Monday, October 31, 2011

Did my good deed this weekend!

Goodmorning everybody!

Gosh, just come from my friend Edna's blog and they have real winter already! Brrrrr, a bit too early to my liking. I must say we still have rather nice weather here, temps are still around 57 or 59 F at daytime, not too much wind which is always nice, so no right to complain about it!

So to sniff a bit of this fresh but pleasant air, Saturday I went out to buy the newspaper. I mostly do that in a little bookshop(which also has a postoffice) and had to wait for a moment at the counter, cause a lady was first. The women behind the counter just was trying to explain to the customer, a nice looking lady around in her 30's I guessed, how to use the card for public transport, like busses or trams. But the "selling"lady had some trouble with her Engilish, so I jumped in as I saw the customer didn;t grasp much of it. The card she bought, couldn;t be charged with an amount in this shop, but next door at the supermarket. Well, after a moment, I understood that English wasn't the native language of the customer , so I offered her to go with her to show how the charger worked. Oh, she accepeted it happily.  After I had done my little business we went together to the supermarket.
After a moment, I saw she had trouble understanding to the full I was telling her, so I asked her if she spoke perhaps another language( I was hoping for French or German), but here came the answer:
"Letvian, Polish ????". Oh dear God, trouble for me. But I tried the last possibility and asked her:
Do you speak perhaps Russian?" (that in Russian). A smile came onto her face and she answered that she did. Then in my best of Russian(that I speak very poor these days) I could explain the working of the charger to her, and all went well. She even was so nice to say to me, that I spoke Russian very well. And as we parted, I even received a hug from her.
I too felt very happy, that I was able to help somebody. I would be feeling happy and relieved too, if I had help with something being in a country of which I don;t speak the language. And isn;t this in small, what the world should look like?

Sunday we made it into a very quiet day, LOL! Jan had his newspaper to read, and then I have time to do a bit of stuff at the computer( but first I watched a Miss Marple detective at tv) Later in the afternoon I prepared some stewing-pears, I bought the other day. Yummie, they are great as desert, just like that or combined with e.g. some yoghurt, custard or whatever. I am busy making a serie of quickpages again, a bit different though from the way I make them usually(well, at least I think they are different, ROFL) but also made a tiny kit for Minky's blog, that I will offer here too. Take a look at her blog by the way, she has a lot of great news and even posted a few freebies too. Today is Halloween, so time for us to look at the sky when the moon rises and to see if we can spot some of us during their broomride, hahaahhaaaa!!!!!
Hope that who ever is doing something with Halloween will have a spooktaculair time!

I am off now, leaving you with "Halloween Eve", and hoping for some great pics and layouts of your Halloween celebration. Though we don;t do anything for Halloween I love to watch all the creations and creativity people show(both in scrapping or around the house, some make complete displays of it, whooooo).
Have a fantastic day!
Download    HERE

Friday, October 28, 2011

Tried a wet cat in the morning?

Goodmorning everybody!

The last two days were a bit quiet, you can say. Wednesday I went for some shopping, lovely weather, so I made a "grand tour"to sniff up some of that freshness in the air. I got all I needed for the weekend already.
Also did some hoovering and ironing and yesterday I just went out to post a few bills at the bank( I am still doing some of them the old fashioned way, by  a giro transfer), and had a nice walk.
Oh yes, also changed the bedsheets, have to let the washing machine do its work today.

Entering the kitchen this morning my cat Brodski came in to welcome me, and I gave him a little caress, of course. But yak, my hand was all wet after  that. So was rianing a bit, and somehow the cats seem to like it to be outside and happily come in after they got wet enough, to dry up again.

I want to do some more "house work", and then I can do some designing and this evening my favourite program is on again "The Voice of Holland", a show for new talent in singing. I already heard a few very good ones!
Is everybody preparing for Halloween this weekend?LOL.
I am not, we certainly  will get to see something of it on tv, and that's nice, but I stick to Christmas, for turning my house into a different place ROFL.

So that's it for today, nothing more to ramble about.
I will post now the second part of the Senza Parlare kit and I also have a little extra for you. I made 4 quickpages with this kit. May be they will be usefull.
Have a great weekend!
Download PART 2 HERE

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How cloudy is the future?

Goodmorning everybody!

