Friday, July 30, 2010

What to do today?

Goodmorning everybody!

It seems an odd question at the top of the post, but I really am thinking what I could do today! There are some options, 1: doing more housework, hmmmmm. 2: make a visit to Heidi: 3. pop into the town centre, just having a look around and may be find something nice in the sales that are going on already. 4. something else.
You see there are some different options, I'll see later this morning what it will be. May be I even can combine a couple, hey, that's an idea too LOL!
The weather is going on and off a bit overhere. It's still a rather nice temperature, although sometimes you can do with a light sweater or vest, because the wind is blowing from the NW. But temperature still is around 21 C , that's about 70 F, but there are clouds and sunshine, may be even a drop or two of rain(most of the times it rains a bit during the night) so all together it isn;t the worst weather you can think of.

I saw in the newspaper that next weekend there are all kind of fairs we could visit. I suppose we will do that, it's always nice and gives you a goal to go to. The only thing that annoyes me a bit is that on these fairs there is a lot of second hand stuff of all kind, I mean paintings, silverwork, porcelain, books etc. I like looking around and sometimes we even buy a thing or two. But till now it never happened to us that we bought a nice little thing for a few Euro and a few years later it seems to be a painting of a well-known artist, or a glass of a special period, or some magnificent porcelain stuff and that it's worth a really considerable amount of money! LOL. I like to watch the show on BBC television, called Cash in the Attic and Bargain Hunt. First one is about people raising some money of their antique stuff for a special purpose and sometimes they own real antique that is worth quite some money and in Bargain Hunt their are two couples, that receive 300 English Pounds and then they have one hour two buy three objects. Then these objects will be sold in a auction and if they make profit, they can keep the profit money.
In Holland we have another program, called Art and Kitsch, and there people can come to antique dealers with a painting, or statue or jewelry or whatever and the dealer will take a look at that. And oh boy, there are some beautiful things between it, and also some that are worth a real nice amount of money. But you also learn a bit of those program, because you get an explanation of the object, the maker of it etc.  And you see some extra-ordinary objects, really interesting.
Well, the freebie of today isn't an antique one LOL, but just made in the last two weeks I think. But I am rather happy with the result of this one. I named it "Gold Framed Memories". I think there are some wonderful layouts possible with it.
Now I will crack my brains about my plans for today, hahahaha, but not without announcing to you already the new daily download at the forum, that will start on Sunday. I hope to have a slideshow on the blog this weekend, but I can assure you it is a really special kit that is offered to you, named "Beyond Dreams"!
Have a beautiful weekend all!
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lovely walk

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, as I thought, we didn't do the floor yesterday, very naughty, but we had a rather long walk yesterday, it was just the perfect weather for it. We went to the park, not too far from our house and this time it was very quiet there, and a good thing to be a bit in nature. It's a really nice place to be, so we took a our time and I even made a few pics. One of a heron and one of an overview of one of the lakes there.
So most part of the afternoon was spent there. Oh well, as long as the weather is still enjoyable we should be outside, soon enough autumn and winter will knock at our doors again and then we will have to stay more time indoors.
You can imagine that I didn;t do too much at the computer, only yesterday morning a bit, but also then I was distracted, hahaha. I had a nice chat with my friend Snowy, we don;t do it often, but once started, we usually take some time for it!
Obvious, today some work has to be done in the house LOL. Not always my most favourite time spending, but a necessary one.
Now you are probably curious about the freebie. I will not leave you longer in suspence, it's a nice kit, named "The Changing Times" and I suppose it has multi-purpose use.
Have a great day!
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Missing something!

Goodmorning everybody!

As said, heidi and Danny came yesterday afternoon. They looked well and had a great holiday in France. So we talked about this and that, of course, and then finally they went home again, with their pets. And it was real strange to see the room again without the cages. And in the evening we really missed the noise of the bird and bunny, you know! It's amazing how quick you get used to that!
Oh, Heidi did bring me three bars of goat cheese and I tasted it yesterday evening and it was yummie! I am planning to have a sandwich later with it.
Then perhaps later this week, or may be better next week I want to go to Heidi and have a nice talk together. We never get a real chance when she is with Danny together, LOL! He is mostly doing all the talking then, no problem, we know how it works by now, hahaha! So if I really want to hear things from Heidi, I just have to pick a time that she is alone, that's all!

I saw yesterday a part of a documentary of a voyage of Michael Palin along the Danube! I love to see those kind of things. This part was about the visit to Rumania, and the interesting about his documentaries is, that he shows you the real life and people and visits interesting places, some of counrse also touristic, but a lot of them where the "normal"tourist wouldn't  come so easily. Then we saw a bit of the atlethics European championships and after that it was time for a part of a great detective serie again. It's a French one, called "Julie Lescaut", but this is the second season. I love to see this one because they have a great mix between the police work(she is head of police) and the private life, and have interesting cases they have to solve. And then it was already time to have some beauty sleep. How quick a day slips away when you look back on it.
But I even had a flow of poetic inspiration yesterday morning, sometimes some words come into my mind and suddenly it becomes a little poem. Well, I typed it down and made a little layout with it. Here it is:
Click on it to have a bigger picture.

It looks to be a rather nice day outside, not really hot, but some sunshine, some clouds, may be even a drop of rain, but still nice enough. We'll see what will happen today, may be we will do the floor today( I need Jan's help to move around the furniture) or that we go out for a while this afternoon, depends a bit the weather at that time.
If you know how it works with us when we are planning something, you know I better don't plan anything, cause it mostly turns out different, LOL!
Today I have two sets of quickpages for you. One set very sober, a bit medieval looking, and the other is native American, with two beautiful poems on them. Hope you like them.
Have a wonderful day!
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Download   HERE set 11

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Guardians for a day longer

Goodmorning everybody!

