, I am careful with too quick movements and too much bending over , but if it goes the way it does till now, I hope to be rid of it in  few days time. Let's cross fingers.

Friday morning I got a telephone call from Heidi, that they were home again. Danny drove the whole night, so when they were home, they first took a few hours sleep and then they had to do some shopping to fill the fridge again and such, so they asked if they could pick up their pets the next day. Of course that was okay.
So Saturday afternoon they made the visit, we first chatted a bit about their holiday. They were in France and also in Italy and had a splendid time. And then they went home with the bunny and bird and it was strange, but we kind of missed the little creatures!!
Even Jan shared a little secret with me yesterday ROFL. Most of the time he is the one who is going to sleep later than I, so when he turns out the light in the living room, normally there is a cat around and he says "goodnight" to it, and so he did with the bird and bunny, with a little whistle. And he told me that also Saturday night he turned out the light, made his way in the almost dark towards the door and "whistled"good night, moving towards the door with a curve(otherwie he could fell over the cage with the bunny) and with the doorknob in his hand only then realized, there was no bunny anymore LOL!
Well, you can see that we were used to them after almost 4 weeks, cause I too was checking on the bunny Saturday evening, when for some time I didn;t hear his waterbottle and little ball with the bell in it ROFL!
But the cats are all happy again, now that they noticed the "guests"are no longer around, certainly Brodski!

We'll see if I can get a bit more productive today, talking about some housework. Real hard work, like cleaning woodwork, or windows is no option yet, but ironing some laundry is and turning on the washing machine with a load of laundry too. Jan is real sweet, cause he is doing things that are "dangerous"to me, and although he isn't the real "pampering"type, he is keeping an eye on me, be sure of that!
Remember I gave you some sneak peeks some time ago? Well, today you get the kit of the first sneak peek. It is a kit, that goes soooo well with the name of my blog LOL! It is named "Russian Roots" and I do hope some of you can use the kit.I even have a recipe in it for a real Russian-like cup of tea!
Have a fantastic day!
Download    HERE

Friday, August 05, 2011

I wasn't carefull this night!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yesterday was a rather good day, talking of my back. I did some shopping, without too many problems, and all felt pretty good again. May be I did a bit too much, cause I also took out the vacuum cleaner and gave a quick sweep around. But this night I had to do a certain thing, LOL, and bended over for my slippers and kabaaaam !!
it was an "ouch"moment. Probably did it too quickly, should have been more careful. Okay, I went back to sleep and when I woke up this morning, it was a bit sour. Hmmmmm, I don't want to experience another weekend like the last one, so today it will definately be a real lazy and restfull day.
I just did a quick bloghopping and saw that Minky has made a new blog again, that girl is unstoppable!
She made a new blog with a lot of kits that are meant to raise funds for the Starchildren project. She made a beautiful layout and the kits are offered for a very small price, you should take a look there, it will be worthwhile.
There are also some free gifts to download, among other things also some new quickpages I've made, with some of Minky's kits. I will give you a preview. And perhaps you are persuaded to buy a little kit and be part of a wonderful project. Here the link to the new blog :
I am wondering if my friend Heidi will be back from holiday this weekend! I didn't hear from her so we'll see if we get a phonecall one of these days. Always is a bit of surprise when they come home LOL! I think we will miss a little bit their pets after about 4 weeks of taking care. And may be they will miss us too a bit, because they were spoiled a bit, hahahaha! Specially the bunny, who had his playing time in the garden or in the room almost every day! And the bunny as well as the birdie had some treats too, they were given every now and then some"candy" bars. It doesn;t mean Heidi and Danny aren't taking good care of their pets, not at all, but we are two nutty people and really spoil sometimes our cats, and if there are "guest", well, they get the same treatment, ROFL! I think there is one, who will be quite happy when the bunny and bird are gone again, and that's our cat Brodski! Although he finally dares to come into the room sometimes, takes a rush through the door, passing the bunny cage with speed, but all together he isn't feeling too comfortable and at ease, stupid cat!!!!
Okay, time for the freebie, as promised the 2nd part of the fairy-bragbookpages.
Have a marvellous weekend and hope to see you again on monday, and hopefully in top shape again!
Download   part 2   HERE

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Another day of rest.

Goodmorning everybody!

My back is feeling already much better, still feel somewhere a muscle in my upper leg that isn;t working along completely. Gosh, it takes longer than I thought. Well, I hope it will settle itself in a day or two, it has bothered me long enough!
I guess I will have to take it easy for another day, not that I mind that, but on the other hand, there are some things that I want to do and they keep waiting.
Perhaps I can walk with Jan today to Heidi's house, just for a little chek-up there. I think they will be back somewhere end of this week from their holiday.
It should be a nice day today too, but until now I only see a bit of rain coming down. They promised us that it would be a warm day, with sunshine, let's hope the sun will come out a bit later this morning.
There isn't much to tell, as you can imagine.
So I hop right to the freebie. It will be a bragbook kit in two downloads, a fantasy one, hope you will like it and be able to use it. There is also a front cover to it, not shown on the previews but this is it:
You can make your own title for the little picture book if  you like.
And here the preview of the first 4 pages. Friday I will put the 2nd part on.
Now I need to sit a moment on the couch again, still with my big pillow to support my back LOL!

Have a very nice day, hope to be in usual shape again on Friday!

Download     HERE

Monday, August 01, 2011

My body messes up with me LOL!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Sorry I am later than usual with posting but I am sitting at the computer with a bit of trouble.
Somehow, must happened friday, I must have strained a muscle in my lower back, or perhaps a little bone got moved a bit and is holding a nerve in it's grip, but shortly, I had a lot of unconvieniance during the weekend, at some times it really hurt, it produces a kind of walking pain from the back to the left leg at times, couldn;t move around much, very annoying. I am still having trouble, but it is a bit less, so I will see for another day or two, if it will settle itself. I am not in a haste to another doctor's visit. So it's not very easy for me to sit for a long time at the computer.
I think it will be allright after a few days, but I don;t like it, that I cannot do things that I do usual, Jan made us a quick dinner yesterday, and is doing a few shopping necessities today. A lot of rest and sleep will probably do the trick, but it asks patience from me, and oh whee, that is difficult.
Well, I just want to tell you that Minky has another chellenge on her blog with a lovely kit to win, if you  send her a layout with the challenge kit. She is celebrating the 2 years of her blog!!! Here is an example of a layout I made with the challenge kit.
Now quickly on to the freebie and then I will go to the couch again, to sit better, LOL!
We have gorgeous weather today, by the way, so I did let a bit of sunwarmth enter my body too.
Have a wonderful Monday!
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