Thursday, April 30, 2009

Horrible update!

Hi everybody,

Something terrible happened during the tour of the Royal Family! Suddenly a car came driving like crazy on the lane where all was happening in good cheer and crashed on a monument.
There are, as known for the moment, 14 injured people, some of them very badly. Nobody kows yet the cause of this, the car came on a route which wasn't open for traffic, so already that is a mysterie. It happened just when the open bus with the Royal family was very near the monument so they all saw it happening in front of their eyes.
We will have to wait till later today, to have some more news about it all, perhaps we will here why this happened, if it was planned or just a terrible accident.
All activities for the rest of the day are cancelled, which is very understandable, but also so pityful for all the people who worked so hard to make this a joyful memorable day.
Well, memorable it will be, but not in the good sense!!!
That's it for now

It's our "Koninginnedag"!

Good morning everybody!
Today is a bit of special day for us, Dutchies! It's Koninginnedag( Queens-day). I will give you a small history overview so you understand what it is.
Koninginnedag was celebrated as "Princess-day" (Prinsessedag) in former days on 31 august 1885, the anniversary of (then) princess Wilhelmina, . This day is the preamble of Koninginnedag. The initiative for the celebration came of the liberals, who with the festival wanted to emphasize the national feeling. After the death of king Willem III (husband of Queen Wilhelmina, the grandmother of our present queen)in 1890, the first real "Queens-day"(Koninginnedag) was celebrated. Because Koninginnedag was also the last day of the school holiday, it became rapidly already a holiday for children.On 31 augusts 1902 Koninginnedag developed into a real national feast. The population fourth then, as it happens, also the news, that queen Wilhelmina had recovered from a serious illness. Queen Wilhelmina and family however, was almost never present at festivities on Koninginnedag. Queen Juliana received during her period of government a flower homage of the population at the Palace Soestdijk. This flower defile was to be seen in the middle of fifties on the television. More and more people got a free day on Koninginnedag and this way the celebration grew up to a national holiday which stands in the sign of solidarity. Queen Beatrix with her family annually visits one or two places in the country. Although Queen Beatrix has her birthday on 31 January she continued to celebrate Koninginnedag on 30 April,out of respect for her mother Juliana.
This year there will be again a defile, now at Palace Het Loo, to celebrate the 100 th birthday of our former Queen Juliana.
Lucky for the royal family, the weather looks rather nice, hoping it will last the rest of the day. There are celebrations all over the country, in a lot of towns their is a fair and lots of people have a free day. May be Jan and I will go into town, but that's not sure. We certainly will follow a bit the day on tv, I always like to see what every member of the family is dressed in(specially all the princesses of course).
And if you looked well, you saw I put up a new slideshow on top of the blog, that's the daily download on Magickal Scraps for May, and whooooo, quess what??? I was the one who could pick the colour and theme. Quit a responsibility! But I think it turned out into a great kit again, everybody worked so hard on it.
So as from tomorrow you can go to the forum, sign in and grab this kit.
Another event will take place at the Magickal place, but in the store. Keep an eye for a great sale at Magickal Scraps Shop, but that's not all. My friend Edna will start selling her work there too and there will be lots of goodies for you too, so mark the date, 1th of May, and take a look there. Edna worked hard to get it done and she makes lovely stuff, so why not take a look? You even may be persuaded by the looks to make a little exception and buy something, who knows??
Well, more than enough reading done, I suppose, so we'll go to today's kit. I made another one coloured scheemed, and the name "Parsifal"just popped into my brain so that's the name. Hope you all have a splendid day, may be I even will take some pictures of the garden, which is going to look better and better almost every day!

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I did the tagging

Goodmorning everybody!