You are never sure of anything in life! Yesterday I told you the guest pets would be picked up so that today we probably could give the room a good sweep. Forget it! Heidi called me yesterday and asked if we could keep the pets for another day. Of course that was okay, so now they will pick them up today(I hope).
She did tell me though that she brought me some goat cheese as I asked her. Hoorraay, that will be yummie for the next couple of days!

The weather has changed around here. Unfortunately it is rather cloudy, although temperature is still not too bad, but there are some rainshowers, but more in other parts of the country than with us. They said it would stay that way for the whole week, you know, a bit of everything, coulds, some rain, sunshine too. The kind of weather that gives you problems in deciding what to wear! Hmmm, I think we still shouldn;t complain too much.

I must get moving again, because yesterday I couldn;t find all the things I wanted, sometimes a supermarket isn't filling up the shelves at time, so unfortunately I will have to look for them today again. And make sure I am home again as Heidi comes along. So may be tomorrow I will have some more interesting things to post about, but for today you will have to do it with this LOL.
I do have a freebie for you, aa little kit, named "Shadow of a Night"Have sme fun with it and also have a lovely day!

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Monday, July 26, 2010

My house will look empty!

Goodmorning everybody!

It was a nice weekend, I did some little tasks in the house, some shopping, some tv, etc. Yesterday I talked to Heidi. who returned from her holiday. It only happened at the moment we were supposed to have a chat at our forum, to talk about the new forum and exchaning ideas about the content. Well, I am sure the girls who did attend to it, will let me know what happened.
Now today our guest pets will be picked up, so suddenly the house will look empty again! Funny, how quick you get used to them!I am sure, that two animals will be very happy that all turns into normal again, yes, our cats!
It will take a few days, before they are used to that again, and accept us completely again, oh yeah, they will let us know they were neglected a bit (in their opinion LOL).
So probably tomorrow will be the day of mopping the floor in the room, after the hopping of the bunny and the mess also the birdie left a bit, hahahha.
Today I must go out to do a few grocerie shoppings and get a renewal medicine at the pharmacy . And in the afternoon Heidi and Danny will come for their pets.
All together I will have a rather busy day, but that's okay. It keeps you in shape.
Now I better take quickly my second cofee and then have to get dressed and do my things.!
Today I have a lovely small kit for you, named "Enchanting Summer Eve". I am sure you can make some wonderful layouts with it!
Have a gorgeous day!
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Friday, July 23, 2010

Hard men can be softy's too!

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, I didn;t make it to Heidi's house yesterday so that is a thing I certainly must do today. I could prospone it a day cause we had a bit of rain yesterday, which was a a good thing for her garden. I have no clou when they will be back, should be this weekend, so I think I will buy them a few groceries, like some bread you can bake off in the oven and a bit of  stuff to put on it, and little things like that.
I went to the re-build supermarket yesterday and I must admit it looks nice, but it was COLD inside, terrible! I was so glad I was in the sun again, I really needed a warming up!

Happened a funny thing yesterday evening. Jan went out for a drink( still without alcohol, whoopee) and a game of cards in the cafe. So I was alone with all our pets, one cat on the couch beside me and the guests of course. At the time I heard the key in the front door, cat, as always reacted on it, they hear it even before I do! But I looked at the birdie and he was reacting too, waving a bit with his little head, stretching out and also bunny, who was kind of sleeping, got all awake and hopped around in his cage, and sitting up with his head direction of the room-door. They really heard him(and Jan enters always very silently). As I told him that, he was a bit smiling, and when I told him the only ones who didn;t act diffently, were the two fish. He smiled again and said he saw the two swimming diffently too, so that he was sure they noticed it too LOL. But about being soft: Jan refreshed the cages and the fish bowl, and he said, that bunny could stay inside the evening, cause he had enough excitement already. I didn;t agree, and said he had to run around a bit. No, Jan said, he can wait a day. But after dinner, who was opening the cage for bunny? Yes, Jan! Hahaha, he has a big mouth sometimes, but a little heart! Oh my, guys are a special breed indeed!

Next week when our guests are gone, we'll have to give the room a good sweep with a mop and water, I am sure the water will obtain a strange colour after it LOL. But I am happy we have a wooden floor and not carpet all over the floor! It's a blessing really!

I think I have a nice freebie for you today, very colourful! It's named "Arabian Touch", that should say enough about the style. Have a real good weekend and see you on Monday!

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

I have uplifting news

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh, we girls of Magickal Scraps are sooo happy. We are going to have a new place to gather and have fun! The forum is just in it's almost "naked" phase, but soon it will be extended, I am sure and then I will give a link to you. And ladies, please do come then and register and take part of it. It's Maitri, one of the team members who took the dive into creating a new place for us! The "old"Magickal scraps forum is still there, I believe it will be till October and then will disappear. But no crying, because we already have our new place and it's also named Magickal Scraps so what do we want more? I say, this is some uplifting news, hey???

