Friday, March 29, 2013

Already Easter, so soon!

Goodmorning everybody!

I have to hurry a bit in posting, not too much time to ramble, cause this morning Heidi will come to me and then we will go to the market. I said her to come rather early morning, because then it will not be so crowded yet.
She needs stuff for a little dinner party and I could do too with some fresh fruit and veggies and my cheese!
Jan went to the different doctor's appointments. First of the health benefit, he explaines how it was going and how he was doing, he was given another 2 months, and if not able to work yet has to make another appointment and then we will see what happens.
Also went to his specialist for his sotmach and such, in general all was good, but some things not yet as she would like, so soon he will have to go for some extra tests.
His specialist is a really good one, listens well, and wants to have everything as perfect as possible.
I am glad she keeps him in regular control.

We have an early Easter this year, and you can feel it at the weather. It's way too cold, even for this time of year, but let us keep up the spirit and hope that really soon we will go up in temperature.
Okay, have to finish now, must do a few things before Heidi arrives and time flees in those moments LOL.
Wish you all a very blessed and happy Easter.
I have a light colored kit for you today, it feels a bit like spring, named it Some Day!
And look at the add-on from Arlene, you get a lovely quickpage from her, it will be looking great with a nice photo, but try also to belnd it, and I think this page is just wonderful for a thing like that!
Download    HERE

Download    HERE

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's sunny, but too cold!

Goodmorning everybody!

As the post title says: it's looking nice outside, with lots of sun and blue sky, only the temperature isn't yet. Stil a bit freezing at night and only a few degrees higher at daytime, with still that cold East wind. However, it is blowing not so hard anymore, and if you can stay out of it and in the sun you even might think it is acceptable weather LOL!

Got some chores done on Monday, how lovely, and yesterday I went on a shopping tour.
Already have the most of it, so on Friday or Saturday just have to get us some fresh bread and some littls things to be okay during the Eastern weekend.

Today Jan has to go to the doctor of the sickness benefit, well, let us see what the guy decides, I don;t think he can do much, so hoepfully Jan will stay in the benefit assurance for a while more and then will be able(still weeks to go I think)to start his work again. But I want him to be as good as possible again, specially now his back( which still isn;t over, although according to him some better).
No use in starting work for a few weeks and then getting trouble with his back again, is there?
It is a weak spot, of course, and it will stay that way, inherent to the job.

I thought our street would be a mess by now, but still no sign of ground work, they only removed the trees, well, cut them off, and that's it. Perhaps they will start a bit later, because of the cold weather??

It's suh fun to see Jan busy with his seedling!! Imagine, that years ago he wasn;t that insterested in gardening. Always liked flowers, and a garden, but never really did serious gardening, apart from his own little spot in the garden LOL. But the last few years it changed, after I once bought him a tiny little growing kit. That went well, and since that time he likes to plant and grow seeds. If you could see him every morning, making his tour in the room and later it will be in the garden, pampering his seedlings like a mother hen, great!

Okay, almost time to wake up Jan, he will need a bit of time to get dressed, have a bit of breakfast and such before he has to leave for his appointment.
So on to the kit for today:  "Sentimental Me". I think a nice kit, with a lot of possibilities.
Have a wonderful day!

Download    HERE

Download    HERE

P.S. Just stumbled upon this request on the following link:

Just think it is a lovely idea, I already sent my layout, perhaps some of you could spare a little time and do the same? Go to the link and all will be clear LOL!

Monday, March 25, 2013

I wonder if our cat is a bit a coward???

Goodmorning everybody!

After a loooong weekend of speedskating which ended in some great medals for our Dutch skaters, it will be time today to do something about the house LOL.
We had a kind of  restless weekend at times, caused by another cat. I don;t know if it is a new cat in the neighbourhood(we just got new neighbours, but I don;t know if it is their cat) and it is causing a bit of trouble. Well, I don;t mind of another cat comes into our garden, but I don;t like it if they come into the house. With another cat in the house, you should think that would be over with real soon.
Wrong thought!!! One evening Jan noticed that the stranger sat in front of the cat-door so that ours couldn;t get out. Another time the same, but Brodski couldn;t get in.
Later it sat in front of the other garden door, meowing like crazy.
I feel kind of sorry for this cat, it looks as if he has lost it's way or something like it.
And I must tell myself, it has another home, probably, but cannot find it at the moment, because my heart is good enough to take him in!
But it seems Brodski finally decided that he has to defend his house and doorway, cause Jan heard a lot of noise this night in the garden and Brodski left the house in big speed, because the mat in front of the door was pushed away halfway into the kitchen.
So we'll see if the cat comes again or not.