I told you yesterday that I have been tagged and well, today I finished my list and I can post it and can tag some others, hahaha!
I was tagged by Andrea of

And here it is all:

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
1. Jan being again tip top
2. Warm weather
3. Going to a garden centre with my friend Heidi
4. Winning a great price in lottery
5. Chat on the forum
6. Making more photos
7.Getting better in designing scrapkits

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Updating my blog
2.grocerie shopping
3. housework
4. design of new scrapkit
5. browsing internet for information
6. made dinner
7. read gardeners magazine
8. watched tv

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
1.making a cruise with Jan
2. buying a new appartment
3. stop all intolerance
4. having a long talk with my mother's mother
5. complete house make over
6. first class train trip on the Orient express
7. get rid of some allergies
8. that Jan could talk wit my parents

8 Things Or Shows I Watch:
1. sports
2. detectives
3. historical films
4. fantasy/adventure films
5. documentaries
6. some quizzes
7. cash in the attick
8. gardening programs

8 People I Tag:
1. Snowy
2. Edna
3. Cat
4. Doris
5. Efie
6. Ashley
7. Ania
8. June

It wasn't yet so easy to come up with all those things.

I was quit a busy bee yesterday, after the shopping I also did some housework and when that all was done, could relax a bit on the computer and after dinner watched tv, soccer match for Champions league(this evening another one!) and than a completely nutty film, kind of remake of the first Mars Attacks film. Not a GOOD film, but one you can watch with not much attention, have even some laughs, very relaxing.

And today I have a more or less special kit. I started this kit by finding one little qoute and from there on I made the kit. And I made it with two people in mind, my friend Snowy and her new friend. So in fact they were the motors behind it. It's quite an amzing story of those two, but I cannot tell you yet all about it. Snowy did some unveiling on her blog, but it's better I keep some things for mself for now. So in fact this is a kind of dedicated kit and I did send it some days ago to Snowy, to be the first to see of course and she even already made a layout of it. I am sure she will show you on her blog as soon as she knows I posted the kit on my blog.
I hope I made you curious enough now!

It seems to be a bit better day concerning the weather today, so I will make a very little stroll in my garden( hahaha, the garden isn;t more in total then about 12 mtrs. long and at the widest 6 mtrs.) to see if new things came to bloom or peeping out with new green of the soil.
You all enjoy your day and tomorrow there is a bit special day for us Dutchies!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oh boy, a tagging to do!

Goodmorning everybody!

My cat Dikkie Dik did it again! He must have been in a fight again, came home with a little wound again. It seems not to be too bad, but I must keep an eye on it. Just as last time he had one on his chest and the time before, having one on his head. He really is becoming a cat with a LOT of scrars!

I was tagged also, but I will take care of that during the week. There are a lot of things I have to fill in for it! So that will be for later.

I did some things I wanted to do yesterday, so that's a good thing. Hmmm. running out of some things it's running around time again today! Well, it gives you a chance to take some air and get your muscles at work.

Oh, yesterday it was the monthly card competition in the cafe again and you know they have a kind of lottery there too. So Jan went there and guess what? He came back with some little prizes. He had 3 photoframes, which are always useful and a weird twisted vase of some length. Not exactly my taste, but perhaps it comes to use anyway or it can make a nice present for someone, who knows.! But still, we had something. I always must laugh when Jan comes home after this adventure! He demonstratively shows the prizes we won and we discuss about the eventual use or not of them. And with it we have a good laugh. It's just funny!

So the new kit for today. It's in a kind of peachy colour, not a very big or extended one, but still with some nice stuff in it, I think. I called it "Morning Dew". Have some fun with it perhaps and also enjoy your day. Let''s see what the day will have in store for me, except for the shopping!
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Monday, April 27, 2009

Hello to you

Goodmorning everybody!

I hope your weeked was a great one. Here it was quiet, you know. I did already the shopping on Friday, so no need for me to go out anymore.

I must laugh a bit about Jan in the good sense! He dug now completely into the dvd business, meaning trying out all kind of connections, recording (!) and even managed already to burn something from the HD of the dvd to a disc! And that's something, him having no experience at all with computerlike stuff! And he still is puzzling on the tutorial book and each time getting a bit further with it. I am proud of him. Now I just have to wait till he has it all in his fingers and hopefully he can explain it in simple terms to me, LOL.

