Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Come party with us!

Good morning everybody!

Yesterday I did some of the things I planned to do, so I am happy it was done. The rest of the day and evening was a bit not too good for me, I had some problems because of my epilepsie, that happens sometimes. I suffered from what you call a few absences, which isn;t a great feeling. You get very tired of it, and so I went rather early to bed, the best thing is having a good sleep. I hate it when I have that uncomfortable feeling, but nothing to do about it. Don't you worry too much, it's not that bad that I pass out completely, which could happen too, but you just have a strange feeling in your head, like if you are very far away. difficult to describe. I hope it will pass away soon, it mostly take one or two days and then it's back to normal again.

Oh well, I learned to live with it, and if that's all there is I should be happy I only have that to cope with. There are people coping with much worse things than this in their lives, so I am not really complaining.

Oh let me show now our advertisement for our Magickal Scraps forum birthday. It starts the 1st of October with a kit-hunt in the shop, every day there will be a free kit in there, all about it you can read a the blog of Snowy, who is giving you the clous,

On the 3rd of October we have a blogtrain with free QP's planned for you.

Read this so you will know what's going on then: >

It looks great isn;t it? So please join us in our party and pick up some fantastic stuff!

On top of that we have a new daily download starting at the 1st October, called 'Halloween Town"! There are marvellous contributions from our team and if you could use more there is of course the shop-addon to get for a very low price! Have yourselves a little treat next month! Here is the preview of the store kit of Halloween Town, made by Snowy. There was so much stuff in it, that not all is shown on the preview, but you get the idea~.

As you can see we work hard with the team LOL. Starting 1st October I will have the slideshow up for Halloween town from the daily downloads. Also wonderful stuff!

After all this reading and watching you landed at today's freebie, the 3rd part of the Nella Cuccina kit. Have a great day and clean your harddisks to make room for the upcoming events LOL.
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Download Nella Cuccina part 3 HERE

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

All into fairies at the moment!

Goodmorning everybody!
How about our first advertisement for the Birthday forum event? Isn't that a lovely work from one of our die-hards Suruha?
Oh I am getting all excited for it by now! You must think I am completely nuts rambling so much about it, but it was such a lovely team project, all who have a soft heart for magic, fantasy, etc. will surely love it!
My, oh my, we had a bad day yesterday! How come? Suddenly Mivky seemed to have decided that doing pee-pee in the room isn;t that bad, so at least we had to clean up 5 times during the day and evening! I just don;t understand. It was going rather well and suddenly it's back to old habit. I can forgive her to do itonce in a while, mostly it is because the urge is too big, she cannot hold it till she's outside. But this! Hope this was just a one time happening but I am not sure. You cannot sit really quiet for the moment, all the time have to keep an eye on her, to avoid it happening, but that's not all the time easy. Well, we'll see how it is today, LOL
I worked on two kits yesterday, yes two at the time, it's good to do, sometimes you run out of inspirration for a while for one kit but then you are fresh again for the other, hahaha! It works for me anyway. One should be an autumn kit and yet another fantasy one. Let's face it, I love fairies and such and on top of it it comes well with the birthday celebration, so nect month could be a bit the fantasy month LOL. With Halloween coming up too, it should be a great month for it!
Yesterday I was a bit lazy, must admit that so today I start with the "normal"things again. First a bit later the shopping, washing machine, some cleaning up, etc. Oh, I am looking forward to it, LOL. But when once started it goes quick and it's also good to keep your body a bit in condition.

And today you get the second part of " Nella Cuccina". This time a part of the elements. all things you use in the kitchen. Tomorrow there will be some papers again.
Have a lovely day!
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Download Nella Cuccina part 2 HERE

Monday, September 28, 2009

Are there any cauldrons on the fire?

Goodmorning everybody!
After a relaxed weekend a new week full of new things lays ahead of me! I started my "weekend off" with the chat at our forum on Friday night. Oh my God, the whole bunch of ladies was there and it's almost as good like an hour of work-outs for your condition! Why??? Because almost right on from the start th muscles of our stomachs, bellies, and all muscles you use when you have a real good giggle and laugh are used. !!! May be it's not the same as a work out but it sure feels like it! We even at times had some serious chat too in between! As I am the one in time zone who is doing this at a late hour, it sometimes asks a little bit of endurance from me LOL but from the start my time at 23.00 o'clock evening I held out till 00.45 ! Not too bad hey?
I already said it more than once, but it is a real good group there, helpful, supportive, humoristic, we have all kinds of flavors in there character-wise spoken but they fit very well together. Applause for the Magickal Scrap-Raven groupies! LOL

Now what about the title of the post? You already noticed the loglayout change! Yeah a bit early but all in homour of the coming event! (I used my kit Fairy's Dance for it, cool hmmm?) I told you already before the forum has something special in mind for it's one year birthday. Well, as we all feel sometimes a bit like witches in there, we put up the cauldrons on the fire and cooked you some wonderful surprises. So the cauldrons are on the fire for the last finishing touch and very soon I can reveal "the meal"(LOL) that we cooked up for you! So stay tuned!

