Monday, September 30, 2013

I wonder how long this great weather stays on!

Goodmorning everybody!

With September almost gone already, we still have lovely weather. It's dry, temperatures are still nice, although the nights become colder. We have another day with lost of sunshine ahead, I always feel better when I open the curtains and see some sunshine.
I cross my fingers that this kind of weather stays on and on and if possible till next Spring LOL.
This weekend there was another fair in our shoppng street nearby, and although the stands are almost every time the same, it was such nice weather I took the tour, and even saw a few interesting things.

We had some quiet days, I love those, but still yesterday I was a bit more active.
I took all the dried laundry into the room, put up the ironing board and all is done and in the mean time I could watch a bit . In the mean time another load in the washing machine and that is hanging to dry again. Jan did some finishing touches of the painting, some spots needed another coat.
Finished I looked around and thought a little sweep with the vacuum cleaner good do some good, so that was done too.

I also spent a bit time at the computer, worked on another kit, did some bloghopping and all together I can say we had a nice weekend.

Don;t have much to tell actually, okay enough things are done, or happen, but they aren;t really things interesting enough to ramble about, so best I can do for now is posting the freebie. I have a Nutshell kit today, just fine for a couple of autumn layouts, I named it very simple, Settembre.
Arlene made a wonderful add-on to it too!

Have a beautiful day!
 Download    HERE

Download    HERE

Friday, September 27, 2013

Some lovely autumn days.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, we had some real nice autumn days, and there are still a few to come too! Of course temperatures aren;t so high anymore, but with a bit of sunshine it is still  real nice to be outside.
Apart of the ususal stuff you do in the house, we didn;t do much , mostly because we were watching a lot of tv during daytime, the  government/parliament debat. Sometimes it was a bit funny, sometimes there was some "heavy"questionning and such, but at the end ot 2 days, not much result.
Opposition was still disappointed by the attitude of the cabinet, so next week there must be done a lot of talking and negociating to see if progress can be made.
Cabinet needs support of some of the opposition parties to be able to actually  govern and get their plans into working order LOL.
We'll see how it all will end.

Oh Wednesday evening we had a lot of garbage to put on the street for collection LOL! Jan had been busy and collected a lot of stuff into large sacks, so suddenly a corner of the garden looks very empty again. But I am glad we did it, probably we will have to go through a lot of stuff again and hopefully we will find more that we can get rid off. It surely gives a bit more space.

Slowly our street is gong to look better. About all the big work has been done, we have a new path for bicycles, new tiles for the sidewalk, now they still have to place parking meters ( unbelievable, but true, people living here and having a car, cannot put their car just at the parking space, they will have to pay for it), and then also somewhere there will be placed underground garbage containers.
Hmmm, we will see if that really will help, they often are quickly filled and then naturally people will put their sacks around it.
We will be a bit the "lucky"ones, because they will be placed not too far from our house, but others will have to walk a long way to get rid of their trash.

Tjat's about all for today. Time for a freebie, and I have chosen a kit in about one color pallet, rather soft, you can use it for many kind of layouts. It is named "Reflections", and Arlene has made you two frame clusters and one fantastic quickpage.
Have a nice day and lovely weekend, I'll be back on Monday!

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Download    HERE

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Perhaps some interesting days

Goodmorning everybody.

Last two days weren't all too busy around here, which is lovely. I did just some minor things, yesterday food shopping again, it was not too bad weather to do that.
It was a bit grey in the morning, later here and there a sunbeam came through, temps al;right, and dry, so why should we complain?
As you see, I made another blog background and I think it is not bad at all.

Today might be kind of interesting, because on tv there is the life boradcast of the parliament, discussing the new plans of the government, found you a not too bad translation of the event, here it is:

General considerations

Immediately after Budget discuss the group leaders of the political parties in the House of the main features of the Budget and the state budget. This happens during the 'general political considerations. "
Motions The general political considerations are all ministers, state secretaries and MPs present. The Prime Minister spoke on behalf of the government and the political groups to speak on behalf of their parties. They can capture motions objections to the proposals of the government, or ask for modifications.
Important debate The general political considerations constitute an important debate, because it is clear that the government has room to actually carry out his plans and how big is the support for it. The debate usually takes three days. The media pay much attention to it.
Overall financial considerations In the week after the debate of the chairmen of the premier general financial considerations in the House will follow. The financial specialists of the parliamentary parties argue with the Minister and the Minister of Finance on the national budget.
Budget Debates In the following months defend all Ministers and State Secretaries separate their budget in parliament. The Court has until 1 January the time for the treatment of budgets. In special cases, an exception is possible. Naturally come all parts of the policy afterwards regularly addressed in other debates in the Chamber. Many plans from the budgets should be prepared and handled in separate bills. Furthermore, current developments constantly lead to new debates on aspects of government policy.