Oh yes, I did still go out on Saturday. I tried to phone Heidi, because they had their wedding anniversary(4 years now) but they weren't at home. Later at the day Danny phoned me and asked me if I could take their doggy out for a little sanitair stop. They were not in town and just decided to go out for dinner with somebody. So I did that of course. I always hurts my heart a bit to know that the dog is left alone all day, but I know you can;t always take it with you everywhere. Bas was soooo happy to see someone, jumping around like a madman of joy. So that's was the spending of the saturday. apart from a lot of computering.

And pity, but yesterday wasn't as nice weather as before either, it even rained some, which was a good thing for the garden. So no sitting in the sun, but perhaps in the coming week it will be possible again.

Today's kit then. All with cherubs and angels and named it "Out of Heaven".

You'll have a nice day and take a look later to the freebielist!

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Few pictures and to middle ages

Goodmorning everybody!

Remember that some time agoI went for a walk because it was such nice weather? Well, I even maneged to make a few pictures during the walk. It's really giving you a spring feeling! And isn't it sometimes amazing that in our surroundings( especially when you live in the middle of a town) you can see a lot of beauty, if only you open your eyes for it?

So I thought I might show you some of it.

Just click the pictures to get a bigger one.
Everything in the garden is shooting out of the earth at the moment! Every day you see changes, another plant suddenly blooms, another is peeping out with the nose out of the ground in it's struggle to have some sunlight, in early spring still there was a lot of soil to be seen, but now, almost all is covered in all kinds of green! I should make a few pictures of it, to show the progress. And when you take a minute to think that over, you realize that nature has it's own way, and is strong of will!
My week-end "off"is almost there again, again time flies, but I will try to spend the time well, meaning making kits and doing already a part of nexth month challenge, the Botanical project.
Hmmm, and as it looks for now we will have still nice weather, so a moment of rest in the garden should be included too!
Today we go to the Middle-Ages, kit-wise spoken! I named it "Le Chateau"
and is a bit bigger in MB than yesterday's kit. Hope you can use it and as I am at the end of my post I wish you all a wonderful weekend, use it well and see you back on Monday again!

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nothing much to report.

Goodmorning everybody!
Like the title of the post announced there isn;t very much to report. Only one thing I spotted in the garden. Totally forgot about it.
Already 2 or 3 days ago I went into the garden on my daily "round" and was completely surprised by the look of our little terras! It was covered with A LOT of feathers!!!
Not a very good sign usually, because it means one of the cats got hold of probably a pigeon and that could have ended up all wrong for the poor pigeon! Looking around I couldn;t spota corps, so may be, may be, the pigeon was lucky and could have escaped just in time. But I wonder if it did so completely unharmed!!!
That can happen sometimes, when you have 3 cats around! I don;t like it, but you cannot help it neither. It's in their nature. It's a bit ugly, I know, the more because they hunt just for fun and not because they are in need of food.
But there is not much you can do to avoid it happening.

I am glad it only happens once in a while, not too often.

The kit for today then. It's called "Almost Magic"and I myself just love the colour of it. I hope you do too!
And that's about it for today. Not much interesting, but in a way I am glad to be able to say that, it means their are for the moment no big troubles occuring and I like it. Just let life rimple forth in a quiet way of a small brooklet, it's very reassuring!LOL

Enjoy your day, I will just wet my feet a bit in the water from my brooklet today, oh, how quiet and wonderful that can be!!
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kit by idea of a visitor!

Goodmorning everybody!

Again we had a beautiful day yesterday, a bit fresher than before, but for the coming days it is looking great again! Only we'll have to hope, that the forecasts are right(sometimes it turns out to be ALL different) But if true, we are going to hit around 20 C towards weekend! I am feeling already quit cheerful, just by the thought of it.

One of my visitors, named Ellen, put up a little request i the shoutbox, if I could make one day a kit about victorian caroussel. Well, people who know me a bit can imagine what the result of it was.! I went on the search for some material and here it is a kit about carousels! I just hope it is a bit in the idea she had in mind. But it surely was fun to make. So hop on and take a ride on the carousel horse!

Have some fun today, I will too, probably the most by ironing some laundry, LOL!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Let's travel some more

Goodmorning everybody!