Weather here looks rather nice from the window, but as soon as you come out, wow, it is real cold and pretty hard wind. Still coming from the east, so it feels much colder than the thermometer tells you. It will get a bit better later this week, but still will be too cold for this time of year.

We got back our tax papers from the accountant, which indicates that we probably receive a bit of money back. Always nice to hear. He also looked at the other tax assessment and too bad, it is irgh so we will have to pay that. Oh weel, you win some and you loose some. Only thing is, that in this time of year, you receive all kind of taxes and other bills almost at the same time. I wonder why they cannot spread it out a bit. Enough talk about money business, it is boring and even depressing LOL

We got in the mail already an invitation for Heidi's birthday in June!! Yeah, very early you might think, but it will be her 40th and really a bit special, condsidering her health situation a few years ago! At some time it looked as if she wouldn't make it to her 40th!
The invitation was done so early, because she has only one wish as present, an electrical bike.
But they aren;t very cheap, so there was the request to just give an envelope with content. And of course they want to know how many people will attend at her birthday party, which will be done in a little party centre.
I think it's a very good idea to collect money for it, it's something she really can use, specially because she has to be careful with heavy physical effort.

Today's kit is named "Revival". Keeping good hopes that in due time Spring will arrive, I've made a happy colors kit. It's not a real Easter-kit, but you could use it for some Easter layouts too, or for some garden layouts, something like that. Sweet clusters of Arlene make it complete. Not only clusters, but you also get a fantastic quickpage she made!
So get creative with it.
Now I do have to dressed(after I had my second coffee) and produce some activity, sigh!
Have a lovely day.
Download    HERE

Download    HERE

Friday, March 22, 2013

Looks nice, but it is cold!!!!!

Goodmorning everybody!

Till now the weather looks okay, when you are looking through the window. But once outside it is feeling cold! Despite of the sunshine, we have East-winds blowing and that makes it feel really cold.
So today is a day to stay in, which I will do certainly.
I will have not too much time to post and then also to try to design a bit, because we will be stuck onto the tv already at daytime. Yes, speedskating and you know we love that! I made a little mistake the other day on that. It's not only the sprint but it is World Championchip distances, so it will all be there, 500 mtr, 1000 mtr, 15oo mtr (men and women), 3000 mtr (only women), 5000 mtr (men and women), 10.000 mtr. (only men) and team pursuit (men and women).
Yesterday it started with 1500 mtr for men and then 3000 mtr. women and we have our first gold medal there already!

I know I talk a lot about the skating, but we love to see that and I think the sporters make a trendendous effort to show their best.
It takes a lot of years adnd time of training and discipline and persistance to reach to the top, I take off my hat for them!

If you want to see something cute, then go to Edna's blog, she posted a layout I sent her yesterday with her mate Pogo, I just adored the photo she had posted on her blog!!!

Oh, our room is filled with a couple more pots with seeds, LOL! I was out yesterday just to buy us a new tv program magazine and stumbled upon a bargain sale. So I bought 3 little pots with already soil in it and some seeds, that you had to put into the soil yourself. Got Cosmos, Verbena and Basil.
Gave that to Jan, he was happy as a child with it, ROFL, planted it all and found a spot for them.
Now we'll just have to wait a wekk or so, to see if they are any good. Rest of the seedlings are doing well!! Just hope we will be able to put them outside in a couple of weeks.

Now ladies, it is time for me to finish this post, then I will havea little time left to do some designing on a new kit even give perhaps a sweep with the vacuum cleaner and then it will be tv-time.
Kit today is "Shadows in the Mist", in colours dark purple and olive green mainly.!
Arlene made two clusters for it and also a quickpage for you!
Have a great weekend, till next week!
Download    HERE

Download    HERE

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I made my phonecalls!

Goodmorning everybody!