Oh I can show you what I made of the chat challenge. We were provided with an overlay and a frame, but it was up to us to use it or not. The ground task was to make a layout with several layers, some a bit shining through, using some shadows and smudge tool, whatever was needed to give it a bit of worn and torn look. I always must kind of improvise on these sort of challenges, cause I still don;t work with layers(not in my graphic program) Yes, I know,I already was supposed to have one but I am a kind of lazy in that, however, I will buy me a program that will have that possibility(one day, LOL). But I don;t mind to figure out some things, kind of really challenging it is and okay, this is my result. I once made this picture on one of the walks and I just really loved that bike!

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As I talked already about cooking I thought it should be nice to offer you know a challenge we already made much earlier. It's a kitchen kit, and we hade to make allkind of things for it, it was a whole project. So we had to make 6 papers from each colour of the colour chart, elements like bows, ribbons, frames, recipe cards, utensils for the kitchen and appliances. So all together it became a rather extended kit. I don't have a preview of all the parts together, but we just start with the 1st part and for some days in a row (I have in total 11 parts, not bad or what?????) I give you a part to download. I hope you will like it, it really was fun to make and you can use a lot of it also for different things.

So I will just play a bit one the computer for a little while after I done the posting and then the world of housecleaning and all such is waiting again for me to enter. OH WHOOPEE I ALMOST CANNOT WAIT (GRIN GRIN GRIN)!! I simply named the whole kit "Nella Cuccina"which is italian for "In the kitchen". Have a great start of the week!
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Download Nella Cuccina part 1 HERE

Friday, September 25, 2009

Msn sometimes is a great thing LOL!

Goodmorning everybody!

Okay, we did go to that shop, and came home with a full shopping car! I don;t know how much we took for the cats but it was a load! You'll really have to know the prizes of the stuff but if you do a bit, then you can save a lot of money there! So for the next few weeks, we don;t have to go there anymore.
And I still kept moving around coming home. Unpacking first of course and putting all on it;s place, but after it I even did a quick hoovering in the house, then put on some pears, you know the ones you have to cook and you can eat them as dessert or even with dinner(tastes good with some meat).
Pfff, then I was glad to sit at the computer, but o whee, already in the morning I had a looong msn chat with Snowy, and who popped up again? Yes, Snowy! I don;t know for how much time we chatted yesterday but it must have been hours! Not that I mind. But you can imagine I didn;t get much done on the designing part LOL. And guess what? This evening we have the forum chat, OH LOL! Hope we shall be with a bunch.

I really hope that I will have my new pair of glasses next week. The repaired one is irritating me now a bit. Oh, still happy that I have one, don;t misunderstand me!
What to do today? Not too much, haha! But I have to give Jan a haircut. I am still not a pro in it, but it seems he is satisfied enough with it. And every time I am doing it, it goes a bit easier. Never too old to learn, they say and I must admit, that's true.
The next couple of days the team of our magickal forum( and it is really at times a magickal team) must prepare all for the event next week, our ONE YEAR EXISTENCE CELEBRATION. Yeah there will be short times freebies in the shop, oh my, are they beauties! and we also will have a little blogtrain through our blogs and with freebies too! I will announce the exact date at time so that you will be fully prepared to snatch all the goodies.

And what will be your weekend freebie? It is still way ahead but slowly Halloween is coming towards us. So I have a Halloween kit for you, named it "Spooky Outside".! You cannot get a good look at some of the papers on the preview, I don;t think it is really doing justice. Just tell me what you think of it! I am always as happy as a child to read your comments, really! So behave yourselves and be nice in the next couple of days, then you surely will have a great weekend! LOL!
This afternoon the freebielist and then ........ till Monday!

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Download HERE

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nice things to show you

Goodmorning everybody!

Boy, had I a good sleep last night! I feel almost (hear the word ALMOST) reborn LOL.! I was a good girl yesterday and did the ironing and got all the stuff into the closets, and turned another stack in the machine. I had it easy for the dinner part, cause there was much than enough left from the oven meal fom the day before. I don;t mind that, mostly it tastes even better the second day.

Now I can show you something nice. I got some of these cards from a blog visitor who makes them, some of them with my kits, how sweet. The image may not be that good, perhaps a bit hard to read the text but you get the idea!

Aren't they beautiful? I have two more but I will show that tomorrow, okay?

And then a nice surprise of my friend Edna in the mail. She made a QP with the kit Auntie's Stationary. She has a talent for making real nice quickpages, don;t you think? Well, I told her she should offer it as a freebie on her blog, so one of these days you can pick that up at her blog

I hope to get Jan moving around today, I am in desparate need of cat food and in the shop where we go once in a while it's real cheap and good. So hopefully that will be for this afternoon.

And do I have a nice freebie for you today? I am sure Minky( the one who made the fairy cards) will be happy today. LOL. It;s indeed a fairy kit, named it "Fairies in September". Great title hey, ROFL!!! Well anyway, I hope you can make a few nice layouts wit it. Have a lovely day, filled with fairy magic!

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Download HERE

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy news sometimes is there!

Goodmorning everybody!

When I opened my blog, I usually read the new posts on some some bogs I have on my following list. And guess what? My friend Edna had good news! Her computer seems to be working suddenly again! So glad for her, I don't know what her wizz-man Wayne did with it, but who cares? She can use it again! Congrats Edna!