Might be a strange question, but it's a very real one! As we all know almost worldwide there is a big crisis going on. As we surely have here in the European Union. Today is another day of meeting of the leaders of the countries of the Union, to find a solution for the financial crisis which is going on. It's very complicated, and I wonder if they can agree on some necessary discissions! But whatever they will decide, at the end it's surely the guy in the street who pays the bill for a large part.
And future isn;t looking bright at the moment. We all will have to do our living with less money, more and more people are having and will have difficulties in paying their mortgages, with result that a part certainly will loose their house. It's not obvious at all, that for the years to come the pensioners will have their same height of income, there will be more loss of jobs, and that are only a few things to mention.
The reason for that? Well, lots of things, for one that in the "good"years there wasn;t enough attention for a possibility that once all could go not so well, then there was already a crisis not too long ago and at that moment governments and lots of banks didn;t take care enough of their money, didn;t cut down enough on their expenses, didn;t build up enough reserves in case they had to face another crisis. That's only a very basic explanation for it all, and even this one isn;t very good hahahaa(I am not the person for a well-thought over explanation).
But one thing is sure. To save the European Union and the Euro, there is needed hundreds of milliards Euros, of an amount you cannot imagine and then there has to be done a lot of praying too, to turn the tide again.
When you listen to all the possible scenarios of the years to come, you don;t feel happy at all. Even the most optimistic view and opinion is still a rather scary one.
As always, mankind will survive in one way or another, we little people, just civilions who are trying to make a living, will somehow survive this but it isn;t a really an encouraging perspective at the moment.

And how great it is in a way to blame the "high"people, the governments that have to take care of their country and inhabitants, which they only can do because WE chose them via elections. But it seems sometimes, those governments have different goals as soon as they are ministers and such. No, not all of them, I am still convinced about that. There are people there who really have a vision and a good -willing too.But  is it perhaps, that in fact that governments don;t really decide what's good for the country and the people, but that they are manipulated by the banking world and big businesses??? Who knows?? I do not know the answer, and I do not have an answer to all the enormous problems around the world, I only know everybody wants to have a little home, a job to earn enough money to feed the family, just a bit more to put aside or have a vacation once in a while, the possibility to let their children have a schooling to be able to make one day their own life. And this all in a peaceful world, where everybody respects a bit eachother, has some compassion and understanding. UTOPIA, I know, at least for the time being, but wouldn;t it be wonderful?

Oh gosh, what a gloomy blogpost!!!! Once in a while I just have these thoughts and I just write them down the way they come into my mind. Let's tuck this all away, in the very back of our brain, we cannot change it, certainly not individually, so let's see what will happen next and endure it LOL!

May be I can brighten your day a bit with the kit"Senza Parlare"  (" without speaking" it says). I've made two downloads for it, to cut down a bit the size per download. So one today, the second will be on Friday. The preview is of the whole kit, I think one can make some great layouts with it.
Let's try too, to smile for a moment today, or perhaps even at several moments, it surely can help to feel a bit better and just as good as that, smiling at someone for a moment it might help another person to feel also a bit better!
Have a wonderful day!
Download      PART ONE HERE

Monday, October 24, 2011

Today I am really late!

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh gosh, I am completely out of my usual schedule LOL! Don;t know why, but last night I just couldn't get to sleep, or it seemed that way. My brain kept busy with all kind of things, slept just a bit, had the impression I was laying awake for hours. Out of pure frustration I got up, sat for some minutes in the room with a glass of water, went back to bed, and got out of it again around 5.00! Then took something warm to drink, even a sandwich, watched some silly serie on tv and returned to bed again after about an hour. And then I finally had a real sleep and woke up at 11.00!!! Normally I am up at about 8.00, so you can imagine that my day is different from others. Okay, not a too big problem, but I am out of my rythm ROFL!
By now it's already mid day, so I think I shall just ramble a little bit more and then try to get some things done I had planned for today. We'll see what I will achieve, hmmmm!
Had a nice mail again in the weekend, from Margaret, who downloaded the Welcome to the world kit and used it in a project. I have a link for you, so you can take a look( hit the preview and next button to see some more).

This weekend I really did some serious designing again, at the moment I am jumping from kit to kit, do some bits on a Christmaskit, made another "regular"kit, jumped again to another Christmas kit, etc, I had a great time.
Saturday I just went out to buy a newspaper, and it was fresh but nice outside, so I made a little tour in the shopping street, without buying anything substantial, whooooooo!