I had in mind on Monday to make acouple of phonecalls. One to my accountant, about the tax stuff, he received all in good order and is working on it. He also reaceived the extra tax bill I received last week, which I didn;t like and surely don;t understand. He too, couldn;t come up with an explanation, but will look into it, how this is possible. I hope(but hope is low LOL) that he will find the reason and may be he can find a solution, so that it will be reduced. But with the tax department I have no high hopes. We'll see.
And I phoned my friend Heidi too. we didn;t speak or meet for a rather long time, but they were very occupied, specially with the messed up knee of her husband.
Last week he was in hospital for another surgery, but he'll have to go back soon and they will see what they can do to improve it. He still has lots of pain on it, which could be caused by the meniscus or the knee cap.
Always  have to laugh when I have Heidi on the phone and Danny(like this time) is home. She never gets a good chance to explain things, he always talks to her from his seat, that she isn;t explaining right, etc. So I said to her, that I knew there is more to the knee business, but that she better tell me about it when we meet together, perhaps soon. It's a funny thing, you know, when husbands are home and you phone your girl friend, somehow we never have the opportunity to talk about the things we want, they always come in between LOL!
May be, if Heidi finds time, we will meet next week for a quick visit to the market. She has toprepare a little dinner and wants to have fresh vegetables and such.
Would be nice to see eachother for a moment.

Next week Jan has some doctor appointments, one to the one of the sickness benefit and another to his specialist, to check on the fluid retention(which is going rather well). The doctor of the sickness benefit will certainly talk about restarted work, but at the moment Jan is in no condition to do so, mainy because of his backtrouble. We'll see how the reaction of the doctor will be, he can check if he wants with the house doctor and also specialist that Jan isn;t pretending, but that he really has trouble and pain.

Yesterday I went to the supermarket, to get us some things, I was lucky with the weather, I kept it dry. But it's no real fun to be outside, it isn;t really very cold, but not pleasant wether at all.
Monday I even was a bit active too LOL, doing some stuff in the house, so I think today I will take a "break", and do something of designing. Seems a good plan to me, grin.
Still some things always have to be done, but I can do them one at a time, and tomorrow afternoon we probably will be watching tv, because there are the world championships speed skating, this time for sprinters. I think it wil be one of the last events in speed skating of the season.

Do you perhaps rememebr a kit I made, named "A Smile Works Miracles"?? Might be in September of October last year.
Some time ago I made a photoalbum with it and it still is hanging around, so perhaps it's a good idea to post it today. ( just hoping my "administration"is working and that I didn;t post it earlier)It's   containing 9 pages and a front and back cover.
Hopefully you can use it for something.
Have a wonderful day!

Download    HERE

As you are used by now to see also some work from Arlene, her clusters, I have some various clusters for you, that she made from several kits. Perhaps they come in handy too.

Download     HERE

Monday, March 18, 2013

On and off with the weather

Goodmorning everybody!

It has been really on and off with the weather here. One moment it's raining and grey and a while after suddenly there is blue sky and sunshine. But it's still not really Spring weather, oh no. I think the temperatures are still too low, and in parts of Holland it's worse then in our part. Amazing the difference in weather in such a small country!
Well, if it stays much longer this kind of unpredictable weather, it will be hard to find a good day for working a bit in the garden.
Jan makes his "walk"every day along the seedlings and most of them are growing well. But he said, joking, that if the weather stays longer this way, we might have a flowering garden inside the house LOL.

Saturday was a little bit a special day for us, not that we made a big celebration, we just kissed eachother on that 16th of March, cause it's the day we met and never parted again, 21 years ago!
Just realize, 21 years we are a couple, amazing! We were still young and beautiful at that time ROFL!
A lot of things happened  during those 21 years, a lot of good things of which we also have good memories, but also heavy weather times, some took a lot of time to get over with, mostly caused by  my family. I will never forget, but the memoreis of those times and occasions are in a little part of my brain, very far away, not to be remembered a lot.
But we made also some great friends, unfortunately a lot of them passed away at a too young age, so not many of our close group are still around.
The memories however last, and we had so many gatherings and so much fun together for many years, and we treasure those memories.

The weekend I could do something on new kits, although the "creating process"is going a bit slow to my liking. But as long as I can come up with some new ones I guess I shouldn;t complaing too much, hey?

I think today is a good day to do something in the house, the boring stuff, as usual, hahaha, but also must make a couple of phonecalls. First to the accountant, to hear if he received all the papers and I have a few questions too. Then I must make a phonecall to my friend Heidi, we didn;t speak or saw eachother for a rather long time, nothing to worry about, beause this happens from time to time, but now I want to know all is going well there. All together my day will be filled for a good part and for the part that is still  "available ", I think the computer could be a good option!