Don't have much more to tell you I think. Pretty boaring hmmm? Well, we live a rather normal life and then it just happens you have alot of "adventures"and events happening in a short time and then suddenly all looks like a little quiet brooklet, no riplles, it's just going from one day to another, but in our heart we do like it! Although we humans are very double in that: we don;t want too many troubles in our lives, but also like it when things happen, otherwise we find it too boaring and we almost fall asleep. That's why life give us a little "earthquake"now and then to get us awake and make us take action. And also that we do need!
 Although I must admit |I don;t like to have too many earthquakes anymore, LOL, or yes, only if they represent nice things, but we cannot choose in this. So in all, let's be happy if your life has some little bumps, but the ones you can overcome, and long periods of a very quiet brooklet!

I think I will go today to Heidi's house to check for about the last time, perhaps take also a look at the supermarket nearest to us, because they had a close down for repairs the last two weeks. Curious to see how they rebuilded the stor. Only one thing is always annoying when that happenes, you are completely lost again in the store LOL! You usually have a kind of usual route to go through the store, so that you cannot forget things you need, but now I will have to adapt myself again. Oh my, listen to me! I almost make it sound like a challenge, hahahaha! Oh, I had a bit of inspiration yesterday so I changed my bloglayout a bit. Just another fairy bloglayout, it's just so fun to make them and see the result on the blogsite.
Well, that's it for today! I have a small kit for you I made for the colour challenge at the forum in June. It's named "Start of Summer" . See you again tomorrow! Have a splashing day.
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Changes in the air

Goodmorning everybody!

Do we have a parasol in the garden now? The answer is NO! We did go for it, to a shopping centre we only visit may be once a year! We had a nice time there, looking around, but no parasols! Still we had a little succes, we found two lampshades. Ha, I had two lamps with shades that really needed to be changed. They had some stains on them, that were impossible to remove, so time for some new once. I must say, it looks better, I am happy with them.
So our trip wasn't completely useless.

Some rather sad news has to be annouced. Our Forum and shop at Magickal Scraps will be closed in while. Remember we had the hacking of the shop there? Well, Snowy has been trying to re-install it again, but couldn't and she also hasn't the time for it either to sort it all out and the costs for it are a bit too much too. . It's a pity, because it was a nice place where we could meet and accomplished some great daily downloads and challenges. But may be she can figure out another way for us, that we still will have our little forum and that should be great! When the site really will be closed down I will let you know, of course. For the moment you still can get your daily downloads there. It is kind of sad news, but as time moves on, also changes are part of it. Still, I met some fantastic ladies there and I truly hope we will still keep in touch with eachother.

This will be the last week that we have our "extra"pets, LOL. I expect heidi and family back somewhere in the weekend. I hope they will not have too much traffic on their way back, but may be it's a good thing they normally travel in the evening and night. I am rather curious how they passed their holiday in France and may be, if my chaotic friend remembers, she will bring me some real French goatcheese. Yummier, I LOVE that!

The last two or three days I am a bit in designer trouble, you could say. Every time I start with a new kit, then after a while look at the result and I delete the stuff again. It just doesn't seem right! Hmmmmm, it could be just a little period of a "black-out", we will have to live with that LOL. On te other hand the last two weeks I was in a real flow, one kit after the other was born, so I shouldn't be complaining too much.
I have a kit for you today, in one colourscheme, I named it "A New Start". Now how did I get to that name? Not so hard to guess, it's all Snowy's fault, hahaha! Her new turn in life inspired me a lot, when I look back at my latest designs. Well, you'll have to get the inspiration from somewhere, and why not from that? It's a thankful subject! I probably give her another hick-up by writing this, well, as long as you can make some people laugh, you did a good thing LOL
Have to get moving now, so enjoy the kit, and have a great day!
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In search of a parasol

Goodmorning everybody!

Yesterday I didn;t have so much time at the computer. First did a few little things in the house, then had to go out to fill up a bit the fridge and some stuuf too was needed for the guest animals.
Coming home I first took a bite and then Jan had the marvellous idea of going out to look for a parasol in the garden. The shop he wanted to go to, I was almost certain they didn;t have them, but.......he wanted to go anyway. His defense: "At least we will be outdoors for a while now that it is great weather". I must admit that he had a point there. So we went and I was right, they didn;t have them. So I think today we will go to another shopping street, where there will be more chances for us. At least, Heidi told us she had seen some parasols there and the most beautiful of all, not for a very big price.
Oh, it should be so nice to have one in the garden!!!! Then we will be able to sit more there, protected a bit by the shadow of the parasol, and although warm, much better !
Hmm, I wonder how "expedition parasol"will end today(if we'll go)!!!

Ha, we had a laugh yesterday evening. it was bunny time again, so we closed all doors and the poor thing had some hopping time, all happy again. Then Jan had to go to the kitchen , opened the door of the room and ffffffwwwttttt, cat Dikkie Dik ran in. Oh my, what will happen???? Jan said: let's leave them for a moment, and see what happens". So we both ready to jump on a cat, or bunny, we watched then with eagle eyes. And guess what??? Bunny was so happy he found a friend, he happily hopped towards and after Dikkie Dik. Now what Dikkie Dik would do?????? NOTHING!!!!! He just was a COWARD!!!!! He took an extra quick start and like a racing car he was out of the room, just saw a flash of him, zzzzzzzzzzzzzoooooooooooooooooffffffffffffffffff, and out. We really laughed then to tears. Can you imagine. BIG cat, bunny so small, and cat getting out of the way! Great.