It isn't all too easy for the prime minister and his ministers to realize all of their plans just as they are, cause the coalition government has no majority in the Senate, and there all the news plans for the budget  are judged and eventually adopted, so probably there has to be done some "bargaining".

So let´s see how much counteract the opposition can give and if it is of any good with changes in hte cut of 6 billion euros govenment wants to realize for next year.
But to be honest we don+t expect too much good coming of it, probably the citizens will pay the bill, it is just the question how much that will be LOL!

Okay, we will see how much fun we will have watching the debat (it sometimes is really kind of funny) and in between I can do perhaps some chores in the house.
I have today a birght kit for you, named Butterfly Autumn ( it is the one I made the bloglayout with)
and Arlene made a beautiful page border as one of her clusters.
Have a fantastic day.

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Download    HERE

Monday, September 23, 2013

A lazy and wonderful boring weekend LOL!

Goodmorning everybody!

Really a catching post title, isn;t it?
But it is nice to put one like this at the top of a post every now and then, believe me!
Still Friday I did a little bit of work. I did clean the pantry floor of the paint stains, looks much better now, the water that I used for it did had a strange muddy color LOL!
Then I took the vaccuum cleaner and after that done I was all happy with myself.

Saturday I just had to go out for the weekend newspaper and that was all, so I had a nice afternoon on the couch with my knitting work, watching a bit of this and that, Jan took a little bike ride and that was all for the day.
Yesterday I finished a kit I was working on and did a laundry, and may be today I will have to iron the one that came off the rack. If the weather stays dry and some sun will peep out I might wash some curtains and hang them outside to dry, we'll see.

I wasn;t all too happy this morning, I woke up by some noice outside the window, caused by a streetworker, who was repairing the sidewalk on a few spots. So I was up some earlier than I hoped for, I quickly made some coffee and watched the news on tv, and thought I just as well could write a few words on my blog already.
Some terrible events on the news again, like the attack on a shopping centre in Nairobi, lots of people killed and injured.
More people died in several nature-disasters, so all that doesn;t make you feel all too happy.
I wonder when people will ever learn that violence against eachother isn;t a solution for anything and that it would be better to join forces to try to proect everyone as much as possible against hurricans and floods.

I have a sweet kit for you today named "Unforgettable" Arlene made you a fantastic page border with it and also a nice frame cluster and other cluster.
Oh, before I leave you I must give you the link to Linda's blog, where you can pick up a beautiful quickpage, she made with the "Something wonderful"kit. Don;t forget to leave  her a little smile and greeting!

Have a wonderful day!
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Download    HERE

Friday, September 20, 2013

Late wake up this morning.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, I woke up rather late this morning, I guess I just needed the sleep.
Wednesday we made it to the market, I was running out of potatoes and onions and fruit, so Jan and I had a nice walk there. Only the weather didn;t co-operate completely LOL.
By the time we were almost done at the market, and just were buying some cheese, the gates of heaven opened and a real heavy rainshower was our part. Gosh, in a short time lots of water came down!
Lucky we were just standing under the canopy of the market stall, so we stayed there till the raincurtain stopped. and then we could continue our walk back home, practically dry all the time.
Home again we really didn;t do too much anymore, I had it easy concerning the dinner, Imade the day before some chili con carne, there was enough left of it, so only had to warm that up and tadaaa, the hungry could be fed again LOL.
But I did take a nice nap that afternoon, as well as Jan, so it was a while very quiet in our home.