I did my shopping yesterday, with the new pairs of trousers on! With the adjustment in the waist it fits perfect! Home again I put things away and then right on started to prepare for dinner, I wanted it to be almost ready, so that I just had to shove it into the oven. Because of all that I only got back on the computer rather late in the afternoon and just could do a few things. After dinner we went to visit a friend who lives just across the street. We borrowed some dvd's from him and returned them, but got back home with another pile to watch! Jan said to me, that if we started tomorrow with really watching all the dvd's videos "old"super8 films, slides, and listend to all the records and cd's we have, we had to shut ourselves up in the house, watch or listen for at least 20 hours a day and had to live up till we are a hundred years. May be then we could do that all! I think it wil be time again to have another musical afternoon, to listen to some records again, me cozy at the computer and Jan playing DJ! And best is when we really know a song and sing along, LOL.

I don;t want to challenge fate, but the past two weeks we did only find one little surprise from Micky in the room. Perhaps she has again slightly better control over her peeing and such. May it helped that every day I take her outside once or twice and put her on the spot in the gaden where she usually does her thing. I certainly do that just before I go to sleep at night, in one hand a little flashlight and in the other the cat. Hey, it is dark at midnight in the garden and it's the time for the spiderwebs, so I have to spot them first, sadly have to destroy a few, but they come back every time! And then I also can see if Micky did the thing and mostly it happens. Let us cross fingers it will stay like that.

I have today another garden related kit, but just in one colourscheme. It's not a very big one, but has some nice papers in it I think. I named it "Forgotten Garden".
I think I finished the Christmaskit I was working on and hey, for my doing it's rather big, about 52 MB! Oops, perhaps I should split it up in two downloads, I'll think about it.
Okay, that's it, have a fun day and be nice girls, ROFL ROFL!

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Men are sometimes not just from Mars.

Goodmorning everybody!

I started the day by opening my email and received a lovely message from a visitor with an attachment to it from some work she has done with some of my kits. I first asked her permission to show, so you'll have to wait for it. Now that's a happy start of a day!!
Oh yes, somebody else asked me if she could use my kits for making blog backgrounds and she did two with some of them. Take a look, they look really nice on

What about yesterday? Just an ordinary Monday, I went out for a bit, it was nice weather and I had to get my medication again at the pharmacy, I almost run out. I have to go back again, cause they didn;t had the whole lot, but one of these days I;ll be in the neighbourhood again and I can pick them up then. Then I walked quietly through the shopping street, looked around a bit, found me a pair of jeans in stretch for just 10 Euro. I think this one will fit okay, I have a terrible small waist, so sometimes that's a problem, but this one has and "adjustable"one, hoorray! Now I should definately go through the closet again to look through my clothes and put things away I don;t fit anymore, or that are just too old etc. It should give some more space.

Oh boy, who invented the species of MAN???? Sometimes they are uncomprehensible! Like yesterday late at night. There seemed to be a little problem with the video again, don;t ask me exactly what! But Jan wanted to sort it out for once and for all. Good for him, we want them to start with that at around midnight??? I definately do NOT! I was just preparing to go to bed, but first wanted to watch a comedy serie I follow. I saw about 25 % of it. Hmmmm, suddenly Jan got into the spirit and started the video and shut it down and started it and looked again at the connections and started it and shut it etc. Talked to me about skart cables and other connections, oh how uplifting at 00.30 o'clock ! LOL. So, I was wise and told him that I didn't want to help him(if I ever could) and that I went to bed! I am curious to know what he did and how long he was busy with it but I am sure he will tell me when he awakes. Oh joy of the day!

Today will be the "real"shopping day again, that means the long tour, but hey, a person should keep busy, isn;t it? Also there is some laundry waiting for me, to be washed and some other to iron, but perhaps I will do that tomorrow.

Poor Edna is having really bad times. First the thing with the computer, not yet solved and then the other day she noticed the breaks of her car didn;t work! Oops, so it had to be taken care for in the garage, and oh my God, she has a nice bill for it. Now probably she must look for a newer car, because this one is swallowing much too much money. So for sure she's not having the brightest time of her life! But at least I can talk to her again via MSN, she's on it again and added me again on her list. May be we find time today or so to have a little chat.

Okay, to the kit for today. It's in outspeaking coolours you could say. But also the colours have some nostalgic feeling about them and so I came to this kit"Auntie's Sationary". Have some fun with it.
Enjoy yourselves, and have a wonderful day.
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Monday, September 21, 2009

Right about the disasters

Goodmorning everybody!

I truly was right about the remark that a disaster never comes alone, or just once! Only this time(lucky me) it didn;t hit me but my friend Edna. Suddenly she had a computer with a black screen and that was it! It's a rather new one she got, so nobody understands a damned thing about it. Well, understand or not, it means she misses a lot of her stuff to work with, it just doesn't work. Now it has to go back to the supllier etc. ect. in the hope they can do something about it. She has a little bright light though, she still has her laptop, so she still can post on her blog and do some things, but I fully sympathize with her, the poor one. She could do with some uplifting comments on her blog.!

With me all was nice and quiet during the weekend. Not pushing luck around I must say my glasses are still holding on. I really hope that I will have the new one by the 1st of October, if so, I can let make some pictures taken for I have to get a new Identity card. You have to renew that every 5 years and mine will be expires by November. These days your picture must follow all kind of rules, for one, you cannot smile anymore on it! So most of them look more like a picture taken of a prisoner! And it seems that from now on there also must be a fingerprint on it.! But if the picture tuens out a bit acceptable, I can scan it and put it on my blog, so you can see my new glasses(I don;t count on Jan for taking a picture, LOL).