This are all such small things, I know, but they are amusing and I love watching pets from time to time. We talk to them too, why not, if you are having pets, you must give them attention too. So now each morning when I enter the room, bunny hears me and comes to the side of the cage, sits up and wants a little cuddle. Isn't that sweet?? We also change the interior of the bird's cage every few days a bit. It's keeping the bird sharp and busy! So we put his ladder in another place, or his fruitstick, or something. And it's funny to watch him then. He first sits on a stick, a bit streesed may be, then slowly he is chirping in different ways and then takes a look at the things that are changed, sometimes even almost fighting with them, but he seems to like it. LOL
Enough about all the animal stuff!
I have some quickpages for you today, a bit fantasy like, naned it "Walk in the Woods"and they represent the four seasons. May be you can have a bit of fun with them.
Now take care and have a marvellous day!
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Monday, July 19, 2010

An on we go!

Goodmorning everybody!

It has been a good weekend, I suppose, rather good weather, being able to be a bit lazy, still in a flow of creating kits and all kind of things, I definately can say it was nice!
That's about all te interesting I have to tell you about the weekend LOL!
Still a few things happened, of course. First I am happy to say that my friend Edna is feeling a lot better after her real bad cold or even flue attack! And her brother Moo had his birthday yesterday.
Snowy is still at times on clouds of butterflies with Erik, LOL, although she has to work looong shifts again. But on the other hand, at times on those sifts she can drift away for moments on her cloud. She certainly will giggle when she reads this!

Oh, yeah, totally forgot to tell this! We had some trouble lately with our toilet. What a subject to discuss but it IS a kind of important thing in everybody's life hmmmmm??The reservoir had the lovely idea of running over! That thing inside it just didn;t shut off the water when the reservoir was filled, so we had water on the floor all the time. Not floods, but dripping wise. Oh, how wonderful! Now my Jan isn;t really the perfect handy man LOL, but when he puts himself to a task he usually ends up finishing it well. But plumbery isn;t really the best thing in his abilities. Still, he spent hours hanging in the reservoir, first bought a little something to renew the old one but it still dind;t did the trick. I already had given up for long and wanted to call for a plumber, but no!!!! He didn;t want to. So he tried some other things again, then went to buy a new pump for it, installed it and oh did the trick. I am soooo proud of him!!! It surely was a LOT less expensive than having a plumber do the work.

As i said, I was rather creative again this weekend, and made some real nice things. You will see them later, every day a bit, with the freebie hahahaha. But I already can show you a teaser for already the new daily download at Magickal Scraps, the one for August. I am proud to say I made the theme and colour scheme, and oh whee, I didn;t make it easy for the girls, but they came up with again wonderful stuff!!! Now a few peeks into my contribution:
Snowy also posted a teaser on her blog from her contribution, take a look at that too at
And as you know by now, it's not hard to get the downloads! And they stay on the forum for a long time, so you will be able to grab all the daily downloads. A little thank you always is welcome, we love making them, but a little extra inspiration from a small thank you keeps us going even with more spirit!

About time now for my second coffee, but first I have the freebie for you. It's a little kit, with a simple name: "Puple Mix", hope you enjoy it.
Have a fantastic day!
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Friday, July 16, 2010

Small job turned into larger one!

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh my, I was rather busy yesterday! After posting and a bit of playing in my PSE I pulled myself at my hair LOL and went ironing. Not a too big deal, the pile wasn't so big. Usually I put all the things ready on a couch I have in that room(sleeping-couch yeah) but..........I was a brave girl and put all that was there into the closets. Pewww, that looked much better! As I was putting some things in one of the closets I thought that it might be a good idea to re-arrange the stuff inside a bit, after some time, it gets always a bit cluttered. So, I pulled everything out. But...........lucky girl as I am didn't go so smoothly. Some of the pins that hold the bretts thought they had done enough and came out or even broke! Dammned! Now I had to search for new ones, ha, I found some, but of course you never have some of the good size that fit the holes. Okay, after some trying out and searching around I found a solution, like some screws that did fit in rather good. Than back with the two bretts. They are rather long, so not easy and not light to handle. Yet I managed to get them in place and started to put back all the stuff, like bedcovers, towels, Jan's t-shirts (all folded properly again too!!!)and in doing that I took a good look at some stuff and decided it had to go. Some things in the bottom of the closet weren't used for a loooong time, so why keep them. Oh whee, that made quite a difference. So I am all happy with my work. I took a break with a cup of coffee and went into the kitchen to make the meat part for the dinner. I made a kind of kebab, you know, minced meat, with lots of chopped garlic and onions and some pepper and salt of course, some paprika powder too and made small sausages of it and put a little stick through it. They tasted delicious!
Today will be more of a running around day, as I have to do some grocerie shopping, put a few bills to pay in the postbox of the bank and make a stop at Heidi's house. I wanted to do that yesterday, but there was such heavy wind I prosponed it a day.

Do you know the blog of Cat from
She is having a nice action. You can leave a link on her blog (todays post) and in 5 days the entry will be closed. Then she will be drawing two winners on the 22nd of July. And if you like for each of them she will make for free a Menu bar up to five titles or Sidebar labels up to 8 titles for your blo. Now how nice is that?
Only thing you will have to do is just enter a link and it is done in 2 seconds, I know, I did too, LOL!

Jan sometimes has a vivid and weird imagination, you know!! This week the bunny had some"quality"time(hopping around in the room I mean) and beaing able to ter apart some newspaper pages. Oh, bunny is all happy when he is out, and it's a good thing for the creature, it needs a bit of excersize. Looking at bunny, Jan said:"It's all okay we let the bunny out, but what about the fish and the birdie??? Oh I already now something for the fish. I will give them extra swimming lessons next week and then I will learn them the back-stroke! "Is he nuts or not? He still has to come up with a speciality for the birdie, LOL!