 I still have to do the visit to some blogs I always visit, well, I already did a quick read, but didn;t even take time to leave a comment, how bad! Hope to do that perhaps later today.
I better get moving around slowly, I think.
Leaving you with a kit, you could call perhaps a bit rustic, I don;t know. I loved working with those colours. I named it Thalassa, found that name somewhere on internet, and it seems to be the name of some Greek sea godess. It coordinates a bit with the colours, so not a too bad name.
Have a great Monday!

Download     HERE

Friday, October 21, 2011

Who catched the rain, hmmmmm????

Goodmorning everybody!

Ha, Wednesday we did make it to the market. The weather looked quite nice when I was at the computer to post, so I had great hopes for the day. Pity Jan had a longer sleep and got up rather late. Then of course there's first coffee to drink, watch a bit the news on tv, take a shower, then grab a sandwich( and then he often says I am the one that needs a lot of time to get ready for a walk or so!!!!!grrrrrrrrrrrrr).
Okay, still no problem when we finally stept out the door to go to the market. It was a bit fresh, but with sunshine, you could say agreable weather. So at the market we kept our eyes open to see if we could find some speaker-wire, but no, there wasn't. But surfing the first part of the market, the sky was getting darker and darker and yeah, the forecasted rain fell down on us.
Not just a little rainshower, but a real serious amount of water splashed down, and that wasn;t the worst, it even hailed! The good thing about a market is that almost all stands have a roof( from cloth, but made to keep the water away from their products) so we found a good shelter. ROFL, did you ever notice, that when suddenly there is a severe rainshower(or something like it) people are just acting like cockroaches?????? In time of 1 or 2 minutes the crowd is flying to all directions, all gathering under a very small shelter, and if you had the nerve to then walk over the market, it would be a lot easier, cause you could walk where ever you liked, without having to watch your every move, without being blocked by good-willing mothers with prams ( great things, those prams, but a curse on small paths on a market!!!).

It took a while to get almost dry again, and we could continue our market-visit. No speaker wire found yet(I think Jan has to go to a shop for that), but found some real cheap vegetables and some fruit, so the trip had been usefull anyway. And the best part of it(grin grin): arrived home again, the sky had cleared up and the sun peeped through the clouds. %%!!@***""++&&!!!!!!!!!!!! (Fill in the words yourself, LOL).

Yesterday I did go out to do just a few grocerie shoppings, not much, some cat food, a package of sugar, a bottle of mayonnaise, things like that. Oh and there was a nice offer in the supermarket for some great jam, so I bought that, one is made from figs and the other from oranges. MMMMMMMM, I tried the figs, oh, it tasted so good! And I like the one from oranges too, with the little skin parts in it, sweet but also a little bit bitter.
Towards dinner time I made a hotchpotch, mashed potatoes with sauerkraut, and small squares of fried out bacon. A little piece of meat with it and we had a tasty meal. There is enough left of the hotchpotch for this evening too, and you know, the second day it even tastes better. I also like to fry the hotchpotch a bit in a pan and put it on a fresh white sandwich! Easy meal but very nourrishing.

As Halloween is coming near, I thought I might give you my Halloween kit today. I hope it isn;t too scary for your pictures!
Have a wonderful weekend.
Download     HERE

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Feeling much better.

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, I can say my back is feeling much better, although it still isn't over completely, so must be careful a bit with my movements. But let's face the bright side, it's already a lot better.

I'll start with an award I received from Zaza, from
This award is for the Beautiful Women (and Men)
who grace us with their talents
in the Tagger Community.
The intent of this award is to pass it on
to the Designer, Tagger, or Artist
who has inspired you with their endless talent
and who has touched your heart.
There are many out there

Once you have received this award
Please pass it on to five blogs
to show some love
for those who truly are BEAUTIFUL.
Let's see how far we can pass this on !!! 

I always find it hard to make a choice, but I managed to find 5 blogs. The first one is from Valinda, because long time ago when I just started digiscrapping and designing, she made so many wonderful quickpages, she offered for free on her blog,.When you go to her blog, just jump into the older archives and you will find many wonderful quickpages, you still can download. Lately she is more in the card-making, and does an excellent job in that too!
Thanks Val, for your inspiration! And she became a true internet friend over the years too!
Do take time to visit the blogs, they all are talented ladies, all with their own style and if you do, leave a little message, because that will bring a smile to some faces. And what is better than to be able with a small effort, to bring a smile to another one's face???