I designed a few more bits and pieces for the Christmas kit, worked a bit on the Gemstone project for the forum, and freewheeled around a bit you could say. So as I don;t have much more to tell I think I do best to put on the preview for the new kit. I was a little bit inspired to it by Snowy, yes really! She's getting so awfully romantic these days, I wonder where that came from??? The ones following a bit her blog too should know that! Well, I named the kit"Dreaming of You", and it has a few papers in it with nice quotes, or sayings. I hope some of you can find some use for it.
Have a great day.
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Friday, September 18, 2009

Not challenging fate, but it's better now

Goodmorning everybody!

gosh, the last two days were quit hectic. But..... for now I still can see trhough my glasses, glued together by Jan and as extra security some little rubber bands to hold it together. LOL. Very special, I can say! As for the MSN I downloaded the Yahoo one and at least I can chat with my friends again. So far so good, let's hope it stays this way.!

Well, today I have to do some shopping, yesterday I didn;t had the courage anymore.

But I did work a little bit on the new kit I am making, and yes, I followed in this Snowy, cause it's already a Christmas kit! I am sure there will be more in time, but it's better to start rather early with it. This one is, I think, a more traditional one, another one I started will be more or less funnier.

I could show you one or two papers, should I ??? Well, why not! Here we go

Till now I have about 15 papers, already some ribbons, bows etc. but in time it will be more, knowing myself!
In October we( that's to say, Magickal Scraps people!) will have something amazing and wonderful for you. In Ocober the forum will have it's FIRST YEAR BIRTHDAY and we planned a lvely thing for you. So keep sharp , we will announce it on our blogs in time and I assure you it's something special!
Hmmm, I think that's all for now. I have however a very nice kit for you today, named "Goodbye to Summer". Now weekend is almost there again, so I hope you all have a great time and I will be back on Monday, hopefully with a perhaps bit boaring post, but with no more disasters to tell ROFL!

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Finally blogging again, but disasters never come alone!

Good afternoon everybody!

Now that was a little shock perhaps, me, not posting as usual. Well, I explained that already yesterda! Still isn't working the msn, but I got a lovely message from Lady Shannon, and perhaps it's a solution.

But a disater never comes alone!!!!

I woke up this morning, slept well, so felt good, reached for my spectacles, wanted to put it on and suddenly had two parts! Oh NO!!! it was broken, just aside of the nose part ! Just what I needed. And I don;t have a spre one , cause my former pair was broken also and I have now also vario focus. So I woke up Jan and said he had to go with me to the optician shop where I had to buy me a new pair of spectacles. We managed to "repair"my spectacles just enough so that I good wear it. I have to , cause otherwise I am just a blind mole!!!! Well, I found a nice pair, but it still takes till about 1st of October to have it. In the shop they couldn't do anything about the psectacles, they hadn't a soldering equipment. But they told me perhaps a jeweller could help me out. We went there, but perhaps he could glue it for me, but.............I could pick it up by tomorrow!!! Almost two days without glasses, no way! So we bought ourselves a kind of two seconds glue and Jan managed (for the moment) to get it fixed. It isn;t fitting well, and it's a bit tricky, but for the moment I can go out and watcht tv and use the computer at least.

Anyway, here isn't sitting a very happy person! These things always happen at the strangest moments and they also cost money! The frame of spectacles isn't making the price, that was cheap, but the looking glass ......brrrrr! And I still was kind of lucky, because they had an action, of a 20% discount. All together it's robbing me from about 220 euro. Perhaps not too expensive, but I had no plans for it yet. Okay let's hope my "repaired"ones hold out till the time I get my new ones! I think I have a nice frame, it's raher dark, but small, quit fashionable, LOL

Hard to find right now something that looks like it but the frame looks a bit like the ones below, I have it dark this time, it speaks out a bit more and has rather small glasses.

The frame for the glass is still a bit smaller(in the height). Well, perhaps I can get anybody so nuts, to take a picture when I have it on!!!

Now quickly to your freebie. It's an autumnal kit this time Hope you will like this. Have a better day than I had till now and it should be okay with you LOL!

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Good feeling about yesterday.

Goodmorning everybody!

You know I told you some serious work had to be done! Oh, I am a bit proud of myself, I think that is allowed from time to time, LOL. After I finished the blogging, I went on a bit on a new kit. Then I picked myself up in the collar of my pyamas and started "doing"things. First I went on some grocerie shopping. Came home, outloaded the little car and that was nr.1. Then I took the dusting cloth and did that in the room. But... usually I do it a bit vroom, vroom, but this time I did it thouroughly! So that took some more time, in between getting rid of some mess on the table, and here and there. Looked already much better.Then I turned on the washing machine and as that was busy I hoovered the house.

Done with that I treated myself to a cigaret, but didn;t seat, no, just smoked it for half and went on again. Now in the kitchen where I started to make little meatbals, which will be a nice snack in the evenings. So I used almost a kilo minced meat. That ready, put away some already ironed laundry and things, hanging still, but oh thank God don;t need to be ironed. Then machine was ready and I haged out the laundry. Again back in the kitchen to already prepare a bit for dinner, we had chicken legs, so they had to be seasoned and put in the oven. Wow, I have been really busy. Then I thought it has been nice for one day and finally sat for a quiet moment at the computer.If you read it now, it doesn;t seem to be much, but as you all know, it takes time and energy!