Enough bla-bla for today, I think, time for a freebie. It's a kit in one colourscheme(seem to have landed on that lately, haha), a teal one and named it "Aqua Fresh". Hope you like it a bit.
Have a happy weekend, and I'll be there on Monday again. Ciao!

Download    HERE

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just a few flowers can be lovely

Goodmorning everybody!

It was a strange day yesterday, concerning weather. But first the results of my appointment at the hospital. I think in fact it was lost time, or let's say, I could have done it by phone too.LOL. I told the nurse how I felt lately, which was rather good, that the eating was going better ec. She was happy with it, I think, so she only did weigh me, I had gained a tiny bit of weight, perhaps half a kilo, not more, but for me that is already a big deal! Well, next appointment with her is in November, for now she is doing the appointments, cause the lung specialist seems to have so much work, they cannot see all their patients. So for the"regular"ones the nurse is doing it, if she thinks something isn;t too well she contacts the specialist and so on. Hmmmmm, it's going down and down in the health service here! But...... okay, as long as it is going the way it is I am glad.
The weather now was a bit funny. On the coast is was rather good, bit too much wind but in the east and south part of Holland(and other countries too) ithere was quit heavy weather, with thunder storm, lots of wind and rain and it caused lot of trouble. Today too there is a lot of wind, with moments of very  very hard wind, they said, but for the moment it's sunny. A bit of lower temperature, which isn;t too bad, so I think I will go over to Heidi's house for a check up. Because it rained at times, it wasn't necessary to go earlier this week, the garden had it's share.
Last week I picked a few flowers from the garden and put them in a little vase. How just a few flowers can make the room look much happier! I picked just two hudrangeas, a few sweet peas and some lavender.
The picture on the right is one of my parents. Doesn't it looks sweet, the little bouquet?

What about a little freebie? Yes there is one, a small one, just two new quickpages, but I still hope you are happy with it and ca use them. As today is definately going to be  a "doing things"day I should start a bit earlier with getting busy. So I wish you all a great day and see you tomorrow.

Download    HERE

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

There's a birthday in the air!!

Goodmorning everybody!

Today is a bit of special day, certainly for my friend Snowy! Her "witchking" Erik has his birthday today, so let's start with

Then I have a nice picture for you of the bunny, he had some "playing"time yesterday eening and Jan gave him a 
piece of paper. Oh my, bunny was all happy with it!!!!!

So he had half an hour to enjoy himself, hopping around and tearing apart the paper and after that he was glad to be back in his cage again, completely exhausted, it seems.!
I must be a bit short today, cause I have an appointment this morning at the hospital, with the trained lung nurse. Nothing really special, but she wanted to see me back , so I will go and hear what she might have to tell me.
I can at least tell her, I am feeling much better, okay, sometimes a bit short of breath, but that's normal, hmmmm, but really I am much better than say about 3 or 4 months ago. But I don't want to talk about that, it is as it is and we are doing our best, hahahaha!
I have a kind of special freebie for you today, in honour of Erik's birthday, it's a kind of collaboration kit between Snowy and me and perhaps even Su will offer a kit, I am not sure about that. I got some weird idea of this theme, of course inspired by the "romace"couple, Snowy and Erik, LOL, made a colour scheme and voila! . Anyway, here is my part of it. Snowy will post hers soon too at
How catching is the name od the kit??? QUEEN OF HEARTS!!!!! LOL.
Now I must hurry up a bit, so I say goodbye to you for now, oh, hop over to Snowy's blog to leave a little Happy Birthday to Erik, it should make her feel better not being able to celebrate with him in person.
You all have a great day now!
Download     HERE

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Some more rain came yesterday

Goodmorning everybody!

Yesterday late afternoon there was a nice shower of rain for about 15 minutes or so. I am happy with it, although still in other parts of the country the rain was much heavier again and causing some trouble. Today again they predicted some showers, although temperature here at the coast is still about 23 C, around 72F. But in the east part of the country it could be still around 80F and there they expect some real heavy showers and may be some thunder and lightning too, with strong wind blows! So may be we should be happy to live at the cost this time.
The bunny had a moment outside but he still is in his cage then, so I left him out in hte evening for a short hopping around in the room. He was all happy about it LOL.
I did a few grocerie shppings, just small ones and refreshed the bedding, so I had an aweful good night sleep.
It always seems that when you just changed the bedding, you sleep better, LOL.
Now that we have a bit coller day it might be a good idea to do some ironing. The pile isn;t yet too big, so it should be done fast enough.
I really don;t have too much to tell today. Sometimes(or even often enough) days do by in a rather smooth way, with just every day things happening in it. Oh, not really complaining about it. We had enough excitement over the past few months.
Okay, I cannot think of anything to write about today, I better come up with your freebie.
It's a set of ragbookpages, all in Fantasy style, named "Fairy Gathering". I suppose you even could use them as a desktop, when you first placed a nice picture in the frame. Hmmmm, I might try that myself!
Anyway, I hope your day will go by smoothly and that you are creative!
Download    HERE

Monday, July 12, 2010

A bit disappointed!

Goodmorning everybody!