Yesterday was groecerie shopping time, had to make the "grand tour"cause in the supermarket nearest by they didn;t had all I needed, so all took a bit more time.
Home again I saw Jan attacked the last part of the pantry and I changed my colthes for my "working clothes"and attacked part of the wall of the passage to the pantry and extension. Yes, we are getting there, with every action now we approach slowly the end of it all, yippee.
After we did the painting, which didn;t take all too long, we had a little break and then went back to the pantry to put all the things back again. We changed it a bit, we had standing still a small closet where I keep all the cleaning stuff, reserve of shampoo, shower gel, etc. and we placed it in the pantry, with some re arrangement of the racks we had there and it all just fitted and is looking quite well now.
It made a little space in the passage, so now I have a good spot for the shopping car and vacuum cleaner, which first had their place in the pantry, but they always were standing a bit in the way.
Think I will clean up the pantry and passage some more today, and we can attack then the rest of the mess and disorder LOL.

It is supposed to be a little better weather in the next few days. Temps will go up some, which is nice, and perhaps that will be a good time to spend also some time in the garden, it slowly needs preparing for winter, and we still have to replace a couple of smaller bushes, trim some etc.
I can do it by myself, but it will be easier if Jan gives a hand too.

For now I think I slowly will have to put on some clothes and get a few things done, but not without leaving you with a free.
After a long time I have again a bit of fantasy one for you, "Forgotten Fairytale"/ and again Arlene made you some wonderful add-ons, like a fantastic quickpage!
Have a lovely day and fantastic weekend!

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Download    HERE

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Much better with the bruises.

Goodmorning everybody!

yeah, it is already much better with the bruises after the fall. Just the elbow is protesting still at some movements but that too is almost gone and done with.

Well, yesterday was our Prinsjesdag and yes, we did spend some time at the tv, of course. As expected the king's speech wasn't really hopeful or optimistic, but our King did very well. I appreciated very much the personal touch he gave to it, at the beginning of the speech, referring to his mother and also to his recently deceased brother.
IHe read the text very quiet and intelligible, compliments for him.
I had the idea that our queen Maxima was a lot more nervous, when sitting at his side. 
It passed soon enough and I have to say I adored her dress! I have found a rather good photo of it.

As you can imagine we didn;t do too much yesterday either and I think it was good.
Perhaps we will go to the market today, if it will stay dry! At the moment there are some darker clouds, but that can change quickly. Good thing is that today the wind is almost gone.
And we even might get a couple of degrees more, starting perhaps in the weekend. Well, we just can hope for the best.

We got a shock yesterday evening again ROFL. Somewhere mid-evening Jan came into the room, after gone to the toilet. And said that he feared we could have another leak! I went to look with him, and indeed, there was a ridge of water there. I just prayed: "Please, please God, let it not be true"/
Checked the wall, the ceiling, all we could, everything felt dry. I dried it up and said to Jan we just had to wait and see what happened/ I will not try to be over- enthousiastic, but till now, it all stayed dry at the floor there.
Perhaps it was just some water of the shower curtain, that hanged over a bit and dripped on it, or we might have spoiled some water doing something there(I have no idea what, but perhaps taking some water in a bucket, or throwing away some water from a bucket or so, I just don;t know).
We will keep a sharp eye on it, of course, I hope it was just one of those incomprehensible things that sometimes happen.

Enough of leaks and drips and water at strange places.
Time for a freebie, that is a much nicer thing.
Kit is named "Something Wonderful"and indeed, Arlene did something wonderful with it LOL. 
Hope you ca use some of it.
Have a fantastic day!
Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Monday, September 16, 2013

I can be so clumsy at times!

Goodmorning everybody!