Monday was really a house cleaning day. Jan was a great help, cause he knew I still had my backproblems, so in the morning(it was already late morning LOL), I first had a warm shower and then turned on the washing machine. Then I started preparing for dinner, I wanted to make a potatoe salad, so when busy in the kitchen I thought it might be a good idea to take the curtains of the front window and put them into the sink, so they could soak a bit. But then saw Jan was already busy cleaning the windows at the outside and it was already a big difference when he finished, hahaha. We took a little break for a cup of coffee and then he took off the curtains and washed also the windows inside. I put the curtains in the water( wheee, it quickly got a strange colour!), went on with the salad preparing, refreshed the water, finished the salad, gave a quick hoovering just in the living room( that's all my back would allow me) in the mean time the curtains were dripping of in the garden. There was some sunshine so they could dry rather quick, Jan took them still a bit wet and hang them back ( that way they don't wrinkle). Oh, I even did a little bit of ironing too.
Then it was time to have a little rest again, and Jan went out for a little ride on his bike.
Now I fear that one of these days the curtains at the back of the room( the large ones) are in need of a washing too! If we still have the weather like we have now, it might be a good time. And perhaps Jan will be so good again to take care of the windows LOL!

Yesterday it was shopping time again, the usual stuff, potatoes, coffee, something for the sandwich, etc. I was happy I could do that again, took a little bit slower pace and watched wel how I bended over in the supermarket, to not overdo it cause of my back. All went well and as we still had potatoe salad left I just had to prepare something with it, which was a filled chicken filet( almost cut in half the filet, give it some banging to make it thinner and bigger, then put on some slices of salami and some slices of mozarella, fold it all together, stick some toothpicks in it to hold it together, some pepper and salt on it). Frie it on a medium fire, turning it over several times and it's yummie!
In the afternoon Jan went for a little walk  and came back with two speakers for our stereao. We have two, but as we have a large room, it's better two have two pairs of them, each at one end of the room. We had four of them but one pair died some time ago. You will not belive what he payed for the new pair!
Just € 5,00!!! He found them in that second hand shop where we find ofter such things. They look really like new, he tried them out as soon as he came home and they are great! So now he only has to hang them up, but first needs some speaker wire. He will buy that one of these days, may be even today, because it might happen we take a walk to the market.

I was reading teletexte this morning(as I always do when I have my 1st coffee) to know the latest news and read that the Christmastreed will be more expensive this year, about 20%! It seems that the last couple of years there were more than enough trees coming from Denmark and the retailers didn't bother to plant new trees. And now there are still trees, but a excuses to ask a higher price! They are having nerves, don;t they?
So I am glad I have an artificial one, LOL! It's not quite the same as a real one, but nicer for nature and nicer for our wallet.
Hmm, enough rambling again, so time for the last two parts of the Ambiance kit. In the last part I've made you a stacked paper quicpage. Probably I will put on a whole kit on Friday, might even be a Halloween kit! To know for sure you will have to come on Friday again to take a look ROFL.
Have a wonderful day!

Download     part 5 HERE

Download    part 6 HERE

Monday, October 17, 2011

Holland wrote a bit of history!

Goodmorning everybody!

You know that Jan and I like to watch sports of all kinds, okay, some more than others, but still!
 Well, this weekend our little country wrote a bit of sport history, unbelievable!
Saturday night there was the final of the World Championship baseball and guess who were in that final? Cuba and The Netherlands! But now the most beautiful part of it. WE WON THE FINAL AND ARE NOW WORLD CHAMPION BASEBALL 2011! And that's for the first time! I am not a real baseball fan but sometimes it's nice to watch a good game. But you can imagine that this time we didn;t want to miss it.( it also was after 73 years in baseball history that an European country was in the final!).