What a shame we didn't win the final of the soccer! But I have to say our team didn;t play it;s best game, although even Spain wasn't as good as in other matches. But I really think the best one has won it. Still, we don;t have to be really ashames, we did make it to the final, as other big soccer countries didn't make it. Always trying to see a bit the positive LOL! So now that madness is done with,up to the next one, but don't ask me what that will be.!
Yesterday we watched the match in the cafe with some others, the owner had a "closed" evening as we call that, which means the cafe isn;t open to the public, just to invited ones. He did it for the soccer game and at the same time he celebrated his birthday. Oh, my, I think he thought we were all hungry, because he had prepared a whole big table with all kind of goodies, like smoked salmon, other smoked fish, salds, ham with asperagus, french bread, all delicious! Oh, a nice thing happened as an extra: there were "blind"lists for all the Netherland matches, you know a list with results, but closed, so you fill that in blindly. As Jan and I made the lists, we let Rowena(wife of the owner of the cafe) fill in a number for us and yesterday I won it. So suddenly I had 50 Euro extra in the pocket! Whoopeee!

Saturday early evening suddenly we had curtains of rain and lots of thunder and flashes. It was a bit expected with all the warm weather the last week! It was a good thing for nature and our gardens! But in other parts of the country they weren't all too happy with it, it caused quite some trouble.!
It didn't effect much the weather though, cause Sunday it was warm again, although sometimes a bit more cloudy.
Oh, yesterday Jan and I cleaned up the fish bowl, the poor things (two guppy fish, male, whoops) needed a refreshment. So of course first we had to remove the fish from the bowl, in the kitchen. No problem, I had a little sieve, so I catched the first, and put him into another small bowl. Then the second, but he didn't work with me and jumped out of the sieve, hopla, on my foot! Lucky I could catch him from there without problem and put him with his mate. (I already saw jan and me go to a shop to buy a new one, pffffff!!). So we washed the grid and the small plant and put fresh water in their bowl and voila, the fish can look through their window again! I checked a bit later, if all was allright with the jumper-fish, he could have had a heart attack from all the excitement, but he was swimming happily around.

During the weekend I managed to design a bit more and today I have a kind of "special"kt. The last month South Africa gave us a warm welcome and hosting during the Soccer World Championship and I thought it would be nice to make a kit for that. So as a kind of "Thank You"to South African people I made a kit and named it "Till we meet again, South Africa". It's all in warm colours, it has 15 papers and some nice elements in it.
Time for me to close the post and slowly get on to "business"today. You know, work in the house and household is never done, hahaha!
Hope you all have a terrific start of the week today!
 Download    HERE

Friday, July 09, 2010

I tried something new

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, I did my things yesterday, like a good girl! LOL. Now today it's time to hoover up the place and I must go to Heidi's home, the garden si for sure in desparate need of watering!
The bunny ad a whole new experience yesterday. Early evening Jan wanted to clean his cage, adn as it is still great weather I told him to do so in the garden(saves a lot of mess in the room or kitchen!). So we carried the cage into the garden, I took the bunny into my arms, Jan quickly disconnected the upper part of the cage and put that on the terras, buny into the cage and it could jump a bit around there, leave his"presents"outside LOL and have some fresh air. Great solution! So we left him standing there for half an hour or so, then "rebuild the cage and carried him into the room again.
 Jan also wanted the birdie to be outside for a while, but I told him that wasn't such a good idea, well, it is, but then one of us has to stay on the terras with it, otherwise I fear there soon will be no birdie anymore, you know, we have.cats?????
So probably we will do that today at a time, one of us is enjoying the sun, and birdie can stand in a shadowed part.
You know, when we have those "guests"it's Jan who takes care of them, cleaning cages giving them to eat and such. As for the cats I am almost always the one giving the food. Funny hey?
Also found a little recipe, that is delicious! I had some left over of smoked salmon, and it had to be used, otherwise it was waisted. This is what I did (quantity for 2 persons, but you can kame it easily for more) for this appetizer or Hors d'oeuvre:
Take two middle size potatoes, cutt them into small squares, cook them, let them cool off a bit.
Then chop up an onion, if you like, a bit of cucumber in real small cubes. When the potatoes are colled off a bit, mix them with the onion, cucumber, bit of oil and vinager, chopped parsil, some pepper and salt.
Then take one or two slices of smoked salmon, put them on a small plate and in the centre you put the "potatoe salad". It's a great combination!

Yesterday evening Jan went for a moment to the cafe, and I had no interest watching tv, so on to the computer. Finished first a few things, uploaded some and then was just playing around a bit. And I ended up to make 2 desktop wallpapers. That's also fun to make! I offered them to Minky, for her new blog, to put them there for download. I will give you a preview of the wallpapers, if you should like to have them you  will have to go to for download.

Í promised you a kit for today and so it will be! It is still fun to create things in my PSE8, although sometimes I jump back to my old program too! I am sure I am still not using more than prhaps 25% or so of all the possibilities in PSE, but every week there is a little thing I discover, I do it slowly, that's the best. Impossible to get it all into the brain at one time!
Ha, I am looking forward to a lovely weekend, and certainly Sunday evening 20.30! Yeah, soccer final!
I know, you probably have enough of my rambling now, so I better put on the preview and link for the kit and I wish you all a fantastic and lovely weekend!
Download    HERE

Thursday, July 08, 2010

What a shame!

Goodmorning everybody!

It really is a shame that in yesterday's evening soccer game, the Spanish team reached the final. We were all hoping it would have been the German team.!!!! I must say, the German team was a bit disappointing this time, but oh, a final to play against German team has something special in it for the Dutch!
Hmmmm, let's see if our team can come up with a good strategy to beat the Spanish team. It has been soooooo long that we didn;t reach the final in the Wold Championships, that it is already amazing we did accomplish that already! So even if we don't win it, we still will be proud of our Dutch Lions, although we ALL hope they will be champion LOL!!!