Not too much work done the past couple of days, speically yesterday not. That day I spent for a huge part at the coputer, and how nice was that! Didn;t happen very often lately.
We finally got back the curtains in the extension, it is looking a lot better now that I shortened them. Okay, I will not receive a prize for it, and we will have to look for perhaps little blinds there, but for the moment it is okay. I even could put back the ironing board on its place, and had a bit of space around the clothes horse, so I did a laundry and it hangs there to dry.
Friday really wasn;t my completely lucky day LOL.
Jan and I were doing some little stuff, like I did a bit of sweing a borfer from another curtain I found in the stock, and it just fitted the window in the living room, only the tooborder needed a few stitches.
So While I was doing that, Jan tried to dismantle and lamp we wanted to skip, but we needed a few parts of it for another lamp.
At a certain point I joined him in that work, as I was ready with the curtain and that was hanging at the window already. Looks wonderful!
Well, I needed a little knife for the dismanteling, so I jumoed off the couch and almost went into the kitchen, but I just had forgotten I had the sewing box still standing on the floor and yes, you can guess what happened???? BANG, I tripped on it and made a little flight, landed on my two hands and a knee. KABAM!!! Most of the weight I had on my left arm, it wasn;t a nice feeling that went through my arm, specially the elbow, I even had to sit down on a chair for a moment, cause I had some dark spots in my eyes.  All was okay in a couple of seconds, I think it also was the shock that made me tremble a bit. That is me, sometimes so clumsy and incautions, acting too quick, and then you have to bear the consequences. Okay, it ended well enough, now I just have a bit of soar muscle in the elbow, which is acting up with some movements, and around the knee I am getting a wonderful bruise, one of the many I have at the moment on my legs ROFL.
But I still could help Jan hanging up the lamp( he needed a bit of light from a flashlight), after a moment of rest. All body parts are still attached and working, hahaha.

Saturday however I didn;t all too much, had to go out for the weekend paper, but returned home quickly, the weather wasn;t so nice anymore. Lots of rain and windy, not my kind of weather.
For a part yesterday looked a bit better, there even was some sunshine, but towards the evening the rain and wind was back again. Today will be about the same I guess, but later this week temperature might go up again a few degrees, although we will still have rather changeable weather.

Tomorrow is the 3rd Teusday of September, which means it will be Prinsjesdag again. The day that our king will read the king's speech, in which he will tell about the plans of the government for the coming year. I do not envie the king for it, he will not bring a happy messsage to the people, and what is sad about it, apart from the plans of the Cabinet, he has no influence on the content of the speech. He is no active part of the government.
So it will be his first "king's speech", and he only can bring us bad news.
Yeah, lot of the content has leaked out already(as it does almost every year) so we have quite a good idea of the message in it. More cuts on practically all fronts, higher taxes, more unemployment, worse pensions, less money for health care and the workers in it, in short, almost all will have the word "less", perhaps in some things it will be "more money"for some things, but it will certainly not be for the people in general.
Still it is a nice event, despite of the message, because we will see the king and his queen, riding in the Golden Coach again. I am already curious about the queen's dress, I think Maxima has a very good taste and wears at times really great creations!

What about a freebie now? I think you deserve that again after the long post.
I have today "The Dark has its Mystries"for you. Shades of dark blues and bit of greys, with some nice elements that brighten up the backgrounds and oh yes, Arlene has done anfantastic job too, with a frame cluster, page cluster and quickpage for you!
Let's see if I can survive today without tripping or getting another bruise ROFL!
Have a spectacular day!

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Download   HERE

Friday, September 13, 2013

Catched first little cold.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yeah, the bedroom almost is done. Still one time it will be be necessary to remove hte matras and all from the bed, so that only the frame will be there, but then we can put the ladder inside it. I don;t know what kind of stuff was put on the ceiling, but it is hard to get it painted. We have to think about it, how we can get that done a bit neat. Oh well, we will find a way, but it is a pity it will take a nit more time.
However, the walls ar all done now, I finished the last part yesterday.
Now I will have to put back all the books on the shelve again, sigh! we have just too many books.
But as I also have to re-organize a bit of the bookcase in the living room, it is a good time to sort them all out and get writers all together, I have lots of books of e.g. Agatha Christie, Ludlum, Alistair Maclean, James Mitchener, etc etc.

I  must have catched a little cold in the last couple of days. Wednesday evening I got a bit of a soar throat, which passed away during the next day, but yesterday evening one eye has swollen a bit,(not hurting, just thicker than the other one)  still is today. I looked into the mirror but then decided quickly, I will not do that again till my eye feels okay LOL!
It is not surprising that people will have little colds these days, the weather is chainging so quickly, it is bopund to happen. Yesterday it still wasn;t a bad day, may be even today we will se some sunshine, but more rain is expected and beginning already this weekend temperatures will drop a lot. At the moment we have about 66 F, but they predicted it will go to ca. 58 somewhere next week.
Not normal temperature for this time of year.