I was a bit busy yesterday. Did almost all I wanted to do and even had time to have a little chat with Snowy and finish up another kit. So not bad for this old girl! Today will be running around time again, but I suppose I can do it in rather a short time. I also have to upload the next daily download for the forum, and even make a little extra for it, cause we were short of days. But no problem, everybody does a bit and we will have a download also for the last day in May.

Lately I am a bit worried about our girl cat, Micky. She is somehow acting a bit strange, Jan says perhaps she is suffering a bit of a kind of Alzheimer. Sometimes she can look at you so fuzzy. Bit strange. Well, the girl is about 14 or 5 years old now. not yet too old for a cat, but she is coming to a respectable age. Still eating rather well, so that's okay for the moment, but we will keep a closer eye to her. If there are coming more strange things in her behaviour, perhaps we should pay a little visit to the vet. I hope it will not be necessary yet though!

Today we will travel a bit more around the world. As we were in Greece yesterday, today we go much further, all the way to Japan! Yes, finally I made another oriental kit, called it "Saynonara". I think may be tomorrow I will have a surprise for one of my visitors, so keep your eyes open for it.!

Well, this is it for today, lots on the planning for today, also computerwise, but why shouldn't it be a fun day? As long as the weather stays rather well, I am happy.
Have all a great day!

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Definately it's going towards summer!

Goodmorning everybody!

I surely did enjoy the weekend! It was rather productive too, so I am happy with myself.
I told you I bought some plants for Jan's little garden, hey? Well, on Saturday he took courage to plant them. It's a great thing to see him doing that, All so serious and trying to do it right! But it's done now and it looks great. Well, the plants have to grow still a bit, but in a few weeks I am sure it will look fantastic again, full of colour!

It was such nice weather over the weekend that I could sit in the sun again for a bit, with my book! It's progressing slowly, but at least I am reading again! It's a good feeling to get into a story and to live it aside of the figures in the book.

After this lazy weekend I surely must do something around the house today. But that's okay, I will do that, and with the nice weather I feel more up to it, LOL.

What do I have as freebie today? It's a kit in blue shades with a bit of white and that are surely the colours of Greece. So this is a Greece related kit, named "Kalimera" (good day in Greek) I hope some of you went overthere, so you will have some pictures to scrap. And if not I think you can use a lot of it for summer pics or so.
I will post the freebie on the forums and work a bit on a new kit I started in the weekend and then off to the housework first.!
Have a real nice day and see you around.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Good day yesterday

Goodmorning everybody!!

Oh gosh, I actually spent some working time in the gardn yesterday! I first did some shopping and not too far from the supermarket there is a flowershop where they sell also quit a bit of outdoor plants. Very dangerous place for me! But yesterday I went there to see if they had any good. And they did and so I bought some. Fist of all I bought a tray of Impatiens for "Jan's Garden" but couldn;t resist to buy a few other things for the "big"garden!! And how good that feeling was, golly!!!

So coming home I right went into the garden to plant the stuff. Although it wasn't the bright weather as the day before, temperature still was so nice, that it even was agreable to be there. I did some last cutting of "old"stuff. It was n the big hortensia I have standing there. All the old blooms, now brown are cut off now, so the bish is all fresh looking again. The new blooms are developping already. And then I had a nice surprise. Some years ago I was walking somewhere with Heidi and I saw a terrific Clematis on a little roof of a shed for bycicles. Sneeky I took a cutting of it and heidi put it into a little pot to let it grow some roots. It worked and the year after I did put it in the garden, not far from a stem from a big cedar , just behind the hortensia. It really started to grow and last year I even had some flowers on it in Spring. But this suddenly I saw really a LOT of flowers on it, almost coming out to bloom. It's growing like mad and it will cover the whole cedar in just a few years, I'm sure!! As soon as it comes to bloom I will try to make a nice picture of it. So they say that "stolen"goods never bring something good, but in this case it's the opposite, LOL!!!

Okay, on to the freebie. It's a kit called "Olivia", I think a proper name for it regarding the colour, hahaha. I will prepare myself for a productive weekend(I surely hope) and like to wish you the same, whatever you are planning to do, I hope it will bring you a pleasant weekend!
Till the freebielist later today and then till Monday again!