I had a very lazy day yesterday, and in fact not much happened. Today I want to do some cleaning in the house, you know, dusting, hoovering, mop the bathroom annex toilet, those kind of things. Seems to be a rather warm day today, so I better start with that a bit early to have it done before it turns out to be too warm. If I still have courage left, I should do a few grocerie shoppings, and think about dinner for this evening.
Then perhaps tomorrow will be a good day to pass again at Heidi's house to do the checkup and so on.
Snuffie(that's the rabbit) is enjoying his stay with us I think. At least he get's a moment every day when he can hop around in the room(and leaving his thanks all around LOL). Jan gave the cage another place in the room, now Snuffie can see us, when we are sitting on the couch. He gets all excited when a cat is passing his cage, he jumps around in it, and thinks perhaps it's something similar as the doggie of Heidi. (well our cats are almost as big as that dog). Only the cats aren;t really interested in him. I suppose he wants to play, but we better do'nt give that a try. rabbit out of the cage with a cat in the neighbourhood. !! They like the birdie much more! Therefor we have to close the door of the room when we are going out, or going to sleep!!! Had to give a big yell at Dikkie Dik yesterday, because he was standing up at the birdie's cage and trying to get his paw in it. Lucky the space between the bars is too small for that, but he can easily pull the cage of the little table to the ground!

Okay, I should get busy now, first have to put some clothes on(no, I am not in nature's plain outfit, I have pyjama's LOL), but some more suitable to go out with, but first I will take my second morning cofee.
Today I have the second part of the bragbookpages of the "Flower Garden"and tomorrow, for the weekend I'll have a kit again. Hope you all have a great day!
Download    HERE

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

All Holland is excited!!!

Goodmorning everybody!
Yeah some more soccer news I am afraid. But I HAVE to share this: We reached the final!!! Yeah, we did win from Uruguay 3-2. Oh my, it was a narrow escape, I think, but never mind, the result is there. Everywhere people where having a party, and were celebrating. Now really the orange fever has come to life!! LOL

Yesterday I had a rather long walk, not just for pleasure but in doing things. First to the bak to drop a payment and take some money, then a few shopping errands to do, then all the way back and even further to Heidi's home to see if all was okay there, assemble the post, water the plants and the garden and take with me a few things for the bird and rabbit that they forgot to bring. I am used to that, they always forget something, they have too much things on their mind and Heidi is also a bit of chaotic person LOL! Well, all together it took me time to get home again. There I took quickly a sandwich, and then turned on the washing machine. The weather we have at the moment is so nice, you can let the wash dry outside in the sun and wind, it seems it has a better smell over it. Then I went at the computer, to make the freebielist and perhaps design something.
Time moves forward sometimes so quickly, that soon it was time for dinner, and after a coffee it was already time to watch the soccer game.

Oh, my friend Minky has opened a new blog,
It looks as lovely as all here other special places, you take a look there, she has an awsome slideshow on it from her garden with all the faes and fairies and angels.

Freebie for today is a set of quickpages, I splitted them in two parts, 4 pages in each part, I named it "Flower Garden" and I hope you can use them for some nice pictures. Today part 1, tomorrow part 2 okay?
Now it's time to think about my "projects"for today LOL.
You all have a fantastic day!
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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Exciting evening it will be!

Goodmorning everybody!

After all it was a fine day yesterday, not too hot, but lovely. I managed to do some stuff I planned, which is already something, cause many times when I PLAN something, it turns out differently LOL!
Also today isn;t going to be too warm, so another day for some planned things.

Have to do a bit of shopping, and if time allows I also want to pass on Heidi's house, to see if all is okay, to collect the post and perhaps water the garden a bit. Then we'll see what other mischieve I can come up with.
And oh boy, we are going to have an exciting evening. Our soccer team is going to play the match against Uruguay and if they win they are playing the final on Sunday!!! Wheee, wouldn;t that be a great achievement? But, let us not anticipate on that. First see how they will play this evening. But if they do play as they did last game, they stand a good chance.
So it's orange clothing time again today to support them.
Oh, I remember I didn't show you my layout for the template challenge this month. Snowy makes wonderful templates each time!
They do look sweet, hey?

Now I have a kind of special freebie for you today. May be you cannot do anything with it, but well, I just wanted to do something different for a time. I made you a Memory game, that you could play with your children or grandchildren. I hope I  made the cards big enough, already prepaired sheets that you can print out.If you come to conclusion that they aren't big enough, you can always enlarge them in your graphic program I think.I have just made one card for each pair, so you will have to print them twice. I think that when you print them on some paper to make cards they will be fine. I have two previews, because I wanted to show how the pairs would look and I couldn;t get them on one preview,. LOL. I've made 18 different cards and it's all in Fantasy style. Perhaps it will be fun to play with them.
Now I must get busy a bit, first have to post the daily download on the forum, then I will take another coffee and ten off I go! Have a fantastic day and............cross your fingers for our Dutch Lions!!!!
Download    HERE

Monday, July 05, 2010

Great designing weekend

Goodmorning everybody!