It is often said: weather conditions over all the world are drastically changing, and I am sure that for a larger part of it we, humans, are guilty of that. Just watch the news all over the world and how many disasters take place? All caused by Mother Nature.
And nature always will be stronger than the people who often abuse it.

But sometimes you can see a happier thing too. Then a nature project, how small it may be, is working out well, thanks to the enormous effort and enthousiasm of people. Lately I saw some project in Africa, where they "returned"the land to the animals, got back there some natural inhabitants, so that the bush was turning, for a part, into grasslands again, and a big variety of natural inhabitants are returning there again. It was wonderful to see and it is working well.
Those things to see, makes you happy and gives some hope for the future.

Some work to be done today, so I want to start not too late, and hopefully get it done more or less end afternoon.
Today I have a new Nutshell kit for you, I already made a layout with it for Edna, but she told me she would wiat posting it, till I offered the kit. Sweet of her or not? So take a look today or tomorrow on her blog and I am sure you will see it.
The kit is called "Tramonto" ( sunset) and is in vibrant reds and a bit of orange, just like a sunset.
Arlene made you a beuatiful page border, and a frame cluster.
Have a marvellous weekend, stay safe!

Download    HERE

Download   HERE

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Enough rain for me already!

Goodmorning everybody!

After the thunder and some rainshowers in the weekend we hoped for some better weather. Well, Monday it wasn+t great, but as I went out for a quick shopping, it looked just good enough to walk a bit further to the market.
But on the way rain came down again. Oh my, just the luck I would have.
I got a bit lucky after all, it slowly stopped so I could `do`the market almost dry.
I didn+t need anuthing really special, just wanted to take a look around for some things.
I did nuy some veggies that were cheap, and some chicken filet.
Both Jan and I didn´t do much work in the house, just some little things. And then we both took a nap in the afternoon.
We woke up because the doorbell ranged and oh oh, surprise, it was our neighbour from upstairs.
He came to ask if we the leak trouble was done with, glad we could say `yes`and if he will not forget we will get a bucket of paint from him, to redo the effected wall.
Yesterday it really was a bad weather day. It rained almost all day and some of the rainshowers were really heavy ones!
We even had to turn on the central heating a bit, otherwise it was just too chilly to sit.
Yesterday I spent some time re doing a curtain, one big one is done now and hangs already in the extension.
Hopefully the other one will be okay from the first time done and then I can start to clear out a bit the extension, so I can move around there again, have to do a laundry, but cannot move my butts now, to hang it up LOL.

I also spent a bit more time at the computer, last couple of days finished a kit or two, so that is still going okay. It looks as if today we will have a slightly better weather, the sun is shining at the moment ( it is about 08.45 am), still quite windy, but if it stays this way, we are already happy.
You can tell the weather is chamnging, just by observing our cat. He is coming in the house more and more often, although he still likes to be outside. Specially when it rains! Then he takes a little stroll and when he is wet enough, he comes into the room and jumps with great speed onto my lap. He even greats Jan, then waits till he has dried up and then leaves again. The I sometimes can hate my cat LOL!

Have a kit for you today more for boys pictures, that´s why I named it Dreams of Boys.
Extra for you again a download from Arlene with a gorgeous quickpage in it.
Have a woderful day!

Download    HERE

Download    HERE

Monday, September 09, 2013

Definately change of weather and some pics.

Goodmorning everybody!

We really ha a change of weather over the weekend. Friday it still was warm, although a bit less already comparing to the day before.
Jan went to the market, but I had no energy and stayed home. But I did do some housework, like a good dusting in the room and a good sweep with the vacuum cleaner.
Busy with that I always encounter little things that need to be done too, so some things look already a bit better now. We almost got our living room back again LOL, but there are still some things lying around, that need to have a place on the walls or have to be put away.
Saturday I spent some time on shortening some curtains, I am not happy yet with one, so I will have to give that another try. OPh, well, slowly does the trick too and finally it will be looking the way I want to.
Then early eavening we suddenly had a rather heavy rainshower, with one thunderclap.
It didn't rain for too long that heavy and soon it stopped again; But I could tell the garden was happy with the watering.
Sunday we did a bit of this and that and you could feel already the change of the weather. Although it still was nice, when the sun peeped through some clouds, it was much coooler.
And yesterday evening we had some more thunder with some rain too. Our Brodski didn;t like the tunderclaps and lightning too much, he even came inside for a while.