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some LO and of course a kit

Goodmorning everybody!
What a marvellous day it was yesterday! It was really like summer, unbelievable at this time of year! So I did spent a bit of time in the garden with my book, great to relax! I also finally spoke again to my friend Heidi. We have a bit a lack of communication the past time, seems we just don;t take the time for it. Both busy with all kind of things. But all seems to go allright with her. However I want to see her too soon. We'll arrange that somehow!

Jan went out again for a walk yesterday!! Wow, what a news. But it is. The last few months he didn't "move' very much, but with the better weather it's also more inviting. I think he was away for over 2 hours, good for him. He has to do it, to get his muscles again in shape and it;s also good for the bloodcirculation. And it's also good for me, LOL! I always get more done when he is out of the house.

I want to show you an LO I made for the forum, for one of the challenges. It had to do something to do with Buddha, all the rest was left to our imagination. I made this:
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The kit yesterday was quit a dark one, hey? So I've decided to give you a very bright one today. I think you will get a real summer feeling of it! I named it"Let the Sun Shine In".
And today I want to start with another kit, I have the subject allready in mind and have gathered some stuff for it on internet. Now the hard part is coming: picking out a colour scheme! Well, I should manage that.
I have to go out today too, but it looks as if the weather isn't that good as yesterday. Still temperature seems to be fine and who knows, may be I just come back with some plants for "Jan's garden". That still is empty, but it is about time to fill it up with a lot of Impatiens and perhaps a few other sunny plants. I'll think about that, hmmm.!

So you all have a happy day, and even if the sun isn;t shining, let it shine somehow! A little smile already does miracles!!
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Must enjoy this day!

Goodmorning everybody!

It wal surely a lovely weather yesterday! I could go out for the shopping with okay a sweater on and a light jacket, but it's was a huge change from the winter jacket! Sun was shining and great temperature. As it was so nice, I sat in the garden for a little while, with a cup of tea and I even stared with a book again! It's "Alaska"from James Mitchener, a thick book about the origin and development of Alasks, all from the very very first start, millions of years ago till the present. I love the books of Mitchener, they are sooo interesting and also catching to read, and although the characters are fictive, all the events are based on historical and or geological facts, so you can really learn something from them too!
Well, I promised myself to do the same today, because they said the weather even would be better. They expect around 21-22 degrees C, on the coast! It will only be today, afterwards temperature will fall again a bit, but what we have in our pocket it can't be taken from us LOL!

All the garden stuff is growing fast now, every day I see more flowers opening and plants are showing their fresh green leaves, so it's going to look more like a real garden again!

And opposite to the bright weather, I have a very dark coloured kit for you today. Not that I am in a gloomy mood or so, but I just started with one or two darker papers and it all became a king of goth-style kit. It will not be to everbody's liking I am sure, but perhaps it's nice for a change. Tomorrow I will have a much more brighter and lighter one for you okay?
Anyway, here is "In the Dark"for you.
Have a beautiful day in peace and quiet!
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Are you filled up with eggs??

Goodmorning everybody!!
I left you all alone this Easter weekend, but I had promised myself a long weekend. I hope you all had a good Easter and could enjoy some good weather?
We had it very quiet, but we had a good time. Last Friday night we had the chat on Magickal Scraps, as ever it was great fun, always longer then I think it will be.
Oh, Saturday afternoon we enjoyed ourselves to our bones! Jan had the spirit again to take a pile of "old"records and we had our musical afternoon. Boy, did I hear a lot of beautiful oldies again! We always have great fun doing this. I am at the computer, Jan acting as disc jockey at the stereo and playing the songs we sing them along out of full chest(if we don;t remember the words, we do the nanana, lalala stuff, LOL). I think we did that for more than two hours!
I keep telling msn is wonderful invention, although it can take a lot of your time too LOL!
I had some great chats with Snowy this weekend and one even with Edna gathering, so we 3 were chatting around.
We get along fine I think, all so different of character and still understanding eachother great.