As we lacked some serious sleep Saturday night( the final was persponed because of the rain in Panama, so it only started around 4.00 o'clock at night ) we had a very quiet Sunday as you can imagine. Well, because of my soar back, it was all together a quiet weekend for me. But.. it's slowly going better and better with it. Must be carefull still, it isn;t gone yet, but it will pass some day.
It was also very low computer activity, just checked a bit email, and that was it. No designing or layout making at all. I am happy I have some stuff "on stock", so it's no problem for the freebies ROFL.
Also today I will not stay too long at the computer, not the best thing for my back, bummers. Well, there are other things to be done, e.g. a laundry, some ironing, als have to wash some curtains, all that kind of stuff. Glad Jan will help a bit with it.

I have today the next 2 parts of the Ambiance kit for you. Have wonderful day.

Download    part 3 HERE

Download    part 4 HERE

P.S. If you want to have a great laugh, you'll have to go to this blog
I just stubled upon it, because I was looking into some of my followers, and oh my God, this lady has a way of writing I like very much. Just take a bit of time to read some of her blogposts and you will know why I like it so much. I couldn;t resist making this P.S in my blogpost, thanks to this lady, I started my day with some great giggles!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Why does the body grows older???

Goodmorning everybody!

It's just a retorical question, I suppose, this post title LOL! But there are weeks you don;t have trouble, or not much and suddenly from one moment to another, the body wants to have a voice and does something to you.
Like my lower back at the moment. I didn't do anything special(well, at least I cannot remember doing so) but yesterday evening I had trouble sitting at the couch, had some pain in the back, more specific in the right, near the hip. Not nice at all, and it makes you very tiered, after a few hours.
That's why I posed my question, hahahaha. I know it will pass sonner or later( and I hope very much it will be sooner). I don;t have too much trouble when I walk, so it's really puzzling.
Okay, I will not stay too long at the computer, because I am not sitting very comfy!

Nanette of Scrap 4 Kids made another layout with one of my kits. She scrapped her wonderful looking dog Hombre. Take a look and I am sure you fall in love with that dog!

We had wonderful weather yesterday, so I made a little walk, just because it was so nice.
It looks as if today will be about the same, lots of sun, not much wind, we'll see what we can do with that.
Time for me to sit in a different position, hahahaha, so I better make an end to this post.
We will start another daily download, but I will give you 2 parts  already today. I named the kit"Ambiance" and it has a bit of an autumn feeling in it, don;t you think?
Well, have a fantastic weekend and we'll meet again on Monday!

Download   Part 1 HERE
Download    Part 2 HERE

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Had Firefox problems.

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, to tell the truth, this morning at the computer didn;t start too well. When I started the computer it made a very strange noise, and that kept going on, so I had to restart, windows said I had to do a system repair(oh boy, I was lucky that it did so by itself) and computer started up well again. Till I wanted to start my Firefox. Click, little round appeared for a moment(the thing you always get when you start a program) and...............nothing!
Tried again. Nothing! After several times I tried Internet Explorer. No problem.
Very weird. After some reading about this, I decided to de- install Firefox and install it again.
I tried to start Firefox and whoopee, oh was I happy, it worked again. I have no idea was was wrong this morning with my computer, but I surely am happy that all seems to work again as it should be.
That are NOT nice surprises to start the day with!

Yesterday early afternoon I went out for a little shopping, temperature was not too bad, but there was a lot of wind, but I could hold myself on the street, so I didn;t need a brick or something heavy in the pocket of my coat to keep me down, hahahahaha.
Jan needed a little present for the birthday of the cafe owner, so on the way I took a look, but couldn;t find something. So he had to go out for another search. He went to town centre and I had a quiet afternoon, totally happy to watch on tv a serie on the BBC, North and South, played in the time period of the industrial revolution in England I thought. Real nice, I love that kind of series too.

Late in the afternoon Jan returned, a little bit exhausted but with a small present. He bought an artificial grass-tile with little flowers on it and such a sweet little gnome, (I think it looked more like a pixie)which we attached to
the grasstile. Of no use at all, that present, but it was looking a bit special. So he brought it to the cafe, other side of the street) and in the mean time I started dinner. Pity I didn;t take a picture of it!
He came back, we had dinner and watched soccer, first the Belgian team against Germany for a while(real sorry the Belgians didn't win), and then to a match of the Dutch team against Sweden. Pity, the Dutch team lost this match. But it didn;t had consequences for our team, they already had a place in the next Wrold Championship competition.