I promised you some photos of the new painted room and such, so I have made a couple.
I even found a picture where you can see the wallcolor as it was before, it was real nice, but time was there for some refreshment!

This is the couch area, front of the room, we changed the pictures hanging above, funny how changing a few wallhangings for different ones or changing the way they hang can make look the room different.
Here the chimneypart where with Christmas I have all the bears together on the floor LOL.
Here the area )just behind the chimney) where I do my computer stuff, and sit every time I ramble to you, hahaha.

Backpart of the room, towards the garden doors., we made that a bit a Russian corner. The small paintings you may see, are done by my mother, showing figures of Russian fairytales.

And finally I've managed to make a photo of a blooming morning glory bud. Jan is completely in love with the, hahaha, and thinks it is a pity they bloom only one day.
That's about all for today. I think I will "throw"myself on the curtain again, hopefully with a better result. They have to hang in the extension, Jan already painted what needed to, so when the curtains hang as they should, perhaps I can start to clear out that room (real mess now, we dump everything there for the moment LOL) and we will have back another part of the house.

Today you will have another Nutshell kit, in a sort of soft apricot color, and named very simple L'Estate (Summer). Arlene made a lovely stacked quickpage for you (she is awesome in her quickpages too, don't you think???) and a frame cluster.
Have a wonderful day, I hope we will have a mostly dry one, although the froggies seem to like the rain hahaha.
Download HERE

Download   HERE

Friday, September 06, 2013

We just go on and on LOL

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, we still are doing some work around here, But the last two days I took it a little bit easy, well, kind of.Wednesday Jan did some "smaller"work, in the extension and I did some shopping and later I found a curtain in my "reserve"that could do well there, but I had to shorten it a bit.
Did that my hand, pffff, (I have no sweing machine), but it went well and yesterday I hanged it up and it fittes well and looks great, yippee!
Yesterday I didn;t do much. I just halepd Jan for a moment to get rid of the bedwash and the matras and bed-bottoms and replace a bit the bed so he could put up the ladder to paint the ceiling.
Then I went into town, with no special purpose, just wanted to get out for a moment, it was gorgeaous weather, so I just went there to look around a bit.
I didn;t stay all too long, I might have wanted to look at some more shops, but my legs told me that it was enough for now LOL. Just came home with a new pair of slippers for Jan, and some other little things, nothing special.
When I came home Jan wasn;t all too happy, the painting of the cieling didn;t go as he thought.
So we have to give that another try, another day.
We cleared away the mess in the room put the bed together again and then just sat down.
It was a really, really warm day, and it stayed warm till late at night.

No idea what we will do today. Weather slwoly is changing, we might have some thunder towards the evening and even some rain, then the next days temperatures will go down, but if there still can be some sunshine, and not too much wind, we can deal with temperatures around 68 F.

Pne of our neighbours has a prune tree and some of the branches are hanging over our fence, so we can pick those, and they taste awesome!
And I should take a picture of the wonderful bloom of the morningglory we grew from some tiny seeds. It finally has "deigned" to give some flowers LOL!They only bloom for one day, which is a real pity, because they are of a beautiful blue color.
Perhaps today ther will be a new one opening up, then I have to be quick to take a photo.

I was late this morning, I just wake up at about 9.30 and that is late for my doing!
So with some blogreading and email reading and now posting time has flown away as mad and it is about time I will get myself into action. I really need to sweep around with the vacuum cleaner and a dustcloth, and I think that will be about all I'll do today.
Yet, as always, plans easily can change around here, hahaha.

I have a nice kit for you, in  may be a bit unsual color palette, but I think it works well. Kit is named "Making Life an Adventure", and some great clusters from Arlene to complete it.
We will have a "busy"evening today, lots to watch on tv, we will have to take some of it on dvd and video, cause some are at the same time. Then also some soccer to watch from our national team, for a place in the upcoming world championships, so we will not be bored.
Have a great day and wonderful weekend.
Download    HERE

Download   HERE

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Still busy around here.

Goodmorning everybody.