Today I must do some more grocerie shopping, but that will be done quick, I think.

I have another layout for you from the tour of the momument-day we made. The first picture is from a view on the Houses of Parlement, and the bottom two of the Masonic Lodge. You can see their sign in the old lantern I took and the other one is from the garden. I took one picture inside the lodge, but unfortunately it didn;t turn out well.

Now the freebie for today will not be to everybody's taste, I think. But, I like to make sometimes different things, it's not always good to stick to one thing. LOL.

This is a gothic-themed kit which I named "In Dark Hours"Hope somebody will have some use for this. Now you all have a great day, Oh, I must not forget that today is "Prinsjesdag", te official opening of the start of the new year of the parlament. It's a the day when the queen will read the Throne Speech, in which the plans of the government are more or less explained in general. It is the day the Queen rides in the Golden Carriage from her palace to the Houses of Parlement.

If you want to know really about all about the Netherlands I have a link for you. But it demands some serious time to read it all!

Well, I like to see the ride of the Queen, I think it's at 13.00 o'clock this afternoon.

Okay, again, have a nice day!
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Monday, September 14, 2009

We had a busy weekend

Goodmorning everybody!

Wow, did we had a weekend! I told you there was the Monument visiting weekend and perhaps, we would make a little tour too! And so we did, on Saturday! We wanted to start a bit early, as we wanted to walk most of the route, we picked out the things we were interested in and still came out a rather long list! Well, at about 11.00 o'clock we left home and didn;t came back till 17.00 o'clock!!! And at that time I felt rather tired, specially the feet! But we made a nice tour, we had great weather for it, not too warm, but sunny, lovely. We enjoyed ourselves well, on the way to several buildings we had some good laughs together, and also did see some things we didn;t had on our list, but just passed along the way. Well, then you take a look also, and some were surpising! I did make some pictures, not too much, but some are nice. I particularly loved the few "hofjes"we visited. Oh, I really want to do the tour of them in Leiden, there should be quit some left!. Although Sunday was also a day to visit momumental buildings etc. for free, you can imagine, we stayed home that day. !!! I will show you a layout I made from some pictures of a "hofje".

If you click I hope you can see it bigger. Isn't this lovely? I just love the picture with the apple tree, they have such an attractive red colour, that you almost want to take one from the tree(I didn't !!)
Yesterday I finished another kit and started to make some"brushes" for a next one. It should become a bit romantic one.

Okay, today is time to do some "serious"business again, like housework, some shopping and such. So I will post your freebie now, take my second cup of coffee and see if I can get my bottom moving LOL! Have a great day!

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Friday, September 11, 2009

To wake up and see a pee pee in the room, yak!

Goodmorning everybody!

Every morning, when I wake up, I just follow a certain "program". I think everybody has that, you can do that almost with your eyes still closed(and they mostly are for a part) LOL. Well, wake up, go to a "certain place"then on the way to the kitchen saying hello to all the cats that are appearing from all directions, then although the cats make noises, cause they like to have something to eat, FIRST I make the coffee, OF COURSE! Then, still with sleepy eyes I take care of the cats, get some bread out of the freezer and the meat for dinner, look outside for the weather and go into the room to check if there is left something by Micky, that doesn;t belong there! Lately, it goes rather well, but... accidents still happen! And so this morning. A wet spot shined happy to me in the morning light, "here I am, here I am, you thought you would never see me again, but you are wrong!!!!!" A pee pee of Micky! Gosh, I hate that. It isn;t a fine thing whenever, but in the morning, when you are waiting for the first coffee to sipp all quiet and peaceful, grrrrrrr! Okay, I took out the sweeper with the bucket of water with desinfection stuff in it and got rid of it. The poor cat somehow knows she's done something that she wasn't supposed to, but not exactly. There is no point in punishing her for it, she will not remember and it will only stress her.
So that was my awakening this morning. Do you feel sorry for me????????? Probably not, hahahaha, and you are damned right.

I hope to have time today to do some serious stuff again on the computer and it may be that Jan is going to the cafe this evening to play some cards and billiard and that means I can sit here at the puter ALL QUIET, with some nice music at the background, whoopee!
There is this weekend here a "MONUMENT-day", which means that among other activities you get a chance to visit some buildings, you normally cannot enter. Also some special gardens from some monumental buildings will be opened for public, and I will have to look at the site, which ones it will be this time and if the weather isn't too bad, Jan ad I might go to some. Should be interesting. Well, that are just plans, now still we have actually DO it. We'll see.

Today I have an autumn related kit for you, as summer is almost over already! Oh boy, how quick times passes! I named the kit "Autumn Fairy", I already used a paper from it for a template challenge on the forum. Now all that is left is to wish you all a really nice weekend and hope to see/speak to you again on Monday!

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

A new kit for you

Goodmorning eveybody!

When I read the blog of my friend Edna yesterday I felt so sorry for her. She was feeling so sad and unto tears almost, because se had to go with her Tootsie to the vet, to let more tests be done on Tootsie. The poor little things as had already a lot of difficult moments in her doggie life! I surely hope there will be some good result from the test. So if you are in the mood(and why not) go over to her blog and give her a bit o f ecouraging comments. Edna could surely use it in the moment.!