I did a lot of "work"this weekend, could finish some challenges and made some kits, so I am all happy.
As I popped in on my blog during the weekend, just to check, there was left a message for me that I received an award. I had this one already several times, but it doesn;t matter, just the fact that someone is thinking of nominating little me, is very much appreciated. The award is the "premio Dardo"and given to me by Marie from
Take time to pay her a little visit, cause she has some very sweet freebies.

Let's hop to the freebie for today. I call it "Belvédère", and it's made in soft colour. Just have fun with it and make some terrific layouts!
Enjoy your day and visit again this afternoon as there will be the freebielist again!
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Friday, April 10, 2009

This is real quick

Good AFTERNOON everybody!
Yes, you read it well, it;s already afternoon here. Oh boy, morning didn't start good. I was up early, all well, started after a while the computer, all well, then I had to update my AVG, and it;s always better I do it right then. So I did. No problem, but then you have to restart the computer to get it working, well, quit normal thing, but as i closed, windows started installing updates, so you cannot do anything. Well, that is also normal, but it takes AGES to install them. I don;t think that is normal, so I had to wait hours, yes, to get moving again. All morning disordered and I was anoyed, to say it mildly! In between I did some cleaning up in the garden, it;s a gorgeous day, and some other stuff and I just closed the computer the "hard"way. Not good I know, but I had enough of waiting after more than 2 hours. I must figure out why it takes sooooo long.
Well, as I want to take profit also from the good weather, I will now post the freebie, not the smallest one in MB! It has the right name for me today, LOL it;s called "Relaxing"!!!
I hope you all have such a good weather day as we here, and also wish you a blessed Easter weekend!
See you back on Monday!

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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Oops, I really overslept!

Goodmorning everybody!

This morning I overslept really, just woke up at 10.15 o'clock, which is rather late for me. When this happens, I am a bit lost, because it seems to me if I have only short time left for the whole day. A bit nuts, but it feels like it.!So I'll make this really short, to "grab back"a bit of time, LOL.

Yesterday was the shopping day, did all quit quickly, I must say. Then I did a bit in the house, good girl, and also had some time left to finish another kit. In the evening we watched tv, as usual, we enjoyed ourselves and later in the evening we had some little toasts with some French cheese, yummie! Oh,dinner was an "easy" one, just made some macaroni, with minced meat, of course seasoned with pepper salt, dille and garlic, and a tomatoe sauce and to it just some green and cucumber salad. But I usually make this stuff in larger portion, so today it;s real easy for me, we just eat what is left from it. Whooopeeee!
I have the feeling I am forgetting something to write down, well, if so, it will come back and there's always tomorrow again, hahahaha.

Now here is your second part of Retour à Paris and I hope you have a great day.

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Running around time again!

Goodmorning everybody!

Today is the shopping time again. Not very interesting, but these things have to be done. So less time for me playing around on the computer. Oh well, that might be a good thing too! I definately should get out more, now that the weather is getting a bit better, but then go out just with the camera and try to get some nice spring pictures and just pictures. Hmmm, they said Friday the temperature should be around 19 degress C (!!!), with perhaps some rain, but may be I can catch a dry moment to walk around a bit.

The garden is "unlocking"itself step by step, I am now waiting for some little tulips to bloom. And I think soon there will be the itching again in my blood to buy some new plants for the pots and here and there I must remove some plants and oh what a blessing! New room for new plants too! LOL.

And what about the new kit for today? It will be in a two days download, I will show you the previews of both parts. There was so much stuff in it, that I decided to make two previews, otherwise it would be too cluttered. It's a kit for Paris lovers, called it "Retour à Paris"
Now I just have a bit time left to work on a new kit and then it's off to the shops.

Have a nice day !

