Friday, October 30, 2015

Still nice weather over here

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, it is still nice weather here, most of the time. we even had one or two days temps around 16-17 C, which is wonderful and lots of sunshine. And this weekend it will stay about the same.
So Wednesday afternoon I fianlly got on my garden boots and went in with my pruning scissor.
And yes, suddenly we don;t have any dahlia's anymore. I decided it was abut time to cut them down, let them "recover"a bit from it and them perhaps take out the bulbs this weekend.
I did cut off all the flowers they still had and they are now giving us a last show in a vase in the room.
Gosh, with all those stems cut down in the garden we suddenly have a lot of almost empty space there.
Jan also cleared  out some of the pots with annuals, threw the soil on a spot in a border and that will be good for use again next spring, I think.

I also took a day"off"and went kind of Christmas shopping, but that wasn;t a big success. Why don;t I learn from the past? Whenever I go specially out for Christmasshopping, for presnets I mean, I almost never come back with something. It seems as if my brain is kind of blocking and getting uncreative and without fantasy and such. So most of the time I do my best buys at times when I am out for something else, I just have to stumble upon things.
Hmmm, it is a bit frustrating, abd I only have now one more mounth to find some things. Still I am nt desperate, all will turn out well, it always does LOL.

h, Jan also took out our manger, and have a look at it. I realized, that I have this "stable" already all the time Jan and  are together, (23 years), and then I know we had it at my parents house(where I lived too) for many years. So I guess it has and age of around 35 years! You can say my father did a good job when he made it. But now it was showing a little decay, so Jan now repaird it, still has to give the whole thing a new coat of varnish and it will live on for many years more.
Yes, tomorrow is Halloween, which we don;t celebrate so much as in other countries, but after that we only have a bit more than a month before we start decorating for Christmas.! I almost cannot believe it.
To all of you who do celebrate Halloween I say: have a wonderful Halloween and lots of fun.
And to make some happy memories I have another kit for you, named it "Goosebumps"  and also will post the clusters and quickpage Arlene made you.

Have a fantastic weekend.

 Download kit HERE
Download QP's and cluster HERE

Friday, October 23, 2015

A "surprise"for Brodski.

Goodmorning everybody!

You might have noticed I changed my bloglayout. Yes, we are in autumn season now, so the layout should fit that LOL.
But although the weather isn't that great anymore, we still have mments of sunshine every other day or so, and after a week of really low temperatures, even for this time of year, it slowly rises a bit and we should reach about 57.
Jan and I both did little bit in the garden, but we have to pick another day and really get busy on clearing out the borders and some pots, but we have to wait for some days, it will not not rain, so the soil will be dryer and it will work a lot easier. Adn we still have lots of flowers, spceially from the dahlia's, so it's such a pity to remove them already. Not the best photo, but you get the idea!

Last Monday it was cloudy, but still not bad weather, so I decided to go to the market. It was that kind of weather when it is good to walk, and even getting too warm with your jacket on, but without it it is again too frisk. About halfway I saw standing some chairs along the sidewalk, someone apparantly wanted to get rid of them, they were kind of used, but I saw use for one of them, hahaha.
I first went to the market, and hoping they would still be there on the way back home. I did my thing at the market, bought quite some veggies, some fruit, took my time to walk around and look around and after an hour or two I went home. And yeah!!!!, the chairs were still there. Hmmmm, now get one of those home! without any further delay, I took on on my arm and walked home. Had to switch chair several times to the other arm and back, even had to put it down a few times to have a rest, but I succeeded in getting it home. ( pity it didn't fit on my little shopping car, which had been much easier).
But why did I took that task upon my shoulders???????? Just simply because our cat Brodski needed a new chair, hahahahaha. Yes, that is true!
For several years he is spending quite some time outside on an old chair(also found along the sidewalk), but it has had it's living time now, poor Brodski almost fell through the sitting part LOL!.
And just in time I saw the "new"chair. Well, the "new"one isn't completely without defects, but it will do for certainly a year or may be even two. And how quirky one can get about his or her pet? Jan even took the trouble to give it a new coat of varnish!( it also kind of "preserves the chair a bit). Yes, Brodski is happy with it and already has adopted the new chair.LOL.( and it is placed under a balcony so he can sit pretty much dry when it rains)

The rest of the week I stayed busy with the usual things we girls have to do in a house, hahaha. Every day one or two things, in between some shopping, which is good for the muscles in your legs, and the whle body, actually, moving around walking.
And I finally finished one of my knitting projects I was working on. I've made a new "blanket"as cover of our couch. For now it will do fine , it is of very soft yarn, and for winter time I think it is making you a little bit happy, just because of that bright green color in it. Soon (well, first days of December aren;t too far away anymore), the couch will be covered again with a Christmas blanket!.
It is time for me now to finish this post, the writing always takes longer than you think, and I woke up rather late this morning(around 9.30, which is late for my doing, most of the time I am awake between 7,30 and 8,30), and time flies again.
But I will not part without a freebie, and no, not one, but two! Today you will get one of the two Halloween kits I've made, (named Creepy Romance) and I will post Arlene's clusters with it as well. Oh wow, I am sometimes a lovely person, ROFL!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you will like this kit, next week  will post the other one, and it will be just in time. Adn believe it or not, I am already busy with several Christmaskits, yes, it may be early, but before you know the month of December is there and even gone. Terrible, how fast a year goes by finally.
Ahhhh, it is one of the facts of life we cannot do anything about .