Today we want to go to the supermarket in a subburb of The Hague, we go there sometimes, because it's cheap, they sometimes have different things and on Wednesdays there's also a little market there on the square. It seems there is less wind and hopefully it will stay dry.
I also made another kit yesterday, after I gave a good sweep with the vacuum cleaner through all the house.

Oh, have to say to you, that Nanette of Scrap4 Kids made a sweet layout with my "Was it Yesterday"kit.
Go to her blog to take a look, you just melt by seeing that great baby!!!!!

Today not a kit, but some bragbookpages, and yes, it's something for Halloween. Also made a kit for Halloween, that I will post a bit later(very ceepy, that whole kit!!!!).
And I have also a quickpage, that I made with a kit from Minky. Because she cannot post anymore(or almost not) on Blogger unless she pays a fee for more space(and all the money that she may receive goes into the Sanctuary Project) I will post for the time being the things I make for her on my blog. Real sorry for her that she cannot blog and post work anymore. But she has also a deviant art account and you can find her on Facebook too. Just go to her blog for the right links, okay?
Time for the coffee and then slowly get ready for our supermarket trip.
Have a lovely day!!
Download     HERE

Download    HERE

Monday, October 10, 2011

A quiet weekend, lovely.

Goodmorning eerybody!

We did enjoy our weekend, where we stayed home, due to the weather. I was lucky on Saturday, when I went out to buy the newspaper, that it was dry for a moment. But during the whole weekend we had quite some rainfall. And when I look outside I see there is a lot of wind and some grey sky, so not the best for going out.
Nothing much happened during the weekend, but we passed the time with the tv, and also some designing at the computer, Jan read his newspaper and made some crosswords. Sounds all very boring and dull but we enjoyed it, LOL.

I will give you a link to a blog from Mat, who was so kind to mail me and tell me, she made several layouts with my From Earth to Sky kit, and I tell you she made lovely ones. Go there and take a look, it may give you some inspiration, and when you do, please leave a little hello.
I have nothing more to ramble about today, so this will be a short post for a change, LOL.
But I have a little freebie for you, in one colour scheme, named it "Beloved Memory".
Hope you will have some fun with it.
Have a great day, see you on Wednesday and hopefully I will have something more to tell you.
Download     HERE

Friday, October 07, 2011

Will it stay dry today?

Goodmorning everybody!

As we were watching a stupid but oh so amusing film last night, I suddenly heard a lot of strange noise at the window. So I went looking and it was hailing and raining at the same time, accompanied by strong wind!
That was really a change in the weather, must admit not to my liking LOL!
I was still lucky during the day, when I did a few grocerie shoppings even having a little bit of sun.
During the night at about 5 am I woke up from a noise at the windows. So I went looking with my sleepy eyes and there again it hailed terribly and raining also like cats and dogs! Well, it didn;t look really nice, and I quickly stept back into my warm bed and slept for a few hours more. I think it probably will stay this weather all day, windy, with showers of rain and hail  at times and in between may be some rays of sun.  There is no need for me to be on the street so I decided I stay in, keep it a quiet day, may be later I'll do some ironing and such.

Wednesday I was quite busy here, changed the bedsheets, prepared earyly for dinner and then cleaned the top of the kitchen cupboards. Eeeeeekkhh, it was about time! It was dirty up there! Still not too bad, cause I put newspapersheets on them, to avoid that they turned all dirty and it helps a lot. Now it's clean again with new newspapersheets on them.

Yesterday afternoon I felt suddenly sooooo sleepy, that I took a nap on the couch, and slept for about 2 1/2 hours! When I woke up again Jan told me he had been busy clearing out the little shed we have in the garden, re- arranged the stuff in it a bit, and now we will have room for the table and chairs. Great guy he can be sometimes ROFL.

The past few days I am trying to scrap some of my photos. I didn;t do that for a long time, so I first downloaded several layered templates and then started to scrap. It's funny that you loose a bit the "touch"of it when you don;t do it for a longer time! But I will do some of the nicest pics, still a lot to do, and then will burn them on a cd.
I can show you a few, you probably already saw the pictures but they always look different when you actually scrapped them I used several of mine own kits for it. They look not too bad, although I think it may have been done better (LOL, I always have critics on the things I do myself, never I am quickly satisfied).
It's about time for another coffee and then get dressed and do somthing around here. Not leaving without a freebie, of course. It's a kit you can use for several things, I suppose, named "From Earth to Sky".
Have some fun with it and have also a great weekend!
Download     HERE

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Change of weather, yak.