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Download Retour à Paris part 1 HERE

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Doctors by telephone

Goodmorning everybody!
It was a doctor day yesterday, well, a bit. Jan and I both would have a phonecall from our doctors. Jan was first, she phoned already at 09.00 o'clock. He has really a great doctor, I am almost jealous of it! The tests were rather well, only she discovered a little kind of infection in his gurge, nothing too serious(he has no problems of it) but she sends him some medicin for it. She still didn;t find out why he has the anaemia. Perhaps she will take some other tests on him, but not for the moment. All in all, it wasn;t such a bad news, not something to sit upright with hairs up from fright, LOL.
Then my doctor still had to call. Hmmm, different piece of cake. She only called late in the afternoon, it;s a bit of funny person, it;s night and day with Jan's doctor! You know I had the bloodtest, well, all was looking fine, only have a slight sufering of some enzyme from the liver , but that's to do with the medicine I take. She asked if I had trouble in my belly, suffered some pains there or anything. Answer was a firm: NO. So nothing wrong. And you know what was funny? She discovered a slight shortage of...................... SALT! I explained that it may come cause Jan had to be a bit careful with the salt, so I followed the same regime. Hahaha! So from time to time I can put some extra salt on my plate to keep it in balance. Yohooooo!
Okay, if all stays as it is, my nect appointment will be for next year.

That was about all the bg news from yesterday. During daytime I did a few challenges again, I will probably show them later, and am gathering stuff now for a new kit.

And what's there today? Again a happy one I think. It prepairs us a bit for the summertime, it's named "Breeze at the Seaside"So have fun with it, or keep it a bit in store for your "sunny"pictures still to come.
Enjoy yourselves and stay healthy!

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Monday, April 06, 2009

Been busy this weekend with challenges

Goodmorning everybody!

Another weekend passed and I was quit happy with it! I have been busy with some challenges at the same time, which is sometimes great to do. Why?Well, at a point you can get out of inspiration for one thing and when you take up another project that suddenly flows out of the fingers. You can laugh but it's true! We have a great Botanical challenge at the moment, kind of making a whole alphabet with planst, or trees, or flowers anything that grows in nature, just my kind of thing! Then the colour challenge for April, all in warm kind of mediterranian colours, I almost finished that one!! I already did the quote challenge,book of shadowns challenge which was all about a spell to scrap. I will show you that one, it's kind of funny.
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I did the Letter challenge, for the M and L just have to show you them, I think they came out well. The letter M was made with parts of a kit from Snowy, called Renaissance! You can get that great kit at the shop This is the link to it, that's an add-on given as freebie!!!

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Isn't she looking beautiful mu mother? And it's such a vintage picture of her! I love it.

Enough of showing off, LOL, I still have a lot to work on, busy with the template challenge , still some tricky ones are waiting for me! In between I also could make a new kit, which will be on somewhere this week. Even did some time in the garden, although, saturday suddenly the weather wasn't nice at all, but yesterday I could sit a bit in the sun. In between all that not much done, but that's understandable, with sooooo much time at the computer. So today I cannot spent all day here, must really do some things in the house and then a day passes quick!
After all this rambling and showing off it is time for you freebie. It's a nice kit, I believe in mostly two colours called it "Sentimental". Hope you can do some nice scrapping with it!
Have a nice day and see you!

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Friday, April 03, 2009

I am going to enjoy the sun!

Goodmorning everybody!

Did you see the new slideshow for this month at the top?? That's the new daily download at Magickal Scraps! All about TURTLES!!!!
How about that? I think it's a great DD and real funny too. But only available if you subscribe for free to the forum.
Great day yesterday. Did some things I wanted to, program stuff still not solved. I think I have to call in kind of wizzkid, which could be my brother in law. Hmmm, I'll just wait a bit with that, not too long, but just a bit.
Had some time in the garden, sitting in the sun and shortening a pair of trousers from Jan(finally!!!). Today the weather should be even better, they expect something around 18-20 degrees C here at the coast!!!! So I'll take a bit of time to have some sun warming me up and giving some vitamines, LOL.
Then I had a loooong msn talk with Snowy, boy, if we REALLY start, an hour is gone like 5 minutes!! Terrible. I had to break it off after a long while, cause I had to do some things around here. had I stayed on talking I am sure we would have spent at least two hours on msn chat. Hmmm, when girls start talking.........................!!!