 Today I have a kit all in blue "Skyhigh", I splitted it in two downloads, so it's much easier for everyone to download. Arlene has made great clusters with it and also a beautiful quickpage!!
Have a wonderful Monday,
Download      PART 1
                      PART 2

Download     HERE

Friday, March 15, 2013

I want higher temperatures!!!

Goodmorning everybody!

As planned, how wonderful, I went for some shopping on Wednesday. I can tell you I had all sorts of weather during the little trip. At the time I walked to the bank, it started to rain, and turned into wet snow. It was not the weather I asked for!
Okay, it stopped after a while and when I was done at the super, the sky had cleared up, showed some blue and even the sun came out. And then it was even rather nice outside, as long as I stayed into the sun and out of the wind.
Home again I took me sandwich and didn;t do much else  LOL.
Some little things, yes, but in the afternoon I sat down to watch a nice serie I like to follow, and some more stuff on tv, soon it was time for dinner and that was the day.
Some good news about Jan. He had, because of his painkillers, some constipation trouble, so when he went to our doctor, he got some medcine for that too. It took some time to work, but hoorray, the last two or three days it is working and it's a big relief for him. I know how that feels, had it myself a couple of times, yak.
It's not all to usual yet, but i's a good start and only willwork "natural"again when he stopps taking the painkillers. He doesn't use them as much as at the beginning, but still needs them at times.
Slowly and careful are the words at the moment. I am already glad that the laxative is doing it's job, poor soul can do without any extra trouble.

Oh, despite of the weather Jan did plant seeds in a lot of pots and it's now an every day round to take a look at them( they are standing at several places in the room LOL), and oh my, you cannot stop nature's behaviour, a lot of them are peeping up already, some grow really with an unbelievable speed!. Okay, that's motivation to endure a bit nasty weather, and I have hopes temps will go up a few degrees next week. Already would be a good thing if the night temperatures stayed above zero.
Oh my, despite of his physical condition at the moment Jan had already some ideas for the garden to tackle this spring. We have a tiny little rockgarden, where I have also the mini-mini-pond for the frogs and toads. Now he came with the idea to move it to another spot in the garden, and rebuild it.
I couldn;t help myself starting to laugh a bit, telling him that all is nice, but that at the moment he was in no condition to do such work, but I also didn;t want to spoil the fun, so I said we probably could do that, but a bit later in the year, when it would be much nicer to be outside.
Still I admire his spirit, not complaining about his situation(although I know he HATES it), no, it's always me who has to ask how he is doing, and have to do it with some reluctancy, otherwise he gets really irritated LOL.

What a sad sight at our half of the street! They started to cut the trees and it really is a pity.
Okay, they will plant back new ones, but it surely is a naked view at the moment.
But Jan had great news too, the other day. He was for a moment looking into the garden and spotted several great tits!! It might not be something special to a lot of you, but it was so for us. Being in the middle of the city, having a cat roaming in it, I thought it was wonderful. Lots of gardens that are still in town, don;t have too much greenery in it, a lot of people remove the planting and trees, put in tiles, because they want to have an easy garden, which isn;t good for the birds and all other creatures.
So if we have visits of frogs, toads and now again from some great tits, I feel happy.
Perhaps I can find a little birdhouse for a few bucks and hang it in the ivy we have at parts of the garden fence. Who knows, may be we will have some tennants there? The cat cannot climb into it, so they would be safe.

Okay, enough rambling done, let's take a look at today's freebie. It is named'What means the Most"and is in soft colors. And oh my, what a wonderful present you will get from Arlene!
She not only made lovely clusters as usual but also gives you TWO quickpages. Yes, I have a lot of previes today. One of the kit, one of the papers, and two of Arlene's work.
I wish you all a spectacular weekend, with a lot of scrapping pleasure!

Download     HERE

Download      HERE

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

In better condition again!

Goodmorning everybody!

Wow, after I got the low energy stuff off my chest on Monday I shaked myself well and did some serious housework. Ha, two laundries were done, the bedsheets were changed, and it was not really much but a good start. Yesterday I did a bit more of that boaring housework stuff, so all is coming back to a bit normal LOL!

The weather here isn;t too bright you know. We are back in wintery temperatures, still here at the coast above zero at daytime, but the wind comes from the North and that makes it feel a lot colder. In the south of Hollad and in the countries around, as also in France there wa a tremendous snowfall again.
Gosh, I really hope this is the last breath of Mr. Winter and that he will leave real soon!