I did forget to put on a little post yesterday to wish all Americans a happy 4th of July. Very unthoughtful of me, sorry,!
The weekend passed on very quiet but I got a great flow of creativity! I spent a lot of time at the computer, which was also the best to do, because it was too hot to stay for a long time in the sun. We really should buy us a parasol for the garden, to have a bit of shade. Hmmmm, knowing us, the idea and intention is there, now we only have to go actually to a store where they sell those things, and if possible not for a lot of money.
We should have one or two days of a bit less good weather, that;'s to say temperature about 63 -65 F, which is low compared to last week! Some more wind, bit fresher, but it gives the opportunity to do some more work in and may be around the house, who knows!
Our "guests"are behaving rather well, LOL! The rabbit had already some walks in the room, and was all happy about it. Yesterday I had a fun moment with that! The room was closed to the cats, of course, but that is no big deal, cause they spent most of the time outside with the good weather. So rabbit out of the cage and it loves to hop behind you when you walk around the room and I went to the back of the room to take a look into the garden. And we have one big window that goes all to the floor. Who was standing in front of that in tehe garden? Brodski the cat. And who was standing in the room in front of it? Yes, the rabbit!!! I didn't have my camera with me, and it would have been hard to take a good picture, but you should have seen the look at Brodski's face!! He didn't had a clou what was going on! Something strange was moving close to me at my feet, how was that possible?? Okay, after a while I closed the curtain, so he wouldn;t stay upset too long LOL! Rabbit had his hopping around-time, Jan took the sweeper to collect some funny little brown pearls (hahaha) and I did the final part. Rabbit back, door open and Brodski in a bit stressed, LOL.
Oh, it is real funny to observe your pets at times!

It was a creative weekend, I must say. Did some challenges and made more then a couple of freebies! I am enjoying my PSE8 more and more. I am learning each day a little thing and it's such fun when you discover a new thing in it and you try to use it and it really seems to work. Whoopeee!!!
Let me show you a few things I made for challenges:
We have a photo challenge and this time Edna proposed us to take a picture ourselves and make some elements with it. This is what I came up with: first the original picture and then the elements:

I might even offer that as a freebie a bit later!
Then I was glad Edna reminded me of a challenge! I hosted already two times the book cover challenge but totally forgot about it this month! So I gave it a thought and came up with this: to make a book cover for a journey on one of the big rivers of the world, e.g. the Nile, Amazone, Ganges and such. Inventing your own title for it too. I made this one:
Not too bad, what do you think?
I made even more challenges, but I will save it for another time.
Time now for a little freebie, a mini-kit and I am sure Snowy will giggle when she sees this. She already was when she some of the latest kits, they were all so romantic, I wonder how I came to that?????? Could that be inspired by the love-story of Erik and Snowy??? Hmmmm, it could have played its role in my subconsious, LOL. Anyway, today I offer you "Only You". May be some of you get into a romantic mood too, who knows????
Have a wonderful day!
Download     HERE

Friday, July 02, 2010


An extra post because I am really excited about the soccer game today. Our team actually did beat the team of Brasil!!!! They played super-dooper!! Now we are in the semi-finals. I wonder which team we will meet there!
But for today our team deserves compliments, hoorray!!!!!!!!!!
Have a wonderful evening, mine is great already! LOL

The match of truth????

Goodmorning everybody!

Ha, today will be an importatn soccer match: The Netherlands against Brasil!!! I truly hope we will win it, but I am not completely confident in the outcome at all! We'll see how it end.

Yesterday afternoon we opened our door for our visitors, that's to say, a rabbit, a bird and two guppy fish(I suppose the goldfish died LOL).
Our cats are a bit disturbed, they don;t understand where all these new animals came from and what they are doing here. Well, they have to get used to them for the time being, that is for about 3 weeks. Especially Brodski is a bit nervous and walks around the cage with the rabbit in a Big detour LOL! The bird is more interesting but he stays on distance there too. Dikkie Dik is more adventurous and took a close look at all of them. We already warned him, because he is a bit "the hunter"of the two brothers. We better close the door of the room during the night the coming weeks, so  no harm could be done to any of the animals! It's not so bad for the cats, because with all the good weather they spend most of the time outside.

That's about all the news from yesterday, what a big deal hey? But I really didn
';t do anything at all and it suited me LOL. I got a bit creative on the computer, sat a bit in the garden and even can show you a layout I already made for a challenge in the forum. It was the quote challenge and Snowy proposed a few beautiful ones, but this one appealed to me right away:
Isn't it a beautiful Apache Blessing?

You should visit Edna's blog today, this participated in a blogtrain and has a great contribution to share and on her blog you will find all the other links. I also will post the headlink on the freebielist today. Hop over to

So I better post now a freebie, a kit named "Modest Romance". Have a beautiful weekend and see you again on Monday.
Download    HERE

Thursday, July 01, 2010

New curtains

Goodmorning everybody!

It's going to be another gorgeous day and it will be rather hot too, they said. Well, a good day to take it easy, I did already some of the planned things yesterday, and this afternoon Heidi will bring her pets to us!

I promosed you pictures of the curtains, and I have them. First pic is of the back of the room with a detailed one to see well the motiv and the other one of the front of the room.
Here sits one very happy girl!

Also have some more pics of the garden, every few days new flowers start to bloom
Here's one of a sweet pea, I love that colour, and from my LARGE hydrangea, that is starting to show off it's flowers
That's about all there is. Just checked in the garden( we have now 10.22 a.m. morning) and in the shade temperature is already 72 F( about 24 C). So with still a bit of shade on our terras it should be a good time to drink my second cup of coffee, I think!
Today I have a little freebie for you, a set of quickpages, may be tomorrow I will have another kit. Be happy and have a great day!
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