Wednesday, March 06, 2013

May be some good news

Goodmorning everybody!

Yesterday Jan went to the doctor. Doctor looked at the photos from hospital of his back, and had a good look over his back and came to the following conclusion:
Jan has a bit of worn out spinal, (which didn;t surprise me to hear), and the pain he is having at the moment is caused by very much irritated muscles at the side of it.
He gave him another painkiller, much stronger than the last pills, and Jan has to come back on Friday.
Well, I rushed to the drugstore to get his pills, he took right away one and another one around dinner time and I think another one just before going to sleep.
Oh, miracle, already yesterday evening he was feeling a lot better. Still it hurts of course, but already less than the day before. The muscles get a chance to "rest" a bit, and hopefully he ges a better sleep now which will be a good thing too. Let us just hope these pills will do the trick and that by Friday he can tell the doctor it is going the good way. I hope so, because when these pills don;t do the trick, he might need some fysiotherapie, but it is not a real option, cause we will have to pay for the sessions.
It is not in the health care assurance, and a session will not cost peanuts.
Jan even felt so much better yesterday already, that he even talked about getting on his bike again next week. I urged him, not to be too optimistic and take by the day and then we'll see next week.
I so hope it will go and stay better with him now, he has had trouble enough the last few months, don;t you  think?
So we all cross fingers and think "painless back", okay? LOL.

After I was back from the drugstore, I went out for some grocerie shopping and oh my, the weather was really so nice! Sunny, temps around 55 F or even a bit higher, almost no wind, it really felt like Spring. I hope today we will have about the same weather, then perhaps I can do something in the garden. Even a little bit will be good already, a start has to be made.

Yesterday afternoon I spent a little bit of time at the computer and the result you can see in my bloglayout. New month, new layout, I thought. I could do that, because I really did do some things of my to-do list I made Monday. Every day a bit will do the trick, hopefully.

Our cat Brodski is surely feeling the change in weather. The last two days he spent a lot of time outside, and then of course had to take a loooong nap again to recover grin!

As we hopefully are heading tospringtime, I post a springy kit today, named........Towards Spring".
All in fresh greens and some bright yellow and orange accents to it.
Sweet clusters from Arlene to complete it.
Have a wonderful day.

Download    HERE

Download    HERE


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Wow how pretty you blog looks. Lovely and spring fresh!
Glad the doctor finally diagnosed Jan and taking care of him. so happy he is feeling some better already!
I bought some flowers and potting soil yesterday so I can get my front garden ready for this lovely spring weather! So I am ready to play in the dirt! I washed all my windows on Monday when it hit 88F. Then woke to 38F yesterday morning! But that is still above freezing! LOL!
I thank you for this lovely kit and for Arlene's lovely clusters too! These colors really speak of spring! Have a great day! Hugs, Mat

Edna B said...

What what wonderful news for Jan! Here's hoping all goes well from now on. I guess the nice Spring weather hasn't found my home town yet, it is snowing back there. It's good that you can finally get to work in your garden.

Pogo is having a grand time here. Everything is so new and interestng to him. Of course, we are loving it too!!

Today we will be checking out a new park to walk around and take photos. Meanwhile, you have a great day. Hugs, Edna B.

Amish Fiction Writer Sicily Yoder said...

I went to the chiropractor again yesterday, and I still had horrible sciatic pain. I know all about back pain; it hurts. But we had cold, icy rain yesterday, and 3 inches of snow came in overnight. I will pray for Jan.

Anonymous said...

Nice! Thank you!

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads...

HappyScreens said...

Wonderful kit - I am sooo ready for Spring! And really wonderful that Jan is feeling better with the new medicine. My fingers are all crossed.