And hw did I spend my day yesterday? I uploaded some stuff on Mediafire, almost finished already the secod part of the Gemstone project( which will be, I suppose, letters F-J , clened up a lot of maps on the computer. That was necessary, you keep collecting stuff over time and suddenly find yourself with huge maps, filled with stuff you already used, or will not use after all, so I deleted a lot. I t gave a LOT of space again. And, of course, collected some new for a kit I started yesterday. I think it will be larger than I thought when I finish. Hmmm, the papers till now look great to me. I could show you one of them, and a new mini kit from the Gemstone ABC.

Here a Gemstone:

and here a paper from the new kit:

So today it's a "small"shopping day I think, and some things have to be done, but I will try to do that quick, because I would like to go on with the kit. Oh, and probably next week I think I have also something nice for you to download. While ago we had another project on our forum. That was a kitchen realted one. We had to make paperpacks of all kind of colours, elements for it, attibutes, all kind of stuff. All together it made a great kit. I think I will offer that in separate downloads too. And a lot of it you could easily use for all kinds of pictures, really.

But today I have a whole new kit for you, "Almost Forgotten". I hope you will like it and may be someone could show me a layout with it?? It's so nice to see once in a while how people use your work, you know. Then tomorrow I will have another, I think lovely, kit for you, more related to Autumn. So, I'm at the end of my rambling and hope you will have a nice day!

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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Oh I am happy with the progress!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yesterday I did the shopping and I must say it was gorgeous weather! Coming home, it was really too warm to get busy digging and pruning in the garden so I left it to be for another time. Jan went to the centre to have some pictures made, soon he'll need to renew his identity card (and checking mine, I also have to do that soon). With all the new rules for pictures it;s no fun to have your picture taken. ou are not allowe to smile a bit anymore and it has to be taken striaght "en face". So you can imagine how these will look. They mostly are already not the best pictures but now you almost look like a hooligan. So better not show Jan's, I don;t like the picture too much!

Him out of the way I got a bit busy in the house, and then had some real quiet time at the computer. Even put up an old LP with an Italian singer, oh so romantic! It was a LP I received years and years ago from an Italian boyfriend I had. Ohhhh, those careleass and lovely times, where have they gone??? ROFL

I could fiish the kit I was busy on, had another half done waiting, so I finished that one too! And then even could do a bit more on the new project of the Gemstones ABC challenge we have at the forum. Of each letter I have a page with the gemstone and a little description of the stone and a backpaper and a few elements. So each letter or stone, is a little mini-kit. I could show you one of them, and why not, this is the letter A. First is the preview of the whole "kit"next just the stone paper.

I try to have each stone on paper in the colour of the stone, well, as much as possible. It's a big job, but I Like it. You should go over to Snowy's blog, she has also some picturres of her project of it, in an all different way, but beautiful. If somebody is really interested in gemstones and especially in the meaning of them and healing capabilities it should make a great album.

Today I have the last part of the Botanical project for you. And then tomorrow we go back to the "old"routine, there will be a kit for you!

Hope you all have a grandilicious and superlicious day!

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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Summer is ending!

Goodmorning everybody!

Today and may be still tomorrow they expect it to be round 26 degrees C! Then temperature will go down again. So I think it is one of the last real summerdays today! Better to enjoy it as much as possible! Yesterday afternoon I got the garden spirit again. It was real necessary to prune already this and that and also to remove some plants that had grown far to big or that after a season I didn;t like after all. So--- Kyra put on her gloves, took out the equipment and went on "demolishing"LOL.I am good at that!!! Already removed 3 bushes, well, more clinbing platns. But growns too big and messy. Cut them down completely and two of them removed completely out of the ground. Pffffff, that was real hard work. I can feel I don;t have the same energy to go on and on as I had about 10 years ago! Really!! The worst thing about this is the cleaning up afterwards. All over there are the branches and leaves, so you;ll have to bind it together to put them on the street on garbage picking up day, then sweep the terras again, etc. At the same time re-arranged and cleaned up also some pots, so for a part it is looking much better already. Still lots more to get rid of, but I have to call in the help from Jan for that. It's not his favourite job, but sometimes he has to help.
When all will be done I think I will find myself with lots more room in the garden, which is nice too, hey, place for new plants, next year. Great!
Now I will post quickly the nect Botanical part, and hope to go out shopping a bit earlier, and be home again when it will be really warm!

Have a great day !

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Monday, September 07, 2009

Some challenges done, new kit started etc

Goodmorning everybody!

It was quit a good weekend. I had done all the shopping on Friday, so Saturday I was all "free".I did even some house work, and tried then to get some challenges ready. And I managed. About some I am rather happy even. LOL.
I will show you some of it :
This is the Book of Shadows challenge, had to be something about Mabon. Don't know what it is? Well, do a bit of google- ing!

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The second one I did was for Labour Day(in America), which is celebrated actually today, the 7th of September. So for all my American readers, this is for you:

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Noticed that I out the women central? Well, what would a country be without the contribution of us women??? Not much, I suppose. LOL

Then there was a brush challenge to do. We were provided with a set of brushes and had to figure out something. I came up with a littl paper pack, I might offer that even somewhat later to you.