Wow, we stay rather active around here. Monday I did about half of the bedroom walls, the yellow part. That was the hard part, because the bed is very heavy and not easy to move, plus the bedroom isn;t too big, so we cannot move the bed all the way to the other end(it has a bit akward corner in it).
But Jan helped to move it and I got just enough space to put the ladder in.
After finishing that and putting bed back on it's place and taking advantage of the fact I could reach some difficult spots for vacuuming, so I did that too I was pooped out a bit.
I was lucky I had some stew left from the other day, so I only made some macaroni to it(which tasted great together) and dinner was made very quickly.
Yesterday I took a some free time, well, from the painting LOL.
But I did a laundry, and I also cleaned the floor of the hallway. It looks much better now.
I even went out for a moment, had to pick up some medicines for Jan at the pharmacy.
Yesterday Jan however, was rather busy. He did paint a part of the extension inside and prepared the wall in the little storage room(taking off some old wallpaper). Good he warned me for a bit of a mess there, otherwise I could have had a heart attack when I went looking ROFL. Oh my, the floor and some stuff standing there was well covered with pieces of wallpaper. He didn;t had the energy anymore to clear that away.
But that will be his task today! And may be he will start painting the walls there.
I don;t know what I will do today. May be I can paint some wall in the bedroom, but if Jan is going to paint too, that will be difficult, because we both need the large ladder for it. Well, we'll see what happenes.

Our parliament and government are back from their holiday time and already the first day there was a lot of talking and critiques on the first speech of the premier. Soon the governmental parties, who make the policy, will present the new policy for the next few years, but as every year, already some of the plans were leakes and it is buzzing all over the parliament and the country, how bad a lot of things they have in mind will be for the country, the fighting of the crisis, the unemployment, and more. So I think, and hope, soon a lot of "fighting" will be done in the parliament.
It could become a very hot and uneasy time for the government parties. But I expect, that as always in the end they will put through their plans and the opposition will not be able (or willing) to do something against it. But who knows, if their is too much resistance, we might get new elections in a few months.
Let's see how all will develop!

Okay, I was already a bit late this morning, so I better finish the post now and get into action.
The weather sure is making us happy, today we have a lot of sunshine and almost no wind, temps around 77 F, lovely!
Kit today is named "One of Us". Arlene made a wonderful page cluster and two frame clusters, so all together there is enough stuff to play with, I hope.
Have a marvellous day!
Download    HERE

Download   HERE

Monday, September 02, 2013

Yoho, progression is made.

Goodmorning everybody!

Friday I also was just such a litte busy bee!! All the hallway is done, yippee! Just a few very small things still to be done there, but that is peanuts. I was alone most of the afernoon, cause Jan took a walk, and well, I put on some cd's I didn;t hear for a long time and that was great while I was doing the painting.
By the time Jan came home I was done with it. In the evening we watche The Voice, it ws nice to have that back on tv again.
Saturday the weather started out to be a bit cloudy, but suddenly the sun came out again, and it looked real nice. Time to take our walk over the fair. There were a few nice stands, but we didn;t buy anything. It just was great to be outside in nice weather, and have a quiet walk, and for the rest of the day we were just lazy.
The same for yesterday, well, I was lazy. Just prepared a stew for dinner, and then I sat down to watch some sports on tv and also took a long nap.
But Jan was quite busy the whole day. He started painting the woodwork in the bedroom, and when I woke up from my rather long nap, he was busy washing the windows of the garden doors and also washed the long curtains, now wasn't that nice of him??
We also hanged up a few more things on the walls, after long discussion of "what" and 'how"(LOL),
and now the living room is almost done. We just have to hang back all the christmaslights we had at the ceiling(but first I have to clean another two strings), and some last clearing away of stuff still lying around.
Not sure yet what I will do today, I might first go to the DIY for a real quick visit, to buy another tube of paint color, so I can get a real nice yellow for the bedroom. The one for the hall is a very light and soft one, but for the bedroom I want it a bit more "present"at the least for the walls where we have our bed.

Not much more to tell, so it's freebie time.
It's another Nutshell kit, and I am very happy with this one, so soft and tender of color, and two such lovely clusters from Arlene too! It is named "Forse un Angelo"( perhaps and angel).
Have a lovely day!
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Download    HERE