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, finally the weather is chaning to fall weather. Temperature is dropping and will do more during the week. Lots more of wind and it looks as if a bit of rain could fall. Oh well, it couldn´t last for ever, but I hope it will stay for longer time at least at this level, always still better than real cold, with snow and ice.

Monday I did do the vacuum cleaning and how! It was a real thourough one, Jan helped too, by turning around the couches, so I could get under them(eeeeeeekh, what a mess there) and he dusted the whole room while I finished the hoovering. It took us some time, but it looked real nice afterwards. Also did a laundry, so that is waiting for me now, to be ironed.
Yesterday the weather still wasn+t too bad, so I did some grocerie shopping and didn+t do too much further.
Oh, I also stitched Jan´s new trousers. The wunda web does it´s job, but only partial, ROFL. After a washing in the machine, it wasn´t holding enough the seem. SIGH, still had to do it by hand, with needle and thread.(don+t have a sewing machine). It was done rather quick, because in the mean time I also watched some tv. A combination of a little task you don+t enjoy too much with something that distracts you in a nice way does the thing.
I even started on a bew kit yesterday. It hasn+t a theme or so, in fact, I don´t know where it will lead too, just started to make some papers and we´ll see what the final result will be LOL.

Let´s hop to your freebie. I will give you the 2 last parts also at a time, and probably Friday there will be a kit at once again. I really like the paper in the sixth part of the download, the one with the kitty.
Soon there should be also something for Halloween, but that will be for the next week. Here in Holland there isn´t much done for Halloween, not to compare with Christmas time. And actually I am glad, not to have to decorate the house for Halloween, then restoring the house in `normal`shape and soon after to be busy with Christmas again. That last one is more than enough work, ROFL.
But I always like to see all the decorations people have around the world for Halloween. Some are really beyond belief!
Okay, I´ve rambled enough, will do a bit more on the new started kit and we´ll see what today will bring us more.
Have a shining day, you all!
Download part 5  HERE

Download    part 6   HERE

Monday, October 03, 2011

Sunny weekend, lovely!

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh boy, it's unbelievable, that at the start of October we still have around 75 F! Just hope we will not be punished for it during winter time LOL!
Friday we went for a little walk to the market. Without the shopping car, which is nice too. Jan wanted to see if he could get a few small things for his bike. He needed another pump for it, the one he has is stillf good but just a bit too large to carry along on his bike. And we did find on, a nice real small one that you can make larger like a telescope and he bought another bell.
I bought just a melon, for just € 1,00.
Saturday we stayed around the house, Jan just took a little ride on his own with his bike( yes, he has to work on his condition for it, hahahaha).
Yesterday on the bike again and we went to a shopping centre much further away, where there was a kind of fair. Great weather for it and we had a nice time, first the ride and then the walk there, ended with a little beer for him ( hey, a MALT beer, without the alcohol) and a cappuccino for me. Then home again and a bit later dinner, that I already had prepared in the morning.
Oh, Jan also found at the shopping centre a cover for his bike's saddle, needed, because the saddle was really hard and not very comfortable. Now he sits much better, with his gel-cover.
That's in short our weekend.

I tried to get a shot from the salamander, I have those, but didn;t upload them on the computer yet. And may be on of the next days he will return, to give me a chance at a better shot.

Today we still will have a nice day, talking about the weather. I think, we will not do much, but you never know what ideas may come up ROFL. But first I think I could do with a thourough hoovering in the house! Yes, the "normal"things will have to be done too, although you are bound to forget them due to this wonderful late summer days!

Do you remember I was speaking about the show "Holland got's talent"? And I was so impressed by a singing family, the Opera Familia? Well, they have a website and there you can see and listen to the video's of their performance during the show. There are 3 little films there, take first the bottom one on the right, and then take the top one. Turn your speakers high, and though the quality isn't 100% perhaps you can understand why I am so enthousiastic about them. Here's the link
Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Okay, time for the freebie again I am in a good mood, LOL, so I will give you 2 downloads together. But there still is a a 5th and 6th part to it. (I very much love the 6 th one)
Have a wonderful day, keep your spirits high!
Download    part 3 HERE
Download part 4 HERE