The next few months our street ( and some of the streets around) will be a mess again! We just got a letter from the city council, that there has to be done some repair or renewal of the sewage. Then you know what happens, the sidewalk will be broken up, lots of sand and difficult passage etc. And it just was opened not too long ago for some other work, and I wonder why they couldn;t do this sewage thing at about the same time?
Most sad thing is that they will cut the trees in our street, because they are placed above a part of the sewage. They already started with that. What a pity. We already doon't have too much "green" around here and now we loose a part of the trees too. They promised to plant them back after the work has been done, but it will not be the same!

Today i want to do a bit more of the housework, LOL, but first I will have to go out for a few groceries and also to the bank for some bills to pay. They keep coming and even sometimes unexpected ones, which I like not at all. But somehow we will manage, I hope, to get through that "mountain"of bills that always show up around this time of  year.

I just came from Linda's blog, among others I alwys go to when I get to the computer in the morning, and she made a fantastic quickpage with the kit Fabuloso, and she even made her bloglayout with it on her other blog. Worth to take a look!
Kit of today is much darker of color than the last ones, but I hope you will still like it. It's named Portraits of the Past, Arlene did again some marvels with it.
I made two downloads for this one and also split the Fabuloso kit in two, because some of you have trouble downloading the "heavier kits".
 Now I must slowly get into action, it doesn;t look very nice outside, no sunshine, even some dark clouds appear. Hopefully I will stay dry.
Have a terrific day!

Download     part 1
Download     part 2

Download    HERE

Monday, March 11, 2013

Low energy weekend LOL

Goodmorning everybody!

It's going on and off with Jan at the moment. One day it's better, another day it's less, we both get a bit cranky about it. I still have good hopes Jan will be better, but it sure takes a long time.
He is holding on, not complaining about it, great guy. Although sometimes I want him to tell a little bit more about it. I think soon he will have to go to the sickness benefit agency that pays his "salary"at the moment, to see what progress he has made. Well, we see what ideas they will have.
I must say, they are very accommodating, till now.

We will just have to be patient and full of good hope that suddenly one day it will be a lot better, sometimes the body is taking it's time.

Because of this you can understand there is not all toom uch activity around here, apart from the general things that have to be done in the house, that I have to do, but you know, it's a bit hard to keep up my own energy to get things done. Strange but true. So today I just have to get a bit busy.

Not a very exciting post I must say. I don't want to sound so bleak, it is not in my nature, it's just that at the moment I cannot think of anything really nice to tell, or something funny that happened. Don;t you worry, I am not getting depressed, it's just a moment of non inspiration and it will pass soon enough LOL.

I think I better finish this post, before I spoil your day, hahaha, and post the freebie.
It's  named "Touch of Art", I hope it can be used for some great layouts, together with some clusters Arlene made.
So now I will gget me an extra boost of energy, my coffee, LOL and I am sure next post will be much better than this one, I will do my best for it okay?
Have a great day!!!

P.S. This kit is a bit "heavy"in MB, sorry for that, I know some of you have trouble downloading that, but I already had packed and zipped and uploaded it, when I got some request to split up these "heavier"kits in two downloads. I will try to think of it in future.  Sorry for the possible inconvenience.
Download    HERE

Download    HERE

Friday, March 08, 2013

We could sniff at a bit of spring

Goodmorning everybody!

Last few days we had real nice weather, temperatures about 55 F! Oh, that was so nice.
Only I think I catched a little bug, which made me feel not really good at Tuesday evening and the Wednesday. You know, a bit cold all the time, a bit pain in the legs, in short,not comfortable in your own skin! Oh my, I thought, now Jan is slowly feeling a bit better and it starts on me again, I won;t have that!! So Wednesday I stayed in, took a couple of asperines, dressed real warm and went to bed rather early. And miracle, yesterday I woke up at about 9.30 and felt much better. Not all gone yet, but what a difference to the other day.
I think this happens because of the quick change of temperature we had lately. In a few days temperatures went up to those 55-58F, from the very low as around 40, so no wonder people cannot adapt that quickly. And it isn;t lasting all too long, this weekend it will drop again to the 40 at daytime. What a pity!

Nevertheless it inspired Jan to plant a lot of seeds in little pots, some I gathered from plants in the garden and two sachets I bought for him the other day. So everywhere in the room you can find pots with seeds now LOL! Hopefully some of them will do well and produce some nice flowers.