So it's almost weekend again! Yoho, extra playing time for me LOL!! But first the last freebie this week for you. I could(lucky me) choose between several I have "on the shelf"but decided I can give out now the kit I made for the December colour challenge from Magickal scraps. It's not all the time perhaps for it, even a bit dark of colour, but bear in mind the season I made it in!! Still I think it's not a bad kit at all so I can put it on my blog now for everybody. It's named "Decorated for Winter" and perhaps you have some pictures as left over from December, and then you will have some nice possibilities for scrapping them.
Monday I will be back, with a much lighter kit, promise, but that's a looong way ahead, first I wil enjoy the weekend and I hope you will do so too! Great time to all of you!
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Thursday, April 02, 2009

A challenging day? Or nerves?

Goodmorning everybody!
What a beautiful day it was yesterday! I did do shopping, what was ever so nice cause it was really Spring weather. Then I know, I planned some more housework, but that was left for today a bit. And that because it was such nice weather, we could open the doors to the garden and leave them open for a while. And it was so nice in our garden that for the first time this year I actually could install myself in a chair, sitting in the sun, with just a sweater on. And I took time to read a gardening magazin. So I spent more than half an hour sitting there, all satisfied! Then I had to go in again, it was time to check for freebies for the list and I did a good job there, didn;t I???

But.... perhaps today it will be a bit different. Of course I can stay in, that saves time, it should be even better weather today, so it should be good to sit a bit in the sun and also some work to do in the house. And perhaps..... this evening I will go on with the project of the program installment. BRRRRRR. That is, if my great help is available. I would be ever so happy if it should work, I probably will dance around then as a little child. LOL But let's not think to far ahead!

I hope to install the new slideshow on top today, for the new Daily Download series on Magickal Scraps. Oh boy, when you will see that great kit, you'll just subscribe, because you want to have it! It's such a funny one, believe me!!!
And ONLY avaible there, I will not post it on my blog as freebie!!

Now I will prepare myself mentally to the task waiting probably this even(program issue) and first post the freebie for today. I think it suits the weather around here just fine and makes you all feeling "sprinly"" LOL. I named it "Strawberries and Cream". Hope you can use it well.
Have a great day all, hope mine will be also in that category, hihihi, grin, grin etc. Pffff.
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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Wow, I did work yesterday!

Goodmorning everybody!

Still no program installed, today I think no luck for me either, first have to do some other things. But I made a good start yesterday! As you know, I was rather late yesterday so decided I could wait another day with the shopping. So I woke up alowly and then I got the swing! I took some plastic sacs you use for the garbage container and went into the store room where I keep all things for cooking etc. I cleaned it all out, threw away a lot of things as opened packages with rice or flower or old tins way over the consumption time old stuff that was standing there useless, like old pots and pans. Gave a good sweet through it, cleaned the shelves with the sponge and so, re-organized the shelves, (this storage is almost like a little room, so a lot of stuff ends up there!!!) . It looks ever so nice again! But it took me about 3 hours to do it all, also washed a lot of storage cans, standing there empty, but you always need some, so that's all shining again.!!
After that I was a bit pooped off, so I prepared dinner already a bit and took a little time at the computer before making dinner actually! After dinner I could make a cotribution to a new challenge we have at Magickal Scraps and then I hsut it down and installed myself on the couch to watch some tv. But it felt good that I achieved something, that had really to be done!

And I even forgot your freebielist!!!! How a bad girl I am, I will make that up to you today promised!

As you see I had time to change the look of my blog again as a new month arrived today. Gosh April already, it's going fast. You should go over to the blog of my friend Snowy to see the new kit she has in store now with reduction! It's a HUGE kit, but ever so beautiful, she is a really talented lady. And she also gives out beautiful and useful freebies very often. So just take a look.

Today will still be a busy day, I MUST do the shopping today or the cats won;t have anything for dinner and we need some things too! And if I do that quickly enough may be I can do some more tidying up, especially some closets that have to be done. Last week I did already the big one with clothes and bed linen and that stuff, but there's always another one, LOL. But I get these things always better done, when the weather looks nice and the sun is shining friendly, it seems to give me more energy!
Okay, to the freebie now. I think Snowy will make a funny face, because I know it;s NOT in one of her favourite colours, hahaha! It;s all PINK, yeah!! And the name is "Fluffy, Naughty Pink". I hope you can have some fun with it.
Have a nice day, I have plans enough, now I will have to carry them out too!!! Phooh!
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