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So you can see I was rather busy, it takes always more time than you think, especially when you have to do some research for it. But that is also the nice thing about it. We keep on learning and discovering things!
In between I started also a new kit, lots to be done for that still. And among all that at sometimes there was the "training"for my cat Micky to do. Yes, you can laugh, but may be it ill help her, to remember where to do her "thingy". and that's not in the house, if possible! So every time she has eaten(I give her smaller portions a few times a day, which seems to be better for her in her condition) I take her up and put her on a place in between some plants. Oh, every time she actually groans, really, a low, warning "grrrrrrrrrrrr"come out of her throat, but I don;t care, she's not attacking me! And although she doesn;t like it, she now seems to understand a bit she has to stay there till she has done the necessary thing and she actually does, most of the times. Still sometimes a little accident happens and we find a pee pee somewhere. But.... till now the big thing is done all outside, which is already a gain. WHat we all do for our pets, is amazing! But that is part of the deal, also for pets there is the rule: for better or worse.

We also watched the soccer game, semi-finale, from our soccer women. Alas, they didn;t make it to the finale, they lost the game from England 2-1 but with honour ! It was not untill into the extra time that the second goal was made. Pity, but they did a good job for debutants in the championships.

Okay, time for the freebie. It is the next part of the Botanical project, and then two more to go to complete it all. Have a fun day!
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Friday, September 04, 2009

Yippee for the Dutch women soccer team!

Goodmorning everybody!

I didn;t get much done on the computer yesterday, oh boy, wish I sometimes could split myslef up!! But in the afternoon there were the quarter finales of the European Soccer championship for women, England versus Finland and the English won. It was a real good match, time passed away so quickly! Then hurry hurry made dinner, and at 19.00 o' clock there was The Netherlands versus France. It was first time ever our women team was in the Championship and already got into 1/4 finales. But.... perhaps there was more to gain. So we watched the game, of course. It wasn;t an as good game as the one before, but still nerve breaking. Ended up in 0-0. So there had to be played the extension(or is it prolongation????) of half an hour. Ended still in 0-0. So now there had to be taken penalty shots. Oh boy, it makes your bottoms squeeze, nails are almost eaten, it's a terrible nervous thing. But.... the girls managed to win this, yippee, good for them. Because what they may lack of still some technique they surely compensate it by enthousiasme and dedication! And Saturday will be the semi finale, and that against England. I give England far more chances to win, but, the ball is round and can roll into many directions!!!
So you see my day was not all filled with sitting at the computer. Oh well, it;s a good thing too sometimes, to get of it, I suppose.

Now first I have a new award to show you and pass it on to others.

The Blog De Oro award I received from Mimi, from, a lovely blog. I am supposed to pass it on to 10 deserving blogs, well, I have 9, think that is okay too!

Here are my nominations:

Snowy posted now the add-on kit "Seashells"in the store of magickal scraps, you can get it for only $ 1.50 !! If you download also the daily downloads on the forum you will really have a great and enormous huge kit! I just mention it again, the money for it is totally for keeping up the site, none of the desingers is profiting of it, only that we have a place to put out stuff on, and being able to practise by making the challenges and team projects. And by that you will profit too, cause we can continue then with the free daily downloads and also make the colour challenges and some of them are offered also free on our blogs. So we would ever be so happy if some people actually purchased the add-ons.

Today I will give you the second part of my Botanicals project. It's split up in 5 parts, so still some way to go.
Now I wish you all a wonderful and joyful and relaxing weekend. !

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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Something all different as freebie

Goodmorning everybody!

The last couple of days Jan and I are busy with all kind of things and one of them is taking walks as long as the weather is still rather nice. So that takes some of my "designing time"away. Then also I have to admit I was kind of busy already for some new challenges, one of them is a new project an ABC on gemstones of all kinds. That's interesting to do, but research takes a bit of time and the designing of it too. Well, all this together is the cause, I didn;t make much freebies for these last couple of days. Very bad girl, I know, but it's all so much fun too!
Nevertheless I still have something for you, which is kind of different of a real freebiekit. I will offer you in parts my Botanical ABC challenge I made over the last months. Each letter represents one plant with a small description and a second page where you can put on your own botanical notes. But you can also use that as scrappages together. I think there are really nice LO's to do with it. And if not, you get at the end a real nice plant/flower album!
I will show you at the bottom an overview preview of all the pages and one or two pages in whole, so that you get an idea of it. And then you get the preview of the first part A-E with downloadlink.I am curious to know what you think of it.!

Yesterday afternoon Jan and I walked to the market, I think it's about a 20 minutes walk from our house. We wanted to have some things, and on the market they are often much cheaper. Arriving at the market weather was darkening and darkening and we had some real showers on our head. Lucky that we could take shelter at that moments under some stand- roofs! It didn;t last too long so we got our things plus some things extra(I ALWAYS see something I need or can use, LOL) and we took our walk back home again.
Then I already prepared dinner, the meatballs, and did a few little other things and then a day passes very quick.

I think today it will be a stay home day for a change. Leaves me some more time on the computer, although the "fun"stuff always is crying out to me:"I need to be dusted, I need a laundry wash, I need a cleaning up, I need an ironing etc. etc. !!!!!!!" ROFL.
Sometimes I play that I am a bit low hearing, at times even deaf. Hahahaha.

Okay, time to do some more posting and uploading etc and then hopefully some quiet time on the designing. You all have a lovely day and see you!
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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Oops, I slept longer today!

Goodmorning everybody!