So with the bug playing tricks with me you can understand I didn;t do all too much. Well, no really important things had to wait a bit, hope to do them today and tomorrow and all will be fine again.
In a few minutes Jan will go for his appointment to the doctor across the street, glad he can tell him it is going a bit better, I warn him not to be too enthousiastic, and take it real easy, not overdo the walking and moving around. Porbably he will get the same advice from the doctor and take the pilss for some more days, perhaps in lesser quantity than now.

I will have enough to do at the computer this weekend, arlene just mailed me that she will send me new clusters from the kits I made lately, so I am curious what she will come up with again. Also have to finish two I was working on this week.
 And today I better take advantage of the still mild weather to go for the shopping(didn;t do that the other days) , then do some "frightning the dust bunnies game"(ROFL) and such and around dinner time install myself comfy on the couch! Seems a good idea to me.

I have a lovely kit for you with real beauties from Arlene to match, she made a fantastic page border for you!
Enjoy your weekend, have some fun, have some relaxing, do a bit of scrapping, make the most of the time you have!
Download   part 1
Download   Part 2

Download     HERE

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

May be some good news

Goodmorning everybody!

Yesterday Jan went to the doctor. Doctor looked at the photos from hospital of his back, and had a good look over his back and came to the following conclusion:
Jan has a bit of worn out spinal, (which didn;t surprise me to hear), and the pain he is having at the moment is caused by very much irritated muscles at the side of it.
He gave him another painkiller, much stronger than the last pills, and Jan has to come back on Friday.
Well, I rushed to the drugstore to get his pills, he took right away one and another one around dinner time and I think another one just before going to sleep.
Oh, miracle, already yesterday evening he was feeling a lot better. Still it hurts of course, but already less than the day before. The muscles get a chance to "rest" a bit, and hopefully he ges a better sleep now which will be a good thing too. Let us just hope these pills will do the trick and that by Friday he can tell the doctor it is going the good way. I hope so, because when these pills don;t do the trick, he might need some fysiotherapie, but it is not a real option, cause we will have to pay for the sessions.
It is not in the health care assurance, and a session will not cost peanuts.
Jan even felt so much better yesterday already, that he even talked about getting on his bike again next week. I urged him, not to be too optimistic and take by the day and then we'll see next week.
I so hope it will go and stay better with him now, he has had trouble enough the last few months, don;t you  think?
So we all cross fingers and think "painless back", okay? LOL.

After I was back from the drugstore, I went out for some grocerie shopping and oh my, the weather was really so nice! Sunny, temps around 55 F or even a bit higher, almost no wind, it really felt like Spring. I hope today we will have about the same weather, then perhaps I can do something in the garden. Even a little bit will be good already, a start has to be made.

Yesterday afternoon I spent a little bit of time at the computer and the result you can see in my bloglayout. New month, new layout, I thought. I could do that, because I really did do some things of my to-do list I made Monday. Every day a bit will do the trick, hopefully.

Our cat Brodski is surely feeling the change in weather. The last two days he spent a lot of time outside, and then of course had to take a loooong nap again to recover grin!

As we hopefully are heading tospringtime, I post a springy kit today, named........Towards Spring".
All in fresh greens and some bright yellow and orange accents to it.
Sweet clusters from Arlene to complete it.
Have a wonderful day.

Download    HERE

Download    HERE

Monday, March 04, 2013

May be a touch of spring!

By now it's already late afternoon! I just spotted that Blogger didn;t post this post, but lucky for me it was still in draft mode PFFFFF! So here you go with today's post and sorry for the delay!

Goodmorning everybody!

First thing I did this morning was calling the doctor. It took a few tries before I got through(it's the 1st day after his holiday), but I made an appointment for Jan for tomorrow morning.
The doctor's wife was very happy to hear that I wanted the appointment for tomorrow LOL.

Oh my, this weekend I was LAZY! Yes, I really was. I spent lots of time at the computer, and I made two kits and started another one. Now that I call productive!!

