Sunday, March 27, 2022

Can't wait till Spring is really there.

 Goodevening everybody!

Yes, I am late today, but it was a day of doing small things, but nice things. We've had real nice weather this week, at least during daytime, the nights are still quite cold, just around zero point. Pity, that the spring feeling we accumulated, will go away next week, because temperatures will drop again to may be 11C( as for lately we had 16 to 18C).

One thing will be good next week, that there could fall a bit of rain. It has been very dry here, certainly for this time of year, so the garden can do with some rain.

All week was kind of focused on my stomach and I must say that the little pill seems to work. I have almost no trouble, at least not druing the night which is already a blessing. every now and then it is still a bit "not nice"feeling but it doesn't last too long. So I will continue next week with the medicin and see how that will go. I hope to cut on this pill when all goes well again, and hopefully I will not need to take it again.

It was a nice week to do some gardening, so Jan did some and i did some too. It really looks again like a garden waiting for Spring and summer again, LOL.

Today I was repotting a few seedlings and noticed we didn't have much potting soil, so I went to the dupermarket nearby and bought us two sacs of 10liter, and for now it will be enough. So it was nice to be busy with repotting, I also pruned some roses, and so on. Oh, while I was out for the soil, I hopped in another store to see if they had perhaps some nice bulbs for not too muh. They had not, but ...... I found a little dustbuster, ours died long ago, or almost had no good power anymore, and this one was a nice price and will do. This is the one:

They are handy when there is just a bit of dust or crumbs or something and not having to pull out the vacuum cleaner all the time.

Some tulips are blossoming, I've made a photo of a real nice species, it will post it next week, and hopfully together with another tulip that is just about to blssom(a new one I bought for this spring).

I am as always busy with some crocheting, I started another baby blanket, more a crib blanket, but it didn;t came ot as I wanted so I started it over and i think this time it will look nice. Perhaps next week I an take a photo of the part that is done.

That's all, folks for this week. I wish you all a wonderful week in safety and good health. Bye, bye

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Ha, I've made dinner for today and tomorrow!

 Goodafternoon everybody!

The last few days we had quite nice weather, lots of sunshine, pity there was a bit too much wind now and then, but out of the wind it was really nice in the sun. Today it is much less, only about 8C and there is chance to some rain(which is not bad, it was rather dry for longer time). Next week however there will be days with 16-18C, sunshine and so on so that is a good prospect.

This week was mainly dominated by my stomach troubles. So I decided Wednesday afternoon, just before I went for some grocerie shopping,  to hop into the doctor's office and try tp make an appointment. On wednesday's the doctor is there all day, but what I didn;t epect was that his secretary right away went to the doctor to ask if I could have a visit with him that moment. That was ever so kind of her and so it was. Explained all and he gave me first a little pill to try out for a few days. and call him Monday to tell how things were going. If there would not be much progress, he would sent me to hospital for an endoscopy. Well, the pill does help (i can take as much as 3 on a day, but I tried first with just one) and it helps a lot. At least during the night I can sleep through without trouble, only in the mornings I still have a bit of trouble, but much less than it was. So we will see what the doctor tells me tomorrow. Perhaps I will have to take that pill for a longer time, or only on times I feel there is coming up stomach trouble again. I do hope I can get rid of it, because it interferes into daily life you know. 

But... I did have better mood and more energy after sleeping better and on a day it was still nice weather, I was courageous and cleaned the windows on the back(from room and kitchen) inside and outside. WHOOOOO!!. It felt good to have accomplished again something.

Jan is still quite busy sowing all kind of things, the other day I bought him seeds of parsley, dill, paprika and chilipeppers. I hope some of it eill come up and give us some harvest. 

Tuesday Jan and i went voring for the council and as it was real pleasant weather Jan made quite a walk, you know. We went all the way to a flower shop and bought some primulas and ranunculus, they give a lot of color this time of year. And then we walked home again, slowly but steady and I was glad he could manage that. On the way home we even made aquintace with two cats, hahaha. One seemed to be on a stroll with her owner(sweet, isn;t it?) and I could caress her, which seemed to be something unusual. Her owner said that Josephine  normally was very shy with strangers. So I must have some good-will vibe towards animals, LOL. The other cat was sitting in a garden, but came towards me when I talked to him. He looked to be well taken care off, because he was on the fat side(bit like Garfield, hahaha)

Today I made us dinner for two days, and that's practical and often the taste is even better on the second day. I've made stew meat on Indonesian way, also meat balls to eat with some peanut sauce, rice  and noodles, all a bit the Indonesian way. And that's about all for this week.