I slept a bit longer than I usual do, suppose I just needed it. Well, nothing catastrophic happened, LOL. So not too long rambling around today should be helpfull. Ha, but do I manage that??? We'll see.
I did made a layout I can show you now, concercing the thing I couldn;t tell you yet yesterday. It needs a little explanation(you see, there we go again, tadaaaa)
Jan is not the greatest handyman in the world, oh, he can do things, but sometimes takes a bit long before he actually does them. It can be two ways around: or he does it the minute you talk about it or.......I have to push for some time. LOL.
But I start at the beginning, which is the most logical to do.ROFL!!
You know n Sunday we took that long walk. Arriving again close to home, there was a big containes at the sidewalk with all kind of stuff people threw away. I suppose they re decorated their house or so. I am ALWAYS curious to see what's in it, sometimes you find great stuff and all in perfect condition still! So Kyra walked around it(Jan doesn;t like that too much, hahaha) and saw some roller curtains of bamoo or rotan. Hey, I was looking for that kind of thing already for a long time! Let's see how they are! They were in good condition, all worked still as it should with the ropes, so..... I took two home! Now in our kitchen we have a part where the central heating and warm water kettle is placed and where I put the garbage thing in and there is also a smller closet standing with all kind of kitchen stuff in it. But it's not the nicest view when you enter the kitchen. So Jan and I had the same idea: we hang one roller curtain there to hide it a bit. And the other we thought would be wonderful for the kitchen door looking at the garden. And hey, Jan actually hang them already on Monday. Yes, I was all happy! And to have that as evidence(Jan called it a picture for blackmailing him, LOL) I made a pic of him working on it and the endresult. This is the LO, made with parts of the DD of August"Men at work". Just perfect for it!
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Better view

I had it easy yesterday for dinner, wow! The wife of the owner of the cafe where Jan goes from time to time, gave us a big portion of soup she made, brwon bean soup, really a Dutch soup for winter. It was so well filled that we ad our meal with that! And it tasted perfect, yammie! Sadly enough we ate it all, so today I have to come up with something myself. I think that it will be meatballs, in a good gravy and just plain cooked potatoes and some veggies. Yammie too!

And what have I cooked up for you today? Another fantasy kit, yes, but with a different subject, name says it all"Fearless Dragon". Not a very extended kit, but I made you two nice frames in it and also a quickpage! So I hope you can make something nice with it.
Now all that is left is posting the preview and first wishing you a lovely day!

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Not done with the search!

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh, I didn;t have time to make an LO yet from a picture I took yesterday. I could show it '" raw"but would be much nicer nicely done in a LO. So just wait a bit for it. Not telling you what it is! Then I was real busy yesterday, a bit on the computer, but also in the house. I think I got a little bit the spirit so first had to do quickly a few shopping items and when I came home dusted the room, hoovered, turned a laundry in the machine and hang it and in the time dusting the things in the room took some crystal items standing on an open shelf in a closet and washed it all by hand. Oh, the result you get when that is done! Shiny and glittering crystal again! Then something else happened that needed a bit of my attention(cannot yet tell you what hey hey, because of the picture!) so all by all, a fruitful day. In the evening Jan went to the cafe, because they had their monthly card playing evening with the lottery. And guess what? Jan had two prizes again. One I am not happy with, that was an electric fondueset but when we unpacked it it didn;t look very safe in using so we will give that back with ecplanation. But the other thing will come in handy, it's a electric deep fryer. I didn;t have one, so that will come in handy! With all the things Jan is coming home with lately I am running out of space again LOL

I am still in search of some particular pictures I know I have somewhere but cannot find them till now. So do you feel it coming?? Not yet another story part, I am sooo sorry, but I want to do the pictures with it, also it will be nice to collect the pics on a cd, so they stay together. I have quite some pictures paper scrapped in albums, but still there are lying around a lot in drawers, and at all kind of places, which is often the case with snapshots. I must ask you to be patient and give me still a bit of time. There are also the usual freebies to make and now the new challenges are put up on the forum too. And Snowy cooked up some rather tricky ones for us ROFL.! Really, that lady has a fantasy without limits!
Speaking about the forum, don;t you forget about the new Daily Downloads that start today! Really great DD and the whole add-on kit the more. Lovely for your summer pictures!

You see it's not always my fault, that I am running out of time! But I also don't mind it too much, it's keeping your brains working and keeps you a little bit young and you almost don't get the time to be boared!
I hope that the coming weeks the weather still will be not too bad, although it is chaning at the moment. Not that warm anymore, there will be rain coming over again, so it will be the case of looking out the window each day to guess what the weather will be like. I am rambling about the weather cause Jan and plan a bit to go one of these near days to a town called Leiden, not far from The Hague. With the train it takes about 15 monutes I think. It's a university town and has an old center but we specially will go there then to look at all the "hofjes"private courtyards with small houses, mostly around a little garden, all really secluded. at the time mostly lived in by old women, even nons,. Now they are very wanted, athough not too big to live in, but not very cheap in price anymore! And if we might have time, we could take a visit at the Hortus Botanicus. We'll see about that.

As you see, lots of plans again. If we end up there one day I am sure I come home with a lot of beautiful pictures. Whoopee.

Now we go to your freebie. Not telling much about it, I think yo can do a lot of things with it, judge for yourself. I named it "The Miracle of Time".Now you all have a great day, and thanks for visiting!

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