And what did I hear at the weather forcast for this week? The temperatures might get as high as around 55F in the next few days! Oh whee, that could be wonderful. With a bit of sunshine and almost no wind it might be even real nice. If that happens, who knows, one of these days I might be working for a while in the garden. Not a bad idea, a lot of pruning needs to be done, like the rose bushes and the hydrangea and the ivy!
So today I will have to do some serious work in the house, e.g. laundry, ironing, dusting, perhaps even change bedsheets, more than enough to keep me busy. Not my favourite things for passing the time, but heu, once started, it isn;t even taking a lot of time. Only the "starting"is sometimes a bit difficult ROFL>

Tomorrow some shopping has to be done again, always amazing how quickly you get through the "stock", well, some things.
Oh, I went to the market on Friday, just a quick visit, but I came home with 3 chunks of cheese, yummie. Also took home some onions, garlic, and apples.
Didn't buy veggies, because I still have enough in the freezer, better to finish them first, before I get new.

So with all the plans I have in mind, I better be quick this morning at the posting and not stay too long at the computer. But it helps that the weather looks a lot friendlier today, with sunshine and some blue sky. I am definately a spring and summer person, I always have much more energy in this old body, grin!!

Remember the sneak peek I gave you last week? Well, I think Iwill offer that kit today, named "Frozen in Time". I have two previews, one of the kit and one of the papers, and you will have a lovely add-on from Arlene, very sweet clusters.
I will do my best to accomplish my plans for today, it will give me a good feeling if they come true!
Have a terrific Monday!

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Friday, March 01, 2013

A new month just started

Goodmorning everybody!

I read it on lots of blogs: where has time gone to? It is really a bit freaky that we arrived in March already. Time is going so fast, it is like sand slipping through your fingers LOL!

Well, yesterday I was free of all nasty things of epilepsie again, and I could move around as always. Not that I did too much! But some shopping was necessary, and I even sweeped the vacuum cleaner around.
It's not too bad weather here, temperature just a few degrees above zero, sometimes even sunshine, only the wind is still blowing from the wrong direction, which makes it feel colder than it is.
Looks to be somewhat better today, so perhaps I make a quick visit to the market in the afternoon.
We are almost out of cheese and that cannot be!
Oh, I did make all the copies for the accountant and mailed the envelope yesterday. So that is done and in progress soon. Feels rather good.

I think I should look around where I left the seeds I collected last year in the garden and see what I have. It's time to plant them in their little pots and hopefully some of them will grow and flourish.
Good thing to do for Jan I think. Oh, and may be the guy with all the seed packets and such is at the market, may be I can find some nice seed packets there too, keeps Jan a bit busy, he had fun looking after the little plants last year.

I wonder where the brains are gone from our piliticians! Just read on teletekst that, of course, new measurements have to be taken, to fight the crisis, okay, we know by now, you cannot continue to spend money without sometimes cutting back, but now they ask of the health care employees that their wages stay on the "zero-line"! And government wants to cut into health care another billion!

This is the news article, I used some of Google translate(which isn;t aways so good but it helps)

Health care workers  do not cooperate  with the " zero line"of the cabinet.
The Union for health workers does not work with it to the plan of the Cabinet of a billion euro cut back by nomore  salary increase

'' This is a matter for employers and employees. We conclude a collective labour agreement for good times and bad. It's panic football to say it comes worse, now may you pay the Bill. ''

According to the saying of the bond  the personnel isn't counting on a pay rise of 4 percent, of course.. '' But the fight we have to do is at the the table by us and our employers.  The pressure on the employees is already been compounded by earlier cuts. We don't do any charity work. ''

In addition, even lower salaries in the care  does not manage to attract new people
The Government wants on the budget by 2014 approximately 4.5 billion euro cut back. By employees in the care and elsewhere in the public sector on the zero line governments expects 2 billion would be saved.

Everybody knows about the crisis at the moment, and it is not all bla bla, but I think there are governments who play that panic football, in order to push through their plans at all costs.
Why? You tell me, I don;t know, but one thing I do, and that is the fact that some have to pay a much larger cut of that bill than others. And I think we could be proud of our health care, but if they go on with the plans they have(this is just a little portion of it!) we soon will not have health care anymore, at least not for everyone.

Ghee it can make me so mad thinking of it! There are other ways of cutting back governmental expenses, but surely not in health care salary ( and I mean then the salary of the general health care worker, not the directions and staff!0.

Well, enough now, I got some steam vented LOL, time to think about nicer things, like a new freebie, hey?Nice colors, lots of different use I think, and lovely clusters. Arlene is spoiling you, because she didn;t make only clusters but also a fantastic quickpage!!!What do you want more for the weekend hahaha.
You all have a great weekend, see you back on Monday.

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