I wish you all a fantastic and wonderful weekend.
Download kit HERE
Download clusters HERE

Friday, October 16, 2015

Slowly preparing for winter.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, winter times are creeping nearer and nearer LOL. In the very south-east of the country there even was a bit of snow. Okay, it didn;t stay for long but it is a kind of sign.
The last couple of days temperatures aren't that marvellous anymore, I think we just reach between 46 and 50 C. But later in the weekend we might climb up again and reach 53-57 C again. And that is a whole lot of difference! Specially when there is some sunshine with it again.
Yesterday it rained a lot, today I think it will be the same.
So we might like it or not, we will have to prepare for winter time.
Jan already did a lot in the garden, put away the chairs, cleared the terrace, removed already some plants, that were finished, Adn perhaps next week it will be time to clear out the borders.
Oh, I am also a happy person , yeah. You know Jan made a bird feeder-house and finally a bunch of great tits discovered it and the food in it of course LOL. But it is so wonderful to see them, and I hope they will be there all winter.

Yesterday we had our Cv kettle cleaned, ready for another year again. But it is an old one and sooner or later we will have to replace it, but to be honest, we don;t have the money for it. They aren;t all to cheap and there is labour to pay too. Still, we hope it will hold on for some more time.

Our Brodski is spending a lot more time inside now that it isn;t that good weather anymore. Yeah, he is getting old, I guess. We aren;t sure completely, but he might be around 14 years old. I know, cats can live for also 16-18 years and even longer(we had once a cat that died at the age of 22! ). But his age is going to count, although he still is lively enough. The only thing is that he hasn;t much tetth anymore LOL. Oh well, the food he gets is easy enough to swallow for him and he still can chew if necessary( I know, because he oftens sits with me in the kitchen when I am preparing dinner and "by accident" there might fall some little pieces of meat on the floor, and he let's them disappear in no time!

Time to finish this post, not without a freebie, made by Arlene with the Fresh Memory kit.
Have a fantastic weekend.!
Download    HERE

Friday, October 09, 2015

Found myself a new project, LOL!

Goodmorning everybody!

It was a rather good week, I can say, and it is nice to be able to say such a thing!
Every day I did some "work"at home, the cleaning stuff and such, not too exciting, also did some shopping here and there, in most of the time still not really bad weather.
Yesterday I gave myself a day off, LOL and went into town center. And oh, I was a preetty strong girl there, holding my hand firmly onto my wallet, to keep it shut, hahaha.
But.........I saw some really nice things too that might be good for Christmas presents, and I will go for it probably next week.

Jan is still having some trouble with his cold, although it's goin better slowly, but stubborn guy as he is, he thinks it's not necessary to go to the doctor. Well, He is that kind of guy and it has no use to "force"him going. So we'll see if it will get better, although it will take a longer time.
I "brewed"him a little drink, that should help a bit to cough up the mucus(I hope that is the right word for it?). Because of his liver and stomach trouble( which is going wonderful with his medicins now), he cannot just take any coughdrops. About all of them contain ingredients that are bad for him.
So therefor I wanted him to go to the doctor, perhaps he knows coughdrops he can take without problems.
Alas, we;ll have to do with my own brewed stuff, that may be can help a bit,  almost feel like a witch towards Halloween ROFL!!

What about my new project then? I have a lot of recipees, quite some neatly in a binder, but I see sometimes such nice recipee binders, all scrapped and lovely and happy looking, that finally I decided to give it a try myself. So I will do it the "old-fashioned"way, all by hand and using glue and paper and alll kind of lovely things. Gives me opportunity too to go through the recipees and I will only keep the ones I really use or will be using in near future. Oh, it will be a long project, I am sure, but it will give me something to do during winter and it will be good to do something "by hand"and not at the computer.

Time to get me a sandwich and another coffee, I think, and then get dressed and go out just quickly to buy some stewpears(yes, I saw the first ones already) and that will do fine as dessert for the next few days. I will make them this afternoon.
But I am not going before leaving a freebie. Named  it "Fresh Memory" and and all in purples!
Have a wonderful day and weekend!
Download    HERE

Saturday, October 03, 2015

A rather productive week, LOL

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, that Indian Summer weather definately has a good influence on me.
During the week I was out almost every day, be it for a quick grocerie shopping, or just for one thing needed at that moment, but I also did some work in the house, finally.
I did the floor in the kitchen, I did some ironing, I did several laundries, I washed the curtain in the living room, I did a vacuum cleaning, and then some other things that we have to do each day, hahaha.
So I am happy about myself and promised myself an easy day today.

I also did some designing in between and at the moment I am hooked to the game Mahjong again, grin.
I admit that i like to play some games at the computer, but that also has it's periods. There are times I almost don;t play them and then suddenly I find one that I really like and times passes aweful quick then.
Oh well, as long as I don't spend all day on it, it's okay.

The other day I got a request from a visitor, if she could use the Fallicious kit for a tutorial and I gave permission and I have now the link for you for that tutorial. It's for a lesson in PSP and i Dutch but you can throw Google translate on it or something like that. It's a very nice result of the materials the lady used, take a look, it might give you some inspiration.

I think we will have the last of the beautiful Autumn days this weekend. Next week forcast says we will have rain and a serious drop of temperature towards 13-14 C at daytime!
Perhaps in the weeks after the weather will "restore"itself a bit and we could have still some lovely late autumn summerish weather? Let's hope it does.

So that's in short my passed week, and it wasn;t a too bad one, let's go for more of those kind of weeks and I will be a rather happy girl LOL!
I have a freebie for you, made by Arlene, with Fallicious kit and she also made a fantastic quickpage.
Have a wonderful day and week ahead and stay safe.
Download    HERE