Just wanted to ask your support in any way for Ukrain, because we shouldn;t forget about this war! Deep respect for the courage of the Ukrain people and it's leader Zelensky! And let us hope this war will be over very soon.

I wish you all a wonderful week, stay safe and healthy!

Sunday, March 13, 2022

We might have real Springweather this week

 Goodafternoon everybody!

Oh my, I cannot believe the change of temperature during this week. I think yesterday it was around 14 C and looking at the weather app on my laptop it could be in the sun already 16C! That with not too much wind it really seems like we are heading to Spring time. Next week it still will be nice, might be some rain(which is welcome by now), and temperatures Tuesday on the highest of around 16-17C.

I was a happy camper this week when we got rid of a lot of not longer needed stuff of all kind. The bulky waste has been collected on Tuesday. Now we will try to have a next one, LOL.

It was all by all a quiet week, I did some housekeeping jobs, Jan is busy every now and then in the garden. I am almost ready with my baby blanket in white. Just have to tie off the yarn ends (I always have trouble with this part of crocheting, hahaha). And may be I will try my hands on a sweet crocheted applique for on the blanket to finish it off. And then is the question.... what will I make next? Probably it will be another blanket or I thought about making a baby sleeping sac, I saw a few real cute ones on the web and it is something a little bit different to make.

Next week we will have to go to vote for city council elections. Nice that the polling station is very near our house. I thik there will not be a huge number of people that will go voting, but as long as we can vote, we should use that right I think.

Strange to think we can go voting and not too far away in Europe there is a ugly war going on in the Ukraine. I fear it will be a long lasting one, with many casualties. But we have to continue our help to Ukraine, and pray there will be found some kind of solution for this situation.

Today I have a lightjob for making our dinner, yesterday I've made a pan of chicken soup, well filled and we still have more than enough for today too. So a simple meal today, I probably will give some buttered sandwiches to it and that should fill the stomach enough.

Time to make a cup of tea and perhaps find a nice pattern online for the sleeping bag.

Wishing you all a wonderful week, stay safe.

Sunday, March 06, 2022

Busy with crocheting

 Goodmorning everybody.

It is still quite nice weather here, around 4-8C, we have nightfrost here and there,but at daytime temps go up and we have sunshine and blue skies. Pity the wind is from wrong direction, from East, to sometimes NE, and that makes feeling outside colder. Oh well. I just hope Spring will come soon and temperatures will go up and wind changes, and no more frost etc. etc. etc LOL.

It was a quiet week, although some small jobs have been done, also by Jan. He is a bit more energetic, even when he sleeps not all too much, but it is going towards Spring time and you can notice it with him. He really doesn;t like wintertime, it kind of gets to him somewhat.

We had a nice break in the week on Wednesday. In the afternoon we had visit from Heidi and Séverine and it was good to see them again and have a some small chat and a laugh. 

I also did manage to fill a big plastic bag/sac with old things like clothes we don;t wear anympre, or are just not good enough anymore, I have now again some more room in the wardroom, although there is still a lot of stuff in it that we have to get rid off. 

Happy to have had another day of more energy, and took advantage of that in cleaning bathroom)it is a very small one, but still....)and the kitchen floor and a quick dusting through the bedroom. Also did a little bit of grocerie shopping, and happy to have some good cheese again. There is a lot of difference in taste between cheese from the supermarket(although they have a few that are not bad) and a real cheese shop. And you know what? There isn;t even so much difference in price. Yeah, Of course you can get cheaper but you can notice the difference very well.

Also made an appointment for picking up some bulky trash( Jan cleaned out the small shed) and we have some more things that just take in place and we don;t use it anymore or it doesn't work anymore. It will be picked up on Tuesday, and I will be happy when it is gone. Then on to the next cleaning out stuff. 

And I am still crocheting and even have a few photos, finally.

First is a blanket, you might call it a sampler blanket, I just have to finish the border and weave in some ends.

 I will try to make another when all is ready, and then of the whole blanket. It is quite big.

And I am also busy on a baby blanket, it has a nice stitch, I have it from Sirin's crochet(she has written patterns but also a lot of you tube tutorials, which is sometimes very handy. The stitch doesn;t work very quick, but I don't mind. It seems not warm, perhaps, but made of soft yarn, it feels quite thick and soft and warm.

And I also made a few hotos in the garden, one is of the greenhouse where Jan has some seedlings in and two of pots where we have tulip bulbs and they have grown a lot and some already have a start of flower bud. All due to the mild winter we had.

Well, this is about all for this week. I do want to ask you to have a little prayer every now and then for the Ukrain people, who are having a very bad time now and it probably will get worse. 

I wish you all a wonderful week, in safety and good health.